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Apr. 10th, 2017 11:00 am
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Getting Started on DW
- The LJ users' Guide

Hi all! So you're moving in to Dreamwidth? Hurray! Here's a basic guide to get you started!

Creating an account )

Importing your LJ to DW )

Importing a LJ community to DW )

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Other DW Tips:

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That's all for now!

If there's anything that you strongly feel should be included in this guide, or if there's anything I missed out, let me know in the comments below!

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Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog.

You are free to subscribe to my blog, but unless I actually 'know' you (say if you've commented on my blog/posts for a while), I won't grant you access to my friend locked posts. Most of my posts are public anyway.

Ok. So you want to know a little about me? Here goes.

First up, I'm really long winded, so consider yourself adequately warned.

About Coolohoh )

Alright. Cya around!

Lab. Life.

Mar. 9th, 2019 09:02 am
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Things hasn't been going well in the lab. Stuff just isn't working. Sigh. At least I think it's the experiment problem and not like human error... And the scope has been behaving itself for us so... That's good.

Don't know what my boss wants me to do. He hasn't really decided. And it's leaving me confused. I'm working with two interns. And the stuff I'm doing... You can say it's both their project, and also my project. In the end whose project is it? Idk. At the end of the year, if they leave and not continue working here, I guess the project goes back to me. Then again, boss isn't all that interested in the direction we've initially been tasked to go. More like, it's hard, we haven't had much luck at all. Sure you wouldn't expect results so fast... But we were kinda trying to replicate work from a pre-print paper. We could just wait for the paper to be officially out and try it again with their DNA sequences. And try something else in the meantime instead of 'wasting' our time on this. Heck well. There's a ton of things that I could try. I guess I'll just have to try and see what sticks. 

The dreaded qn is: What is your own project?

I still have none. Almost half and year already and still none. Sigh. Things will turn out ok eventually I guess... But yeah. In research. It's a scary place. Had dinner with a colleague last night. We both just needed a bit of a time out, her especially. And she asked the scary question. How long do you think boss will stay here?

Gosh. No. Please no. He'll be staying here forever right? Forever and ever. And he'll be able to get grants and what not right? Sigh. I'm sick of this... The job search. Looking for a new lab. Landing in crappy ones. I've not even been in that many places/jobs. Ok. This is my fourth... Not that few also. And in my NTU job I changed hands a lot. Passed around from person to person, project to project. Just so sick of this... Sigh. Please stay alive and healthy... And may the cash flow be forever good... My hopes and dreams depends on you lol!

It's funny tho. We've been ordering grab food a lot lately. And usually it's like my boss ordering. And he's the one going downstairs to pick up the order. Hahaha. It's a really unique sort of group we have here. We have lunch with our boss almost daily? Well you can choose not to. It's not mandatory or anything... But like... Yeah it's just quite a nice place to work at overall. And tbh... I really enjoy eating with the boys. The engineering guys (including my boss). The conversations are just different with the boys and the girls ya know... Like dinner with my colleague one on one yest was nice, but we also talked about different things VS when we're with the other girls. Like they start talking about movies or shows or earrings or other random stuff that... I'm sorry, I don't have much interest in or know about. Esp all the US movies and TV shows... Netflix. I don't have netflix. And I don't have the time to watch either. I have my art/journaling stuff to do. Games to play. Now I'm thinking about doing a blog on my art stuff... and what not. And of course, loads of Arashi shows waiting, begging, to be watched.

And yeah... My gender... fluidity is at work here. Love the conversations with the boys more. Someone always brings up an interesting topic and we will talk and expand on it etc... All the time I spent listening to podcasts wasn't in vain. Lol. Though it's mostly when I'm traveling and couldn't have done much else in terms of productive work anyway. And I can still listen AND play at the same time. So doubly productive! Lol.

That's about it for now. Got other things to do! Till next time!  

I'm alive

Feb. 16th, 2019 09:56 pm
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Loads of things happened since my previous post.

The journal club presentation went ok. Not too disastrous, but it wasn't my best either.  

I still have a lot of learning and improving to do...

And well... Not I'm starting to get a little underway with my project. And I also have a student to take care of.... Yeah. Things are going good. And I'm starting to warm up to the idea of getting a PhD once more. Already, I'm very, very old as a PhD candidate... Met for lunch with my former mentor and he encouraged me to go for it if the opportunity arises. Yeah. I guess I'll try. It's still not a guarantee that I would get into a PhD program and all... But I think I'm at the limits. I can't wait any longer.... It's now or never... ><

In different news... I balloted for Arashi concerts with my sis. Her's is a new account tho, since this time round you MUST have an FC account to be able to ballot for two tix... News if Arashi's hiatus changed the equation indeed. But well, everyone's trying for the tickets... I'm not hopeful that I'll get it... But oh wells. One can hope right? And sis is in China now, flew off this morning to start her teaching job. Who knows how long she'll be there for... Contract is for a year but after that...? Oh wells.

Nothing much else to report about. Had more things in mind but... The thoughts have escaped me now, so that's all for this update!
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I have a big problem now.

I can't get work work done.

As in. Work, for my work. 

I spent yesterday attempting to pack my table, and it was kinda successful in that the area in front of my computer is much neater now... And I have a ton of space in front of my keyboard - enough to put an A5 book and write... But that's about all I've done this weekend. Besides playing, trying to take naps and failing to... And generally wasting my time.

My main table for writing is still clogged with erm. A lot of stuff. Too much stationery and other bits and pieces. 



I'm supposed to do a journal club presentation on Wedn and I've erm. I read those two papers I'm planning on presenting a while back. Can't remember all that much. But this weekend? I stared at the first few paras of both papers for a bit. Typed three words into my powerpoint slides. And that's it. I have done absolutely nothing else. It's now 10pm. I should be getting a bath, and getting ready for bed in a few hours. But I've not even started. Lol.

Sure there's tmr, and tues night, but I've been falling asleep every night after work without doing anything substantial... And there's newszero to watch tomorrow too - there's bound to be news of Arashi's hiatus and I want to see how Sho responds to that.

Oh yeah and the hiatus. That brought me out of my DW hiatus for sure. And prompted a post to SF. I've talked about what I feel there, now I'm over it and have more immediate, pressing things to worry about. Like my journal club presentation. Why that particular experiment of mine keeps failing, and also what project I should do in the future. Now that interns are here and I've adopted one. And another half intern half future RO (research officer) that knows more about the area of work that I was tasked with than I do and so now he's kinda taken my project? Well if I don't buck up... What am I to do? Lol. Nothing! Yup. Better stop playing all night till I fall asleep and start reading those papers and getting those ideas. Because man, my PI does have high expectations of me and currently I think I've gotten nothing done. Sigh.

And that journal club. Arghs. Gotta come up with a presentation somehow and present it. 30 mins. It's a full hour long for the RFs, but he's easier on the ROs. Gosh. This will be my first journal club ever. Like in my entire scientific career.... It was only in this job that I attended my first journal clubs, and this will be my first time presenting. Arghs. Stressed. I'm feeling like how I felt for the fic exchange. Only that there's no extension. I guess the problem is really with me. I need to get used to working hard again. Or maybe for the first time. Since I really can't remember the last time I actually, really, studied hard. And I need to stop falling asleep while reading journal papers too. :X

Wish me luck. Really gotta get this down. Been to quite a lot of places in sg already, and applied to many more. And I'm getting old. There's not much more opportunities for me in this field. And to find such a nice PI... Even harder still. I think this will be my last job as an RO. My career may well die here if I finally get the courage, and put in the effort to switch fields. And if I don't, but instead get a PhD, then I will become a post doc, no longer an RO. It's do or die for me... So why can't I actually get work work done?
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So someone commented on my SF post about last week's Shippo jweb... Ya know where Aiba posted a super mature shot of himself in the lift, Then a photo of himself hold a gigantic jinenjyou?


What an apt word.

I too am working for a manchild.

And I'm a womanchild too.


I'm never ever gonna grow up.

Though well, I do change. And you could say that I'm more grown up now. But I'm forever gonna be Wild at Heart. Gosh. The Arashi puns are strong in this post eh?

Like I've evolved quite a bit during my previous job. Though not really/always in a good way. But now... This job. Arghs. I'm just so happy I can't...

So for a couple of days I've trying to get the remote desktop connection working. As well as the VPN, so that I can remote in from my phone and from my mac. Like, ya know, from the comfort of my own home. In my PJ glory and all. FINALLY got it to freaking work. First was that I got the IP address of my workstation wrong. So while I could remote into the microscope 'puters, from my own workstation, I couldn't do the opposite. (Why would I need to do that you ask? I just did it yesterday. Because for some unknown reason the scope 'puters ain't no got msoft suite on 'em. So to check some data that's on excel, you could either import that stuff to gdocs - which we did try, but was quite cumbersome with every change we wanted to make after downloading the new doc... Like you have to re-dl each time... Or you could remote in to a 'puter with msoft office. Like my workstation. So yup, got that set up and ready yesterday.)

Then... The next thing is to get the VPN working so that I can connect from my phone and elsewhere. Turns out that the email from my friend on like my second day of work didn't apply to me cos my institute was using a diff VPN from the 'rest of the world'. So that took me a while to figure out. Got the correct VPN website from my colleague. Thankfully they have an iOS app, and managed to get that to work. And while I was stuck on the stupid train/shuttle bus last night/today (another long story)... I managed to check my experiment results. Even funnier was that I had to get off at my workplace mrt station and walk like 1/4 (or 1/3?) of the way to my office to change to the shuttle bus. LOL. I was so high. (Womanchild remember?) Like hyper. Totally. Adrenaline rush! For a while I contemplated going to the office to change sample so that I can start another run over the weekend. but then I realised that I probably need to prepare some new reagents too so forget it. 🤣🤣🤣

Then... Last step. Getting the VPN working on my mac. Had to sign up on the VPN service and have them send me a link to my work email so that I can download the software. Complicated sh!t. Then! They complained that my mac has no anti-virus software and thus could only have limited connectivity. That means, no remoting in. Arghs. Great. What was that anti-virus software that I uninstalled many moons ago? I can't remember. Ok. Google to the rescue. Anti virus software for mac. Downloaded the top two. Oh right. I was using Avast. Tried installing it. Together with the 2nd most recommended anti virus. It hanged halfway... But somehow when I close and tried installing again, Avast is already there. Tried VPN. Nope, still doesn't work. Tried restarting my comp and at which point it was maybe 3:30am so I went to bed. 

Story continues this morning after comp restarts. VPN is still limited connectivity. Confirmed that the remote desktop doesn't work on limited connectivity. I can only access the intranet websites to do stuff like apply for leave. Arghs. Time to install that other anti virus software and try again. Amazingly, it worked this time. Phew! Cos otherwise I would be in a bind. The VPN thing kinda feels like an abandoned service to me? Idk. But the email add on the info page about why I'm only getting limited activity has been repurposed and is no longer monitored. LOL.So I wouldn't even know who to email about the anti virus software. LOL.

Anyway. It finally works. I can remote in to check on my scopes and to use my work stations. Which I just did to transfer my images to my own folder. And to update my lab notebook a tiny bit. So fun. So freaking fun. I'm so amused. This brings the term 'work from home' to a whole new level now. Gosh. I'm so crazy.... Hahaha!

Ah yes. What was I doing last night! Eating ramen and just chilling out with viereedom! That was fun, to hang out with another Arashi fan from Indonesia... It's been a while since we last met... A year or two? Before I changed jobs and got all depressed. Yeah.

Alright. I've got other stuff to do this weekend. KOed most of the nights this week without getting anything done so I have A
 LOT to catch up on now...

Till next time! 


Nov. 18th, 2018 07:12 pm
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That was long.

Several long hours making the three posts for Storm Freaks. Go read and comment people! It was hard work! Practically my entire afternoon!


Ok. Gotta deal with work stuff now. Like work work. Attempt to finish summarizing a paper, as well as summarizing my past week for my lab notebook.

And then there's the fishing MJ fic that I need to erm. Start on. Opps....?
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Been a good weekend. I haven't accomplished that much but I guess I'm also right on track.

So... I downloaded Arashi raws... About half a year's worth of raws? Cos yes, it's been that long since I downloaded any. Took me like the whole day yesterday and this morning to finish downloading. Not actually, I started on Friday night too. Or something to that effect.

Then there was journaling. I've been pretty good at keeping up to my usual journaling stuff this week... Ok not really... I missed three days. But I did make up for the calliarts stuff on Friday, during the calliarts session with my cousin, my sis and her friends... So I only had a bit of journaling to do  yesterday morning. Easy peasy. Just write anything. But then I've recently bought a photo printer. Well during my 'holiday' before my new job. And then I've printed a whole bunch of photos like... The week before? My last day of work. My new job etc. So I finally got down to it and cut those photos out and pasted them in yet another journal. I did it previously with my regular printer printed pictures. Print quality is absolutely horrendous. But it was nice flipping back at those pages and seeing the photos. And the dates when that particular event took place. So yeah. That's partly the inspiration for buying the photo printer I guess. So that took me all of late afternoon, till midnight. Cut. Stick. Write. Minor decorations. Yeah there was a long dinner + tv break... But still. It took hours! I'm please with the result though. At least it's nice to flip through and see the photos. Of old friends and of my new workplace. And other photo worthy events in between. I freaking finished TWO glue stick tapes. Granted, both were half used... But still! That was A LOT of sticking. Now that journal book is getting pretty darn bulky. Good choice to use a thin muji notebook for such purposes. Ha! And well, I have too many notebooks and I need to use them up too. So it's all good.

Anyway. My office. The building is really pretty darn nice. Lovely pantry. Pantries. Not all pantries are made equal. Some floors have bigger pantries than others... Like the level 3 pantry even has a foosball table and billiard table! I've only been there twice, but both times people came to used those facilities... Making it quite a noisy place to have lunch!

Been ordering food from this app called PLUM a lot. Way too much maybe. They buy food from curated, partner hawker stalls and restaurants, and deliver them to a collection point across the road from my workplace. Which makes it really, really convenient. No need to queue! There's only one pathetic food court near my workplace and as expected, it's super crowded. Sure there are tons of nice restaurants... But PLUM offers cheaper alternatives... And you don't have to queue. Even those restaurants... You have to be there early else it's a long queue. So I would pick up my order downstairs and head back to one of the bigger pantries to have lunch. And usually there'll be someone else in the team who'd join me in the pantry, if we didn't already meet on the way to get PLUM.

So that's the way things are now. Work is good. And challenging. But the need for self motivation and well, stamina is greater than ever before. I'm fine in the lab, sure. But reading journal papers? Like... Kill me now! I tend to want to erm. Fall asleep? By gawd. I really suck at studying. Lol. My focus tends to wander off and... I'll be looking at my phone. Or well... Falling asleep? Well as I read more and gain more background knowledge it'll help though. I'll be able to read faster, zoom to in to just want I need etc... But now. Arghs. Still so tough. I got a bit of enlightenment the other day and breezed through a couple of papers. Till a new topic came around then... *vomits blood*. Reading way too slowly. I need to read faster. How long do people take to read papers? Ok... Just did a little search. I guess people do take a few hours or even days to read a single paper. Oh wells. I think I could do a lot faster though. There's too many things to read.... It was nice when they talked about something in the meeting and I'd just read a whole bunch of papers on that topic the day before though. Yeah. I just need to get through all that backlog of background papers... Then going forward it'll just be whatever is newly published in my field. Sure there's other fields to branch out into... But let's get the basics, the stuff in my immediate area of work done and down. It's not that easy though... Because there's like at least two areas my work branch out into. Oh wells. It shall have to be done.

PI came up to me on like Fri and he was like 'you must have read the paper on XXX by now right?'

Thankfully yes, I did actually come across and read that paper. Like just a day or two ago. Phew. Can you imagine if I'd read any slower? Gosh. As much as there is nothing for me to do most of the time, since I don't actually have a project yet and am just a free floating organism... And can have days when I just sit around and read... And sure I could sit around and sleep all day and no one would care. But well, those papers still need to be read and digested so... Ain't gonna happen in my sleep I'm afraid. Oh wels. I've been hardworking and trying to make little summaries as I read though. And boy making the summaries take a long time. Sometimes longer than reading the paper itself. But I guess I'll get better as I go along. And it's also proof that I've read a paper. More to myself than to anyone else I guess. That I've done 'work' and that I've progressed. Otherwise I'd just sit around staring at the words blankly or sleeping. Yeah. 

But really... I'm happy. Scared sure, since this is all new territory. But happy. It's like. I haven't laughed in years. Finally. I'm happy. And the thing about having something so engaging for my mind is that.... It's like... I don't need anything else. I'm satiated. I don't wanna listen to podcasts though I still do... Because I want to think about stuff. And games... Well... My appetite for games has greatly diminished. It's like in the movie the King and I when the king found the perfect girl and if he could have her he wouldn't need anyone else. Gosh. This is life. This is living. I'm alive.

But at the same time... I'm also more motivated to do stuff. To set to-do lists for myself and actually do the stuff that I've set out to do. Like making SF and NM posts. Ok. I don't know how long I can keep this up... But I'll try. Heck. Nothing else I can do but try. And at work it's a case of 'perform or die'. 

That's all for today.

Till next time. 
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I made updates for Storm Freaks! There's still more stuff that I want to post... A lot more... But I think I'll ease up on the spamming a bit and try to spread things out...

And then I'm pleased with myself for making a NM post! Yeah! Check it out here. Gotta advertise my site a bit yeah?

Let's see if I can try to post something every week. Or at least, every other week!

Been neglecting my journaling + calliarts stuff (calligraphy and art) for about like... Two weeks now. I caught up to all of Oct yesterday. Now gotta work on my Nov stuff eh.

I've been addicted to various mobile games recently... So much so that maplestory M has taken a back seat. Kinda. Stardew valley arrived on iOS. And old school runescape too. But I'm kinda over those too... Kinda. I'll wait till the new runescape to arrive on mobile... And stardew valley... I'm ok. Just gonna play it one in game day at a time. Maplestory m? Still playing, but mostly auto-battling offline now. I did make my 5th character yesterday though! 

Other than that... Work is ok. PI has been away whole of last week but it didn't mean anything much other than that I don't see PI. I have my work orders from the other research officer. And I'm still lagging behind so much in my readings... I'm gonna die in tmr's one on one with the PI. Lol. Ok... The other RO tells me there's nothing to worry about... Yeah, PI is a nice guy. And she said he'll do most of the talking. But still. There are expectations. And I need to pass my probation. And no matter what I need to get those damn background readings done so that I can lay the foundation for whatever I'm doing and actually sound intellectual. Plus I'll probably have to give a journal club presentation in Dec so that means I need to do a lot more than just catching up on background info by then. Crap. 

Oh and fishing mj? Ha!

Nope. Not started one bit. Entirely clueless how to write it. What to write? Arghs. Idk. The prompts are of no use... Sigh. It's not gonna be 'girigiri'. It'll just be late. Lol.

Oh wells. I just have to get it out in... 2 weeks right? I think it'll be a miracle if I can finish it before Ohno's bday. Lol. Oh wells. 

That's all for now I guess. I have to move on to the next item on my to do list. Which is to catch up with Nov calliartsjournal! 

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Title: 忍者 (Ninja)
Length: 11k words
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya, General Arashi Friendship
Summary: The Shadow Master is a menace upon the land. Is there a ninja brave enough to stop him?
Beta: [personal profile] duckyshimetai 

Written for the Arashi exchange 2018.

A/N: I hope you like it [personal profile] yun_miyake! This fic took me way longer than expected, and ended up being more than twice the length I'd expected it to be. After trying out four other plots I finally settled on this one... It's probably my most expansive plot for a one shot yet... I hope you like it. It also took a bit of effort to avoid the swear words and Sakuraiba... But I hope you like the way it turned out. A shout out to my beta, you know who you are, thanks for the correcting all my silly mistakes! Lastly, to everyone else, I hope you enjoy the fic!

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Last day of my holiday. And tmr is my last day of work at my old place. But well, since I'm starting at my new place next Monday... It really is the last day of holiday for me!

Cut because it's long )
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Time flies.

My first week of leave is gone.

Last weekend was the JB trip with my good friend JLF. The trip there was terrible. Massive jams... Super long queue. It took us over 6 hours to finally get to Malaysia...

The food was good though and more importantly, cheap. So all's well. Even JLF changed her mind on the second day about going to msia again. Hahaha. She was like "This is the first and last time I'm ever coming to msia" when we were queueing up too.... :P

Anyway... We talked about going Japan together and unfortunately I have to say that... I don't wanna go Japan with her. Lol. She's not adventurous or crazy like me. She doesn't eat A LOT of things. No raw food... All that sushi and sashimi... She's really scared of stuff... Erm... Just... Not gonna be a good travel companion for me. I mean... A trip to Japan is gonna be expensive and it feels like such a waste if I don't get to eat all the stuff I like. I think it's not gonna have a happy ending... :X

On the other hand... I could go with my family... I could go with J and Octavia...

Well in any case, I need to start saving up money before anything else. No money no travel. So there.

Spent like a couple of days binge watching this old China drama series 神探狄仁杰. It's freaking good I tell ya. Slow paced but with such a fantastic plot... I was completely hooked. Like $@@%& watching till 4am in the morning and only going to bed because I didn't want my parents to discover that I was up all night kind of hooked. The storyline is so amazing. How the scriptwriters juggle like 10 things at once and never letting a single ball fall to the ground. Or even tossing away some balls really high in the air, only to catch it at the very end of the story. That sort of magic. Gosh. So much that I learnt from watching that drama. You know there's so many dramas and stories where they write till things get so ridiculously huge, and they end up not being able to end things properly? So all you get is this shitty ending? (Heck even mangas... I'm looking at you Naruto.) Not with this drama. All the endings were well done. Logical, and pretty much answering every little doubt and suspicion you had. The cast is amazing too. Perfectly suited for the role they play. The evil guy looks like a sneaky, evil rat. The honest to goodness general looks righteous. The set is amazing too. 

Finally got back on track the day before... With my calligraphy stuff and journaling. Stuff that I've been neglecting thanks to my drama addiction.

Started downloading the papers from my new PI yesterday... Gotta start some proper work eh?

Went to Orchard Central with my mum and sis yest for lunch and shopping. Crazy. We spent like quite a few hundred bucks at Dondon Donki yesterday. It's this supermart from Japan. Mum bought a ton of supplementary pills (I think the bulk of the money went there) and a few kilos of noodles. Sis got a bunch of snacks. Oh, liquor! We got a bunch of alcoholic drinks as well. Alcoholic calpis? (Yoghurt drink + alcohol) Strawberry milk with alcohol? Coffee liquor? Lol. Crazy. And I finally got a new umbrella to replace my heavy and broken one. Hurrah. This one is color changing too. A floral pattern will appear when it's wet. Erm... Ok. I don't care for the floral pattern but it's cool. And it's decently priced and really light too. Finally, a new umbrella. I probably won't need to use it much though. My new place has sheltered walkways all the way to the mrt. And I don't need to take the downtown line anymore so I don't have to walk an unsheltered route to take the bus. Hurrah. Everything back to normal. I'm glad. Glad that I kept to my promise of not staying in that place for long. Because it's too easy to get comfortable in routine. Well... This job was really unbearable though. Really, really unbearable. Like right from the start, I didn't buy any of the coffee shop add value cards thingy even though you get a discount if you do... Because I never intended to stay long. Glad I'm out of there now. Well... There's still next Friday to clear... But just that very last day. And geez. HR hasn't even sent me instruction for what to do on my last day. Talk about being slow. Oh wells.

Wanted to take part in Inktober. But I've not even started on anything yet. Lol. Shall try to get it done this weekend. Then I gotta pack my room a little... Change those bedsheets and clean up the fan. Then read those papers and at least get a grip on *WHAT* exactly my new group is working on. It's gonna be quite different from everything I've work on so far. Like... The projects I'm in... They are trying to discover something... As in... Discover something about the microbe. The biology. But here, they have this technique that they discovered, and are trying to improve. And apply that technique to new areas. So if I were to do cell culture, it's for the sake of getting cells to use in that experiment for that technique. Not to discover anything about the cells in particular. Does that make sense? It's like instead of trying to see how well amazing you dog can become, you are trying to see how well your animal training technique performs... And not just on dogs, but other animals as well. Hmm hope that analogy helps lol.

Either way... There's gonna be loads of challenges ahead and I'm both afraid and excited. After all expectations are high. I have a year to come up with my own project idea. Otherwise it's bye bye for me. My contract is only for a year. Sure I know what I'm worth. I shouldn't be worried about my contract renewal as long as money keeps flowing in. But I can't be complacent either. There's a lot of things I don't know, a lot of math, programming and formulas. There's gonna be a lot to learn... And in areas I suck at too... Plus coming up with a scientifically sound and viable project idea? That's gonna be hard. And it's something that I've never done before. I'm not a person without ideas. I've been making a conscientious effort to ensure that my brain doesn't atrophy. Hence the fic writing, the art making  and what not. But to actually work hard and read scientific papers? And come up with proper scientific ideas? Let's just say that I've been a lazy person. Esp with the paper readings. Can't remember the last time I've read a paper properly. Lol. Ok yesterday I did try. To spend hours and hours at work reading papers so that I can learn the field and then get ideas? Idk how I'd survive. Lol. But I guess I'll have to find a way... So yeah... I better get started with those five papers next week. The rest... I need the damn access to papers to do more. Can't keep bugging my friend to help me fetch papers yeah? Those 5 were on my PI's profile so yeah. And indeed it seems like they are the most relevant ones with our current work. But well.... The way you get into a new field is by reading papers. Best is to see if there are any review papers. Then from there you check out the references, and read more references and so on and so forth. And for that, you need access to the papers so that you can download the papers and not just read the abstracts. There are more free full text available now. But far from enough... LIke two out of the 5 papers in the profile were locked.

Yeah. That's something that told me my current place isn't the right place to stay. You don't even have journal paper access. If you want the papers, you gotta email the library and ask for it. LOL. Ridiculous. In a single day's worth of research I can easily access and download a few dozen papers. Reading what's important and discarding the irrelevant. Just like how when I research something... Say for a fic... Or something else... I can easily open 10 tabs on a single topic. And then another 10 on something else. Which is why I always have easily over 30 tabs open in my chrome. Lol. And with the no internet access in hospitals now? You can't even do research, honest. Lol. 

Alright. That's all for now I guess... I think I'll go buy that photo printer online that I've been craving for quite a while now... Maybe it'll arrive next week and I can play with it... Before I start work ya know? Till next time! 
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Yeah. I'm really, really affected by my job. Just like I was with my school... The teachers, classmates... It really affects my whole being.

It's ok if I have too many things to do if it's stuff that I like doing... Kinda. Well better I feel happy but burnt rather than drained and depressed.

At least with burnout you recover after a break. With depression it's just a downward, never ending spiral. And I just end up losing self control and emptying my bank account...


Oh well.

Anyway... I made a card exchange event on Storm Freaks. Erm. I have no idea how many active users we have left on SF... And how many amongst those active users who are interested in a card exchange. I guess I'm about to find out. Still not a single soul spotted as of yet. Not even a single comment. Sigh. Oh wells... I'll take the opportunity to advertise for SF too I guess. Maybe tmr. Well it's tmr in 5 mins so I guess tmr. 

We'll see how that goes. I'm still proud of myself for advertising till the cows come home for Fishing MJ, and netting us a whooping 25 participants! I think? Hahaha. Most than our first run two years ago. Phew. Thank you everyone for taking part! The girls have been super fast and gotten the assignments out already so have fun writing!

So erm... JB trip this coming weekend. I wanna bring my switch so that I can play with my friend in the hotel. But I swear I've not seen the switch nor the charger since my sis's trip to australia months back... But now she's having trouble finding the charger. Arghs. I swear it's still with her. I mean, the switch was with her. Why would I have the charger and not the switch. She bought the whole thing, including the dock over to aussie on her holiday trip. Geez.

Let's hope it turns up soon... Because that charger is freaking expensive to replace! 

Update: Found. WTF. Thrown in a corner in my room, Still in the box that my sis packed back from aussie. Still scotch taped and all, with some clothes as padding. Zzzz... Who just threw it there like that! Arghs. This is why I'm so pissed sometimes. Things that get borrowed don't ever come back. Like all the staplers and hole punchers... Pfttt. My room is in a mess but unless I pack it... I know where everything is. Lol. Trouble comes after I pack up and then I can't remember where I put my stuff. Lol. Sigh...

Oh wells. I can charge my switch now. 
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Attention all passengers! This is the FINAL call for passenges boarding flight MJ3104 to Fishing Paradise. Please make your way to gate 26 for immediate boarding!

Last day to sign up!

What is Fishing MJ?

We are a Ohno + Jun fic exchange! Or Jun + Ohno, hey, whatever rocks your boat!

Think Ohno exchange and Jun exchange combined! That means that any pairing with Ohno OR Jun is welcomed!

You are NOT restricted to writing Juntoshi only, though Juntoshi writers are definitely welcome!

Sign ups close on the 20th of September! (But with the time difference and all, just go sign up now ok?)

Head over to Fishing MJ and SIGN UP now!

Don't delay any further, or the plane will take off without you! See you in Fishing Paradise!


Sep. 18th, 2018 09:29 pm
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Hello all you silent readers... Well I presume I still have silent readers that is. I know once upon a time I was shocked to find out how many people were silently reading my LJ blog... But that was then, and admittedly I've been missing from blogging for quite a long time....

Idk... But somehow I'm feeling the urge to blog regularly again. I think it comes with the fact that I'm getting a new job. New outlook on life and what not.

Anyway... I'm counting down. Day by day. 8 more days of torture left.

And as I'm saying all these... I can't help but hope that my new job will be what I expected and more. That it won't be such a disappointment like my current place is. That I won't feel like I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire like it was when I started at this place in April last year. 24th of April. I remember the date well. 

But I have a good feeling about the new job. Something that I didn't have with my current job... Which I took only because my friend said "you've not worked in a hospital before right? why don't you try?" 

Thinking back... Ok, I did get to experience a bunch of stuff (well, crap) that I'll never get to experience otherwise. And not many researchers has 'hospital work' in their CV so it might give me a leg up. Either way. I'm glad that I'm leaving. And I wouldn't have stay one second longer.

Have I mentioned that I booked a hotel in JB the following weekend? Going to stay for a night in JB with my friend. Who has NEVER been to city square mall before hence the reason I'm insisting on this trip. I wonder if she's even been to Malaysia before. Ridiculous right? Well... She was from China, and then switched citizenships after getting an astar scholarship. I've been wanting to go to Malaysia with her ever since then but yeah... Never materialised. Till now. Can you believe it? She's my bestie since sec sch and we've never been on a trip together. Ok... I haven't with any of my other best friends either... But in comparison my sis has been on numerous trips with her classmates. Me on the other hand... I've gone to visit my good but not super good friend in China (whom I met at a Japanese language class in uni). And then I've trooped over to Ph and Penang and met up with Arashi friends... (And entirely relied on them for my holiday...)

Yeah... Think it'll be fun! And we'll be eating loads!

So as I've mentioned before previously, in between my long hibernations... I'm into fountain pens and that is STILL a thing. With fountain pens come nice japanese paper and nice japanese planners... I made my first ever unboxing video last night and posted it to FB and like youtube. It's about 12 mins long and I talked a bunch as I unboxed. Well... that's what you're supposed to do right? I've never watched an unboxing video my entire life so... Lol. No, you won't see my face, but yes I spoke plenty if you're curious about how I sound. 

Yes... fountain pens... I've been going to pen meets and other pen events... There's one this fri evening in fact. Heck, I have a very busy two weeks ahead of me. Thurs is dinner with one of my colleagues. Tmr's lunch is a treat from HOD, for our whole lab. Which isn't that many of us really, cos just the molecular peeps. Then next Fri I've already booked my friends for a night out. Preferably with some drinking involved. And next Sat is the two days one night trip so yeah... Lol. Well I'm just packing an overnight bag but still, I can't wake up too late else it'll get really crowded!

Also! I still owe RF a lunch for the job referral so I'll have to look for a place next week. The problem is where to eat lol. Can't be too far from the workplace...

And another colleague asked me out for lunch... Which may or may not happen. *shrugs* And oh, there's still a colleague whom I've been in contact with quite a bit over the course of my work, who doesn't yet know that I'm leaving. Lol. And apparently the bulk of the people in the routine lab doesn't know I'm leaving either. Though I'm not particularly close to them so I'm not expecting anything.

8 more days.

I just have to make it through that.

Been mapling a lot lately. Lol. Nazukashi. The word 'mapling'. I used to be such a crazy mapler. Still missed the PC version a ton, but the auto battle system is indeed really good for the once maple fans who are now grown ups like myself. The game is still a massive money suck. But it's nice to be able to leave your char alone to auto battle for a few hours, without even needing to have the game on, and come back to pick it up a few hours later. Yeah. I'm totally addicted now, to the point of neglected all my other mobile games. Animal crossing? Meh. It pales in comparison to maple. 

Ah yes. On the Arashi front. HURRAH FOR 15 SIGN UPS. Anyway what is happening to the fandom? Or the ficdom? No one writes fanfics anymore? Because everyone can only write 140 chars or what 280 now? for a single tweet? Or is it because the Arashi fandom is shrinking and everyone is moving away from arashi and into some other fandom? Any ideas?

So that's it for today. See ya soon I guess? And oh yes, if you've made it through my post till this point... Mind leaving a quick comment for me? Just a 'hi' or 'i'm here' will do. I'm curious to see how many silent readers I still have :P
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Yes. Finally.
Exactly two more weeks left of work. Ok, 2 weeks and one day. But the last day doesn't really count because all I'll be doing is sitting around, clearing my stuff, doing all the stuff for clearance and exit.

Gonna be an extremely painful two weeks... But at least I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Like... Just honestly really never felt good about this job. From like the second week, I felt like I was cheated. Like, I'd have been better off if I stayed at my old job. Maybe the short hospital stint helped in my career? I don't know. But I'm just really glad it'll be over soon. Like... I never once felt proud of this job. Never updated it on my fb profile... Never bothered bringing much stationary to work (and even when Irought anything, it was after months because I was just so uneasy about this job...) Never bought the membership cards for the coffee shop in my workplace, or the food court in the nearest shopping center cos I never wanted to stay long. And I'm glad that I managed to keep to my word. 

Of course even happier still is that, thanks to my RF's recommendation, I might well have struck gold with my next job. Well I certainly have high expectations. And I really really hope I'm not disappointed. That my assessment of the group is accurate. Still. Things are moving so fast in the group it's like a massive whirlwind. But that's also when things are most exciting. And you'll have a chance to shape and change and mould things. And it's not like I'm a newbie after all. I now have over 5 years, almost 6 years of work experience under my belt. And then there's all the invaluable skills I learned during my internship. Skills that are still extremely useful today. And skills that I would not have learnt otherwise anywhere else. Bet I'm gonna bump into my old mentors someday at biopolis... Definitely gonna talk with them for a bit. Maybe lunch together or something someday would be nice too. After all it's still that same old matrix canteen that's pretty much the only choice for miles around. And of course... I'll be in the same place, just a few blocks away from my bestie jlf. Lunch or dinner? Convenient! Now we can just text each other... And when she's ready, I'll walk over to her building and we can head off to the train station together. Can't wait to start work there!

Of course... I'm really hoping that things are as I hope. That'll be for the best. If not... I'm gonna have to keep looking. For better or for worst... I'm gonna stay hungry and foolish, and never settle. I'll forever be that crazy kid. Because that's who I am and I can't live any other way. And after the year plus in this horrid cage, this little kid is so happy to be breaking free.
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On Arashi's 19th Anniversary... We cordially invite you to take part in the Fishing MJ fic exchange!

5 days left to sign up!

What is Fishing MJ?

We are a Jun + Ohno fic exchange! Or Ohno + Jun, hey, whatever rocks your boat!

Think Ohno exchange and Jun exchange combined! That means that any pairing with Ohno OR Jun is welcomed! You are NOT restricted to writing Juntoshi only, though Juntoshi writers are definitely welcome!

Sign ups close on the 20th of September, and we still need more entries for the exchange to run!!! Head over to Fishing MJ and SIGN UP now! We look forward to seeing your entry! And please help to spread the word to your fellow Jun and Ohno lovers!

All done

Sep. 11th, 2018 05:27 pm
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Yup. Biscuits delivered... Together with my resignation letter. And today the section leader as well as my sup has been informed that I tendered my resignation to the HOD yesterday. And my leave for the nine days in Oct has been approved.

And... I have happily declined all the three pending monthly meetings for Oct till Dec. Since I'm on leave, well clearing my leave in Oct. And the rest... I'm not even around anymore ha!

And so I've continued my tradition of typing and printing my resignation letter in the office. Yup.

Two weeks and three days more to endure. My last day doesn't count... Yeah. Let me see how much I can slack... Yup. As for my two weeks of holiday... What am I gonna do? I haven't planned it out yet. Maybe catch up on sleep. Pack my room. Watch some Arashi shows. Maple loads (Yeah addicted to maplestory m)...

And maybe be a bit hardworking and read the papers published by my new group. The few top papers are all open access. Yeah. Maybe everything might be open access...I haven't checked. Right. 30 more mins till the day ends. That's all for now!
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Howdy! It's your not-so-mysterious, friendly Fishing MJ mod again... And we are calling all Ohno and Jun lovers!

What is Fishing MJ?

We are a Jun + Ohno fic exchange! Or Ohno + Jun, hey, whatever rocks your boat!

Think Ohno exchange and Jun exchange combined! That means that any pairing with Ohno OR Jun is welcomed! You are NOT restricted to writing Juntoshi only, though Juntoshi writers are definitely welcome!

Sign ups close on the 20th of September... But don't wait! Head over to Fishing MJ and SIGN UP now! We look forward to seeing your entry! And please help to spread the word to your fellow Jun and Ohno lovers!

PS: In case you're worried... No, Fishing MJ isn't a one man (or woman) show. The other mods are kinda lazy... But they'll step in and help if needed, so I assure you the exchange will go on! (Heck, I'm not even planning to do the match ups... I'm too lazy for that :P )
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YES. FINALLY, a public post. Previously I did make a couple of friend locked posts but now that it's all set in stone, I can let it be known to the world! Lol.

I have a new job.

It's official. Contract signed, medical cleared... All that's left for me to do is to send in a 100 word intro of myself for the institute newsletter. And to resign for my current position, and apply for leave to clear up all my existing leave days... Lalalala! 

Just came back to SG after a 5d 4n trip to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Was a nice though tiring trip. And hot. Very hot weather. Food was good, I picked up a few items, like a pair of cheap bluetooth earphones... An OTG thumbdrive (USB, lightning, micr usb).... a fake wooden digital clock that costs at least 4x as much in sg hence the reason why I never bought it... a tiny drone for playing in the room.... 

And now I'm broke.

No, not from the trip, which embarrassingly wasn't paid out of my pocket.

Nope... I just spent a ton on hobonichi 2019 diaries... As well as the midori a page a day dairy. 

I'm gonna end up with two new diaries than I did this year... And I'm not too sure if I'll have the time to use them all... But we'll see. I may end up using one for work or something... I don't know...

So on the hobonichi side... Nothing for the cousin (A5 diary). Just a new blank diary without cover. I was really hoping to buy a new cover because the plain black one that I have is too dull. I need some color in my life! But unfortunately, nothing caught my eye on the A5 and so I ended up getting just a bunch of cover and covers. Which works too I guess. Instead... I fell in love with this A6 cover, and so now I'll have an additional A6. And then last min I decided to add on a plain A6 cover to go with the blank notebooks... I *might* use those at work or something... So yeah... That's how I go broke...

Alright. That's all. Now I've got my room to pack. Super duper messy.

Also! Arashi exchange posting has started! Still waiting for my fic... Hope it's good. Looking forward to my new job. So excited. It'll be nice if I could stay on that job for a long time to come. 5 years, 10 years? That would be nice. And then perhaps I'll be able to do some artsy stuff as a side business... And move full time into that when this job runs out on me... Yeah... don't think i'll be able to stay in science for many more jobs... Not in Singapore anyway... Conversely Sg isn't too bad of a place to start something international? Idk... We'll see... One job at a time. Meanwhile... I really need to pack that table!
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Hello everyone!

I'm here to announce that Fishing MJ has returned for 2018!

Calling all Jun and/or Ohno lovers!

THIS is the fic exchange for you!

Sign ups are now open! What are you waiting for? Join now! 

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