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So... I was supposed to be doing confocal this morning... But thanks to the news of Japonism concert DVD release... I ended up doing *some* lab, then spending my time pre-ordering my LE DVD, and of course, making my NM post.

So click here for more information (and pre-order links)!

I was a little late to order I guess... The CDJapan server was already laggy... And I had to refresh a lot... Loads of errors, timeouts and what not.... I didn't even manage to see my order confirmation page lol! But yeah I got the confirmation email (thank goodness that is not delayed!) and later on it showed up properly on my account info so that's good. Forgot to use up my CDJapan points though. Oh wells... :X

Sad that there's no extra footage and stuff. Nope, of course there's no arena footage either. Way too early for that. JE will probably come out with a separate DVD for arena and rip us of our $$$ next year. *shrugs* Can't wait to finally see the Japonism concert though! Ohno's solo and his umbrella magic... Now that'll be interesting.

Okays. I should head down to the lab for some confocal now. Ciao!
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It's been a long week...

JLPT tmr and I have no doubt about how I'm going to fail N1. Cos I was too greedy and decided to skip N2... And cos real life has been taking too much of a toll on me and I've not been able to find the enegy to study.

I actually had some time on my hands this week since I took sick leave from work on Thurs and Fri... But well... I was sick. And just unable to concentrate on getting those Japanese grammar into my thick head. So yeah... All the time wasted. Still not really well now... But better... At least I'm able to function... I just felt like curling up in bed all day on thurs and fri... It's amazing how some food poisoning related contipation and bloatedness can make you feel so bad... I couldn't even sleep at night... Hence the reason why I raised the white flag and went to the doctor....


Power of the Paradise!

Nope, I didn't watch the whole Music Day show... But I did see Arashi's Power of the Paradise performance and boy do I love that song!

So cheerful, upbeat, hopefull... And unlike Akashi, this one is fast paced. I love fast paced songs. Is it... club or something? Music genres... *shrugs*

I've updated nihongo manabu with a post about the new single. Upcoming new single at least. Please check out the post! XD

As I was researching for the post... Arashi just... Amazes me. It's the 5th bloodly hell time Sho would be covering for the olmypics... And it's the 6th time Arashi is providing the NTV Olympics theme song. Just... blows your mind doesn't it?


That's all from me for now! 
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This is just too crazy.

You know how rl has been really busy for me... Well ever since unsup got back from her maternity leave she's been working me non-stop. (Then again... I didn't have to work that fast or that hard...)

But yeah.

It feels like just a few days ago since Fukkatsu Love came out and now this...

Ok. Actually, it is only a month ago since Fukkatsu Love was released!

So yes. New single. Double A. Two PVs and two makings. Double the fun, laughter and joy, but also double the burdern on your pocket. Hahaha!

Three editions this time, two LE, and one RE.

More information as usual on NM here. Pre-order links are there too. :)

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Aiba will star in a new drama - ようこそ、わが家へ.


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Yay! I'm back with a news translation! Original article here! I've also included the original Japanese text below. Pardon any mistakes! Words in [square brackets] are notes/additions by me, and not in the original article.

Title: Arashi, First Single this year is theme song of the drama "Ouroboros" starring Ikuta

Popular idol group Arashi's first song this year "Sakura", will be sold from the 25th of February. This was learnt on the 11th [of January]. It will be used as the theme song for the TBS drama, "Ouroboros~kono ai koso, seigi" [1] (starting on the 16th of January, every Friday at 10:00pm) starring Ikuta Toma from the same agency. It marks the first time Arashi provides the theme song but not act in the drama.
人気アイドルグループ・嵐の今年第1弾となる新曲「Sakura」が2月25日に発売されることが11日、わかった。同じ事務所に所属する生田斗真主演のTBS系ドラマ『ウロボロス~この愛こそ、正義』(16日スタート、毎週金曜 後10:00)の主題歌として起用された。嵐が主題歌だけでドラマに参加するのは初となる。

It has been 8 years since Ikuta and Oguri Shun last acted together in the 2007 Fuji Television drama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e". In this work, the two childhood friends,  police detective (Ikuta) and a Yakuza (Oguri) wants to expose the truth behind a murder they witnessed in the past; it's a serious police entertainment.

That day, taking the stage during the preview of the same drama, Ikuta said of the tag with Arashi whom he knows intimately. "In the midst of the theme of 'the feeling of thinking about people', I'm very happy to have old friends taking part and providing the music. It was a heartening support. As a friend, and an Arashi fan, I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you everyone in Arashi!" Ikuta said with happiness.

Co-star Oguri Shun also joked, "I can really feel the support [literal translation would be covering fire]. Amongst the actors, I have participated in quite a number of works with theme songs by Arashi. Was I part of Arashi too?"

1: roughly translated as "Ouroboros~this love for sure, justice". Note
ouroboros is an image of a dragon or serpant swallowing it's own tail.

Summary: Arashi's new single will be out on 25th Feb, which is on the same day as Pikanchi 2.5 DVD. This is a 'record breaking' single because it's the first time Arashi is providing the song for something that's not Arashi related in anyway.

Japanese words:

幼なじみ (おさななじみ, osananajimi) - Childhood friend; friend from infancy; old playmate
援護射撃 (えんごしゃげき engojyakeki) - 1. (providing) covering fire. 2. Supporting (backing up) someone (in a debate or argument)
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Woots. This is crazy. Seriously. Crazy. I'm going to die next month. I can tell you that. Why are there no public holidays in November here? I would like, edit the photo itself, but I'm in the office now so...

But well. It's finally revealed. The air dates of Hawaii AnShi!

Please pardon me if there are any mistakes in translations!

Here goes!

Source: Newspaper article here.
Credits to the unknown person who took a photo of the news article, and the person who shared it on FB. Thank you very much for sharing! m(_ _)m
Special thanks to [ profile] jheili and [ profile] octavialao who helped me rephrase sentences I get stuck with.


Main Title: Arashi's Vacation in Hawaii
Captions, from top to bottom: Ohno fishing. Sakurai expeditious tour. Aiba surfing. MatsuJun shopping. Nino goes to the castle.
That little column of black text on the extreme right bottom corner: Arashi spent their holiday separately in Hawaii.

Smaller Title: Airing on the 1st and 8th of next month on NTV.

In the Nihon television group (NTV) show [Arashi ni Shiyagare] (Saturday 10pm) hosted by the popular group [Arashi], the members were closely followed as during their vacation when they went o Hawaii for their 15th anniversary concert. It was been decided that the Special episodes will air on the 1st and 8th of November.

The location shot was boldly filmed after the 2 day concert involving over 30,000 fans in Hawaii ended, in the last third of September. Because the 5 of them are always busy, the private time spent one to one with the director was a really precious 'off' time.

The way of passing the time differed for each of them. Ohno Satoshi (age 33) was fully satisfied with fishing. Sakurai Sho (age 32) did an expeditious tour of Kailua island with a perfectly allocated time schedule. Ninomiya Kazunari (age 31) went to Ko Olina where the concert venue was. Aiba Masaki (age 31) made for the surfboard workshop in order to buy a surfboard for Matsumoto Jun (age 31).

Enjoying his shopping trip in the Honolulu city center, Matsumoto said, "Because I did not drive by myself, it was a comfortable shopping experience. I really have no idea if the time spent would be appropriate for TV." He seems really relaxed. "Because I have completely no idea how the rest of the members spent their time, I'm looking forward to watching it during the studio recording."

Producer Tanaka Hiroshi, who proposed the segment, said confidently, "The members were purely thinking about how to spend their free time. It will be a segment that will show their individuality that's been cultivated for 15 years." Matsumoto appealed, "What kind of vacation did we have, what kind of souvenir did we prepare, please wait for it eagerly!"


Yes Jun! We are definitely waiting for it!

22nd October - The Digitalian official release date
1st November - Arashi ni Shiyagare Hawaii SP Part 1
6th November - VS Arashi Hawaii SP, Abunai Yakai (Should be on as per normal)
7th November - NHK Arashi Documentary
8th November - Arashi ni Shiyagare Hawaii SP Part 2, TSD
9th November - Tokyo Live (New show with Aiba as one of the hosts), Nino-san (Should be on per normal), Aiba Manabu (Should be on per normal)

What else have we got? Oh, in this whole week's Arashi Discovery Ohno will be talking about Hawaii. Abunai Hawaii has aired already... I heard that's Nino-san in Hawaii? No idea when that will be airing though (just checked, not this week either). If this isn't a crazy Arashi Matsuri, than what else is?

Off topic: Zero G PV!
Ahhh saw the gifs, saw the screen shots, I can't wait to go home and watch the news clips. Ahhhh the hip shaking! Ohno needs to choreograph more of their songs! More PVs with Ohno's choreographing please!!!
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I bring you another news article translation! Pardon me if there are any mistakes! m(_ _)m

Ninomiya Kazunari, Anne and Mitani will take part in a drama [Murder on Orient Express] together

Mr Mitani Kouki wrote the script for the Fuji Television's 55th anniversary special program, [Murder on Orient Express]. It was revealed during the press conference on the 14th that Ninomiya Kazunari from the popular group Arashi, actress Anne, Tamaki Hiroshi, Sawamura Ikki, and Fujimoto Takahiro will be taking part in a work by Mitani for the first time.

The original work is a famous mystery novel by Agatha Christie published in 1934. The setting has been changed to the early Showa era in Japan, in a period where Showa Modan just blossomed, a murder occurred in an extravagant train, and the famous detective Suguro Takeru will solve the mystery.

Ninomiya, who will act as the victim's secretary 幕内平太 (Makuuchi Heita*). He is surprised by the offer to participate in Mitani's works for the first time, "I thought I would only be an audience of Mitani's works, I was surprised when I was called." Of Ninomiya's past acting performances, Mitani says "It is really good. That was sort of an audition already. (Ninomiya is) warped, I am looking forward to the strange feeling."

Anne will act as the wife of the diplomat 安藤伯爵 (Andou Hakujyaku*), which is played by Tamaki. She deeply feels that, "I knew Mitani-san from young through my family. I never imagined that when I grow up I would be able to act has one of the characters in his works." Sawamura will act as the army colonel 能登巌 (Noto Iwao*). In order to prepare for his role, he lost 5 kg in 3 months, and kept a mustache. On his first participation in Mitani's works, he says while trembling with fear, "The pressure is really great!".

Besides that, Matsushima Nanako will act as the private tutor 馬場舞子 (Baba Maiko*), Ikematsu Sousuke will act as the fountain pen seller 羽佐間才助 (Hazama Kan Saisuke*), Yagi Akiko will act as the church worker 呉田その子 (Kureta Sonoko*), Fuji Sumiko will act as the Madam Hatori*, Kusabue Mitsuko will act as Marquess Todoroki*, Aoki Sayaka will act as Marquess Todoroki's* maid, Kobayashi Takashi will act as the victim's butler, Sasano Takashi will act as the surgeon Suda*, Nishida Toshiyuki will act as the Orient Express train conductor, Nishida's boss will be acted by Takahashi Katsumi and so on and so forth. Also, Mansai Nomura has been picked for the role of the famous detective Suguro Takeru as previously reported.]

This drama will be aired over two consecutive nights in the coming spring. On the first night, the script will follow the original works closely, and on the second night, the drama will be an original work by Mitani showing the "Reverse" of the incident.

*I am not sure of how the names are actually supposed to be pronounced in the drama!

Link to the original article:

Also for those who are interested, the information about the original detective novel is available on wikipedia.

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