Mar. 10th, 2016

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Ok. So I just wrote a super long post.

Which few people would be reading I guess.

Why am I writing another post immediately then?

Because I still have more things to say, duh. A lot more things.

Hello to all my friends, whether we've actually met or not )

Random sidenote: One of my fics got long listed in the fanfic awards. Wow. I don't self nominate, so to whoever who liked my fic enough to actually remember it, and nominate it, thank you very much! Octavia got 4 of her fics long listed too! Whoohoo! It's really amazing. Considering that I hardly wrote anything in the later half of last year. And that it's been months since we posted anything in that comm... I'm surprised that people still remember us.
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Ok. So I invited my colleagues to my place on Sunday.

Mum was the excited one, and she was the one to set the date... And starting talking about what to cook. I wasn't even sure if I should invite the girls over for lunch or not.

But then last night...

Dad started nagging and scolding me about how they had plans to go out on Sunday with my uncle... And there's the IT SHOW too. Sheesh! I wasn't even the one who suggested the date!

And of course the whole thing about how messy the living room has gotten and how I never ever help with the housework comes out again. Or even when washing the dishes I don't do a good job. Sigh. It always ends up like that.

That's why I almost never ever get people over.

But anyway. Invitation has been sent. I said I'll cook lunch in that case.

All I need is a menu. And I can probably head to the supermarket either tmr after work or on Saturday morning. Dad was fuming about how I need to give advance notice about things, like so they can shop last weekend! Just what kind of feast do they want to prepare! And he was like, what do you want to do? Are you going swimming? Then after that what's the program? Sheesh! I'm just going to play a concert video if the lappy works or I can get my thumbdrive to play on the TV by some other means, probably one of the many media boxes we have... Otherwise we'll just sit there and talk. Or stare at the baby. Opps I don't have a baby unless unsup will come with her darling.

I don't even know why they started scolding me the moment they got home.

Probably dad was in a bad mood cos both of them didn't bring the house key out. Yeah.

Sigh. That's what I really hate about my dad. Everything has to be prim and proper. Like with 200% certainty. Esp on holidays. Everything has to be properly planned, to the last minute detail. And then he'll get stresses out about the packing... And how we're not packing the luggage a week before packing off. And then he'll accuse me of being uninterested about the holiday... Well seriously. I'm not interested at all. I'm not a travel or outdoors type of person. I don't get the "ooo that's a nice place! I wanna go there" feels when I see places on TV. I can hardly even remember the places I've been to in Australia or ph last year.

This whole thing probably started because of how dad would always lose his temper before each holiday. Our holidays always started off on a sour note. Which made me even less interested in holidays and even less inclined to help with pre-trip planning. And he'll nag again about how all his colleagues daughters are planning trips for their parents and what not.

I'm sorry.

I'd very much rather stay at home. I have a ton of things that I could do. I really don't enjoy holidays. It's too short lived. Of course the company is important... But remember how we get a pissed and angry dad for weeks before the trip? It always makes me more stressed going out with them then being relaxed. I'd very much wander around the streets of Orchard alone. Maybe I'd even get another fic idea...


So anyway. I need to think up of some kind of menu.

I'd make lasagne but it's kind of risky. And the oven isn't out. But the problem with making something Chinese is that I don't really have proper dishes in mind. I just make random stuff that's in the fridge, or that I fancy in the supermarket. So the dish probably isn't really Chinese anyway. Most likely it'll just end up being some random fusion that I come up with. Lol.

Oh wells.

I need a main carbs though. Probably just noodles. We have a lot of that at home. Unless I want to do spaghetti or pasta. But that would set the western flair for the whole meal and depending on the dish I dream up of, it might end up being too weird a combo.

I could do mushroom soup with the pasta though. Though I'd need to work on chopping the mushrooms faster.

Portions. Ah the big problem.

I don't know how much to make.

Always my problem with cooking. I don't know how to estimate the portions. Gotta ask unsup if she's coming solo or with her husband too. Not that it makes a difference because I still don't know how much to make.


Maybe I should call my mum after work tonight and decide on a recipe.

Well there's easy ways to cheat too. Like just making Japanese curry with the instant curry cubes. Now that's easy.

Oh wells. We won't starve and we won't get food poisoning. And my food experiments usually turn out pretty decent.

I kinda want them to try century eggs too. Cos the last I heard two of them hasn't tried it yet...

So be it.

In the meantime... Just where is my shuttle bus???? I've been standing here just typing and typing away cos the bus ain't here yet!

Ok fine. I'm out of things to say now.

Till next time. (Which might mean later...)

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