Feb. 7th, 2017 05:41 pm
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So I've been reading up here and there about smap and stuff cos... Ya know, writing fanfics requires a lot of research.

And the more I read.... The more sad I am that smap has disbanded... How the jimusho treated them and all... Those guys really opened up a road for their kouhais. Would JE treat Arashi so well otherwise?

And then there's the stuff about how smap were absolute philanthropists. And of course, the fraction wars... Sigh. Such hate runs deep huh? Like how my workplace absolutely loathes this other institute, even though our research direction are really different and those people have nothing at all against us. And it's been years too. Both my institute and smap...


It's not like I don't know how... Erm... Uptight? JE can be. And I've heard rumors about the alleged sex abuse and stuff... But I was ignorant about the fraction wars till... Idk... 2 or 3 years back? I never watched anything besides arashi, and reading entertainment news and rumors generally isn't my thing.

But well... Johnny and Mary should just retire already. Like seriously... How old are they now? Don't people their age just sit at home, enjoying their retirement? (Ok, then again there's someone called Trump... But he's still 15 years younger than Johnny-jiji)

I guess it's hard to let go huh? Of the empire that you have built from nothing. Wiki says he started it in 1963... Which means it's been what... 54 years now? Imagine doing something for 54 years... I guess he's just too emotionally invested to quit.

But I hope that the next generation will get a chance to take over. And maybe then, we'll get to see the improvements us fans have hoped for for years. In a way, things have already started to change... But there's still so much more that I hope to see JE do. Hopefully, there won't be any sort of fraction war either... Internal wars like this... How can it be good for the company? I wonder what's the relationship like between Julie and Iijima... What would happen when the old guards die? Would we finally see the change we've been hoping for?

As an international fan... I can only help...

But either way... I guess it's too late for smap...?

It's... Such a waste. Like all that money and talent... It was there for the taking for JE, but they threw it away. Sure, kimutaku had demanded to be paid better... But JE was still taking a percentage of the earnings. And it was only right that smap should be paid more anyway... Though of course, the old fashioned Johnny-jiji would have never understood that. And the rumors about Mori being forced to leave... Idk...

But... I just feel sad. It's like smap could have become so much more if they were allowed to be.

In a way it feels like how I can do, give so much more to the company if they gave me a little support, knew how to use me right.

Such a waste. Such a pity.

Till the day we meet again, smap.

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