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I've definitely been reading more ever since I got my kindle. So far I've finished reading 3 books on it, and am finishing the fourth. Yeah sure, that's still not much, but considering that I mainly return books borrowed from the library half read/unread these days... Because I pass out on the bed after work... That's an improvement. Well mostly because I'd bring the kindle out to lunch and sit there and read while eating. Even if it's just 40 mins or an hour of eating + reading, I still can get quite a lot done. I've started on two other books on the kindle too, but abandoned them because they weren't quite to my liking. Hard to find fiction books to my liking these days.

On the work side...

We're definitely feeling the effects of not having any microbiologist around.

My new sup??? (I don't even know who's in charge of me anymore, either way, she's higher ranked than me so yeah.... and she's been contacting me a lot since unsup left so yeah...) called me like twice today to ask about molecular and microbio stuff. And like the latest call was about... Let's say it's something that I'm still scolding myself for having to look up wikipedia to double check. One of those faceplams, OMG didn't you learn this is sec sch basics. Ok, I didn't learn this in sec sch... And I pretty much believed in the answer... But having been asked by someone else I just had to look it up to make sure. Gosh. A mirror copy of myself with more bio knowledge would be so totally mocking me now, like how I'd been mocking everyone else.


Can also tell that the new rf... (I need to give these people nicknames soon...) really doesn't have much microbio/molecular bio background. Like she's never seen a filtration unit - ya know those that can filter 500ml or a whole liter? Nor has she used the BSC hood before. Ok, those are more cell bio maybe? And then when she picked up my fungified plate to examine, she put it back down the right side up. You always place plates upside down so that condensation doesn't get on the plates...


On another note...

I'm still passing out at 10pm or so each day. And waking up at 5 am or something. Which is bad, because I want to go back to bed in the mornings... And I dilly my time away, and not get anything done. So it's been almost another week of no GRE and JLPT studying. And this is really, really bad. It's not going to change unless I change *something*. What? I don't know. Not waste time when I wake up maybe? And actually start studying. Yeah... I'm gonna try that. It's that or not pass out by 10pm. We'll see... :X

Anyway. Back on the books. I'd set on good reads that I'd like to finish reading 12 books this year. Basically, one book a month. I think I'm doing good on that so far. All thanks to the kindle. Won't be reading anything otherwise... Let's see how many books I'd finish on the kindle by the end of the year.

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Date: 2016-04-15 05:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's sad that I have to be sick to finally have time to catch up reading your blog but here I am.

You sound really tired and I really feel you! Recently I'm so freaking tired (or exhausted? I guess it's both) that I sleep much more than usual (still no quality sleep though).

I try to read more too! But I'm really lacking time and motivation for reading, especially time. It's like I have this pile of books at my bedside table, I always carry a book around with me to maybe at least read a few pages on the train ride to work or back but when I'm too tired or when I chat on the phone or play with my Japanese vocabulary app, I get nothing done because at home I know I won't take out my book, other things to do. I really wished I'd read more because I really love reading. Sometimes I read quite a lot at home - on my computer, fanfics, although I always thought I'm more the type who wants to hold a physical copy of a book in my hands. But recently I wonder if I'd maybe read more with a kindle too. But then, I don't have the money left for an e-book reader, so I buried this idea. *sighs*

I bet you're still much better at work than I am xD It's like I forgot everything important that I learned for my exams. I usually remember quite a lot of stuff but I have to be interested in it or it will be lost immediately. And I'm not interested in my job so yeah.... I'm hopeless. I seriously wonder how long I will be able to survive in this job. I wished I had your strength to go look for another job but I lost hope a long time ago.

Sorry for the negative comment, I wanted to say something to cheer you up but now I ended up lamenting xD

Ah, a last question, what are GRE studies?


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Date: 2016-04-15 06:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry for the mess... the deleted comment was me, somehow my phone posted my comment twice? o_O

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Date: 2016-04-17 04:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've been finding my sleep schedule has been shifting too...mostly because it hurts to stay in bed once I wake up! LOL

Yes...use that time to study, silly! Keep your books next to your bed, you don't have to get up to study then :D

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