Feb. 15th, 2015 02:43 am
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This week was a realy... tiring week. Not a good week for sure.

Of course, there was the rule breakers. Again.

I'm just sick of those.

So much so that my 'can't be bothered' attitude has already kicked in. VIdeos that I did the translations for are amongst those. And I already regard those videos as a lost cause. I guess me joining those groups with such lax membership rules was a huge mistake.

And my iPhone 5S.

It died suddenly at like 1am on Thurs. So the whole of Thursday evening, Friday evening I was running around to repair shops...

It's still at a repair shop waiting for diagnosis... but I really think it's a lost cause already. The motherboard got fried... and it just sucks. My 3GS still works! After 5 years! I was using it as an iPod... and I used it as an emergency phone after buying a nano-sim to regular sim 'converter' - a cheap piece of plastic... and the still works! The 3G still works, I can still make calls... granted it's really slow, and the battery life is really short... but it still freaking works. And that's a lot of the said as compared to my completely brain dead 5S. Just a mere 16 months old baby. I think it got the sudden infant death syndrome...

RIP dear 5S.
You were meant to last 3 years, and live a fulfilling retirement as the ultimate iPod with a whooping 64 GB of storage...
But it was just not meant to be, and you died prematurely at 16 months.
Why? Did you leave me all alone? Stuck high and dry on my own?

Sigh. I'm really just sad. It's freaking 64 GB one at that. And that means it was really expensive. Really, really expensive... so I planned to use it for 3 years... but now it died before I can even renew my phone contract! Arghs. Loads of things happened in the few days, but I really have to thank my dad for getting a new phone for himself, just so that I can use his old 4S. He was initially going to wait a bit longer for Apple watch to come out before making the decision on going Samsung or iPhone (he picked the Note 4). And he rushed the transferring of all his files so that I can have his phone today. Thanks dad! I guess I'll be using the 4S till a new version of iPhone comes out... (I can only renew my phone contract in July, in which case I might as well wait for the new iPhone...)

Now I've got a ton of Arashi shows to watch... and CNY is coming... and I still have not done the review for AnS that I wanted to do... nor have I wrote the postcards... nor have I finished reading my library books, nor posted the vocab list for that same episode of AnS....


really tired now. Time for bed!

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