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I thought I'll take some time to share the first ebook that I read this year. I came across this book when surfing Quora, a new favourite hangout of mine. It's a great site. People ask questions and others answer. The best thing about this site has to be the wonderful community there. There are rarely any trolls, or troll answers... that and the fact that the system is good and quick enough to remove any of such nonsense. The result is that the site is full of really high quality answers. People answering things from their own experience, or experts giving detailed answers from their own knowledge. You should give it a try if you're free...

So well, the book. It's originally written in French, but since my knowledge of French is non-existent, I could only read the version that's been translated into English. It's actually the first out of three books, but I could not/have not located the other two books in English. I'm not even sure if the other two books have been translated into English...

There's a wikipedia page for the book here, with a little info on the plot... (lazy to summarize, sorry)

Overall what I really like about the books were all the parts describing the behaviour of the ants. The social aspects, the biology, the anatomy of the ants... random biological facts interlaced with an intriguing story. Well as wiki mentioned, the story is about two parallel world - the ants and the humans. I very much preferred the story about the ants rather than the humans, though the human world can't be neglected because it is the humans that provides all the mystery that the ants encounter. I enjoyed the way the ants were portrayed. Fiction based on a good dose of facts. Things are exaggerated of course, but not so much that it would be impossible for you to imagine it happening. All in all it makes a very compelling read. I'd very much love to read the next two books, since the first book did kind of leave things in a cliffhanger. Hopefully the other two books have also been translated to English...

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