Apr. 10th, 2017

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Getting Started on DW
- The LJ users' Guide

Hi all! So you're moving in to Dreamwidth? Hurray! Here's a basic guide to get you started!

Creating an account )

Importing your LJ to DW )

Importing a LJ community to DW )

Notes on Importing )

Crossposting from LJ to DW )

Navigating DW )

Adding Friends on DW )

Joining Communities on DW )

Changing your DW journal layout and style )

Other DW Tips:

More tips! )

That's all for now!

If there's anything that you strongly feel should be included in this guide, or if there's anything I missed out, let me know in the comments below!

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I opened up my email to see this from LJ.


All I've been doing is advertise my DW guide. Not the livejournal one. That was just a crosspost. (Heck I've not even been to check my LJ post till now) 

That, together with this post... I guess it speaks for itself, the numbers that are leaving LJ. If you are in the 'I won't leave LJ until it dies' camp... Well LJ probably won't 'die' or close down. But it could well end up being rather dead with the hordes that are moving to DW?

Update: Oh! No. 4 now, and apparently that's after it dropped in ranking...

Are you panicking now LJ? :P

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