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Yup. That's all I've been doing today. Posting to SF, finally finishing my review to NM together with the vocab list... And then advertising the [ profile] arashi_bangumi community.

Oh and I'm live on mixlr right this very moment. It's been ages since I did a mixlr broadcast lol. Maybe I'll get to do a few more broadcasts this year *shrugs*

I wonder if people remember me. Like "oh, it's this person posting on arashi_on again" or something. Since not too long ago I just advertised Storm Freaks? And then I also post all over arashi_rabu and stuff... And of course if they'll already in SF they're probably sick of seeing my posts already? But if I don't post, no one will on SF :( (And that was how we ended up with a cycle filled with games...)

*arghs* *turns off monitoring on mixlr* I can't listen and think and post at the same time lol. Yeah. It's an irony. I don't actually listen to my own mixlr broadcast most of the time, because if I do, I can't do other work like doing my bangumi review or posting to NM and stuff... But I still like doing to broadcasts as it give a platform for fans to chat with each other, request songs and stuff... Even though I don't actually get all that many listeners... I kinda wanted to stop my mixlr subscription, cos it's 60 bucks a year (and I think it's in USD?)... But now my old plan has been discontinued. If I were to resubscribe, it'll cos $120 a year. And instead of being able to broadcast for 3 hours at a time, as many times as I want, it's limited to 3 hours per day. And sometimes I do want to broadcast longer than 3 hours a day. Can't seem to see that many other alternatives either... Seems like mostly people are doing live video these days. Like periscope, meerkat, fb live that sort of stuff. But nope. Definitely no live video for me. I'm not even dressed properly. Lol. And I don't actually want to spend X number of hours erm... idk? Video taping myself? I don't have that many things to talk about and all. I just want to play some arashi songs.

So yes.

NM post done. Not that it means anything, because honestly I want to do at least one post a week. And that means I should prepare to write a new post for next week already...

Have not been watching arashi tv shows again. Lagging behind again. *Sigh*

Also want to branch out and watch tetsuwan dash from Tokio too. Love the ultraman dash new year SP... And have always wondered what the regular shows are like. But I see the ads when watching TSD and it looks really interesting... Maybe I will slowly start downloading the show... At least keep them in my HD...

Spent a bunch of $$$ again sigh. Could no longer resist and got the beats x earphones. So hopefully I don't have to struggle with getting my earphone wires caught somewhere ever again. I'm wondering if I can claim that expense at work... Personal benefits and stuff. Also I'll need a new HD soon. But at least that's 100% claimable. Gotta use up those extra $ anyway... So yeah...

My new 3d pen arrived already... I'll see if I can find some time to play with it later... After I end my broadcast maybe? Or something. Anyway... Not too bad. Did get a bunch of stuff done though the NM review dragged on for way too long...

That's all for now I guess...

Do check out my reviews and posts on Nihongo Manabu!
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