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Saw this on Cami's([ profile] crazycami26) fb page so i thought i'll give it a go...

The Arashi Movie of my life:

(shuffle the Arashi songs in your PC/ipod or whatever gadget you have, then answer the questions below :))


Opening credits:  Always (as always...)

Morning time: Hero (hero early in the morningn eh?)

Going to school / work: Asu ni Mukatte Hoero (明日に向かって吠えろ)o.o okay... i wonder if i'll yelling in dread/frustration or anticipation :P

After school / work:  Together forever (i wonder with who...)

Hanging out with friends:  Still (guess cos i'm still hanging out with the same bunch of ppl perhaps?)

Go out to a club: Doko ni Demo Aru Uta (どこにでもある歌)

Meet your first crush:  Kaze no Mukou e (風の向こうへ)

Dance with your first crush: Tomadoi Nagara

Go to the same school / workplace as your crush!:  Everything (wow... nice... o.o)

Fall in love: Over (lol, i got the same result as cami-chan!)

First kiss: Yes No (aw come on, i want a definite answer...)

Marriage: Negai

First child: Pikanchi Double (double? twins?)

Death: Right back to you (now that's... spooky!)

Funeral: Crazy Moon (ok.....)

Ending credits: Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono (言葉より大切なもの)


Favorite Member: Ohno Satoshi

Least Favorite Member: None.

Member with the Best Hair: Ohno Satoshi - when is nice and blond ^^

Member with the Best Eyes: don't know... Nino's eyes are a bit small... Ohno's eyes aren't very big too? and kind of droppy? well i don't really stare at each member's face when i watch their shows (resolution of uploaded videos arents that good most of the time anyway), so the strongest image i have of Ohno's eyes is when they did those close ups in Maou...

Member with the Best Smile: Ohno Satoshi? Just cos i like him a little more than the rest XD

Member I’d Make Lunch For: Ohno Satoshi (he'll eat just about anything and say its nice V^.^ )

Member I’d Go Singing in the Rain With: Ohno Satoshi

Member I’d Go Shopping With: Ohno Satoshi (we can go check out the outdoor shop together... or the art supplies shop... i love shopping at those places... just not clothes. heck, i even enjoy walking ard the supermarts... just. not. clothes.)

Member I’d Go Dancing With: Ohno Satoshi - actually... i'd like to make a correct. if i go with Ohno, i'll just watch HIM dance. i don't dance myself so i'll only be making an absolute fool of myself. if i really have to dance... than i'll go with... Sho or Aiba perhaps? Aiba cos he's always super nervous abt the dance moves and he'll practise like a million times over and i'll practice with him cos i'll need the practice much much more than he does... Sho cos... at least i wont look that bad right? :P

Member I’d Take Over the World With: Ohno Satoshi

Member I Most Want to See More Of: Ohno Satoshi (and i want to see him do weird/silly/blur stuff too.... and hear him speak more... and... and...)


Favorite Pairing: Ohmiya

Least Favorite Pairing: dunnoe... there are some pairings that aren't as talked abt as the rest i guess? but so long as the story/writing is good, i don't mind (opps... totally talking abt fanfiction here. real life shows etc - i'm fine with anything really. as long as its arashi... duh...)



1. Who would you most likely get into a fight with? MatsuJun - just feels that way... like he'll insist on doing something his way and i'll want it my way

2. Who is most like you? Ohno Satoshi - cos i'm a fail kind of leader too (at least i felt that way back in sec school/junior collage)

3. Who could you be enemies with? MatsuJun perhaps?

4. Who would be your hang out/shopping buddy? Hanging out... Sho-kun perhaps? feels like there'll be more stuff to talk abt with him. Shopping/doing fun stuff would be Aiba, the forever cheerful and energetic boy :)

5. Who will get along with your parents/family? Sakurai Sho - smart, hardworking.... every parent would like that right?

6. Who would you want to be your brother? i'll like the smart Sakurai to be my older brother - he'll be able to help me with my hw and stuff right? Ohno would be my younger brother... he feels so nice and cuddly and cute ;)


7. Situation: you saw the most gorgeous dress that you want to buy for a function but the price explodes right out of your budget, so you go up to one of the boys and ask to borrow some of his money. His reaction would be…

Ohno Satoshi's reaction: o.o ......... slience...........
(cos i don't wear dresses...! don't wear skirts either o.o)

8. What nicknames would you call the boys?

Ohno Satoshi: O-chan/ridda

Ninomiya Kazunari: Nino

Matsumoto Jun: MatsuJun

Sakurai Sho: Sho-chan

Aiba Masaki: Aiba-kun


9. Who is most likely to settle in a quiet town beside the beach and find pleasure sitting and watching the sun rise and set?

Ohno Satoshi. The most 'my pace' guy. I think if its anyone else they'll just get bored to death.


10. Who is most likely to be spotted at the buffet table?
Aiba Masaki - i keep reading stuff about his huge appetide (fact or fiction i have no idea, but the image is already there in my mind :P )
11. Who would you like to go on an exotic vacation in Italy with?
Eh... this one's tough... Italy goes well with Jun-kun... like the high fashion and all (and he loves pasta too)... but i'm not really into fashion stuff, so shopping around with MatsuJun woul probably bore me to death. In general i think Sho-kun is quite a nice person to go on vacations with, cos he'll do all the researching, planning and booking - something which i absolutely loath doing :P

12. Who do you want to be the godfather of your kids (with any of the boys)?
Sakurai Sho - he seems like the very responsible type... ok, i'm not sure what exactly would a godfather do, but perhaps he'll help out my kids with their homework if he isnt too busy or something XD

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