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Woots. After going up all the way to 59, my LJ ranking has dropped to 67. Finally. After not posting anything for so long... I was surprised that my ranking was still going up. No idea how the rankings are counted and all...

But well... It's a sign to me that I should get translating huh? It's been about a month since I last translated anything for LJ. The tweets... Music Station blog posts... yeah, I do have quite some bit of stuff to be translated. I'll like to translate ALL the Kan-san's VSA tweets and the official AnShi tweets this year. Let's hope I can do it.

Hmm where were we? Ah yes, the vocab!

Only 6 words that I singled out from the Arashi cuts. Because it's not that long anyway! The Arashi cuts part!

引き続き (ひきつづき, hikitsuzuki)
1. Continuously; continually; without a break.
2. Next; then; after that.
You hear this word right at the start! Arashi appearing on music station for two consecutive weeks! XD

見所 (みどころ. midokoro)
1. Point worthy of note; highlight (e.g. in a film); thing to note.
2. Good prospects for the future; promise.
Another commonly used word! The highlight of the show, the performance etc. XD

予め (あらかじめ, arakajime)
1. Beforehand; in advance; previously.
Shiina Ringo! And her '予め' intuition about Jun being in L.A.

幹事 (かんじ, kanji)
1. Executive secretary; coordinator; organizer; person in charge of making arrangements.
This word! It was used by Shige when talking about the chocojun reunion meal. Jun entrusted him to be the 'kanji'. Which confused me for a while because 'kanji' in the form of 感じ means "feeling; sense; impression". And from the way the MCs seemed to be looking at Jun I thought Jun was the only who was supposed to be doing the invites, not Shige. Actually I saw this possible meaning of 'kanji' but dismissed it at first... :P You know with all those talks about Ohno never going out with XXX person as he had previously promised it. turns out it's just that Shige isn't a very good organiser huh? XD Poor Shige hahaha!

噴水 (ふんすい, funsui)
1. Water fountain.
I swear Ohno forgot the name of the hotel. All he remembered was that it had big, famous water fountains in front! XD Hahahaha! Thankfully Jun was there to rescue him! XD

遺憾 (いかん, ikan)
1. Regrettable; unsatisfactory.
Regrettably they didn’t get to gamble (did they even get to go into the casinos?). Well it was a workcation after all. JE wouldn't really allow their idols to play in the casino on national TV would they? Not very good for their image... But the casinos must be really grand and really nice... only took a stroll in on in Genting. There's casinos in my country too. But locals have to pay $100 each time you enter -.-. Government's method of trying to keep problem gambling low.

Hmm anyway... I've not been updating my Quizlet flashcards list for a while now cos I haven't had the time (plus in the end, I'm not even using the site at all). And my flashcard stacks are really very messy! Pretty much every single new word is just going into the 'Random Japanese words' stack. Does anyone use quizlet? Anyone interested to help me sort out the words? :P


Aug. 21st, 2014 12:22 am
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A random title, for a random post.

First... replying to someone's (forgot the username, and too lazy to go check) comment on my previous entry. I'm addicted to two One OK Rock's songs, well the two endings songs of Kenshin 1st and 2nd movie, The Beginning and Mighty Long Fall. Love them, its really nice. Been listening to ONLY these two songs for two days one and even now it's playing in my mind hahaha. Do check out these songs if you are free. Again, I'm way too lazy to find a youtube video to dump in here cos yeah.
I'm totally not doing my subs now... but meh... it's been busy at work recently!

Hmm I can't remember if I've mentioned it or not but I’ve sort of been keeping track of how many ppl I speak to at work… and on Monday well… if my supervisor didn’t come round asking me to key in some data in the late evening, I would not have spoken to a single soul at all! Minus ordering my food during lunch of course. But well that’s just the way research is…  when doing experiments you can well not talk to anyone at all. So yup, these days I am CONSTANTLY listening to my music in the lab. Unless someone is talking to me of course, but that doesn’t happen much. Its like… less than 10 mins a day, minus lunch times IF I join by lunch buddies and take the shuttle bus out… but these two weeks I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly joined them at all! Plus school reopened so the canteens in the uni are super, duper crowded!

Today I did work really hard! Broke my new record I guess, 4 plates of qPCR, on top of that one of the plates demanded that I do a gel electrophoresis after that… But I’m glad! My qPCR results for the plate I did to help another group… it turned out really nice. Very low standard deviations and very nice melting curves. And it was done in triplicates! I think it turned out much better than that done by their own group members hahaha. Then again, no one else ran as much qPCR as I did. Over 70 plates for sure by now. Well today alone was four plates!! Hahaha. Its no wonder that I’m tired! I started qPCR at 11am and was still doing a plate at 5:50pm!

So well… you have to forgive me for just being in a totally slack mode… I’ve not even read through the stuff my friend asked me to help proofread and sent me on Sun night. Opps. And not I’m too tired to read too. Hopefully I’ll finish the bulk of the qPCR by this week. Then next week ought to be a more… relaxing week haha. We’ll see.

Well… so anyway… I was just slacking around earlier and played with the few photo editing apps that I got recently. Plus I added some photos to instagram… so let me just share them here...

Click to see photossss )

Okays. Now for some Japanese words!
紐 (ひも, himo) - 1. String; cord. 2. Man who is financially dependent on a woman (such as a gigolo or, in the case of a prostitute, a pimp); pimp.

Came across this word in the latest episode of Aiba Manabu. Those string like pieces of dried gourd. Which brings us to the next word.

乾瓢 (かんぴょう, Kanpyou) - Strips of dried gourd.
See how its made in Aiba Manabu! XD

邦楽 (ほうがく, hougaku) - Japanese music (esp. traditional japanese music)

洋楽 (ようがく, yougaku) - Western music; european music.
The last two are from the latest AnShi. When they were guess which song will 'up your feminine levels'. Well you ought to come across the word 洋楽 pretty often, but 邦楽 not so much.

Anyway, these words will be added to my Random Japanese words flashcard set on Quizlet. So check that out if you're interested. Well Quizlet lets you embed HTML... so let me just try it out here... :P
Edit: Meh. It doesn’t work on LJ :(
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So, I've been using quizlet on and off for a while, and I've made a few stacks of flashcasrds for some Japanese terms that I come across. I've decided to share them in case anyone is interested... so here they are! I'll update this list as and when I make new sets. :)

A little darkness - Terms from the Japanese short story 'a little darkness'. It’s the first story in the penguin Japanese-English parallel text short stories collect that I bought.

Random Japanese words - Just some words I see from anywhere and everywhere. From food packaging, to variety shows...

Arashi songs - Fly

Animals and insects
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Finally. It’s here. The post that ya all have been waiting for the whole week. So Monday was holiday in lieu of National day, and I went to watch Conan movie with my sis… and then we found out that they are airing Kenshin movie in sg toooooo! And I’ve been super hyped up about the Kenshin movie even though I’ve not watched the 1st movie yet, thanks to all their promotions on VSA and AnS… But yup, I’ve downloaded the 1st movie to my comm already! That’s one more item to my To-Watch list, together with episode two of Sherlock (plus the manga to read too). Luckily I already watched last week’s AM and NS. Just got Thursday’s VSA to watch! And of course, LOVE DVD. I’m watching those today FOR SURE. Octavia’s gone to Manila to meet up with the other girls and attend the LOVE DVD screening there, so there’s no one to bug me about doing random videos today hahaha. Great! XD I’ll be watching to my heart’s content! XD

And oh about the Conan movie... I enjoyed myself tons even though that was the first Conan movie I watched! Yes, add that to my to-watch list as well. Finish up kenshin anime and watch conan anime and movies from start to finish. I was really glad too, I understood pretty much everything w/o having to read the subs. In fact, I spotted a few instances when the subs were wrong. Nothing major but, the sentence was spoken as a question, but the sub changed it into a statement of fact. Happened like twice I think...

What I’ve found amusing is that… as a two men team (well its either me and Mafia red, or me and Mafia J), we are working and releasing faster than the group made by the girl I clashed with last time. So much so for her and her translators. Even both of her translators working together last time, they could not finish an episode of AnS as fast as I could alone… tch! And I could have finished it faster if I didn’t go out… but well… I enjoyed myself on Monday loads! Ah yes your long awaited pictures… here they come!

Pictures, and more rumblings )

Hmm finally. Japanese words. Been wanting to post this for a while now. Remember my previous post where I talked about the word 零れ? Well. I was thinking about the one and only Arashi song that I made flashcards of the vocab on quiz let (more on that in a while), and I felt like shooting myself. It’s there. The very same word. In the lyrics, at the beginning. Pifft. And I have, obviously, forgotten that word. Well not really. I guessed the meaning when I heard it in AM but I wanted to be sure. But there and then I certainly didn’t remember that this word came from Fly.

Just gonna introduce two words for now...
石鹸 (せっけん, Sekken) - Soap

女々しい (しい, memeshi) - Effeminate.
Now this is a word that I can guess the Japanese meaning, but need to search up the definition of the translation to check that I guessed right.  Yes, my vocab is pretty sucky. So well, here’s the definition of effeminate: (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly.

Finally. Last thing of the post! Quizlet. I’ve been using it for some time, and I’ve decided to share some of the lists with you girls. Just two lists for now. Random Japanese words over here. And words from the song Fly, over here. Nope, there is no romanji in the cards. If you are trying to learn Japanese you really should start by learning Hiragana and Katagana anyway, and there’s a million sites to learn those (I’m sure a million youtube videos teaching them too) so there is no need for me to post that here.

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