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Title: Nino's Butt
Length: One Shot (896 words)
Rating: R-21
Pairing: OT5, Ohmiya, Sakuraiba, Sakumoto
Summary: Who can resist Nino's butt?

A/N: Hi all! Been a while since my last fic huh? Been long time since I wrote regularly and been even longer since my last smut. Oh wells... Hope you like this one! :P

How can anyone resist Nino's butt? )
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Title: Jun and the @#%?! Button
Length: Drabble Series (~1.4k words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Matsumiya, Sakumoto
Summary: Jun, and his button (mis)adventures.

Jun struggled with the buttons... )

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Title: Simulation
Length: One shot (~1k words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sakumoto
Beta: [ profile] octavialao
Summary: Jun had enough of Sho and his mental simulations.

A/N: Idea from Sho's grueling 'vacation' in Hawaii for AnShi. And from Octavia's musings. She has written a fic based on the same idea here!
Written for [ profile] octavialao and [ profile] 4y4_k.

Edit: Yay! [ profile] 4y4_k has written a part 2 for the fic and it's posted HERE!

Sho drummed his fingers... )
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Title: The missing notebook
Length: One shot (569 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sakumoto
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Sho's notebook went missing...

I can't find my notebook! )
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Title: When Arashi discovers Livejournal: The Discovery
Rating: R
Length: One Shot, ~3.4k words
Pairing: Sakumiya, Sakumoto, OT5
Summary: What will happen if Arashi discovers Livejournal?
A/N: Credits to [ profile] octavialao and [ profile] jheili for all the random little ideas that contributed to this fic.

It was Sho who took the plunge first. )
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Title: Bite me
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Length: One shot. 1288 words
Summary: Sho hates his teeth, but Jun makes him think otherwise.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I could only wish this was true.

Jun glared in irritation at his bandmate and lover Sho, who was checking his teeth for only the 7th time that morning. Only the 7th time. Because he knew Sho would check and pick and his teeth at least another 5 times before they finally leave the house. Granted, appearances were important in the showbiz and Jun checks hi teeth in the mirror too, as he did when they caught him during the New Year Shiyagare dokkiri special. But he only checks it once after his eats. And only if there's filming later on. Definitely not like 10 times in the span of an hour!

The breaking straw came that night, when Jun waited impatiently for Sho to come out of the shower. Sho had ended work earlier than him, so he returned home first and was in the bathroom when Jun reached home. It was summer and the weather outside was sweltering hot, so Jun sat himself on a chair positioned strategically below the A/C vents to cool off. The bed looked soft and inviting, but both Jun and Sho hated dirtying the bedsheets so he satisfied himself with leaning back on the chair. Jun didn't realize it, but he must have dozed off cos when he opened his eyes again, a good half an hour had passed. 'What the freak is Sho doing in the bathroom!' Jun cursed as he realized the bathroom door was still locked.

"Sho! Sho!" Jun yelled as he pounded on the bathroom door.

A sudden surge of panic raised in his heart as he wondered if anything had happened to the newscaster idol. He was about to head to the storeroom to search for the keys when the lock turned and the sheepish looking Sho peeked out for the bathroom.

"Ah Jun... you're home already, sorry I didn't realize..." Sho apologized.

"What the hell were you doing in the bathroom! I took a nap in the time you were in there!" Jun growled angrily.

When Sho remained silent, Jun continued, "Don't tell me you were checking on your teeth for the past 30 minutes!"

The embarrassed look on Sho's face told Jun all he needed to know. Something just snapped inside Jun.

"Just what the fuck is the problem with you and your teeth!" Jun huffed in anger.

"It's... it's ugly!" Sho stammered, frightened by Jun's sudden outburst.

Jun took a deep breath and counted to 10 to calm himself down before he continued.

"Baby look," Jun said as he pressed his palms on Sho's cheeks and gently used his thumbs to trace each and every tooth.

"Your teeth is perfect. It's so cute. Too cute even. I love it." Jun whispered.

"Shush don't protest. It's prettier than mine, its natural." Jun continued speaking softly.

"You didn't have to get an operation to correct your teeth like I had to." Jun cooed.

"I wish I did tho..." Before Sho could finish the sentence however, Jun launched himself at Sho and kissed him aggressively.

Sho let Jun take control and Jun traced his tongue over Sho's teeth, one by one. The finally broke the kiss when Jun ran out of teeth to trace.

"Bite. Bite me." Jun whispered into Sho's ears.

That statement took effect immediately as a twinkle of mischief appeared in Sho's eyes.

"Oh where do you want me to bite you Maa-chan?" Sho whispered back.

"Everywhere Sho-kun. Everywhere." Jun replied, as they started tugging each other's clothes off.

Off came the shirts. Sho eyed the milky, white, soft skin of his partner before deciding to go for the shoulder blades. Sho gave then area an experimental lick.

"Hnn salty..." Sho commented as he tasted Jun's sweat.

"Uhuh..." Jun muttered as he freed Sho of his underwear, revealing the two white and fleshing bums underneath.

Jun started stroking and caressing Sho’s butt, drawing circles and patterns on the bouncy soft flesh as Sho took a small nibble on Jun’s shoulder. Sho worked his way downwards, alternating between licking, sucking, and biting. He chewed on Jun’s right nipple and sucked on the left. He drew pictures on Jun’s chest, leaving trails of saliva and bite marks where he had been. Jun moaned in pleasure as he relinquished control to his lover, letting his lover guide him. Sho worked his way down to Jun’s crouch. He sucked expertly on Jun’s balls and manhood, teasing and sending waves of pleasure down Jun’s spine as he trace each and every vein in the engorged member. Sho’s hands fumbled about until he found the bottle of lube. Squeezing it liberally on his fingers, Sho gently massaged his lover’s firm ass, and slowly making his hand towards the sacred hole of pleasure, all the while not forgetting to tease Jun with his tongue.

“Shoooooooo,” Jun groaned as Sho inserted his fingers into Jun’s tight ass and started fingering the younger man.

“Inside….. meeee,” Jun moaned as Sho sank his teeth playfully into his lover’s balls.

“Urggggg now!” Jun squealed as Sho pushed his fingers deeper into Jun.

Getting up, Sho pushed his lover and made him bend over the bathtub as he inserted his eager penis into the awaiting hole. Heavy panting and moaning could be heard as Sho held Jun firmly down on the bathtub, not giving him a chance to move. The pace and rhythm was solely Sho’s to control alone. Slowly at first, then fast, in and out, in and out. He slammed himself faster and faster, harder and harder against this lover until a scene of white stars erupted in his eyes as he ejected inside of Jun.

Sho collapsed on top of Jun. who was still bending over the bathtub as he panted and caught his breath back. Intense. It was so intense. He sat down on the cold bathroom tiles as he tried to gain some composure after the orgasm. When he finally stood up, he found Jun lying down in the bathtub, slowly filling the bathtub up with water. Jun was stroking himself, his shiny lube coated penis standing fully erect. Only the splotches of whitish fluid on his stomach, on parts where the water have yet to reach, gave his earlier ejectculation away.

“Ride me,” Jun moaned as he stroked his penis again.

Sho didn’t need to be told twice as he got himself into the bathtub.

“Lie down on me," Jun commanded as he reached for the shower hose.

Turning togger on the shower head such that it would shot out a directed stream of water, Jun used the stream of water to tease Sho, directly the jet over his balls, and ass. Stuffing two fingers up Sho’s ass, Jun hastily prepared his lover.

“Hurry up!” Sho squealed, his member was once again standing up at full attention impatiently.

Abandoning the shower head to the side, Jun positioned himself and thrust upward, entering his lover in one swift motion. Sho gave a little yelp of surprise, but he recovered and was moving in an instant, sending water splashing out each time he slammed down. As the bathtub started getting full, Sho started floating upwards more and that gave Jun the room to start manoeuvring too. It was Jun who realised that the bathtub was overflowing and kicked the tap off, but they kept going after that. Enjoying the strange sensation of having sex in the water. When both their staminas finally gave way, Sho first, followed by Jun, they were both throughly spent.

Sho laid down on Jun as he watched his milky seeds dissipate in the water.

Behind him, Jun leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I love you baby.”

“Me too,” Sho whispered back.

Sho never complained about his teeth again.
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Title: Sticky Summers
Rating: R-rated
Pairing: Sakumoto
Word count: ~3.4k words, one shot
Summary: The weather is hot. Jun finds a way to help Sho cope with the heat.
A/N: Written specially for [ profile] octavialao! Happy belated birthday! :p Hey, you should be glad though, Nino's 'bday' fic is still in the making hahaha! :P Well the idea started when we were talking about random stuff on mixlr chat, and me and Kate both wrote a fic to the requested 'ice cream' and 'chocolate syrup' prompt. You can read Kate's version here, you'll need to join the community to read it though! Hmm... the ending... well I hope its alright... but this was the best smut I've written as of yet, so, I hope you'll enjoy it! Ja, dozo!


The weather outside was a ridiculous 40 degrees, and needless to say, the citizens of Toyko were dying in the heat. Swimming pools and water theme parks were overcrowded, and any business that had something related to cooling off were doing extremely well.

Sakurai Sho, zero caster, had just finished a field report for the news program, and he was literally drenched in sweat. He pitied the person who'd have to dry clean his stinky, sticky suit later. At times like this he couldn't be more glad for the fact that all his clothing are provided by the TV station. He'd already had more than twice his usual amount of laundry to do because of all the additional cold water showers he'd been taking. Sho gladly changed into his casual wear in the van. Normally he'd only change back in the greenroom, but the weather has been getting way too hot lately. Sho vaguely wondered what 'summer program' Jun had waiting for him back home.

Jun had 'booked' Sho out for the whole Saturday afternoon. From whatever time Sho finished his zero field report till the end of the day, Jun was glad to fill it in for Sho. And boy what a great plan he had. Jun smirked as he turned the key to Sho's apartment, arms laden with groceries for use later. He sort out the groceries in the kitchen, putting whatever that needs refrigeration in the fridge. Then, he proceeded to prepare Sho's bedroom. Jun's heart raced as he prepared the bedding. Just thinking about what would happen later was enough to make him hard. Barely able to hold himself together, Jun hurriedly finished his preparations before heading out to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for dinner.

Jun had just finished stir frying the vegetables for the pasta - with Jun, dinner was almost always pasta, when he heard the key turning.

"Tadaima...," an exhausted Sho said.

"Okaeri!" Jun chirped happily.

"Couldn't you have at least turned on the air conditioning?," Sho complained as he flopped down in front of the standing fan.

"Aw, I didn't want to waste so much electricity, but the air-con in your bed room is on..." Jun replied, causing Sho to perk up immediately.

"Go on, I'll join you in a moment". Sho didn't need to be told twice, he gulped down the last bit of water in his bottle before happily retreating to the comfort of the air conditioned room.

It only took Jun a little more than 10 minutes to clean up in the kitchen, but when he entered the bedroom, Sho was already fast asleep.

"Wakey wakey..." Jun said as he poked Sho. When he got no response however, Jun decided to try something more... interesting. Moving gently so as not to wake his lover up, he slowly tugged Sho's shirt up to reveal the white, smooth skin underneath. Even though Sho had not been working out in a while, his abs were still well defined. Jun took his time marveling at the well scrupled body of the rapper as he carefully scooped out a nice, round ball of chocolate ice cream. With a delightful whoop, the ball of ice cream landed on Sho's stomach with a resounding plop. With the ice cream scoop, Jun started pushing the ice cream ball around, leaving dark brown smears all over the white skin. It took a while before Sho woke up to find the cold brown mess all over his stomach.

"What on earth!" Sho exclaimed.

"What's this mess! My shirrrttttt!" Sho whined as he noticed some stains on his clean white shirt.

"Aw, come on, you just need to wash it. It'll come off!," Jun dead panned.

"Serves you right for falling asleep so fast!"

"Mou... couldn't you have at least let me take off my clothes first?" Sho complained once more.

"Why, that's such a great idea, why don't you do that now?" Jun laughed as he watch Sho struggle to get his shirt off, while trying not to let the ice cream drip onto his boxers and the bed sheets.

"Ah its cold!" Sho complained as he sneezed, causing the ball of ice cream to row over his boxers and the bed sheet.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Sho let out a cry of agony as the melting ice cream smeared a brown line over the pristine white bed sheets.

"Oh no the mattress!" Sho groaned as he tried to yank the bed sheets up.

"Wait, what's this below...? Jun-kun mou... will you please stop laughing?" Sho groaned.

"You're so... funny... when your flustered like this Sho-chan...!" Jun said between laughs.

"I've already lined a plastic sheet over your mattress... and this is my bedsheets so shut up and just enjoy!" Jun chided. Sho's mouth formed into a 'O' shape.

"Oh... no wonder it felt kind of... crinkly when I slept just now.."

"You baka!" Jun replied as he smacked Sho in the head. Sho couldn't have been more glad that Jun does not wear rings while cooking, else he might have gotten a concussion already. Before Sho could react though, Jun was tugging roughly at his half taken off shirt.

"Now get this off before I rip into two for you!" Sho grunted as he took off the shirt obediently, he couldn't help but groan though, when he saw the brown mess all over his boxes.

"Mou! I swear this is NOT going to come off! Now I can't wear this out anymore!" Sho lamented.

"Why not?" Jun mocked, as he proceeded to slowly remove his own clothing. Purposely twisting his hips and putting on a show for his beloved.

"People will think that I've shitted in my pants!" Sho exclaimed.

"Well... you'll just have to color it with different flavors of ice cream don't we?" replied Jun with a wink.

Ignoring the sad, sticky remains of what used to be chocolate ice cream, Jun, now all in his naked glory, picked up the ice cream scoop from where it lay abandoned on the bed. Bending down to present Sho with a full view of his sexy butt, Jun picked up another tub of ice cream from the cooler box.

"Strawberry maybe?" he asked with a wink. Purposely flexing his muscles as he scooped up a nice round ice cream ball, Jun smirked as he pushed the ball of cold goodness towards the general direction of Sho's mouth. As Sho took a big bite into the ice cream, the said ball of ice cream left a big smudge of pink all around Sho's mouth as the ball missed its target.

"Look you're such a messy eater!" Jun smirked as he leaned in to lick the ice cream off for Sho. As Jun finished licking off the last of the ice cream, Sho moved in for a kiss. Parting his mouth to let Jun taste the cool ice cream, they savored in the sweet strawberry, tongues darting around and wrestling for control, before they finally broke apart to catch their breath.

"Opps..." Jun said as the remaining strawberry ice cream fell off the scoop onto Sho's chest.
"Uwah this is cold!" Sho exclaimed.

"Then let me warm it up for you" Jun replied as he pressed his chest against Sho's. Rubbing their bodies together, Jun tried to manipulate Sho to a sitting position.

*Splat* Sho looked down as he sat on something cold on the bed.

"Gosh... now people will seriously think I crapped in my pants!" Sho giggled as he looked down on the remains of the chocolate ice cream that he sat down on.

"Well... then let's give them all the reason to think that way then!" Jun declared as he pushed Sho till he is down on all fours on the bed, with his chocolate stained bottom proudly pointing up in the air.

"Give me a moment baby" Jun whispered, as he tied a shirt around Sho's eyes as a blindfold. Sho shivered in both excitement and the cold, as he wonder what other surprises Jun had installed for him.

"Do you know what goes well with ice cream?" Jun asked. Sho merely shook his head.

"Um, whipped cream?" Sho meekly ventured an answer. Being blindfolded always makes him meek, and Jun loved it when he was in control.

"Nice try, you love whip cream don't you?", Jun asked. Sho nodded as he heard the sound of whipped cream being squeezed out from the metal can.

"Ah... open up!", Jun cooed. Sho complied, and as he opened his mouth, a familiar member was pushed in. The only difference was that it was now coated in a thick foamy layer of whipped cream. Jun groaned in pleasure as Sho ran his tongue up and down the length of his member, savoring the cream while exploring each vein and each ridge. With each lick Jun could feel his manhood swelling up in anticipation. Fearing that he could no longer hold it in, Jun hurriedly withdrew, leaving Sho to bemoan the loss of his oversized pacifier.

"That... was a very good guess... but I very much prefer chocolate syrup to go with strawberry ice cream..." Jun said, still panting.

"Want to try it?" Jun asked. Sho could only moan in approval. With that, Jun dug out the bottle of chocolate syrup - Hershey's special dark chocolate, that he had specially packed in the ice to ensure it would be kept cold. Pulling Sho's boxers off with his left hand while scooping up more strawberry ice cream with the other, Jun freed Sho's eager member from its trappings.

"My my, excited aren't we?" Jun said, as he noted the pre-cum that was dripping from Sho's hardening member. Ignoring the dripping penis and the muffled cries from Sho, Jun turned his attention to the firm ass and the pink rose bud in the center. Dropping the scoop of ice cream onto Sho's ass, Jun rubbed the sticky mess all over the two butt cheeks. He let his fingers circle around the butt hole for sometime before finally slipping them in. One finger, two fingers, three fingers. Sho moaned in pleasure as Jun moved his fingers about in the tight hole. Finally, he removed the fingers. However, instead of the large member that Sho was expecting, something small and hard was slipped in instead.

"Eh nani...?" before Sho could ask any further however, Jun gave the bottle a hard squeeze. Thick, ice cold chocolate invaded Sho's insides. It was completely unexpected for Sho, and he gave a cry of surprise as the cold liquid started flowing up his anus.

"Hmm how are you enjoying it? There's strawberry ice cream all over your butt and there's chocolate up your ass, you're so delicious baby I could just ate you," Jun whispered by Sho's ear, teasing him as he squeezed in more chocolate.

"How do you like it? A chocolate enema..." Jun asked. Sho didn't reply, but merely took in large, deep breaths. Jun pulled out the bottle to let the air in before re-inserting it again.

"Ah you know what baby? I got a super huge bottle of syrup, specially for you. 1 litres ya know. And baby you'll going to be a good boy and take it all in for me!" Jun smirked.

"Unnnnnnn!" Sho cried as more of the cold, thick, sticky liquid invaded his rear. It was the third, or maybe the forth time Jun had re-inserted the bottle and he was starting to get really full. To make it worst, the cold chocolate was giving him bad cramps.

"Stop stop... it hurts!" Sho whimpered.

"Just a little more..." Jun replied, refusing to stop. When he was finally satisfied that he had almost squeezed out all of the chocolate syrup, Jun took out the nozzle of the squeeze bottle.

"Please I need to go!" Sho whined.
"Relax, the cramps will pass", June cooed again, while pouring the remaining bits of chocolate syrup onto his hands and using that to massage Sho's stomach. The cold chocolate inside, together with all the ice cream earlier had made Sho's belly very cool to the touch, and Sho shuddered a little as the relatively warm hands of Jun caressed his stomach.

"Jun..." Sho moaned again as another wave of cramps swept over his tummy. This time however, he could no longer hold it, and some of the chocolate syrup dripped onto the mattress.
"What did I tell you about holding it it?", Jun barked, as he gave Sho's butt cheeks a quick spanking. Sho winced as he tried to clench his ass tighter together.

"Oh goddd!", Sho yelled as Jun pried his butt cheeks open. More chocolate leaked out as Jun stuffed his engorged member into Sho's tight ass.

"Arghhh!" Sho yelled as the breach was made. That he had been clenching his ass really tightly to prevent leakage made the insertion particularly painful. On top of that, his insides had been all clenched up because of the cold contents.

"Argh so tight baby, urgnn so tight!" Jun exclaimed as he inserted the full length in. Sho was moaning similarly about the fullness of the additional load inside of him.

"Argggnnnhhhnnn," Sho cried as Jun started moving. Jun had purposely angled his thrusts such that he was hitting hard on Sho's prostate, and that was sending Sho both waves of pleasure and agony. Stars would fly and create waves of sexual arousal for Sho, but each time it would inevitably be followed by waves of cramps as pressing on the prostate increased his urge to urinate and defecate. That changed however, as Jun starting stroking ice cream and chocolate syrup over his eager member, in time with each thrust into his ass. Sho’s breathing got heavier as the sensations of pleasure hit him. He was soon seeing stars, and enjoying what was probably the best orgasm he had in months. They both ejaculated at the same time, collapsing on the bed in a sticky mess, both sweaty and panting from the adventure. Finally it was Sho who made the first move. Removing his blindfold, he pushed Jun off as he groaned and made a beeline for the toilet, clenching with butt checks together with his hands. Sho heaved a sigh of relief as he expelled into the toilet. His relief didn’t last long however, when the toilet door opened and the DoS stepped in. Sho’s cheeks flushed red as he realized his band mate was getting aroused from watching him defecate.

“Hmm… what a nice chocolate smell…” Jun commented as he sniffed the air.

“Little pumpkin,” Jun said, while raising an eyebrow.

“Since when did I allow you to take the blindfold off?” Jun asked.

“Oh its just as well, I still have some plain ol’, good vanilla ice cream left…. you love vanilla don’t you?” Jun teased, causing Sho’s face to flush even redder.

Everything we’ve done so far is anything but vanilla though…’, Sho thought, but he wisely kept his thoughts to himself.

“Aw, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed!” Jun smirked. With that, Jun left the toilet to fetch the last tub of ice cream.
Sho was still shitting chocolate when Jun returned with the ice cream and a spoon - no more huge ice cream scoop, as Sho noted in relief, - in hand.

“Ahhhh open up!” Jun commanded as he scooped up a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and feeding it into the waiting mouth.

“You like it?” Jun asked.

“Unn… its delicious…” Sho replied hesitantly, unsure of what to expect. Jun scooped up another huge mouthful and fed it to Sho.

“You know, I think vanilla would go well with chocolate,” Jun stated matter-of-factly as he presented his once again erect soldier to Sho’s mouth, together with yet another spoonful of ice cream.

“Unnn tis shooo choldd…” Sho mumbled as more ice cream was stuffed into his mouth.

“Then maybe this will warm you up,” Jun smirked as Sho started sucking on the chocolate coated penis.

“Ahhhhhhh its cold ne?” Jun moaned as Sho ‘ate’ the whole length of the chocolate ‘lolli’. Moans of pleasure could be heard as Sho did his work. It was quite unlike the blow job Sho had given earlier. For one, his entire mouth was numb from all the vanilla ice cream than Jun had force fed him. Due to the numbness, his tongue could not make out the veins and ridges and trace him like he usually do. Instead, Sho found a particular spot that created a pleasant sensation as his tongue ran over it, and focus on rubbing that spot over and over again. Either way, Jun must have liked it though, because he soon released another load of seeds into Sho’s mouth.

“Gosh baby, that felt soon good, you did great!” Jun exclaimed as he bent down to give the newscaster a kiss. They were soon engaged in a battle of tongues though, and Jun could taste his vanilla chocolate favoured seed still in Sho’s mouth. They finally ran out of breath and stopped.

“Are you done with the toilet yet?” Jun asked.

“I… hope… soon maybe?” Sho stammered as he suddenly remembered that he was still sitting on the toilet bowl. He looked down only to see a dark brown mess.

“Ne, I’ll go clear up the mess then we can have a bath together okay?” Jun replied as he turned on the tap in the bathtub.

Picking up a towel he’d brought earlier, Jun wiped away the chocolate and ice cream stains on himself slowly, allowing Sho to enjoy the display.

“Ja ok… it’ll just… put the ice cream in the fridge and change your bed sheets ok? You can take a shower and get in the tub first while waiting,” Jun said as he slipped out into the bedroom.

The bath was a nice, relaxing affair. Sho just leaned back into the sturdy arms of Jun and let Jun caress and massage him. It was a long time since the duo had gotten into the bath together, and they just leaned onto each other and stay in the bath till the water started getting cold. Sho was getting sleepy but then as well, so Jun made the call to get out of the bath. Sho stretched a yawn as he pulled on his clothes.

“Sleepyhead!” Jun teased.

“That was tiring okay!” Sho protested, but Jun merely laughed.

“Okay, why don’t you take a nap while I go make dinner!” Jun suggested. Sho was only all too happy to flop onto his bed, breathing in the familiar scent of his washing powder as he marveled at how through Jun had been with his preparations. From the ice box to the plastic sheet below the bed sheets, Jun had thought of it all.

As expected of the planner in Arashi ne?’, Sho thought, as he drifted off to sleep.

Jun was engrossed in his cooking. The lobster bisque had taken him longer than expected, and he had to admit that he was tired. Both from his earlier exertions, and from the hot weather. Being in the kitchen didn’t help either. Sweat was dripping down his neck, and Jun was taking extra care to make sure nothing drips into his perfect soup. He was putting the finishing touches to his soup when a pair of strong arms hugged him from behind.

“Jun-kun, have I ever told you that you’re so sexy when you’re sweaty?” Sho asked.

“Only for the millionth time baby,” Jun smiled.

“Now why don’t you get the table set so that we can have dinner?” Jun continued, as he nudged his lover off so that he could bring the soup out to the dining room.

“Uwah! Umai!” Sho exclaimed as he tucked into the pasta and soup Jun cooked.

“I’m glad you liked it! Mou… the bisque took me so long to make today! Normally I only take half the time!” Jun lamented.

Sho chuckled as he replied, “Maybe it’s cos we had too much fun earlier? I’m really tired now you know?”

Jun shrugged. “Maybe…?”

“Wanna crash here for the night? We can watch some movies till we fall asleep, and go for the magazine interview together tomorrow!” Sho suggested.

“Sure! That would be great," Jun replied with a grin.

Perhaps it was their age catching up with them, Sho was fast asleep before they even reached the halfway mark of the first movie, and Jun himself was falling asleep too. He got up to switch off the TV before climbing back to bed.

“Hmm Jun-pon….” a half asleep Sho muttered as he flipped over and threw his arms over Jun, hugging him like a bolster.

Jun sighed a happy sigh has he returned the hug. He couldn’t be more glad to be in Arashi, to know people like his lover right next to him. Jun fell asleep with a happy smile on his face.
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Ok... its been months since the rainbow exchange thing took place. It was the first ever exchange I took part in so I have no idea how it's supposed to go and all... but considering that the deadline was supposed to be July 1st AND that after emailing the person in-charge 9 days ago and receiving no reply... I'm guessing that the exchange just didn't work out... So since it's the only fic I have completed, I've decided to post it for everyone to read!

Title: Winter Wonders
Author: coolohoh
Pairing: Ohmiya, Junba, Sakumoto
Rating: G
Writing for: Cata/qeedivertido
Prompt used: AU. Sakumoto. They meet in the street. They become friends. Feeling appear, but one of them is already dating someone else. I don't know, make some drama, but a happy ending. I want them to bond about food first, idek. Actually, make a lot of drama (you are completely free to do what you want here as long as there's no m-preg or fantasy involved) but always a happy ending, please <3.
Summary: Sho is a sucessful lawyer in Fredman & Sakurai. A prim and proper man with a most successful carrer, Sho hasn't had much luck with his love life. All could change though, when he goes on a holiday in winter.
Note to recipient: I think I kinda went off topic a litte, but I really hope you'll enjoy the story!
Disclaimer: This story is as real as the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. As noted above this was originally rewritten for the Rainbow Exchange.

It was an unusual year. The weather was running amok - an exceeding hot summer and an incredibly cold winter. Maybe the gods were teaching mankind a lesson for disrupting the balance of nature. Or maybe it was due to global warming. Whatever the case, all Sakurai Sho knew was that he was stuck on the highway and that he'll never be able to stick to his meticulously planned holiday schedule. In fact he might not even make it to the next town, which means hell have to spend the night out freezing in his car. Maybe he'll just die there and no one will find out cos the terrible snowstorm was making travel almost impossible anyway. Maybe his car will die on him leaving him to freeze in the snow with no means of transportation. Maybe he'll make a mistake when driving and crash his car somewhere and just die anyway... Maybe...

'Stop it Sho! Stay focused! Focused!' he chided himself for drifting off an thinking about those negative thoughts.

But he really couldn't help it. The visibility was really bad and he couldn't help but think of all things that could possibly go wrong in what was supposed to be a perfect holiday. He had planned to travel to a quint little town and stay in the hot springs resort for a whole week. A quiet and relaxing way to pass the time... (well actually he's got a schedule chocked full with activities, but he really can't be relaxed if he was wasting his time doing nothing). It's been a while since he last had a break, he was really looking forward to the trip but now this! It was all the meteorologists fault! They predicted fine weather for the entire week but what's this??? Fine weather indeed pfft! He scoffed as he thought about the weather forecast for that day. Really, the meteorologists were the only ones who could always get away with saying the wrong stuff. And now they've ruined his perfect holiday!

After another hour of slowly inching forward along the road, the snowstorm finally starts to let up. Unfortunately for Sho, his car splattered and came to a stand still. Dam* you! He stomped angrily in his car. Thanks to the cold weather no less, he was now stuck cold and hungry in a foreign place with absolutely no idea how and where to get help. He checked his phone - no signal. Just great!

As the sky got darker, Sho wondered if he should get out of the car and find help. Just as he was preparing to get out of the car, he saw a car approaching in the distance coming in the opposite direction. Saved at last! He breathed a huge sigh of relief and got out of the car to wave for help.

Sho explained his predicament to the stranger and the charming guy with thick eyebrows chuckled and said: "I stay in a house just a few kilometers down the road, we've got a spare room so you can stay the night. "

"That would be great! You're really a life saver!" with that Sho hauled his luggage from his car boot to the car of the guy named Jun.

They chatted for a while in the car, Sakurai was most relieved to meet someone willing to help out, sparing him for a possible cold winter night on the road. Just as he was happily chatting about how he was looking forward to dining at the famous Italian restaurant, the car suddenly came to a standstill. Thinking that they had reached, Sho looked out of the car window excitedly. To his horror, all he could see were trees and more trees. And snow. Tons and tons of white white snow.

Panic rose in his heart as he asked Jun: "erm, where are we?"

"Ah, sorry for startling you! I forgot to mention that I am fetching my roommate home as well," Jun replied.

"Eh? Roommate?" Sakurai looked out of the car window and strained his eyes to see if he could spot any signs of life.

Sure enough, a speck of black that he dismissed as trees earlier was slowly moving towards them. As the black speck moved closer, he realised the speak was actually a guy hoisting a rod over his shoulders and dragging what seems like a huge sleigh behind him.

“He sure likes to take his own sweet time...” Jun cursed softly under his breath.

He strummed his fingers impatiently on the dashboard for a while before deciding to get out of the car altogether and help the newcomer in spacesuit like clothing haul his sleigh.

Curious, Sho followed suit and got out of the car to help.

“EH? FISH? YOU WENT FISHING IN THIS WEATHER? There was a bloody hell snowstorm just now!?!?!” Sho exclaimed, perplexed by the situation.

“Oh actually I was my fishing shack during the snowstorm so it was fine... And I was ice fishing, not fishing... Have you heard of ice fishing? Basically you drill hole on the ice with angulars and catch fish under the ice... ” With that Ohno started giving a detailed technical explanation of ice fishing.

"Ah sorry but... perhaps we can get into the car first?" Sakurai said, shivering in the cold.

“Ah, sumimasen, hajimemashite, Ohno Satoshi desu”

“Ah Sakurai Sho desu. Erm I was on my way to the town when I met a snowstorm and my car stalled and I met Jun and...”

“Ah souka...” Ohno interrupted Sho’s rapid fire recount of the days events with a non-chalant reply as he continued the task of securing his sleigh to the back of the car.

Feeling ignored, Sho sullenly went back to take his seat in the car.

“Don’t worry, he’s like this sometimes. Gets overly engrossed with what he’s doing and forgets everyone else you know...?” Jun explained.

The rest of the ride back to the house was in an awkward silence.

The house was a cozy looking cottage next to a forest. Upon entering the house, they were greeted by the sound of electronic music and the smashing of buttons. Suddenly, the music stopped, and a skinny looking boy with obnoxious yellow hair came flying down the stairs, gave a yelp of “Oh-chan” and flew into Ohno’s equally delighted embrace.

As a puzzled Sho looked on, a tall man came out of the kitchen with a pan in his hands.

“Eh Aiba, did you make mabo tofu again?” Jun asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah... I was hungry and... that’s the only thing I’ve not been banned from cooking right?” He pouted cutely as Jun approached.

As Jun introduced him to the rest of the housemates, Sho wouldn’t help but wonder ‘What is up with Ohno and Nino?’ He felt really awkward just watching the pair snuggle together. Sho was 30 years old, and still doesn’t have a girlfriend let alone a wife, BUT he is NOT gay. He desperately tried to reason with himself. ‘I’m a prim and proper lawyer. I am straight!’ He thought. Until he saw Jun shaking his hips most sexily while cooking pasta in the kitchen. After staring not so subtly at Jun for a while, Jun suddenly looked up and gave Sho a wink. Embarressed at being spotted, Sho turned and was going to escape from the kitchen when Jun stopped him.

“Say, do you like Italian a lot? How do you like your pasta?” Jun asked.

They chatted as Jun cooked. Turns out that while Sho doesn’t like Italian in particular, he was fond of trying a variety of foods and would embark on self planned gourmet tours whenever he was free. Or if he wasn’t free, he’d still try and squeeze out time to dine at restaurants nearer to his house or workplace.

Jun chuckled, “That sounds just like me when I was younger. I would go backpacking during my holidays in search of good but not too expensive food.”

As Jun put the finishing touches to his pastas, he yelled at the rest to come down. Instead of joining the meal however, Ohno disappeared out of the house. Just as Sho was about to ask, Ohno reappeared in the kitchen hauling a plump fish in his hands and promptly took over the spot Jun occupied earlier and began preparing his fish.

"Wah umaiiiiiiii!” Shooo exclaimed to the bemusement of the rest.

The pasta was the best he ever tasted, and the freshly caught fish that was made into sashimi and shabu shabu was heaven. Altogether, he felt like his holiday couldn’t have been better if not for the snowstorm. And his still stranded car...

“Ah! Can I borrow the phone? I need to get a mechanic to repair my car!” Sho asked.

His question was met with laughter from the rest. Finally, Nino spoke up.

“Ano, who are you going to call? Even if you call your regular car mechanics they aren’t going to come here. Even if they DO come, it’ll probably take a few days, provided they don’t get stuck in the weather...” Nino explained.

‘In other words, I’m trapped... or maybe...’ Sho thought miserably.

"Are there any mechanics around here?" Sho asked.

Laughing, Jun replied, “There is and you were just speaking with one.”

Sho’s face flushed red with embarrassment ‘But how I am supposed to know?’

But Jun seems to have heard his thoughts when he continued: “Have you really not heard of him? He’s a...”

“Mou ii yo! Don’t worry Sakurai-san, I’ll fix your car for you.” Nino repiled.

With that Nino dumped his dishes int he sink and left the dining room.

“Ah, Nino he’s like this, he doesn’t like to show off how smart he is.” Jun said as he watched Nino leave the house.

“Who is he actually?” Sho asked.

“Oh he’s the founder the SK Brothers, the game company. Have you heard of it?” Jun repiled.

Sho shook his head. Gaming was not his thing.

“He’s also a genius at mechanic and engineering stuff, well and programming too, been on a couple of magazine covers already.” Jun explained.

“Ah souka, I’m sorry I don’t know about it, I guess I’m always too engrossed with work and all," Sho said as a blush crept up his face.

“What’s your job anyway?” Jun enquired.

“Ah I used to study economics, but eventually I took up law and became a lawyer...” Sho replied.

“Ah a lawyer! Oh so are you the Sakurai in Fredman & Sakurai?” Jun raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

“Ah yes I am...” Sho was clearly still embarrassed from the faux pas he made earlier.

He spent the night with the other 4 chatting about random things and watching them play Kaibutsu Kart against each other. He couldn’t help but felt a ping of jealousy when he saw how obvious it was that Aiba and Jun were boyfriends. And of course Ohno’s and Nino’s outright show of affection for each other made him worst. ‘Wait, what am I thinking, I’m only been with them for half a day and I’ve also changed into a gay???’ But the more he thought, the worst his infatuation for Jun became. He did have a guy senior he liked a lot in high school, and he had never taken any interest to woman, but still... it was hard to accept that fact. Yet the truth was he had already fallen head over heels with Jun. The sexy hips, the mischievous winks, the meticulous attitude when he prepared the food... It didn’t help that despite Aiba being attached to Jun’s side, Jun was still constantly and purposely oozing sexyness to seduce him. ‘It’ll be all over in the morning when Nino fixes the car for me and I get to the town.’ So he thought.

Sakurai couldn’t have been more wrong in his life unfortunately, for when Nino got his car fixed and he finally drove to the small town, he got shock after shock.

The first shock was when he stepped into a harmless looking Chinese restaurant for lunch. The waiter was none other than Jun’s lover... or not. After inquiring, he realised that the resturant was ran by Aiba’s family, and he was indeed served by Aiba’s younger brother. ‘No wonder they looked so alike!’

After lunch, Sakurai visited the arts and handicraft center, hoping to get some gifts to thank his rescuers for last night. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, the first person he bumped into was none other then than ice fisherman. Who was all too pleased to overload him with all sorts of technical details about the art and handicraft pieces. He ended up spending the entire afternoon with Ohno, too polite to stop his enthusiastic rumble. He did get an armload of free souvenirs in return though. Ohno seems all too happy to let Sakurai have anything he fancied for free. Upon inquiring how Ohno makes a living if he keeps giving out freebies though, Ohno merely chuckled and replied with a mysterious “Saaa~”. Before he left the art center, Ohno shoved him a coupon. [1 free cocktail] - Bar Lapin - the coupon said. Sho made a mental note to himself to visit the place after dinner.

The long awaited dinner at Marvellous Italian Restaurant did not disappoint. The waiters were cheerful and friendly, and the appetizer was delicious. He was just thinking about how perfect the evening was when his first course arrived. Staring at him was a plate of rice and seafood.

“Your seafood risotto sir.” The waiter said with a flourish.

“Wait a minute, I ordered pasta, not this!” He was even more perplexed when a waiter arrived with a bottle of wine for him to taste when he was certain he didn’t order it. He was going to voice his complains once more when the waiter passed him a note.

“You already tried my pasta, you should try something else. You said you like clams right? Oh and enjoy the wine. -Jun”

Shocked beyond words, Sho thanked the waiters serving him as he tried to digest the information. So this Jun was the owner of the Italian restaurant, and he had absolutely no idea. So much so for considering himself as a gourmet.... and he was still happily talking about food with Jun last night. Just what an embarrassment he had been! Jun must have been thoroughly amused with him! There goes his hope of landing a boyfriend... Wait, Jun has a boyfriend already... he mentally slapped himself as he dug his spoon into the risotto.

The small town was quint with beautiful European styled buildings. After asking a few locals, Sho arrived at Bar Lapin. When he showed the bartender the coupon he received from Ohno however, the bartender frowned in confusion. “Erm... please wait a minute.” The bartender replied before disappearing into a backroom, leaving Sho standing stupidly at the door.

A few minutes passed before a booming loud “Ah Sho-kun!” was heard. From the back of the bar came Aiba, dressed smartly with a vest and bow tie, and a smile that could eclipse even the sun. “How did you know I work here?”

“Eh... the coupon...”

“Oh yes how forgetful of me! How did you get it? Did Nino give it to you this morning?”

“Ah no I got it from Ohno actually...”

“Ah souka” Breathy laughs escaping the bartender’s mouth.

“Yeah what about the coupon actually? Just now when I showed the other bartender he just frowned at me...”

“Well actually, there is no such coupon.”

“Eh really?!?!”

“Nino made it some time back because he was bored. As a practical joke or something. But I ended up treating him every time he comes anyway... that stingy bastard $#@$#@$...!” Aiba was laughing most delightfully, Sho really didn’t think he hated Nino, despite the fanciful name calling. A strang expression of affection perhaps?

“Don’t worry, drinks on me, now what would you like?”

It was the most bizarre but pleasant holidayI had, Sho thought as he flopped in his bed that night in the hotel. Meeting each of the housemates one by one in town was quite a... shocking experience. Well he didn’t get to see Jun though. Which wasn’t a bad thing since Sho felt that he would not be able to control himself if he meets Jun once again. Oh and Nino, he didn’t meet Nino after that brat fixed his car.

Sho left the hotel the next morning after breakfast to drive home. It was a short but eventful weekend trip that he’d be unlikely to forget in a long time.

He failed to notice that the hotel was under Kazunari Corporations.

A Year Later...
In the bustling office of Fredman & Sakurai...

“Sakurai-san, here’s the research report of Kazunari Corporations. The CEO is a young man by the name of Ninomiya Kazunari, he also owns a gaming company called SK Brothers," Sho's secretary informed him.

Hmm... somehow the name sounded familiar, but Sho couldn’t figure out where he heard it before. But it didn’t really matter to Sho. They were his client and that was what mattered more.

“Junko, what time are we meeting them again?” Sho asked.

“We’re meeting them in a private bungalow at 7pm tonight. I heard their CEO bought his personal chief over to cook for us! Gosh how rich he must be to have his own personal chief!” Junko gushed on whie Sho frowned at his new, overly enthusiastic assistant.

As Sho stepped into the bungalow, he was greeted by the sight of a young brat smirking at him. It all came back to him now, the yellow haired mechanic called Nino (ah, its short of Ninomiya, how come I didn’t think of the earlier!) who repair his car. The brat who kept winning at Kaibutsu Kart even though the rest where clearly ganging up on him. His hair was back to a normal black now, but he was 100% positive it was the same person.

“Ah Sakurai-san, you’re here at last. Maybe you’d like to tell the kitchen staff what you’d like to eat.” Nino instructed.

Sho was about to protest and say that he'll eat anything as long as it was delicious when Nino winked at him and looked in the direction of the kitchen.

Following the aroma of food, Sho arrived in the kitchen to see none other then Jun. Looking as sexy as ever as he swayed his body while cooking the pasta.

“Jun...” Sho whispered.

“I thought you’d never come,” Jun winked as he turned of the heat and placed the pasta on to the plate.

While Sho was still standing rooted to the ground, Jun made a move and gave Sho a peak on the lips. “I know you love me.”

“But... but... what about Aiba?” Sho asked.

“He doesn’t mind, as long as you don’t mind sharing that is...” Jun said as he gave Sho another kiss.

Sho was dumbfounded. He had tried his best to forget the holiday, to forget about Jun, but now here Jun was, literally giving him a marriage proposal. Or at least a proposal to start dating.

“Come on, don’t be so shy...” Jun cooed again.

A third kiss. This time Sho responded, parting his lips to let Jun in before wresting control into Jun’s. There and then, Sho knew this was what he wanted all along. What he should have been, and will forever be. All the time he trying to convince himself that he was straight were just lies, someone he could never be. It was love at first sight, but it just felt right with Jun. Like a wild animal caged up for too long, his instincts went wild at being release as he completely dominated Jun.

“Mou ii! I’ll go make instant noodles myself..!” Nino complained.

The new found couple hastily broke apart to discover a smirking Nino video taping them from the kitchen door.

“Oi Nino!!!!!!!!” Sho screamed, causing a panicked Junko to rush into the kitchen.

“Don’t worry, it’ll just be between the 5 of us ne?” He smirked again before leaving for the living room.

“Wait... what 5 of us?” Sho asked.

“Will you come and stay with me?” Jun whispered in Sho’s ear.

“Please, go out to the dining room and wait, I will serve dinner shortly.” Jun said while ushering Junko and Sho out of the kitchen.

Just before Sho left the kitchen, he turned to Jun and said “Hai, wakarimashita.” And then Sho winked.

~ The End! ~

A/N: Seems like there’s a lot of people winking at the end eh? :X I think I veered too far off the sakumoto in the middle but... sorry! I hope you enjoyed the story! I mixed in bits of their drama here and there... hope I wasn’t too long winded, the story ended up much longer then I originally intended. :X

New A/N: Although this is a one-shot I liked the story so much that I'm actually working on a sequel/series based off this story... Not sure how long that'll take to complete though :X

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