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Wrote and posted my 100th fic. Just had to urge to write it. And that particular genre too. Non-con. The setting... The cast... The urge just... came.

The Chronicles is still on hiatus. I'll go back to looking at it tmr. Really in a bit of a bind there with the story...

Yeah. How to move it forward and all... I think a bit of time to let the story simmer in the back burner would be good...

There's more I want to talk about... But I'll make another FL-ed post...

Anyway... Fics.

AO3 tells me that I've written and posted 159898 words.

I'm a little surprised that my line friends have way lesser fics than me... Then again, they haven't been in the fandom as long..? But still I didn't start writing fics right away.... But well, more importantly, they write long chaptered fics. I do mostly one shots and drabbles. I'm definitely far from being the most prolific Arashi fic writer. Nah, not by a long shot. I think Krystal will have to take the cake for that. She's the absolute winner.

Oh wells. The number 100 just makes me happy. Even though it means absolutely nothing. Gives me a minor sense of accomplishment I guess... A point to boast about though really, honestly, it means nothing. It's not like I've even written that much, or that the stories were particularly outstanding? *shrugs*

That complicated feeling where you're kinda proud of yourself but also knowing that said accomplishment is nothing to be proud of...

That's all for now!
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