Sep. 9th, 2015

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Title: Creation
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Length: One Shot (251 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Ohno is having trouble creating art...

A/N: Yay! It's been two months since I posted anything here. Lack of inspiration and all. I guess being really busy in the lab too doesn't help. So well, that lack of inspiration gave me inspiration for this fic...

Ohno huffed... )
coolohoh: Biohazard (Default)
Just crossposted a fic I wrote long ago to my personal Lj... and updated my fanfic masterpost.

That just brought my fanfic count to 70! With two more fics that has yet to be ported over from RNA, and yet another two more unpublished... that's 74 fics! Yay gosh! After months of hiatus from writing...

I doubt I'll be able to meet my 100 fanfics by the end of the year goal... but I'm still amazed at myself for having written so many fics.

Pardon me.

I just love stats.

Even though numbers like this can be pretty meaningless.

I'd admit that not all of my fics are good (there are a few that left me really pleased with myself though)... they aren't oscar winning or nobel prize winning fics (or whatever prize). But I'm just glad that I managed to exercise my creative writing juices a little.

I wonder if I'll be able to write a few more fics before the year ends... we'll see! :)

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