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NOTE: Not completed. Work in progress!

I went for the Live Screening in Singapore on the 28th June, the afternoon and last session. I know there are loads of fan reports already... but it never hurts to add another right? After all, it's the most expensive tickets I bought to date (stupid website, I couldn't get tickets to last year's show), and I want to write a nice report so I won't forget about it.

I went down on Saturday to get my goods - see photos here - there were still goods available on Sunday, and the queues after the show wasn't long at all... so I didn't actually need to go down on Saturday... but oh wells. I used the pouch on Sun and my sis used the tote bag right away.

Ah well. Since it's a live screening, in a movie theater... all the lights were off like during a movie. It's was sooo dark. I bought along a notebook to write in... but cos we reached late too, and it was so dark, I didn't even take it out. So I can only share what I remember... thankfully I have other reviews and some news clips to jot my memory. Yay!

I didn't leave enough time for the bus ride after our lunch + shopping, so we missed the first part of the intro video about some traditional Japanese craft. From what I can gather it's about this obassan who was awarded the title that goes along the lines of... Japan's living heritage. She uses natural plant dyes to dye her yarn (or whatever those bundles of string are).

So we got seated just in time to watch the last bit of that intro about the Japanese culture... before out boys appeared. By appeared, I mean, in the intro VTR. As yarukizero explained in her report... Here's what I can remember.

Ohno appeared first. He was pulling a rickshaw with a lady sitting in it... he greeted a passing geisha, who opened her umbrella to reveal the WWG logo. Ohno then did his cute, usual surprised face... and then the member spinning/transformation/sticking logo to the pocket thing. He did a 'cool' pose... his usual expression, that looks more like kaibutsu-kun trying to act cool XD

Sho was doing flower arrangement... but really, all he was doing is cut off a few flowers :P. But well, after cutting off a few flowers... a WWG logo made of flowers magically appeared on the floor, and he span around and transformed.

Jun was doing falconry. He was in a dark grey/black kimono... looking all traditional, but cool. I think his hair was... gelled up there too? Cos I keep getting the impression that it was a pretty hilarious outfit. In the sense that the coolness didn't seem to fit in. He did a hand sign (not sure if there was a whistle too, forgot!) and a falcon flew down from the tree/branches. The camera showed the falcon gliding majestically... it flew pretty low and near the grass ground (well the position it was originally perched in wasn't high at all). It landed on Jun's gloved hand... and then he threw it to the left side of the screen. (Falcon came flying in from the right). The falcon flew a little and fetched a half unrolled parchment from the ground, bearing the WWG logo. Again, transformation. I remember thinking that Jun's pose was pretty cool. (Compared to Ohno's and Sho's. Well I think our dear leader is just hopeless at such stuff... :P He's cool during his solos but this... )

Nino came next. It was sitting in a seiza position (well, Sho was too when doing flower arrangement) and playing shogi against someone. Nino made a few moves... before taking on of his opponent's pieces... and then after capturing his opponent's piece, he turns his piece over (apparently it's promoting the piece after capturing your opponent's piece... or something. I play go, not shogi...) The WWG logo appears on the underside of the piece.

Aiba appears last, serving a customer behind the sushi counter. Cos he was behind the counter, I didn't even realise he was there at first. (There's another chef behind the counter too!) The other chef passes him this HUGE sushi roll. And I mean really HUGE. The size if probably like... if you form a circle with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands... Aiba commented something like 'Uwah, so thick'. Before proceeding to cut the sushi roll. THe WWG logo appeared in the cross section of the rice roll. Rice was dyed green to form the lines surrounding the 'Arashi school' kanji.... I can't remember what color the kanji was in, but I was wondering if the kanji was also made of dyed rice, or if it was some other ingredient. Yes. I think and notice the weirdest (and more useless) things... And well... Aiba transforms too.

Well actually before each member transformation, the screen comes up with the line saying something like 'gathering the members for the WWG'. After which they proceed with the transformation aka spinning and badge sticking.

Then the screen shows Arashi in the backstage. The camera is placed on the floor and facing the ceiling, so we get a nice view of all their pretty faces as the gather together in a circle for their traditional cheer. They chatted on their way out. I guess it's customary for them to talk about how many years WWG has been going on for, and how those first graders would be fifth graders now.

An interesting thing about being in the live screening is that... there are some English subs. So if you have time to let your eyes wander to the subs, you can see which lines are the 'fixed lines', and which ones aren't. Initially I read the English subs more... but then I realised that it was actually hindering my understanding. If it's Chinese subs, because the sentence structure and word usage is more similar, it'll complement my listening, but English subs is kind of disruptive for me, so I only skim through the English subs, if at all. The parts where I can't quite catch are the ad libs parts without subs anyway.

So yeah. Arashi exits the sliding door into the stadium (it's a nice wooden frame door, made up of many pieces of frosted glass, some stained). The camera pans around the stadium at the crowd. And I'm like... wow this is unreal. Are you sure this is like a live satellite link? And not a recording? The image quality was fantastic throughout the entire live screening. No fuzzy lines, no disruption, no lag/pauses in video (well there's probably a bit of delay, but since there's no camera on our side, we'll never know). But basically the screening and all went really, really smoothly. Granted, they had last year's WWG and BLAST to perfect the art of live screening. But still. It just felt unreal. For the first... 10 or 20 minutes, I didn't feel like I was watching it live. It felt like... I was say... at a fan initiated concert screening or something (not that I've been to any before!).

Okay, I give up. It's 1 am and I've not been having enough sleep for the paste few days. I need sleep! Got experiments to do tmr! I'll try and continue this tmr... sheesh this is gonna take me forever! All I did was the intro!


Jun. 28th, 2015 11:29 am
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Who's excited to see the waku waku gakkou today?

Went down, yes, all the way down to Balestier to get my WWG goods yesterday, because I was kinda afraid of how crowded it might get today. Also after all the effort octavia put in to get my tickets... it'll be bad if I go down today to realise that the goods are out of stock?!?!?! No idea how much stock they would bring to SG to sell, and no idea how many fans would buy... so I decided to play safe. I wanted to go down to Kino and Sim Lim Square anyway, so I decided to lump everything together and visit all the places yesterday. Turns out it was a good decision to buy the goods first yesterday... I guess? I went when the movie (I mean, live screening) was already showing, at around 6pm. There was basically no queue. No one. I just went there and said I wanted to buy four of each. The sellers looked kinda surprised. Like wow! Four! BUSINESS! HURRAH! Yes. I'm BROKE now. Though the movie tickets still cost more than the set of three goods. But anyway, 4 of each because 1 set is for octavia, 1 set is for J, 1 for my sis (who's going with me to the show later), and 1 for me.

We'll be going out soon for sushi lunch so I'll try and make this quick!

The goods! Even though you've seen a gazillion photos shared by other already. I bought 'em, so I have to share them myself too. Original goods and photos! Hahaha. Yup, only 3 types of goods sold in sg. Tsk. My sis was like 'they should at least sell the pen and notebook!' Oh wells. Maybe next time. Then again, that'll make me even more broke! I wished the clear file was an Arashi only group file though. Tsk. Why the one with HSJ?!??!?!

Photos! yay! )

Alright, that's all for now!

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