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Yay! It's been a while since I translated tweets, so there's a lot of tweets in one go! There's some retweets this time too, I've included those as well. Also included: A joke Kan-san made on leader's birthday message! XD

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Vocab list here!
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Tweet update! VSA Tweets from 10th Feb to 5th Mar! Nothing much special about these regular tweets I guess? So I was able to translate them pretty fast. I didn't stick TOOO closely to the original text too, so pardon me for that.

Filming for VS Arashi, the first one has ended. Johnnys' WEST is really full of energy, and the atmosphere was lively ~ please look forward to next week's airing! The five member group is also full of smiles & lively!

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Team Takahashi! Though it's the first time having a team by name. The Plus One guests Cunning Takeyama & PUNK BOOBOO Kurosei forming a Hakata combination, will participate... please look forward to it~

Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting! The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Johnnys' WEST. Challenging Arashi with high spirits and full of vigor, will they be able to win? The Plus One guests are UNGIRLS Tanaka & Haraichi Sawabe. Please look forward to it~

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against [Maku ga agaru*] Team. It's been a long time since Momokuro came, and they brought Matsuzaki Shigeru-san along. Plus One guests are FUJIWARA. This is an episode where MatsuJun worked hard!

*The Curtain Rises - A movie starring members of Momo iro Clover Z.

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Asaikikaku Team! Plus One guests are Fukushi Sota-san and Arimura Kasumi-san. The new element added in Korokoro Viking causes a huge panic amongst Arashi! You definitely have to watch it~

Vocabs - just two words this time... because there really isn't much exciting vocab used :P

要素 (ようそ, youso)
1. component; factor; item (e.g. in list)
2. element (e.g. in array); member (e.g. data structure)

加わる (くわわる, kuwawaru)
1. to be added to; to be appended
2. to join in (e.g. a group of friends); to participate
3. to increase (e.g. heat); to gain in (e.g. influence); to grow; to gather (speed)
4. to be applied (e.g. heat, pressure); to be exerted

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New updates from Kan-san on twitter. Well just two new tweets, but here they are!
My Japanese isn't perfect, pardon me if there are any mistakes.

Posted on 29th Jan 2015

Tonight's VS Arashi is a battle against Team Uehara! Athletes with high potential from various fields have been gathered. And then the plus one guest is Kamenashi-san! The delighted faces on the five when Kame-chan came... (laugh) please look forward to it~

Posted on 5th Feb 2015

Tonight's VS Arashi is against Former Japanese Soccer Representatives Team. The legendary representatives that have crossed over generations... The only one who can stop the rampage by Ramos Ruy-san is Take-chan? The plus one guest is Kojima Ruriko-san and Panther's Ogata-san. You definitely have to watch it!

I translated more of Kan-san's tweets previously here. See my other translation works here.

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Because I was bored, I checked my twitter feed and happened to see a tweet from Kan-san... and well, since I have nothing better to do... Here goes! All the VSA related tweets from the start of this year!

By the way, Kan-san is a representative of GASCOIN Co.,Ltd, a company that produces variety shows and game software. At least according to the page on the Japanese wiki. The produce a number of variety shows for various TV stations, such as Terebi Asahi, NTV, TBS, and of course Fuji Terebi. A look at the list and... sadly I only know two shows that they produce. Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ, and of course, VSA.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional translator, pardon me if there are mistakes!

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Part 1 was posted here!

Ready for Part 2?

Here we go! )
I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Btw, because I took so long to get round to watching and reviewing this episode… mirei_22 has come up with the subs already! You can check out her post here!
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Its finally here! MMDA! Gosh I’ve been looking forward to MMDA for a long time… finally I bring to you the episode review! Let’s go!

Note on the screenshots: I’ve changed the screenshot picture format from PNG to JPEG a few screenshots into this post, hopefully that will make the post load easier and faster… name wise you don’t see any difference since I’m too lazy to change each time from my blogging tool, but i checked on my photo host and the photos were *slightly* smaller than before (previously picasa also does not upload the full image size already I guess).
Let me know if you have any objections/suggestions/comments! 

Ready for MMDA? )

The rest will come in part 2! :P (Coming in... maybe 1 or 2 hours? Hopefully :P) Its completed now!
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Part 1 is over here.

Part 2! 

Really, I finished part one like more then 2 weeks ago… but I ended up being hospitalised for 12 days, and that really made me lose momentum in doing this episode… I’m jet so glad to be finally back home, even though I have to walk using crutches again sigh… T.T

Anyhow, here we go!

Ready for more epic-ness? )

The end!!! XD

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So i picked up my N4 cert at the Japanese cultural association yesterday... And of course with the voucher I signed up for N3 as well. And yes, I got back my 55 bucks for the N4 registration as well. All because the examiners phone rang. Thank you miss examiner, whoever you are... :P

Now all that's left is for me to go and buy my book and Kino... speaking of which.. damn! I should have followed my parents out earlier... they were going orchard road, and I could have just walked over to Kino myself while they did their shopping... darrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn why didn’t i think of that earlier??? Damnn damnn damnnnnnn! Arghs. Oh wells. I didn’t want to go out because I did a little bit of stretching this morning and the scab over my ankle erm... broke? And puss is coming out again. I'm on leave tmr for the doctor's appointment so... arghs.

Oh yes. A correction to my previous post. MMDA airs in april and not last week. Two weeks break... nachospaprika made a mistake and since I hadn't watched VSA then i didn’t know any better :P I watched it last night though, together with last week's AnShi. Somehow I mistakenly moved it to my ext HD even though I've not watched it yet. I even uploaded the mirror to mega but i didn’t watch that episode. Lol just what was I doing? Downloaded the full episode of J's nep league as well and i shall watch it in a while. Was trying to do up my half done VSA review but didn’t get very far.

Hmm work updates... my monster comp was taken away from me :( Sadded. But it can't be helped. My sup didn’t like it too since it was purchased with our group's budget, but we aren't doing any computation that needs that much processing power, but the guys from the other groups are. Previously one of them have borrowed my comp a few times to run his program already, but then more people wanted to use me comp. In the end they just found another comp for me to use. No more 30 sec shutdowns and instant excel file opens. Aw. I do understand it though. The stuff they are running... it took over 6 hours on that monster comp. On the mac the guy was using, it ran for 3 days non-stop, and was still not finished. Now if i was running that sort of programs, I'd want a workstation to run it on as well. I would hate having to wait 3 or 4 days for one calculation to finish, when there's a better tool available to run the experiment, and said tool was 'not being used'. That monster was definitely an overkill for my work needs. Of course I enjoyed how stuff loaded instantly and all, but I'd probably be able to make better use of the processing power if I had that monster at home. Like how I'd be playing a video, doing a blog entry, while having the previous entry being uploaded... my poor mac can barely handle that now... and if it’s a PC i can just open up maple and afk online - simply because my computer can take it. Right now my home computer... arghs its dying. It took over 10 minutes to start up word the other day, when my sis asked for help editing her project work. The monster certainly set me new goals in terms of dream computers though. A 6k workstation huh? I'd like to have that at home someday :P Someday... in the distant future... hahaha. By then workstations will be even more powerful that it'll make the monster I used look like a piece of cake huh? XD

But yes, the troublesome thing is that I have to reinstall all the apps i had. All those customization stuff. This time round I backed up all my downloads, so I don't have to re-dl each of them... BUT i forgot I should have exported some of my settings as well. Like the phrase files for phraseexpress... Now i'll have to key in all my phrases again. Or my hotkey settings for some other programs... gah. I'll try and back up all the stuff into dropbox the moment i finish setting things up this time round. The three time I'm changing comp in 3 months huh? The 'new' one i got isnt that bad. 4gb RAM i think, couldn’t find the ram thing under device manager, but the windows about system page says 4gb. 3.3giga hz processor, duad core... which isnt too bad really, but its so slow compared to the 8-core monster. Still specs wise it beats my old mac hands down. 2.4ghz duo core, no wonder its so slow ne? Esp with the 10 thousand apps I run in the foreground and background. That new comp gave me a headache though. I keyed in a wrong value when setting up outlook, and then outlook kept crashing every time i opened it. Had to dig in the user account settings to change it to make it work. Then i installed the phrase express add on for outlook, and after that my outlook couldn’t open again. Didn’t have time to restart my comp and see if it's fine after that... bleah. Hope it'll be fine. Worst still, Tuesday I'd be busy in the lab with DNA extractions, and extremely busy too if they really did add more reactors as Santosh said they would. Normally I do extractions on Mondays but I'm on leave tmr so... :P So i'll probably only get around to tinkering with my computer on Wednesday.

My sup... he was really nice about it. He asked me to speak to him before I leave and it make me really worried for a while. I was thinking 'just what did I do wrong?'. And he dragged me out of the office to talk too. Turns out that he just wanted to apologise about the computer, and didn’t want our boss who sits right beside me to hear about it. She was the one who asked that I change comps after all. He got me scared for a while though... :P

Work load wise... for now I'm really ok. Might be bad when I have to do DGGE next time, but now I'm quite free actually. I can do the preparations for DNA extraction much faster now... i can prepare the qPCR plates really fast too... took about an hour preparing everything from scratch, that's much faster than the 1.5hrs i took just one plate earlier. even nanodrop readings are taking me lesser time as well. Last Monday i finished the dna extractions AND all the nanodrop before what... 5:30pm? That's a far cry from the 6 or 6:30pm it took me previously, and those were without doing the nanodrops too. Plus Monday i had to add in two samples at the last minute as new stuff came in. Yup, I am really pleased with my performance last week haha. I like challenging myself like this, to do things faster, rearrange my work flow so that i can be more efficient. That's why i always check the time when doing my experiments, so that i'll know exactly how long i need to finish a particular job. That way I can plan my work better. Of cos it goes without saying that the quality of the results must not be affected. You're doing things fast but not haphazardly. I'm pleased to say that for the most part my qPCR results are within 0.5 cycles of each other... except for those where there were problems with the DNA extraction and the duplicates showed a huge difference. That I don't know why... I think its really the low efficiency from the kit though. The yield is really really low compared to another kit (but its too late in the project to change, just a mere 3 months left anyway). And the whole thing is automated so its really not my fault. (Sample prep is really, really simple. No way I can screw that up!)

Hmm I like running qPCR plates. I quite like the plate preparation process. Hmm here's how the plate looks like. Pulled from a random website that google showed me.
You run the thing in a machine that looks like this:
The machine is pretty big, and from my previous work place when i asked for a quote, its around 80k SGD, which is more than my whole year's salary.
Hmm here's another picture of the 96 well plate, that shows the pointy wells of the plate.

Well the plates that I work with, unlike the first picture, is completely white. Totally, absolutely white. The letter and numbers are there, but its just raised lettering of the white plastic, so it can be a bit difficult to see at times. So what you have to do is to take a marker and mark on the side of the plates. Like half way though the columns, and every two rows. That's the usual way, but it depends on your plate layout. If you have a particular layout you may want to mark your plate differently and accordingly. Its just to ensure that you don't load the wrong stuff into the wrong well - which can be quite a trouble considering that its just a sea of opaque whiteness. Its hard to even see if you've loaded stuff into a particular well or if its empty. So yup, you do need a certain degree of concentration while loading that stuff. Oh and the pipetting. You're dealing with really small volumes here. For the template I'm using just 2ul. That's 2 micro liters. Which is like... this small little drop that you can barely see if you're like 30cm away. Hmm... You know 1 ml? That's like... a few droplets of water? Or like 1/500 of a 500ml bottle of soda? One micro liter is 1/1000 of that. Imagine. So yup I'm putting that little wee bit of water (plus other stuff) into each well. If you're not careful half your sample ends up on the tip and doesn’t get into the well, and there goes your results. Oh and you do need decently steady hands too. You don't need to be a surgeon, but if you go around jabbing into the wrong well you're going to contaminate everything. I like leaving each little drop of water on the side of the wells, and spin it down later. Just so I can tell which well i've added the stuff to and which well i've not. Also makes it easier to load the stuff in IMO. But that's just my personal habit/pref.

Hmm... is this stuff interesting? Of are you bored out of your mind already? :P In anycase I'll be stopping here, got videos to watch! XD Till next time!
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My original plan was to do the latest VSA episode. But i watched this episode and it was just too hilarious and I had to share it. Not just Nino’s outfit. The WHOLE episode was hilarious. Lets go!

Edit: Part 1 and part 2 was written like... 3 weeks apart, so forgive me if there are any inconsistencies.

Catch Ninomiya! )

Ok that’s all for bank bowling and we’re off to Part 2! XD

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And that will be my third entry of the waking day. I say waking day because its past midnight now and technically a new day...

But well. Somehow i just have the urge to use LJ and other forms of social media more recently. Like twitter and fb. No idea why I'm suddenly feeling very... sociable on the Internet? Hahaha.

Anyway. Went out to visit my former FYP students. And they are... pretty screwed by my ex-boss. They only saw her like 3 or 4 times in the past 3 months. And considering how she is their ONLY mentor, that's pretty bad. It feels like she has lot interest in them already or something. There are two of them, a boy and a girl. The guy is pretty lucky cos his experiments worked fine, but the girl... her experiment didn’t work and the amount of presentable data she has is... I don't know if she has enough data for the poster. And the poster presentation is on the following tuesday. And she's still rushing experiments till wedn next week at the earliest. Which barely leaves her enough time to brain storm what to put in her poster, and sort out all the western blot data she got etc... Poor thing ><

anyway I got bored and started looking at the VSA in depth guide... and i noticed this interesting triva. Arashi team has actually scored 5 perfects before! In episode 240! Haha it’s a pretty recent episode and I'm sure as hell that i watched it. But i guess i just watched and forgot. If you'd asked me if they got all 5 perfects I'd have said no if not for the nifty guide.

Right. Wanted to say more but now I'm throughly drained. So tired after the visit to the lab. I stayed with them till they finished at 10pm++ and afterwards still went to get junk food from the market so I guess that's why. Had an urge to eat potato chips, but in the end i only came with my chocolate and Super Ring lol. No chips. I wanted pringles since its in a tub and you can eat some, and keep the rest for next time, but the supermart i went to didn’t carry them. Was too lazy and tired to walk to the other 24 hour supermart (there are like two of them in the market near my house, within like... 300m of each other?) so i ended up still unable to fulfill my craving for chips. Oh wells... next time then >
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Back to Part 1 here.
So… where were we? Ah yes bunk bowling. (or bank bowling as it should officially be, whatever.)


Bowl with Arashi? )

And that was all!

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Its VSA time!

NewImageWith an all Johnny’s line up for the Arashi team, this episode promises to be interesting… let’s start!

Ready for our kakkoii boys? )
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Ok! Let’s continue. I’ll just split my posts into two in the middle I guess, rather than wait for the post failure because post is too large notification to appear at the end...

If you have not read it yet, part one is here.

So now it’s the guest team’s turn at bunk bowling! (Strictly speaking the romanji for this game is bank bowling, but they pronounce it as bunk instead of bank so I just prefer to type that since I’m constantly hearing bunk, bunk, bunk… ah what? I’m the only person who calls it bunk bowling instead of bank bowling? opps! >< )

NewImageThey will be doing the first throw!

NewImageThe guy loves bowling a lot, today too, he’s brought his own bowling ball.

NewImageHe brought two balls too.

NewImageNewImageNewImageOff they go!

NewImageNewImageAH! The balls collide midway!

NewImageNow the balls are completely off course!

NewImageNewImageNakayama’s ball skimmed off a mere three pins

NewImageWhile Imori san’s ball rolls back ever so slowly

NewImageNewImageIt hits the side, bounce back… and hits off a single blue pin!

NewImageThey score 22 points! :P

NewImageNext up is this two!

NewImageFrom this angle is looks almost like it’s only the first throw :P So many pins left!

NewImageAkiyama does a gag, but since i dont know who he’s imitating… ><

NewImageThey ask if he’s going to bowl like this.

NewImageYup! He is!

NewImageHe still took off the mask at the very end though. 

NewImageHe finally makes the throw! 

NewImageOh! Right in the middle!

NewImageAkiyama got the red pin, good work!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey score 157 points!

NewImageThe next game is cliff climb!

NewImageFirst up is Arashi team, J and Chinen are climbing!

NewImageIt’s the second last game, and my, a mere 4 points gap between the two teams!

NewImageJ: (in a serious tone) Up till now Chinen-kun has tried his best, at least that’s what I feel. but Ohno-san hasn’t acknowledged that yet. I think that Chinen can do well in this though
C: Hai!
J: I hope to see his (good) performance later.
C: I will do it well and make everyone surprised!NewImage They reenact the trapeze act Chinen did during a concert last time… The pro was hanging upside down from the swing, and the guy caught him by the legs and then he lets go...

NewImageJ tries to flip upside down but just ends up swinging towards the wall :P

NewImageIts gotta do with the wiring of their safety harness as well after all :P

NewImageAiba requests that they try once more.

NewImageThis time the staff lifts J up XD

NewImageBut he still fails XD

NewImageJ: What’s this! What’s this!

NewImageThey show the relevant clip from HSJ’s 2010 concert.

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageAnyway Chinen believes that he’s got the strength and will be able to climb the wall. S encourages him and asks him to show Ohno his good performance.

NewImageOf course, he’ll be climbing the chin of the wall.

NewImageC: I think I can do it.

NewImageN: Sa, Matsumoto-san, leave 100 seconds? (for Chinen) J: 100 seconds?

NewImageO: *laughs* 100 seconds?

NewImageA totally serious J starts the climb!

NewImageHe asks for the first grip! 

NewImageHe’s fast!

NewImageWOW! Right on the dot! Its exactly 100 seconds left when he presses the button. He’s gotta make his way down though...

NewImageBaton pass and now its Chinen’s turn!

NewImageChinen makes his way with swiftly. 

NewImageNewImageHe climbs up and reaches the 30 points green button without asking for a grip! He’s really trying very hard ne?

NewImageAnd then he loses his grip and falls! Haha… just as I thought would happen… he was looking pretty unstable on the way up already ><

NewImageIts game over for arashi!

NewImageI bet J’s thinking “I climbed so fast for nothing!” haha!

NewImageSometimes you can’t try too hard ne? ><

NewImageAnd Ohno was all prepared to pass Chinen the grip...


NewImageO: Look at me!

NewImageO: Rely on the grip!

NewImageChinen said something about being unable to use all his strength in the actual filming.

NewImageNext is the guest team!

NewImageSomehow… it became narration based. Lol… the first time cliff climb became narration based? The guest released the grip when Joy was totally not asking for the grip...

NewImageNO WAIT! The grip was not in the basket at all, its being held by the supporter!

NewImageThey couldn’t pass the grip properly...

NewImageAnd it happened later with the 2nd climber too… the grip was delivered properly this time… but the climber didn’t grab it.

NewImageIn the end they score 180 points. Not much better than arashi lol!
Sho commented that both of the cliff climbs were terrible (arashi and the guest team’s)NewImage They talk about the first grip. The girl said only the basket went off, without the grip. Joy corrected her: No, I haven’t even call for the grip yet!

NewImageThe last game is Korokoro viking!

NewImageThe guest team is going first!

NewImageNewImageThere’s only a 29 point score difference!

NewImageAkiyama does another gag...

NewImageApparently the guy appeared in a commercial as seen in the cut.

NewImageSho thinks that the combination of Joy and the guy in green won’t work out well. Guy in green: Sakurai-kun you think so? I think so too!

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImage30 points for the first ball!

NewImagethe 2nd ball gets 50 points!

NewImageNewImageAnd 50 points for the 3rd ball as well!

NewImageAw, the golden ball only made it into the 20 point zone though

NewImageAnd another 50 points!

NewImage10 points this time round

NewImageLast golden ball now...

NewImageSadly the no 50 points for the last ball. If it did make it into the 50 points zone, arashi would be in big trouble!

NewImageThey finish up with 240 points!

NewImageIts Arashi’s turn now! Can the Chinen Ohno combo perform?

NewImageThey need to get 270 points and above to win! Seems kinda hard considering their performance lately… last week was what… 25 points?

NewImageNewImageOf course, the MC has to remind everyone that as regular players Arashi has to deal with the -30 points block.

NewImageSho has a confession to make! He is kind of from Gunma. During the summer and winter holidays, he’ll return to Gunma.

NewImageHe talks about appearing in the card game competition or something that one of the guest had took part in… and he knows about the food there as well… he doesn’t know all the sentences in the card game, but he has it at home. 

NewImageJ and N: Souka…*looking disappointed*

NewImageJ: Honestly I’m completely at a loss now

NewImageS: Sorry i didn’t say it. I thought of it during the bowling though

NewImageS: I though of it when i was doing the “za seto kai ten shiyagare"

NewImageNewImageAnd now that the confession is over, Sho shifts back into the MC mode. S: I think at the end the most important thing is for the two of you to patch up your relationship. N: I think Chinen was quite sad you know? A: I think so too... throughout this whole day...

NewImageO: Ja, lets combine our strength together. (Chinen) don’t have to do so much, I’ll do it.
Everyone: OHHHHhhhh!NewImage Can the two of them really work together and achieve victory?

NewImageThey start to show the erm… series of unfortunate events that happened to Chinen all day… first was scoring 0 points in kicking sniper...

NewImageAnd then making the tower collapse in rolling coin tower...

NewImageAnd then failing to hit the red pin...

NewImageAnd finally falling off the cliff climb wall… not a single good performance all day!

NewImageCan he do well with Ohno at the very end?

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImage50 points for the first ball! Lets hope they can keep this up! The -30 point zone is worrying ne? ><

NewImage10 points for the 2nd ball… so far so good...

NewImageNewImage50 points for the 3rd ball, nice!

NewImageThe golden ball is here! If they can nail this the chances of a win is pretty high...

NewImageAnd they did! Wow! Its been ages since we last saw Arashi play so well! (or so seriously, or both)

NewImageJust avoid the negative zone...

NewImage10 points this time round. Ohno isn’t trying too hard for the 50 points zone, they hardly stop and wait for the bridge’s movement, but rather just go with the flow… I think that’s why they’ve not gotten a single negative points so far… 

NewImage50 points! Last golden ball left… anything but the negative zone...

NewImageNewImage10 points zone for the last ball!

NewImageOhno’s like *opps* we missed the 50 points zone :P

NewImageThey wait for the MC to announce their score...

NewImage290 Points! They’ve won!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey did it! Chinen finally had a good performance XD

NewImageHe looks absolutely delighted.

NewImageNewImageThe MC asks Chinen how was it. C: Yappa Ohno-kun sugoi! All I did was really… I just supported the handles! Ohno-kun did all the work!

NewImageNewImageJ: Indeed that’s what a sempai is to do

NewImageO: I have always admired you

NewImageNewImageNewImageKakkoii leader XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageAnd so arashi won today’s VSA!

NewImageSho asked Chinen was he felt about today. C: A lot of things happened, but really, Ohno-kun is the best in the world!

NewImageOh-chan is pleased XD

NewImage10 second challenge time!

NewImageAll 5 of them bowl together, can they get a strike?

NewImageIt looks really cramped up thereNewImageNewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOhmiya balls collide...

NewImageSakumoto collides too...

NewImageNewImageChallenge end!

NewImageJ’s ball that came after rthe 10 sec is over didn’t hit any pins either… aw...

NewImageNewImageChallenge failed! Too many cooks spoil a broth… too many bowling balls and they can’t even get the red pin! :P

NewImageMC: A last word from Ohno-kun please
O: My knee hurts!NewImage N: Gomen!

And so it ends with Ohno rubbing his knees and Nino bowing continuously to apologise… XD

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Whee! Last week’s VSA! Chinen-kun (from Hey! Say! JUMP) is the plus one guest today, and he has mentioned in various interviews how he idolises Ohno. I remember reading a translation of a mag interview of both Chinen and Ohno, and Chinen was so nervous! I remember Chinen said that he really hopes to be a back dancer for Arashi, but Ohno kept telling him its impossible since he’s already in HSJ. Lol!

Anyhow, let’s begin!

NewImageS: Its getting colder bit by bit isn’t it?

NewImageS: Do you decide on when you start wearing winter clothes? Today Ninomiya-san was still in sandals right? (referring to the personal clothes he wore to work)

NewImageJ starts talking about how he saw Aiba sometime back...

NewImageAiba was wearing a down (jacket) on top, and sandals. 

NewImageN: Its around the time of FNS...

NewImageS: Ahhh you means around that time you feel that its at the end of the year. ISNT THAT LATE???

NewImageNino’s sense of timing aside, Sho calls for today’s guests!

NewImageToday’s guests are Team Gunma! (Gunma is a prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan. Seems like a lot of prefectures are  coming on VSA huh? XD ) 

NewImageToday’s guests are all born in Gunma. They introduce the characters.

NewImageThis brown one is Ishidan-kun. He’s the character of a hot spring (street?).

NewImageNewImageThe character’s body is made of steps just like in the street.

NewImageThe other one is a pear ninja… 

NewImageN: I want to ask this… he’s 85% human right? (As in, he just puts on a mask and that’s all, no bulky costume covering his body.)

NewImageAnd its time for the plus one guest to appear… I wonder how they will react XD

NewImageNewImageLol ohno’s face!

NewImageSo rare to see them smiling when the plus one guests comes out haha! Normally at this point we won’t even be seeing arashi’s faces… we’ll just be seeing the plus one guest slowly walking down instead.


Wow! Chinen is short!

NewImageOh wow, i didn’t know Chinen has been on VSA before. He was here in 2009 15th Aug. 

NewImageNino comments on how he is dressed up like a member of HSJ. 


S: Today… the senpai you like is… *hand gestures towards Ohno*

NewImageC: Arashi desu
S: Ohno-san
C: AH yes Ohno-san! 

NewImageS: Are you nervous?
C: Yes I’m very nervous!NewImage O: When are you going to look up to me till?

NewImageN: What’s wrong with that?

NewImageFirst game! Kicking sniper!

NewImageGuest team plays first.

NewImageGame start! 

NewImageFirst target: all three missed!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker - hit, 20 points get! Joy (2nd kicker) missed.

NewImage3rd kicker hit off the non scoring cans, causing the top layer to lose balance and fall.

NewImage3rd target: 1st kicker miss. Joy scored 20 points...

NewImageAnd then the target lost balance and fell on its own! Last can remaining and 3rd kicker missed though :(

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker hits off the top 3 cans. Joy kicked off the can right smack in the middle - no points for that.

NewImage3rd kicker - hits off all the red cans, no perfect though

NewImageLast target: 1st kicker - 20 points. 2nd and 3rd kicker miss!

NewImageFinal score: 200 points!

NewImagethe 3rd kicker has played this game for the 4th time already, and his score are always pretty bad.

NewImageArashi’s turn next!

NewImageNewImageMC: Ohno-kun, team Gunma scored 200 points, what are you aiming for?
O: This game… the highest points possible is around 500?
MC: The highest score possible is 550!NewImage O: 500!
The rest comment on how he wants to show off his strong side because Chinen is here.NewImage Chinen praises her idol: Ohno-kun can really do anything. Maybe when the game ends i wouldn’t even get to kick once!

NewImageO: Nope, i don’t think so.

NewImageAiba realised that he sucks at being the 3rd kicker. He gives his analysis: Normally he gets high tensioned easily, so he will breath out like ‘fuu fuuu’ to calm himself down. But as the 3rd kicker, by the time he does that, the cans have almost disappeared from view already. So this time round he will kick earlier.
N: So your way to correct this is just to kick earlier?NewImage J: Is it really that difficult to kick earlier Aiba-san?

NewImageA: its hard! I get lost! but if i try i’ll be able to do it! (apparently it’s a phrase antonio inuki loves to use)

NewImageGame start!

NewImage1st target: Ohno hits but the last two cans righted themselves instead of tipping over

NewImageChinen missed. Aiba knocked off one can only.

NewImage2nd target. Ohno hit right smack in the centre

NewImageAnd Chinen took out a sliver can at the side

NewImageAiba scrambles to get back up. Did since ball get hit off earlier by a rebound? 

NewImageHis kick went very wide

NewImageOhno and Chinen missed. Aiba scores!

NewImageAw. one last can standing. No perfect for Aiba.

NewImage4th target. Ohno hits off a sliver can

NewImageChinen and Aiba both missed!

NewImageLast target! Ohno scores

NewImageChinen missed again. Aiba scores! It’s a perfect this time!

NewImageNewImageNewImageThe last shot was well done Aiba!

NewImageHaha. On the 2nd round, aiba’s ball was knocked off by the rebounding ball from leader’s kick.

NewImageMC asks nino if there’s any change in today’s aiba. N: Nope, it was as per normal.

NewImageNewImageMC comments on how O didn’t perform as well as expected. O: I did hit the target… BUT… *points at Chinen*

NewImageHaha! Chinen didn’t score a single point! In fact all his kicks were misses except 1!

NewImageOhno gestures… i think he’s trying to say all the shoots missed!

NewImageOver at the guests side… the hot spring character took off the ‘head’ to reveal a very very sweaty guy.

NewImageAnd another. 

NewImageOhno is surprised. I’ve seen those two talents/comedians before, but i can’t rem their names.

NewImageOne of the duo is from Gunma, and wanted to support the team. They didn’t plan to reveal themselves but it got way too hot. They’ll be joining the Gunma Team (and taking part in the games)

NewImageIts rolling coin tower time!NewImageNo more lucky characters :P

NewImageThe Gunma team gathered to do a cheer.

NewImageGuess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand what the cheer was about :P

NewImageIts this card game thing, where someone says out the first phrase, and you have to find the corresponding card, as well as say out the 2nd phrase. Its unique to the Gunma prefecture i guess? (the phrase used that is) And it seems like the younger generation don’t play that anymore :P

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageSho stacking it up nonchalantly 

NewImageNewImageThe tower is started to sway

NewImageNewImageLooking safe...

NewImageBut no! It was not meant to be...

NewImageThe tower collapses as he gets off the steps

NewImageNewImage50 bonus points to team Gunma!

NewImageThe rest try to cheer Chinen up, while Ohno starts to get angry XD
S: Its ok, all of us have made the tower fall plenty of times before, right Ohno?
O: No such thing!
NewImage S: Sorry, after we had the happy characters earlier, next we’ll have the devil/evil character...

NewImageC: I feel like crying already

NewImageO: No, I’m the one who feels like crying~

NewImage(in the purple box: As expected, the evil/scam character)

NewImageOhno announces that bunk bowling is next!

NewImageFirst up is Sho and Chinen!

NewImageLol what’s with the kungfu pose XD
Chinen promises that he’ll hit the red pin, so that he will perform well and not get scolded by Ohno. Nino asks him to do the imitation... 

NewImageC:  (In a very weird voice) Za seto, kai ten shiyagare! (Sho’s famous line from the pre-revamp AnShi, I’m sure ya all know about this right?)
NewImageSho is surprised and mouths “Ore?” (Me?). I think we were all expecting an imitation of Ohno...

NewImageSho: Sorry, but that wasn’t like me at all!

NewImageJ makes him do it again.

NewImageS: I was like this?
C: To me it was like this!NewImage This time round they do it together. Love how Sho purposely does it exactly like his junior :P

NewImageMC: Nino, don’t you think the both of them make a perfect combination?

NewImageN: Indeed, but the set didn’t turn/change at all though…!

NewImageNewImageAnd off goes the ball! Chinen is using Ohno’s blue :P

NewImageBut they missed the red pin!

NewImageNewImageThey score 133 points!

NewImageSomehow i just love this view of the set. Maybe because you can see all the staff and the cameras… Also, this is more like the view that Arashi/the guests who aren’t playing get to see.
S: Ohno-san, how was it?NewImage O: (without any hesitation) The red one still remains ne?
I love DoS Ohno! Its like we either get the non existent Ohno who doesn’t speak like 10 or 20mins into the show, or we get the (mock) angry Oh-chan XDNewImageNewImage Sho can’t stop laughing!

NewImageJ: On the other hand, you just have to hit it during the 2nd throw and it’ll be fine!

NewImageO: Maa lets just do it!

NewImageNot that many pins left!

NewImageOhmiya combi! O: (softy, while MC was introducing them) A spare can’t be done?

NewImageMC asks nino what he thinks. Nino starts pressuring Ohno, commenting that since he had been extremely hard on Chinen, he’ll better show him how its done and hit the red pin (something to that effect at least).

NewImageNino then imitates Ohno’s words and actions earlier… “a spare will probably be tough…"

NewImageNewImageO: Lets get as close to a spare as possible then
Everyone: Close to a spare?NewImage It got nino into a laughing fit this time

NewImageTrololol. Love it when he’s like this.We hardly get to see so much of Ohno after all. I mean like… in the AnShi i was reviewing earlier (30th Nov 2013), he barely said 20 sentences in the entire show, and most of which just side comments with less than 5 making it into the review….? Ah ok not that bad… thanks to Sho making him touch the muscles part but otherwise he didnt talk at all!

NewImageGame start!


Oh! Ohno’s ball heading straight for the red!

NewImageIt hits the red pin but barely anything else :P (in fact, only 1 more white pin.)

NewImageSho is laughing so much today XD

NewImageNewImageGosh his face…!

NewImageThey score 51 points! Yes… Nino’s throw only scored a messily 1 point :P

NewImageNino comments on how Ohno only knocked off about only that one red pin.

NewImageThe guest comments that they can’t even tell if that was cool or boring.

NewImageThat comment cracked them up once more.

Okay! Its been two and a half games. That means you’ll have to read the rest in Part 2! XD

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 Opps, the post got too large again… Here’s part 2! Read Part 1 HERE if you’ve not read it yet.

NewImageSho announces that bunk bowling is next

NewImageNewImageThe three kids will be bowling!

NewImagePlus, they have also installed a guard on both sides so that the ball will not go into the gutter!

NewImageNewImageAnd off they go!

NewImageNice, they got the red pin!

NewImageNewImage201 points, a high score!

NewImageNewImage2nd throw!

NewImageOnly 22 pins left!

NewImageAnd as expected… it because narration based with the duo only scoring 11 points...

NewImageAnd its Arashi’s turn. Nino aiba!

NewImageMC: So Nino it’s the 1st throw, a word please.
N: I’m worried! 
Nino continues…: I’m was quite surprised but… efore we started, (Aiba) said ‘ Gomen, i don’t think i’ll be able to do it seriously later’ And then i asked why, and he said it was bleeding 

NewImageAiba shows his thumb to the camera

NewImageN: But this guy… he’s a right hander!!!

A: I’m alright, i’ll be able to do it seriously, i can do it! 

NewImageThe staff suddenly asks S to introduce/read out a letter from the viewers. It’s the first time something like that happened

NewImageThe viewer has been watching VSA every week, and said that every since the bunk bowling rule changed (from single player to two person throwing at the same time), Aiba and Nino, the Sobu-sen combination has never played together before! (they used to ride the sobu-line train back home together in their junior days). The viewer really believes the pair can perform well, and hope that they will do a spare or a strike.

NewImageThe letter is from a 19 year old person in Taiwan, everyone is surprised!

NewImageThe pair can’t believe they have not done it below… cos they felt that they had it as abv before...

NewImageThe editing staff helpfully tells us that was Ohmiya in 2011, not aimiya :P
The MC informs the duo that the pair system started in 2011 7th July, and since then its been around 2 years and 5 months but they have not played together before!NewImage A: Ah so did we do that in private?

NewImageNino suggests that they should use this system (of receiving and reading letters from the public)

NewImageAnd so yup, Sho immediately asks for letters to be sent to the address shown on screen.

NewImageAnd then the attention is back to the pair. Nino announces that they will not be aiming for the centre! Aiba explains that because they want to see a spare, they will take out the pins from both sides, and leave only the centre pins for the 2nd throwers to finish up. That way it’ll be easier for the next players to aim, or so they hope.

NewImageAnd so it starts!

NewImageNewImageJust before starting aiba complains that its really hard to throw in that position haha

NewImageNewImageNewImageRight smack in the centre!

NewImageSo much so for their earlier declaration XD

NewImageNewImage168 points!

NewImageNewImageNino complains about how aiba did the 2 person 3 legs (3 legged race) thing earlier and it made him unable to put any power in the throw

NewImageNewImage(plus it lead to been falling down)

NewImage2nd throw players are J and Kojima

NewImage19 pins left!

NewImageOf course they are aiming for a spare. J: If its bad it’ll be a narration, so lets go.

NewImageYup, well said J.

NewImageThey only hit a single blue pin at the corner for 10 points! haha

NewImageThe MC asked the little girl how she thought and her reply was: they were weaker than i though. J: *face palm* 


NewImageLast game! Korokoro viking!

NewImageGuest team goes first!

NewImageNewImageThe guest team is losing by 207 points! They’ve got some catching up to do in this last game...

NewImageThe little kid has a request to make: Please give us loads of golden balls!

NewImageNewImageThey agree, in the end Sho announces that they will give them all their golden balls!

NewImageMC: is that ok with the Arashi team?
Arashi: Yes
S: We hardly get to be so relaxed and ahead of the guest team after all! 

NewImageAnd so it was decided, the guest team will be getting both the golden balls from the arashi team, for a total of 4 golden balls! The first 3 balls (out of 7) will be the normal balls, and the last 4 will all be 2x points golden balls!

NewImageKatsuo-kun celebrates the success of his plan to get the younger kid to request for more golden balls.

NewImageCan the guest team win with this huge advantage they got from the arashi team?

NewImageGame start!

NewImage20 points for the first ball!

NewImage2nd ball dropped into the hole!

NewImageAs did the third!

NewImageah! 2 golden balls in the orange zone!

NewImageAnd one disappeared down the hole…!

NewImageBut they managed to get the  other one into the 50 point zone!


NewImageThe ball swings back and forth wildly and falls down the hole in the end!

NewImageIt’s the last ball now!

NewImageAw J is carrying the little kid on his lap XD

NewImageThe last ball made it in the 30 point zone

NewImagethe guest team scores 180 points.

NewImageOf course Arashi team is going next! Hiri Hiri (something like, loves excitement?) MatsuJun is coming up!

NewImageNewImageNewImageCurrently arashi team is leading by 27 points! But they have the -30 point zone to worry about (as well as MJ’s suggestions)
The MC asks J what he thinks. NewImage Sho immediately complains and asks the MC NOT to ask J. Hahaha

NewImageSho’s in the orange zone today and yeah… he’s had disastrous results there in the past, esp when he appeared as part of the guest team.

NewImageN: Hiri Jun, please stop it!

NewImageJ: Ah i got it, i shall give you two choices!
Nino immediately complains. But J goes ahead anyway.NewImage 1st choice: change the 30 points to -30 points. So there will be two -30 zones.
2nd choice: If the ball falls in the hole, minus… how much….? 50 points?!
Everyone: EH????
N: If you don’t do it this way you don’t get excited?NewImage J: because even if we get 0 points, we still win right?

NewImageO: Please calm down!

NewImageNino, aiba and ohno votes for A pattern, in favour of having two -30 point zones. Naturally it’ll be so ne? Because otherwise their miss will minus points… hahaha 

NewImageSho and Kojima wants to complain, but J...

NewImageJust claps in satisfaction lol

NewImageAnd tada, two -30 point zones! J suddenly regrets as its hard to aim for the 50 point zone now. He asks the MC if it can be changed to the 10 or 5 point zone but the MC informs him that no more changes are allowed.

NewImageSuper excited J!

NewImageHere we go!

NewImageThe first ball looked as if it was going into the 50 point zone… but eventually ended up in -30!

NewImage5 points for the 2nd ball

NewImagethey were aiming for the 5 and the 10 but it ended up in the -30 again!

NewImagefinally, a 50 points!

NewImageback to positive points at last!

NewImageThis time they decide to aim for the the 50

NewImageReally bad luck, the ball just seem to stay on the bridge much longer than usual… back to negative points haha
NewImage S: There are still balls?
J: Yes! One more 
MC: Now the points is -25

NewImageAh, the last game was just hidden in the corner untouched. XD If they score -30 again, they lose. any positive zone and they win. (actually if they don’t score, they win too, but that would be too boring...)

NewImageAnd the ball very nearly fell into the hole too!

NewImageAnd they set off to the sound of the crowd chanting ‘Arashi'

NewImageAnd they made it!!!

NewImageSho is so, so very happy XD

NewImageNewImageThey won, just barely!

NewImageNewImageSho complains that J’s hirihiri rules were too much!
N: By the way, how many points did we score in the end?NewImage MC: 25 points!
N: *laughs* 

NewImagehaha look at sho’s face!

NewImageAnd so the winner of today’s VSA is Arashi team!

NewImage10 seconds challenge time! a 20 cm tall gap in a wall 8m away, can they throw the disk through the gap? Even if 1 person succeeds, they succeed at the challenge!

NewImageNewImageThey can throw as many disks as possible within the 10 sec!

NewImageNewImageChallenge starts!


Sho’s disk made it through!


In the end like 3 disks made it through. The replay videos are shown from behind the wall.

NewImageThe 2nd disk… and the third from the right side.


MC: A last word from Sakurai please
S: Mecha mecha ureshi desu! (in a rap like tone, translation: really really happy) 

NewImageAnd that’s it! The end!

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Here we go again! Its VS Arashi time! In my continued attempts to make my reviews shorter and the reviewing process faster, I’ll be skipping all not so interesting parts :P

Sorry this took so long to came out. Had an overdose of video watching after watching about 20 or so episodes of TSD and almost all the 8 Jida J episodes in a row (files courtesy of [ profile] demy_arashi, see here to download) :P Chibi arashi is cute as always but i guess it was just too much videos in what… 3 days? ><


NewImageNewImageIts our beloved leader’s birthday 2 days ago!

NewImageN: It was just two days ago ne?
A: What has changed most?NewImage O: (My) age has changed ne?
N: Whatever the case ne? 

NewImageS: A message for your mum?

NewImageO: Mum, thanks for always giving birth to me!

NewImageThe other members immediately raise their protest

NewImageJ: How many times have you been given born?


Pretty boy wink! In any case… Sho introduces the today’s guests!

NewImageNewImageToday’s guests are from the drama “Sazae san”! 

NewImageNewImageIt’s a special drama that will air on the 1st dec. (or rather, was aired…)NewImageNewImageNewImageKawaii kids!

NewImageNewImageSho asks the little kid if he watches VSA and knows about arashi, the answer to both were yes. S: Ja, who do you like most? Kid: That *points*

NewImageS: It was his birthday, can you say omedetou to him?

NewImage Kid: Omedetou
Kawaiii!NewImage O: thank you XD

NewImageAnd Sho calls for the plus one guest

NewImageNewImageAs expected… hahaha!

NewImageThe guest complains about being ignored… J: No wait just one person….? S: *bursts out in laughter*

NewImageCan you guess what’s the first game? Hint: the starry pole J is holding

NewImageYou go it! its Dual curling!

NewImageThe guest team has the following members playing. This time since there are two kids, a special rule is in place to allow 4 players to take part!

NewImageN, J and plus on guest Kojima is taking part!

NewImageNeen the little devil blocks Kojima XD

NewImageThe Sazae-san team has been on VSA 3 times already, and so far they lost twice and won once.

NewImageNino complains about the large number of pucks the guest team has XD MC explains once again that there will be 4 players, and each player will have their own three pucks. N: So, we have no choice but to become a devil! (and I was just talking about Neen being a little devil!)
J: Let us see the devil (in Eng) Kojima! 

NewImageGame start!

NewImageNewImageNewImageOpps, the blue stone overshoot and fell straight off!

NewImageYet another blue stone falls off from the very left hand side of the screen

NewImageN’s stone knocks a blue one off

NewImageNewImageIn the end pretty much all the stones ended up in the 10 point zone haha

Next round!NewImage 

NewImageNewImageNewImageLol what’s with this angelic face leader? XD
MC: It’s an adult battle now
S: Yes, we are trailing by 30 points right?
O: It’s a huge gap… 30 points… an NewImage  S and A protests saying that once you get into the 50 point zone you can make up the 30 points gap already.
O: It won’t do to have that sort of feeling!

NewImageLeader asks aiba to do it seriously as he is holding on to the 2x puck today!

NewImageS: Ah so… because Aiba Masaki is holding on to the 2x so you want us to play seriously
A: Ah so its like this! You’re controlling us (so that we won’t go overboard) right?
<at least i think that’s what he said>
O: (you guys can be) Scary! 
A: Ok ok! 

NewImageIt’s a funny trio :P

NewImageThe grandfather? actor talks about his make up. It takes a full hour for him to transform into the anime character! He has to start at 6:30am everyday to get the make up done… or rather, the (lack of) hair done.

NewImageA closer look at the bald head :P

NewImageAnd next this guest, she holds the record of being the female guest with the most number of appearances on VSA! A whooping 6 times!
S: She’s like a VSA master ne?NewImage The game starts after the guest team changes the 2x puck holder.

NewImageSho makes the first move 

NewImageNewImageLast 10 seconds!

NewImageThe guest team’s double stone didn’t make it in time! 

NewImageSho’s stone made it in the centre!! And good job too, Aiba’s double didn’t stay in the 50 point zone, but at least it got 30 points! A huge win for arashi!

NewImageNewImageAnago (the guest) himself is shocked that the 2x stone was wasted like this :P
G: Looking at Katsuo’s face now, his face is really scary! (see below)NewImage
Kid: I was looking forward to it so much. And moreover that was a double stone!NewImageSo adorable :)
S: Wait a minute, we did good didn’t we?

NewImageA: At the end leader… ne

NewImageA: Before i played the last stone, he keep saying ‘hurry up hurry up hurry up!'

NewImageA: Even though he was the one who told us not to be anxious, he was the most anxious person in the end!

NewImageLOL! Leader admits that indeed he got anxious XD

NewImageAiba announces the next game, kicking sniper!

NewImageGuest team first! This three members will be playing! 

NewImageThe scores are as seen abv, the guest team is behind by 120 points!

NewImageThey comment on how they are worried about the performance of Anago-san. He was a K1 fighter, but confesses that besides fighting he can’t do any other sports. And they remind him once more of the kid’s angry eyes earlier haha.

NewImageAnyhow, the game starts!

NewImage1st target: 1st kicker - left, 2nd kicker - right, 3rd kicker….

NewImagebang! right into the wall!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kick - clips the bottom of the target but it barely moved. 2nd kicker - HIT!


NewImage90 points getto!

NewImage3rd target! 1st kick - hit, 40 points get. 2nd and 3rd kick missed

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker - hit! All but the last can fell!

NewImage2nd and 3rd kicker missed though, no perfect sadly.

NewImageLast target! 1st kicker - hit but target merely swayed a little. 

NewImage2nd and 3rd player both hit… but too softly! The game ends w/o the K1 fighter scoring a single point!

NewImageNewImageNewImageand then he breaks out laughing… cute XD

NewImageNino comments on how mr. K1 kept doing this action of tubing his hands together...

NewImageNext up is arashi team! NewImageKojima, Sho, and Ohno! MC asks Kojima about whether he has any experience playing soccer. He replied that he played for 5 years in primary school. 

NewImageThe Kaze trio starts talking among themselves at the back and ignores the talk. And then a ‘fight’ breaks out XD

NewImageSquabbles aside, MC asks the girl who she likes best in arashi… to which her answer is Ohno-kun :)

NewImageNewImage2nd child to say they like Oh-chan the most today XD

NewImageShe likes Oh-chan cos he’s good at singing, and kakkoii (cool/handsome)

NewImageO: Its been so long since anyone said i was kakkoii…
S: That’s good isn’t it, and your birthday is right after this. It’s the first time isn’t it?
O: Yes, first timeNewImage O: You are number one! (as in the best)

NewImageLets see how kakkoii Ohno can be today XD

NewImage1st target: 1st two kickers missed. Ohno hits but the red can doesn’t fall

NewImage2nd target: 1st two miss again, ohno hits! Sadly just short of the perfect… the last can looked like it was gonna fall but didn’t in the end….

NewImageNewImage3rd target: 1st kicker missed. S hit off the 3 cans on top

NewImageOhno’s kick nicely skimmed off the red can but sadly no perfect.

NewImage4th target: plus one guest finally hits!

NewImagethe last can fell by itself too, perfect!

NewImage1st two missed the last target… ohno hits! He scores 60 points. They end off with 290 points

NewImageWhen asked, the girl replied that Ohno’s performance was cool :)

NewImageOhno looks pleased XD

NewImageO: What do you wish to get?
hahaha oh-chan XD 

NewImageNext up is rolling coin tower!

NewImageArashi has a huge 200 point lead at the moment

NewImageMC: Matsumoto-kun, arashi team is strong ne?
J: Yes indeed… why is that so?
Kojima: Because we don’t have Anago here? 
S: BUT we have Kojima here!
K: So what if I’m here! Isn’t it good?
S: The effect of Kojima?
A: Kojimagic? NewImage K: What is Kojimagic!

NewImageApparently there’s someone else who calls himself Kojimagic? 

NewImageGame start! Mum adds 1, kid adds one, mum adds 1 more… 

NewImageAnd the kid adds one more! XD Kawaii XD

NewImageSho takes off the extra disc and returns it XD

NewImageSmiling J XD

NewImageNewImageNewImageHahaha, the kid wants to play too :P

NewImageNewImageAw the tower collapsed!

NewImageNewImageArashi team gets another 50 points!

 Go to Part 2.

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Back to part 1?

The post got too big so I had to split it up into two… 

NewImageNext up is cliff climb!

NewImageGuest team goes first, climbers are the runner and of course the pro climber!

NewImageNewImageShe is the first Japanese female winner of the ’09 and ’10 bouldering world championship

NewImageThe MC asks climber for her impression of the wall. Climber: I’ve seen it on TV and wanted to try it. I’m very excited to climb it.
S: The chin of the wall (the protruding portion on the top left), what do you think of it? 
Climber: I think its very easy 
S: o.o 

NewImageThey ask her how high does she normally climb to. Climber: If its with the safety rope/harness, then normally about 30-50m

NewImageJust look at that arm muscle!
S: o.o
Climber: if its just this height, i’ll climb without the safety harness 

NewImageArashi looks stunned. haha ^.^

NewImageFukushima (the runner, i finally got her name!) will climb up asap so that she can pass the baton to the 2nd climber.

NewImageMC: Yoshida-san, we are really looking forward to the performance of these two individuals ne?
Yoshida: *continues fiddling with the grip baskets while answering* hai!NewImage MC: Yoshida-san…
Yoshida: huh?NewImage S: She’s behaving like a coach! *imitates*

NewImageYoshida mentions something about looking forward to watching their performance… and then adds on a: although I’m also good at this ne… XD
Crowd: *laugh*NewImage 

NewImageYoshida: although i also want to do it, i shall bear with it… 

NewImageArashi: *laughs*

NewImageAnd so the cliff climb starts amid the laughter!

NewImageA good pace, 5x2 points get!

NewImageDelivering the first grip!


NewImageShe struggles to get the grip out of the basket...


NewImageNewImageClear! Now to pass the baton

NewImageNewImage Baton pass!

NewImageShe attacks the wall with speed!

NewImageSticking her fingers into the holes and hitting the green button!


Moving down and using her legs to press all the 5 point buttons!

NewImageAnd the last of the 5 pointers!

NewImageAnd now tackling the ‘chin’ with ease!

NewImageThere goes 50 points!

NewImageAnd then 10 points!

NewImageAnd she climbs up from the front of the chin!

NewImageNewImageNewImageArashi is once again stunned.

NewImageNewImageA piece of cake for the pro climber!

NewImageMC: Yaaaa matsumoto-kun, just what did we witness?
J: Ehhh?NewImage A: did you see that <unknown part> muscles?

NewImageLook at those rock hard back muscles!

NewImageN: To aiba, its called ‘senakin'

NewImageN: although everyone probably calls its ‘back muscles’
J talks about how he climbed the wall a few times, but never ever thought of climbing up from the front. 

NewImageThey have pretty much only climbed up from the side.

NewImageN: So we should do that too…
J: Yeah lets try it
N: Yeah the person going there should try it
NewImage They all start making a ruckus… look at oh-chan’s face haha

NewImageYup, he’s the one going to climb that part… you just gotta love his facial expressions XD

NewImageNewImageThe climbers are ohno and aiba!

NewImageEveryone else are in the supporters area

NewImageSmooth talker Nino and J decided for ohno that they too, will be climbing the chin from the front

NewImageNewImageJ gets serious and tells Ohno what he saw of the climbing strategy deployed earlier. 

NewImageBut ohno is clueless haha
S: shall we check the vtr?
NewImage And so the strategy used was: right leg on the pink bar, left leg on the orange grip.

NewImageS: hai, how was it ohno-san?
O: ahhhh (pretends to understand), i’ll try it!
XD cute leader. Of course they don’t get to see the VTR replay :PNewImage Everyone: *laughs*
Ohno looks worried… N and J: You can do it! O: I can?NewImage 

NewImageWhether ohno can do it or not, the game starts!

NewImageNewImageGrip caught smoothly from Sho!

NewImageNewImageAiba makes his way up fast so as to leave more time for ohno!


94 secs left, fast!

NewImageBaton pass and Ohno runs to the wall to start the climb!

NewImagehe asks for the grip!

NewImageand ends up putting two grips side by side haha!

NewImageNewImageNewImageHe gets the 30 point button smoothly

NewImageNow to move to the left side

NewImageNewImageHe gives up on the 5 point button that’s the lowest and on the left most area

NewImageNewImageNewImage50 points get!

NewImageOhno is very hesitant to grab the top


NewImageAnd he makes it up!

NewImageNewImageNice job leader!

NewImageO: i did it…
S: how was it? the course from the middle. was it easy?
O: I was very lost!NewImage S: that’s why you did this is it?

NewImageJ: What was that standby for?
S: it was like tu du du du
NewImage They replay that part together with music XD

NewImageOhno explains that because when he stretched his right hand out, the left side seems to slip and it was really scary… and he is very happy to have everyone’s support XD

NewImageKawaii leader ^.^

NewImageNext up is kicking sniper!

NewImageIt’s the 2nd last game!

NewImageCurrently the guest team is losing by 45 points

NewImageThe focal point is of course on the female striker! She was the top scorer in the previous season of the league! Sho asks if she is confident, after all the ball used is quite different from a soccer ball. 

NewImageShe confidently declares that she takes it as her job to finish up all the remaining cans.

NewImageSoccer player: So the two of you can just play any way you want!
1st two kickers: thank you!NewImage Game start!

NewImage1st target: Yoshida hits off the sliver can at the top. 2nd kicker miss. 3rd kicker - ball hits but just bounces off!

NewImagezero points!

NewImageYoshida scores a perfect on the 2nd target!

NewImage3rd target: yoshida kicks off a sliver can

NewImage2nd kicker kicks off another sliver can...

NewImageand the 3rd kicker kicks off a 4rd sliver can! hahaha XD

NewImageUnbelievable :P

NewImageNewImage4th target: Yoshida kicks off 1 can, target sways but doesn’t fall. 2nd kicker: miss? or hit but nothing happens

NewImage3rd kicker… another sliver can comes off, but no points! bad luck much? hahaha

NewImageIts just not her day…. :P

NewImagelast target! yoshida hits the middle pillar!

NewImage2nd and 3rd kicker both miss!
The game ends with them scoring only 110 points! Yoshida comments on how they were really accurate in kicking of the sliver cans, indeed of the point scoring red ones :P
MC: This game requires power as well ne? (as in the kicks)
Soccer player: yes… maybe i was aiming too hard…  
Yoshida: but if you aim hard, the ball flies up really high yeah?NewImageSoccer player: Yes, but when doing a toe kick you can’t really control the ball…NewImage Yoshida: That’s what’s interesting about kicking sniper!

NewImageLOL since when did Yoshida become such a comedian!

NewImageNewImageEither way its arashi’s turn next!

NewImageThe plus one kicker did soccer from primary 4-6. She comments on how since she’s in the ladies zone so power wise it should be alright. 

NewImageYoshida starts to complain about how come they didn’t get to be in the ladies zone earlier, and Sho tries to stop her from complaining XD

NewImageS: No no, the three of you were in the ladies athletes zone. 

NewImageS: its right in the middle! (of the ladies zone and the men’s zone)
Yoshida: So you guys came up with such a rule huh?
S: Just how much do you want to win?
N: So she’s just a claimer (as in like, a person who makes claims and complains) if she didn’t get the gold medal! 

NewImageNewImageGame start!

NewImageFirst target: plus one guest scores a perfect!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker - kicks off a sliver can

NewImageNino scores 20 points. J’s ball hit the wall. Actually J was fiddling with the positioning of his ball and barely made the kick in time… 

NewImage3rd target: 1st kicker: hits off the top cans and scores 20 points! Nino: hits but doesn’t fall. J: has trouble with his ball rolling out of place again. Hits the wall once more.

NewImageNewImage4th target: 1st two kicks were a miss. J’s kick hit, but the target merely moved a little

NewImageLast target! 1st kicker got the middle pillar

NewImageNino missed. J finals hits AND scores!

NewImageToo bad the last can didn’t fall :(

NewImage210 points for arashi!
They comment on the plus one guest’s good performance. 

NewImageActually after she scored the perfect on the first target, the ball came bouncing back and hit her in the chest haha

NewImageS: Instead of kicking sniper, it has become kicking Haruka? 
N: Should i say this? The first two balls… J’s kicks kept hitting the wallNewImageNewImage J starts his protest. J: Its not my fault!!!! I set the ball properly but...

NewImageJ: After nino’s kick, he ball re-bounded and hit my ball!

NewImageAnd it happened twice on the 2nd and 3rd target! Hahaha! Now we know why J wasn’t able to set his ball properly in time for the kick XD

NewImageKorokoro viking time!

NewImageNewImageGuest time goes first with the layout as seen from the screenies ^.^

NewImageNewImageThey are currently lagging behind by 145 points!

NewImageYoshida: 50, all will be 50 (points)! We will not aim for anything besides 50! Ne?
Runner, in a soft voice: Hai
Yoshida: Have you eaten? 

NewImagePlus one guest: Teacher!
S: She’s completely like a physical education teacher!NewImage When asked about the team work between Yoshida and the runner, Yoshida commented that it must be because earlier during the rehearsals she was using a lot of strength and now Fukushima-san is scared of her. Somehow the topic goes to how she’s the only person who’s 31, the rest of the team are all in their 20s. Crowd: Eh???? Yoshida *turns around to face the crowd* So what about it? Crowd: Can’t tell! S: Because you turned around there’s nothing else they can say! Yoshida: I’m so happy now, let’s go for Yakiniku with everyone later!

NewImageRed box: Tension MAX!
Hahaha a little like aiba-shi ne? XD 

NewImageGame start!

NewImageThe first ball reaches the orange zone

NewImageIt scores a 50!

NewImageThe 2nd ball reaches the orange zone but the 3rd ball falls in the pink zone!

NewImagethe 2nd ball also scores a 50!

NewImageHere comes the golden ball!

NewImageAw, too bad its not a 50 this time

NewImageAll the balls are out now! Moving the balls slowly and carefully….

NewImageAmazing! Another 50 points!

NewImageAw, this time the ball went straight through to bridge to the 5 point zone.

NewImageAw, the last golden scored 10x2=20 points

NewImageThey end the game with 215 points!

NewImageArashi is next!

NewImageNewImageNewImageWith a 70 point difference only, they only need 75 points and above to win!

NewImageOf course, as regular players, there’s the -30 zone.

NewImageMC: Ninomiya-kun, will it be alright?
N: Of course! Everything in 10 points and it’ll be fine!
A: No no, we can put everything in the 10, but that’ll be really boring!NewImage S: Yes, our opponents are the female athletes team after all
A: Yes, lets win with a huge point difference! Lets all aim for high points… although since I’m in the pink zone its easy for me to say anything i like XDNewImage S: (points at Haruna) Is it ok for you not to be in the green zone?
Haruna: I’m not Shreek!  

NewImageHaruna and Sho fooling around together :P

NewImageGame start!

NewImageThe first ball scores 30 points!

NewImageBut…….. its -30 on the 2nd bal… back to 0!

NewImage3rd ball...

NewImageAn another -30 o.o!

NewImagePositive at last!

NewImageBut the next ball got on the bridge too early and… -.-‘''

NewImageThe guest team rejoice! 

NewImageThe 6th ball rolls on the edge of the bridge and… falls off!

NewImageWin or lose? Everything depends on the last golden ball!

NewImageIts on the bridge!

NewImageIt goes into the 30 points zone!

NewImageThey end up with 100 points and wins today’s VS!


Look at the climber’s arm muscles!

NewImageAnd its time for the 10 sec challenge!

NewImageWhy is Nino climbing up the wall? That’s cause today’s challenge is called flying catch!

NewImageNino climbs up the wall but fails halfway :P

NewImageAnyway the explanation proper… Can Nino catch a disc while falling down from the cliff climb wall? That’s the 10 sec challenge!

NewImageIt’s a success if he can even catch a single disc mid air!

NewImageNewImageAnd he sets off!

NewImageNewImageThe discs all look pretty far away :P

NewImageNewImageMission failed!

NewImageMC:One last word from Ninomiya-kun!
NewImage N: My stomach hurts ne!

And that’s all! XD 

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Hoho, managed to get a HQ video! Really loved this episode! The guest team was hilarious, and our dear leader showed off his manly side as well!


Today they are up against a strong team!NewImageNewImage It’s the female athletestics team!
S: The strongest females in the history of mankind are gathered here!

NewImageYoshida-san and Kataoka-san have been on VSA for the 4th time now!
S: Yoshida-san is there any game that you are particularly good at?
Yoshida: Yes the cliff climb, I’m good at that, but today, we have a proNewImageYoshida has tried the cliff climb twice previously.NewImage Indeed, the pro free climber is here today.

NewImageNeen comments on how she’s wearing shoes that they’ve never seen before...

NewImageFrom wresting champions to 100/200m runners...

NewImageTo soccer and baseball

NewImageto swimmers and climbers… they are all the top athletes of Japan/the world!
Arashi starts commenting on how important it is for them to have a strong plus one guest to help them win.NewImage Today’s plus one guests are the two comedians from harisenbon!
Arashi looks very, very disappointed.NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageYou just gotta love their handsome faces… :P ah i <3 HD videos!

NewImageOur boys start complaining about how the plus one guest is extremely important today as they are facing really strong opponents… and how they wished they had a strong plus one guest team to help them

NewImageThe first game is pinball runner!

NewImageThe runner is the fastest girl in Japan!

NewImageThe swimmer (she’s a breast stroker), the base baller, and the wrestler will be giving the commands!

NewImageMC: As the record holder of the 100m and 200m in Japan, you are definitely confident in your running abilities right?
Runner: *in a small voice* Hai…
She’s so shy when answering the qns, so cute ^.^NewImageAudience: Kawaii!
Yoshida: Thank you!
Base baller: Wrong!!! (they are not talking about you!)

A/N: Sorry, I only know the wrestler’s name since she appeared in VS loads and i watched her in other shows and during the olympics too… so the rest shall remain nameless >< )NewImage Her antics send everyone bursting into laughter. I absolutely loved this episode because of Yoshida. She was so hilarious throughout. I swear she’s prepared to become a comedian after she retires from wrestling.
Arashi starts asking the runner some qns. When did you discover that you were fast in running? When i was in primary school. J: Faster than those people around you? Runner: Yes, faster than those people around me. Plus one guest: That’s how you realise you are fast right? *all burst out laughing* O: Have you ever had the feeling of ‘I can’t stop (running)’?  Runner: Because Im a short distance runner, if I run long distances i’ll naturally stop. NewImage *crowd bursts into more laughter at her serious but funny answer*
They ask the three if they have any strategies in giving out the commands. MC: Ah Yoshida-san, don’t tell me its going to be 1, 2, 3, 4…? Yoshida: Ah no, although i thought of it, it won’t be 1,2,3,4 Alsok (the brand advert catch phrase), instead, we are going for 4,5,6,7.

NewImageNewImageA: eh? She will definitely be able it catch it, she’s the fastest in Japan after all! (red box: 100m in 11.21 sec!)
Yoshida: So lets do all thenNewImage In perfect synchrony, N+A: She will definitely catch it!

NewImageAnd so it starts!

NewImageThey started off well!

NewImageShe bends forward in time to catch the first pink!

NewImageSadly the 2nd one hit and rim and bounced out!

NewImageShe manages to catch the 3rd pink by luck? Pretty much all i could hear of the instructions was exclamations of pink! ^.^

NewImageTime’s up! 170 points! Neat! J comments on how she moved one step forward + bend down to catch the first pink.

NewImageS: Was it difficult? Runner: Ah, it was difficult *shy* there were instructions of ‘go back to the original spot’ etc…
Yoshida snatches the fame again: the instructions was good right?NewImage

NewImageYoshida was in charge of the yellows and the other two the pink. N: but when Yoshida was saying the yellows, the two of you were abnormally scared. Base baller: Ah I thought she won’t be able to get any balls at all! Hana-chan (plus one): Hahahaha! Yoshida: What was that hahaha for!
*waits for the day Yoshida debuts as a comedian*
NewImage Next up is Arashi’s turn!

NewImageHandsome boy J is running!

NewImageAnd giving instructions is O+plus one

NewImageJ is worried about the 3, as previously in last year’s VSA ohno declared that he will never ever work with the two again as they were completely fooling around instead of giving proper instructions (he was the pinball runner then)

NewImageThis time round they will do a proper job. Haruna-chan will be in charge of yellow.

NewImageNewImageJ declares that he will aim for 190 points!

NewImageEveryone claps!

NewImageGame start!

NewImageHaruna starts giving instructions in a rather weird voice...

NewImagethe first pink dropped down way way be hid J at around no. 2.

NewImageHaruna: ~na~~na~… ~hac~chi~….

NewImageJust so happened that the pink ball fell right into the cargo!

NewImageTime’s up! 150 points!

NewImageJ looks pissed

NewImageNewImageJ: Kondo were you fooling around?

NewImageJ imitates how she called out seven earlier.

NewImageO: That seven was really too much!

NewImageOhno imitates her as well, with actions all added in XD

NewImageEven J can resist laughing at leader’s antics

NewImageNext up… you guessed it, jumping shooter!

NewImageLeopard prints brothers are the shooters!

NewImageRock climber is the goal keep for the top goal...

NewImageand the bottom goal is the soccer player!
N: Ah so its like that. The bottom one, the bottom one. MC: Eh? the bottom one? At the bottom is the soccer player you know? N: she’s not the goal keeper after all…NewImage N: Wont she do this? (see abv, imitation of soccer players during corner kicks) Soccer player: it doesn’t matter if the hands are used or not, as long as the balls are stopped its fine!

NewImageN: indeed… maybe something like this? (kicks leg out to the side a few times)

NewImageMC: what do you think sakurai-kun? S: its not a matter of how the opponent is, is a matter of me being bad at this game *all: laughs*
N: the top (player) is scary na…. constantly laughing!NewImageN: Do you do any sports?
Climber: Apart from climbing i don’t do any other sports, so i probably fail at them.
*N and S whispers: may be possible*
MC: Oh, a strategy change?
N: After all the person below is doing soccer…NewImage N: Dangerous dangerous dangerous!

NewImageGame start! Let’s see how they perform!

NewImageNewImageThey are aiming for the bottom goal!

NewImageNino slowly runs to pick up the next ball. Tired already? there’s still 40+ secs to go!

NewImageSho is tired too XD He stands by the ball stand and waits for Nino to arrive before setting off together! hahaha

NewImageThey aim for the bottom again!

NewImageNewImageThis time round the top! Both in!

NewImageNewImageNice catch, the ball went smashing into her stomach XD

NewImageThey both look really tired

NewImageA tired Sho climbs out from the trampoline area

NewImagethey both toss the ball w/o going on the trampoline

NewImageand then he collapse on the cushion XD

NewImageNewImagesimilar position much? XD

NewImageThey look surprised to hear that they scored 160 points. S mouths the word ‘really?'

NewImageN: How was it? Was it considered good?
They are both still sitting on the floor haha

NewImageJ: Looking at this… A: it’s a little… you know…? Can feel the age issues ne?

NewImageN+S: o.o


NewImageThey show past footage of an energetic Nino and Sho back in 2009… and then a replay out their earlier ‘relaxed’ performance XD

NewImageJ: Although you tried your best, from the POV of the audience, you sure took your own sweet time

NewImageNext is the guest team! Yoshida and the base baller are the shooters!

NewImageThe top goal is Haruna!

NewImageWhile Aiba takes the bottom goal!

NewImageThe shooters start doing some stretching/bending exercise. MC: The game will last 1 minutes, can you do it?
Yoshida: The (wresting) competition is 3 minutes, so this will certainly not be a problem.
MC: We await your performance. What about you base baller-san (i suck at names sorry)? As a base baller you should be good with throws…
Base baller: Yes I will just think of it as a base ball jumping throw.
MC: at the top is haruna-san, and below is aiba-kun, which will you go for?
Yoshida: We will put high focus on attacking Aiba-san’s (goal)

NewImageNewImageA: Yes… the baseballer’s profession is the throw (balls), while Yoshida-san throws people everyday ne? Honestly speaking i don’t have any experience as the keeper…. How? Have you had any experience as the keeper? *points at Haruna*.
Haruna: Of course not!
A: How about as a catcher?
Haruna: No! What kind of image is that!NewImage A: I’ll show you! (what i got) S: That was cool!

NewImageGame start! Let’s see if aiba can really live up to his promise XD

NewImageAiba stops a ball from rolling in. Haruna also manages to stop a ball.

NewImageNewImageAiba catches another ball

NewImageo.o the base baller’s throw hit the wall and rebound back!

NewImageNewImageQuite a few balls have hit the top of the bottom goal, or the floor of the top goal

NewImageNice save! Aiba blocked like 3 balls in a row!

NewImageMake that 4!

NewImageGreat job aiba! They only managed to score 80 points! (what? only 4 goals? that’s… sad… I was seriously expecting them to smash ageing N+S’s good but not too stellar record. I remember last time some athletes team came and scored over 300 points… was it the gymnastic team?)

NewImageThey comment on how they keep hitting the wall

NewImageThey also show replay footage of aiba’s chain blocks. J: You’re on a roll today ne? A: Yes I’m on a roll ne? I think my physical condition is good today!

Go on to Part 2!

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Whoohoo guys! Rejoice! I’ve caught up with all the VSA and AnS episodes after a ~6 month break from watching all arashi shows… and now that I’ve got nothing better to do since I’m stuck at home while my leg heals, i’ve decided to do some TV reviews…! And in truth watching some of the episodes made me want to do some reviews. I’ll probably go back and review some episodes that I enjoyed… yes, some of them was really hilarious :) but first, yesterday’s VSA! Shall be reviewing the episode as I watch it for the very first time :)

Random video from youku, quality these days seems much poorer than those I could find last time. :(

No subs, so i’ll do my best to translate it accurately. XD


ah ohmiya right off the bat :)

Sho starts off with saying that its autumn, and that there’s been quite a big arashi related news!


S: i thought it was quite a huge ‘arashi news’.

A: Oh?

NewImageS: next year Jan, Matsumoto will be filming in a drama!

J bows in thanks.


S: Shitsuren Resturant?

J: No no, its Shitsuren Chocolatier. (See news article here)


A: You’ve been watching a lot of DVDs on how to make chocolates right?

S: What’s this!

J laughs in embaressment. S: What kind of drama is it?

J: It’s a love story

O+N: AH!


S: Ja Ohno ask him about it?

O: So will there be kissing? (they are making fun of Ohno as previously during J’s hidamari no kanojo promotion, Oh-chan asked if there will be kissing scenes once it was revealed that it’s a love story)


Everyone bursts out laughing. S: You have not start the actually filming right? J: No, not started. S: So when you start filming, please let us know about the kiss!


And today’s guests are the ‘Ni Se Team’! (2nd generation team)

One of the guests today, 若乃花, was a sumo wrestler who attained the rank/title of yokozuna (the highest rank in sumo).


Arashi asks about one of the guest.

NewImageThey question which famous person is she the 2nd gen of ^^

NewImageturns out she’s actually the 3rd gen of the pro baseball coach.

NewImageToday’s guests are all 2nd gen of famous people...

NewImagefrom writers to actors and actresses...


and finally, here’s today’s plus one guest!


Moriyama Naotaro is today’s plus one guest! (A/N: What a long name… glad i managed to get the first time round hehe)

When asked about his sport abilities, Moriyama says he’s been doing soccer from primary school all the way to university.

Someone from the guest team mentions that Moriyama is also a 2nd gen!

NewImageHis mum is a singer and actress!

NewImageThey beacon him to join their side XD

NewImageMoriyama: THE REASON (loudly)… the reason why I’m here is that although I’m also a 2nd gen, I’m also a member of arashi!

Everyone: *laughs*

Guest team: That's a weird/horrible excuse!

Moriyama: But we’ve done programs before and...

J: Morishi ne? (Ah yesssss… no wonder that guy looks so familiar! He came on the 24hr TV AnS special… at that time he commented that it was really lonely going on programs and such as he’s a solo artist, and he wanted to try how it felt like to introduce an album as a group and so they came up with an impromptu 6-man group called Morishi. Ahahaha leader was really funny in that one…! Maybe i’ll review it sometime but I’m getting off track…)


S: Please be more serious...

NewImageNeen announces the first game: Korokoro Viking!

NewImageGuest team goes first.

NewImageNewImageNewImageThis guest is a female pro wrestler! The MC asks what’s her speciality wrestling move. Its something to do with the shoulders… but it’s a bit hard to explain, so she decides to demo instead!

NewImagehahaha, the former sumo champ gets bullied :P

NewImageyup that’s the move.

NewImagesome more talk, and then the game starts!


The first ball got on the bridge!

NewImageToo bad it only got 5 points ;(

NewImageNo time for rest as the 2nd ball is on the orange zone almost immediately. This time round they score a 50!

NewImageThe 3rd ball goes into the orange zone, and the 4th ball- the double score golden ball appears in the pink zone.

NewImageOh that was really dangerous! The ball was rolling along the edge of the wall. Luckily it fell into the bridge and not out...

NewImage20 points!

NewImage10x2=20 points for the golden ball

NewImage50 points for the 5th ball! 2 more balls to go!

NewImageSadly the 6th disappeared down the hole. First miss for the 2nd gen team.

NewImageNewImageit’s the last golden ball!

NewImageThey manage to put it in the 50 point zone!

NewImage245 points in total! A pretty good score!

NewImageNext up is arashi team!

NewImageNewImageMC: 2nd gen team got 245 points ne?

J: We can only go for it, avoid the -30 points and go...

NewImageNewImageMori: That’s the reason why we came today! S: Do you have any strategies?

NewImageMori: The first thing we should so is… believe in ourselves? (said in shaky, unconfident manner…)

NewImageEveryone burst out laughing….

NewImageSome more talk, which somehow ends up with arashi asking him to take the lead in moving the balls in the orange zone. Crowd: Oooooohhhhhh Mori: *does weird action as seen abv*

N: This isn’t a place for you to fool around….

NewImageSo it starts!

NewImageThat was fast :X the first call disappeared in the green zone down the hole to the right.

NewImageNewImage2nd ball barely appeared on the scene before disappearing down a hole right in front of aiba (on the right).

NewImageNewImagethe 3rd ball finally makes it to the orange zone

NewImageand so… that ball fall off and out of play! *ouch*

NewImagegolden ball comes...

NewImageahhhhhh… and it fell off too… LOL!

NewImageand another miss in the pink zone!

NewImageand in the orange zone, they barely managed to save the blue ball from plummeting down to nothingness XD

NewImagefinally they score! its 50 points but still… after dropping 5 balls… -.-‘''

NewImagelast ball left...


some video error here, the scoring part got cut off… :(

NewImagebut they did manage to get it in the 50 point zone to end the game with 150points. Not too shabby considering how badly they played at the start haha. i was wondering if they’ll end up with zero points lol.

NewImageMC: Can I say something?

S: Hai

MC: That was too much.

NewImageS: Ya indeed...

NewImageS: Every section performed badly ne…


The next game is pinball runner!

NewImageArashi team goes first. The plus one guest Moriyama will be the runner! Let’s seem if he can perform and make up for the bad play earlier :P (but I’m guessing not… XD )

NewImageJ and M will be giving instructions.

NewImage(I love J’s shiny shiny jacket haha)

J will call the numbers for the pink ball, and A will do the yellow balls. A advices Mori to take a look at numbers 4 and 6 when 5 is called out, as the balls may change direction at the last moment, so Mori should be prepared to move his basket front and back to catch the balls.

NewImageAnd so the game starts.

NewImageFirst pink ball fell to the back. half the time gone and merely 30 points, not a good run :(

NewImagefinally getting some points :)

NewImageNewImageThe 2nd pink is here!

NewImagearghsss it bounces off the rim!

NewImageHe manages to get the last ball after time-up for a total of 150 points!

NewImageThe guest is too tired to speak haha XD

S: It was only 1 minute of walking yeah… How was it? The pink ball… you only missed it by one step ne?

Mori: *gestures*

S: The tv isnt spoilt or is it?

Mori: but the two of them, the numbers they say were like 6,7,6,7 that kind of feel

A: but he was really fast, it was fun giving the instructions too, feels like i was playing a game (as in video game)

NewImageNewImageMori: So i was like a character in the game?

A: Yes, yes that’s it!

NewImageNext up is of course 2nd gem’s turn!

NewImageAkai-san is the runner!

NewImageand these 3 are giving instructions

Akai: I have the stamina, so I’m confident.

S: What do you do for your training? (she’s a pro wrester remember?)

Akai trains on wedn and thurs, and she trains her neck a lot, so she thinks she’ll be fine looking up at the cargo all the time. She also does 100 squats for training.

NewImageUp on stage, sumo seems to tire easily, he’ll go first and once he gets tired, the lady in blue will take over. The singer in red will just be the BGM (background music) o.o

NewImageThey ask for a demo and she starts singing + dancing XD

NewImageNewImageNewImagesumo gives instructions first… the first two balls are obtained really quickly.

NewImageInstructions giver changed!

NewImageFirst pink ball is a miss! 2 more to go! (3 pink balls for female runners)

NewImagehere comes the 2nd pink ball!

NewImageit dropped in front of the runner!

NewImagehere comes the last pink ball!

NewImageShe didn’t manage to get that either :(

NewImageNewImageshe managed to get one of the balls after time’s up to make it 150 points!

NewImagebreak time during the 2nd game! 95 points gap between the two teams, the next game is rolling coin tower! J: but if we collapse the tower later, we’re pretty much finished. N: yes, we definitely cannot lose the next game

NewImageSho manages to link the talk to the ‘limits of freedom’, which is the name of the concert tour Moriyama has come to promote :)

NewImageNewImageMoriyama starts his ‘prep talk?’ for the next game, and gets ignored XD

NewImageJ does the title call this time :)

MC: you definitely do not want to make the tower collapse, especially arashi team who’s losing up 95 points

J: Yes, if we make the tower collapse, we’ll definitely lose today’s VSA.

S: On the other hand, if we didn’t make the tower collapse, then the score difference will be plus minus zero ne?

N: like a fresh start ne?

NewImageS: Restart! (in english)

A: Let’s go offensive, put 10s only!

NewImageN: He (the plus one) has hardly spoken, it means that he’s confident right?

Mori: Ano sa….

N: Wait a minute… his girly-ness/gayness has just increased!

Even his tone of voice has changed, Ohno imitates him XD

NewImageMC asks the guest to sing a word of encouragement


Game starts!

NewImageFrom the very start! He purposely stacked the coins to the side…!

NewImageNewImageAiba started putting the coins quite late, and had to really stretch to put on the last coin XD

NewImageNewImageNewImagethe blocks at the top are getting more and more messy!


the guest puts on 3 5 point coins

NewImageNeen used a 10 and 2 3s

NewImageits getting dangerous!

NewImagenow they’ve switched to using 3 point coins only

NewImageand the tower is collapsed by Moriyama!

NewImageNewImage2nd gen team gets a 50 point bonus! (wait? 50 points? i swear is was still 100 points the last time this game was played… must be because arashi is doing too poorly?)

NewImageSho commented on how he used his hand to try and stabilise the tower as he saw it collapse. To no avail of course.

NewImageN: At the end J was telling him not to touch it!

J: After akai- chan the tower already looked like it was going to fall. Maybe if you didn’t touch it it would have fell on its own.
Mori: Ah so that’s what you mean by don’t touch it…NewImage Bunk bowling is next!

NewImageArashi team goes first!

NewImageMori makes a funny face

NewImageNewImageNewImageAh… the balls collide midway.


NewImageNot bad, Mori’s ball hit the blue pin. I thought they’ll end up with a big fat zero hahaha

NewImageNewImageOhmiya for the 2nd throw!

NewImageMC: out of 66 pins, 65 remain

NewImageO: if we don’t do properly here, we are really in big trouble

N: We can but hit the pins.

NewImageLol, they don’t look confident...

NewImageNewImageThe balls stay really close, but didn’t hit!

NewImageAh but it missed the red pin :(

NewImageNewImageNewImageThey score 144 points!

NewImageGuest team is up next!

NewImageNewImageIt hits the red pin!



NewImagethey score 208 points!

NewImagetime for the 2nd throw!

NewImage15 pins left! Can they score a spare?

NewImageSadly not… it became a narration based throw haha

NewImageThe balls collide midway

NewImageNewImagethey only hit the corner blue pin and scored a measly 10 points

NewImageand the exact same blue pin hit by the sakurai-moriyama combi!

S: Shall the four of us go for a drink after this?

NewImageThe last game of the day is kicking sniper!

NewImage2nd gen team goes first!

first up is akai san in the ladies zone. Akai: I’ve not done soccer before, but i’ve kicked people a lot… (pro wrestler)

NewImageA last singing encouragement XD

NewImageNewImage1st target: All miss! All the shots went to the left!

NewImage2nd target: 1st kicker - bottom left wall. 2nd kicker - bottom wall. 3rd kicker - right side. All miss again!

NewImageNewImage3rd target: 1st kicker - hit the wall again. 2nd kicker - hit!

NewImageit’s a perfect!

NewImage4th target: 1st kicker: hit the bottom wall again. 2nd kicker - hit!

NewImage2 cans left

NewImagebut the 3rd kicker missed!

NewImagelast target! It’s a points galore!

NewImagefirst and 2nd kicker missed! 3rd kicker hits!

NewImagethe top two rows is turned over but it doesn’t fall! They score 190 points! All the points were scored by Hanada-san the ex sumo!

NewImageNewImagenext up is arashi team!

NewImageJ, leader and moriyama!

NewImageThey need to score 370 points and above to win

NewImageMC: What do you think about it Matsumoto-san?

J: You’ve waited a long time. Looking at the cans earlier, we can definitely do this. What’s more, moriyama has been doing soccer right?

NewImageMori: to put it in another way, i’ve done nothing else besides soccer.

NewImageJ: really, if you don’t hit the cans here, than you would really have been here for nothing! Up till now you’ve not contributed anything good...

Mori: Indeed today i’ve been pulling you guys back...

O: if you don’t do well, we won’t call you to appear on the show again.

NewImagefirst target! J misses

NewImageOhno manages to score a perfect!

NewImage2nd target: J hits the target but nothing fell

NewImageOhno scores a 20

NewImageMori hits off the top two cans but doesn’t score!

NewImage3rd target, J hits off all the point scoring cans!

NewImageAnd ahhhh the rest of the cans collapse too, it’s a perfect!

NewImage4th target: J’s kick went in between, Ohno’s went to the left, mori manages to get all the point cans

NewImageLast target, J hits off 2 cans, Ohno hits off 1...

NewImageMoriyama also hits off one...

NewImageEveryone bursts into laughter at the pathetic one can moriyama kicks off.

NewImageBut they did it! Thanks to the four cans kicked off in the last round… they scored 380 points and narrowly won today’s VSA!

NewImageCelebrations abound ^.^

NewImageNewImageJ + O: Dangerous!

NewImageGuest: Moriyama-kun is a 2nd gen too, but I’m glad he wasn’t on our team…


NewImage10 second challenge! 2 balance beams? They have to switch places on the balance beam within 10 secs. They will have to arrange themselves according to age!

NewImageNewImageFrom left to right! Oldest to youngest!

NewImageNewImage10 sec challenge starts!

NewImageIn the end only M and N is in place XD the other 3 are in one big huddle XD

NewImageNewImageNewImagethey finally got themselves into place way after the 10 seconds is over XD

NewImageNewImageAnd that’s all for today’s VSA!

Hope you enjoyed it!
coolohoh: Biohazard (Default)

Whee! since i just finished watching the first episode of kazoku game, i thought I'd watch VSA and do a review as well… i bet its gonna be another epic episode… with Sho in the guest team… who's gonna be the MC? ^.^

NewImageThe answer is Ohno! He's the one saying the usual intro lines today!

NewImageeveryone seems to be making fun of MC ohno XD

NewImagehe starts some random talk about the show airing on 18th aprial, and made some joke about the date. 418 can be read as yoiha (good teeth) as well.

NewImagethey poke fun at ohno who's insistent on standing at the absolute centre 

NewImageN: but last year you didn’t speak. the longest time you didn’t speak for was 28mins and 35seconds!
O: when i watched that i got shocked tooNewImage and so Ohno decided that he'll be the MC for today, so that he'll speak more XD

NewImageand the guest team arrives!

NewImageO: so the drama has started yesterday, iyo iyo what kind of drama is it? (iyo iyo is normally used when things have come a long way and they are finally reaching the end)
they all poke fun at leader's use of iyo iyo XDNewImage Ohno happily points out that out of all the members appearing on VSA as a guest, he's the ONLY one who didn’t win hahaha! remember that disastrous Nazodi VSA? HAHAHA!

NewImagebecause of that, Sho is picking only the games that he'll do well in to play… i.e. for the first time ever, they will be picking the games that'll be appearing on VSA!

NewImageand these two are the plus one guest with arashi team today! himura and bakarhythm

NewImageapparently the two guests are good friends, they lived together for 10 years.

NewImagehimura has been on VSA a whopping 9 times already! its baka's first time though

NewImagefirst up is koro koro viking!

NewImageof course the guest team goes first.

NewImageSho looks really irritated… why? we'll see in a while XD

NewImageNewImageMC: what's with Sakurai's expression?

NewImageS: its different from what i said!

NewImageS: because i want to win today… if we're playing korokoro viking i said i want to be at the pink zone!

NewImageNewImagePlus 1: what's with him?
picture at left bottom: avoiding responsibility
J: but its true we don't have much image of Sho being in the orange zone
S: i've not heard that i'll be in such an important position!
S then negotiates with his teammate to change place…NewImage *shakes head* Offer denied!

NewImagehe asked the players in the green zone, both of them refused to change places XD

NewImagethis guy is almost 20 years old… arashi laments on how old they are… as a child actor he filmed a drama with nino when he was 6, and the year after filmed a drama with aiba… now in this kazoku game he's got a girlfriend already! time files!

NewImageand so amongst laughter at Sho, the game starts!

NewImagethe first ball reached the goal w/o trouble, 20 points!

NewImage30 points for the second ball! not bad!

NewImage50 points for the third ball! seems like sho is doing much better today

NewImagehowever… after struggling for some time with the golden ball, it finally disappeared down the hole!

NewImagethe fifth ball went on the edge of the bridge and out!

NewImagefollowing that… the 6th ball went out of bounds just like that! when the bridge wasn’t even near!

NewImageone last ball left!

NewImage20 points for the last ball! too bad he couldn’t get the ball into the 50 point box. total of 120 points for kazoku game team! all the members blame sho for the bad performance. haha, seems like a repeat of nazodi is coming? XD

NewImagenext up, arashi team!

NewImageMC: ohno-kun, today you are in charge of the battle right? You want to win this right?
O: kachi.. ka… eh??? (want to win is kachitai in japanese) NewImage haha, as expected of Ohno mc :P

NewImageand so we start! 

NewImagethe first ball somehow managed to disappear in between the green and orange zone!

NewImagethe second ball? disappeared in the hole 1 or 2 secs after reaching the orange zone! LOL!

NewImageball no 3 went out of bounds too! will the game end up them getting 0 points?

NewImageafter the golden ball went on the long ride along the edge of the bridge and the orange zone… it finally dropped out! and i thought they were gonna break the 0 :P

NewImageyet another ball in the hole!

NewImageand another ball disappeared in between the green and orange zone

NewImageand somehow… the very last ball falls out! new record! 0 balls reaching the scoring area! haha!

NewImageJ: i've never seen such a thing before!

NewImagenext up is rolling coin tower!

NewImageA: i think we need J's to attack.
J: ja… leader will attack too.
O: hai??? NewImage while S is advertising the drama… one of the guest plays with the 10 point coin and it coins off the stack and onto the table XD disrupting Sho's talk

NewImagehe was trying to balance the coin like this XD

NewImagegame start!

NewImagestart of the second round! O is playing aggressively!

NewImagea very crooked tower!

NewImageAs expected? Bananaman upsets the tower balance! 

NewImageafter the second game… sho does a lame action to promote his drama :P

NewImageS announces the next game! Dual curling!

NewImagetoday they are playing 2 rounds of 3v3!

NewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageNewImageOn the drama set, Sho is the mood making. in the first episode there's a sauna scene where sho is shirtless, and apparently to prepare for that he keep exercising with the balance ball. S: now my breast/nipples is kinda big…  N: you didn’t burn any candles? S: *shhh* no! they don't know about this!  N: ah so you guys have not met candle sho yet?

NewImageS: no really… after that everyone got very angry, they told me to stop burning candles in the greenroom!

NewImagethe game starts amid laughter about candle sho!

NewImagegreat control from nino!

NewImageend result as follows! too bad nino's stone could stay on the 50 point zone.

NewImageboth teams scored 60 points!

NewImagethe second round with the remaining members start! banana is holding the 2x stone… will he not screw up this time? :P

NewImageSho is the first to make a move

NewImagetoo bad! the double stone of arashi team fell off the red centre!

NewImagefinally! arashi team won the game by 220 to 110 points!

NewImageSho did it again… his violent stone tosses… with super high speed his stone hit another of his own stone and both went out of play! haha XD

NewImagenext up is cliff climb!

NewImagerhythm will go first, and nino 2nd!

NewImageNewImagehe manages to get the pass from J!

NewImagebut he can't climb up! he asks for another grip!

NewImagehe finally makes it up and passes the baton to nino, but not before using up a whole minute AND forgetting to press a 10 point button :X

NewImageNewImagenino got the 30 points, but is there enough time left on the clock?

NewImageasking for a grip when there's just 5 seconds left? :X

NewImagein the end, because there wasn’t enough time, nino just threw the grip in the hopes of hitting a button… but it didn’t… :X I'm glad the grip didn’t hit him though :S

NewImageNewImagenext up is kazoku game team! can they beat the 170 points with sho as a climber?

NewImageSho starts complaining again! S: this is also different from what i said!

NewImageS: i said that i wanted to do the things I'm good at because I'm appearing as a guest today! i said i wanted to use the net in shot gun disk!

NewImageS: but when i came, its cliff climb! what's up with this??? I can't do this!

NewImagebut his teammates encourage him: because you're a teacher, make it perfect. be the second climber and achieve a perfect, and create a revolution! 

S: i will create a sakurai revolution!

NewImageNewImagegame start!

NewImageshe struggles to climb up!

NewImagewell she managed to climb up but… forgets both the 10 point buttons!

NewImageNewImageSho climbs up with super fast speed to get the two buttons she left out!

NewImageNewImagehe skips going up the middle in favour of the easier left side because there's less then 20 seconds on the clock… but ends up getting stuck in the same place as nino and asking for a grip with 5 seconds left on the clock :P

NewImagetime out before he manages to get any grip!

NewImageNewImagesho revolution failed! 130 points to kazoku game team!

NewImageright now arashi team is a mere 24 points behind!

NewImagethe last game is kicking sniper!

NewImagearashi starts first! kickers are plus one guests, J and O!

NewImagefirst kicker rhythm-san's ball hit the wall!

NewImageJ's shot went to the left, while O's went right

NewImageround 2! banana's ball hit the wall, J scores a perfect!

NewImageround 3, 1st two kickers miss! O gets a hit! too bad one can is left standing, O scores 60 points!

NewImage4th target! first kicker: kinda hit, but nothing moved

NewImageJ's shot missed, and O's went through the hole in the middle! 0 points!

NewImagelast target! first two shots miss!

NewImageohno hits… off just one can! 

NewImage170 points for arashi! let's guess… who's going to be the MDA today? :P

NewImageNewImagethe blame is put on the plus one guests for starting the cycle of bad influence… they miss the kick, which puts press on J, and then he misses, which puts even more pressure on ohno...

NewImageNino demands that banana do a spring gag!

NewImageNewImagehe attempts to do some imitation of a robot but ends up laughing at himself! N: Hai fail! 

NewImagenext up is the kazoku game team!

NewImagethe two brothers (in the drama) + sho are the kickers!

NewImagethey need to get 150 points to win!

NewImageonce again sho tries to push the responsibility away… S: ah just the two of you is enough… brothers: huh??? S: in terms of spirit i mean… 

anyhow… the game starts!

NewImageS: Year 2013, 18th April, Sakurai Sho becomes a man!

NewImage1st round! 1st kicker hits the target for 20 points!

NewImagesho manages to hit the separator disc on top of the can… but the can remains standing! no 50 points bonus for perfecting the shot!

NewImage2nd round! 1st kicker leaves one can standing once more… can they perfect it this time?

NewImagetoo bad! both of them miss!

NewImageround 3! first kicker managed to hit the edge of the left wall, sending the ball rocketing all the way to the right side...

NewImage2nd kicker brings the ball too high

NewImagesho hits off 1 can to score 20 points!

NewImagenext up is roboman target! first kicker kicks through the robot! 2nd kicker misses...

NewImagesho manages to hit the bottom can of the target...

NewImageNewImageslowly but surely… roboman topples over!

NewImagethat earns him 80 points and kazoku game team wins today's VSA!

NewImageNewImageSho earns his first victory as a guest team on VSA!

NewImageS: i feel like crying more than you guys can imagine

NewImagehahaha! this is the first time i've seen the plus one guest standing right in the middle from the very beginning… they dragged guests up before, and i even saw the guest falling once… but to place them there right from the start? hahaha!

before anyone even has the chance to say anything… N: its been decided!

NewImageplus one: what what what???/ wait wait please wait a moment!

NewImagerhythm tries to convince the rest that only banana should fall...

NewImagetime to point out the loser! everyone points at himura, expect the man himself who points at ohno.

NewImageand so today's MDA is himura from banana man!

NewImageNewImageas himura tries to promote the next show 'unbelievable', naughty sho takes the foam pieces and throws them at himura XD


and that's it! the end!

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