Oct. 29th, 2014 06:58 pm
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Ahhh. I just took a closer look at the new Topics on jweb. Three entries as of now. One on Aiba's new movie. One on the music station zero G perf, and one on the Tokyo international film festival opening. Ahhh interesting! It'll be nice if I can translate it by today, before their official trans is out. But alas the entries are really long! Hahaha! All these translations will only be going to DNA though...


Oct. 3rd, 2014 11:23 am
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Oh great! Lj mobile doesn't go rogue and post your location anymore. That's great news. I'm still not gonna give lj permission to view my location though hahaha. Only turned it on for the sake of testing and now it's back off again!

Finally the app is getting usable. The ability to put in cuts and spoilers. For eg. That's very important for me. Bold too. And italics. And strike through
Testing cuts )
I can now post to communities too. So this might be a better option than safari on mobile.

I read their full change log and the said they have added in the ability to add in spoilers too. I don't see it though! Tested every button already! Sigh...

Oh wells. Heading off an early lunch now!
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Long weekend is over. And as expected, I didn't get to do quite as much as what I originally planned for. But since it was expected...

I did manage to watch two episodes of Aiba manabu, one VSA, loads of news clips and other promotional appearances, and one episode (together with review) of Nino-san. Even did my usual Monday broadcast last night.

Now I'm left with all the big, long files to watch. VSA and AnS SP... Not watched all the music day clips besides their 3 min talk and hero-monster-guts medley too. Arghs so many stuff to watch. Love DVD too...

I did manage to finish up the last VSA though. And it's out on the shitanuri LJ too. But not much progress with Aiba manabu. I'm worried about whether I can finish the subs I planned for Jun's bday!!! Sigh.

Had a decent 6hours of sleep last night but I'm feeling sleepy already. Been feeling sleepy the entire weekend. Oh well. I guess I'll wake up once I start lab lol. Gonna be a busy day today!

Alrights. The bus will be reaching the office building in a bit. Ja ne!

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Something big is underway.

So keep watching this space!

Well it's big for me at least.

But before that... 1.5 more episodes of VSA to go... T.T

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so i took off the plaster today... stitches were removed on Monday, and the plaster was supposed to come off yesterday... but i've been going to bed at like... 8 or 9pm, pretty much right after dinner so... ended up only removing the plaster this morning.

And here's a photo of the PICC line insertion site... this was taken like... last week? last last week? There was quite a bit of blood clot at the insertion site then... its slightly red in the area now... but after the blood clot was cleaned off no new blood leakages have occurred. yet.

and the bottle of antibiotics that i carry around with me literally 24/7. 10ml of drugs per hour, or 167 ul per minute, or 1.7 ul per second.

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Finally. After 12 long days. 12 stitches. And now on IV antibiotics drip 24/7 literally. But I'm finally home. Finally. Finally, finally.

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Sitting up and out of bed on the chair now and ah! It's raining. Love the smell of the rain. The weathers been so hot it practically unbearable at night, in the hot hospital bed and the fans that don't generate any wind at all. Hopefully the short shower will make the night cooler. In gonna be stuck in the hospital till Monday at the very earlier. But I think it'll end up longer than that. And then I'll be on fairly long term - 6 weeks antibiotics. Intravenous. So they'll be putting this picc line thing in my arm, and I'll need to go to the hospital like three times a week. Sigh. And in the mean time till I have another surgery after the infection has been cleared, it's complete no weight bearing in my right leg again which sucks. I have no idea how my bosses are going to like that news. It's like. Kaboomb. A bomb shell. Ya know what I mean?

Arghs. I don't even know what I'm talking about myself. Been feeling really nauseated yesterday after the op. I swear it's the painkillers. Made me vomit so many times. It was nice to read some arashi fanfic and mag interview translations though. Esp the mag translations. Made me laugh and stuff. That was really nice. Sigh. So much time and nothing much that I feel like doing. Right, I'll try and get some rest now.

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Sigh. I'm feeling nauseous a lot this time. Last night, this morning, now. Idk why. I've already been given the anti vomiting medication but it seems like the effect is over already or something.

So tmr I'll get another op to clean up the wound. Whether the wound can get closed tmr depends on how the wound is. And the bacteria too. Prelim reports showed the bacteria, but they aren't sure about the antibiotics resistance. And cos the metal plate got removed and my fracture didn't heal because of the infection, I won't be able to put weight on my right leg again till the infection clears and they put the plates back in. This just sucks. I'll be on antibiotics for what... 6-8 weeks and that's really long. Sigh. Idk how the hr at my workplace will like this. And my sups. Arghs.


Mar. 26th, 2014 12:31 pm
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So... Metal got removed. If it's some kind of bacteria infection I would be on antibiotics for 6-8 weeks and won't be able to walk in the meantime


Just fuck this

By the time I can walk again my group's project would have ended.

Arghs just fml

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Sigh. I thought that if would finish VSA part two with my medical leave today. But it was not meant to be.

So it turns out that the wound was more serious than expected. It seems like the infection has affected the metal implants, and now I'm lying on the hospital bed and I've got a surgery scheduled for tmr morning to clean out the infected tissue, and probably take out the metal implant as well.

And this hospital stay will be for at least a week this time. At least. On the admission sheet the doc just put it down for two weeks. Sigh. This sucks I tell you. Really sucks. It's been what, five months since the fall and now I'm having complications. Oh god. And my dads over protectiveness will never end now. Already I'm suffocating from his fetching me to work and back every day and now this has to happen.

And don't remind me of my work... Cos... Idk if Santosh will do the DNA extraction in my absence. But I just hate it. Not being able to do my work.y experiments. Arghs. This just suckkkkks. Not to mention all the qPCR I'll have to do when I get back. Arghs. I hate this.

At least I finally have my charger now so my phone isn't bricked. I've been in the hospital since like 10:40am cos that was the time of my doc appointment. And it's mostly been waiting and more waiting. Like 2 hrs before I saw the doc. Then getting sent for x ray and a blood test before more waiting to see the doc again. And more waiting before I got a hospital bed. And in the midst of all that waiting I was using my phone and it got bricked, or rather, the batt died, at like...7pm or so. Gah. I'm so... Idk. Pissed? Arghhhhs. Guess by the time I'm back home I'll be able to watch MMDA already huh? Sigh.

The only consolation is that now I'll have time to read the lib books that I borrowed. And study some japanese. And work on some fics - but only from my phone so it's kinda slow typing... Ah wells.

Maybe you'll hear a lot more from me just cos I ain't got anything better to do. And I need some place and some way to vent my frustrations. Sigh.

Tmr I'll probably be knocked out after the surgery though... Sigh....

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So i picked up my N4 cert at the Japanese cultural association yesterday... And of course with the voucher I signed up for N3 as well. And yes, I got back my 55 bucks for the N4 registration as well. All because the examiners phone rang. Thank you miss examiner, whoever you are... :P

Now all that's left is for me to go and buy my book and Kino... speaking of which.. damn! I should have followed my parents out earlier... they were going orchard road, and I could have just walked over to Kino myself while they did their shopping... darrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn why didn’t i think of that earlier??? Damnn damnn damnnnnnn! Arghs. Oh wells. I didn’t want to go out because I did a little bit of stretching this morning and the scab over my ankle erm... broke? And puss is coming out again. I'm on leave tmr for the doctor's appointment so... arghs.

Oh yes. A correction to my previous post. MMDA airs in april and not last week. Two weeks break... nachospaprika made a mistake and since I hadn't watched VSA then i didn’t know any better :P I watched it last night though, together with last week's AnShi. Somehow I mistakenly moved it to my ext HD even though I've not watched it yet. I even uploaded the mirror to mega but i didn’t watch that episode. Lol just what was I doing? Downloaded the full episode of J's nep league as well and i shall watch it in a while. Was trying to do up my half done VSA review but didn’t get very far.

Hmm work updates... my monster comp was taken away from me :( Sadded. But it can't be helped. My sup didn’t like it too since it was purchased with our group's budget, but we aren't doing any computation that needs that much processing power, but the guys from the other groups are. Previously one of them have borrowed my comp a few times to run his program already, but then more people wanted to use me comp. In the end they just found another comp for me to use. No more 30 sec shutdowns and instant excel file opens. Aw. I do understand it though. The stuff they are running... it took over 6 hours on that monster comp. On the mac the guy was using, it ran for 3 days non-stop, and was still not finished. Now if i was running that sort of programs, I'd want a workstation to run it on as well. I would hate having to wait 3 or 4 days for one calculation to finish, when there's a better tool available to run the experiment, and said tool was 'not being used'. That monster was definitely an overkill for my work needs. Of course I enjoyed how stuff loaded instantly and all, but I'd probably be able to make better use of the processing power if I had that monster at home. Like how I'd be playing a video, doing a blog entry, while having the previous entry being uploaded... my poor mac can barely handle that now... and if it’s a PC i can just open up maple and afk online - simply because my computer can take it. Right now my home computer... arghs its dying. It took over 10 minutes to start up word the other day, when my sis asked for help editing her project work. The monster certainly set me new goals in terms of dream computers though. A 6k workstation huh? I'd like to have that at home someday :P Someday... in the distant future... hahaha. By then workstations will be even more powerful that it'll make the monster I used look like a piece of cake huh? XD

But yes, the troublesome thing is that I have to reinstall all the apps i had. All those customization stuff. This time round I backed up all my downloads, so I don't have to re-dl each of them... BUT i forgot I should have exported some of my settings as well. Like the phrase files for phraseexpress... Now i'll have to key in all my phrases again. Or my hotkey settings for some other programs... gah. I'll try and back up all the stuff into dropbox the moment i finish setting things up this time round. The three time I'm changing comp in 3 months huh? The 'new' one i got isnt that bad. 4gb RAM i think, couldn’t find the ram thing under device manager, but the windows about system page says 4gb. 3.3giga hz processor, duad core... which isnt too bad really, but its so slow compared to the 8-core monster. Still specs wise it beats my old mac hands down. 2.4ghz duo core, no wonder its so slow ne? Esp with the 10 thousand apps I run in the foreground and background. That new comp gave me a headache though. I keyed in a wrong value when setting up outlook, and then outlook kept crashing every time i opened it. Had to dig in the user account settings to change it to make it work. Then i installed the phrase express add on for outlook, and after that my outlook couldn’t open again. Didn’t have time to restart my comp and see if it's fine after that... bleah. Hope it'll be fine. Worst still, Tuesday I'd be busy in the lab with DNA extractions, and extremely busy too if they really did add more reactors as Santosh said they would. Normally I do extractions on Mondays but I'm on leave tmr so... :P So i'll probably only get around to tinkering with my computer on Wednesday.

My sup... he was really nice about it. He asked me to speak to him before I leave and it make me really worried for a while. I was thinking 'just what did I do wrong?'. And he dragged me out of the office to talk too. Turns out that he just wanted to apologise about the computer, and didn’t want our boss who sits right beside me to hear about it. She was the one who asked that I change comps after all. He got me scared for a while though... :P

Work load wise... for now I'm really ok. Might be bad when I have to do DGGE next time, but now I'm quite free actually. I can do the preparations for DNA extraction much faster now... i can prepare the qPCR plates really fast too... took about an hour preparing everything from scratch, that's much faster than the 1.5hrs i took just one plate earlier. even nanodrop readings are taking me lesser time as well. Last Monday i finished the dna extractions AND all the nanodrop before what... 5:30pm? That's a far cry from the 6 or 6:30pm it took me previously, and those were without doing the nanodrops too. Plus Monday i had to add in two samples at the last minute as new stuff came in. Yup, I am really pleased with my performance last week haha. I like challenging myself like this, to do things faster, rearrange my work flow so that i can be more efficient. That's why i always check the time when doing my experiments, so that i'll know exactly how long i need to finish a particular job. That way I can plan my work better. Of cos it goes without saying that the quality of the results must not be affected. You're doing things fast but not haphazardly. I'm pleased to say that for the most part my qPCR results are within 0.5 cycles of each other... except for those where there were problems with the DNA extraction and the duplicates showed a huge difference. That I don't know why... I think its really the low efficiency from the kit though. The yield is really really low compared to another kit (but its too late in the project to change, just a mere 3 months left anyway). And the whole thing is automated so its really not my fault. (Sample prep is really, really simple. No way I can screw that up!)

Hmm I like running qPCR plates. I quite like the plate preparation process. Hmm here's how the plate looks like. Pulled from a random website that google showed me.
You run the thing in a machine that looks like this:
The machine is pretty big, and from my previous work place when i asked for a quote, its around 80k SGD, which is more than my whole year's salary.
Hmm here's another picture of the 96 well plate, that shows the pointy wells of the plate.

Well the plates that I work with, unlike the first picture, is completely white. Totally, absolutely white. The letter and numbers are there, but its just raised lettering of the white plastic, so it can be a bit difficult to see at times. So what you have to do is to take a marker and mark on the side of the plates. Like half way though the columns, and every two rows. That's the usual way, but it depends on your plate layout. If you have a particular layout you may want to mark your plate differently and accordingly. Its just to ensure that you don't load the wrong stuff into the wrong well - which can be quite a trouble considering that its just a sea of opaque whiteness. Its hard to even see if you've loaded stuff into a particular well or if its empty. So yup, you do need a certain degree of concentration while loading that stuff. Oh and the pipetting. You're dealing with really small volumes here. For the template I'm using just 2ul. That's 2 micro liters. Which is like... this small little drop that you can barely see if you're like 30cm away. Hmm... You know 1 ml? That's like... a few droplets of water? Or like 1/500 of a 500ml bottle of soda? One micro liter is 1/1000 of that. Imagine. So yup I'm putting that little wee bit of water (plus other stuff) into each well. If you're not careful half your sample ends up on the tip and doesn’t get into the well, and there goes your results. Oh and you do need decently steady hands too. You don't need to be a surgeon, but if you go around jabbing into the wrong well you're going to contaminate everything. I like leaving each little drop of water on the side of the wells, and spin it down later. Just so I can tell which well i've added the stuff to and which well i've not. Also makes it easier to load the stuff in IMO. But that's just my personal habit/pref.

Hmm... is this stuff interesting? Of are you bored out of your mind already? :P In anycase I'll be stopping here, got videos to watch! XD Till next time!


Mar. 14th, 2014 09:22 pm
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 photo 5102A981-67DB-4214-B166-F6CFCF791C38.jpg

My ankle got infected again. Ok not really again. It didn't previously get infected there. But it sucks. Start like... Last Friday. Visited the doctor on wedn and the trip cost me a whooping 109 bucks. Got some expensive amoxicillin but well the wound is still dripping puss and what not. Going to the polyclinic again tmr. At least I won't get a heart attack from the bill. I can claim only 30bucks for that visit from my sch insurance cost it wasn't a panel doctor. Ah wells.

Going to visit the Fyp student at my old lab tmr. Sure hope my ex-boss ain't around or tempers will probably flare. Whatever. I just want to help my juniors. I can't help but think of them as my juniors somehow. Though theoretically they were never my juniors. Particularly close to one of the girls. She reminds me of the days when I'm very fond of my CCA juniors haha. Had an SMS convo with her last night and she's been staying up till midnight to rush her experiments. She even stayed till 3am once gosh. That poor thing. Hopefully I can go thru with her what to put in her poster and stuff tmr. Her poster is due in two weeks - no just 10 days, and her experiments aren't done. Ok, I was in pretty dire straits then too, but I knew exactly what little bit wasn't done, and it was a small part that really could just be chopped out of the picture if it doesn't work out. Hers? It feels like a huge part isn't done yet and my ex-boss probably doesn't give her any guidance at all.

Yes. I'm a nice person. But of course, I helping her, I'm learning myself. She'll be doing western blot tmr and tbh I've never done it myself. It'll be good to learn how to do that. Or at least see how it's done. And helping her with her poster and thesis will only help myself build up the same skills for future use. And I'll definitely like her to pass me a copy for keepsake and future reference... Hey it's only fair since I shared my ssef and final year reports and poster as well :p. but really those stuff are really useful to me when I write reports or do posters. I need those works to see how it's done and get an idea of how to do my own. And when I see my old works I go like (in a very egoistic manner too) 'I did so well, see I was doing such good quality scientific writing in junior college, I HAVE to do better now' yeah... That sort of thing. Yeah, I'm proud of my work, and since it motivates me to do even better I guess it's a good thing? But yup... Looking forward to seeing her tmr.

And hopefully that ugly patch of a wound heals soon ><

Happy 2014!

Jan. 1st, 2014 03:50 pm
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So it's a new year huh?

Feeling really tired today and idk why. No watch kouhaku yet but I saw on my feed that the white team won! Omedetou! I shall download and watch later, probably after a nap. Didn't manage to keep my promise of finishing the charity fic in the end. Meh :(. Sorry about that! Somehow I have more idea on how to write another fic instead so I ended up spending more time on the other one... And caught up with a lot of videos yesterday too. Still have not watched their tabi show... And of cos there's the shiyagare to watch today, and 7 hours of Ohno coming up on the 3rd. I'll definitely be doing reviews of their new year sp shows for sure. It'll be so much fun! Alrights, cya guys later!


Dec. 30th, 2013 02:36 pm
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Ok. I've kind of fallen in love with typing on my phone. Typing like a few sentences each time and expanding my story slowly but surely. Currently working on two fics at the same time. Though I'm not sure if the other will ever be finished. Looked through my Evernote and realized that I have soooo any unfinished fics. And while some of them were only one or two paragraphs long, some of the fics had quite a substantial bit written already. Four thousand, seven thousand, ten thousand words even... ><. Guess the difficultly is keeping to it and continuing on. And eventually finishing the fic. That's why I've always admired those who could write super long chartered stories. And still keep the story as good as they were when they started out. No long windy dragging... And looking at all my unfinished, unpublished fics, I can understand why people start off fics and then abandon them halfway through as well. The only difference is that I never had the courage to publish any of my works before they are completely completed. So those unfinished stories might probably never see the light of day.

Oh and did I say I've been typing from my phone a lot lately? Yup. It's like I'll develop an idea, think of the next few sentences, type it out, and then think again. And it's nice to do so from the comfort of your bed XD. I've dragged my lappy onto the bed a few times, but it's not really ideal. Been thinking about getting one of those little tables that'll let you put your lappy on your bed.. But not gotten round to getting one yet. My Mac pro's trackpad buttons have spoiled, so I can click and drag unless I use a mouse, and effective mousing is hard to achieve on the soft bed unless you put a mousepad on. Which is troublesome. And than there the incredulous amount of heat that my laptop generates, making it burn your lap after just a few minutes. So it's like a constant juggling of the laptop to find a good position. Yup, in situations like this, I can totally understand why people would like a tablet. Well my dad has an iPad, but it's my dad's so... Wanna get a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone. But the idea sounds... A little stupid. And more importantly, full sized Bluetooth keyboards are hard to fine in sg, and very expensive :(. Maybe I'll get one after I get an iPad next time. Or maybe I should just get apple's official Bluetooth keyboard. But just so that I can type easier on my phone while lying in bed? >< Sounds much more logical to just get up and use my lappy lying on the table a mere one step away from my bed. Oh wells. I should stop ranting, finish up my lunch of instant noodles, and get back to writing. Or at least watching arashi. So much exciting stuff to watch recently.

Oh and I went to get my stitches removed today. Four stitches this time. Here's a pic before the stitches came off.  photo 38D9AA73-0C43-4874-8185-4767248861D4.jpg


Dec. 29th, 2013 10:20 am
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Ok. Fic writing is going really slow. I don't really have a good idea on how to continue the fic. This is bad bad bad :( sigh. Maybe illend up giving in and watching some shows after all ><

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Finally finished and passed the last of my license test. First hurdle cleared I guess! Will be having 1-1 lessons with my boss for the rest of this week.

I'll have to look into my writing... CNY - Chinese New Year, is coming soon so I hope I can finish the summer winter exchange by this week. Then there's the rainbow exchange to deal with. Just got an email from catta this morn, the writer asked if I minded some BDSM.. *shy*. If my dear writer is reading this...: the more the merrier! *crackles with pervertic glee* as long as Ohno's in control? Well tbh I can't remember what I requested either XD

Back to my real life commitments... I finished he foundation training last week but have yet to finish the e-learning tests. Have to finish them all by today. I shd do up some reading on all the insurance products AIA sells too. My boss might be sending me reading mat later. Or I could just go see what they have on the website. I don't even know lol... Need to revise on the foundation training stuff too. And finish my list of contacts. That's a lot of things to do...

Quite relieved I passed today. Only finished studying this afternoon and was busy mugging and trying the mock papers on the train. So much so that I missed my stop and ended up five mins late. I wasn't the only one late though... And I still had more than enough time left.

Hmm so part one over. Tmr begins part two!

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Yes I passed the test! On my way to the office so that all the paperwork can be done... For once things went well today... I reached super early... Cos 1) I left the house early and 2) I thought the test starts at 1pm but actually it's 1:30pm. Lol. Oh wells being early is much much better really.

Now I can apply for the license, and start all the foundation courses... While studying for the health insurance test... Not sure when that test will be on though. Guess we'll discuss it later

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Wild at Heart!
Module 5 exam: Passed!
1st out of 4 that I need to pass before I can get my license.

Making my way to my boss's office so that we can arrange for the next exam... He shd bein the office ya... Called n smsed his hp but he didn't pick up or reply :x

The mcqs were easier than what I expected. I guess I was just plain lucky. It's a computerized system that randomly picks from a database of qns... So I'm glad I didn't get all the questions on areas I can't remember... Well the mock yet definitely helped... And the 30 odd practise qns that I tried out on the train on my way to the exam (last minute as always)... There was like one qn from there that appear in the exam! Yup exact same qn... Thank goodness for my last min cramming haha! Quite a few exact qns from the mock papers too... Plus my last min revision helped a lot...

Oh wells... Round two will be starting soon... Not much time to relax... I'll do my best for the rest of the papers too! Hafta pass them all in one try else I'll have to pay for the incredibly expensive exam fees myself... 頑張ります!

Looking for a place to dl AraFest DVD... Hehe gave in to temptation n watch tokei umbrella plus their solo bits yest... And watched all their new year performances too... Partly why WaH is stuck in my head now :x

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Uwahhh. Just looked and handled the new iPods n iPod minis. Love the sleek metal body. And gosh it's so thin. By comparison my 3GS is one huge monster. The new lengthened height is very noticeable though... Not surprising considering that I've used the iPhone for like over 2 years already?

Wah... Went to hmv and saw popcorn. Limited edition. 66.90 sgd. sigh. No money lah... But I was pleasant surprised to see the limited edition album there. Both editions are Japanese 1st press editions so yeah... Not cheap. Ah wells. Left the place already. Shan't gash over it since I ain't got the money... Gotta head home fast too... They replaced the entire hdd on my dads lappy - as I expected. So gotta install all the programs and all back...

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Nov. 6th, 2012 04:44 pm
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Listening to popcorn while on my way to pick up my dads Mac from the repair center. Wanted to continue writing my fics but... Just couldn't concentrate when Akashi started playing. It's only the second time in listening to their new songs in popcorn so... I don't really like any of their new songs yet. Akashi is a great song though, but it ain't that new per say... I did take an instant liking to welcome to our party though XD been having that on repeat during my jogs since the day I got the song... The rest of the new songs? I think they'll get nicer as I listen to them more... Already I'm liking aiba's solo more than the 1st time round. The vocals seem quite soft in comparison to the background music though? Of course the mediocre iPhone standard issue earphones (no, not the new one) plus me being on the train could be a big contribution though. Ah! Ohno's solo now XD Okays, that's all for now tata!

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