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Hi all! Translated this for the contest in [ profile] sholicious.

Scans credit to KnH.
A little photo collage I made from the image of Sho in the scans. Pardon my lousy photoshopping skills :P

Translations under cut )

Those who are trying to learn Japanese like myself... do check out the vocab post here!
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Shared this on tumblr, but thought I should share it on LJ here. Translated my myself and [ profile] nijininare as stated on the photo. :)

So no, as you can see, Jun is NOT suicidal/depressed/going blind/whatever. The whole entry (well, from the 3rd line or so onwards), is about the upcoming concert Japonism. So Jun was talking about him not having any idea what to do for the concert. Not about himself being sad/pissed at the Ohno incident/whatever.

I also picked out some of the kanji used and did a little vocabulary list here.
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As promised in my earlier post (read Ohno's message there), I translated the greeting message on the site by the spokesperson/representative from the Marching J foundation. I also included some other info from the site.

Here we go! I put the screenshots under the cut since they are pretty big...

Greeting message )

About page:
Comment - Greetings

Thank you for taking the trip now to view the "Ohno & Kids', Future Art Exhibition"

Marching J foundation was set up to plan and manage the projects by Johnnys Groups that are in aid of the Great East Japan earthquake (Touhoku earthquake).

Put till now we've been putting the spotlight on the children, getting them to face the "future", presenting them with music instruments in the hopes that taking part in activities will help them move on and live their lives with vigor.

This time, in conjunction with the opening of Arashi's BLAST in Miyagi, we thought of having Arashi's leader Ohno Satoshi, as well as the children to present their dreams and hopes towards the "Future".

Drawings by primary school children from Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima with the theme "Future" were collected. Many drawings with child-like, elastic imaginations were received.

We give our thanks to the primary school children who drew the art pieces, and the parents and guardians who provided support for the submissions.

Please enjoy the "Future" world drawn by Ohno Satoshi and the children.

18th Sept, 2015
General Incorporated Foundation Marching J Foundation
Representative, Sato Shunichi*

Note: *At least that's what I think his name is. The only information I could find was from here, which says that Sato Shunichi is the president of Marching J foundation. I'm too lazy to google any further.

More other info about the exhibition:

More info! )

For those who are interested, I've complied a list of noteworthy vocabulary from the few webpages here.
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Hi all! As you may or may not know, Ohno has an art exhibit in Miyagi today! The focus is not about him though, but rather, the kids. You can view official website over here. I've translated his message below, and also included screen shots of the website (taken by myself). Do visit the website, there's art works of the kids on the site too! I'm also working on translating the greeting message in the 'about' page. Will post that later when I'm done. It's done, see here!

Big screenies below cut )

Message from Ohno Satoshi:

Thank you for coming to the Future Art Exhibition today.

The drawings gathered in here are all overflowing with humor. You can also feel the strong energy radiating from the works!

Everyday scenes, nature, hope, dreams... you can feel the bright future from each of them.

These fantastic drawings don't lose to pieces by art masters, please take your time to enjoy them.

Once again, to all the fabulous artists who took part, thank you!

From your drawings, I too, felt very energized!!


I also translated the greeting message here.

For those who are interested, I've complied a list of noteworthy vocabulary from the few webpages here.
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Hi girls! It's been a looong time since I translated anything! I came across some of these photos on FB, and people were asking for a translation. I read a few pictures, thought 'hey, that's easy to translate', and here I am. I went to weibo and found the full(?) set of 9 photos from the weibo entry, BUT, I have NO IDEA where these photos are from. I heard it's from the latest issue of Josei Jishin? Please let me know if that's right, and which date it is, or if you know where I can find proper scans...

Edit: The photos are from the 15th of September 2015 issue of Josei Jishin, thanks to [ profile] junaibanina for the info!

Here we go! Photos, as stated earlier, are from 榎本卤蛋 (ssnirvana) from weibo.

Marry Sho? )

So that's all girls. Now you know where to go stalking Sho on his honeymoon (if you're not the lucky bride that is :P).

More pretty Sho (wedding) photos here.

Some pick up vocabulary from these magazine snippets here.

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Yay! It's been a while since I translated tweets, so there's a lot of tweets in one go! There's some retweets this time too, I've included those as well. Also included: A joke Kan-san made on leader's birthday message! XD

Tweets! )

Vocab list here!
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Ok. I started translating this really long ago - a whole month ago. Finally got round to finish it. More like, I got sick of having this half completed work and decided to just finish it up. It might be a little rough around the edges as a result, for that I apologise. I just want to finish it up and be done with this. It's for Arashi's Sakura performances on Music station in Feb. I translated the whole article, including the Momo clover bits.

Here goes.

2015.02.27 弘中日記
2015.02.27 Hironaka Diary

The last Mstay in February, it was really extravagant...!

KISS and Momo iro clover Z's collaboration appeared for the first time! It's the first time KISS is collaborating with artists from Japan. Although they look completely different (lol), the 2 groups are really close. During the rehearsals, they practised one song with Paul-san playing the guitar, and Momo iro clover singing! During the actual recording, they danced the choreography too!

KISSの皆さんは本当にフレンドリーで、他のゲストの皆さんにも沢山話しかけていました♪AKB48の皆さんや、椎名林檎さんのことをしきりに「美しい!かわいい!」と褒めていたのが印象的です。笑 私は「君は14歳くらいかい?ティーンだよね?」と言われました。24歳と言ったら、驚かれました!笑
Everyone from KISS is really friendly, they spoke a lot to the other guests. ♪ They praised of AKB48 and Sheena Ringo-san, "Pretty! Cute!". lol. To me, they said "Are you around 14 years old? You're a teen right?" As a 24 year old, I was really shocked! lol

Arashi performed their latest song for the second week in a row. The week before last's performance actually used the concept of being outside a mansion for the background of the set. Last week, the door opened and the interior of the mansion was reviewed. Through these two weeks, they tried to reveal a linked world...! An intense dance with a cool melody, I think it fits with the mysterious atmosphere, what do you all think?

Sheena Ringo-san, Arashi's Matsumoto-san and Ohno-san, who went to watch the Grammy's Award Ceremony, were apparently sitting close to each other in the ceremony venue. Although they didn't get to talk, they were able to greet each other! They praised each other's formal wear!

The Mstay will be on the 13th of March! Sazan All Stars will be performing. ♪Please look forward to it!

PS: I prefer saying Mstay instead of Msute as the romanji ought to be, simply because it looks nicer in English. (To me at least. Msute invites more of a 'M-suite' feel.)

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Gosh finally got this done. It's been dragging for weeks! Anyway it's finally completed now. It's been a busy few weeks at work for me, and this week isn't going to be any better. Pardon me in places where the English sounds a little off... I just wanted to get this over and done with lol.

Ah an important note. There was no tweet for the 7th March Sakuraiba holiday episode. No idea why that's so... maybe the person managing the account was on leave/sick? *shrugs*

今夜10時の嵐にしやがれは…嵐と初共演!!実力派女優二階堂ふみが登場…二階堂ふみっていったいどんな人?嵐となぜかトランポリンに挑戦…天才大野が奇跡を起こす!▽そして、話題沸騰!超新星“クマムシ”が登場…名曲あったかいんだから~♪を嵐と大熱唱!! #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight, 10 pm, in Arashi ni Shiyagare... appearing with Arashi for the first time!! The actress with real abilities, Nikaidou Fumi will guest... just what kind of person is Nikaidou Fumi? Why is she trying the trampoline with Arashi... the genius Ohno creates a miracle! ▽And then, the boiling hot topic! The new superstar "Kumamuji*" appears... singing the hit song Attakaindakara~♪** enthusiatically with Arashi!! #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

*They named themselves after water bear aka tardigrades (It's called Kumamuji in Japanese). It's a really cool micro-animal that can survive in extreme environments.
**Literally: Because it's warm

今夜10時の嵐にしやがれは…汗だく!新垣結衣と嵐が肉体改造!最新ハリウッド式トレーニング!!▽謎の暗闇バイクで肉体をいじめ抜く…櫻井&松潤大興奮…大野が悲鳴!▽さらに最新無重力ヨガに嵐とガッキー挑戦!嵐とガッキーが逆さに吊るされる?! #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight, 10 pm, in Arashi ni Shiyagare...sweat! Aragaki Yui and Arashi does body sculpting! The latest Hollywood style training!! ▽Mysterious biking* in the darkness to create a muscular body… Sakurai & MatsuJun are really excited… Ohno whines! ▽After that, they try out the latest anti-gravity yoga! Arashi and Gakkii hangs upside down?! #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

*Cycling would be a better word, but I wrote it since they used the word ‘bike’ in katakana. The place they went to was Feel Cycle New York.

今夜の嵐にしやがれは「嵐の休日inロス&ラスベガス」編…自由人大野とクール松潤の2人旅!趣味も性格も真逆の2人が空いた休日をどう過ごすか…買い物…釣り…完全密着▽嵐LIVE!新曲「Sakura」を嵐にしやがれSPバージョン!最新デジタル技術と融合!桜舞う #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight’s Arashi ni Shiyagare is the [Arashi’s off day in Los (Angeles) & (Las) Vegas] volume… free spirited Ohno and cool Matsujun’s two person travel! The two who are complete opposites in interests and personality, how did they spend their off day… shopping… fishing… total coverage ▽Arashi LIVE! Special Arashi ni Shiyagare version of the new song [Sakura]! Integrating with the latest digital technology! Sakura dance #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

今夜10時の嵐にしやがれは…放送200回▽大物俳優大沢たかおが嵐と初共演…大沢たかおの㊙私生活を徹底解剖!!たかおが本気で答える!?▽さらにモテ俳優吉田鋼太郎に学ぶダンディ密会!!一触即発!?吉田VS松潤▽嵐の休日に密着…二宮の休日!!日テレ見学ツアー! #嵐にしやがれ #ntv
Tonight, 10 pm, in Arashi ni Shiyagare... 200th episode ▽The big shot actor Osawa Takao works with Arashi for the first time… Complete dissection of Osawa Takao’s secret private life!! Takao answers seriously!? ▽On top of that, a secret gathering to learn how to be dandy from the popular actor Yoshida Koutarou!! An explosive situation!? Yoshida VS MatsuJun ▽Total coverage of Arashi’s off day… Ninomiya’s off day!! Field trip in NTV! #Arashi ni Shiyagare #ntv

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Tweet update! VSA Tweets from 10th Feb to 5th Mar! Nothing much special about these regular tweets I guess? So I was able to translate them pretty fast. I didn't stick TOOO closely to the original text too, so pardon me for that.

Filming for VS Arashi, the first one has ended. Johnnys' WEST is really full of energy, and the atmosphere was lively ~ please look forward to next week's airing! The five member group is also full of smiles & lively!

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Team Takahashi! Though it's the first time having a team by name. The Plus One guests Cunning Takeyama & PUNK BOOBOO Kurosei forming a Hakata combination, will participate... please look forward to it~

Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting! The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Johnnys' WEST. Challenging Arashi with high spirits and full of vigor, will they be able to win? The Plus One guests are UNGIRLS Tanaka & Haraichi Sawabe. Please look forward to it~

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against [Maku ga agaru*] Team. It's been a long time since Momokuro came, and they brought Matsuzaki Shigeru-san along. Plus One guests are FUJIWARA. This is an episode where MatsuJun worked hard!

*The Curtain Rises - A movie starring members of Momo iro Clover Z.

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Asaikikaku Team! Plus One guests are Fukushi Sota-san and Arimura Kasumi-san. The new element added in Korokoro Viking causes a huge panic amongst Arashi! You definitely have to watch it~

Vocabs - just two words this time... because there really isn't much exciting vocab used :P

要素 (ようそ, youso)
1. component; factor; item (e.g. in list)
2. element (e.g. in array); member (e.g. data structure)

加わる (くわわる, kuwawaru)
1. to be added to; to be appended
2. to join in (e.g. a group of friends); to participate
3. to increase (e.g. heat); to gain in (e.g. influence); to grow; to gather (speed)
4. to be applied (e.g. heat, pressure); to be exerted

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I realized that I've not actually stated any rules regarding all my translations. So here they are now.

No reposting of translations is allowed!

You may quote a part of it, if my translations make you so happy that you feel inclined to do so. But no copying and pasting of the entire article allowed! You may link back to my journal, but do not repost!

Reposting is not allowed under all circumstances, even if you credit and linkback!

I've been debating about whether I should post any of my translations here at all for sometime now... for now I'm still posting stuff here but please don't make me change my mind!
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Yay! I'm back with more tweets minna! I'm just going to translate the tweets from the official Arashi ni Shiyagare account posted this year.

Pardon me if there are any mistakes!!

Here we go!

Click to see tweets! )

If you are happy and you know it spare me a click? Or better still, a comment! XD
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New updates from Kan-san on twitter. Well just two new tweets, but here they are!
My Japanese isn't perfect, pardon me if there are any mistakes.

Posted on 29th Jan 2015

Tonight's VS Arashi is a battle against Team Uehara! Athletes with high potential from various fields have been gathered. And then the plus one guest is Kamenashi-san! The delighted faces on the five when Kame-chan came... (laugh) please look forward to it~

Posted on 5th Feb 2015

Tonight's VS Arashi is against Former Japanese Soccer Representatives Team. The legendary representatives that have crossed over generations... The only one who can stop the rampage by Ramos Ruy-san is Take-chan? The plus one guest is Kojima Ruriko-san and Panther's Ogata-san. You definitely have to watch it!

I translated more of Kan-san's tweets previously here. See my other translation works here.

Click the penguin if you liked this!
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Aiba will star in a new drama - ようこそ、わが家へ.


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Because I was bored, I checked my twitter feed and happened to see a tweet from Kan-san... and well, since I have nothing better to do... Here goes! All the VSA related tweets from the start of this year!

By the way, Kan-san is a representative of GASCOIN Co.,Ltd, a company that produces variety shows and game software. At least according to the page on the Japanese wiki. The produce a number of variety shows for various TV stations, such as Terebi Asahi, NTV, TBS, and of course Fuji Terebi. A look at the list and... sadly I only know two shows that they produce. Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ, and of course, VSA.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional translator, pardon me if there are mistakes!

Twitter with Kan-san! )

Japanese words round up )

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Yay! I'm back with a news translation! Original article here! I've also included the original Japanese text below. Pardon any mistakes! Words in [square brackets] are notes/additions by me, and not in the original article.

Title: Arashi, First Single this year is theme song of the drama "Ouroboros" starring Ikuta

Popular idol group Arashi's first song this year "Sakura", will be sold from the 25th of February. This was learnt on the 11th [of January]. It will be used as the theme song for the TBS drama, "Ouroboros~kono ai koso, seigi" [1] (starting on the 16th of January, every Friday at 10:00pm) starring Ikuta Toma from the same agency. It marks the first time Arashi provides the theme song but not act in the drama.
人気アイドルグループ・嵐の今年第1弾となる新曲「Sakura」が2月25日に発売されることが11日、わかった。同じ事務所に所属する生田斗真主演のTBS系ドラマ『ウロボロス~この愛こそ、正義』(16日スタート、毎週金曜 後10:00)の主題歌として起用された。嵐が主題歌だけでドラマに参加するのは初となる。

It has been 8 years since Ikuta and Oguri Shun last acted together in the 2007 Fuji Television drama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e". In this work, the two childhood friends,  police detective (Ikuta) and a Yakuza (Oguri) wants to expose the truth behind a murder they witnessed in the past; it's a serious police entertainment.

That day, taking the stage during the preview of the same drama, Ikuta said of the tag with Arashi whom he knows intimately. "In the midst of the theme of 'the feeling of thinking about people', I'm very happy to have old friends taking part and providing the music. It was a heartening support. As a friend, and an Arashi fan, I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you everyone in Arashi!" Ikuta said with happiness.

Co-star Oguri Shun also joked, "I can really feel the support [literal translation would be covering fire]. Amongst the actors, I have participated in quite a number of works with theme songs by Arashi. Was I part of Arashi too?"

1: roughly translated as "Ouroboros~this love for sure, justice". Note
ouroboros is an image of a dragon or serpant swallowing it's own tail.

Summary: Arashi's new single will be out on 25th Feb, which is on the same day as Pikanchi 2.5 DVD. This is a 'record breaking' single because it's the first time Arashi is providing the song for something that's not Arashi related in anyway.

Japanese words:

幼なじみ (おさななじみ, osananajimi) - Childhood friend; friend from infancy; old playmate
援護射撃 (えんごしゃげき engojyakeki) - 1. (providing) covering fire. 2. Supporting (backing up) someone (in a debate or argument)
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Again! I'm here to translate the short Arashi related paragraph of Hironaka's Music Station blog. The bulk of that entry talks about Morning Musume'14, which is not surprising because it's the last time their leader will be performing on stage. Apparently it's been some time since that group appeared on Mstay too...

Anyway, here goes!


Arashi has performed the new song from their album for the first time on television. They performed on a set which used loads of LED lights as the backdrop! Did you realize that there are slightly different moves in Choreography-Master Ohno-san's dance? There are moves symbolizing the evolution of mankind in the choreography! From walking with the waist bent like an apeman, to walking on two legs, the choreography showed a whittled down progress of evolution. The members were perplexed at first too, but they found it interesting dancing to choreography they've never done before! That was what they said.
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Ok. Because it's been a whole day but the English translation of Ohno's Jweb The Digitalian message isn't out yet. I can't resist anymore. Maybe their translator isn't around cos it's a Sunday? But I thought those messages would have been written long ago. Maa maa... I love translating these short bits because it's 1) short 2) easy to understand 3) quick to complete. Let's see how my translation compares to theirs...

Here goes!

Hello~! It's Ohno~! Soo~ Arashi's new album [THE DIGITALIAN] is on sale~! This time too, it's filled with various types of songs! There are pretty adult like songs, so please look forward to it! Among them, the song [Zero-G], I did the choreography~! To see how it turned out, the PV of [Zero-G] and the making is in the limited, first press edition; please watch it there~! My solo is this song called [Imaging Crazy]. The members said that "It's Leader-like" *laughs*. Apart from that, it is also packed with various songsl please listen to it loads!!

That's all.
This was Ohno Satoshi.
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Okay. Let's have some Arashi related things because I need a change of mood.

Got a few new lots from Arashimikuji. Including one from Nino. Yeah, I know there are official translations of everything on jweb. Their translations isn't perfect, neither is mine, I just want to be 'extra' and translate it ok?

Lot no. SS-00002 )

Lot no. SS-00006 )

Lot no. NK-00003 )

Lot no. OS-00004 )
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I've went to check out the Music Station official website to see if there's any news there about Arashi appearing on the 24th of Oct, but nope, they only have info for this week's program up.

But well... I discovered something else... and the randomness in me could not resist translating this random bit.

It's Hironaka Ayaka's blog for Music Station. She has an entry on her thoughts after filming the 26th of September Music Station special episode. I will only translate the front part because the rest are not Arashi related (and I'm lazy). I don't see a permanent link to the entry so here's a screenshot.

「マイガール ハワイアンバージョン」では、ハワイの海と美しい夕焼けをバックに歌ってくださいました!後ろにダイアモンドヘッドが映っていたのは皆さん気づかれましたか

This time's Mstay was a three hour special!
Going beyond the stage in the studio, the members of Arashi did a live relay broadcast from Hawaii! From across the oceans, they revealed their wonderful stage! It seems that the venue which they sang in is a chapel normally used for conducting wedding ceremonies! It's a romantic place right?♪
[My Girl Hawaiian Version] was sang with the beautiful Hawaii sea and sunset as the backdrop! Did anyone notice that the Diamond Head was captured in the background?

Notes: As you may have noticed, they like to call the program Mステ for short. Which would be Msute in romanji. But I prefer to call it Mstay because that's way it sounds in English, and Mstay looks nicer that Msute? Well just a personal preference thing.

Ahhh the Diamond Head. Nope I did not notice, more like, I didn't even know what's the Diamond Head till I was research about Hawaii and surfing for translating Abunai. Now I know! XD
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Woots. This is crazy. Seriously. Crazy. I'm going to die next month. I can tell you that. Why are there no public holidays in November here? I would like, edit the photo itself, but I'm in the office now so...

But well. It's finally revealed. The air dates of Hawaii AnShi!

Please pardon me if there are any mistakes in translations!

Here goes!

Source: Newspaper article here.
Credits to the unknown person who took a photo of the news article, and the person who shared it on FB. Thank you very much for sharing! m(_ _)m
Special thanks to [ profile] jheili and [ profile] octavialao who helped me rephrase sentences I get stuck with.


Main Title: Arashi's Vacation in Hawaii
Captions, from top to bottom: Ohno fishing. Sakurai expeditious tour. Aiba surfing. MatsuJun shopping. Nino goes to the castle.
That little column of black text on the extreme right bottom corner: Arashi spent their holiday separately in Hawaii.

Smaller Title: Airing on the 1st and 8th of next month on NTV.

In the Nihon television group (NTV) show [Arashi ni Shiyagare] (Saturday 10pm) hosted by the popular group [Arashi], the members were closely followed as during their vacation when they went o Hawaii for their 15th anniversary concert. It was been decided that the Special episodes will air on the 1st and 8th of November.

The location shot was boldly filmed after the 2 day concert involving over 30,000 fans in Hawaii ended, in the last third of September. Because the 5 of them are always busy, the private time spent one to one with the director was a really precious 'off' time.

The way of passing the time differed for each of them. Ohno Satoshi (age 33) was fully satisfied with fishing. Sakurai Sho (age 32) did an expeditious tour of Kailua island with a perfectly allocated time schedule. Ninomiya Kazunari (age 31) went to Ko Olina where the concert venue was. Aiba Masaki (age 31) made for the surfboard workshop in order to buy a surfboard for Matsumoto Jun (age 31).

Enjoying his shopping trip in the Honolulu city center, Matsumoto said, "Because I did not drive by myself, it was a comfortable shopping experience. I really have no idea if the time spent would be appropriate for TV." He seems really relaxed. "Because I have completely no idea how the rest of the members spent their time, I'm looking forward to watching it during the studio recording."

Producer Tanaka Hiroshi, who proposed the segment, said confidently, "The members were purely thinking about how to spend their free time. It will be a segment that will show their individuality that's been cultivated for 15 years." Matsumoto appealed, "What kind of vacation did we have, what kind of souvenir did we prepare, please wait for it eagerly!"


Yes Jun! We are definitely waiting for it!

22nd October - The Digitalian official release date
1st November - Arashi ni Shiyagare Hawaii SP Part 1
6th November - VS Arashi Hawaii SP, Abunai Yakai (Should be on as per normal)
7th November - NHK Arashi Documentary
8th November - Arashi ni Shiyagare Hawaii SP Part 2, TSD
9th November - Tokyo Live (New show with Aiba as one of the hosts), Nino-san (Should be on per normal), Aiba Manabu (Should be on per normal)

What else have we got? Oh, in this whole week's Arashi Discovery Ohno will be talking about Hawaii. Abunai Hawaii has aired already... I heard that's Nino-san in Hawaii? No idea when that will be airing though (just checked, not this week either). If this isn't a crazy Arashi Matsuri, than what else is?

Off topic: Zero G PV!
Ahhh saw the gifs, saw the screen shots, I can't wait to go home and watch the news clips. Ahhhh the hip shaking! Ohno needs to choreograph more of their songs! More PVs with Ohno's choreographing please!!!

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