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It was a busy few days off...

Meeting up with my friend, writing entries and fixing up the new Nihongo Manabu...

I didn't even have time to watch any Arashi show, or write any review for the site....

At least I did manage to get a lot of stuff done.

Signed up for a bunch of affiliate programs for the site - yes, I'm trying to monetise the site, since we all are poor people. But no, I can't and won't sell my Arashi translations... so I'm trying to use another avenue to do so. The site will always remain free to use... but perhaps if you're going to buy something from Amazon next time (like this bittersweet CD maybe?), or some Arashi CD/DVD from cdjapan etc... you could click on one of my links? :P I'd appreciate that loads. We do need money to pay for the site domain and hosting after all. (And contests on DNA costs $$$ to run too!)

Spent the better part of the afternoon today making a webstore with my sis for her drawings. She's selling her drawings online as A6 sized prints. Do check it out here! Yes, there's only three designs as of now... hopefully there'll be more coming up! ;)

Sometimes I really wish I could draw like my sis. I mean, just look at this!

Apart from that though... I've not been in a really good mood lately. I just keep cursing at my hanging, misbehaving laptop. And now my mouse isn't working properly too. Sigh. Need to get a new one, and send the current one for repair/replacement since it's still under warranty. Sigh. I'm kinda hesitant because with the current state of my laptop, I can't tell if it's my laptop or the mouse anymore. Either way... I'll have to get a new mouse tmr to use in the meantime. I'll need a new mouse when the iMac comes anyway. I can't freaking wait for it to come any longer... but alas, wait I must. Grrrrrrr. Planning to get the trackpad instead of the mouse for the iMac...

Sigh. *deep breath*

Just... 3 more weeks...

*deep breath*

Oh yes. I've not sorted out the photos from the Ph vacay. [ profile] aussiestorm thank you for the card and the book mark! That was just awesome! I took photos... but I'm too lazy to upload them now so... maybe next week :P Just love the fishing hook! XD

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