Nov. 9th, 2016 02:49 am
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I've been social!

So a jc friend who's absconded to the US came back to SG on holiday. And it was pretty last minute... But I met up with her on Monday evening. Night. Midnight.

Just the two of us.

It really surprised me how much we had to talk about. I mean... The last time we talked so much was probably a decade ago when we were still in jc. And after her being aboard for so long and all... We've drifted apart.


I guess that was precisely the reason why we had so much to talk about. Because she broke out of the box, the cage that in this country's rules and boundaries. And because I'm a little bird so very trapped here, so very much wanting to break free but still lacking the courage and motivation to do so... (and no also lost and questioning her life direction). We just chatted and chatted. First we had tim sum. Then we switched to a Japanese café for mocha ice cream to talk more. And when they were closing up, I asked my friend if she knew of any bar or something to go to. Of course she checked out the bars nearby. She loves drinking after all. So I went to my first ever bar, feeling totally out of my league and definitely under dressed (because basically my whole wardrobe consists of T-shirts, shirts, and jean)... In this high end hotel... And then we ordered some drinks and chatted some more. Got some 16 year whiskey with chocolate bitters and it was nice. Pricey. But at least it was good alcohol. Like, no the diluted with tons of ice kind of drink. Felt like my stomach couldn't quite take it though. Well... My stomach has been screwed up recently so...

Yeah. We talked about a lot. I complained about my work. And then we complained about the sad state of things in sg. And then she talked about her work, her future plans... Her girlfriend... And I lamented about how I'll probably never meet someone as long as I stay in sg. Because the selection pool of people is just so small. Not that there isn't any. And I've not even tried yet... But right now I can't even be bothered to and I feel pretty happy doing random crap on my own so I'm good. Doesn't matter that I'm missing the fertility window blah blah blah because I'm sure I don't want to have kids. Not even to adopt. Not that I have anything against kids but I'm just not good with them. And I won't be any sort of parent so yeah. Still a kid who wants to play around...

It was a really great, refreshing talk. Like... When was the last time I had such a great intellectual discussion? Oh. When unsup was still working here....

Like even when I hang out with my other jc friends... Some of them are more conservative, or we just have different opinions and interests and like... They just don't feel what I've felt, and therefore they can't understand what I'm talking about. Like the doctor who just like stability and she's surrounded by many other Singaporean doctors anyway so she doesn't realise how it's even possible that I'm one of the very few and rare Singaporeans in my workplace. They benefitted from the government, I suffered. Naturally our viewpoints will differ. So it's lik... While I totally understand them when they're talking about their work and all the medical lingo and stuff (I pride myself in being fairly well read/knowledgeable), they are pretty clueless when I try to explain to them about my work... Like I have to wash things down a lot. Like... sometimes I feel like I can't even get my sentiments across... Which is funny because the other ex-classmate I just hanged out with did econs and law. You'd think that medical doctors and scientists would be more alike.

But I suspect... The main culprit is the different mindset and viewpoint that we have. Mind is the 'less conventional', by the Singaporean yardstick that is. Heck. I've never been one for rules and all that crap.

Why I am trapped in this stupid island?

Trapped trapped trapped.

People's mindset are just so....


Like I told a friend's friend that I was making a Japanese learning website. He was like, oh cool, why don't you advertise it in comics con or something?

I was like... HUH? Firstly, I'm not appealing to the comics lovers. I have a different market. Secondly, I'm not even targeting Singaporeans! It's a website dude. Www. World wide web! Global man. Global. It has never once crossed my mind to do some sort of physical advertisements. Google. SEO. I was learning about those. And right now? The top no. of visitors comes from USA, followed by Indonesia, then Philippines, then Singapore... And a whole boatload of other countries. Countries don't even matter really. I'm targetting Arashi lovers. Full stop. Wherever they may be. That's my target audience.

So anyway... I was talking to my friend about unsup and the sups after that and all... And when I reached home after calling an uber for the first time... because I hardly go anywhere till past midnight when the trains stop running - because I don't hang that many people to hang out with, and my doctor friends either have an early start or are post call... I checked my mail and realise that unsup is alive! I mean, I got an email from unsup. Work related stuff of course. And then I managed to catch her for a bit earlier and we chatted. Mostly I chatted. And just spammed her. Tsk. I wonder if she finds me irritating or something... Cos I type so much. Well I can imagine she's busy with her baby and other stuff too, hence the short replies. But yeah. I'm the type who types about 10000x more than I talk... So when it's via a screen the words comes typing out (almost) uninhibited. And also because well... There's hardly anyone I can talk to about work who'd understand. That's why I rant here I guess. Shouting out into the ether for everyone, anyone to hear. Maybe because having no response is better than getting the wrong response. Like when you're looking for encouragement, they try to gently dissuade you instead.

Still happy about having met up 1 on 1 with that friend. Like the last time she came back we only had a group gathering and the topic was on stuff like western movies and actors and actresses, all of which I don't watch/know.

I was asking unsup if she has some ideas for a new blog url/name... And she's like, how do you even keep track of all your blogs! Well. Only some of them. The important ones. The others are just there, in the back of my mind... Ignored, most of the time.

And well...


I like writing.

I like blogging.

I don't think it'll ever give me significant monetary returns to blog, but I can build up a following. Well, with a new topic and blogging style I think I'll build up a better following than NM anyway. I mean... I've met people on LINE over and over who knew thanked me for my work on SF, or were my fans, or really liked my fics. I actually have a following on LJ... Though you can say it'll be sad if I don't, considering how many communities I'm involved in and all.

But I'm pretty sure I can do that in other spaces too. I'm good at stuff like this. Like making a forum community vibrant and alive. I just have to find a way to capitalise on it. It's something that I really enjoy doing, and that I'm good at. If I can find a way to monetise it... I'm all set. Lol.

But yeah... I like doing blogs. Making LJ community. 'Meeting' new people online, gaining virtual fame. I just enjoy it. It's like... Kinda like a hobby maybe, but sometimes it's a hobby that has turned too serious and becomes a chore... Which is something that I do have knack of doing.

More importantly though... I'm bored I guess. Just bored. It takes so much to keep me entertained. My sis needed some help with her pysche stuff earlier and she had to program the questions for her pysche survey for the final year project and like... I got the problem broken down and understood and tried to explain it in a variety of different ways and yeah... It was just so clear to me but she couldn't see it. And I couldn't explain it better anymore so I just did my own stuff while she sat on my bed and huffed and puffed till she finally got it.

Like things that are obvious to me, common sense... Doesn't seem to be obvious or common sense to others. I even get bored at equipment trainings because they guys are so long winded and just by looking at the user interface I more or less got it already. I don't get why people ask those stupid questions that are so obvious, just as I don't get why my dad insists on questioning those sales person whom I can tell at a glance scarcely know about the product they are selling and it's better if I just read the box myself, and then getting almighty pissed when they can't answer his questions. Because geez, can't you tell they don't know shit? Just. Bored. I'm so fucking bored out of my mind half the time. That's why I'm always looking for something new to do or play... I should get deep into one thing instead but well... Idk. I need to find something that can really draw me in. Well, there's a lot actually. But not the things at work.


Yeah... That's why I do all these to keep myself entertained...So many, so many ideas...

So yeah. Two nice talks. Would love to meet up and talk more with that friend before she jets off to the world too far away again. (And yeah, although we're friends on fb and stuff, we just never chat online, lol...)

It's really late. I should sleep. But my sleep pattern has been messed up and I've been sleeping later than this for the last 4 days so yeah whatever.

Oh! Last thing. Gonna attend the talk by Prof. Helicobacter Drinker tmr. Excited! Should be really fun!


Dec. 28th, 2015 10:32 am
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Ok. Long post coming up...

Mainly just... Photo spam maybe?
A million photos )

That's all! Last day of holidays today. Sort of. Then I'll be back at work for 2.5 days... then a long weekend again (including my sis's bday this coming Sunday)

Going out for lunch with grandma!
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It’s a rainy, gloomy day as we bid farewell to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

2015 03 27 21 26 49Went to CCK community tribute centre on Friday.

It’s… disappointing and at the same time hilarious to see how the number of Western media reports on chewing gum. It’s a long bygone issue here. It’s not as if all candies are banned anyway. Chewing gum is a novelty for us when we go overseas… but one that I’m more than happy to do without. Clean drinking water - drinkable tap water? Great economy? Clean and green garden city? Safe and secure nation? Those are much, much more important to me. Who cares about gum in the light of all these greater things? Will you die without gum? You can die from armed robberies though, or shootings. Or get sick from drinking unclean water. Or get injured in street riots and protest… and have your daily life inconvenienced by strikes. They pick on all the nitty gritty little things because they are ignorant, jealous even, of all the things that we do have, that we enjoy and they don’t.

It’s… a sad occasion indeed. May you rest in peace Mr. Lee.

Food porn!

Mar. 28th, 2015 10:58 pm
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Some random photos of food. Ate out with my family a few times recently and this is the result…

Food! )


Mar. 25th, 2015 10:46 pm
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It’s crazy.

The queue to pay respects to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew has stretched so long...

An update at 5pm says that the expected waiting time for the queues is 8 hours… so much so that they have advised the public not to join in the queues anymore. 

Tribute centers and the lying in state will be opened 24 hours to the public… because there was just too many people going to pay their respects. 

Trains and buses will run all night today too.

It’s crazy...

But at the same time...

If you just think about it…

Like what Lenin, Stalin was to the Soviet Union… or Mao Zedong was to China...

Lee Kuan Yew is that same legend to Singapore. 


I remember watching old footage showing kilometres of people queuing to pay their respects to Lenin. Years from now… people will be looking at footage of the Lying in State now and commemorating the founder of Singapore. 

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A nation marks the passing of it's founder.

Mr. Lee was truly a remarkable leader. Building our tiny nation, with no natural resources into the world renown metropolitan city that it is today. From third world, to first world. In just one single generation.

All the things that I enjoy... good education, housing, multi-racial society, good public transport... infrastructure... even the broadband that I'm using to post this entry. It is highly likely, almost certain that all these would not be possible if he hadn't been at the helm of the nation.

He created a nation that fought to survive, and it's people are hardworking and always striving for the best.

I was a little surprised earlier though, when the news went to interview students from my JC because he was an alumnus... not that I didn't know, I did, we all did... but see the RI he attended was the secondary school. Not the JC... but alas now that the JC arm has merged in name with the secondary school segment, I guess it only make it right to say that I am most privileged to have him as my alumni. It's been years since the name change occurred but well... old habits die hard. It's still RJC to me, it was when I studied there, and it probably forever will be.

Singapore will be hard pressed to find another leader who is as insightful, as charismatic.

May you rest in peace.

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Went out last Sunday to the new shopping centre that opened at Jurong East…

Photo spam under cut! )

That’s all for today! Hopefully the vacation photos will come this weekend? :P XD

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Finally, got round to making this post! Went out like… two weeks ago with my sis and her friends to celebrate her bday… and I snapped some photos! Her bday is on the 3rd of Jan, right after the new day, so the christmas decorations were still around! And there’s the Orchard road (premium shopping street in SG) pedestrian night too. It’s a trial that’s underway, where they close the road once a month on the first Saturday of the year to well, let you roam the streets. It was kinda… pathetic though IMO. There were some random performances here and there, a stage, with a very noisy MC. And is was pretty crowded with tourists and Singaporean alike… but the whole atmosphere was lacking. The street performers were still by the sidewalks, as they always were, because they are not license/authorised to perform in the middle of the road. It’s a once a month, 6 hour event, so they didn’t think of setting up stalls in the middle of the road. Some snack stalls and such would certainly give the whole place a more… carnival, festive atmosphere. Thankfully the Christmas lights were still up so we had something to see on this occasion. But otherwise? Kinda disappointing. There’s so much more that could have been done really. And considering how much SG depends on tourism to survive, the Singapore tourism board really should have done better. 

Okays. Without further ado, photos!

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Because you know, I'm a sucker for stats.

In three days DNA will be 4 months old.

And so far, as of writing, we have...

4,921 comments received.

458 members.

61 entries.

20 video releases, totaling over 5 hours.

15 translations, of varying lengths.

12 random posts.

Well if octavia finishes up and posts the random post she's been working on since last week, it'll be 13 random posts.

I'm glad for all the comments our members have given. For all the people who enjoy my translations, and choose it as the version they keep. It's really... tough... Hmm. How should I put it?

Subs is like news. And yes no matter how I try and sugar coat things, I still am competitive. I like it when we release things fast, first. But unlike some, I value quality as well as speed. I won't say I value quality more because... well, somethings I'd probably never be able to get, or by the time I figure things out it'll be weeks later, if at all. I give up on some stuff because otherwise we'd never be able to release anything. And as much as we are perfectionists, we aren't THAT anal about things either. Like if we spot a mistake after encoding is done, I'd rather put it as a note in the post than make J re-encode the entire thing. Which takes really, really long, unless it's a super short video (like 1 min or so) then I guess she'd just re-encode.

Well you can say that we are balanced perfectionist? Ha did I just make up a new term? We take into account things like timeliness too. Some clips needs to be subbed fast. Strike while the iron is hot. E.g. News of Arashi say... going to host kouhaku. Everyone would have read the news a million times otherwise. And then you'd lose your audience.

Even though we have gone underground and now our membership is closed. Ha.

I guess it's because even since I got on the Internet that's what I've been doing. From the time in primary school when Neopets was all in the rage. How do you make your shop stand out? How do you attract people to look at your pet page. Or the website you made? Granted I wasn't thinking much about how to actually get an audience then... but you bet I was when I managed the Heroes Lounge in the Warrior's Hall of MapleSEA forums. Or when I made guides. Or sales threads. Or managed Facebok pages. Or helped in the HiddenStreet database. Timeliness is an extremely important thing.

But when it comes to long videos. Of their regular shows... I just can't do it fast. Or fast enough. My stamina is getting less and less in fact. I guess I'll always be slow when it comes to those. Yet I can do things like the PV making and do it pretty fast too. So are we fast, or slow? I'm confused myself as well haha. I'd think, 'yup, sorry, it's a one man translating operation so we are slow'... but hey we can work fast at times too. Even when we aren't as fast as I would have liked, we were still faster than the rest. Which makes us fast. Sometimes you don't have to truly shine. You just have to shine in comparison. In fact, it's pretty darn hard to be the brightest out of all the stars in the universe. You just have to shine the brightest out of whoever you are comparing yourself with.

I've been wanting to write the following for a while now... and since I'm *still* not in a mood to sub, I'll dive right in.

There's so much competition in the subbing arena now. Granted, groups have gone on official, or unofficial hiatus, however at the same time, more groups are springing up. Still springing up. They say when the competition gets tough, the tough gets going. Indeed. It just means I need to up my game. And me trying to read stuff in Japanese - news, Jweb entries, any random thing, and then translating them, is part of my efforts I guess.

Some people give the advice that, you should always work in aplace where everyone is better than you are. When you get there, learn from others, work hard, become the best. And then leave for somewhere in which you are the worst amongst all the rest again. So true indeed. Especially for someone like me. It's both a good and a bad habit. I automatically adjust my game according to your game. Of course there is a limit as to how much I can adjust, but it's only when I'm at my upper limits, and pushing at it, that I improve. It was certainly the case in weiqi last time. If my opponent sucks, my game sucks too. I merely play well enough to win and that was that. I don't bother putting in more effort than needed. Why waste the energy?

And so it was really a good thing that I need get into my secondary school. Where just about everyone was smarter than me. I can't even began to tell how much I learnt out of it. My English used to be disastrous in primary school. I can't spell, I can't write, I can't even speak it properly. Then enter secondary school. Where everyone spoke English. And I found that I loved fantasy stories. I visited the school library so often, and borrowed so many books. My reading speed - for fantasy stories at least - improved greatly. I could finish a Terry Brooks books in a day. Well, sort or a day? From the time I get home after school and have lunch - that'll be late afternoon, till the wee hours of the night.

Would you believe me if I tell you, languages are one of my weakest point? I sucked at English, (yes, even then, my school results were just bad, bad bad) I sucked even worst at Chinese. There I was, thinking that all those other students coming from an English speaking family would suck at Chinese. I couldn't be more mistaken. They were good. Very good. Most of them were way better than me. And they were not the 'memorize the guidebooks' type of good. They genuinely mastered the language. They could speak it well, converse well, write well. Listening is a given of course. Me? I could only speak. Writing? Epic fail. Just like my English. Or Japanese for that matter. Everyone was just freaking good. It was natural for me to be just listening in awe of their achievements. And seriously that was something that would not happen elsewhere. That did not happen in uni for example. I had a reunion with two of my juniors last year, and really, the things they talked about... it was so nostalgic, the feeling of being back in secondary school again, listening to other people talk about their achievements that was nothing to them, but will never be achievable for me. Perfect GPA in uni for example? That's absolutely nothing to them. And where was I? "Struggling to make ends meet." Scholarship holders and what not. That's their world. And the world I used to be in too. But then I couldn't make it. A failure among all the successes, that what I am. Well... whether this failure turns successful in the end is still a story in progress... let's hope we get some sort of happy ending in the end eh?

I guess that's why I'm doing things like subs... maybe that's why I played maple so much last time too. I need something to occupy my time with. All that brainpower needs to be spent somewhere, on something. And no I don't like looking at cat photos or random vine videos.

I guess that's why I left my previous company too. Even if those fights did not occur, that place could not keep me there. I was too good for that lousy company, the director too useless, too unscientific for me to learn anything from. Heck, she was nothing. Not a scientist, and an even worst businesswoman.

Now in my current job, certainly no such problems. People are experts in their fields. They clearly know what they are talking about. And the Prof/director. He's good. Learnt so much from him even though the only contact I've had with him was just a few meetings. But he knows what he's talking about and I truly respect that. He has that... aura, the charisma needed of a leader. That cranky lady from my old company? None of it. Just a false pretense that gets broken through really fast.

I think it was a real privilege to have been in my secondary school. There we could be whoever we were, however bright you want to be. Sure people do say things like "wah you're so smart" and all... but all out jealously? No. Do they ostracize you? That would just be plain stupid, because everyone else is equally smart, if not even smarter. And because everyone else is smart too, there's really nothing to be jealous about. We say things like, "X person is really smart, and very consistent with her work too. I heard spends an hour revising her work everyday that's why she's the top of the cohort... it's a really good habit but I can't do that." So there you have it. Jealous? Sort of? But then again, we can't bring ourselves to revise everyday. Or even start revision a month before exams. We don't put in as much effort, so what's there to complain about?

Maybe I'm just lucky. My batch, the people I knew, were nice and genuine. I don't know how the current students are like for sure. But you know, it came as a total surprise to me when I found out, in my last year of education (that's the 4th year), that one of the prefects was the grand daughter of the then Sg president. And only because the school invited the president and first lady to our school's 125th (I think?) year anniversary, and they forced her to present the flowers to her grandmother. She didn't even want to do it. Well I wouldn't either if I were her. That'll be just so awkward. Ok, now I can't remember if that took place in sec 3 or 4 anymore. But still. Even though we were in different classes... She clearly didn't go around boasting her status. Nor did that girl from the next class, whom I even did internships with. Only years after graduation, when my sister was in the same class in JC as her younger brother... and my sister realized after a while, and from others, that the said boy was the son of one of the well loved ministers in Sg... and I went to check his facebook... and lo and behold my friend's face was there. In their family shot. I checked with my best friend later and she told me she knew, but that girl doesn't like spreading it around. That's the kind of people you have. Those who are smart aren't boastful either. Nor those who are rich. A lot of them you can't even tell they are rich. They still take the bus home themselves... when in truth they stay in landed properties and hire chauffeurs. Chauffeurs! Or those with houses bigger than community centers. Crazy rich. And on the other hand we have all those living in HDB flats, studying in the school on bursaries and scholarships. I was, well still am, the sandwiched middle class. And as far as I encountered, we all got along well with each other. Nobody was ostracized because they were poor. Even when picking restaurants for our annual class gathering we picked affordable places. We ordered pizza and ate in the shopping center rooftop with our extra class funds. And no we don't pay exorbitant class funds, nor did we pay it frequently. We seriously suspected that the class treasurer paid out of her own pocket for the pizzas. Because I only remember paying twice to the class fund in the whole year, and it was something like... 2 bucks, 5 bucks each time? And the funds was collected because it was being used for something, though I can't remember what anymore. Could the leftovers really feed everyone pizzas? I don't think so... Granted, she's rich - she had a 400 bucks pocket money monthly in sec 1, which was just about 5 times more than what I get. But still, that was nice of her.

Oh, there was loads of cultural diversity too. We have Malays, Indians, people of mixed ancestry, loads of scholars from China (and many others from China who weren't scholars)... quite a handful of Malaysians, a number of Indians from India (i.e. not locals)... I had a classmate who's a scholar from Thailand...

But where they came from really didn't matter. Well I'd bug them with questions like how they find Singapore, where are they staying (which hostel)... but well. What else? Sure, some of those from China had bad English initially. Then they got special English classes every freaking day after school. I was so jealous. Like hey? I NEED those English lessons too? Indeed. In what, one year? One of my friends under that special classes program scored better in her English comprehension than me. Like... !#%%U!#%!$185*&!)$!$2!!!!!

Seriously. Country or background didn't matter. Everyone had good English. Everyone was better than me. It didn't matter if they came from Malaysia, Thailand, or China. They were freaking good. And better than me. So I really don't judge people by their country. Because I know of people from many developing countries who are seriously, way better than me.

But of course. Just because the top people in that country is good doesn't mean everyone is good I guess. Reality check in uni once again. People from other countries with really poor English, some even admit that they don't understand a single thing the lecturer was saying (she spoke accented English. Some European accent... which was fine for me to understand, except that she doesn't know how to use the mic properly, and she mumbles, so most of the time I can barely even HEAR what she's saying.) That poor guy didn't even bother going for the lectures. At least I can understand what she's saying when she speaks up and I can actually hear her.

Again, you get reality checks whenever you're not with groups of smart/understanding people. Being smart is both a good and a bad thing. People hate you for being so smart. They get jealous, and they give you the cold shoulder. Yeah, I've got an ego. I love flaunting at times. But really, normally in real life I'd prefer that you don't know anything about my history at all. Because once you do, you'd start judging. You'd think I'm so and so. Which may or may not be true. You'd think I'm really smart, aced all my exams so on and so forth. But in truth I did a lot worst than the rosy picture you automatically have of students from that school. I feel that I'm a failure. But how could I tell you that? You already think the world of me. I'd say I did badly in my A levels, which is true, but you won't believe me. "How could it be? You're joking right? You're from XXX school after all." *shrugs* True I do believe I'm better than a lot of the people out there, the general public. But I wasn't even half as good as you'd imagined exams wise. Well I just suck at exams. But that's all that mattered in Singapore isn't it?

Better that you don't know at all. And better that I just keep it to myself when I think whatever problems you are having is really trivial, and can be easily solved. Better that I just pretend and nod when you say a particular science concept is really hard to understand, but really, I learnt it all in secondary school already. In this aspect, it's probably easier to be dumb than to be smart. You won't know my true self unless I judge that you won't judge. You won't know unless we are close enough. For the longest time everyone on the MapleSEA forums thought I was a male, which was exactly what I wanted them to think. It's fine. I'd rather things be that way.

Looking towards my future... I don't know. Where can I find that place where my light shines the dimmest? Where can I find a place where everyone is smarter, and more hardworking than me? I have a feeling that the answer to this question lies outside of Singapore.

Just yesterday, the PI gave me that lit review to do, and in searching I kinda missed my usual lunch timing. So I went and took the same bus as the PI did - she was eating lunch with another RF. And during their conversation she mentioned me. The other guy was lamenting about having to write proposals, and she said that he should stop complaining, and she was even getting me to write a proposal - well she isn't though. But I wouldn't mind if she did, or trusted in my ability enough to do so. The other guy was like, but she's just a young little girl (well it's their way of expressing things in Chinese). She said 'But she's really good though, she knows what I want, not like other people who just come back with a pile of rubbish."

So that's it. Demystified. She's using me because she likes that work I did. Well on hindsight I guess that's pretty obvious right? You won't keep asking the same person so do random task for you if they did a bad job. But I didn't think I was doing an exceptional job either. I didn't even do much? Nor anything really that important? And for all I may know she was only picking me because I'm sitting right next to her. She only has to stand me and look over the partition to ask for my help, which was exactly what she did. Who's to say that she wasn't just calling on me out of convenience? Or because, as it happened with the lit scan, the other person(s) she was looking for was not in the office yet?

And no, I don't think she purposely said that to flatter me. The tone and flow of the conversation and her character. It's all good then. Somehow I've been able to make my tiny mark. I found some footing. The life sciences student in a sea of chemistry and civil engineering grads might actually be able to find her place after all.

Better still. She revealed that I would actually be working on that new project together with one of the sups in the old project. That project that she asked me to do a lit scan of. This is it. I really hope it'll work out well. That I won't be dragged into another project as I initially thought I would be. This would be it. My time to shine. The experience I'd get from following a project from inception to the end would be phenomenal. Rather than being thrown into a project halfway as it happened previously. I'd actually know exactly what is going on. I really hope I'd be part of the proposal writing process and all. I want to be a part. I hope there's no rule that only RFs can do those things. Because I frigging want a piece of that pie. It excites me till no end. Knowing the entire story, doing the lit scan and being able to read up... I'd actually know what's going on, and I'd actually be able to contribute stuff. I might even be able to think up of some side experiments that could lead to a paper. I want that. With this previous project... everything was just a half effort. Even the qpcr. On my end I've done my best, but there were too many things out of my control. The protocols, the kit used... it was all taken from the PhD student, from what the group had been doing before. And now that I've learnt a little more, I certainly don't agree with the way he carried out things. The results... aren't really reliable...

But well... from what little lit scan that I've done... I think there's quite a lot of bio, life sciences to be had in that project. My field. Even if I'm not really well versed in it. But still, it's my field. And I can always learn. That project could end up being really good for me. Let's hope things turn out well.


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Happiness is being able to watch kageyama on my big TV screen! yesh! My mum wasnt watching smthing else which was great! and she even asked me to record it for her... though she was kinda watching at the same time as well... she keeps insisting that she's watched it before and this is a replay... though i seriously have no idea where she could have possibly watched it from... afaik it wasnt shown on any of the mio tv channels? And i dont think she caught me watching it on my comp before? Idk... but ah... so delighted XD

Now to work on my fic :P

Oh yes... the drama was english and chinese subbed after all. Weird they say it was only eng subbed on FB last time... oh wells whatever :P

Meh... i wish it was easier to xfer videos from my recorder to my comp... like if i could just use a usb to link it up then i'll happily upload the drama... the channel U logo aside, it comes with chinese and english subs... aint that good? But alas i have to 1st burn the video to a dvd... which takes irritably long plus the interface kinda sucks... oh wells. i'll see if i can record ALL the episodes 1st. Speaking of which i've still not DLed all the episodes of kagi heya... will probably go back n DL all the episodes of that later on or something, cos i REALLY love that drama... or maybe i'll just buy the dvd? Reprinted versions of the dramas are pretty cheap i think... saw saigo no yakusoku before for like 10 bucks and nazodi was a bit more expensive i think... ard 20 bucks or something? Forgot :X. But ah i hope they'll show Kagi heya! Loved that so very much! I hope that the Nazodi movie will make its way over to sg too... since they've shown the drama here in sg XD. I wonder if they'll be showing the SP of nazodi too? o.o I sure hope so!

Ah... so happy now, dont feel like writing the fic anymore lol. Latest i'll finish it by tmr... oh wait... today. Its past 12am already :P Oh wells :P
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Yes yes yes! I know its been talked about on twitter and all that quite a while back, but catching the last 2 secs of the advert on TV just on was like... YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness! So after that i rushed to check the air time and found...

《推理要在晚餐后》/ 《謎解きはディナーのあとで》 The After Dinner Mysteries - 11月3日起,每逢星期六 11.30PM,U频道独家首播!
* 日语原音播出,附中文字幕,with English Subtitles

Hohoho... no dub at all - my mum was complaining about it... english subs... i guess channel U to too lazy to re-sub it in chinese or something? My mum was like: "Hasn’t this been aired before?" Me: " Nonono! It’s a new show, it only came out at the end of last year!" Yes, in Sg, that's called very recent. Considering that the million times they replay movies from literally over 10 years ago... Mum: "Seems like they like this kind of mystery shows a lot?" Me: "No, i think its just a recent trend" Mum: "How come now all the dramas are in Japanese, can't i switch it to chinese?" Me: "No... they didn’t dub it..." But of course i was delighted that they didn’t dub it... :P if its dubbed my mum will obviously watch it in chinese, which is absolutely hate! Dubbing just... destroys the show, especially for dramas or varieties when everyone is excited but the dub is monotonous. Spoils the whole show really... similarly with dramas... ESP dramas that you've already watched and know how its supposed to sound like.

But gosh shyt......... i just remembered.............. Sat night i have that guild cygnus boss run that I'm FINALLY able to attend. T.T

NOOO Why must things be like this!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

Maybe I'd bring my computer out to the living room or something...... that is IF my mum isnt watching other shows at that time T.T. We got some cable channels from taiwan and china and she's been watching a lot of china programs. Like. A LOT. I can't even think of watching VSA T.T

Sighz. Lets hope my mum will like nazodi... she watched The Boss and seems to like it... saw her watching quite a few times... oh well let's hope... at least with maple i can just move my computer to the living room... but if my mum's watching something else than its for me...

Meh. i was hoping it wouldn’t be aired so late... but ah well... a quick check and i realised the previous Jdrama (全開ガール) they aired was at the same timing... so i guess 11:30pm sat has been reserved for Jdramas than :) Which is a good thing no doubt... at least we can finally getting our Jdramas back! Enough with the Kdramas. Its just been way way way too much! Almost every single advert is of some kdrama they are showing... its just way too much and makes me loath k-stuff even more.

Hmm i wonder what they will bring in next? Lucky 7 or kagi heya maybe? Or even some old drama like maou would be nice XD *prays hard* XD
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Just as i was posting in here about arafest and all i saw my twitter feed about j-pop revival! Turns out that amuse inc. is bring its artist to sg for concerts... and from the video the guy says that perfume will be coming in like November? WOW i didn’t know that hahaha! This is GREAT! I want the j-pop craze back in sg! Sorry but i've had enough of kpop! I want my jpop! Well i don't mind jpop n kpop waves being in sg at the same time.... but i just sooooooo want to see jpop goods all over the place in sg instead of kpop everywhere. Or it can be both i really don't care haha...!

PS: The video is mainly in english, some parts in japanese tho and the subs just suck. Like the guy says a million things but they only translate it very roughly.... thank goodness i can understand most of what he says haha.

Part 2 of the video...

Yes... 2nd part of the video... loads of kpop fans there and if you hear their comments... harsh, but its true and reflective of the current situation in singapore... kpop world really.

Like the director for amuse inc said... jpop has a greater variety. i agree... one thing about kpop i dislike is how every idol and every song seems to come out of the same mold. yup, the songs are very catchy and its easy to see how they have become an instant hit... plus of cos... the aggressive marketing and packaging... meh... i wish jpop will push out of japan once more!

And yup... i don't like kpop, but i certainly think they can co-exist together... its not like jpop fans can't like kpop and kpop fans can't like jpop at the same time ya know...? if anything its more cos of the commonest of kpop that further drives me to dislike it... so maybe that will change when jpop makes a comeback... who knows haha

ok, I'm a bit tired and not very coherent in my writing so I'd better stop :P
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Its tonight! VsA on Channel U at 8pm! All SG JE fans please support! <3

EDIT: oh and do take the time to share your excitement on twitter (@channel_u) or channel u's fb page. Let them know that we like VsA so they'll keep buying the program, and even bring in more Japanese variety/drama :)
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finally saw the vs arashi ad... after like 1.5 hours of watching tv... they showed like all the upcoming drama ads etc but no vs till like the very very end. actually i was gonna give up already but finally saw it!

cant tell where it starts from tho, but its before the giant crush got changed to the current one on poles... but that's quite expected since the change was quite recent... show like coin tower and cliff climb too but those have been ard since the very beginning? bleah too busy laughing at the subs and trying to catch the description to notice... meh... too short an ad...

oh wells... why over analyse an ad when i'll be watching it anyway >< meh... i wonder if ppl would find me funny... when i'm already watching vs and can watch it any time on9, yet i'm so excited abt it being shown on tv.

but then again, watching it on tv is a diff thing... it'll mean that people who nvr knew abt arashi will now get exposed to them... it'll also give j-wave another chance at booming in sg... before the k-pop wave, it was jpop that was taking sg by storm... well kinda, at least more so then now. Than taiwanese pop came into the scene... before kpop came and crushed them all... hopefully jpop will start to flourish here again <3
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Yup, its official!

J-Wave is here, check this out!
VS Arashi* (Premieres 13 Aug, Monday 8PM)
Run For Money* (Premieres 14 Aug, Tuesday 8PM)
Full Throttle Girl ** (Premieres 18 Aug, Sat 11:30PM)
* Dual Sound (Japanese/Chinese) with English Subtitles
** Japanese language, with English & Chinese Subtitles

I think the ads have started showing already, but have yet to see any yet... was watching stuff on other channels during dinner just now... and cos of copyright problems, they cant post the ad online... aw :(

More info here on the channel u blog

J-pop fans have more reasons to rejoice as the long awaited J-wave makes a comeback. Hilarious Japanese drama 《全开女孩》Full Throttle Girl charges in from 18 August onwards. Starring idols Yuri Aragaki, Ryo Nishikido and Hiroko Yakushimaru, this drama takes on an all-new Saturday 11:30pm time slot. Channel U fans also get to enjoy the highly-rave VS Arashi, a variety game show fronted by Japan’s favorite boy-band Arashi, where members of the band pit themselves against celebrity guest stars every Monday at 8:00pm.

《全员逃走中》Run for Money is all about running away from hunters in the game and to last for as long as every minute counts, because every minute they last equates to every prize dollar earned. Do not miss this energetic gameshow every Tuesday at 8:00pm.

I heard they only bought 1 season of VS. Well i'd be surprised if they buy more than that at a go... knowing how stingy they are... but honestly they wouldnt know how well locals will take to the most popular boyband in japan so... we'll just have to make sure VSA is so popular that'll they'll buy more and more seasons yeah? its just a reality that shows that dont get good viewership ratings get cut... so let's all (ok, just those in sg...) watch VSA on the 13th aug to make sure that doesnt happen! at least they're finally bringing some J-shows... enough with the k-stuff... at least, give us some variety... its not that i hate k-stuff that much but too much of it just makes me wanna cry. With just ONE tv stn in Sg you pretty much dont have a choice.

YESYESYES i cant wait to see VSA on my big big tv! Ok not THAT big... but its a brand new 40 inch tv we just got last month... that's way bigger than my 13 inch macbook :) wahaha and in HD :)

I wasnt expecting eng sub tho, since its a chinese channel... and chinese dubbed LOL. I'll listen to the chi dubbs for a while just for LOLs, must be really hilarious... esp when you know how the members actually sound like. Dual sound ftw haha :) OMG this would be the 1st time i'll be seeing arashi on tv! *yay*

they did appear on the news when they did the promotional video for japan after last's year's earthquake, but i only saw the news on the web much later. On my lappy :(. Somehow news of the kaibutsu-kun movie did make it to CNA news too, but once again i only heard of it much later.

i wonder which episode of vs they'll start showing from? dont know if the show is an hour or just 30 mins... but than again sg tv plays like way more ads than other countries... so the old 1/2 hour VSA MIGHT just become a full hour in sg...  Ok wait... No.... that's just too much, 40mins ads and 20 mins VS... ok nah, that wont happen... but meh...!

What do i wanna watch? i dont mind the starting episodes cos i've not seen all of them (gets boring to watch vsa after a while...), but its the more recent episodes that the games have become more refined, and extravagant etc etc. Like how cliff climb has vasty improved over the years. Changing it from a solo attempt to like a 2 person tag team... the wall size has also changed... (unchanged tho, is how the flimsy wall is still make of some Styrofoam-like material than flakes off dangerously as ppl climb up) New games like kicking sniper, korokoro viking and shot gun disc also add to the excitement. Plus, more games per episode = more fun... previously with just like 2? games per episode that was really way too short (have not watched much of the old episodes).

Was watching an Sg made variety show just now... it was really... -.-'''. Sg version of Sasuke aka ninja warrior is premiering on Nat day too... i wonder how that will turn out o.o

In a way water margin (the show i watched during dinner) is like a ninja warrior wannabe. Only that its not. I was quite excited for it when watching the ads, but after watching the 1st and 2nd episode i got bored... Why? I was thinking over it over dinner and came up with several reasons...

First up, a brief introduction. The game is a 4v4 team event, divided into 3 stages. In the 1st stage, both teams compete against each other to see who can clear the obstecle course faster... 1 member clears the obstacle course at a team but both teams go for it stimutaneously. There's like a fixed number of 'weapons' at the end for use in stage 2. 1st come, 1st served.

Stage 2: 2 platforms (oh forget to say that... all the stages are over the water as in sasuke, just that we have it in a swimming pool), each team start on one platform... fight it out, last team standing wins a 'special order', which negates 2 fails in stage 3.

Stage 3; a series of obstacle courses, much longer and harder than in stage 1.

The problems:
Stage 1 is meaningless. In the sense that you can take ur own sweet time, lose epicly... but still do well for stage 2. Why? cos the 'weapons' are flimsy inflatable long stick/hammer/spear. Its so flimsy you can barely hold it horizontally w/o it bending. What use is the 'weapon' then?

Which leads to the problem with stage 2. Since the weapons are so useless... you just end up jumping from one platform to the other (yes it very close apart) and a cat fight ensues. Just how exciting is it to watch a bunch of idols/civilians push and pull at life jackets, trying to win but at the same time not resorting to overt violence... idk abt you, but its really... awkward to me. There are no rules on what you can or cannot do, but its TV and you really cant go around punching and injuring others... i think the whole stage is very awkward ><

Stage 3... each team sends one member at a time to clear the stage. What i find confusing is the rules. Unlike Sasuke with a strict 'touch water and u're out' rule, water margin is much much more lenient... and forgiving. If you fail an obstacle (oh and touching water is fine, only if u fall right in do u fail), you are given a 2nd chance on the same obstacle. If you fail the 2nd time as well, then you move on to the next obstacle. Confusion arises cos some ppl fail the same obstacle twice, but its not shown on tv (and rules not clearly said at the beginning) so the number of fails tallied does not correspond to the number of fails we see. And the final winner of the game is the team with less fails. If both team have equal number of fails, then the team who took less time overall wins. So does it mean that if both teams are doing just as poorly, failing an obstacle twice in a row give a higher chance of winning since you take less time? Any time penalty for failing? After watching several episodes here and there i still dont know (neither does my parents, who watched the show like every week). So every week my mum will be like 'hurry up and drop down better!'...

I thought that they would change stage 2 after watchign the 1st epi, but too my horror the next week saw the same life jacket/shirt pulling/pushing cat fights :X idk wat to change it to really, but.... just change it? heck even an under water treasure hunt would be better? and cheap too. Then the team that finishes faster in the 1st round gets to say... enter the pool 30sec earlier or something. NOW that would be some real advantage.

Stage 3 is boring too... yeah some bits are tough in the sense that its not something an overweight, unfit kid like me can complete... but with sasuke, the obstacles are like... insane...! and with the same obstacles every week... it gets kinda boring. well in part this is just ONE variaty series, unlike sasuke where 1 completion is held every half a year (and they have like a hundred participants, so only the interesting ones were shown on tv)... i dont think the program has so much funding as to build a brand new obstacle course per episode, that would be kind of unrealistic... but i wish the rules were more simple and clear cut. Say no re-trys of obstacles. If you fail an obstacle, it adds 5 minutes (or watever no. of minutes) to your time. Fastest team wins. No need to bother about no. of failures per team thing... just timing only. You can really tell that the program is boring when the two hosts have really nothing better to say. And its not that they are lousy hosts, i've seen them excel over and over hosting many other hosts over the years, many of which i've enjoyed watching. But this... it really got them stumped for words. 8 person doing the same obstacles per week... no audience besides the team members to help with the mood either. Its just... gah. When you watch sasuke you'd realise the commentator talk abt all sorts of seemingly irrelavant stuff abt the participant. Like age, occupation, hobbies etc etc. Here the hosts have barely any knowledge of the participants (not their fault, i know), and can only comment on the game. Which for most part isnt much, considering the not so high standard of our participants (hellow, how to compete with ppl who train for sasuke 365 days a year and even build the set in their backyards???).

Really made me appreiciate the sasuke commentator...

And how abt VSA? Its still not exciting enough for me to watch like for a full day, but then again you cant do that for most variety shows. The 'voice of angel' for VSA is good too... both of them. Much better then the water margin hosts (ok, maybe those two arent cut out for hosting this kind of variety? or maybe its just the whole format of the show that makes it pales so much in comparision to vsa, or even any random taiwan variety) With the commentator + the live audience, or heck even w/o the commentator, the atmosphere is there. The chanting, screaming... no live audience, no atmosphere. VSA also has a variety of games, and tho some of the games appear like almost every week, there are still some swaps here and there to keep you on your toes. They also try and improve the games to make it more exciting, more balanced... watever. Goodness knows how many times the scoring for pinall runner have changed. If you look at the old episodes the values of the pink and yellow balls have been tweaked a few times... As 'law by law' the Japanese are when it comes to wokr/many things, variety shows is one place where they are not. Like how they change the number of red cans in kicking sniper according to how much the gap between the teams are, or how korokoro viking scoring can change etc etc... all to make the game closer and more exciting. Sometimes i cant help but feel that they've over done it tho, when it seems like they were purposely playing a fool to lose... or like when they send out sho for cliff climb lol. (poor sho)

heh, sg still has some ways to go when it comes to this kind of variety :X

Meh either way, i cant wait to catch vsa on the 13th :)

In the mean time i'll be watching the latest episodes of hna, vsa and anshi every week XD
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was alerted by @satovan on twitter that VSA will be showing on channel U (a Singapore local TV channel) next month! OMG that means i'll get to watch arashi on all their full glory (as in, HQ) on my huge TV!!! yay!!!!!!!

just a few points of note:

or at least make sure its dual sound so i can listen to arashi talk. esp with all the crap they say at the start... its gonna sound really REALLY awkward in chinese. i cant stand watching dubbed shows/videos/watever... not just the fact that i'd like to listen to ARASHI rather then some dubber's voice... but i just find it really weird when the sound doesnt match with their lips AND the intonation/speach doesnt match the actually situation... even if the show is in korean or some other language, i'd rather just read the subs... (well if there arent any subs and i dont understand the language, i guess it doesnt leave me much of a choice? or maybe i'll just not watch if it really feels to weird. but if it airs on tv it'll normally have subs)

2) air time and duration? i have no idea what time and which day they'll air it... but it'll most likely be your usual weekday evening 'watching while eating dinner program'. i hope loads of ppl will watch it so they'll continue airing it for a long long time :)

3) i always have to suppress myself when watching arashi shows... if i dont i'll like laughing like a mad women and my parents will come and ask wth i'm doing... how the hell will i be able to do that when watching arashi on TV in the living room while having dinner remains to be seen... :X esp with my sis right beside me omg... bleah either way... i'm still really really glad that they'll be show VSA on tv... i just hope that my parents will like the show :X

that's all for now...! getting really late here, nitenites!

oh yes one last thing... but i bet you knew and voted already... arafes is coming and they are taking song requests! And this time round it'll be JUST the 5 of them in the concert... no johnny jrs and no backdancers... i wonder how their solo will turn out to be? seems like they are gonna do things radically different this time...and omg they even let you send in requests for b-side tracks omg..! my dream come true really! REALLY REALY wanna see them dance to tokei umbrella! its my all time favourite b-side song! 
Info on how to vote here!
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I'd be one happy fangirl.

mrbrown is the nickname of Singapore's satirical blogger, posting all sorts of things from random photos, to social political issues rocking the tiny island... ok. i really suck giving introductions. thankfully wikipedia does a very good job for me...

As a heartlander Singaporean, i wholeheartedly look forward to his latest episode of mrbrownshow podcasts... a podcast where he makes witty remarks and pokes fun at the latest political or social issue in sg... in last year's general elections he made a couple of really hilarious songs, sang to the tune of several famous kpop songs...

i'm not a kpop fan myself, so you could say that those mrbrown songs alerted me to the existence of those songs and gosh, i actually found myself liking the tunes... why were kpop songs picked? cos they are super duper hot in singapore. Some kpop fans felt really insulted and posted bad comments to the videos in youtube but really... isnt that a bit too drastic a reaction? If anything else, the song is more insulting to the singapore government than the korean artists... (and as the line under the videos say, there's some kind of US law permitting this kind of free/creative expression or something). My guess tho, is that those comments came from fans outside singapore, who wont understand any of the gazillion reference made in the rewritten songs. Or those ppl live in cocoons and dont watch the local news.

Either way... i'll be really glad if i get to hear a hilarious local remake of an arashi song... for one, it'll mean that arashi has reached the popularity like that of kpop atm, and that'll be a very good thing indeed.
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Yes yes its been a long time since i posted here... but OMG SAKURAI SHO ISH IN SG RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT! SOMEONE SPOTTED THEM FILMING THE NAZODI MOVIE AT RAFFLES HOTEL TODAY! yup... saw that on my FB feed after my friend alerted me by sms... this is COOL! raffles hotel on nazodi whee!!!!!!!! and they will be boarding the cruise ship at 4pm tmr for filming!

A fan spotted nazodi filming at marina bay sands park... report here:

No outdoor filming for sho at all... guess they arent taking any chances with the fans... still i really hope he'll enjoy his really short stay here... i wonder what souvenirs he'll get for the members... merlion figurines/T-shirts/goods anyone?

hope he'll mention his sg trip next time in some variety show! kyaaaaaaa! <3 <3 <3

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