Nov. 9th, 2016 02:49 am
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I've been social!

So a jc friend who's absconded to the US came back to SG on holiday. And it was pretty last minute... But I met up with her on Monday evening. Night. Midnight.

Just the two of us.

It really surprised me how much we had to talk about. I mean... The last time we talked so much was probably a decade ago when we were still in jc. And after her being aboard for so long and all... We've drifted apart.


I guess that was precisely the reason why we had so much to talk about. Because she broke out of the box, the cage that in this country's rules and boundaries. And because I'm a little bird so very trapped here, so very much wanting to break free but still lacking the courage and motivation to do so... (and no also lost and questioning her life direction). We just chatted and chatted. First we had tim sum. Then we switched to a Japanese café for mocha ice cream to talk more. And when they were closing up, I asked my friend if she knew of any bar or something to go to. Of course she checked out the bars nearby. She loves drinking after all. So I went to my first ever bar, feeling totally out of my league and definitely under dressed (because basically my whole wardrobe consists of T-shirts, shirts, and jean)... In this high end hotel... And then we ordered some drinks and chatted some more. Got some 16 year whiskey with chocolate bitters and it was nice. Pricey. But at least it was good alcohol. Like, no the diluted with tons of ice kind of drink. Felt like my stomach couldn't quite take it though. Well... My stomach has been screwed up recently so...

Yeah. We talked about a lot. I complained about my work. And then we complained about the sad state of things in sg. And then she talked about her work, her future plans... Her girlfriend... And I lamented about how I'll probably never meet someone as long as I stay in sg. Because the selection pool of people is just so small. Not that there isn't any. And I've not even tried yet... But right now I can't even be bothered to and I feel pretty happy doing random crap on my own so I'm good. Doesn't matter that I'm missing the fertility window blah blah blah because I'm sure I don't want to have kids. Not even to adopt. Not that I have anything against kids but I'm just not good with them. And I won't be any sort of parent so yeah. Still a kid who wants to play around...

It was a really great, refreshing talk. Like... When was the last time I had such a great intellectual discussion? Oh. When unsup was still working here....

Like even when I hang out with my other jc friends... Some of them are more conservative, or we just have different opinions and interests and like... They just don't feel what I've felt, and therefore they can't understand what I'm talking about. Like the doctor who just like stability and she's surrounded by many other Singaporean doctors anyway so she doesn't realise how it's even possible that I'm one of the very few and rare Singaporeans in my workplace. They benefitted from the government, I suffered. Naturally our viewpoints will differ. So it's lik... While I totally understand them when they're talking about their work and all the medical lingo and stuff (I pride myself in being fairly well read/knowledgeable), they are pretty clueless when I try to explain to them about my work... Like I have to wash things down a lot. Like... sometimes I feel like I can't even get my sentiments across... Which is funny because the other ex-classmate I just hanged out with did econs and law. You'd think that medical doctors and scientists would be more alike.

But I suspect... The main culprit is the different mindset and viewpoint that we have. Mind is the 'less conventional', by the Singaporean yardstick that is. Heck. I've never been one for rules and all that crap.

Why I am trapped in this stupid island?

Trapped trapped trapped.

People's mindset are just so....


Like I told a friend's friend that I was making a Japanese learning website. He was like, oh cool, why don't you advertise it in comics con or something?

I was like... HUH? Firstly, I'm not appealing to the comics lovers. I have a different market. Secondly, I'm not even targeting Singaporeans! It's a website dude. Www. World wide web! Global man. Global. It has never once crossed my mind to do some sort of physical advertisements. Google. SEO. I was learning about those. And right now? The top no. of visitors comes from USA, followed by Indonesia, then Philippines, then Singapore... And a whole boatload of other countries. Countries don't even matter really. I'm targetting Arashi lovers. Full stop. Wherever they may be. That's my target audience.

So anyway... I was talking to my friend about unsup and the sups after that and all... And when I reached home after calling an uber for the first time... because I hardly go anywhere till past midnight when the trains stop running - because I don't hang that many people to hang out with, and my doctor friends either have an early start or are post call... I checked my mail and realise that unsup is alive! I mean, I got an email from unsup. Work related stuff of course. And then I managed to catch her for a bit earlier and we chatted. Mostly I chatted. And just spammed her. Tsk. I wonder if she finds me irritating or something... Cos I type so much. Well I can imagine she's busy with her baby and other stuff too, hence the short replies. But yeah. I'm the type who types about 10000x more than I talk... So when it's via a screen the words comes typing out (almost) uninhibited. And also because well... There's hardly anyone I can talk to about work who'd understand. That's why I rant here I guess. Shouting out into the ether for everyone, anyone to hear. Maybe because having no response is better than getting the wrong response. Like when you're looking for encouragement, they try to gently dissuade you instead.

Still happy about having met up 1 on 1 with that friend. Like the last time she came back we only had a group gathering and the topic was on stuff like western movies and actors and actresses, all of which I don't watch/know.

I was asking unsup if she has some ideas for a new blog url/name... And she's like, how do you even keep track of all your blogs! Well. Only some of them. The important ones. The others are just there, in the back of my mind... Ignored, most of the time.

And well...


I like writing.

I like blogging.

I don't think it'll ever give me significant monetary returns to blog, but I can build up a following. Well, with a new topic and blogging style I think I'll build up a better following than NM anyway. I mean... I've met people on LINE over and over who knew thanked me for my work on SF, or were my fans, or really liked my fics. I actually have a following on LJ... Though you can say it'll be sad if I don't, considering how many communities I'm involved in and all.

But I'm pretty sure I can do that in other spaces too. I'm good at stuff like this. Like making a forum community vibrant and alive. I just have to find a way to capitalise on it. It's something that I really enjoy doing, and that I'm good at. If I can find a way to monetise it... I'm all set. Lol.

But yeah... I like doing blogs. Making LJ community. 'Meeting' new people online, gaining virtual fame. I just enjoy it. It's like... Kinda like a hobby maybe, but sometimes it's a hobby that has turned too serious and becomes a chore... Which is something that I do have knack of doing.

More importantly though... I'm bored I guess. Just bored. It takes so much to keep me entertained. My sis needed some help with her pysche stuff earlier and she had to program the questions for her pysche survey for the final year project and like... I got the problem broken down and understood and tried to explain it in a variety of different ways and yeah... It was just so clear to me but she couldn't see it. And I couldn't explain it better anymore so I just did my own stuff while she sat on my bed and huffed and puffed till she finally got it.

Like things that are obvious to me, common sense... Doesn't seem to be obvious or common sense to others. I even get bored at equipment trainings because they guys are so long winded and just by looking at the user interface I more or less got it already. I don't get why people ask those stupid questions that are so obvious, just as I don't get why my dad insists on questioning those sales person whom I can tell at a glance scarcely know about the product they are selling and it's better if I just read the box myself, and then getting almighty pissed when they can't answer his questions. Because geez, can't you tell they don't know shit? Just. Bored. I'm so fucking bored out of my mind half the time. That's why I'm always looking for something new to do or play... I should get deep into one thing instead but well... Idk. I need to find something that can really draw me in. Well, there's a lot actually. But not the things at work.


Yeah... That's why I do all these to keep myself entertained...So many, so many ideas...

So yeah. Two nice talks. Would love to meet up and talk more with that friend before she jets off to the world too far away again. (And yeah, although we're friends on fb and stuff, we just never chat online, lol...)

It's really late. I should sleep. But my sleep pattern has been messed up and I've been sleeping later than this for the last 4 days so yeah whatever.

Oh! Last thing. Gonna attend the talk by Prof. Helicobacter Drinker tmr. Excited! Should be really fun!


Apr. 12th, 2015 11:33 pm
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Weekends. So... didn't watch any Arashi show in the end. Though I did get to read finish the entire Ansatsu Kyoushitsu manga. Well finish as in up to the latest chapter. It's at the climax now and I'm really looking forward to the next.

Did some poking around WB too and the only blast leak I can find is a crazy 60 gb. By the time it finishes downloading my own copy would have arrived lol. Oh wells. I don't even have that much space on my lappy. Bleah.

Loads of weibo users can switching to this site call 'ninja blog'... locked with usernames and passwords. I'll like to try that out too (made an account already) but I have no idea what to put in there so...

Made 3 wordpress accounts... 1 personal, two other 'projects'. Let's see how those projects work out. I'll let ya all know if they do work out ;)


For quite some time now, I've been trying to recall the blog I used in my sec school days. I used it pretty extensively... grumbling about school, confessing my love for chemistry, posting tons and tons of chemical structures that I created with ChemDraw. I couldn't recall the site anymore... but I did some googling work and finally found it today. 'Found' it. You can see this news article:

My school won second place pfft. But I was part of the blog contributors who made it happen.... So I do am glad for that... but sadly... the site is long gone... and with it all my entries. I can barely remember what I wrote there, though I did remember that pretty much every entry was about chemistry. Esp the pharm chem option I was taking. Man. Those were the days. The days when I was still in love with chem. How did I end up in bio now? Pfft. Blame it on the JC days. *Sigh*.

Sad that I can't look at my old posts again. Would have loved to keep a copy for old times sake. Been recalling the stuff we learnt in sch and did in labs. It's sad. I barely remember a single shit from uni days when it was just a few years back... but I remember so much stuff from sec sch when it's been a decade or longer. Why so? Cos it goes like this I guess.

Lecture: Prof teaches about NCBI BLAST.
Me: What the heck. I freaking learnt that in SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Lecture: Basics of org chem... showing all the functional groups
Me: Scans through the list. Ahhhh I've read about them all in SECONDARY SCHOOL. Except for this one! ONE new item. Wow -.-''' *rolls eyes*

Lecture: Separation techniques - GC, HPLC, MS, NMR, UV VIS
Me: I learnt that in SECONDARY SCHOOL, JC (H2 and H3 chem?), and we're learning it again? And what, there's NOTHING NEW in these lecture notes? Are you kidding me?

Lab prac: Gel casting
Me: Zzzzz are you trying to bore me to death? We freaking did that in SECONDARY SCHOOL. All the time. So many times. Ok at least we get to use EtBr here.

Lab prac: Cell culture
Me: But... I was doing so much of it in my INTERNSHIP already.

I do remember some of the stuff that we did for the first time in uni... like SDS page and protein pull down assays... but so many things were repeats, or simple add ons to my sec sch knowledge that it's no wonder that I don't remember them at all. Boring, duplicated experiences. Gah.

I realised my 'first' blog is gone too. Myspace. I didn't migrate it. I hardly posted a thing there though so it's fine... Oh wells.
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Couldn't have been happier today. Or rather, yesterday since it's past midnight already. Met up with my long lost friend from sec school. Ok, not relaly lost, but it's been ages since we last met. Years. And this year is the 10th year of graduation from my sec school. How times flies. Sec school was really the best time of my life. Never regreted it. Studied to much, played so much, enjoyed myself throughly. And meeting up with an old pal was simply delightful. Talking about life now and then... and I never knew that she knew Arashi since sec sch. I was never into J-stuff till much much later on in uni...

We used to talk so much together in sec sch. We were CCA mates, and we would spend hours discussing on the phone. About weiqi at first, then about all sorts of random stuff. Her, and another junior of mine. The three of us... those were the times. Sometimes I wish I could stay in sec 4 forever lol. Those were fun days. Pulling all nighters all the time to finish projects and all. Fun times I tell ya. Never had I presented, and wrote so many reports in my life. Like... one presentation a week minimum kinda thing? We churned out power points like experts. I miss those days! The passion I had for science... that indeed is still here now. I was reading up all sorts of crap, all sorts of extra curricular stuff. JC syllabus. Uni standard materials. Pity that all that passion disappeared in JC and uni. It's returning again now. Sort of. But at the same time I'm channeling my energy towards random stuff like translations, subbing, and fic writing. It isn't all a 'complete waste of time' though. I think it's good to keep myself occupied. I think I'm the sort who can't really be satisfied with just whatever job too though. It's just... boring...

Ahhh! Enough for now I guess. I'm tired! I'll have to work hard tmr and fri to meet my subbing target... but who cares. I just had the time of my life.

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Because you know, I'm a sucker for stats.

In three days DNA will be 4 months old.

And so far, as of writing, we have...

4,921 comments received.

458 members.

61 entries.

20 video releases, totaling over 5 hours.

15 translations, of varying lengths.

12 random posts.

Well if octavia finishes up and posts the random post she's been working on since last week, it'll be 13 random posts.

I'm glad for all the comments our members have given. For all the people who enjoy my translations, and choose it as the version they keep. It's really... tough... Hmm. How should I put it?

Subs is like news. And yes no matter how I try and sugar coat things, I still am competitive. I like it when we release things fast, first. But unlike some, I value quality as well as speed. I won't say I value quality more because... well, somethings I'd probably never be able to get, or by the time I figure things out it'll be weeks later, if at all. I give up on some stuff because otherwise we'd never be able to release anything. And as much as we are perfectionists, we aren't THAT anal about things either. Like if we spot a mistake after encoding is done, I'd rather put it as a note in the post than make J re-encode the entire thing. Which takes really, really long, unless it's a super short video (like 1 min or so) then I guess she'd just re-encode.

Well you can say that we are balanced perfectionist? Ha did I just make up a new term? We take into account things like timeliness too. Some clips needs to be subbed fast. Strike while the iron is hot. E.g. News of Arashi say... going to host kouhaku. Everyone would have read the news a million times otherwise. And then you'd lose your audience.

Even though we have gone underground and now our membership is closed. Ha.

I guess it's because even since I got on the Internet that's what I've been doing. From the time in primary school when Neopets was all in the rage. How do you make your shop stand out? How do you attract people to look at your pet page. Or the website you made? Granted I wasn't thinking much about how to actually get an audience then... but you bet I was when I managed the Heroes Lounge in the Warrior's Hall of MapleSEA forums. Or when I made guides. Or sales threads. Or managed Facebok pages. Or helped in the HiddenStreet database. Timeliness is an extremely important thing.

But when it comes to long videos. Of their regular shows... I just can't do it fast. Or fast enough. My stamina is getting less and less in fact. I guess I'll always be slow when it comes to those. Yet I can do things like the PV making and do it pretty fast too. So are we fast, or slow? I'm confused myself as well haha. I'd think, 'yup, sorry, it's a one man translating operation so we are slow'... but hey we can work fast at times too. Even when we aren't as fast as I would have liked, we were still faster than the rest. Which makes us fast. Sometimes you don't have to truly shine. You just have to shine in comparison. In fact, it's pretty darn hard to be the brightest out of all the stars in the universe. You just have to shine the brightest out of whoever you are comparing yourself with.

I've been wanting to write the following for a while now... and since I'm *still* not in a mood to sub, I'll dive right in.

There's so much competition in the subbing arena now. Granted, groups have gone on official, or unofficial hiatus, however at the same time, more groups are springing up. Still springing up. They say when the competition gets tough, the tough gets going. Indeed. It just means I need to up my game. And me trying to read stuff in Japanese - news, Jweb entries, any random thing, and then translating them, is part of my efforts I guess.

Some people give the advice that, you should always work in aplace where everyone is better than you are. When you get there, learn from others, work hard, become the best. And then leave for somewhere in which you are the worst amongst all the rest again. So true indeed. Especially for someone like me. It's both a good and a bad habit. I automatically adjust my game according to your game. Of course there is a limit as to how much I can adjust, but it's only when I'm at my upper limits, and pushing at it, that I improve. It was certainly the case in weiqi last time. If my opponent sucks, my game sucks too. I merely play well enough to win and that was that. I don't bother putting in more effort than needed. Why waste the energy?

And so it was really a good thing that I need get into my secondary school. Where just about everyone was smarter than me. I can't even began to tell how much I learnt out of it. My English used to be disastrous in primary school. I can't spell, I can't write, I can't even speak it properly. Then enter secondary school. Where everyone spoke English. And I found that I loved fantasy stories. I visited the school library so often, and borrowed so many books. My reading speed - for fantasy stories at least - improved greatly. I could finish a Terry Brooks books in a day. Well, sort or a day? From the time I get home after school and have lunch - that'll be late afternoon, till the wee hours of the night.

Would you believe me if I tell you, languages are one of my weakest point? I sucked at English, (yes, even then, my school results were just bad, bad bad) I sucked even worst at Chinese. There I was, thinking that all those other students coming from an English speaking family would suck at Chinese. I couldn't be more mistaken. They were good. Very good. Most of them were way better than me. And they were not the 'memorize the guidebooks' type of good. They genuinely mastered the language. They could speak it well, converse well, write well. Listening is a given of course. Me? I could only speak. Writing? Epic fail. Just like my English. Or Japanese for that matter. Everyone was just freaking good. It was natural for me to be just listening in awe of their achievements. And seriously that was something that would not happen elsewhere. That did not happen in uni for example. I had a reunion with two of my juniors last year, and really, the things they talked about... it was so nostalgic, the feeling of being back in secondary school again, listening to other people talk about their achievements that was nothing to them, but will never be achievable for me. Perfect GPA in uni for example? That's absolutely nothing to them. And where was I? "Struggling to make ends meet." Scholarship holders and what not. That's their world. And the world I used to be in too. But then I couldn't make it. A failure among all the successes, that what I am. Well... whether this failure turns successful in the end is still a story in progress... let's hope we get some sort of happy ending in the end eh?

I guess that's why I'm doing things like subs... maybe that's why I played maple so much last time too. I need something to occupy my time with. All that brainpower needs to be spent somewhere, on something. And no I don't like looking at cat photos or random vine videos.

I guess that's why I left my previous company too. Even if those fights did not occur, that place could not keep me there. I was too good for that lousy company, the director too useless, too unscientific for me to learn anything from. Heck, she was nothing. Not a scientist, and an even worst businesswoman.

Now in my current job, certainly no such problems. People are experts in their fields. They clearly know what they are talking about. And the Prof/director. He's good. Learnt so much from him even though the only contact I've had with him was just a few meetings. But he knows what he's talking about and I truly respect that. He has that... aura, the charisma needed of a leader. That cranky lady from my old company? None of it. Just a false pretense that gets broken through really fast.

I think it was a real privilege to have been in my secondary school. There we could be whoever we were, however bright you want to be. Sure people do say things like "wah you're so smart" and all... but all out jealously? No. Do they ostracize you? That would just be plain stupid, because everyone else is equally smart, if not even smarter. And because everyone else is smart too, there's really nothing to be jealous about. We say things like, "X person is really smart, and very consistent with her work too. I heard spends an hour revising her work everyday that's why she's the top of the cohort... it's a really good habit but I can't do that." So there you have it. Jealous? Sort of? But then again, we can't bring ourselves to revise everyday. Or even start revision a month before exams. We don't put in as much effort, so what's there to complain about?

Maybe I'm just lucky. My batch, the people I knew, were nice and genuine. I don't know how the current students are like for sure. But you know, it came as a total surprise to me when I found out, in my last year of education (that's the 4th year), that one of the prefects was the grand daughter of the then Sg president. And only because the school invited the president and first lady to our school's 125th (I think?) year anniversary, and they forced her to present the flowers to her grandmother. She didn't even want to do it. Well I wouldn't either if I were her. That'll be just so awkward. Ok, now I can't remember if that took place in sec 3 or 4 anymore. But still. Even though we were in different classes... She clearly didn't go around boasting her status. Nor did that girl from the next class, whom I even did internships with. Only years after graduation, when my sister was in the same class in JC as her younger brother... and my sister realized after a while, and from others, that the said boy was the son of one of the well loved ministers in Sg... and I went to check his facebook... and lo and behold my friend's face was there. In their family shot. I checked with my best friend later and she told me she knew, but that girl doesn't like spreading it around. That's the kind of people you have. Those who are smart aren't boastful either. Nor those who are rich. A lot of them you can't even tell they are rich. They still take the bus home themselves... when in truth they stay in landed properties and hire chauffeurs. Chauffeurs! Or those with houses bigger than community centers. Crazy rich. And on the other hand we have all those living in HDB flats, studying in the school on bursaries and scholarships. I was, well still am, the sandwiched middle class. And as far as I encountered, we all got along well with each other. Nobody was ostracized because they were poor. Even when picking restaurants for our annual class gathering we picked affordable places. We ordered pizza and ate in the shopping center rooftop with our extra class funds. And no we don't pay exorbitant class funds, nor did we pay it frequently. We seriously suspected that the class treasurer paid out of her own pocket for the pizzas. Because I only remember paying twice to the class fund in the whole year, and it was something like... 2 bucks, 5 bucks each time? And the funds was collected because it was being used for something, though I can't remember what anymore. Could the leftovers really feed everyone pizzas? I don't think so... Granted, she's rich - she had a 400 bucks pocket money monthly in sec 1, which was just about 5 times more than what I get. But still, that was nice of her.

Oh, there was loads of cultural diversity too. We have Malays, Indians, people of mixed ancestry, loads of scholars from China (and many others from China who weren't scholars)... quite a handful of Malaysians, a number of Indians from India (i.e. not locals)... I had a classmate who's a scholar from Thailand...

But where they came from really didn't matter. Well I'd bug them with questions like how they find Singapore, where are they staying (which hostel)... but well. What else? Sure, some of those from China had bad English initially. Then they got special English classes every freaking day after school. I was so jealous. Like hey? I NEED those English lessons too? Indeed. In what, one year? One of my friends under that special classes program scored better in her English comprehension than me. Like... !#%%U!#%!$185*&!)$!$2!!!!!

Seriously. Country or background didn't matter. Everyone had good English. Everyone was better than me. It didn't matter if they came from Malaysia, Thailand, or China. They were freaking good. And better than me. So I really don't judge people by their country. Because I know of people from many developing countries who are seriously, way better than me.

But of course. Just because the top people in that country is good doesn't mean everyone is good I guess. Reality check in uni once again. People from other countries with really poor English, some even admit that they don't understand a single thing the lecturer was saying (she spoke accented English. Some European accent... which was fine for me to understand, except that she doesn't know how to use the mic properly, and she mumbles, so most of the time I can barely even HEAR what she's saying.) That poor guy didn't even bother going for the lectures. At least I can understand what she's saying when she speaks up and I can actually hear her.

Again, you get reality checks whenever you're not with groups of smart/understanding people. Being smart is both a good and a bad thing. People hate you for being so smart. They get jealous, and they give you the cold shoulder. Yeah, I've got an ego. I love flaunting at times. But really, normally in real life I'd prefer that you don't know anything about my history at all. Because once you do, you'd start judging. You'd think I'm so and so. Which may or may not be true. You'd think I'm really smart, aced all my exams so on and so forth. But in truth I did a lot worst than the rosy picture you automatically have of students from that school. I feel that I'm a failure. But how could I tell you that? You already think the world of me. I'd say I did badly in my A levels, which is true, but you won't believe me. "How could it be? You're joking right? You're from XXX school after all." *shrugs* True I do believe I'm better than a lot of the people out there, the general public. But I wasn't even half as good as you'd imagined exams wise. Well I just suck at exams. But that's all that mattered in Singapore isn't it?

Better that you don't know at all. And better that I just keep it to myself when I think whatever problems you are having is really trivial, and can be easily solved. Better that I just pretend and nod when you say a particular science concept is really hard to understand, but really, I learnt it all in secondary school already. In this aspect, it's probably easier to be dumb than to be smart. You won't know my true self unless I judge that you won't judge. You won't know unless we are close enough. For the longest time everyone on the MapleSEA forums thought I was a male, which was exactly what I wanted them to think. It's fine. I'd rather things be that way.

Looking towards my future... I don't know. Where can I find that place where my light shines the dimmest? Where can I find a place where everyone is smarter, and more hardworking than me? I have a feeling that the answer to this question lies outside of Singapore.

Just yesterday, the PI gave me that lit review to do, and in searching I kinda missed my usual lunch timing. So I went and took the same bus as the PI did - she was eating lunch with another RF. And during their conversation she mentioned me. The other guy was lamenting about having to write proposals, and she said that he should stop complaining, and she was even getting me to write a proposal - well she isn't though. But I wouldn't mind if she did, or trusted in my ability enough to do so. The other guy was like, but she's just a young little girl (well it's their way of expressing things in Chinese). She said 'But she's really good though, she knows what I want, not like other people who just come back with a pile of rubbish."

So that's it. Demystified. She's using me because she likes that work I did. Well on hindsight I guess that's pretty obvious right? You won't keep asking the same person so do random task for you if they did a bad job. But I didn't think I was doing an exceptional job either. I didn't even do much? Nor anything really that important? And for all I may know she was only picking me because I'm sitting right next to her. She only has to stand me and look over the partition to ask for my help, which was exactly what she did. Who's to say that she wasn't just calling on me out of convenience? Or because, as it happened with the lit scan, the other person(s) she was looking for was not in the office yet?

And no, I don't think she purposely said that to flatter me. The tone and flow of the conversation and her character. It's all good then. Somehow I've been able to make my tiny mark. I found some footing. The life sciences student in a sea of chemistry and civil engineering grads might actually be able to find her place after all.

Better still. She revealed that I would actually be working on that new project together with one of the sups in the old project. That project that she asked me to do a lit scan of. This is it. I really hope it'll work out well. That I won't be dragged into another project as I initially thought I would be. This would be it. My time to shine. The experience I'd get from following a project from inception to the end would be phenomenal. Rather than being thrown into a project halfway as it happened previously. I'd actually know exactly what is going on. I really hope I'd be part of the proposal writing process and all. I want to be a part. I hope there's no rule that only RFs can do those things. Because I frigging want a piece of that pie. It excites me till no end. Knowing the entire story, doing the lit scan and being able to read up... I'd actually know what's going on, and I'd actually be able to contribute stuff. I might even be able to think up of some side experiments that could lead to a paper. I want that. With this previous project... everything was just a half effort. Even the qpcr. On my end I've done my best, but there were too many things out of my control. The protocols, the kit used... it was all taken from the PhD student, from what the group had been doing before. And now that I've learnt a little more, I certainly don't agree with the way he carried out things. The results... aren't really reliable...

But well... from what little lit scan that I've done... I think there's quite a lot of bio, life sciences to be had in that project. My field. Even if I'm not really well versed in it. But still, it's my field. And I can always learn. That project could end up being really good for me. Let's hope things turn out well.
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Chem is try?

Chem is try, trying to make the most of every lesson

Chem is try, trying desperately to stay awake during lectures and tutorials

Chem is try, trying to make the most of every second and minute

Chem is try, trying to waste away your precious youth by making you learn something so obscure and incomprehensible

Chem is try, trying to finish your practical on time

Chem is try, trying to make sure you don’t spill that bottle of nitric acid

Chem is try, trying to wash all the apparatus with distilled water AND complete your practical on time

Chem is try, trying to wash that sodium hydroxide off your hands and stationery

Chem is try, trying to work out your practical questions

Chem is try, trying to keep your practical worksheets clean

Chem is try, trying to get the exact value for titration

Chem is try, trying to wash off that screened methyl orange stain from your fingertips

Chem is try, trying to hand in your assignments and tutorials on time

Chem is try, trying to understand the questions in your assignment

Chem is try, trying to outsmart your classmates

Chem is try, trying to be half as good as the best person in your class

Chem is try, trying to keep cool when the classroom is so stuffy

Chem is try, trying to keep warm in that cool freezing LTs

Chem is try, trying to out read and out learn your batch mates

Chem is try, trying to remember everything in the lecture notes

Chem is try, trying to pawn your classmates in every test

Chem is try, trying not to fail the next quiz

Chem is try, trying to get that attention of your teacher (cos you really love chem.)

Chem is try, trying to hide from the teacher (cos you have no idea how to answer the next question)

Chem is try, trying to get that wonderful feeling of ecstasy when reading up on chemistry

Chem is try, trying not to fall asleep on your chemistry notes

Chem is try, trying to make your teacher teach faster

Chem is try, trying to make your teacher explain yet another time

Chem is try, trying to make everything more fun than it already is

Chem is try, trying to convince yourself that chemistry might actually be fun

Chem is try, trying to show off your extensive knowledge

Chem is try, trying to hide the fact that you barely know enough stuff to pass

Chem is try, trying to teach others about chemistry when the teacher fails to do so

Chem is try, trying to learn form your classmates when your teacher just can’t teach

Chem is try, trying to convince others that chemistry is fun

Chem is try, trying to persuade your parents that you really shouldn’t be taking chemistry

Chem is try, trying to convince yourself that chemistry is the only subject you are currently taking

Chem is try, trying to convince yourself that chemistry does not exist on your timetable

Chem is try

Now I get it, now I see.


Was trying to open another folder, but Finder (the equivalent of window's explorer in Mac) lagged a little while scrolling down and I ended up click another file instead. Which turns out to be a word document containing the above.

This was a little... something that I wrote back when I was in Junior College. It started when one of the lecturers was going through the chemistry exams, and he/she said that a student wrote the following at the back of the exam script:

"They say that ignoranceis bliss,
but now I know that what I do not know can hurt me too."

Must be a humanities student who wrote that hahaha. Then the lecturer proceeded to tell about us that "chem is try".

It was rumored that the chem teachers in my JC always sets super, duper, ridculously hard chem exams... even though our teachers kept telling us that they lowered the standard a lot in my year, we didn't believe them...

Chemistry used to be my favourite subject. My favourite of all the sciences... but eventually... my lack of aptitude for mathematics, which is used a lot in physical chemistry, and more importantly, my loss of interest thanks to my inept chemistry teacher killed my interest for the subject. JC was the dark days of my life. The dark days that stretched through to my uni life... I simply lost interest in studying... teachers taught PURELY and SOLEY for the sake of getting you through this stupid national exams called the A levels, and that was that. I studied for the sake of knowing, learning, expanding my horizons. I don't study for the sake of passing one stupid fucking exam just to get into university! I don't study for the sake of studying! That whole attitude and culture of the school just turned me off learning. I stopped learning. Only studied and read through the lecture notes for what it's worth. I didn't even do a single of the past year exam questions or mock exams from other schools... Thankfully, somehow I managed to make it through. Probably by virtue of the stuff I learned back in secondary school I guess... and I still did decent enough to get into a course that I liked, and wanted to do.

I was at a loss to study bio or chemistry then, but in the end my poor results in H3 chemistry pushed me away from chemistry. I guess I didn’t study enough, didn't practice enough... but I was really glad I took it anyway. There were times when I wondered that maybe I should have taken chem istead of bio, but I might have died in all the physical chemistry classes. And even though I do love organic chemistry, I wasn't THAT good at it. Then again I merely learnt on my own. And during options lessons in secondary 4. JC... they didn't really teach much. Even in the H3 classes they didn’t explain throughly enough, it's like you were mostly on your own, and they were teaching uni level stuff, not just basic year 1 uni stuff, I feel that it was more than that. Well some of my friends with seniors in uni taking pharm chem told us that what we learnt in sec 4 options was their year 1 uni intro modules stuff... And it's true, I had some chemistry intro modules and it's stuff we learnt in sec 4, plus a little more.

So that's how JC was. Boring, uninspired, unchallenged. Where we were challenged in H3, the support wasn't enough for us to grasp the content throughly, and prepare us for the exams. We knew the basics taught in lecture what they did not even show us once how a particular mechanism can be appiled in more complicated structures... but bam that's exactly how the exam questions are. Ok, I'm smart but sadly not smart enough to figure it out on my own. Not motivated enough too maybe. But overall it just left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Not to say that JC was completely wasted. I did still learn things, though not as much as I would have if I got to stay in the same secondary school enviroment for another two years. I took H3 chemistry and learned all the stuff about lead compounds, structure activity relationship etc... well I don't exactly remember all the details about it but I grasped the main concepts that was enough. I did more spectroscopy methods... well actually scrap that. I learnt about all those in sec 4 already and JC didn’t really add to that knowledge. I did learn more in uni though, MALDI, TOF, advanced NMR... And I did take part in this thing called the Science Research Program and spent a lot of time, very enjoyable time back in the same group as I went to interships previously for in IBN. And I went back after JC too, it was really fun times and I learnt a lot, a lot.

I've always been good at grasping concepts, and really that's a hell lot more important than remember small details like the structure of all the amino acids. Which I still can't remember right now. I would remember them all if my research worked with thouse, but I've not done such research yet so nope. Anyone can memorize facts. And granted there are occupations and instances where you need facts on hand. But take away those pressurizing moments, and in the research world, when you spend time thinking and planning experiments... its understanding and being able to apply what you know that counts. There's always the computer, and there's always the Internet, and there's always google, pubmed, or whatever search engine you use to find the relevant facts, papers, information that you need. Of course you need to know something to know what to look out for in the first place. That is why you need to know the concepts. But I don't waste my time trying to torture myself to memorize some formula because I can just look it up. Or save the formula in a place like Evernote for my own reference in the future. I suck at memorizing such stuff and so I leave it to other gadgets remember it for me.

It's my broad interest and all the chemistry background that I have, coupled with my ability to quickly grasp knowledge that allowed me to get on so comfortably in this job so far. I have absolutely no background in environmental engineering... but I could understand that set of masters course notes that my sup threw at me well enough, so that I'm not lost in their meetings and discussions. I feel comfortable, at home even, with the equipments used because I know how they work, how they function. My sec 4 options and IBN training ensured me that. That said, I would still go back to life sciences for my PhD though. I miss it. Cell culture and all. I miss them. No matter how much I learn now about environmental eng, I still feel like a pretender, I still don't know even half as much as the rest... the PhD students, the RFs. I'm a foreigner in a strange land and I know that. My own forte there is like qPCR, and even then it was only something I picked up recently and I've not had the full range of experience with it yet. For one, I've not really designed my own primers before.

Oh wells. Its lunch time, so I shall end my rumbling here. Till next time!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Arashi appeared on music station just now! Nope, have not watched it yet... which is why I'm screaming in anguish and excitement right now... i wonder how long it'll take for a streaming version to appear ><

EDIT: oh wait, seems like it was just starting only? ok, at least i can listen in on keyhole...

Ok, so I'm bored. So bored that i replied to every single person who commented on my posts ><... In fact I'm even wondering if i should go make a review of another arashi show... Or maybe i should just update my blogspot blogS which have been abandoned for like a month cos of my FYP. I would just go and play maple BUT i don't want to do that till i send my poster for printing... which would be about tmr.

So I'm finally done with my poster design... barring any mistakes or changes that my mentor wants... and pending changes from my dad and my sis (like i asked them to give comments on the color scheme and stuff, the science and the actual content they don't understand ><)
well my sis is way better than art then i am (actually, my dad too), so i asked her to give some comments on my poster yesterday... i was telling her that i tried to make my poster as less wordy as possible... but she was like 'huh? u call this not wordy?' gah! It can't be helped that the intro, methods, objectives, and conclusions all HAVE to be in words right? tch! Already i've put like huge pictures and graphs to make things as pleasing as possible - while still retaining its 'scientific-ness'...

I decided to do things differently this time round... following in part my experience at SSEF when i was in junior college. I cut out whole portions of the report from the poster, and didn’t present a lot of the obtained data. I don't want my poster to be a case of too cramped, too much info, and too confusing... i felt that last time i didn’t win at the SSEF cos apart from that fact that I'm not THAT good a presenter (I'm not the very lively, talkative kind), there was also too much info in the poster/report. If I'd cut out the last part of the results entirely and focused on something else instead, the results could have been very different. Regrets regrets sighz... you live and you learn... what else can we do?

So yeah, i cut out the entire lab work part (which wasn’t much to begin with anyway) and only focused on the bioinformatics. I also didn’t attempt to squeeze results for everything for both genes in... either or, not both of them. No tables of long lists of numbers either - i changed it into a graph instead. BLAH that stupid graph took me SOOOO LONG to get done! The new office layout was really confusing for me - cos the last time i work extensively with excel was... like... 5 years ago or something... using the older version of excel. (plus i wasn’t on mac yet). Than direct copying and pasting the graph to powerpoint didn’t work. I was really really pissed with MSoffice then... like WTF on earth are you doing! The graph copies over alright, but it changes the freaking style and everything that I'd painstakenly arranged in excel! and i can't change the style back in powerpoint! Then after googling i found out that i could use the paste special thing or some sort, but it only worked in another ppt doc, not the one with my poster... in the end i took the nice looking copy pasted in the other ppt, saved it as a picture, than imported the picture to my poster. zzzzzzz! so troublesome! The resolution should turn out alright... i hope ><

ah my mentor wanted pictures of bleached corals too... i took like over 5 hours to search for copyright free etcetc images that i can safely use on my poster... finally found several on flickr (i don't use flickr so it too me a while to remember which site it was that had the creative commons license thing, at 1st i went to gettyimages but like nothing is free?) and picked two out of the lot. Next problem was that i didn’t know what species of corals they were... searched around for a bit but only managed to identify one of the two... gave up in the end ><

and than there was the stupid guide tree. oh gosh how many DAYS have i spend on the phylogenetic trees in total? i really lost count! From that time when writing the report to now the poster...! At the beginning i skimmed around for something that can open/plot dnd files... didn’t find anything that worked, so i skimped on the work by screencapping from the clustalw2 website. Than my mentor suggested that we put in bootstrap values... (that was like, a few days before the report was due). So i started google to find out what ARE bootstrap values... (very last minute, i know). Turns out that i had to use clustalx to generate those so... thankfully i downloaded that a while back. So it took me a while to tinker around with that program... and hohoho! It generates the raw files, but you have to use something else to open the raw files. BRAVO! After a lot of fail attempts (some required you to compile the program yourself, but somehow when i try to compile the files it just WONT WORK!, others were like powerpc programs or something which apple withdrew support for in Lion...) i finally got njplot to work. BUT that stupid program could only generate trees that were A4 sized. So things ended up being really cramped...! I ended up having to draw a sub tree for one of my genes zzzzzzz. And that's the big problem too... for my poster i needed the tree to be more like in a landscape kind of orientation (otherwise no space!) which the program can't get me. I ended up resizing the window and screencapping AGAIN. But that's bad because you end up with the tree on a white background. I want the background to be transparent.... -.-''' So i took a million years with photoshop and stuff, in the end i had to trace out the tree in photoshop and type out all the species names separately in powerpoint.... sighz.

So yeah... hopefully everything is alright with the poster now!

*looks at my subject... hmmm this post is more about my poster than musicstay lol!.... ah that's better now*

Ah.... just watched, or rather, listened to arashi's performance on music station... could barely see anything cos it was just too lag PLUS halfway thru it froze just completely froze up, never to move again... so i just listened in... they were wearing black outfits and reports from twitter say the dance is really cool. seems like the MS set background is really cool too... spotted ohno wearing a black wristband? that looks cool - as cool as a very pixelated image of oh-chan can get haha. ah! can't wait to get my hands on a nice HQ version of the performance! *looks around at the arashi comms and at [ profile] saobang2211* :P i really don't know what i'll do w/o all these ppl... i probably wont be an arashi fan if i can't get my hands on all these arashi goodness... i mean like, you could you love a group when u barely know anything about them? No videos, no nothing... <3 ya all!

ok, no more mood to continue writing about my darn poster after watching MS... i'll just go hide and a corner while i try and calm myself down..

EDIT: Streaming of love so sweet and facedown here
To the person who uploaded this: I love you!


May. 2nd, 2012 05:47 pm
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Blah... it just started raining HEAVILY. like real heavily. i guess i'll go home late again today.

So next tuesdays n wedn is poster day... discussed with my mentor just now abt the poster and i have quite a bit of work to do. been spending the entire afternoon looking for a nice, copyright free (or watever u call it) pic of bleached corals to use in my poster. Found two nice pics to use in flickr... which I'm free to use as long as i credit the photogs.. hopefully i understood that creative commons thing right that is ><

blah........ that's how I'm feeling right now ><
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its been a while since i posted here... or to any of my blogs... sighz I'm so tired and sleepy now...

my FYP report is like... 20% done perhaps? still so much stuff to work on.... sighz... the problem with this bioinformatics project is that I'm really clueless on how to write the report... the discussion etc... esp the discussion... how am i supposed to discuss about a phylogenetic guide tree? T.T if only i could write reports as fast as i type blog entries zzzzzz... its like we didn’t
have a clear direction with the project, and it shows when I'm writing my intro. my intro says one thing, the rest of the report another... and the title that my mentor came up with earlier... its totally off -.-''' so i'll have to come with a better title before next Monday (the due date) too... report is due the Monday after. this is really NO GOOD!

sighz... 12 more days till the report is due and we still have got labwork to do. my mentors says to leave labwork till next week... and focus on the report now... i refrain from saying that if the labwork can't be done, I'd have to change what i have of my report now almost completely. sighz... this is no good at all...

my intro is still in bits and pieces... i still have a few tables that i have not complete... nooooooooo T.T

kkk enough of this, i have to get back to describing the guide tree...

blah... i promised myself,  if i can't get a decent enough report out by tmr, i can't watch mannequin 5 sp on Thursday... and aiba's drama on sat... AND ohno's drama on mon... arghs...
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Sighz… having a headache now… :(
Somehow the car ride back home was terrible… bad traffic resulting in my dad having to keep slow down the car suddenly… which somehow didn’t quite agree with me. i get motion sickness rather readily… car sickness in particular… somehow that's even worst than sea sickness - i seem fine enough on the boats… but sometimes i can get a really bad headache in the car… like if i don't keep staring out of the window i'll get a bad headache… and sometimes if its bad i just keep feeling like wanting to throw up (but thankfully most of the time i DON'T), and the headache lasts for quite a while even after i get off the car -.-''' zzzzzz

somehow that makes me totally regret going out with my parents for dinner.

for once i finished early today. actually that's cos we split the experiment into two parts and left the 2nd part for tmr… so we left shortly after the 1st part of the experiment finished. worked in the lab from ard… 11am? till 4pm. yes… no lunch break in between. lunch at 4pm, bravo! no doubt my stomach died in the mean time.

got some safety briefing stuff tmr morning… afternoon we'll go experiment part 2. i guess we'll end late for sure tmr… since we are starting at 2pm… and than my mentor pretty much always comes late (like we were supposed to start at 10am, he shows up at 10:30++, than uses his comp till almost 11am before we start). if today's any indication… we are gonna take like 4-5 hours tmr… and that'll take us right to 7-8pm or even later….

Friday we wanted to start, but in the end we only prepared all the materials for the experiment… after which we had intro discussion and that went all the way to 8+pm…

gotta say that my mentor is pretty much a night owl like i am… he sleeps at like… i don't know… that day he was rushing work till 3-4am… and he often replies my emails at 12mn or 1am…

i actually like staying up in the office till quite late… that is if i am not sleepy and if i've not already gotten all distracted (if I'm distracted already, than i might as well go home and play all the same). Cos i can actually concentrate better in the office than at home… if i can have my way, I'd go have dinner in school and stay in the office till 9 or even 10pm… or something. there's something about the night that's really peaceful… no one walking and talking loudly in the corridors, no loud construction work going on… and no parents discussing stuff in the living room and no one watching the tv to distract me. no kitchen or me to walk around and get distracted either. so once i get started on my work i can really get things going.

anyway I'm totally going off the point here… i wanted this blog to be more about me and arashi than anything else… meh, pardon my rumblings, i guess it's something to do with me being really tired atm… so much so that I'm not even capitalizing my words properly.

Hmm no more lucky 7… i was still thinking to myself - ah monday… anything i can watch? than i realized lucky 7 has ended and i've gotta wait for ohno's drama to start. my sis desperately wants a season 2 (ok maybe not that desperate, but still.). of cos i wouldn’t mind a season 2… so long as they can still come up with a good plot I'm ok. maybe once again i was expecting too much to come from the last episode… it was good but the ending was… however i just wished, hoped that the ending would be really powerful. How? i really don't know. perhaps I'm just expecting too much… but really, i was hoping to see more to nita… he barely made an appearance :X

so aiba's drama is coming up on saturdays… and arashi will be doing the theme song - i.e. new single coming out again? YAY. Hmm how about leader's drama? arashi sing for that too? XD that'll be REALLY cool! Double A side or something? Either way that means in that same period of them when the 2 drama airs arashi will be EVERYWHERE! wait, they are already every where with aiba and ohno's dram AND the hana arashi thing… on top of their regular shows and all the SPs coming up etc etc… still… sing for ohno's drama too please? XD show some support for your dear leader (even tho u guys always bully him…) ok, maybe it's not up to arashi to decide? whatever, just sing for ohno's drama too ok?

I totally love ohno's image in the locked room drama. ohno with specs OMG… so CUTE! cool and SMART ohno haha. like seriously? that's so opposite from our sleepy leader… and far from that not-so-bright and super bratty kaibutsu-kun (which seems to have rubbed off a lot onto him). And it won't be dark like mauo so ppl like my sis can actually enjoy watching the entire drama (at least ohno's character won't be dark yeah?)

On the other hand aiba's drama can't be more different than from ohno's. Mystery/detective story all the same, but totally opposite characters. Aiba will still (sort of) be that silly aibaka that he always is, playing the role of a detective that's scared of blood, women etc and depending on a special cat to help him solve the crimes. Well aiba goes well with animals tho, so I'm looking forward to see how he works with the cat. we've all seen him in tensai shimura dobutsuen, but i wonder how it'll be like working with an animal for a drama…

ah… so now i have one less thing to watch… and no vs/hna last week (no vs for 2 weeks already!) made me really sad… can't wait for the vs SP this week though… and loads of SP coming up (that's why the programs stopped for a while i guess) so i can't wait for those!

and ah… i had my fill of fun yesterday too…! watched last last week's AnShi at last - the subs were even out already lol… than i watched last week's AnShi as well - the 2 hour SP episode. HA! The usually sharp nino actually made a mistake! That's like the 1st time ever that i've seen him make such an embarrassing mistake…! too bad his face didn’t turn all red else that would have been really cute, but you can tell that he's embarrassed all the same… the usually sharp tongue and quick witted nino making a mistake? totally unheard of! Maybe he didn’t get enough sleep or something :P. Anyway… they were saying that the aniki has bough a pair of shoes in 10 years or something. And nino started talking about how come the guest doesn’t buy them? like how they usually come in like sets of 3 or 5… like the same series but different color. Which got me totally clueless about what he's talking about… (at 1st i thought it was just because my japanese sucked….) than aiba suddenly said: wait, you're talking about socks? than it all made sense… maybe nino misheard earlier or something… (cos socks in japanese is literally shoes-underneath [you wear the socks like underneath your shoes that kind of meaning], so maybe he somehow misheard? i don't know!)

The short skit thing they did at the end was pure crap. As in… they were just saying whatever rubbish they could come up with on the spot and they would have gone off even further and probably crapped all the way to the moon if the aniki didn’t step in and abruptly admit to the murder. Super hilarious… and ohno's getup… and him lying in that weird position on the floor was totally LOL. Totally reminds me of that time when arm… what's the guy's name again…? the one who played the vampire in kaibutsu kun went on AnShi and they did the short skit… gosh that was totally epic as well (yeah, way more epic than last week's cos of the HILARIOUS roles they were given - but than the aniki planned that before hand, last week's was purely spontaneous). The storyline was supposed to say that one of arashi killed the guy, but wonderful arashi banded together and make aniki the killer instead. LOL. Totally EPIC i tell ya! that's why watching arashi shows is so fun… they are spontaneous and really funny.

But the show that had be erupting in squeals was the one about arashi having lunch together after the mannequin 5 speciel. So hilarious! Sakurai is like the perfect mother hen… buying hand cream and body lotion etc for all the rest of the members. He said if your house ran out of toilet paper or something, just say and he'll buy it for you (as in, referring to the rest of the members) if he has the time. I think he'll make the perfect house-husband…. well… except for the fact that he can't cook :X (30 mins to peel half an apple anyone?)

hmm some more of their talk… (pretty much every bit was funny, so you really have to watch it)
aiba complained that nino buys games for him that he doesn’t want… using HIS money. sounds just the like sneaky, bratty nino we all know much? XD

hmm apart from shellfish, sho-kun loves to eat pickled veggies too… aiba's mum gave a bunch to aiba and asked him to give to sakurai (since she knows sakurai loves it)… but it was a lot and aiba was wondering if sakurai managed to finish it himself. however… sho kun gave it to his piano teacher when he went for piano lessons last year (i guess its in preparation for his furusato performance). And the teacher + wife (an elderly couple i think) ate it and told him to pass the word to aiba that the pickles are really nice… but since sho didn’t tell aiba that he gave away the pickles, he didn’t think of passing on the message either… apparently he gave away all the pickles aiba gave to him… so he was apologizing to aiba for that. aiba was quite ok though, saying that it's good that the food either go to waste. Sho promised that he'll eat the pickles this year if aiba gives him though, since he doesn’t go for piano lessons anymore LOL!

Ohno was really epic during the whole lunch… somehow it just naturally became such that he sat at the head of the table - at the birthday seat they call it… and than he just… sat there. And watched the members debate about what to eat/drink. It was only till like… the 6th min of the video that he finally opened his golden mouth to order tamago soup (egg soup)… -.-'''? Haha…!

At the end too… they were told by the staff that they have to settle the bill themselves… so they played a guessing game to decide who should pay for the bill. The one who guessed the furthest will have to pay - J didn’t have to guess though, since he was the one who took the bill so he must have seen the price. He's the youngest anyway so they let him off the hook… Ohno was the last to guess and i think he purposely picked such a low number so that he'll pick up the tab. After all you can easily just squeeze your guess between two other numbers and you'd be safe for sure. I'm sure he's not that stupid… but just being the nice leader in a very subtle and un-leader-like way.

Turns out the meal cost like 52k yen… the food alone costs 42k yen, but they have to pay for things like the service charge as well as for the usage for the room. Woots really a high class restaurant indeed… that's like over $800 SGD for a meal! (food alone costs $600~!) Expensive! that's like more than the amount of money i have in my debit account… OUCH T.T

haha… so after it was revealed the ohno's paying, everyone happily files out, leaving ohno with the bill… so what did ohno do? he called for the waitress and asked… FOR DESERT HAHAHA! You're EPIC oh-chan… really EPIC! Like seriously!!! i was just bawling my guts out in laughter by than… i was wondering if he'll complain about having to foot the bill or something… but ask for green tea ice cream? LOL!!!!!!!!

bwahahahaha! ok… now I'm off to watch the NG segments… がんばった大賞 - NG parts of freeter, lucky 7 etc etc...

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