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Woah. That's a long ago show.... Mayonaka no Arashi. As such the videos I have arent the best quality...

Well, this is part of my initiative to use tumblr more, so I took a bunch of GIFs that could be shared on tumblr and in this comm.  So yes, this is more of a GIF collection than a proper review... Oh and pardon my GIF making noob-ness!

Loads of GIFs under cut! )

Woots ok! That ends my first GIF adventure as well. Looking at the GIFs on loop is giving me a headache -.-. I hope you enjoyed the review :P 
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Hi girls! It's been a looong time since I translated anything! I came across some of these photos on FB, and people were asking for a translation. I read a few pictures, thought 'hey, that's easy to translate', and here I am. I went to weibo and found the full(?) set of 9 photos from the weibo entry, BUT, I have NO IDEA where these photos are from. I heard it's from the latest issue of Josei Jishin? Please let me know if that's right, and which date it is, or if you know where I can find proper scans...

Edit: The photos are from the 15th of September 2015 issue of Josei Jishin, thanks to [ profile] junaibanina for the info!

Here we go! Photos, as stated earlier, are from 榎本卤蛋 (ssnirvana) from weibo.

Marry Sho? )

So that's all girls. Now you know where to go stalking Sho on his honeymoon (if you're not the lucky bride that is :P).

More pretty Sho (wedding) photos here.

Some pick up vocabulary from these magazine snippets here.

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A really quick update before I sleep.

So far so good...

Up to date on my LJ feed now. And just watched a bunch of Arashi shows too. Only left with Thursday's VSA and episode 2 of ouroboros to watch tmr... though I'll have AnS too by tmr morning. Watched a little of VSA opening. It was so hilarious! The incident at the massage palor. Hahahaha!

Meanwhile... I have to finish up my holiday postssss tmr (ok, actually all the tomorrows should be today since it's past 12). But hey at least I reached my goal and finished up 1 episode of subs by Sat. The first release of the year. And on Sho's bday too. Hopefully J's internet will cooperate!!!

That's all for now I guess. Oh and...

Happy Birthday Sho! You're 33 now! As much as you try to deny it! XD


Oct. 11th, 2014 02:55 pm
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So I watched abunai last night, was too tired to do any translations, and since none of my fellow mafias were able to entertain me on fb chat, I decided to go to bed!

And lo and behold.

I woke up this morning having dreamt to Arashi. Sho. To be more specific. The after effects of watching abunai! Sho was dressed in the white prada shirt, and the faded out cargo pants. And barefooted. Hahahaha. It was a weird dream. As all dreams go. I was in a hall. Those wooden plank flooring and a stage. There was some MC, who was pulling out random people form the audience to do the funky dance on stage, and then the MC started pulling more and more people up on stage. Sho was standing around in the audience (the audience were all sitting down, like it was some kind of school assembly or something). But despite people knowing how to do the funky dance, they didn't know who Arashi/Sho was. No one was going crazy over him or anything. And then finally Sho kinda got sick of it, and asked all the audience to stand up and go the funky dance together, and I was thinking 'finally you couldn't stand it anymore and got all of us to dance - instead of you know, the mc just pulling more and more people up on stage to dance'. And so Sho just danced along side us, in the front rows of the audience. He was on the left side at first, then he came over to the right side where I was. I was like in the second row right beside the central aisle - it's just a place that I always sit during that kind of assemblies or whatever was it in my dream. I didn’t purposely sit there because of Sho. Yes, I actually dreamt about that. And that I was like the only one in the audience who actually knew who Sho was. But well he was dancing in front of me, and then somehow he ended up beside me. And I was trying to tell Octavia to look at Sho's toes because he was barefooted. And I was trying hard not to make a fool of myself and bang into him because I don't know the funky dance moves... and the dance we did was kinda a modified funky dance because we were moving around a lot, like five steps to the left and five steps to the right kind of thing. But the hand movements was supposed to be the funky dance.

Okays. And that was about the time I woke up. Hahhaha. I continued day dreaming for a while of course, but that doesn’t count and it doesn’t really make sense either.

Oh wells. That's all for now!
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Seriously, LJ needs a better mobile app. Heck, I'd even pay some $ for a decent third party app that's updated... but alas, there are none! The official LJ app as it is now is filled with bugs and shortcomings. Like if I reply to a message, I can't scroll down when the message gets too long, it just ends up being covered by the keyboard! And, when posting a new entry, I can't add tags! Really... all the times on the bus/train when I thought of updating my LJ only to give up when I think about these shortfalls... Let me know if you see any decent and updated blogging app that supports LJ please! For use on the iphone! XD

It sucks how LJ is like so.. neglected. Even Marsedit that I use so much, all the extra stuff like tags, music etc, are not supported on the app... so I have to edit the post in the browser each time after I'm done.

Ah... half done with catching up to my Arashi shows. But then there's LOVE DVD that I've downloaded but not watched yet! Not been watching TSD though, so there's still a month worth of TSD to watch... and my fic! Not edited it yet... already at the very last chapter of my 'pre-prepared' chapters and arghs I'm so screwed!

Doesn’t help that I've gotten addicted to a new (to me, the game has been going on for more than a year already) game called growtopia. Helplessly and hopelessly addicted! But there's still some good news though! Progressing on with the Aiba manabu translations, and I did finish translating a short gem of a Sho news appearance on PON! Was clearing and mass watching all the news clips and... well... let's just say that I can't forget Sho and his sandals, and eventually decided to sub it. I usually don't download news clips to watch because they get so repetitive after a while, but boy was I glad that I did download them! Sho in squeaky rubber bathroom slippers hahahaha! Dinner time soon I guess. Gonna try my best to finish up Aiba manabu today/before I sleep, as I promised myself that I would. And then I can start on the bday month stuff... XD
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AKA Nazodi. Its translated as the after dinner mysteries in Sg... and boy i was so surprised when i saw kazamatsuri keibu on channel U erm... two nights ago? I was like OMG FK isnt the drama over already (they showed it on channel u, a Singapore tv channel a few months back)??? Then i watched the CM, with my heart bursting in excitement to realise that OMG they are showing the pre-movie SPs (ok, what are those called?) on Chnl U this Sun, 8:30pm! I was like OMGFK!!! 8:30pm on Sunday! that's got to be a good slot right??? way better than the 11pm sat that the drama was shown on at least. Means that the drama must have gathered a fairly good viewership rating... and indeed, sho has been appearing quite a bit on iweeky and all, esp after the movie promotion in singapore...

and yes...

i'm glad to report that i went to support sho today! watched the movie (in the cinema yes! 2nd arashi movie ever!) with my sis + her friend, same combi the went for nino's platinum data yup. the movie was soooo soooo hilarious omg. and the scenes that were shot in sg! there's quite a bunch of it! made me pleasantly surprised. i thought it'll just be some short scenes, stuffed randomly in the middle, to be forgotten once you left the cinema... but alas! (ok, bad spoilers ahead) the whole ending part was in Sg! Now surely you cant forget that!!! its no wonder that they came sg to promote the movie! quite a huge chunk of sg was shown! :) *ish pleased* we went into the cinema a little late, but not too late, since they were just introducing the hosho reiko part, like they always do at the start of the drama. but i was kinda concerned on how much we missed still... then when the nazodi song, wait, i mean meikyu love song, came on... i was like... wait, ending already? where did sg go to! wanted to check my watch to see how much of the movie is left, but my watch had no night + my phone was in my bag and its battery was dying, so yeah, i'd figured i'd just sit tight and enjoy the last of the movie... been so conditioned by the drama that meikyu love song = end of drama ya know? then came the whole sg chunk... quite a sizeable bit really, and made me so pleased. the whole movie was really really funny, and there were tons of laughter in the crowd. a really small crowd (small cinema too, since viewership is not high). they didnt have many show times to choose from either, but hey! at least its showing in sg right? ;)

They did a great job with the movie imo. They followed the style of the drama (ok, i've not watched that many movies so my comments may sound stupid), you know, the usual cutscenes for the interviewing of suspects etc... at the start there was loads of clear reminders of the drama. then later on things got more exciting and i stopped thinking that 'hey, xxx part is just like in the drama' and stuff, and started getting drawn into the story. Of course the usual kageyama trademarks were there, and gosh at the start kageyama's blatant insults towards reiko was hilarious. But overall, it was a great mix between a drama and a movie (am i making sense here?) and i enjoyed it loads. As with the drama, the logic is fine IMO, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Its not like sherlock holmes or something, so if you think you're in for a detective movie, think again. Oh and gosh, their english is just hilarious. Serious! i understand their japanese like 100x better than i can understand their english... honest...! but its no biggie i guess... i just wished the Eng subs remained when they were speaking English... instead of it changing to just japanese subs... i cant read japanese that fast ya know :X. It was chinese subbed too, but i was just listening and reading the eng subs. i'd say the subs are pretty good, though ii could almost understand the whole thing w/o the subs. i think. its kind of a simultaneous thing though, so i cant say exactly how i'd have fared w/o the subs... but i do feel pretty proud of myself for understanding most of the parts. Its like, the order of saying things would be reverse in the eng subs, and i understand their japanese + can anticipate the next line of the eng subs kind of thing?

ok... so much stuff to say but i cant get the words out all of a sudden. guess the lack of sleep is finally getting to me. reached to lab at 6:40am to harvest the cells for the xenograft study. tired... and i guess my adrenaline is running out...

sorry of the disorganized long rant! :P
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Title: Share House - Paint and Brush - A new Shed Yama Side Story
Length: 1.9k words
Pairing: Yama
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer and warning: Smut ahead. This is purely a work of fiction!
Un-betaed. Forgive any spelling and grammar mistakes ><
You are strongly recommended to read the main story here before reading this.

The Sapporo concerts were over. It was always the same. They'd spend the day after concerts at debrief meetings as well as planning for the next venue (if there's any). Next up was Fukuoka. In two day's time to be exact. The Sapporo concert had gone by splendidly and everyone was in the groove. Everything was going along just fine. Except that Sho constantly felt that he was missing something. Or more like, someone.

After presenting to Ohno the new shed, the old man had been holed up in the shed almost the entire time. Until when they had to leave for the Sapporo concerts that is. Sho wouldn’t have minded - he believe strongly believed in letting leader pursue his hobbies - except that Nino had snuggled right next to Ohno the moment they got on the Shinkansen, looking at Sho with a satisfied smirk on his face. Ohno himself was of course, oblivious to their rivalry. The man himself had fallen asleep the moment he got on the train. Sho wondered if Ohno had slept at all. As Ohno had embarrassingly admitted on National TV, once he got started on something he'll plunge right in, deep. So much so that he'd even forget to eat. Sho had took it upon himself to bring Ohno his meals. Ohno refused to show him what he was doing though. "I'll show you when its ready" He promised, without any further explanation.


Sho wandered over to the shed. The curtains were drawn tight. He tried the door. No luck. As expected. Ohno had locked the room after Sho came in unexpectedly to bring Ohno his breakfast. It seems like he really hated people looking at his unfinished work. Disappointed, Sho was about to leave when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see Ohno holding a huge plastic bag, smirking. Very dangerously. He walked up to Sho. In a dignified, emotionless manner. That looked so strange, yet so familiar.

"What are you doing here Sho?" Ohno asked in a dead panned tone.

Realisation hit Sho. It wasn’t Ohno standing in front of him. It was Enomoto Kei. Sho panicked. It was the first time Ohno had done something like that. Yes he'd remain in character more or less throughout filming even when he was off set, but now? The drama was long over and he hadn't heard any news about a special coming up! Ohno gave Sho Enomoto's trademark semi-smile-smirk. No. Sho was sure Ohno was doing this deliberately. But why? Sho could only conclude that the Ohno had something planned up his sleeve, and was, as AIba would put it, 'Very Very Danger'.

"I was just… hoping to see… if you'd finished painting." Sho stammered, trying to come up with a good answer.

Enomoto's eyes twinkled gleefully.

"I have not." He replied, unlocking the shed door and inviting Sho in.

Sho looked around the shed, trying to find traces of what Ohno had been up to. But Ohno had tidied up the place very well. If Sho didn’t know better, he'd have thought that Ohno hadn't been in the shed at all. Closer observation revealed that the arrangement of the tools had been changed, but still, no hints on what Ohno had been working on.

Enomoto stared at Sho wordlessly. Content with the silence. The silence unnerved Sho however.

Eventually he asked "Have you been painting?"

"Saa…" Came the mysterious reply.

Sho was at a loss what to do. Just as he was considering whether to back out, Ohno/Enomoto spoke up.

"Sho likes to see my paintings ne?" Ohno asked.

Sho could only nod.

"Do you want to see me paint?" Ohno asked, smirking.

This time his smirk was… more mischievous, and less Enomoto like, Sho observed. So it was all an act to get him on his nerves, as Sho had properly deduced. Sho nodded again.

"Do you want to see my paint?" Ohno asked again, his time whispering right into Sho's ears and tickling him with his breath.

Sho lets out a grin.

"Of course"

Ohno wasted no time and got Sho to help him lay a thick carpet on the floor (the carpet was really heavy!), and spreading a large plastic sheet over the carpet. He then commanded Sho to get on all fours in the middle of the carpet. Ohno took off his shoes and stepped onto the plastic sheet+carpet, crinkling the plastic and making a squishy sound with each step. Ohno took off Sho's shoes as well and tossed them to the side, carefully approaching Sho from behind.

"You've been a really bad boy. Jealous aren't you, so jealous… Today I'll paint you and mark you all mine" He whispered in Sho's face.

Sho got to see Enomoto's trademark smirk one last time before Ohno promptly blindfolded him.

Sho could hear Ohno moving around the room, moving items here and there. He was started to wonder if Ohno was going to do anything at all when suddenly felt his pants - undergarments and all - getting pulled off with one smooth tug. He felt Ohno blowing gently on his butt cheeks before it was replaced by a soft, fluffy sensation. 'A brush' Sho thought.

"Don't you like it?" Ohno asked.

Sho can totally hear the smirk in Ohno's voice. Ohno seem to get bored really quickly though, for he commanded Sho to lie on his back.

"So you want to see me paint…" Ohno whispered into Sho's ears.

Sho nodded wordlessly. He squirmed around, getting impatient at Ohno's slow pace.

"My my, impatient aren't we… you won't be able to make good paintings if you are impatient…"

"Take off your clothes!"

Finally! Sho sighed. It was about time. Sho took off his shirt and tossed it randomly aside, unable to see where anything was. Ohno looked on amused as he went to fetch his specially prepared tubs of body paint. Ohno carefully picked a brush before dipping it in the paint. Brushes are really important tools for the artist. You have to pick the right brush for the right job. In this case, Ohno picked a rather large brush of medium stiffness. Not too hard so as to scratch his lover, but stiff enough to tickle and tease. Ohno dipped the brush carefully into the paint and started drawing strokes over Sho's stomach. Sho shrunk away at the initial contact. The paint was really cold!

"Unnnnnnn so cold!" Sho moaned

"I know you like it exciting like this ne? I purposely put it in the fridge for you…" Ohno whispered.

"Unnnnnn" Sho could only moan as Ohno started tickling the sensitive parts of his stomach with the brush.

"Let's try something even more exciting…" Ohno started 'painting' Sho's butt cheeks while placing a lubed finger in Sho's entrance, turning his fingers around and massaging Sho's prostate.

As sudden as the intrusion came, Ohno withdrew his fingers, and instead pressed a small, cold metallic object quickly into the depths of Sho's rear.

"Aghhhhhhh Satoshi!!!!!!!" Sho moaned uncontrollably as the vibrator started doing its magic.

Small but powerful, just like leader.

"Satoshiiii want… now…." Sho moaned as he squirmed and flipped onto his side to give leader better access to his rear.

Ohno seemed to be in no hurry though, as he started tracing lines down Sho's spinal cord with a different brush. Ohno continued tracing with while hand while taking off this clothing hastily with the other. It was a good thing he had planned out everything to the last detail earlier, including wearing clothes that were easy to rip off with just one hand. Ohno's hands move to Sho's length and he gently stroked the slit. Sho moans got louder and more desperate, calling desperately for his lover's name. Sho needed his lover in him right there and then. Finally, Ohno could no longer resist himself anymore, and inserted his length into the tight entrance.

"Oh fuck! You are fucking tight! Oh fuckkkkkkkk!" Ohno cried as Sho tightened his muscles for his lover.

The tight sensation coupled with the still vibrating vibrator was mind blowing. Ohno started thrust hard and fast, each slam hitting the vibrator hard and sensing thrilling shocks down both their spines. As if on cue, they both came at the same time. Exhausted, they lay on the floor, covered in various extent with paint.

Ohno peeled himself off Sho and reached his slender fingers into Sho's butt to pull out the vibrator.

"Unnnnnnnnn" Sho moaned, missing the sensation in his rear.

His groans were rewarded when Ohno decided to stick more fingers into Sho's entrance. Two, three… stretch and scissoring the tight hole while Sho enjoyed his lover's attention. Ohno dug around his bag for a new lube and he applied it to the handle of the brush and used it to apply the lube into his lover's insides. He then applied more cold paint onto the area around the entrance. Sho was too busy missing his lover's fingers from his rear entrance to feel anything at first. It was only when Ohno started applying the cold paint on his entrance that he started to feel the searing hot burn.

"Ginger extract. Do you like it?" Ohno asked as he continued teasing Sho's entrance.

"I heard its really potent…" Ohno commented as he watched Sho squirm with the contrasting hot and cold sensation on his bottom. He was getting uncomfortable hard once more, and Ohno wasn’t faring any better watching his lover squirm and moaning his name all too sexily. Ohno gave up on the brush and leaned down to lick the precum that was leaking from his lover's length.

"Unnnn Sho tastes soooo gooooddd…" Ohno moaned.

"Satoshiiiiiii stopppp…. want… satoshi…" Sho panted.

Ohno complied as he slammed into Sho once more.

"Fuck Sho… so hot…!" Ohno moaned as the slammed faster and faster into Sho, enjoying the heat from the friction and the ginger extract lube.

As the climaxed for a second time that they, Ohno collapsed onto Sho, exhausted from his efforts. He reached out to remove the blindfold that was still on his lover.

Sho blinked as the adjusted to the light. WHen he could finally see properly again, he looked down to see the mess of red and blue paint. Blue on this front, red on his back and all over Ohno.

"Do you like my painting?" "I love it." They embraced each other and stayed there till Ohno's stomach finally gave a rumble.

"Hungry eh?" Sho chuckled.

"We should pack things up…" Sho commented, trying to get put but immediately groaning from the effort.

It was going to be even worst the next day, but it was more then worth it. Sho tried to hide his discomfort as he put on the robe Ohno handed him. It seems like Ohno did plan everything properly.

"Let's go to the bath, before the rest gets back…" Ohno said.

He will have one hell of a time cleaning up the next day but none of it mattered at that moment.

In the bath…

"Ne Ohno… I thought you were going the mix the colours…"

"You baka…" Ohno replied, as he pinched Sho's nose.

"Red and blue becomes purple…." Sho's mouth formed an O shape in understanding. No wonder Ohno had insisted they take a shower before entering the bath. Sho smiled as he leaned forward to embrace the older man.

"I love you Satoshi."


So that was my 1st ever NC-17 fic…. hope it turned out ok?
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Yes yes yes! I know its been talked about on twitter and all that quite a while back, but catching the last 2 secs of the advert on TV just on was like... YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness! So after that i rushed to check the air time and found...

《推理要在晚餐后》/ 《謎解きはディナーのあとで》 The After Dinner Mysteries - 11月3日起,每逢星期六 11.30PM,U频道独家首播!
* 日语原音播出,附中文字幕,with English Subtitles

Hohoho... no dub at all - my mum was complaining about it... english subs... i guess channel U to too lazy to re-sub it in chinese or something? My mum was like: "Hasn’t this been aired before?" Me: " Nonono! It’s a new show, it only came out at the end of last year!" Yes, in Sg, that's called very recent. Considering that the million times they replay movies from literally over 10 years ago... Mum: "Seems like they like this kind of mystery shows a lot?" Me: "No, i think its just a recent trend" Mum: "How come now all the dramas are in Japanese, can't i switch it to chinese?" Me: "No... they didn’t dub it..." But of course i was delighted that they didn’t dub it... :P if its dubbed my mum will obviously watch it in chinese, which is absolutely hate! Dubbing just... destroys the show, especially for dramas or varieties when everyone is excited but the dub is monotonous. Spoils the whole show really... similarly with dramas... ESP dramas that you've already watched and know how its supposed to sound like.

But gosh shyt......... i just remembered.............. Sat night i have that guild cygnus boss run that I'm FINALLY able to attend. T.T

NOOO Why must things be like this!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

Maybe I'd bring my computer out to the living room or something...... that is IF my mum isnt watching other shows at that time T.T. We got some cable channels from taiwan and china and she's been watching a lot of china programs. Like. A LOT. I can't even think of watching VSA T.T

Sighz. Lets hope my mum will like nazodi... she watched The Boss and seems to like it... saw her watching quite a few times... oh well let's hope... at least with maple i can just move my computer to the living room... but if my mum's watching something else than its for me...

Meh. i was hoping it wouldn’t be aired so late... but ah well... a quick check and i realised the previous Jdrama (全開ガール) they aired was at the same timing... so i guess 11:30pm sat has been reserved for Jdramas than :) Which is a good thing no doubt... at least we can finally getting our Jdramas back! Enough with the Kdramas. Its just been way way way too much! Almost every single advert is of some kdrama they are showing... its just way too much and makes me loath k-stuff even more.

Hmm i wonder what they will bring in next? Lucky 7 or kagi heya maybe? Or even some old drama like maou would be nice XD *prays hard* XD
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Yes yes its been a long time since i posted here... but OMG SAKURAI SHO ISH IN SG RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT! SOMEONE SPOTTED THEM FILMING THE NAZODI MOVIE AT RAFFLES HOTEL TODAY! yup... saw that on my FB feed after my friend alerted me by sms... this is COOL! raffles hotel on nazodi whee!!!!!!!! and they will be boarding the cruise ship at 4pm tmr for filming!

A fan spotted nazodi filming at marina bay sands park... report here:

No outdoor filming for sho at all... guess they arent taking any chances with the fans... still i really hope he'll enjoy his really short stay here... i wonder what souvenirs he'll get for the members... merlion figurines/T-shirts/goods anyone?

hope he'll mention his sg trip next time in some variety show! kyaaaaaaa! <3 <3 <3

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