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Woah. That's a long ago show.... Mayonaka no Arashi. As such the videos I have arent the best quality...

Well, this is part of my initiative to use tumblr more, so I took a bunch of GIFs that could be shared on tumblr and in this comm.  So yes, this is more of a GIF collection than a proper review... Oh and pardon my GIF making noob-ness!

Loads of GIFs under cut! )

Woots ok! That ends my first GIF adventure as well. Looking at the GIFs on loop is giving me a headache -.-. I hope you enjoyed the review :P 
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A ninosan review on Nihongo Manabu:

Took me really long to do it... included in some vocab too. It's meant to be a really brief review, but it ended up longer than I initially planned to again. Because I'm just too darn long winded. It's not a play by play review like what I did previously, since this is for the Nihongo Manabu site. I focused more on the content of the show, things that might appeal to the general audience who don't know about Arashi. Still you should check it out though, the behind the scene stories of the various jobs are interesting!

Alright. Just two weeks till my Philippines trip. I don't have enough time! Arghs!
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[Go back to Part 1?]

Yay part 2! Because was getting pretty long!

Looong review! )

And that’s it! The end of the show! Hope you liked the review! Whee finally finished it!!!! Yay!!!!

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Wahahaha! Another review, and again it’s delayed for so long! What, a whole week? It’s been a really crazy week. Rule violations… my phone dying… T.T

My phone dying really sucked… Wasted two evenings running around bringing my phone to repair phones and I think it’s a lost cause. Motherboard is fried. A freakin 64GB iPhone 5S!!! And I’ve only used it for freaking 16 months! Not that long, but already out of the 1 year warranty. Sucks!!! Can’t recontract till 4 months later too… ARGHS! I originally planned to use the phone for THREE years!!!!


Frustrations aside...

Again, this is another subbed episode… which is actually a good thing because it saves me the typing muahaha! Just read the subs in the pics ok? XD

Edit: This review NEVER finished in that week I planned to. A whole month delay now? Or more! Wahahaha!

PS: I compiled a list of Japanese vocab from this episode over here if you are interested.

Looooong review under cut! Be warned! )
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Woah woah woah. It’s been so long since I did a bangui review! Things just got too busy! I doubt I’ll be more free this year… but I do always keep reviews at the back of my mind!!! I do enjoy doing it after all!

Well today’s review will be a short one though. Really! It’ll be like, the shortest review I’ve ever done. That is if anyone still remembers me anyway… It’s been so long since I was last actively doing reviews here. What, two years? Anyway it’s a short one because I think many people would have seen this episode long ago. I mean, it aired over two weeks ago and the subs were out over a week ago after all? Still, enjoy! XD

PS: I posted about some Japanese vocab from this episode here if you are interested.
It's the End of the World girls! )

Hai! And that’s was all for today’s episode! XD 

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Part 1 is over here!

Let's continue with part 2 now!
Of ADs and reality... )

And that was all for this week’s Nino-san! I hope you enjoyed it!

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So I had planned to do this earlier today. But a brunch turned shopping trip turned out being way longer than I initially anticipated. And I collapse dead (read: asleep) on the bed from 7pm till like… 9:45pm so...

Arghs I’m still almost a whole month behind in my Arashi TV shows watching, but its been too long since I did a review, and this episode of Nino-san seems really fun, so here I am!

Also we’ll… Let me throw in some advertisement!

I decided to go into subbing! And maybe… about a month after I just started in a group, I decided to strike it out on my own and make my own subbing community. You might have already heard of it/joined already but anyways… DNA! An eccentric little group set up by eccentric little me. Read and follow the membership post to join, thank you. I hate it when people miss out stuff… its faster for me to accept people than reject, but reject people I will. Well just be sure to follow all the instructions and you won’t have trouble getting in!

There has been a lot of new subbing groups recently so I’d try not to do reviews of stuff that’s already been subbed…. so enough of this talk, I bring you my first review of Nino-san!

Its BRATTY Nino-san time! )

Well that’ll have to go in part two I guess! 

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Part 1 over here

Ok, let's continue on with the review!
Let Aiba's performance continue! )

And that ends this episode of AnShi and this review!

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Ok, so I know many people would like me to review AnShi, so here’s an AnShi episode for all of you! The previous episode of AnShi is really funny too, but someone has subbed it already… so if you want do watch it, do join the comm! (Oh wow, it’s a new subbing comm, i should sign up too :P)

Honestly I was worried after the AnShi revamp at first, because I was worried that the staff might be running out of ideas for the show, and that it may be going down the road of HnA (you know how at the end they were coming out with all sorts of new segments to try and revive the show, but to be nothing but the share house segment really worked). But I guess i was wrong! From the snowboarding to the massage… it seems to be getting more and more exciting each week! Saw the preview of this week’s episode and it’s a must watch. Though I must say… poor Ohno! A word of warning though, i probably won’t be able to translate a lot of the scolding bit so… >< gomen in advance!

AnShi time! )

Ok, sorry for the very bad cut off timing. But I'm afraid I'm reaching LJ’s word limit… please head over to Part 2!

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*throws confetti*

Whee! According to my own stats this would be my 30th Arashi bangumi review! *claps*
A quick glance at my picasa web albums shows that I have close to 6000 screenshots uploaded! Woots! This is… unbelievable! I really take that many screenshot? >< Wow!

Anyhow… after all those reviews of stuff that aired long ago… I finally bring you something recent! Last week's TSD Aiba and Nino cut! It’s a short one though, just 22 minutes of video. I know the show is a 2 hour SP, but I’m too lazy to review the whole episode :P Too bad kekeke…

Hmm I hope this Aiba cut won’t be too messy… I watched last’s week’s 3 hour SP TSD Aiba cut, and it was kinda… jumping all over the place at some parts. Well it IS Aiba cuts only after all ne? ><  A special double release today! Let’s go!

EDIT: Wow, looks like i went over board with the screen shots again? LJ forced me to split this into two posts!

Its animal time! )

The rest in Part 2!

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Part 1 was posted here!

Ready for Part 2?

Here we go! )
I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Btw, because I took so long to get round to watching and reviewing this episode… mirei_22 has come up with the subs already! You can check out her post here!
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Its finally here! MMDA! Gosh I’ve been looking forward to MMDA for a long time… finally I bring to you the episode review! Let’s go!

Note on the screenshots: I’ve changed the screenshot picture format from PNG to JPEG a few screenshots into this post, hopefully that will make the post load easier and faster… name wise you don’t see any difference since I’m too lazy to change each time from my blogging tool, but i checked on my photo host and the photos were *slightly* smaller than before (previously picasa also does not upload the full image size already I guess).
Let me know if you have any objections/suggestions/comments! 

Ready for MMDA? )

The rest will come in part 2! :P (Coming in... maybe 1 or 2 hours? Hopefully :P) Its completed now!
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Part 1 is over here.

Part 2! 

Really, I finished part one like more then 2 weeks ago… but I ended up being hospitalised for 12 days, and that really made me lose momentum in doing this episode… I’m jet so glad to be finally back home, even though I have to walk using crutches again sigh… T.T

Anyhow, here we go!

Ready for more epic-ness? )

The end!!! XD

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My original plan was to do the latest VSA episode. But i watched this episode and it was just too hilarious and I had to share it. Not just Nino’s outfit. The WHOLE episode was hilarious. Lets go!

Edit: Part 1 and part 2 was written like... 3 weeks apart, so forgive me if there are any inconsistencies.

Catch Ninomiya! )

Ok that’s all for bank bowling and we’re off to Part 2! XD

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Hohoho, here we go! My very first TSD review! TSD stands for Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (天才!志村どうぶつ園 Genius! Shimura Zoo) by the way. Aw come on, you knew that didn’t you? :P Aiba started appearing on that show waaayyyy back in 2004, where he quickly became on of the co-hosts. Thanks to this, he became to first Arashi member to have a regular appearance on a show that’s not hosted by Arashi, as you already know from Aiba’s wikipedia page I suppose. And really, he still was the only guy who appears on varieties (regularly) outside of their own shows… till last year when they all started setting up their own shop that is :P Ah i still feel so guilty about… not having the time to watch Aiba Manabu. Yet I’m already falling behind on my Nino-san and AnShi and VSA watching. I’d like to do a review of Nino-san someday… I downloaded all the raws so the only problem is time and motivation. Motivation seems to be high recently but time is a problem ne?

Ok, enough small talk. On to business. A word of note though, I got the TSD video pre-cut. I trust my source to cut out Aiba’s part nicely for me, but I really wouldn’t know better if there’s some parts that’s been accidentally left out. Said source prefers to remain anonymous so let’s keep it that way. :P (I think some of you know where I’m getting my files from though! ;) )

Ok, since its cuts so its kind of in bits and pieces… but its really amusing anyway so enjoy!

Masaki dot com? )

And that was all! A pretty short one ne? Hope you enjoyed it! XD

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Back to Part 1 here.
So… where were we? Ah yes bunk bowling. (or bank bowling as it should officially be, whatever.)


Bowl with Arashi? )

And that was all!

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Its VSA time!

NewImageWith an all Johnny’s line up for the Arashi team, this episode promises to be interesting… let’s start!

Ready for our kakkoii boys? )
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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Last spurt of pranks!

Prank Aiba again? )

And that’s it! The end! At long last! Gosh, even the last ten minutes took me a good hour to finish… alright, shall head off to bed now. I feel like a zombie already ><

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Man, this is such a long review ne? This is the last spurt now! A mere 22mins more of video to go!

Prank Aiba? )

AND I thought it would end at part 6. Turns out that I screen capped too much for Aiba’s part and now it has to be split into two. Gosh! Last part here!

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