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Title: Punishment
Length: 91 words
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Jun misjudged Nino.

A/N: Wrote this in like... 3 minutes lol. Stole the drabble prompt from [ profile] negai3104. :P

I love you too Samii )

“I love you too Samii” Nino smirked as he raised the whip again.
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Title: Creation
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Length: One Shot (251 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Ohno is having trouble creating art...

A/N: Yay! It's been two months since I posted anything here. Lack of inspiration and all. I guess being really busy in the lab too doesn't help. So well, that lack of inspiration gave me inspiration for this fic...

Ohno huffed... )
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Title: Jun and the @#%?! Button
Length: Drabble Series (~1.4k words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Matsumiya, Sakumoto
Summary: Jun, and his button (mis)adventures.

Jun struggled with the buttons... )

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Title: Simulation
Length: One shot (~1k words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sakumoto
Beta: [ profile] octavialao
Summary: Jun had enough of Sho and his mental simulations.

A/N: Idea from Sho's grueling 'vacation' in Hawaii for AnShi. And from Octavia's musings. She has written a fic based on the same idea here!
Written for [ profile] octavialao and [ profile] 4y4_k.

Edit: Yay! [ profile] 4y4_k has written a part 2 for the fic and it's posted HERE!

Sho drummed his fingers... )
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Title: Forehead Kiss
Length: One shot (~300 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Ohno's kiss is like a charm.

A/N: For my dear [ profile] octavialao, who has a fetish for Sho's forehead.

Oyasuminasai Sho-chan! )
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Title: Ohmiya is back!
Length: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Ohmiya never disappeared. They merely moved.

A/N: Woots! It's been a while since I last wrote Ohmiya! But with all that Ohmiya in the Zero-G PV making, how could I resist? Just a short one though, so don't expect too much. :P

Of course, we were never gone )
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Title: Clothes
Length: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Sho has no idea what clothes fit him

Flashy... )
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Title: Tired
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Length: One shot, 574 words
Summary: Set in the share house universe. What happens when Sho returns from work one day really tired out? Read on to find out!

Sho fumbled in his pocket for the house keys as he reached the door of his apartment. Their apartment rather. Arashi’s share house. Sho was sweating in the hot summer heat and all he hoped for was to have a nice soak in the bath before collapsing on the bed. It was a tiring day, locations shots, meetings, and more meetings. Sho was dead tired and the hot weather didn’t do anything to help but instead sapped his strength away.

His hopes of having a shower faded however when he entered the apartment. Both their toilets were occupied. ‘Arghhhs! Why can’t those stupid boys bath earlier!’ Sho fumed. ‘It’s 1am already!!!’

Defeated, Sho retreated to his bed and turned on the air conditioning to high. He peeled off his clothes and lied down on the bed while waiting for the boys to get out of the shower…

The next thing Sho knew was Aiba banging on his room door.

“Wake up Sho-chan!” the chirpy Aiba called. “It’s breakfast time and we have Shiyagare filming to go for in an hour!”

Aiba was getting frustrated. It was unlike Sho to wake up so late, especially when they had work. Sho liked to be well prepared before work and he hate it when he wakes up with not enough time to spare. It was the third time Aiba had tried to wake Sho up already so he tried the door knob. Normally it was locked so he was surprised when the door swing open.

Sho was just stirring from his slumber when Aiba entered the room.

“Uwah!” Aiba shrieked as he laid his eyes on the stark naked Sho.

The shriek woke Sho up and sent the rest of the inhabitants running to see what the commotion was about.

“Mou…” Nino groaned. “Isn’t the air conditioning cold enough already?”

Ohno merely chuckled at the sight while Jun rolled his eyes.

“When will you learn not to undress when you sleep Sho?” Jun complained.

“And stop gaping you baka,” Jun continued as he smacked Aiba in the head. “Don’t you two see each other naked all the time?”

Sho’s face turned as red as a beetroot as he stammered, “Mou… I didn’t undress during my sleep. I stripped off and was waiting for you and Aiba to finish showering but I just fell asleep!”

“Excuses excuses!” Jun tutted, clicking his tongue in annoyance before walking off to pick which rings he should wear today.

“Look my clothes are all hanging neatly on the chair!” Sho protested, as the Ohmiya duo gave each other a mischievous look before heading to Ohno’s bedroom to do goodness know what.

“Aw its ok, I believe you Sho-chan!” Aiba chirped as he gave Sho a peck on the cheeks.

“But you stink, you really do need a bath!” Aiba complained.

“That’s cause you were in the shower for so long last night!” Sho exclaimed.

“Well you could have joined me in the bath…” Aiba pouted.

“Now why don’t you join me for a bath?” Sho said, raising his eyebrows.

The huge beam on Aiba’s face answered it all.

Jun shook his head as he watched the two pairs of lovebirds head off to their respective destination. He sighed as he made a mental note that he’ll have to bang on the bathroom door AND Ohno’s door in half an hour’s time otherwise they’ll never make it in time for work.
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Ok, so I've not been while... till the influx of rants about my job. Still have no idea how I'm going to survive the rest of the month but... that's not the point of this post! I took part in the summer/winter exchange and here's the fruits of my labor! :P Do check out the other two fics for the exchange, they were absolutely fabulous! So without further ado...

Title: With Google
Recipient: [ profile] neko_kirin3104
Pairing: Yama
Rating/Warnings: PG
Beta: Ester
Length: One Shot, ~2.2k words
Summary: When Ohno get's bored and decides to borrow Sho's laptop…
Disclaimer: FICTION. Google if you don't know what it means.
Author Notes: Ok, the title is really lame, but I couldn't come up with anything better. Written for the [ profile] sumwin_exchange for [ profile] neko_kirin3104. I wanted to combine both requests, but I guess the Jr days part just didn’t really work out :P

Ohno was in the greenroom and feeling very bored. He looked at his watch and sighed. Four more hours to waste till the share house filming at night. Normally he'd just have slept the day away but then he remembered his promise to get back to drawing this year. Sho was too busy reading his newspapers to be bothered about him. Not that he could complain though, Sho had a lot on his plate and Ohno knew it. He always found it ironic. Despite being the oldest and the 'leader', he was the most slack of them all. Most of the time anyway. Sho has his news caster job, Aiba does variety, Nino and Jun gets more dramas and movies then he does… Ohno looked up from the blank page of his sketch book and stared at the frowning Sakurai. His mind was completely blank so he put away the sketchbook. The drawings will have to wait till some other day.

Sakurai seemed to be completely absorbed in reading the newspapers now. His macbook was abandoned at the side, forgotten. Ohno walked over to Sho and jabbed his thumb at the laptop.

"Erm… can I borrow this for a while?"

"Sure" Sho replied without even looking up from his reading.

They're close like this, the five Arashi members. They don't share passwords with each other but they know them anyway. Most of the passwords at least. Like Sho's laptop password in this case. Ohno took a deep breath as he started up the web browser. His mind started wandering off once more. He must have blanked out for quite a while because the next time he noticed, Sho was calling out to him with a worried look on his face.

"Satoshi-kun? Is everything alright? You know my password don't you? Why are you staring at my computer like this?" Ohno rubbed his face in an attempt to snap out of his daze.

"Ah yes I know... Everything's fine... Eh... Do you need to use your laptop?" Ohno asked, face red with embarrassment.

"No no you can use it, I got my script for the movie to look at…"

"Ah..."Ohno frowned as he stared at the Google homepage, wondering what his next move should be.

He had only borrowed the laptop because Sho was not using it, but he hadn't actually thought of what to do on it. That was when he remembered his recent radio talk about Lady GaGa being the most searched name on Google. On pure whim, he decided to type in his own name into the search field. What happened after that could only be akin to a kid in a candy store. Ohno watched in amazement as his name appeared in the auto complete drop down list, AND details of him appeared in the sidebar before he even finished typing his name. 'Wah sugoi!' He scanned through the list of search results. From Wikipedia pages to various news articles... To fan fiction. Wait? Fan fiction?

It wasn’t the first time Ohno looked at content written by his fans online. A few years back he mentioned in interviews that he was reading fan forums with his new computer and it was the truth. But so far he had stuck with reading fan comments about his singing, his dancing, his acting… he'd stayed clear of fan fiction thus far. No less thanks to Nino's overly vivid description of a fic he came across online. Needless to say the experience left him a little…. scarred.

Curiosity got the better of him and Ohno clicked on the link. In it were lists upon lists of fic titles listed by pairing category. Ohno looked up at Sho, but Sakurai was too engrossed in reading his script to even notice. With an evil grin, Ohno started reading the very first fic in the Yama pairing category. 'PWP' - the warning label read.

'Huh what's that supposed to mean?' Confused, Ohno ignored the warning and read on. Ohno's face grew redder and redder as he read. No he wasn't an amateur at THOSE stuff, but…

For any fan girl reading the fic they'd probably be hyperventilating and squealing with excitement... But the problem was a lot, a lot worse for Ohno.

Sounds of skin slapping on skin rang through the room as Ohno moved faster and faster. "Fuck Sho you have such a tight ass!"
"Ughgg faster Satoshi! Faster!"

No, there wasn't any problem with the writing. Ohno didn't have a problem with fans writing such fics either... The problem was that he was in the same room as Sho while reading the fic AND his pants were getting tighter by the second. The problem was that unlike the fans who have only their imagination to rely on, he had been in the bath with Sho countless times and he knew just how wonderful Sho's butt looks like. The problem was that both of them have known each other for so long that the described scene was playing so vividly in his head over and over. He could also feel the beads of sweat rolling off Sho's muscular body. He could hear him moaning and crying out his name and taste the salty sweat as he bites into Sho's shoulders. No, the fic was perfect in every sense of the word. The problem was that he had zoned out again and now Sho was asking if he's alright.

"Satoshi? Are you alright? Why are you staring so intently at the black screen?" Ohno blinked only to see that the screen monitor had shut off after the extended period of non-usage.

"Ah... No no I'm fine. I was just... Just thinking about an idea for my art pieces."

"Ah souka..." Sho nodded, though he obviously didn't buy the explanation.

Ohno hurriedly closed the site. That was way too embarrassing, Ohno thought with a sigh. Thankfully mother hen Sho wasn't a busybody. He'd have no idea what to do if Sho caught him reading such a thing. Ohno took a deep breath to calm himself down as he headed to the toilet. Maybe he'll try out something in the recording later... But right now he had a different kind of problem to deal with.


"Ninnnnnooooo!" Sho whined over the phone.

"Eh nani?" A puzzled Nino asked.

"Is there anything wrong between you and leader?" Sho asked.

"No... Not at all... Why are you asking this?"

"Don't lie to me Nino! Did you do something to piss leader off so much that now he comes running to me like a lost puppy in need of love or something?!!!"

"Ahhh... You mean the HnA recordings?"

"Yes what else!?!?!?" The five of them had just finished the share house SP recording earlier and one of the 'highlights' was Ohno's constant invasion of Sho's room.

"And it's not JUST what we saw today, or what was aired last time... There's been a lot more and it seems to get worst with each recording session we have together! What the hell is he trying to do? Declare to the whole world that we are gay and together?! That's not even true!" Sho sighed in exasperation.

Nino chuckled. "Trust me Sho, that was none of my doing. Directly or indirectly. What he's doing is entirely his own will." Nino declared, feeling a great sense of satisfaction for delivering the statement.

"You are of no help Nino!"

"Fine fine fine…"

"I'll just hang up if you can't help me with the problem."

"Tsk tsk tsk... Impatient aren't we?" Sho swore he could see Nino smirking on the other end. "First you should think back on when Oh-chan started behaving this way."


"Then from there think back on any actions from either of you that could have lead to this... Sudden outbursts of affection."

"Just how am I supposed to figure it out?"

"Then once you work out the problem, all you need to do is to nip the problem in the butt and then tada! Problem solved. I'm sure smarty pants Keio boy can figure it out..." With that, Nino hung up the phone.

"Huh? Just what the heck is that supposed to mean... And it's nip the problem in the bud... Not butt... Idiot..." Sho muttered under his breath.

With that he picked up his laptop and packed it into his bag. Just then the image of leader asking to borrow his laptop crept into his mind. Frowning at the memory, Sakurai opened his laptop and looked at the web browsing history. Ohno was certainly acting weirdly that day… could it be something he'd seen on the computer? 'When did leader use my laptop? Last month?'

Sho scrolled through lists and lists of news and email sites - the usual stuff that he looked at. He was about to give up when the words Arashi fan fiction screamed at him. Sho slowly scrolled back up and clicked on the suspicious link.


15 mins later…

The buzzing of Sho's cellphone brought Sho back to his senses. The call was from his manager. "Sakurai-san? Is everything ok? I've been waiting for you downstairs since 40 minutes ago…"

"Ah... Sumimasen! I'll come down right away! Please send me to leader's place."

"Ohno-san's house? Ah... sure... Is everything alright?"

"Yes yes there is no problem at all. I just wanted to have a drink with leader…" His manager kept giving Sho weird looks in the car, but said nothing about it.

It wasn’t strange for the Arashi members to visit each other, but the timing and circumstances were a little strange that night…


Ohno was sketching when the doorbell rang. It was almost 3am already... Who'd come visit in the dead of the night? The doorbell sounded again, more urgently this time round. "Hai hai I'm coming!"

To say that Ohno was surprised to see Sho at his doorstep was a gross understatement. Not that the members of Arashi do not meet up in private. They do. But what they usually don't do is show up on each other's doorstep unannounced in the middle of the night. Even when Nino shows up to freeload he has the decency not to appear at 3am… (or maybe that's because they don't have dinner at 3am).

Ohno froze in the doorway unsure of how to react. There was the subject of his dreams for the past month standing in the doorway but he was unable to get a coherent sentence out of his mouth.

"Hey can you at least invite me into the house or something? It's cold out here ya know?" Sho chided.

"Ah sou desu ne…? Please come in…" There was an awkward silence as the two of them just stared at each other across the coffee table.

"Eh? Nande nande? Why did you suddenly decide to come my house?" Ohno enquired.

"Erm… because I just wanted to…?" Sakurai answered in an uncertain tone. "What were you doing anyway Satoshi-kun?"

"Eh… I was just… sketching…" Ohno replied hesitantly, face blushing red with embarrassment.

Sho's eyes were wide open with surprise as he took several seconds to process the information, before dashing into Ohno's study. Ohno's study room was flooded with things. Sho could barely find a path through the room. Art supplies were scattered all over the floor, as if an earthquake happened and everything fell off the shelves. Sketches were strewn all over the room as well. Some of it was more recent, but there were a lot of drawings from their junior days. Sho instantly recognized the sketch of them in Ohno's dorm room when he was in Kyoto doing stage plays. He remembered the both of them chatting in Ohno's dorm through the night. Just chatting about simple, non consequential things.

"What's wrong Sho?" Ohno asked as Sho was staring thoughtfully at the sketch. "Is there anything wrong with my drawing?"

"No but I just thought…"

"Thought what Sho? You are really acting very strangely today, are you alright?"

"I thought… you drew some… explicit things…"

"Eh?" Ohno's eyes widened in confusion. "What explicit things? I was just… thinking back on our junior days and decided to draw some memorable scenes…"

"Ah souka…" Sho's face turned red with embarrassment.

"Eh nande nande? Is there anything wrong with that? Why are you getting so red Sho?"

Sho closed his eyes and sighed, deciding to just get straight to the point. "You read it didn’t you?"

"Read what?" Ohno asked, confused.

"The fic! The… that fic… That porn fic..." Sho stammered. Now it was Ohno's face turning red.

"And you read it too didn’t you Sho?" Ohno asked in Enomoto's trademark smirk and seductive voice. 'Such a quick change of attitude' Sho thought, nodding wordlessly.

"Did you like it?" Sho nodded once more. Ohno hugged Sho, leaning close to his ear and whispering "I loved it too, shall we turn it into non-fiction tonight?" A grin slowly appeared on Sho's face as he returned and hug and replied:

"I'd love to my dear"
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Title: Police and Thief
Pairing: Ohmiya
Written for the contest by [ profile] saigo_no_lady. Sorry this is really late! Was busy with my report and poster and… yeah excuses excuses. I know I’m a bad procrastinator ><
Prompt: Non-AU, Because Ohno never gives in to Nino's requests (for dinner, buying him drinks/things, etc.), Nino pranks him/tries to trick him into doing it.
Length: One-shot (Around 2.2k words)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: There are some bits of truth here and there, but pretty much everything else is a result of my imagination. You know, we all 'own' Arashi in our hearts and minds ;) so there XD
Authors notes: This is my very 1st fic that i've actually completed and posted! I hope it fits the prompt... hope you’ll enjoy it! XD

Nino has been very grumpy lately. Very, very grumpy indeed.

Nintendo Wii U is being released in two months and Arashi have NOT been chosen as the product image. That means no preview of the new console, no free testings (heck, in fact, they were PAID to test out the console + games), and more importantly, no free Wii U set. Its not that he can't afford to by a set on his own... rather, its that he wants it for FREE. And hassle FREE at that. Previously with the Wii not only did each of them receive a free set, they also got it ahead of the release. Something that every avid gamer would be proud of. Not only did he skipped the queues, he had gotten it a whole week ahead of everyone else! Nino's mood turn sour the moment he thought about the Wii U though. How could they kick Arashi out? Pfffft! Millions of fans worldwide watched their commercials the last time round... 'They don't want us? Its their loss then! Pfffft!'. No way he was going to join in the queue for the new console. In fact, he didn’t even feel like paying for the console… after how Nintendo abandoned them. But he DID want the new console. And he wanted it on the release day… His mood turned really sour the moment he thought of that.

And as if his irritation with Nintendo isn't enough, leader hasn’t been of much help either. His favorite 'soft toy' has been ignoring his calls, messages... just about everything. He had retaliated by ignoring leader - not touching and groping leader as he always used to. He was expecting leader to miss him, to ask him what's wrong, pay more attention to him etc etc... But NO! Leader didn’t miss him at all, and probably wouldn’t even have noticed the absence of skinship if not for that magazine interview. He would have gone right up and punch Ohno squarely in the face if not for J's menacing glare and Sakurai’s concerned look.

Revenge. That’s exactly what Nino wants right now. Revenge on leader for always turning down his lunch and dinner requests. Revenge for treating their skinship relationship so lightly. And most importantly, he has to think of a way to get his hands on the Wii U. On the release date. And for free. Nino’s devious minds started going into overdrive thinking of the possibilities.

The coming week would see the last of their beautiful world concert. And since it was reasonably close to Sho’s birthday, the four of them have decided to do something special for Sho’s birthday. It would be his 30th birthday and the 1st time they celebrate it in concerts after all.

"Why don’t we sing his solo? You know TABOO, we can find some policemen outfits and wear them and…" Aiba started rambling on and on in his excitement.

"Policemen? Maybe if it's girls it might be better…" Ohno drawled.

"Eh? Girls? You mean policewomen outfits? I. Will. NOT. Wear. It." Jun immediately declared.

"Ja J you can wear the normal policemen outfit and the rest of us shall wear mini skirts," Nino said.

And so it was decided. Both the outfits, and Nino’s devious plans.

The day before the concert:

They had all sneaked out after the dinner to go and record the video to be used at the opening of the TABOO song – similar to what Sho had for his solo, but this one being a lot less serious. Ohno’s part was the last to be film – Nino had seen that it would be this way. Only Nino and Ohno were left in the filming location, MatsuJun and Aiba had already gone back to their hotel rooms, just in case Sho discovers them missing and suspects something amiss. Just as they wrapped up the filming, the assistant came in and asked Ohno to go to the dressing room and try out the outfit. Somehow the outfit they had tried out last week had gone missing and he should try if the new outfit they got would fit.

Ohno had just finished trying on the outfit. It was really weird for the outfit to go missing like that. Who would steal a plastic, mini skirt, hideous looking outfit anyway? Ok maybe the fangirls would love it, but if there was some kind of fangirl invasion, their whole concert wardrobe would have gone missing… and they’ve been working with the staff for many years and they were very organized, very efficient. It was hard to image them screwing up things like this… either way they managed to get an identical replacement so that was fine…

Just as Ohno was happily mulling in his thoughts, he was startled by the slamming of the door. Ohno looked up to see the assistant nowhere in sight… (seems like he spaced out for some time again). Instead, standing in front of the door was a evil look, smirking Nino.

"Oh-chan~" Nino called out in his sing-song voice which was usually reserved for when he has something bad in mind.

Ohno started panicking and moving towards the door.

"Oh-chan~ where do you think you are going?" Nino sang as he tackled Ohno in flying swoop that landed both of them awkwardly on the sofa.

"Oi! Get off me!" Ohno squirmed around as he tried to get out of Nino’s death grip.

"Oh-chan, do you miss me?" Nino asked.


"Oh-chan~" Nino continued singing as he slowly slid off leader’s body and onto the floor.

He stopped when his hands reach Ohno’s mini skirt…

"Tell me, do you miss me?" Nino was getting impatient by now…

"Eh? Yes yes but…" Ohno hesitated.

Nino couldn’t take it anymore. He loosened the zip of the mini skirt and flipped it up.

"What are you doing!" Ohno gasped. "Nino please! We have a concert tomorrow!"

Nino ignored his protest and started pulling off Ohno’s briefs. Ohno pulled around just in time to see Nino pulling apart his asscheeks and pulling gently into his butthole.

"Nino please stop it," Ohno was getting desperate by now.

Despite all his nonchalance towards work, he deadly serious about concerts. In particular, he had put a lot of effort into the dance moves for his solo and there was no way he was going to screw that up because of a sore backside.

"Hmm, why should I stop? You been very naughty lately… ignoring my calls… not replying my messages…" *smack smack smack* with each phrase Nino gave a resounding whack on Ohno’s round butt cheeks.

"Please, please! I’ll do anything for you! You can fuck me the whole night some other day, just not the night before a concert!" Ohno was getting rather desperate by now, noted Nino with a smirk.

Just what he needed really.

Nino slowly laid down on top of Ohno once more and whispered in his ears.

"Ne, you know there’s a new game console coming up? You can always buy that for me… and I want it on the release day… and YOU have to buy it for me ok?" Ohno nodded slowly and responsed as if he was contemplating the offer.

But Nino would buy any of it.

"Ja, 7th of March I’ll be waiting for your present." With that Nino stood up, gave Ohno his trademark wink salute and was gone.

"Eh? For real?" Ohno stood up, still dazed by the encounter.

He changed out of the policemen outfit while pondering how he was going to get his hands on the new console on the release day… wait? What console did he even say it was? Damn that brat!

One month later…

Nino was grumpy. Again. He could have had the entire week off to his games if not for that stupid job right smack in the middle of the week. What’s worst, it starts really early in the morning. What’s even worst? He didn’t even know what job it was! It couldn’t be any of their regular programs, since they had recorded episodes well in advance in anticipation of the busy schedules of Ohno and Aiba with their individual dramas coming up… His manager had refused to tell him what’s coming up, and none of the members said anything either.

"Ohayo" Nino greeted his bandmates half heartedly as he stepped into the green room.

He usually wasn’t bad in the mornings, but after gaming till 4am everday for 5 days straight waking up at 6am didn’t go very well with him. His greeting was returned buzz of ‘Ohayo’ greetings… seems like he reached the latest today. Ohno’s gaze meet his and Ohno gave him a secretive, evil-yet-pleased smirk. Before Nino had time for his half fogged mind to process what’s going on, the staff came and shooed them off to change and do makeup.

When Nino stepped into the set, his eyes were still half closed and he was dreaming about his warm blanket – so nice and comfy and nothing could beat that, except maybe Oh-chan’s warm embrace…

"Nino, wakey wakey!" Nino looked up to see four concerned pair of eyes looking at him.

"Been playing till 4am again?" Jun gave Nino an unapproving ‘you did it again’ look.

"Nonono I didn’t" Nino growled… then his eyes suddenly widened at the sight of the item behind the rest of his teammates.

All his tiredness forgotten, Nino sprint up to the item and gave a triumphant shout.

"YATTA!"I Sitting quietly on the table, looking so pristine and enticing was the Wii U set.

Nino turned around to see the rest of Arashi giving him a really amused look.

He gave Ohno a questioning look, but leader merely looked away and said "Arashi no chikara wa sugoi na…"

Two weeks later…

Nino was sitting at home and brooding over when his Wii U set would arrive. He had shamelessly requested the Nintendo people for a free set and even hinted that it’ll be great if he could get to play the set again before it was released. Thankfully the Nintendo staffs were happy to fulfill his requests, and promised a free set for each member. In exchange, Arashi would mention the console on their TV talks at random; as they often did with the other products they did advertisements for. Their CMs had just started airing the day before, and that left Nino with hardly any mood to play any of his current games. He was just contemplating the idea of going out, yes, physically stepping out of the house, when the doorbell rang.

He was greeted with the sight of leader looking very nervous and holding and huge package.

As he let Ohno in his house, something seemed to click in his mind and he gasped "Wait! Is that my Wii U?"

By the time Ohno gave his sleepy, shy nod, Nino had already dashed across the distance from his front door to the coffee table where Ohno had placed the precious package and started ripping the wrapping paper open. His eyes were simply dancing in delight at the sight of his beloved game console. He rushed over and was about to hug Ohno in joy when his mind finally untangled itself from the sheer rush of euphoria.

"Wait, is THIS why my set took so long to get delivered?" Nino asked.

Ohno pouted and looked most offended.

"You wanted me to get it for you personally didn’t you? And for your information, the rest of us will only get our sets tomorrow when we meet for AnShi fliming…" Ohno informed him.

"And the CM?" Nino asked.

"Erm… I just got our manager to ask…" Ohno said as his voice trailed off.

"I thought they didn’t want us anymore…?" Ohno questioned.

"Eh?" Ohno was surprised this time. "Really? But when I talked to them over the phone they were…"

"Wait you actually called them and asked about the CM??!?!?!" Nino exclaimed.

"Erm yeah… you mean I can’t do that?" Ohno said as he cocked his head to the side.

"No nothing…" Nino sighed in content as he gave leader a bear hug.

"Thank you Samii," Nino said as he buried his face in the crook of Ohno’s neck.

He continued leaning on Ohno and eventually pushed the both of them down onto the sofa.

"Ano ne leader… you still owe me one night…" Nino smirked.

"But it's only 11am now…" Ohno protested.

"Doesn’t matter! You owe me a day and a night! Come get dressed…!" Nino said.


Nino got up and dragged Ohno into his bedroom and happily showed leader the outfit he’s been ‘safekeeping’ for the past weeks.

"What??? So you’re the one who stole my outfit? So you planned the whole thing from the start????" Ohno exclaimed.

Nino just gave a knowing smirk, "Now come get dressed, I missed our cop…"

"I will not!"

"Yes you will"

"No I wont! And you’re a thief!"

"I’m not! I’m only borrowing the outfit"

"Yeah right….!"

Soon the pair were lying in a tangle of limbs and trying to tackle/tickle each other into submission on the bedroom floor….

Hopefully you enjoyed the story... and the ending? I'll leave it up to your imagination what happens next ne? :P

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