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Title: Seaweed (Sakuraiba Ver.)
Length: One Shot (~735 words)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Summary: Sho hates it when his living room is littered with seaweed bits.

A/N: Hi all! Yup, this has the same starting as Seaweed. I originally intended to write something like this... But then the other members barged in so... Anyway, I decided to write another version, so here we are! Sakuraiba seaweed smut!

Sho bellowed )
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Title: The five times Ohno ended up in bed
Rating: NC-17
Length: One Shot, ~440 words
Pairing: Ohba, Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Yama
Summary: Ohno has a bad habit of sleeping on the sofa...

The first time. )
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Title: Bite me
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Length: One shot. 1288 words
Summary: Sho hates his teeth, but Jun makes him think otherwise.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I could only wish this was true.

Jun glared in irritation at his bandmate and lover Sho, who was checking his teeth for only the 7th time that morning. Only the 7th time. Because he knew Sho would check and pick and his teeth at least another 5 times before they finally leave the house. Granted, appearances were important in the showbiz and Jun checks hi teeth in the mirror too, as he did when they caught him during the New Year Shiyagare dokkiri special. But he only checks it once after his eats. And only if there's filming later on. Definitely not like 10 times in the span of an hour!

The breaking straw came that night, when Jun waited impatiently for Sho to come out of the shower. Sho had ended work earlier than him, so he returned home first and was in the bathroom when Jun reached home. It was summer and the weather outside was sweltering hot, so Jun sat himself on a chair positioned strategically below the A/C vents to cool off. The bed looked soft and inviting, but both Jun and Sho hated dirtying the bedsheets so he satisfied himself with leaning back on the chair. Jun didn't realize it, but he must have dozed off cos when he opened his eyes again, a good half an hour had passed. 'What the freak is Sho doing in the bathroom!' Jun cursed as he realized the bathroom door was still locked.

"Sho! Sho!" Jun yelled as he pounded on the bathroom door.

A sudden surge of panic raised in his heart as he wondered if anything had happened to the newscaster idol. He was about to head to the storeroom to search for the keys when the lock turned and the sheepish looking Sho peeked out for the bathroom.

"Ah Jun... you're home already, sorry I didn't realize..." Sho apologized.

"What the hell were you doing in the bathroom! I took a nap in the time you were in there!" Jun growled angrily.

When Sho remained silent, Jun continued, "Don't tell me you were checking on your teeth for the past 30 minutes!"

The embarrassed look on Sho's face told Jun all he needed to know. Something just snapped inside Jun.

"Just what the fuck is the problem with you and your teeth!" Jun huffed in anger.

"It's... it's ugly!" Sho stammered, frightened by Jun's sudden outburst.

Jun took a deep breath and counted to 10 to calm himself down before he continued.

"Baby look," Jun said as he pressed his palms on Sho's cheeks and gently used his thumbs to trace each and every tooth.

"Your teeth is perfect. It's so cute. Too cute even. I love it." Jun whispered.

"Shush don't protest. It's prettier than mine, its natural." Jun continued speaking softly.

"You didn't have to get an operation to correct your teeth like I had to." Jun cooed.

"I wish I did tho..." Before Sho could finish the sentence however, Jun launched himself at Sho and kissed him aggressively.

Sho let Jun take control and Jun traced his tongue over Sho's teeth, one by one. The finally broke the kiss when Jun ran out of teeth to trace.

"Bite. Bite me." Jun whispered into Sho's ears.

That statement took effect immediately as a twinkle of mischief appeared in Sho's eyes.

"Oh where do you want me to bite you Maa-chan?" Sho whispered back.

"Everywhere Sho-kun. Everywhere." Jun replied, as they started tugging each other's clothes off.

Off came the shirts. Sho eyed the milky, white, soft skin of his partner before deciding to go for the shoulder blades. Sho gave then area an experimental lick.

"Hnn salty..." Sho commented as he tasted Jun's sweat.

"Uhuh..." Jun muttered as he freed Sho of his underwear, revealing the two white and fleshing bums underneath.

Jun started stroking and caressing Sho’s butt, drawing circles and patterns on the bouncy soft flesh as Sho took a small nibble on Jun’s shoulder. Sho worked his way downwards, alternating between licking, sucking, and biting. He chewed on Jun’s right nipple and sucked on the left. He drew pictures on Jun’s chest, leaving trails of saliva and bite marks where he had been. Jun moaned in pleasure as he relinquished control to his lover, letting his lover guide him. Sho worked his way down to Jun’s crouch. He sucked expertly on Jun’s balls and manhood, teasing and sending waves of pleasure down Jun’s spine as he trace each and every vein in the engorged member. Sho’s hands fumbled about until he found the bottle of lube. Squeezing it liberally on his fingers, Sho gently massaged his lover’s firm ass, and slowly making his hand towards the sacred hole of pleasure, all the while not forgetting to tease Jun with his tongue.

“Shoooooooo,” Jun groaned as Sho inserted his fingers into Jun’s tight ass and started fingering the younger man.

“Inside….. meeee,” Jun moaned as Sho sank his teeth playfully into his lover’s balls.

“Urggggg now!” Jun squealed as Sho pushed his fingers deeper into Jun.

Getting up, Sho pushed his lover and made him bend over the bathtub as he inserted his eager penis into the awaiting hole. Heavy panting and moaning could be heard as Sho held Jun firmly down on the bathtub, not giving him a chance to move. The pace and rhythm was solely Sho’s to control alone. Slowly at first, then fast, in and out, in and out. He slammed himself faster and faster, harder and harder against this lover until a scene of white stars erupted in his eyes as he ejected inside of Jun.

Sho collapsed on top of Jun. who was still bending over the bathtub as he panted and caught his breath back. Intense. It was so intense. He sat down on the cold bathroom tiles as he tried to gain some composure after the orgasm. When he finally stood up, he found Jun lying down in the bathtub, slowly filling the bathtub up with water. Jun was stroking himself, his shiny lube coated penis standing fully erect. Only the splotches of whitish fluid on his stomach, on parts where the water have yet to reach, gave his earlier ejectculation away.

“Ride me,” Jun moaned as he stroked his penis again.

Sho didn’t need to be told twice as he got himself into the bathtub.

“Lie down on me," Jun commanded as he reached for the shower hose.

Turning togger on the shower head such that it would shot out a directed stream of water, Jun used the stream of water to tease Sho, directly the jet over his balls, and ass. Stuffing two fingers up Sho’s ass, Jun hastily prepared his lover.

“Hurry up!” Sho squealed, his member was once again standing up at full attention impatiently.

Abandoning the shower head to the side, Jun positioned himself and thrust upward, entering his lover in one swift motion. Sho gave a little yelp of surprise, but he recovered and was moving in an instant, sending water splashing out each time he slammed down. As the bathtub started getting full, Sho started floating upwards more and that gave Jun the room to start manoeuvring too. It was Jun who realised that the bathtub was overflowing and kicked the tap off, but they kept going after that. Enjoying the strange sensation of having sex in the water. When both their staminas finally gave way, Sho first, followed by Jun, they were both throughly spent.

Sho laid down on Jun as he watched his milky seeds dissipate in the water.

Behind him, Jun leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I love you baby.”

“Me too,” Sho whispered back.

Sho never complained about his teeth again.
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Title: Computers 101 Yama 101
Length: ~1.7k words, split into many short drabbles
Pairing: Yama (Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho)
Rating: Some drabbles are NC-17
Summary: A list of random computer related words, in the context of Yama pair.
A/N: Some words/acroymns are really just a horrid fit. Some mentions of BDSM. Written for the Love for Arashi competition by
[ profile] krystalkatz. The competition is still on-going, do check it out! :P
Disclaimer: Don't own Arashi. This is purely a work of fiction.

Sho would never forget the first time they forayed into bondage. It was a pure heat of the moment thing, or at least that’s what Sho would like to believe. Sho had been sitting in the greenroom doing research for NewsZeron on his laptop when Ohno came in. A really, really horny Ohno. Ohno had wasted no time in unzipping Sho’s pants and popping out his manhood, but unfortunately for Ohno, Sho it was Sunday and Sho had to finish the research before Zero the next day. Even more unfortunately for Sho though, his lover was having none of it, and finally in anger disconnected Sho’s iPhone charging cable - the brand new 2m lightning cable that Sho JUST bought for 3080 yen, and used it to tie Sho’s hands to the back of the chair. Then he proceeded to happily suck Sho off. The makeshift bondage was very effective - Sho immediately stopped struggling and resisting, though it was more because he didn’t want to spoil his brand new cable more than anything else. It wasn’t that the idol couldn’t afford to buy a new one, he just hated wastage. Sho’s anger at getting tied up soon disappeared as Satoshi’s tongue darted up and down his length. Ohno sucked and teased Sho and soon Sho was thrusting his hips up and moaning for Satoshi. By the time Sho came he no longer cared about whether he what work later, or the next day. He just wanted his lover in him, and fast. Ohno was only too happy to oblige.

Amazingly the cable didn’t spoil despite the abuse. Sho still made Ohno buy him a new one though.

CPU - Central Processing Unit
Couple Paired Underwear
It may not be obvious from the outside, but it couldn’t have been more obvious within Arashi. For one, the pair were ALWAYS wearing the exact same underwear. Not just the same colour, but completely IDENTICAL. At first, the thought it was a pure coincidence. But when the ‘miracle’ repeated itself day after day and week after week, regardless of where Ohno had been staying over at Sho’s place or vice versa, it became clear that instead of the popular couple keychains or bracelets or t-shirts that usual couples wore, these two had chosen to wear couple underwear.

DoS attack - Denial of Service attack
Denial of Satoshi attack
Whenever Sho has to leave Japan, or more accurately, his lover, for extended periods of time, he gets DoS attacks - Denial of Satoshi attacks. Everytime he eats something that Ohno would like he’d turn around automatically, only to realise that he’s lover wasn’t sitting there beside him, or anywhere near him for that matter. Every time his phone rings he’ll get a heartache - his ring tone is set to Ohno’s solo, Two. At night when he’s back in his hotel room and turns on his laptop to do some work, he’ll feel really, really lonely because he’s desktop background is a drawing by his beloved. When he’s lying down on the empty bed he’ll be even more upset, because the bed is too cold, and too big without his lover to share it with him.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Free Transport Procedure (Only works if you are Ohno Satoshi)
1) make sure Sakurai Sho is not busy
2) call Sakurai Sho
3) give him your current location
4) when car arrives, provide your destination address

GPU - Graphics Processing Unit
Graphics Producing Unit
Ohno's artworks are known far and wide, and Sho had done nothing but encourage his lover's hobby. He showered his lover with gifts of elegant Japanese paper notebooks, pens and pencils, and the works Ohno product never fails to impress him. He looks forward to seeing Ohno's second art exhibit, even though he has seen every single piece of art, and followed through the process from inception to completion. Sho is proud to say that he is Ohno's no. 1 fan.

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
Have To Make Love
There are certain HTML moments for the Yama pair. These are moments when both parties crave each other so much that neither could settle down or feel calm until love making takes place. These moments include, but are not limited to:
1) Whenever Sho is back after an overseas stint for NewsZero
2) Whenever Ohno is back after a 24 hour (or longer) fishing marathon
3) Whenever both have been apart for more than 1 week (be it for holiday or for work)
4) Whenever a major concert ends

Sho knows all the keys on Satoshi’s body. Every single inch, every single spot. He knows how to work his fingers around the older man to please and pleasure him. Likewise, Ohno know’s all the sensitive spots on Sho’s body. Sho likens the way Ohno moves his graceful, long and slender fingers over himself to the way his fingers fly over the keyboard when he’s rushing a piece for News Zero, only a lot more graceful and a ton more pleasurable.

Sho is always monitoring his lover. Be it at home, or during work. He is always ready to rescue or defend his lover, and he notices any slightest change in Ohno’s behaviour.

Ohno's definition: a place where you go to, so that you can take a boat out to fish.
Sho's definition: a place you go to in order to fetch your lover home after he's been out fishing for a day.

RAM - Random Access Memory
Random Attack Monday
Sho looks forward to Mondays, because he has News Zero. He loves his job as a news caster. It is challenging, but very exciting. He is glad for the opportunity to meet many interesting people, talk to them, interview them… he’s learnt a lot through his News Zero job.

Ohno loves Mondays. Despite the fact that his lover will not be around, he loves Mondays because that’s when he’ll get to see his favourite news caster in action. In fact, if not for said news caster, Ohno would not be watching the news at all. He prefers to watch his fishing programs.

There is one thing Sho does not like about Mondays though. Or it would be more like Tuesdays, because its always past midnight by the time he gets to check his phone after filming. That would be the slew of random messages he received from Ohno and his mum. From things like ‘that was interesting’ to criticisms of his presenting, or how he tripped over his words yet again, or even random comments on his appearances… well normally his mum would merely laugh at him for tripping over his words, but Ohno. Ohno’s messages were so random that Sho had taken to call it Random Attack Monday.

Search engine
Whenever Ohno comes across something he doesn't know, he would simply ask his walking, talking search engine Sakurai Sho. Considering that man's wide range of knowledge, it is simply faster to ask Sho. Even if Sho doesn't know the answer and has to consult the Internet, given Ohno's slow typing speed, it’s still faster for Ohno to ask Sho.

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
Sho’s (or Satoshi’s) Secret Lover
They aren’t touchy feely like Ohno and a certain brat. But actually they aren’t the secretive either. The signs are all there for anyone who cared to watch. Sho calling Ohno ‘nii-san’ and commenting how Ohno would love the sweet red bean bread, Sho being able to sniff out Ohno’s scent, Sho knowing anything and everything about leader… The clues are all there, hiding in plain sight.

Thumb drive
Sho loves Satoshi’s fingers. And Satoshi knows that Sho loves his fingers. And Sho knows that Satoshi know that.

Sho always looks forward to their foreplay session. Where Ohno would tease him with fingers, trailing them all over his body, and oh that thumb! Ohno knows exactly how to use his thumb to drive Sho mad.

USB - Universal Serial Bus
Under Satoshi's Bed… lies the Yama pair lover's deep, dark secrets.

Everyone knows that Ohno prefers sleeping on his sofa instead of his bed. He'd provided a ton of reasons why, but only his lover knows *exactly* why. And he knows it way too well.

Even though it was Ohno's bed, Sho has probably spent more time on the bed than its rightful owner. Oh and beneath the bed, where all the dark secrets lie... sex toys of all imaginable shapes and sizes, for all the purposes you could probably imagine. Ohno had even rigged up some gear to allow him to easily tie his lover to his bed - they'd recently started to dabble and some elements of BDSM and they both loved it. Sho loved being manhandled and dominated over, while Ohno enjoyed exerting his power over his lover.

Virus Attack
Everyone knows that Sho is Arashi’s mother hen. But he practically transforms into a mother/nurse when his lover came down with a virus. He kicked up a HUGE fuss with his manager and demanded to be given as much time off as possible so he could take care of his lover. He wiped leader down with a cool towel every 5 minutes, took his temperature every hour, woke the man up to feed him his medicine… The only thing he couldn’t do though, was cook. So he made Arashi’s in-house cook Matsumoto Jun do it instead, and spoon-fed leader ever last drop of the porridge and soup lovingly made by Arashi’s youngest. Sho doubted Jun would have been so helpful if it wasn’t Ohno who was sick though. Everyone has a soft spot for leader… (though Sho was pleased to note that leader still remained exclusively his.)

Sho never has trouble finding a new wallpaper for his laptop. All he has to do is to look in his lover’s sketchbook and take a photo.

WWW - World Wide Web
Wild, Wild, Wet

Sex in the bath is one of Sho’s favourites. They have tried it standing up in the shower, with the shower head raining down on them and soap streaming down their bodies, they have tired it in the bathtub - both filled and unfilled ones… Sho’s favourite wild wet sex was when they filled the bath tub to the brim (with them inside already of course, Sho didn’t like wasting too much water), and Ohno was at the bottom while he rode on Ohno’s length. He was half floating in the water and Sho loved the sensation of water splashing all around him as he hammered himself on his lover’s length.
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Title: ChocoJuntoshi
Summary: The title says it all… ok maybe not. Jun made chocolates, and leader eats them. Well, sort of.
Pairing: Did you read the title? XDXDXD
Rating: NC-17
Length: One Shot (Around 3k words)
Prompt: We both go down together
Written for: [ profile] rainbowfilling. Gosh, its been soooo long since I last wrote a rainbow filling! A year perhaps? Sorry for my long absence! I actually have a few half written rainbowfillings sitting around. If only I can get round to finishing them…ok I kinda cheated and killed two birds with one stone, fitting in my ChocoJun fic with a rainbow filling prompt. But whatever :P
Disclaimer: I have not actually watched Shitsuren Chocolatier, so I’ll just use my imagination as to what chocolates Jun made. Of course, fiction will always be what fiction is.

Matsumoto was in a jolly mood. Filming for his new drama, Shitsuren Chocolatier had just wrapped up for the day and they were exceptionally early. In fact, it was only 6pm and they had not even eaten dinner yet. Jun prayed that such miracles will keep occurring, though he knew that working till way past midnight for drama shoots was the norm. Jun had just finished changing out and was going to leave the green room when a staff entered with a box of chocolates. The ones he’d made himself during the rehearsals, as well as the actual drama shot.

“Ah thank you very much, are you sure its really ok for me to bring this home?” Jun asked.

The staff nodded politely.

“You sure you won’t need this for tomorrow’s filming or something?” Jun asked again.

“You’ll have to make more in tomorrow’s filming anyway….” The staff laughed.

“Ah true…” Jun muttered as he pondered what to do with that huge box of chocolates.

Jun’s car had stopped at the traffic light, waiting for the lights to turn green. He was driving today. His manager hadn’t expected his drama filming to end so early and was still at a meeting in the jimusho. Jun glanced at the big box of chocolates in the passenger seat. There’s no way he’s gonna finish that by himself. He’ll probably just leave it in the greenroom during their VS or shiyagare filming, and the four members will help to settle the ‘problem’ for him. They’d been constantly bugging him to give them chocolates after all.

Jun looked around suddenly and groaned. While his mind was occupied on the issue of the chocolates, he had mistakenly gone straight instead of making a left turn and now he had ended up going on the expressway and was travelling in the opposed direction from his home. He swore as he had no choice but to get off the expressway at the next exit. Jun eyed the clock in irritation as the minutes ticked by. His only early day and he had to make a wrong turn. Jun’s eyes widened as he got off the expressway though. He had been in the area before, and only recently. Jun followed his instincts as he took a right turn into one of the neighbourhoods.

Realisation hit Jun like a rock as he drove along the neighbourhood. The last time he drove on this road, that man was in the passenger seat, and giving him instructions on how to get to his place. Jun toyed with the idea of calling Ohno to ask if he was home, but before he knew it Ohno’s apartment was already in sight.

“Ah what the hell.” Jun muttered as he pulled up into the apartment car park.

No harm checking if leader’s home right? Ohno would probably be shocked at his appearance because they hardly meet up outside of work, but Ohno can’t complain when he’s getting a personal delivery of chocolates right? Jun reasoned as he took the lift up to the apartment, chocolates in hand.

Jun had rang the doorbell for the third time and was considering whether he should leave when the door opened a crack. Ohno frowned in confusion as he saw the man standing at his front porch.


“Yes its me, now will you please let me in already?” Jun had been waiting at the door for a good 15 minutes and he wouldn’t like it if any of Ohno’s neighbours spotted him.

“Ah sure, please step in…” Ohno replied as he opened and door and fetched a pair of slippers from the cupboard for Jun.

Jun took in the scene of Ohno’s house. Nothing much had changed since his last visit, besides the place being messier than before. Then he spotted the top of the hammock chair that Ohno had ‘confessed’ to having in their show recently. He wanted to sit on the chair, but upon closer inspection he realised that the chair was stuff full of clothes.

“Ah gomen… it somehow ended up becoming a laundry basket…” Ohno said as he spotted Jun’s gaze.

Ohno cleared the fishing magazines that was strewed all over the sofa and invited Jun to have a seat. An awkward silence filled the room for a moment and Jun briefly wondered if showing up unannounced on Ohno’s doorstep was a wise choice.

“Ano why did you come?” Ohno asked.

Jun explained his wrong turn at the traffic lights that led him here.

“Ah souka…” Ohno replied.

“Would you like something to drink? Sake?”

“No, I need to drive home later… I’d better not get drunk…”

“Ah…” Ohno muttered as he hunted around the kitchen for a non-alcoholic drink.

Sensing his leader’s distress, Jun yelled “Just plain water will do.”

“Gomen ne… I don’t really have anything… ah how about ocha?” Jun thanked leader as the old man came out with two cups of steaming tea.

“Eh? What’s this?” Ohno asked as he saw the box of unknown object sitting on his coffee table.

“Took you long enough to notice!” Jun chuckled as he held the box up.

“Why don’t you guess?”

“Chocolates?” Ohno asked.

“You had drama filming today didn’t you?” Jun nodded, causing Ohno to look around for the clock.

“Eh? Its only 7:30? Uso! Your drama filming ended so early???” Ohno exclaimed in disbelieve.

“Just today ne…” Jun smiled.

“Ii naaa!” Ohno commented as he made a ‘I’m so jealous face’, causing Jun to burst out in laughter.

“Ohno-san you had an off day today?” Jun inquired.

“Ah…” Ohno scratched his head and scrunched up his face as he tried to recall.

“You’ve forgotten already? It was just today you know?” Jun ridiculed.

“Nope I had a magazine interview and a photo shoot this morning.” Ohno finally recalled.

“Ah souka…” Jun replied.

And the room fell into silence again as Jun struggled to think of something to say.

“Ah why don’t you try the chocolates…?” Jun said as he picked up the box for a closer inspection, before passing the box to Ohno.

“Is it alright (for me to open to box)?” Ohno asked.

“Hai dozo!” Jun replied.

Ohno stuck out his tongue slightly as he carefully opened the box. The round pieces of milk chocolate inside looked perfect. Ohno poked a piece experimentally.

“What are you trying to do?” Jun enquired, frowning as he noticed the childish look that had appeared on Ohno’s face.

“Just hurry up and try it already…” Ohno picked up the piece of chocolate that he’d been poking and took a bite.

“Uwah… umai!” Ohno exclaimed.

“Eh you made these?” Ohno asked, eyes widening in surprise.

“Un,” Jun replied as he nodded “These are the actual chocolates I made during filming… and from the rehearsals too.”

“Ah souka… Jun-kun sugoi naaa” Ohno cooed, as he licked the melted chocolate off his fingers because he had held on to the piece of chocolate for too long.

“You should have eaten the chocolate in one mouth” Jun chided as he saw the melted chocolate on Ohno’s fingers.

“Chocolate is quite a special thing, it’ll melt at just below body temperature so you can’t hold on to it for too long. It stays solid at room temperature, but once you pop it into your mouth it’ll melt because of your body heat.” Jun explained.

Ohno raised his eyebrows and gave Jun a playful look.

“Melt at body temperature you say…” Before Jun could react, Ohno swiped his fingers on Jun’s cheek.

Jun touched his cheek and was mortified to see sticky chocolate sticking to his fingers. He scowled. Ohno must have taken a piece of chocolate and let it melt in his hands on purpose while he was giving his chocolate 101 lecture.

“What are you trying to do leader? I put a lot of effort into making the chocolate you know! How can you waste it like this!” Jun scolded.

“Who said I was going to waste it?” Ohno smirked as he leaned in and licked the chocolate off Jun’s face.

“Unnn yummy!” Ohno exclaimed.

“You’re lucky I’m not wearing any make up.” Jun scowled once more.

“Ah why’s our Junji so uptight today…?” Ohno asked as he smeared some chocolate on Jun’s neck before proceeding to lick it off.

“Is there any difference between doing that and licking it off your fingers?” Jun asked with a slight frown.

“Why don’t you try and tell me?” Ohno replied as he winked suggestively, before continuing his quest to smear Jun with chocolate.

“Stop it, you’re going to dirty my clothes!” Jun scowled as he stopped Ohno’s hand midair.

Ohno gave Jun a wounded look, but not for long, as Jun leaned in and licked the chocolate off Ohno’s fingers. Ohno’s face broke into a smile as he returned the favour by licking clean Jun’s fingers. With their hands all clean (as clean as saliva can get anyway), Ohno started tugging the designer clothes off Jun. Off came the scarf and the outer coat.

Jun leaned in and gave Ohno a long kiss before whispering into Ohno’s ear “Shall we go someone else…?” he said, while giving the open balcony a brief look.

There were no apartments across Ohno’s but it never hurts to be careful. Ohno picked up the box of chocolates and lead Jun to his bedroom. The curtains in the room were drawn so they’ll have their privacy. They took turns teasing the clothes off each other before Ohno dragged Jun down onto the bed together. Ohno took the initiative and started rubbing a piece of chocolate over Jun’s abs. The chocolate merely slid around harmlessly at first, but soon it began leaving a sweet chocolate trail everywhere it went. Ohno leaned in onto Jun, spreading the chocolate all over his own chest while doing so.

He took a deep breath and exclaimed “Hmm Jun you smell soooo good!”

In the mean time, Jun was working on spreading chocolate onto Ohno’s cute butt cheeks. Jun crossed over Ohno, smearing chocolate all over Ohno’s back as he used his tongue to clean off the chocolate on Ohno’s butt, before poking his tongue experimentally into Ohno’s hole. Realising that he was getting topped, Ohno wriggled around violently as he tried to throw Jun off.

“What are you doing?” Jun complained, as the two of them wriggled around in bed, struggling for control, all the while spreading more chocolate on each other, and inevitably getting even more chocolate on the bedding.

Eventually Jun gave in. He absolutely hated not being in control, but then again, he’s up against leader. He’d secretly asked the rest of the members once and found out that he wasn’t the only one who’d been indulging leader. Despite all their teasing on TV, they all had a soft spot for the old man. Their old man. It didn’t mean that Ohno always gets to top, but since he wanted to top so badly today, Jun had no heart to deny leader of his wishes.

Ohno hugged Jun from behind as he spread some lube onto his member and began preparing Jun. He reached for another piece of chocolate - the last piece, with his left hand and began spreading the sticky mess over Jun’s member. Jun’s rarely used hole was tight and warm.

“ArghhhUnnnnn” Ohno moaned as the tightness enveloped his junior.

“Junnnnnnn feeelllssss sooooo gooooodddd…..” He moaned.

Using both hands now, Ohno expertly played with Jun junior, stroking, twisting, flicking… all in time with his own rhythm. Jun gave a cry as leader started moving inside him. The initial stretch had been painful but once Ohno started moving it felt so good that he’d forgotten completely about the pain. Jun buckled his hips to meet Ohno’s as he tried to get more friction. As the pair moved faster and faster the moans of ‘Jun’ and ‘Satoshi’ became more sensual and more desperate. With a final thrust Jun spilled his load onto Ohno’s hands and collapsed on the bed. Jun saw stars as Ohno continued pounding into Jun faster and faster before he finally released his warm load inside Jun. Ohno collapsed on the bed beside Jun and the duo laid there panting from their exertions. Ohno was still panting when Jun got off the bed ten minutes later to inspect the state he was in. In spite of Ohno’s promise not to waste the chocolates, most of the chocolates had in fact been wasted. Both of them were coated in a thin layer of chocolate and sweat, brown chocolate marks were all over the bedsheets and duvet, the box which originally held there chocolates was strewn on the floor - crushed and smudged with chocolate all over, and even the wall had been marked with patches of brown. Jun smiled. Ohno was going to have a hell of a time cleaning up later but he didn’t care. It was the old man’s fault for starting it anyway. It nudged Ohno as he looked around for a clock. It was 10 pm already, no wonder his stomach was growling. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

“Come on leader…” Jun said as he pulled Ohno forcefully off the bed.

“Let’s wash up and go for dinner together… I’m hungry” Jun whined, as he tried to stop Ohno from falling asleep.

“You go bathe first… I’ll join you in a bit…” Ohno muttered as he buried his head in the pillow, effectively smearing chocolate all over the cover which has miraculously survived the ordeal unscathed till then.

“Don’t fall asleep ok?” Jun yelled as he headed into the bathroom to prepare the bath tub.

Jun need not have worried about Ohno falling asleep though, because Ohno appeared the moment he stepped into the warm bath water.

“So you were just waiting for me the fill up the bath tub for you?” Jun complained.

Ohno gave Jun a sheepish look, earning himself a smack on the head. Thankfully he’d slipped off all of Jun’s rings before they began. They got into the bath together and scrubbed each other’s backs. It soon evolved into a tickling match, and the bath water and soap splashed all over the toilet, so much so that Ohno nearly slipped on his way out. They were both doubled over in laughter by the time they had finished drying and went back to Ohno’s bedroom. It took them a while to calm down before Ohno grabbed some fresh clothes from his closet while Jun set about picking up and straightening his pieces of discarded clothing off the floor. Jun started laughing again at the sight of Ohno’s chocolate filled bed.

“You’ll have to clean that up before you sleep tonight leader” Jun said in between laughs.

Ohno looked at the mess on his bed and joined in the laughter.

“Nah its fine, I’ll just sleep on the sofa.”

Earning another hard smack from Jun. Ohno was glad that Jun’s rings were still scattered all over the living room floor. At the rate he was earning smacks, he’d be having a concussion by now if Jun’s hands were ‘armoured’.

“Still, you should clean that up before it gets invaded by ants or something.” Ohno nodded as he went out to the living room to help Jun gather his clothing.

When he came back into his bedroom armed with Jun’s outer coat, scarf, and a million and one accessories, he was surprised to see Jun wiping the last of the stains off the wall with wet toilet paper.

“Ah thanks… you don’t have to do that…” Ohno said. They have been band mates for 15 years and Jun’s random acts of kindness still surprised him all the time.

“I’ll just get it cleaned tomorrow, its fine really.” But Jun insisted on helping Ohno changed the bedsheets before they leave.

"Sleeping on the sofa is not good for your body, say didn’t you promise Nino time and again to stop sleeping on the sofa already?” Jun frowned as he gave Ohno a stern look.

“Ah that…” Ohno turned away in embarrassment.

It was nearly 11 pm by the time Jun finished styling his hair and putting on all his accessories. They decided to eat at the small family restaurant that was within walking distance since it was late already, and Jun had an early start the next day due to his drama filming. Dinner was a quiet affair, there were other customers in the restaurant and the duo preferred not to let everyone know two members of Arashi were eating out in the little restaurant. The owner of the restaurant knew Ohno though, and she gave them extra large helpings of everything, something that Jun was grateful for because he was absolutely starving. They walked back to the apartment in silence and Ohno waved goodbye as Jun got into his car.

It was long past midnight by the time Jun reached home. He groaned as he set the alarm clock for the morning. He’d originally planned to head home early, get dinner, and catch up on some beauty sleep. Little did he know that a wrong turn on the road would lead to such an adventure. His ass was sore and he felt even more exhausted than he would have been if he’d been filming instead of having fun with Ohno.

When Matsumoto entered the set the next morning, he was grouchy and barely awake.

The brave staff who’d passed Jun the chocolate plucked up his courage once more and asked Matsumoto “Did you try the chocolates yesterday?”

“Ah the chocolates” A wide grin instantly appeared on Jun’s face, “they were just perfect”.

Jun started smiling to himself as he recalled the incidents of last night, leaving the bewildered staff to wonder what was going on.
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Title: Waltzing into the Night
Pairing: Yama (Ohno/Sho)
Word count: 870 words
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Our Waltz
Summary: Our yama pair spends a quiet night together in their hotel room...
Disclaimer: Fiction.
A/N: Written for [ profile] rainbowfilling! A continuation of my previous rainbowfilling fic. I hope this fic didn’t turn out too... boring? :X

They had hugged each other tightly till... )
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Title: Give and Take
Pairing: Ohmiya
Length: One Shot, around 1.5k words
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fiction, don't claim this to be anything more.
Notes: The story assumes a share house setting (though its not important), it’s a continuation of the previous Constipated story, as well as the Behind Closed Doors fic. (Well I kinda got what I wrote in the two a little mixed up so… it ended up as a continuation of the two :P)

It has been about two weeks since they last got together. And two weeks far too long for Nino. Not only did Ohno NOT sleep in the bed with him, he didn’t even sleep on the sofa. In fact, that old man has now regressed to sleeping on the cold, hard floor! No matter how leader tried to explain that he was more comfortable on the floor, it was still absolutely ridiculous for Nino. AND not only did Ohno break his promise of sleeping on the bed, he also ignored Nino. Okay maybe ignore wasn’t the right word to use… it was more like he was too preoccupied with the other members to have time with him, and boy was Nino jealous. And a jealous Nino is always up to no good.

So when Ohno invaded Nino's bedroom one night with an evil smug on his face, crafty Nino decided that he too, will give Ohno a little something.

With that in mind, he coyly agreed and complied with whatever Ohno had in mind, letting Ohno have his way with him (not that things went the other way normally though), right up till the point when Ohno showed him this dubious looking cream/lubricant thing he just purchased.

"What are you intending to do with that!?!?!" Nino shrieked as he grabbed the bottle from Ohno. "Special new formula? HUH? Guaranteed to…"

"Oi! You're not supposed to read it!" Ohno protested, snatching the bottle back.

"Not using it."

Ohno pouted.

"Nope, I'm not letting you try that THING on me." Nino refused, all his coy and shyness from earlier dissipated as fast as smoke in the wind.

"But it took me so long to buy it…" Ohno pouted as he went on about the troubles he went through to acquire said product.

"Well unless…" Nino pretended to consider very carefully.

"Unless?" Ohno perked up immediately, eyes wide and ready to agree to whatever Nino has to ask.

"You… let me give you something…" Nino whispered.

"What do you want?"

"I want… to give you an enema…" speaking softly, giving his best shy and imploring look… Nino was prayed that his wish will be fulfilled.

"Eh okay… if you want…" Ohno answered without so much as a hesitation.

'Damn!' Nino thought, 'I didn’t even need to act after all'

His thoughts were broken when Ohno asked "Who first?"

'Hmmm… I should punish him first then we have mind blowing sex, or should I let him prepare me first, then i watch him squirm and squeal… or…'

It was Ohno who broke the silence again. "Why don't we do it at the same time? You can give me the enema and I can…"

"Sure sure" Nino agreed whole heartedly. They'll prepare each other then have mind blowing sex. Sounds perfect.

So Nino went out to prepare the enema first. He had bought a new enema bag and a special tip just for the occasion, though he was sure Ohno would think of a million and one ways to use it on him in the future. Not that he would mind. No. In fact, if it DID trigger all sorts of naughty enema thoughts, he'd be really delighted. The previous enema had aroused him so much and Nino was really looking forward to getting his next but… silly Ohno was too 'preoccupied' for him. Nino's jealously increased as he thought of the past two weeks. He scoped and extra servings of the *special punishment item* into the enema bag before carefully wrapping the bag in a towel so that the secret would not be revealed.

When he returned to the room, Ohno was already done with his preparations. A thick absorbent blanket was already lined on the bed 'As if he could read my thoughts on the enema to come' Nino thought. Ohno motioned for Nino to lie down on the bed. WIth a practised hand, Ohno slipped the Nino's pants, exposing the delicate little hole.

Ohno leaned forward and whispered into Nino's ears "Relax baby, you're going to have a really good time tonight"

"You too" Nino replied with a smirk.

Ohno wasted no time as he put on his gloves and spread the lube on his fingers. He entered the slender hole and started scissoring around. Nino looked around in puzzlement as he felt something rubbery moving in and out instead of the familiar soft hands.

"Satoshi, why are you wearing gloves?" He asked.

"You'll see…" Ohno smirked, hands never stopping in his movements.

Then as suddenly as he intruded, he removed his hands and it was replaced by a butt plug. A vibrating butt plug, as Nino soon found out. Ohno continued teasing, one hand stroking Neen's length and the other moving the butt plug in and out, making his entrance stretch and close over and over.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Nino moaned in satisfaction as the vibrator hit his sweet spot.

Then the vibration and movements stopped without so much as a warning. Nino moaned in frustration.

"That should be enough… now don't you have a present for me…?" Ohno asked

That stopped Nino from moaning immediately. Laying there and getting done by Ohno was amazing, but he was not going to ruin something he's been planing of rate past week. Nino straightened himself and went over to prepare Ohno. Nino carefully applied the lubricant and inserted the tip into Ohno's waiting hole. Then he pumped the syringe three times, eliciting moans each time as the balloon of the enema tip inflated and filled up the hole.

"Unnnnn just what the fuck is that?" Ohno asked.

"A special enema tip that'll help you keep the liquid in" Nino replied with a smirk.

"Satoshi has been very bad lately. Satoshi has been ignoring Nino." Nino whined. "Satoshi has a bad boy and will be punished…"

With that Nino released the clip and watched as the ice water rushed down the tubing and into Ohno's bowels.

The rush of water was shocking for Ohno at first, since it was his first ever enema… but it was nothing like what was to come. As the ice cold water rushed into his large intestine, his stomach started to cramp really really bad.

"Ahhhhhh unnnnn stoppp stopppp!" Ohno cried, clutching his stomach as he tried to resist the torrent of water rushing in.

On the other hand however, the spiced lube had started to take effect and Nino was bent over, squirming and squealing at the burning sensation in his rear. They had tried flavoured lube before, and even lube with ginger extract but this… this was completely out of this world. Nino could feel his entire body starting to burn up. No wonder Ohno was wearing gloves earlier. Nino limped over to pause the flow for Ohno, while Ohno took the period of time to start the vibrator again.

"Ahhhhhh" Nino moaned as the vibration started.

The vibration seemed as if it was amplified by the burn. Nino finally managed to limp over to the setup and stopped the flow of water, while Ohno laid on the bed panting and wincing at the cramp. Nino collapsed onto Ohno soon after, pressing his face against the coldness of Ohno's stomach.

Possibly 10 minutes passed before either finally made a move. Ohno got up, sighing deeply before putting on his gloves once more. He retrieved the vibrator and took a wet cloth and wiped the spicy lube off, sticking his fingers wrapped in the cloth deep into Nino's rear. Nino was throughly enjoying the stimulation now, he clenched his butt hard as Ohno started massaging his prostate once more.

"Toshi! More…!" Nino moaned, and Ohno responded by removing his fingers and plugging a well lubed member into the hole.

In and out, Ohno started moving in a steady rhyme while Nino.. Nino was trying hard to reach somewhere/something. Ohno ignored his actions as he continued pounding… Nino seemed to have finally found what he was looking for - the enema tubing clip. With a soft click the clip came off and cold water sloshed once more into Ohno's belly. This time however, the cold water didn’t seem to affect Ohno as much, as he moved even faster and eliciting more moans from Nino. It wasn’t that the water was gone warm, or that the cramping sensation was any less bad, it was just that Ohno was too aroused to notice. He made sure to lean in close to Nino each time so that Nino could feel the coldness of Ohno's body - the complete opposite of the hot and sweaty Nino. Nino came first, spewing his load all over the bed, and Ohno came inside Nino shortly after.

As the two laid completely exhausted and panting on the bed, it was Ohno who broke the silence with a whine.

"Kazu… please! I can't hold it anymore!"

Nino deflated the balloon tip and pulled the enema tip out. The enema bag was completely empty now - even all the ice cubes had melted. Ohno rushed to the toilet and cursed as the cramps started once more.

"You are so going to pay for this Nino!"

Nino just laughed. He was totally looking forward to see what Ohno planned.
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Yay! The Ohmiya Wedding exchange has ended and the  giftings revealed, so I can post my fics now! Finished writing my OTHER fic the other day and was almost going to post it when I realised part of it was based off this story so... -.-'''

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Written by: [ profile] coolohoh
Length: Almost 2k words. One Shot
Pairings: General Arashi friendship. Wait, this is a Ohmiya exchange? Oh opps XD
Rating: NC-17 (and I thought I'd never write stuff like this)
Genre: Erm… friendship? More than friends friendship? :X
Materials Used: My brain power! My awesome awesome brain!
Summary: Share house. For real. As real as fiction can get anyway.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Go check out the dictionary if you are unsure what it means.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] cleotine in the Ohmiya Winter Wedding exchange over at[ profile] ohmiyawedding! Original Post here.

It was late at night one day when Nino was on his way home after his platinum data movie filming. Home. Their home. Not the pretty set of the Share House segment in HnA, no, that was fake and everyone knows it. They even started filming them walking to the set - afraid that any crazy fangirl will misunderstand. But no. This was the real thing, started before the HnA segment was conceived. It scared them all at first that the content writer for the variety show actually came up with such a segment, but their managers assured them it was pure coincidence that the segment start a month after they moved in together. Nino was pretty sure their manager had been dropping hints though… but the viewers seems to be loving it and as idols, their job is to please right?

The Arashi share house started when they were busy planning for their upcoming concert that was later to be know as 'AraFest'. Arashi is pretty much THE top JE band now, and although he didn’t want to sound arrogant, Nino was grateful for that. For all the opportunities they were given. They merely had to say the word and the agency will do their best to support them… like the policewomen outfit for Sho's birthday… well the agency DID make them cover up their legs, but the fishnet stockings they wore didn’t cover up their legs no matter how you look at it. They were free to do what they want like that. And this year, they had decided to do something really special for the fans, only that they didn’t know what. And so the discussions started, all the late night discussions at the Jimushou… Ohno and Sho had once ended up sleeping over in their resting room sofa one night after a very late discussion (Aiba and Jun had gone home earlier while Nino was at filming). Sho woke up with a terrible backache (although Ohno enjoyed the sleep) and had volunteered his home as their meeting place thereafter. Sho's house wasn’t nearly quite enough to fit five people though, and their managers decided to take action after an early morning visit to Sho's house and finding the members sleeping in various states on the sofa and floor. Needless to say everyone had a backache after that… (well except for Ohno, who was more than content with his comfortable 'bed' on the sofa. They asked Sho to go back to his room but he refused, saying that it was too lonely. Nino had Ohno as his pillow but didn't sleep well as he spent the night trying not to fall off the narrow sofa.)

So a week later, their managers surprised them by showing them into their new home. A huge apartment (by Tokyo standards) with 5 individual bedrooms, a kitchen, and a nice living room with a huge TV (for them to watch concert videos for inspiration) in front of a homely kotatsu. When asked about the cost, the managers would only say that it'll be deducted from their pay, and they left after warning them not to sleep on the floor again. (Nino had made his manager give him an hour long back rub the day after sleeping with Ohno.)

One by one they moved in. Ohno was the first, bringing with him his merger selection of clothes (eventually Nino had to 'raid' Ohno's apartment so that leader would stop wearing that same few shirts). Nino followed, just because Ohno was there (well didn’t didn’t have much to pack anyway, besides his games, which he got Ohno to help him move). Aiba moved in next, bringing with him a ton of food and snacks. Jun moved in with the help of his friends - they came with (literally) a truckload of J's belongings. Sho was the last to arrive, being busy with News Zero and Nazodi movie filming. Eventually he got Aiba to help him pack and move.

And so before they realised it, months had passed. Staying together turned out much better than all of them had expected. J had initially bulked at the idea of having zero personal space/time, but in practice they were all so busy that J had actually wished he was able to spend more time with the rest together.

It was 3am that night (or rather, morning) when Nino walked into the house and flipped on the lights. He walked to the fridge to grab a drink. It'll be beer tonight. He opened and can and took a long drink as he flopped down on the sofa comfortably. Noting happily that Ohno seems to have finally taken his advice of trying to sleep on the bed (instead of the sofa) for a month. That was until he glanced over at the dining area and did a double take. All the five chairs were lined up neatly and there was Ohno, peacefully asleep. As angry he was that Ohno was NOT taking his advice, he couldn’t help but smile at leader's adorable face. Of all the facial expressions that leader makes, Nino loves his sleeping face best. Nino sat down on the empty chair as he continued to stare at Ohno (Ohno was only sleeping on the last four chairs). He briefly considered kissing Ohno, but eventually settled on staring at the sleeping leader. Plus it was no fun kissing a sleeping Ohno. He settled for rubbing his cold can of beer on Ohno's forehead and cheeks instead. Nino was about to give up and get a ice of ice to slide down Ohno's shirt when Ohno finally woke up.

"Ohayo…" A disoriented Ohno mumbled as he sat up.

"What time is it anyway?" He asked, upon realising that the sky outside was still pitch black.

"Its time for you to wake up." Nino replied, and immediately attacked Ohno's lips.

Ohno was startled at first, but quickly regained composure and wrestled control over from Nino. Pushing Nino down on the chair, Ohno eagerly explored Nino's mouth with his tongue. Nino smirked when they finally broke the kiss apart.

"Strong as always ne leader? Why are you sleeping out here anyway?  Didn’t I tell you to sleep on the bed?"

"But its more comfortable here…" Ohno pouted.

"Carry me to bed." Nino demanded.

Ohno smiled as he wordlessly lifted Nino and carried him to his room. As Ohno gently laid Nino on the bed, he raised an eyebrow at the clothes that Nino was still wearing.

"Yes yes, don't look at me like that, I'm not wearing jeans to sleep…" Nino sat up as he started undressing on the bed.

"Pass me my…"

His pyjamas was handed to him before he even finished speaking. Ohno was always considerate like this. Nino looked up to see Ohno with a smug on his face and a naughty twinkle in his eyes. He pounced on Nino the moment the jeans were off. Nino clucked his tongue in disapproval.

"Didn't you say you don't like sleeping on beds? Get off!" Nino demanded half heartedly.

Ohno gave his best 'I'm so sad please grant me wish look' as he said, "But beds with Nino on them are comfortable!"

Ohno then proceeded to nestle his head into Nino's chest, earning him a smack and a groan from Nino.

"Can't you wait till I get undressed first?" Nino asked, pushing Ohno away from him as he untried to undress.

Ohno eyed him with attentive, smiling eyes.

"Stop it old man! You're so creepy when you look at me like this!"

"Fine!" Ohno turned away with a huff.

'You're so cute like this' Nino thought with a smile. He's lost track of how many times he'd purposely 'angered' Ohno just to see his cute angry expression. Sometimes Ohno would puff up his cheeks irritably and huff, other times he would knit his eyebrows and stare. Nino got dressed and quickly reached into his closet for a bottle and hid it in his PJs while Ohno was still looking away.

"Go turn off the lights for me" Nino ordered. Ohno pouted and turned off the lights before walking out the door, still hurt from Nino's 'rejection'.

"Oi! Where do you think you're going, old man!"

"To sleep?"

"You don't like my bed?" Nino swear he saw Ohno flashing a grin before he jumped onto Nino's bed.

"Oi don't do this! " Nino chided.

"You're going to pay if my mattress spoils" He mumbled.

"Hmmmmmm" Ohno replied, snuggling up to Nino.

Nino waited till Ohno was asleep before making his move, which was almost instantly. It was a good thing Ohno sleeps really fast, or Nino would have fallen asleep too and missed on a night of action. He pulled the bands of Ohno's boxers and slid a hand in to gently massage his length. Ohno woke up immediately, eyes wide open.


"Don't you like my massage?"

"Unnnnnn….." Ohno responded by clinging closer to Nino.

Nino gave up with the irritating boxers restricting his movement and pulled it off, allowing his hands more room to do even better things to Ohno's length.

"Ahhhhh Nino….! Enough! Pants… down!" Ohno growled as he fumbled about for Nino's pants, smirking as he found the familiar curve of the lube bottle Nino hid in his PJs earlier.

"So you are prepared eh?" Ohno opened the bottle of lube and poured a liberal amount on his hands and proceed to scissors Nino's opening.

"Ahhhh" Now is was Nino's turn to moan and groan. Ohno continued probing and scissoring, stretching and preparing Nino.

As he stuck his third digit in, Nino complained. "Just... get with it already!"

"Satoshi… Satoshi… Satoshi…." Nino moaned as Ohno lowered himself onto Nino.

The fullness was so very stimulating, and Satoshi always knew how to hit the right spots. Ohno moved faster and faster, fully enjoying every sensation of Nino's tight hole. Aware that Nino hadn't had as much attention as he had been getting, Ohno's hands moved to Nino's length, stroking fast in rhyme with his movements. The extra stimulation was too much for Nino to take, as he screamed his lover's name loudly before coming in Ohno's hand. At just about the same time, Ohno released his load inside Nino. Panting, Ohno collapsed on top of Nino, hugging the younger man as they both fell asleep.

They were still in the same position - half dressed and dirty - when Aiba walked into the room to wake up them for AnShi filming the next morning.

"Mou!" Aiba shut his eyes before hurriedly slamming the door.

'I'm so glad our rooms are sound proof!' Aiba shuddered as he thought of what he could have been hearing all night.

Sho and Jun stared wide-eyed as Ohno got out from the bedroom 30 minutes later. Nino's bedroom, to be exact. In the kitchen, Aiba giggled. It was J who finally broke the silence.

"So leader finally decided to sleep on the bed?"

"Yup! I have successfully cured Ohno of sleeping on chairs and sofas." Nino announced triumphantly.

"Hmmm… I like Nino's bed…" Ohno mumbled as he nuzzled his head against Nino's neck.

Sho looked away, red faced. J rolled his eyes. Aiba giggled.

"Breakfast time!" Aiba declared with a laugh.

And so began another day in their lives.
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Title: Share House - Constipated
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: One Shot
Summary: Nino is constipated, and Ohno cures it for him...
Disclaimer: Don't own Arashi. Fiction will be fiction.
An early happy birthday to [ profile] parfum3! I'd be lying if I said i wrote this for your brithday, but I hope you'd like it anyway XD. On a random sidenote, my mum has the same bday as you :P

It all started one day when Nino had been having too many hamburgers and too little veggies. The brat had woke up on his off day to a terrible stomachache. A really bad stomachache. And to make it worst, it was his off day and he had planed to spend the whole day gaming. Now he could barely walk. Ok it wasn’t THAT bad, but still… Nino winced as he tried to empty his load in the toilet unsuccessfully for the 3rd time. As hard as he tried to push, nothing would come out. He gave up and sat uncomfortably on the sofa, hoping that it'll go away eventually.

Sho didn’t notice. He had merely uttered a 'good morning' to Nino before rushing out of the house.

Aiba was busy making sure he didn’t burn their breakfast to have time to care about anything else.

Jun… J was bad enough at mornings himself to care about how others were feeling.

Ohno was humming to himself as he admired his fishing rods when Nino gingerly sat down on the sofa with a pained look on his face. Ohno frowned as he tried to figure out the source of Nino's discomfort. He observed Nino from the corner of his eyes as he pretended to look at his fishing rods. Unhappy? With what? Nothing that Ohno can think of. Bad sleep? Maybe... Back pain? Nino would demand a back rub if his back was hurting. Knee problem? Doesn’t seem like it… he's not rubbing his knees or anything. Schedule? Nope, Nino's off day today… Yesterday's schedule? As Ohno continued trying to think of possible reasons for Nino's discomfort/unhappiness, Aiba announced that breakfast was ready and Nino moved to the dining table. Ohno continued watching Nino during breakfast. Nino normally has a small appetite, but today, his appetite was exceptionally small. Nino headed back to his room after breakfast and a worried Ohno followed suit.

"Nino, are you alright?" Ohno asked

"Stomachache…" Nino whimpered.

"Did you eat the wrong food? Or did you skip meals again? Or…"

Nino shock his head.

"Constipated…" He answered softly, turning red with embarrassment.

Ohno just had to laugh at the beet red Nino.

"Its not funny Satoshi!" Nino protested weakly.

"Stomach hurts…" He whined.

"Serves you right for not eating your vegetables… just like a little kid!" Ohno couldn’t stop laughing.

"Fine I'll go to the pharmacy and get you something to help, wait for me ok?" Still laughing, Ohno went to fetch his wallet and headed off to the pharmacy.

Nino was curled up on his bed and whimpering in pain when Ohno came back. Nino gave a puzzled look as Ohno covered the bed with two towels.

"What are you doing?" Ohno didn't reply as he went to the toilet to prepare.

Nino heard the sound of running water, before Ohno eventually emerged with what Nino recognised as an enema bag.

"What…? But… but why?"

"Didn’t you say you were constipated?" Ohno said, as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Yeah but… I thought you'd buy me some laxatives…" Nino whined.

"This counts as a rectal laxative. Plus, I think you'll enjoy it." Ohno smirked as he hang the bag on the clothes hook and grabbed the lube from the drawer.

"Take it off." Ohno commanded, patting on Nino's bottom.

"Yes doctor" Nino compiled as he pull down his pants and underwear. The fluffy towel felt nice on his butt.

"Lie down on your left" Ohno instructed.

Nino obediently turned to lie on his side. Ohno lubed the nozzle of the enema bag before gently inserting it into Nino.

"Ready to start?"

Nino gave an obedient nod and Ohno proceeded to open the clamp. Nino gasped as the warm water flowed in. Anal sex was nothing new to him but it was his first time taking an enema and it felt really… different.

"Let me know if it hurts or anything."

Nino nodded once more, closing his eyes as he concentrated on the sensation of water rushing up his rear.

"Stop! Stop!" Nino winced as he felt his stomach cramp. Ohno stopped the flow and started massaging the younger member's stomach, coxing the cramp away.



"Shall we continue?" Nino nodded again and the flow was restarted.

Ohno continued to massage Nino with one hand, while the other moved over and started twisting and adjusting the nozzle.

"Satoshi?" Nino was going to ask what Ohno was trying to do when the water jet found its target and started hitting and massaging Nino's prostate.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Nino moaned as the warm water continued massaging his spot.

The stomachache was not only long forgotten, Nino was starting to get hard. The bag was empty all too soon however, and Ohno forced him to lie for a lonely 15 minutes before going to the toilet. Nino squirmed about impatiently as Ohno continued to massage his stomach. Holding the enema was not that uncomfortable after all, but his growing erection on the other hand…

When Nino was finally done with the toilet and flopped down on the bed, he was hot, horny, tired, and drenched in sweat.

"I never knew enemas were so exhausting" He protested.

"Hmm… but you enjoyed it" Ohno replied happily.

"I hope you're not too tired for a part 2"

"I'm never too tired for you Satoshi" With that he greedily pulled Ohno in for a kiss, hands moving fast to unbuckle Ohno's belt.

Ohno quickly dribbled lube down his length before pushing into Nino. He judged that the earlier stretch and stimulation from the enema was more then enough and he was right.

"Argh Satoshi quick move it!" Nino demanded, buckling his hips up as he tried to generate more friction.

"My my, impatient are we?" Ohno smirked.

"Fuck quick I've been waiting since the enema earlier fuck ahhhhhhh…." The rest of Nino's words were lost as Ohno started moving.

"Ahhh so hot Kazu! So hottttt" Sounds of pleasurable moans and skin slapping on skin filled the room.

As the two exhausted men lay side by side on the bed, Nino spoke up.

"Ne Satoshi…"


"I think I'm in love with enemas."

"What about me?" Ohno protested with a pout.

"I love you more than anything else!" He declared with a peak on Ohno's lips.

"Can you give me more enemas next time?"

"Sure" Ohno smirked. "Anything for my dear Kazu, just promise me you'll eat your veggies ok?"
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Title: Share House - Paint and Brush - A new Shed Yama Side Story
Length: 1.9k words
Pairing: Yama
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer and warning: Smut ahead. This is purely a work of fiction!
Un-betaed. Forgive any spelling and grammar mistakes ><
You are strongly recommended to read the main story here before reading this.

The Sapporo concerts were over. It was always the same. They'd spend the day after concerts at debrief meetings as well as planning for the next venue (if there's any). Next up was Fukuoka. In two day's time to be exact. The Sapporo concert had gone by splendidly and everyone was in the groove. Everything was going along just fine. Except that Sho constantly felt that he was missing something. Or more like, someone.

After presenting to Ohno the new shed, the old man had been holed up in the shed almost the entire time. Until when they had to leave for the Sapporo concerts that is. Sho wouldn’t have minded - he believe strongly believed in letting leader pursue his hobbies - except that Nino had snuggled right next to Ohno the moment they got on the Shinkansen, looking at Sho with a satisfied smirk on his face. Ohno himself was of course, oblivious to their rivalry. The man himself had fallen asleep the moment he got on the train. Sho wondered if Ohno had slept at all. As Ohno had embarrassingly admitted on National TV, once he got started on something he'll plunge right in, deep. So much so that he'd even forget to eat. Sho had took it upon himself to bring Ohno his meals. Ohno refused to show him what he was doing though. "I'll show you when its ready" He promised, without any further explanation.


Sho wandered over to the shed. The curtains were drawn tight. He tried the door. No luck. As expected. Ohno had locked the room after Sho came in unexpectedly to bring Ohno his breakfast. It seems like he really hated people looking at his unfinished work. Disappointed, Sho was about to leave when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see Ohno holding a huge plastic bag, smirking. Very dangerously. He walked up to Sho. In a dignified, emotionless manner. That looked so strange, yet so familiar.

"What are you doing here Sho?" Ohno asked in a dead panned tone.

Realisation hit Sho. It wasn’t Ohno standing in front of him. It was Enomoto Kei. Sho panicked. It was the first time Ohno had done something like that. Yes he'd remain in character more or less throughout filming even when he was off set, but now? The drama was long over and he hadn't heard any news about a special coming up! Ohno gave Sho Enomoto's trademark semi-smile-smirk. No. Sho was sure Ohno was doing this deliberately. But why? Sho could only conclude that the Ohno had something planned up his sleeve, and was, as AIba would put it, 'Very Very Danger'.

"I was just… hoping to see… if you'd finished painting." Sho stammered, trying to come up with a good answer.

Enomoto's eyes twinkled gleefully.

"I have not." He replied, unlocking the shed door and inviting Sho in.

Sho looked around the shed, trying to find traces of what Ohno had been up to. But Ohno had tidied up the place very well. If Sho didn’t know better, he'd have thought that Ohno hadn't been in the shed at all. Closer observation revealed that the arrangement of the tools had been changed, but still, no hints on what Ohno had been working on.

Enomoto stared at Sho wordlessly. Content with the silence. The silence unnerved Sho however.

Eventually he asked "Have you been painting?"

"Saa…" Came the mysterious reply.

Sho was at a loss what to do. Just as he was considering whether to back out, Ohno/Enomoto spoke up.

"Sho likes to see my paintings ne?" Ohno asked.

Sho could only nod.

"Do you want to see me paint?" Ohno asked, smirking.

This time his smirk was… more mischievous, and less Enomoto like, Sho observed. So it was all an act to get him on his nerves, as Sho had properly deduced. Sho nodded again.

"Do you want to see my paint?" Ohno asked again, his time whispering right into Sho's ears and tickling him with his breath.

Sho lets out a grin.

"Of course"

Ohno wasted no time and got Sho to help him lay a thick carpet on the floor (the carpet was really heavy!), and spreading a large plastic sheet over the carpet. He then commanded Sho to get on all fours in the middle of the carpet. Ohno took off his shoes and stepped onto the plastic sheet+carpet, crinkling the plastic and making a squishy sound with each step. Ohno took off Sho's shoes as well and tossed them to the side, carefully approaching Sho from behind.

"You've been a really bad boy. Jealous aren't you, so jealous… Today I'll paint you and mark you all mine" He whispered in Sho's face.

Sho got to see Enomoto's trademark smirk one last time before Ohno promptly blindfolded him.

Sho could hear Ohno moving around the room, moving items here and there. He was started to wonder if Ohno was going to do anything at all when suddenly felt his pants - undergarments and all - getting pulled off with one smooth tug. He felt Ohno blowing gently on his butt cheeks before it was replaced by a soft, fluffy sensation. 'A brush' Sho thought.

"Don't you like it?" Ohno asked.

Sho can totally hear the smirk in Ohno's voice. Ohno seem to get bored really quickly though, for he commanded Sho to lie on his back.

"So you want to see me paint…" Ohno whispered into Sho's ears.

Sho nodded wordlessly. He squirmed around, getting impatient at Ohno's slow pace.

"My my, impatient aren't we… you won't be able to make good paintings if you are impatient…"

"Take off your clothes!"

Finally! Sho sighed. It was about time. Sho took off his shirt and tossed it randomly aside, unable to see where anything was. Ohno looked on amused as he went to fetch his specially prepared tubs of body paint. Ohno carefully picked a brush before dipping it in the paint. Brushes are really important tools for the artist. You have to pick the right brush for the right job. In this case, Ohno picked a rather large brush of medium stiffness. Not too hard so as to scratch his lover, but stiff enough to tickle and tease. Ohno dipped the brush carefully into the paint and started drawing strokes over Sho's stomach. Sho shrunk away at the initial contact. The paint was really cold!

"Unnnnnnn so cold!" Sho moaned

"I know you like it exciting like this ne? I purposely put it in the fridge for you…" Ohno whispered.

"Unnnnnn" Sho could only moan as Ohno started tickling the sensitive parts of his stomach with the brush.

"Let's try something even more exciting…" Ohno started 'painting' Sho's butt cheeks while placing a lubed finger in Sho's entrance, turning his fingers around and massaging Sho's prostate.

As sudden as the intrusion came, Ohno withdrew his fingers, and instead pressed a small, cold metallic object quickly into the depths of Sho's rear.

"Aghhhhhhh Satoshi!!!!!!!" Sho moaned uncontrollably as the vibrator started doing its magic.

Small but powerful, just like leader.

"Satoshiiii want… now…." Sho moaned as he squirmed and flipped onto his side to give leader better access to his rear.

Ohno seemed to be in no hurry though, as he started tracing lines down Sho's spinal cord with a different brush. Ohno continued tracing with while hand while taking off this clothing hastily with the other. It was a good thing he had planned out everything to the last detail earlier, including wearing clothes that were easy to rip off with just one hand. Ohno's hands move to Sho's length and he gently stroked the slit. Sho moans got louder and more desperate, calling desperately for his lover's name. Sho needed his lover in him right there and then. Finally, Ohno could no longer resist himself anymore, and inserted his length into the tight entrance.

"Oh fuck! You are fucking tight! Oh fuckkkkkkkk!" Ohno cried as Sho tightened his muscles for his lover.

The tight sensation coupled with the still vibrating vibrator was mind blowing. Ohno started thrust hard and fast, each slam hitting the vibrator hard and sensing thrilling shocks down both their spines. As if on cue, they both came at the same time. Exhausted, they lay on the floor, covered in various extent with paint.

Ohno peeled himself off Sho and reached his slender fingers into Sho's butt to pull out the vibrator.

"Unnnnnnnnn" Sho moaned, missing the sensation in his rear.

His groans were rewarded when Ohno decided to stick more fingers into Sho's entrance. Two, three… stretch and scissoring the tight hole while Sho enjoyed his lover's attention. Ohno dug around his bag for a new lube and he applied it to the handle of the brush and used it to apply the lube into his lover's insides. He then applied more cold paint onto the area around the entrance. Sho was too busy missing his lover's fingers from his rear entrance to feel anything at first. It was only when Ohno started applying the cold paint on his entrance that he started to feel the searing hot burn.

"Ginger extract. Do you like it?" Ohno asked as he continued teasing Sho's entrance.

"I heard its really potent…" Ohno commented as he watched Sho squirm with the contrasting hot and cold sensation on his bottom. He was getting uncomfortable hard once more, and Ohno wasn’t faring any better watching his lover squirm and moaning his name all too sexily. Ohno gave up on the brush and leaned down to lick the precum that was leaking from his lover's length.

"Unnnn Sho tastes soooo gooooddd…" Ohno moaned.

"Satoshiiiiiii stopppp…. want… satoshi…" Sho panted.

Ohno complied as he slammed into Sho once more.

"Fuck Sho… so hot…!" Ohno moaned as the slammed faster and faster into Sho, enjoying the heat from the friction and the ginger extract lube.

As the climaxed for a second time that they, Ohno collapsed onto Sho, exhausted from his efforts. He reached out to remove the blindfold that was still on his lover.

Sho blinked as the adjusted to the light. WHen he could finally see properly again, he looked down to see the mess of red and blue paint. Blue on this front, red on his back and all over Ohno.

"Do you like my painting?" "I love it." They embraced each other and stayed there till Ohno's stomach finally gave a rumble.

"Hungry eh?" Sho chuckled.

"We should pack things up…" Sho commented, trying to get put but immediately groaning from the effort.

It was going to be even worst the next day, but it was more then worth it. Sho tried to hide his discomfort as he put on the robe Ohno handed him. It seems like Ohno did plan everything properly.

"Let's go to the bath, before the rest gets back…" Ohno said.

He will have one hell of a time cleaning up the next day but none of it mattered at that moment.

In the bath…

"Ne Ohno… I thought you were going the mix the colours…"

"You baka…" Ohno replied, as he pinched Sho's nose.

"Red and blue becomes purple…." Sho's mouth formed an O shape in understanding. No wonder Ohno had insisted they take a shower before entering the bath. Sho smiled as he leaned forward to embrace the older man.

"I love you Satoshi."


So that was my 1st ever NC-17 fic…. hope it turned out ok?

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