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2017-08-27 11:40 pm
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Oh gosh.

I'm done.

With my fic.

Took the whole afternoon + evening + night (with meal breaks plus gaming in between) but I'm done with the fic. Finally. J will help me read it but arghs... I don't want to read it anymore. Not today at least... Maybe tmr... Meh. I hope it survives a second read... It's kinda... Idk... In a style that I've never tried before so I hope it's ok... Also I wrote and rewrote quite a bit in a beginning and reused most of it so I'll have to go back and read those reused parts to make sure it fits alright...


It's been so long since I last wrote a fic... I hope this is ok... Lol...

Alrights. That's all for this post. 

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2017-08-20 08:43 pm
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そう。墨。墨の種類は驚きぐらいの数があります。色だけじゃなく、油性、光沢… いろんな物性があります。そして特殊の墨もあります。香り付け墨。金と銀粉付け墨。本当になん万種類ある。今私もう20種類以上持ってます。でももうっともうっと欲し。かなりやばいな。










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2017-07-15 11:56 am
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Ok, I need volunteers!

I'm throwing in the towel on this one...

If anyone can help me with the updating on the masterpost on RNA that would be awesome.

Actually... I should do it myself since it isn't even *that* hard.... mmestrange has already helped me to find all the links in DW already... But... After my new job rolled around I just haven't been on DW/LJ much...

Today marks the first proper post I have on SF in months.... :X

All I need to do is to find the link in my message, and paste it where the old LJ link was in my masterpost... Maybe I'll get around to it someday... But if anyone wants to help... :X You'll have to work directly with the HTML in a google doc or something... 

 We have a good number of SF members here on DW now... But mods... Sigh. We need new mods. Or at least, content providers. Right now it's basically me and junaibanina posting only. Half of the mods aren't even on DW/SF admin yet... Well you can't blame them... Just like I've disappeared for stretches because of RL... Stuff happens in RL and priorities change... What we need is new blood. I just feel a little... Hmm... How do I put it... Mean? If I were just to take control of things completely now because SF started out as a bunch of people... Then again considering how several have completely dropped off now...

Of course, the other problem is the lack of willing and qualified candidates....

But in all reality... It's content providers that we need more than mods. There isn't much in terms of 'modly duties' to be done... We have civilised members posting civil content... Haven't seen anything in need of intervention so far... So that's good.

On a different note...

I think I've found some new revelations about myself.

I really like new starts, new challenges... Like starting up a new community. Now that's fun. It's far from the level of difficulty in starting a new startup, but I can say it's kinda like an easy mode of starting up a new website... And I like doing that.

I really like writing. Yeah sure I can't produce mind blowing literature works, but I can write articles, guides, blog posts etc and I write them really well. I can easily find stuff to write about, and go in depth... Ideas come easily... I can tell you that I'm definitely another step closer to starting my next website... Yeah. It's definitely, 100% going to come...

It'll be good if I can get a sizeable chunk of $$ from these ventures eventually. Sigh. 

Alright. That's all for now.
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2017-04-21 01:10 am
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Howdy new pinned tab

And so... I've pinned my DW reading page on chrome and now it sits there besides my LJ friend feed.

I just looked at my reading page and gosh... So many updates. Nice nice... Things are getting more lively here. Hoping that more comms will moveover... Cos gah... Who knows what's gonna happen in LJ now? I don't want to see my favourite comms disappearing... Or if my own LJ disappears... That'll really suck too...

So I'm now flooded with emails from LJ because I get an email notification every time I get a PM. Sigh. I'll settle the membership stuff... This weekend I guess.

No more holiday. :(

It's my last day of work at this job tmr. Next monday I'll be reporting to a new job at a new location...

And well, I spent the last few hours looking at the flood of emails in my inbox on my phone... While not being able to do anything about it cos I was helping my dad.

Well, it's definitely not a waste of time, but it still makes me feel like a whole chunk of time disappeared because in a sense it did....

Not a waste of time though.


My dad's Note 4 died a sudden death this morning. Apparently it was super hot when he checked the phone this morning to turn the power off the charger. And then he just couldn't power on the phone. Black screen all the way. Not even like, stuck in a boot loop or anything of that sort. Nope. It just won't power on. Black screen all the way. Take out battery, replace, press power button... Charge again, put in battery while plugged in etc... He even has a spare battery to try and nope. Nothing works. The phone is dead as a dodo.` 

Thankfully, I've got some spare phones lying around...

My dad's iPhone 4s that he used, and passed over to my when my iPhone 5s died, and the xiaomi note red my parents got for me as a holdover phone when my 5s died and my contract was still far from ending. In the end I used my dad's 4s for about... Half a year or so.

Yeah. Both phones still work. The 4s is what.... Hmmm, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, now 5 going 6 years old. Still works fine. Why oh why did my 5s get burnt out :( Sigh. Cos I freaking fell asleep while playing on my phone and somehow because of the game, the screen didn't turn off. It just ran the whole night. Worst still, I freaking slept on my phone and it basically just got sooo hot till I finally woke up. And in that process, the insides got burnt up. Sigh.

So we spent like... 3 hours or so getting some of the basic stuff to work on the xiaomi. Cos well, the 4s has such a tiny screen and my dad's eyesight isn't what it used to be anymore. Heck, in this age of large phones, even the 4s looks tiny to me. It took us super long to get the google calendar set up cos we kept getting a server error. In the end it turns out that we had to reinstall the google calendar app..

And then there was the on/off button to fix by stuffing some paper underneath the casing...

And loads of other stuff that we did here and there to try and recover some data onto the phone and all...

Now my dad's deciding between the galaxy S8+ and the iPhone 7+. Cos well... He's not really willing to wait all the way till sept/oct, and now after the sudden death of his note 4, he's no longer keen on getting the note.

Oh wells. We'll see...

Ultimately it's his own decision to make on whether to stick with samsung or go back to iOS. He's used both OS before and the pros and cons of each side is still the same...

Hmm... I guess that's all for now... Let me go clear some of my DW inbox... And I'll think about the LJ stuff after my last day of work. Maybe I'll go PM some comm mods too... I think it's better for the community as a whole if we all move to DW.... :X
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2017-04-20 11:31 am
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Clothes Peg

What can you do with a clothes peg? Well, press it of course.

And so began my finger strength training as I was watching the TV last night.... And as I headed back into my room after the TV session, I took the clothes peg along because... Who would miss a single clothes peg right?

As I sat around wondering what to do earlier... My eyes fell on the clothes peg and I used some blu-tack (I always have a little blob stuck on my desk within handy reach) and stuck the clothes peg on the table, laid my hand flat, and tried using my 4th finger and pinky to press on that thing. A handy resistance training tool for your fingers...

And guess what? It confirmed what I already knew - my left fingers are stronger than my right.

And yes, I'm right handed.

Just that now it finally struck me just how much stronger my left hand (or at least, fingers, are.)


I believe it's because I always have to carry big bottles of bacteria cultures... I usually have three bottles, so it's two in the left, and one on the right. When carrying two bottles in one hand, you take the neck of one bottle with your forefinger and thumb, and the other bottle goes between my forefinger and the middle finger, with the rest of the fingers also closing around the bottle...

The size of the bottles vary, but after all the times of carrying the bottles like this, my left hand can easily carry a 1L glass bottle with 500ml or so of liquid inside as the second bottle - i.e. supported by my middle, 4th finger and pinky. And the time when I tried to do that with my right hand? I could barely do it. Had to stop midway during the short walk to set the 2nd bottle down and pick it up again because I could feel it slipping off. Boy was my right fingers tired.

It's funny how there are some things that as a right hander... My right hand can't do. Why did I pick up two bottles with my left hand and not my right? Maybe cos I want to open the door with my right hand... Then again, no, I usually kick the door open, or if it opens inwards, I'll have to elbow the handle and then kick it open.... *shrugs* no idea.

And well... I can't use my phone properly with my right hand. If it's single handed use, it has to be my left hand. Like typing/swyping (Ok, I use swiftkey though, not swype), my right thumb is way less efficient. How come? Idk... My left hand has always been my phoning hand for as long as I can remember. Makes sense too, like when I'm eating alone. Right hand with the chopsticks, left hand with the phone. For a while I did try... But my left hand basically still can't really use chopsticks.

I still want to teach my left hand to write though. More like... It's been an on and off thing that I've been trying to get my left hand to do since I was in kindergarten. My left hand can write, but really slowly... And if I try to write faster, it basically goes out of control. Not to mention that it cramps quickly.

Yeah... Shall keep it up... Write with my lefty every now and then. Hmm maybe every time I write in my physical diary? Yeah... That would be fun/nice. A short left hand writing section. That'll probably help my lefty improve quickly if I keep up my physical diary writing frequency...

Alright... That's all for now... Maybe later?
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2017-04-20 12:45 am
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Crazy days....

Crazy days ahead?

Well definitely crazy days ahead in SG. We're stepping into the hot season again. The weather is getting crazy hot. It's almost 2am and still 29.2 °C . Worst still, insects are everywhere. I'm getting new insect bites every single day. And that's despite all the mosquito repellent I spray... Started burning some incense today but I'm still seeing insects flying around the room. WTF? Already got another fresh bite on my wrist. Worst still are the ones on your feet. Like the one on the bottom of my left foot that I 'acquired' two days ago. Geez. Thankfully none on my toes so far... Those are super duper itchy....!!!

Possibly crazy days on LJ too? Not sure if a mass deletion is coming but I've seen quite a few accounts suspended just looking through the list of members in arashi-on. Not a good sign...? I have an ominous feeling that something bad is coming...

Now all that I'm hoping to see on DW is for the new post editor to get finished and come out of beta. Or for these two points of improvements to the current post editor. 1) the ability to select tags from a list 2) show the rich text editor menu bar in the HTML editor. That way I can do my post in HTML and still use the button for adding in a link instead of switching over to the rich text editor or typing out the entire thing in html myself cos well, I'm lazy ok? And it's much faster to just press a button rather than type out all that a href stuff. A better interface when inserting photos and the ability to link to accounts like instagram would be much appreciated too, though not as important as the ability to select tags from a list, rather than typing from memory or posting first then editing and adding in the tags later.


Last day of my leave left. Next week I'm starting on my new job....

Spent the last two days doing nothing but watching Arashi shows. Today in particular was watching TSD all the way up till... End of Aug. Yeah... Still at the start of June for the rest of the shows... But progress!!!

Not done a single thing with my 3D pen though, and it feels like I won't tmr either... Oh wells... Bulk of my time last week was spent on DW... Moving communities over... Updating 1 masterpost... Ok, I did update my masterpost for The Chronicles as well as all the links back to the masterpost on each chapter. And then I got sick/bored of it and cried "enough!". And started watching Arashi shows instead.

Have I already mentioned that I watched 99.9? It was so fucking good. Great cast, solid storyline... Jun was cute... Oh I think I did talk about it previously already...

So... Still 2 months more to go till my target Aug... And there's still so many other things to do...

Suddenly I'm feeling the urgent need to get my comms up and running on DW again...

Oh yeah... I did pick a new layout for my DW personal blog, but I've not customised it yet....

New job next week... Excited... Hope it's good.

Wanted to write more... But now I'm too tired to make sense anymore... So that's all. Nights.
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2017-04-17 02:56 pm

Take a deep breath...

Cos the morning/noon rush is finally over.

Woke up rather late this morning... 10:30am, or almost 11? So I stumbled out of bed and went right to my computer... For some reason I didn't start playing games and stuff on my phone in bed... Maybe cos it was late enough already and I'd laid in bed for long enough.

And the first thing I saw? A link to some news about Are You Happy DVD in Japanese... There was something about Japonism Arena too and I was like, what? They released both at the same time? Crap I don't have enough $$$ left???

Turns out that Japonism came with the LE of AYH DVD. So I ordered the LE in blu-ray... and since I'm broke I'll have to wait for my pay to come before I can order the RE in DVD - since the bonus content is the same in DVD for both versions...

So yeah... Then I scrambled to put together my Nihongo Manabu post. My second post in two days thanks to Arashi news... Haven't done a review for that site in like three weeks >< 

Then after putting a basic post together... It was time to pimp the links on FB and stuff... After that I opted to have some lunch before continuing to add information to the post... Then I made the news post to [community profile] storm_freaks ... Together with the jweb updates... And finally I processed some membership applications for SF - both on LJ and DW. And now... I'm done. Kinda. Still have to add more pre-order links to the NM post. But yeah... What a crazy, hectic morning.

The DVD. It's crazy. The sort of bonus it comes with. The LE is basically like... Buy one concert, get one concert free. Only that it's definitely NOT free because the LE is way more expensive than the RE. And the RE? Comes with documentary of the AYH concert... From the time when they were still conceptualizing the concert right till the very end. I heard they filmed rehearsals and all too. GOSH. Rehearsals! Precious precious footage. Must have it... Yes... Need to wait for my pay to come cos I'm broke. Gosh.... I'm totally forced to buy both versions this time... It'll be the first time I'm buying both editions....

Sigh. Second and last week left of my vacation... 

That's all for now I guess... 
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2017-04-15 12:32 am

2 down, 2 to go

[community profile] storm_freaks  is now open for sign ups!

So that's two comms that are officially open on DW. 

Two more to go... *takes a deep breath*

Next up I'll be looking at the layout and then masterpost on nutty_arashi. And then being busy with the membership stuff for SF.

In other news. Spent last night and this morning binge watching 99.9 and $%!)&%)!&$)! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's not that I wasn't willing to watch it last time ok? It's just purely lack of time. I couldn't resist it anymore after watching all the osama no brunch episodes... Esp when they introduce the part about Miyama being arrested. I was like FUCK I NEED TO WATCH IT NOW. And so I did.

It was... Perfect.

Detective work.

Solid script/story.

Great cast.

With the right amount of humor...

Every one of the cast members brought their character to life... And literally gave it character. Whether it's the proud and quirky Miyama, or the equally proud rival Sada... Or the hilarious Akashi...

Love it. Finally there's a Jun drama that I absolutely love.

Even better than kagi heya? Possibly so. You have to give it up to Jun, that guy is a classy actor. And hurrah for him playing in a non-romantic drama for once? (Ok there was Lukcy 7, but it was only so so IMO.)

The kind of crazy/eccentric character that's Miyama... Arghs I just love it. And so adorable too. Despite his attitude and everything he's such an adorable, loveable character. Arghs. Love it.


Half of my staycation is over. And all I've really done is... Watch some arashi shows (ok, at least I finished a drama series. That's a big accomplishment IMO.) And move two communities over to DW. Have not played with my 3D pen yet... And then there's still my personal DW to set up --> the layouts and making a new sticky post...


Alright... That's all for Today's post I guess.... 
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2017-04-10 07:22 pm

Guess who's popular?

I opened up my email to see this from LJ.


All I've been doing is advertise my DW guide. Not the livejournal one. That was just a crosspost. (Heck I've not even been to check my LJ post till now) 

That, together with this post... I guess it speaks for itself, the numbers that are leaving LJ. If you are in the 'I won't leave LJ until it dies' camp... Well LJ probably won't 'die' or close down. But it could well end up being rather dead with the hordes that are moving to DW?

Update: Oh! No. 4 now, and apparently that's after it dropped in ranking...

Are you panicking now LJ? :P
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2017-04-09 09:59 pm

Things I need to do on DW

- Finish updating [community profile] arashi_bangumi masterpost
- Update [community profile] nutty_arashi  masterposts
- Do layouts for [community profile] nutty_arashi  etc, then open it
- Figure out how to removed the forced small letters for arashi bangumi post titles. Also by the same regard how to remove forced ALL CAPS for arashics... I probably have to write my own custom CSS... Let's see if I remember how to do it...
- Make a new intro post for my own blog. I guess I should start over? My old intro was written years ago and many things don't hold true anymore. For instance, I no longer play maplestory.
- Figure out how to handle the moving of SF to DW properly
- Oh... Making some guides on how to move to DW... Though it feels like a visual guide isn't exactly needed anymore since so many people have moved already but still...
- Finally move that last comm of mine over...
- Oh no... then I have to do the layout for my own blog too? 

Man. DW is gonna keep me sooo busy. Crazy.
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2017-04-09 09:14 pm


Ok. Bad journal title... Not the first but yeah.

So... I have to first thank [personal profile] mmestrange  for helping me find all the links to fix my masterpost. I was absolutely speechless this morning when I opened my DW inbox. Thank you!

In spite of that... After the whole morning (then again, I woke up rather late), I'm only done with half of arashi_bangumi's masterpost. Opps.  Oh wells. I'll continue tackling it later/tmr.

In any case... I HAVE CLOTHES.

Went out for lunch with my family and after that the topic naturally turned to clothes shopping. Since I have no idea what the dress code at my new place is... (HR just said, wear pants and blouse on the first day and see what everyone is wearing, cos each place is different...)

So... I am forced to buy a few blouses and pants in case T-shirts and jeans are not allowed. Considering that I only had like 1 blouse in my entire wardrobe. Ok maybe I can still fit into that blouse that I bought in PH last year. *maybe*

So now I have 3 new blouses, and 1 new pair of pants. I think I'm good for at least the first week. Maybe one or two more blouses would be good, then I'm set. I wonder what the dress code is like though... :X

And so my two weeks of holiday starts... With this move to DW... It seems like I barely have time anymore. DW stuff... Making stuff with my 3D pen, setting up a new 3D pen related blog and youtube channel... Watching Arashi shows -- hoping to catch up with a few months worth of shows these two weeks... Oh and [personal profile] viereedom  is coming to SG next Tues and Wedn and I've volunteered to bring her around (just remember, I'm going bankrupt vivi :X)

That... And I have to adjust my sleeping pattern. I have to wake up at 7am the latest for my new job... So I gotta get used to sleeping and waking up earlier. No more 2am or 3am bedtime for me... :X

Whee. I should be happy that I'm out of that hellhole. But I'm not feeling that sense of relief yet. I guess it won't actually sink in till when I hand in my card at the HR and wake away from that building for the very last time.

And then I'll only feel the excitement of doing science once more when I actually start doing experiments at my new place. I hope that things there are good. That at least my supervisors aren't mean, that at least my hardwork will be acknowledged, that at least all that things I do won't go to waste.

In the past week... So many PhD students came to moan the fact that I'm leaving... Because there is absolutely no one left to do bio related work. Or to teach them. And the A. Prof obviously doesn't care. Doesn't even know all the people I've taught, all the experiments I taught them... Countless really. I sent her the last of my experimental results on Fri morning. Didn't even hear back from her. Like just. Nothing. With her you don't even know what she's thinking. Sometimes she plain doesn't care, other times she seems to keep pressing you, bugging you... As if it's really urgent... As if she really cares... And you really have no idea what's in her mind. She sends a very jarring, angry email reply back, but when you talk with her she doesn't seem the slightest bit angry/upset. So she told me I should take up a more 'leadership role', but after that it was never ever mentioned again. Didn't even mention how I am expected to perform more... It was as if the conversation never happened. And my resignation thing...? She didn't even bother accepting it on the system. Just let it sit there for 5 working days and have the system auto forward it to the relevant people. Like what the heck? We even talked about it, discussed with her my end date, and I gave her a physical copy for my resignation letter. But she just let it rot in the system. Responsible much? Then again, considering how she thinks it's acceptable to divulge the private information of my friend to me, intruding onto others' privacy... Pfft. I'm glad I'm out of that shitty place. All that could be there is to be a slave to others and nothing more. Oh you AP who takes me for granted. Goodbye. Have fun finding someone to teach you PhD students how to do qPCR, or better still, make a qPCR standard. Lol. And have fun watching them spend months to troubleshoot and get a decent RNA extraction done. Oh and confocal? Now who's going to do all the confocal work? Only two PhD students left in the whole institute who can operate the confocal. Enjoy guys and gals. Have fun lol. Goodbye.

All the noob kids and babies... Some don't want to do bio related stuff but you forced them to anyway. Then you don't want to hire any bio staff to teach them Yay. Win win. Moving away from biology instead. Ok sure... But isn't that the future of things, where all the high ranking papers are gonna come from? Whatever you and the director are thinking. I don't care. I'm not interested in that field. Never was. And now I've found a place that'll accept me back into the world of medical biology. Hurrah. Couldn't have been happier. I'm back. Back in the game. Where I'll actually be doing useful research, research that makes a difference. Not just harping on a bacteria that nobody really finds it interesting, trying to do basic science when erm we have neither the equipment nor the expertise... Nope. I'll actually be doing proper experiments. Experiments where I know the results do matter. Not something that's full of unknowns because the culture is so unpure. 

Working directly with patient samples. Gosh. Something that I've been wanting to do for ages.

I wonder if there'll be cell culture. 


Man. I still love it. Doing cell culture. Speaking of which... IDK why but my workplace has some cell culture flasks, and the PhD students were like, what's that? Lol. They were commenting about how it's a good vessel for condiments. LOL. Basically they are totally clueless when it comes to biology. They don't even know how a PCR works. The various sets like denaturation, annealing, elongation... Nope, they have absolutely no clue. Sigh. It's like, secondary school stuff you know... But they just aren't bio people... Sigh.

Looking forward to my new job. But also to my short vacation. Staycation, whatever. I have a ton of work to do at home. Starting with all these DW stuff. I see [community profile] arashi_off  already has over 200 members, and [community profile] arashics  has almost a hundred. Still have yet to make the announcement on SF and the rest of my comms. Well, the DW counterparts aren't ready yet... Still got a lot of work to do on them...

But it seems like a lot of people are moving over! And like a snowball going downhill, more and more people will move over for sure! This is great. Quite a few comms have announced their move to DW, and out of all my comms, only 1 has made the announcement... Three more to come. Hoping to see DW Arashi fandom blossom like in LJ. 

Alright. Enough for this entry... Guess I'll go do some other stuff... There's a ton of offline and online stuff to do... I'm BUSY man.

Still crossposting to LJ for now... But maybe someday I'll decide to cut LJ off. For sure, I'm not going to crosspost for my comms (well besides SF?). But not RNA. Arashi_bangumi I've already cut off posting on LJ...

Yeah. Come move to DW everyone! 

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2017-04-08 04:46 pm

I need volunteers!

Ok. I didn't realise how much 'work' involves importing a comm to DW until now. While everything is automatic... There's one thing that's not... --> Updating the masterpost to point to DW links instead of the LJ ones. And I have to do it for nutty-arashi, arashi-bangumi.... my unnamed subbing comm.... 

I'll probably start updating the links for arashi-bangumi first... since that's less work than nutty-arashi... But if there's any kind soul willing to help... That would make me really really grateful! 
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2017-04-07 12:28 am


Finally. Cleared out my DW inbox. All that friend subscription and all... I've also granted access to a bunch of people whom I know from LINE. Then there's all the seeming familiar usernames but whom I can't quite place...

If I've friended you on LJ and you would like to access my friend locked entries here, then please send me a PM or something...

Also have been overwhelmed by all the DW notices in my email. Finally turned off email notifications for some stuff and basically made it the same settings as in LJ...

Last proper working day tmr...

I've been just feeling so tired at work these past few days. Is it really because of the exhaustion or am I just mentally exhausted? I don't know.

Spent yesterday and today teaching a PhD student how to do DNA extraction, PCR and gel electrophoresis... At least she treated me to dinner the day before and to lunch yesterday. Well we did the extraction till like 7+ pm... But yeah... She's the only person who actually treated me to something. Lol.

In the end... the qpcr that I did the day before... I didn't even have the time to analyse the results yet cos I've been busy teaching... And then tmr one of the AP's new RF is coming to ask me about my reagents and stuff? Or something? No idea how long it'll take... There's my qPCR analysis than I need to do... And some stuff that I want to copy out from my lab notebooks. Well... Serves me right for leaving it till the last min... Oh wells. Maybe I'll just snap a few pictures of my lab notebook instead. *shrugs*

Busy days on DW ahead. I need to get all the layouts done... Also set up some new communities on DW to facilitate the 'move to DW movement'. Basically I'm starting up a DW equivalent for arashi-on and arashirabu with the owner of a-ra-shi. Man, we have one hell of a line chat group. I never knew the person who most kindly helped me ported ALL my fics over to AO3 was also the owner of a-ra-shi. Amazing. I guess the LJ new TOS comes at a really nice timing... When I'm about to have some free time to get all these moving done. Yeah starting up new comms on DW excites me... But in all honesty I don't care if arashi-on decides to move over and everyone goes to arashi-on instead of the comm we made. If us making the comm gets other comms and fans to move over, then it's mission accomplished already.

Sure there are a lot of improvements that DW needs to make still... But at least I feel more happy that a) they just implemented a HTTPS version of the site b) they don't have opaque TOS that hides the bulk of it under obscure Russian laws. That I don't speak Russian and therefore don't understand the original Russian TOS that is the legally binding agreement (not their translated English version!) is also a problem. Considering LJ's past history of mass deleting accounts... It doesn't make me very happy. Also... I've been through times when LJ literally was down every other day. And even recently, it's been really weird and asking me to save my password every time I make a post or comment? Like whut? What password? You know the chrome 'do you want to save this password' thing pops up? Like ALL the time. Like WTH is going on? Been making me question what's wrong with LJ for a while...

Alright. I guess I'll end things here... 
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2017-04-06 05:40 pm

DW beta features

New discovery. DW has a create entries page that's in beta... Which has the browse tags function. Looks promising... You can even rearrange the panels as you please. Unfortunately I CANNOT figure out how to add in things like bold etc... Where's my text editing module yo? How do I add in a hyperlink? Is this editor in html? Ok. Just saw in the Feb news that the beta version doesn't have a rich text editor yet.... Though someone has volunteered to work on it. Hopefully someday we'll see it done...?

Definitely turning on the HTTPS beta though. 

Right... That's all for now. I should head to bed already... 
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2017-04-06 03:39 pm

Hello from the otherside

Hello from DW.

Yes. I've migrated all my entries... And honestly... Looking at the laws and having read stories about the underhanded things that that 1government has done to people, citizens and foreigners alike... I feel like just moving away from LJ. For now I'm still crossposting... But in the future, who knows? I'd love it if we could create a mass migration to DW. Starting with the communities I guess... Doesn't mean we have to close down everything on LJ, things can co-exist for some time...

But yeah... Honestly, I've always had my doubts about LJ. A few years back it was constantly breaking down, under maintenance... So many things were breaking all time... I decided then to keep all my entries in my own diary elsewhere as a backup.

Yeah... There's a lot about DW that could be improved upon for sure... And I've hardly used DW enough to know the upsides and the downsides... But considering how widespread the laws mentioned in the LJ TOS can be... Well sure, it can be nothing. But if they take offense? If they decide that gay sex for eg is offensive and decide to remove my account because of my fics... Then in which case I can only be glad that I already have another blog at DW, with all my posts, tags, and even comments migrated over.

All that I'm really losing is... some stats maybe? Like my comments posted. Cos sure, I posted a ton of comments, but since they were posted as coolohoh@lj, DW doesn't recognise it as something *I* posted. 

Not that I'll delete my LJ account... What's there will remain there. I'm a nostalgic person like that (think that's bad grammar but whatever).

I guess... The main whining people have it 'but I have to join all the communities again'. Well, think about the even bigger problem stopping communities from moving to DW - We have to accept everyone again. Even if we just check if you're already in the comm on LJ etc... That's still a lot of work when a community has hundreds, thousands of members. What's writing a comment VS reading a few hundred comments and accepting people in?

 And you don't have to worry about having an empty DW journal. You can import all your posts from LJ over. Automatically. Even communities (but the problem with communities is more on re-accepting everyone). All you have to do is go to Organise > import content, and key in your LJ username and password. Select everything on the next page, and confirm the import. Then you're done. You can log out of DW, turn off your computer, do whatever. Sure the import can take a loooong time. But you don't even need to be connected to the internet for the import to happen. You don't need a fast internet connection or whatever... DW servers will go to LJ and import it for you, automatically. You don't have to do a thing.

For communities all you need to do is to make a new community on DW, then when you go to the import page, select work as <your community name> and then you'll be given the option to key in your LJ username and password, as well as the LJ community name. And then done. You can start the import on your own LJ, and multiple communities at once. Heck, I'm waiting for the entries and comments to finish importing on... Let's see... 3, 4, 5? Yeah 5 communities as I type. 

At the very least... Think of DW as a backup and get things imported first. Then you can slowly think about migrating your layout over or making a new layout on DW and stuff. I heard comments that the DW styles are ugly... There's a post somewhere about how you can get LJ flexible squares layout onto DW. TBH, the generic LJ layouts are all very ugly too... You have to tinker with the custom CSS and stuff to get a decent looking layout... So yeah... :X

Somehow... I'm really welcoming the move though. Heck, I even want everyone to move. Get some prominent LJ communities to move or at least say make a DW alternative and the masses will follow suit... But we need to have a framework, a network of Arashi communities on DW first before people will move... I think many comms are now adopting a wait and see attitude... And tbh SF/me was among them... But SF does have quite a large membership... If we can orchestrate a move, and encourage members to move - have easy guides stating how to do an import... I think more communities will follow suit.

But for now... I need to use and understand DW myself. What's the arashi fandom scene like here? How many arashi comms are here? Do we have any arashirabu or arashi_on equivalents? If not, make one? I'm switching to a new job and in the mood for doing all these random 'crap' again. I'm definitely interested in creating the next big arashi comm on DW... :P

Alright, that's all for now. Last proper working day at this job for me tmr. And today I've spent my entire day teaching a PhD student. And we aren't done yet sigh... Gotta head to the lab soon... 

Oh yeah... One bad thing about DW. No tag selection menu like in LJ. I'm definitely going to drop by the suggestion board or somewhere and suggest that. That's definitely needed. Yeah. DW isn't as polished as LJ yet, but I think they are actively making changes... So we can all put in our bit to help DW become better. 
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2017-04-05 08:27 am
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LJ new TOS

 Ok... So the new TOS is out for LJ. Qn: How does it differ from the old one?

Will everyone move to DW? I guess if bulk of the people move... I'll follow suit... But how do I import all my stuff here? *sigh*

So much trouble... 
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2017-04-03 09:39 pm
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Is when you finally get the confirmation on what time to report on the first day of work.

Countdown. Last 4 days at work.

Now all I need to do is buy some blouse and pants... While trying to not empty my pathetic bank account.


An Arashi fan told me she's coming to sg next week... And since it's just nice during my leave days... I offered to bring her around. I just hope I don't spend too much... LOL. I'm really perfectly happy to bring people around. Just that I need to watch my spending lol... But I guess it's a nice start to my short break... :P

Ok... NewsZero in 20 mins! Looking forward to it!
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2017-04-01 11:55 am
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Mass deleting...

Mass deleting comments on my LJ inbox...

It went over 100 again...

As usual, I can't keep up with my LJ inbox/discussion posts comments...

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the discussions!

Btw, Nihongo Manabu promotion... I broke down the I'll be there lyrics line by line, phrase by phrase (actually did this last week), so do check it out!

In other news. It's MAY! I'm watching Arashi shows from MAY last year. Finished all the April stuff and am stepping into May! I'm just 11 months behind now lol.

Hmm, that's all for now I guess...
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2017-03-31 10:01 pm
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Too many things!

Yes. Wayyy too many things.

More filaments arrived earlier this week. Another 10.5 kg of it in fact. That's A LOT of space it needs. It'll all still in a box on the floor. I have no idea where to put them... :X

And of course, I cleared a lot of things from my office/bench... Brought a lot of stuff back. Like a crap ton of notebooks and sticky notes that I took from career fairs past... And all the tea that I stopped drinking... So that takes up a crap ton of space too... Where to put them all? Gosh... I kinda cleared a bit of stuff... So at least my table looks 'normal'. Not neat mind you, just back to my usual look. Not tooooo messy - at least I have some space to do my stuff. Yeah.

So I was on leave today. All I did was basically... Eat and sleep? Woke up at 9:30 am. Tried to do some stuff online but most of my time was spent trying to get the internet and the computer to work properly. Then we went out for buffet lunch. Hotpot. And the reason why I applied for leave today. Came back, I went to sleep. All the way till 6:30pm. Then I posted some stuff on SF... And tried to pack my table but mostly at loss on where to put my things... While playing Line Farm at the same time cos yeah games. And then we just had a late dinner... And now I've tried to put away a bit more things and it's 10 pm. Lol.

Where did all that time go? Sleep mostly...


I still have like... Three bags of stuff from work to clear. Well some will go straight to my office at the new job. Like my mug, and some stationary... But the rest... I'll need to find a new place to put them... :X


Too many things....

And no place to put them.

Counting down. Only one week of work left! 
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2017-03-30 01:09 am
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