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So it opened last thursday.. and guess what? It's ending tmr! So I gotta go book the tickets for the last show tmr after work today. Why not book online? Because there's a freaking booking fee. Plus no further discount from cards and what not. And I don't mind bring by and shop a little on the way... hehehe...

Thank goodness my sis did check. Else I'd miss it again. Hahaha.

Why is it on air for a freaking 6 days only?

Anyway, I totally slacked last night. And that's bad because I'm going out on wedn too. When will the subs ever get done? Hahaha!

S5S is active again! Yay! Revival! And competition! Hahaha! Nah. Competition is fine. As long as it's not half baked subs full of mistakes I'm happy.


I watched it. Last night.

Zero G preview

Love it.

The HIPS. The HIPS. Ohno's trademark hips shaking move. The way he moves his hips is just different from the rest! Arghs can't wait to watch it! The full PV, the making! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhh the making! I wonder if I can finish abunai before the making comes out.... hmmm... probably not hahaha. Totally slacked last night instead of doing abunai as I should have been.... opps!
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Seriously. This is like the first time I'm getting Arashi news from instagram. Preview of Zero G PV IS OUT. Freaking hell! And here I am at work and unable to watch it. Too much erm... traffic where I'm sitting so I'm gonna stick to my self imposed no videos at work policy.


Yes. It's spamming on LJ day today since as of now I don't need to go to the lab today. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly can't wait to see Ohno's choreography! And to think that those who pre-ordered should be getting their copy in 5 day's time. Ahhhh!

Great! This news just made my day happier. Oh that and twosen's translations of today's AD. Because I'm the lazy pig who doesn't read the original Japanese transcripts, and is too lazy to DL and listen to the audio. Whee a week long Hawaii AD! Looking forward to the rest of the week!

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