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Title: People in Japan, can you hear me?
Author: Biohazard Geeky Nutcracker [ profile] coolohoh
Length: One Shot (548 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Early in the morning, Sho heard his voice on the radio, and he wasn't happy about it.

A/N: This is inspired by Ohno's radio show, Arashi discovery! Read the transcript by [ profile] twosen here, or listen to the relevant part on twitter. Note: I think 'people in Japan' is a better way of phrasing than 'Japanese people', because in this instance Sho was specially calling out to people on the other side of the earth, aka those in Japan. Just my personal thoughts... But overall you get the idea. (It's a parody of a comedy gag, read more in the transcript footnotes!)

This fic is part of the Jun/Ohno matsuri! Check out more and sign up for the Ohno and Jun fic exchange at [ profile] fishing_mj!

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Title: Embrace
Length: Drabble (~200 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Ohno's presence kept Sho sane.

Time is of the essence )
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Title: Creation
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Length: One Shot (251 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Ohno is having trouble creating art...

A/N: Yay! It's been two months since I posted anything here. Lack of inspiration and all. I guess being really busy in the lab too doesn't help. So well, that lack of inspiration gave me inspiration for this fic...

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Title: Tired
Length: Drabble (70 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Ohno is tired...
A/N: I realised... I have two fics with the same title. Guess I've been really tired huh.

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Title: Pissed
Length: One shot (269 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Ohno is pissed.

A/N: A short one shot... well it should be a drabble really but it just went over the word count... Wrote it cos I'm pissed... so yeah.

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Title: You’ll always be in me
Length: Drabble (199 words)
Rating: R-21 for disturbing content!
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Sho will always be in Ohno.

WARNING: Character death, disturbing content, not for the faint hearted!

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Title: Circus
Length: Drabble (162 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Ohno can't go fishing...

Ohno sighed as he... )
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Title: Cheer up!
Length: One shot (400+ words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Ohno needed a little cheering up.

A/N: Written for dear [ profile] octavialao, who wrote a sequel to this fic here.

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Title: Plans
Length: Drabble (173 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Sho made plans for the day.

Ohno stared out of the window. )
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Title: Club Roppongi
Length: One shot (3071 words)
Rating: R-rated
Pairing: Juntoshi, Ohba, Ohmiya, Yama, OT5
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Arashi joins Club Roppongi.

A/N: This fic is inspired by [ profile] octavialao's drabble. Which was inspired by [ profile] neko_kirin3104's drabble. Which was inspired by Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.10.18 episode. Which I have NOT watched yet. #notenoughtime #needtocatchup. So... I was inspired by a show that I've yet to watch? And well, the length of my story VS theirs a great evidence of how long winded I am. I feel accomplished though, it's been a long time since I finished such a long story in a single day...

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Title: Ginger
Length: One shot (~3k words)
Rating: R-rated
Pairing: Yama
Summary: It's not a good thing when Ohno gets into a bad mood...

A/N: The long awaited sequel to Sticky Summers! There's reference to that fic so it's recommended for you to read Sticky Summers first. Well not that anyone but [ profile] octavialao and [ profile] jheili knew a part two was coming... hahaha! I got the idea right after sticky summers was finished but look how long it took me to get it actually FINISHED!

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Title: Forehead Kiss
Length: One shot (~300 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Ohno's kiss is like a charm.

A/N: For my dear [ profile] octavialao, who has a fetish for Sho's forehead.

Oyasuminasai Sho-chan! )
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Title: Clothes
Length: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yama
Summary: Sho has no idea what clothes fit him

Flashy... )
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Title: The five times Ohno ended up in bed
Rating: NC-17
Length: One Shot, ~440 words
Pairing: Ohba, Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Yama
Summary: Ohno has a bad habit of sleeping on the sofa...

The first time. )
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Title: The First Dance
Author: coolohoh
Word Count: ~3.4k words
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers of any form: None
Song Title: Love Somebody by Maroon 5
Summary: Sho falls in love with somebody he should not be with, and the more he tried to resist, the more he fails.
A/N: Written for the Yamaficcon 2! - Jukebox Roulette competition! My very first attempt at writing a fic inspired by a song!

The first time he saw the man, it was at a nightclub. He was dancing, hips swaying to the beat. He was mesmerising, and intoxicating. All eyes turned on the man, as more and more people noticed his dance. When the music finally stopped, the man was embarrassed to realise that everyone in the club was watching him. He ducked his head as if to bow, and quickly darted out of the club while a rousing applauded filled the club. Sho was mesmerised, he tried to follow the man out to get his name, a contact number perhaps, but the throngs of crowd meant that by the time Sho got out of the club, the man was already nowhere to be seen. After wandering in the vicinity for a good hour, Sho finally gave up and went home. Sho visited the club often after that, but he never saw the man dance there again.

Years passed, and between university examinations and finding a job to make a living, the man at the nightclub was long forgotten.

Sho straightened his tie for the umpteen time that morning. Finally satisfied with his dressing, he took a deep breath before stepping out of the house. His career has been successful thus far. He didn’t exactly love the job, even though he was sure many others would die for a job like his, but it was a decent job with decent money, and he was satisfied. Sho is a manager. Manger for idols and budding idol groups. His last assignment had been a group of 5 giggly girls that went by the name of Peach Clover. Even though he was supposed to be supportive as their manager, in truth Sho had no idea how that group had become so famous as to have the honour of performing in Kouhaku, the yearly new year party TV extravaganza. Appearing in the show used to be a great honour for artists, but looking at the groups that get to appear on the show these days, Sho could only lament the downfall of the Japan entertainment industry. He had always been more of a traditional man, artists and idols should have talent, not just pretty faces. His friends always teased Sho that he only hated Peach Clover because he was gay. He was glad that they had ‘graduated' to the talent agency’s main branch in Tokyo though. Whoever he’d be managing from now on can’t be any worst than a bunch of giggling high schoolers right?

When Sho’s new charge stepped into the room, Sho raised his eyebrows in surprise. It was a he. Thus far Sho had only been managing female talents.

“Ohno Satoshi desu.”

The man introduced himself, they shook hands before sitting down for a briefing with the management. Ohno, Sho learnt, had been scouted by the agency half a year ago and had just signed the contract with the agency last week. As a new talent, he’d be appearing on several shows and radio programs hosted by other talents in the agency. Of course, he would be appearing on various news programs and music shows to promote his debut single. Having seen 6 other idols/idol groups debut, Sho was more than familiar with his job scope. He’d have to ease the sleepy looking man into the entertainment industry by giving him appropriate advice and helping him in any possible way. Sho would do his best of course, he was confident of himself. All of the talents under him had been promoted to the main branch, a 100% success rate. Even with groups that he did not personally like, like Peach Clover for instance, he had managed to secure the right programs and publicity for the group that steered them towards the path to success. Sho was never one to let personal opinions get in the way of work.

The meeting ended and the company director left, leaving Sho alone with his charge. Ohno looked at Sho blankly, waiting for further instructions.

“Erm, I’ll give you a tour of the agency and introduce you to your dance and singing instructors ok?” Sho asked.

Ohno didn’t reply, but merely gave a slight nod before standing up, waiting for Sho to take the lead.

It was most strange for Sho, to say the least. All the previous talents he’d worked with were talkative, friendly, enthusiastic… cheerful… just… more suited for the entertainment industry. He’d been with Ohno for two weeks now and how this taciturn man could survive in the cutthroat entertainment industry still eluded Sho. Sho frowned as he pondered on how he could possible promote the man and sell him to the industry. He would hate to have his successful streak broken. Sho observed the man in the studio recording, and scrutinised his every move in the dance studio as he struggled to learn the steps. He sighed as he watched Ohno forget the steps for the 23rd time that night. At the rate Ohno was going, both of them would have to camp overnight at the agency. Finally the instructor gave up and decided to end the lesson. Sho swore that he could already remember every single step without the aid of the video. It was a fairly normal, generic dance, to a normal, generic pop song that would be Ohno’s debut song. If everything went well. The big question was IF, and right now nothing seemed to be working out. Sho scratched his hair in frustration as he tried to remember who was the one who scouted Ohno. 'Just what did the scout see in him?’ Sho wondered as he drove said man home in silence.

The debut went by without a hitch. Well it was without a hitch as far as the parts where Sho could control went at least. He arranged interviews, filming, and sent Ohno to the right place at the right time. Ohno’s performance on the other hand, was a disaster. He dance and sang alright, but apart from dancing and singing he seemed to fail at everything else. He barely spoke on variety shows, and when asked about his debut single he could barely say a word to promote his own CD. And that was despite Sho having rehearsed what to say with Ohno for 4 hours the night before. It frustrated Sho to no end that he’d have to deal with the fact that Ohno might never be able to make it in the entertainment industry.

That was until Sho came to pick Ohno up from the dance studio one day. He was late, not by his own doing, but because he had a meeting with the higher management on the future of Ohno Satoshi. The said man was blissfully unaware of the dark clouds hanging over his own future however, when Sho entered the dance studio. A strange song was playing from an old handphone (Ohno’s phone as Sho immediately recognised) strewn on the floor, and Ohno was dancing across the floor, jumping, twisting and turning gracefully with little effort. It took some time before Sho finally recognised the Westlife song, for it was being played at twice the usual speed. Sho could not believe what he was seeing. Ohno was a completely different man from the one he usually saw at dance practice. He was fluid, flexible, flowing... He moved minimally, and the style if dance was completely different from the usual 'idol pop' cookie cutter dance that the choreographers created for Ohno. Those were showy, loud, and truth to be told, less of a dance but more of a set of movement. Easy to follow and more importantly, easy to sell. But Ohno's dance was graceful and flowing like water.

The music stopped and Ohno finally turned around and noticed Sho's presence.

"Ah, you're here already" Ohno said, as he turned around and noticed Sho's presence, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

"That was... fantastic! Did you come up with the dance yourself?" Sho asked.

"Erm... yeah... I made it up myself." Ohno stammered.

"Made it up? You mean choreograph? Gosh that was totally amazing! You really should have choreographed you own debut single too!" As soon as those words left Sho's mouth, he knew what he had to do for Ohno.

Sho worked harder than ever over the next few weeks. He pursuaded the management to let Ohno have more say in the song making process, he convinced them to let Ohno choreograph his own dance, he worked hard to rebrand Ohno’s image. Everything was a first, the first singer choreographer in the agency, the first time a newly debuted singer gets such huge control over the whole single making process… while the management were not convinced that stray away from the usual pop idol style would bring success, especially for a new artist with barely any foothold in the industry, Sho was sold on Ohno’s talent, so much so that he was willing to put his career at sake for Ohno.

And Sho was right. Ohno was phenomenal. His singing, while was of average standard previously, seemed much improved when he was singing the new song. Above all, the dancing blew everyone’s breath away, and everyone forgot about his poor debut performance. Suddenly Sho was having to deal with arranging a million magazine and TV show appearances, Ohno’s schedule was even more packed than Peach Clover - his most successful talent to date. And Sho no longer had to worry about Ohno’ sleepy, quiet appearance on shows because, wait for it, fans and media alike loved it! The media hailed him as the shy genius, while fans were attracted by the huge gap between Ohno’s normal and performing self. In just two dance, Ohno had the women of Japan at his feet.

The day Sho dreaded finally came, when the agency announced that Ohno should move to the main branch in Tokyo. It made Sho almost bitter to realise that he’d have to let Ohno go. Even though they still hardly talked, for Ohno was a man of few words, the times they spent together had been most memorable. It was as if there was some kind of unspoken understanding between them. There was no need for words. So it was with those sad thoughts in mind that Sho dragged himself into the regional director’s office.

“I understand that you are born in Tokyo?” The director asked. Sho nodded, unsure of what to expect.

“Well Ohno’s from Tokyo too, I think it would be nice for both of you to return to your hometown?” Sho cocked his head, waiting for the director to speak.

“As you know Ohno will be transferred to the main agency starting next month, he would like you to continue as his manager there.”

While Sho was glad to get to stay with Ohno, he was also afraid of the task ahead of him. He had spent his past ten years managing talents in Kyoto, and nearly all his contacts were from the Kyushu region. Moving to Tokyo, he would be a newbie, having to start everything from scratch all over again. While he was excited to return to his hometown, the amount of work ahead of him was terrifying. Sho immediately threw himself into research, finding out as much as he could about the various reporters and staff from the TV stations.

Sho was not the only one who worked hard. Ohno too, put in a lot of effort in his dance and singing. He was spending entire days in the studio, dancing, recording himself, watching video footage, and dancing even more. Sho found him videos of dancers with similar style to Ohno and he would spend his time trying to perform those moves and improve his skill.

Initially Sho had more time to watch Ohno dance, but he soon became too busy to spend much time with Ohno. Although in a sense they were always together, their interaction with each other actually decreased. Sho would be arranging Ohno’s schedule while Ohno is having a guest appearance on a variety show, or he would be called off to meetings with the management about Ohno’s upcoming concert. Ohno too was having trouble trying to remember lyrics, and come up with new choreography. When Sho drove Ohno around, the man would almost certainly be asleep in the backseat, drooling all over his shirt.

Their hard work paid off when his first concert held in Tokyo Dome was a sold out success. It was yet another first, no artist had started off with a first concert in Tokyo Dome before. Being a new artist, Ohno had few songs of his own and sang mostly old songs, as well as songs from other artists in the agency. But the crowd did not seem to mind, in fact they loved it when Ohno sang ‘Open Arms’ with his poor English.

The last day of the concert ended and Sho was driving Ohno back to his apartment. As they passed by Sho’s university district, Ohno suddenly jumped up and asked Sho to stop the car. Curious, he followed Ohno out as he walked to an old building by the road.

“This, was the first place I danced in public…” Ohno said, pointing to the top floor of the building. Realisation dawned upon Sho as he recognised the nightclub he used to frequent. Memories of a young man blowing the crowd away with his dance resurfaced from the dusty corner of his brain. So he was the man. The one he returned to the club every week to find, but never found. He drew a deep breath as he looked at Ohno, debating whether if he should say something. However Ohno broke the silence.

“I guess I can’t exactly go there anymore huh?” He said with a sigh as he walked back to the car. “Let’s go home.”

The days after the concert were less busy for Ohno and Sho, but Sho seemed more tired than ever everyday at work. His mind was tortured with images of Ohno dancing, hips swaying seductively… of dances that Ohno danced and did not dance. It was as if the revelation lifted a block on his mind and Sho was going crazy. He had never had a problem with falling in love with his charges before, but that was because he was gay and his charges had always been girls. But now, this was different. And yet Sho knew, he knew in his heart that such a love between manager and idol was forbidden. It was clearly stated in his contract, and his pride and professionalism would not allow him to let his emotions run wild. He could not afford to fall in love with Ohno. Their relationship would be ruined forever, Sho was sure of that.

As Sho grew more and more distracted, he realised that he had to make a decision or risk his sanity. He considered his options. It would be unlikely that the management would let him switch artists, and even if it was approved, he would still be too close to Ohno for comfort. Career wise, he hated having to leave halfway like this. Together with Ohno’s success, his own salary had been increased as well. On top of that, he was recognised as having single handedly promoted Ohno to fame, and Sho hated having to give up on that. No doubt his abrupt departure would also rise many questions. No just from his future employer, but possibly also from the media as well, should they get wind of his departure - and Sho was certain they would. That would not bode well for the new idol for sure. Half the media would blame him, while the other half would blame Ohno. And if they get wind of his contribution towards Ohno’s success, Ohno would bear the blunt of the media attacks for sure. Sho groaned as he flipped over in bed. He was stuck, between hell and high water, with no where to move. It was then he realised how much he actually loved Ohno. Unknowingly, he had already fallen head over heals for the idol. He knew every little quirk of Ohno, from the way he twitches his nose when nervous or lying, to all his favourite foods and tastes. Sho marvelled at how much he knew about Ohno. While blocking out his emotions his mind had seemingly picked out all the bits and pieces of information about the love he refused to admit, stored and filed, ready for later use. Again, he had never been so attentive to any of his other idols. Surrendering, he realised that the only thing he could do was to keep his distance form Ohno. ‘He’s a top idol, I’m just a manger’ ‘I’m doing this for his sake too, he’s just starting on his career and I can’t jeopardise it with a scandal’ and finally, ‘I don’t even know if he’s gay!’ Sho chided himself with these thoughts.

Unfortunately for Sho, he was still Ohno’s manager and the amount of distance he could put between them was limited. He tried to stop making small talk to Ohno, but in the end Ohno was so worried about his health that Sho decided to stop. He tried to ignore Ohno and forced himself to do something else during Ohno’s show recordings. But each time the crowd laughed at something, Sho’s heart ached with pain. He tried to stop himself from looking, but his brain unconsciously picked up each and every action of Ohno’s. And the more he tried to avoid Ohno, the more Ohno tried to involve him. As Ohno asked him for the 10th time that day if he was alright, Sho sighed as he realised it was almost as if Ohno had become his manager, or worst still, mother. He was trapped. Trapped in love.

Sho was driving back to the agency. Ohno had called him saying he finished his dance practice with the instructors already. It seems that Ohno was doing well in everything, now that the dance instructors knew Ohno’s style, they were better equipped to help him improve, and come up with choreography suited for the idol. Ohno was dancing, at normal speed, when Sho entered the studio. He was dancing to a tune, one of those test tunes composed for his up and coming new single. It has been a while since Sho saw Ohno dance like this. Even during the concert, Sho was in the backstage, and too busy keeping track of a thousand and one things to watch Ohno dance. And recently he has been both too busy with work and trying to distract and distance himself from Ohno to watch him dance in the studio. For a moment, Sho forgot how to breath as he stared at Ohno’s dancing form. It was too late for him to turn back and leave the studio now. His feet was glued to the floor and his eyes were taking in every movement, imprinting it into his mind like a video recorder.

Then, Ohno noticed his presence. Turning around to face his manager, Ohno danced closer and closer towards Sho. When the music finally stopped, they were a mere inches apart. As Ohno moved in closer and gave Sho a sleepy smile, Sho finally seemed to have regained his senses.

“Stop, please stop” He whispered. Ohno ignored him as he drew in closer, until their lips touched, and he gave Sho a firm kiss. Sho stumbled back, shocked.

“Ohno-san… please don’t… don’t make me… I won’t be able to stop…” Sho pleaded, his resistance crumbling.

“Its ok, I don’t want you to stop.” Ohno whispered.

“But but…” Sho stumbling, the million and one reasons that a manager should not be making out with their idol rushing through his head. Ohno seemed to have read his mind though, as he replied,

“Its ok, I don’t care. It won’t change a thing between us, we just… have to be careful not to make out in public… it doesn’t matter if they see us together anyway, you’re my manager, you are supposed to be by my side.” Ohno whispered as he hugged Sho.

Sho took a deep breath, smelling in the sweat and scent of Ohno.

“Are you sure?” He asked, voice trembling.

“Unn, I fell in love with you the first time we met.” Ohno confided. “Me too,” Sho admitted.

“Remember you said the first time you danced in public in the nightclub?” Ohno didn’t reply but merely cock his head.

“I fell in love with you there and then.” Sho said, as he moved forward to give Ohno a kiss. Ohno kissed him back, firm but gently. When they finally broke apart, it was Sho who broke the silence first.

“I want you Satoshi, I need you…” Ohno gave Sho a gentle smile. “Shall we go to my apartment tonight?”

Tonight. Sho would like Ohno take him all the way.
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Title: Computers 101 Yama 101
Length: ~1.7k words, split into many short drabbles
Pairing: Yama (Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho)
Rating: Some drabbles are NC-17
Summary: A list of random computer related words, in the context of Yama pair.
A/N: Some words/acroymns are really just a horrid fit. Some mentions of BDSM. Written for the Love for Arashi competition by
[ profile] krystalkatz. The competition is still on-going, do check it out! :P
Disclaimer: Don't own Arashi. This is purely a work of fiction.

Sho would never forget the first time they forayed into bondage. It was a pure heat of the moment thing, or at least that’s what Sho would like to believe. Sho had been sitting in the greenroom doing research for NewsZeron on his laptop when Ohno came in. A really, really horny Ohno. Ohno had wasted no time in unzipping Sho’s pants and popping out his manhood, but unfortunately for Ohno, Sho it was Sunday and Sho had to finish the research before Zero the next day. Even more unfortunately for Sho though, his lover was having none of it, and finally in anger disconnected Sho’s iPhone charging cable - the brand new 2m lightning cable that Sho JUST bought for 3080 yen, and used it to tie Sho’s hands to the back of the chair. Then he proceeded to happily suck Sho off. The makeshift bondage was very effective - Sho immediately stopped struggling and resisting, though it was more because he didn’t want to spoil his brand new cable more than anything else. It wasn’t that the idol couldn’t afford to buy a new one, he just hated wastage. Sho’s anger at getting tied up soon disappeared as Satoshi’s tongue darted up and down his length. Ohno sucked and teased Sho and soon Sho was thrusting his hips up and moaning for Satoshi. By the time Sho came he no longer cared about whether he what work later, or the next day. He just wanted his lover in him, and fast. Ohno was only too happy to oblige.

Amazingly the cable didn’t spoil despite the abuse. Sho still made Ohno buy him a new one though.

CPU - Central Processing Unit
Couple Paired Underwear
It may not be obvious from the outside, but it couldn’t have been more obvious within Arashi. For one, the pair were ALWAYS wearing the exact same underwear. Not just the same colour, but completely IDENTICAL. At first, the thought it was a pure coincidence. But when the ‘miracle’ repeated itself day after day and week after week, regardless of where Ohno had been staying over at Sho’s place or vice versa, it became clear that instead of the popular couple keychains or bracelets or t-shirts that usual couples wore, these two had chosen to wear couple underwear.

DoS attack - Denial of Service attack
Denial of Satoshi attack
Whenever Sho has to leave Japan, or more accurately, his lover, for extended periods of time, he gets DoS attacks - Denial of Satoshi attacks. Everytime he eats something that Ohno would like he’d turn around automatically, only to realise that he’s lover wasn’t sitting there beside him, or anywhere near him for that matter. Every time his phone rings he’ll get a heartache - his ring tone is set to Ohno’s solo, Two. At night when he’s back in his hotel room and turns on his laptop to do some work, he’ll feel really, really lonely because he’s desktop background is a drawing by his beloved. When he’s lying down on the empty bed he’ll be even more upset, because the bed is too cold, and too big without his lover to share it with him.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Free Transport Procedure (Only works if you are Ohno Satoshi)
1) make sure Sakurai Sho is not busy
2) call Sakurai Sho
3) give him your current location
4) when car arrives, provide your destination address

GPU - Graphics Processing Unit
Graphics Producing Unit
Ohno's artworks are known far and wide, and Sho had done nothing but encourage his lover's hobby. He showered his lover with gifts of elegant Japanese paper notebooks, pens and pencils, and the works Ohno product never fails to impress him. He looks forward to seeing Ohno's second art exhibit, even though he has seen every single piece of art, and followed through the process from inception to completion. Sho is proud to say that he is Ohno's no. 1 fan.

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
Have To Make Love
There are certain HTML moments for the Yama pair. These are moments when both parties crave each other so much that neither could settle down or feel calm until love making takes place. These moments include, but are not limited to:
1) Whenever Sho is back after an overseas stint for NewsZero
2) Whenever Ohno is back after a 24 hour (or longer) fishing marathon
3) Whenever both have been apart for more than 1 week (be it for holiday or for work)
4) Whenever a major concert ends

Sho knows all the keys on Satoshi’s body. Every single inch, every single spot. He knows how to work his fingers around the older man to please and pleasure him. Likewise, Ohno know’s all the sensitive spots on Sho’s body. Sho likens the way Ohno moves his graceful, long and slender fingers over himself to the way his fingers fly over the keyboard when he’s rushing a piece for News Zero, only a lot more graceful and a ton more pleasurable.

Sho is always monitoring his lover. Be it at home, or during work. He is always ready to rescue or defend his lover, and he notices any slightest change in Ohno’s behaviour.

Ohno's definition: a place where you go to, so that you can take a boat out to fish.
Sho's definition: a place you go to in order to fetch your lover home after he's been out fishing for a day.

RAM - Random Access Memory
Random Attack Monday
Sho looks forward to Mondays, because he has News Zero. He loves his job as a news caster. It is challenging, but very exciting. He is glad for the opportunity to meet many interesting people, talk to them, interview them… he’s learnt a lot through his News Zero job.

Ohno loves Mondays. Despite the fact that his lover will not be around, he loves Mondays because that’s when he’ll get to see his favourite news caster in action. In fact, if not for said news caster, Ohno would not be watching the news at all. He prefers to watch his fishing programs.

There is one thing Sho does not like about Mondays though. Or it would be more like Tuesdays, because its always past midnight by the time he gets to check his phone after filming. That would be the slew of random messages he received from Ohno and his mum. From things like ‘that was interesting’ to criticisms of his presenting, or how he tripped over his words yet again, or even random comments on his appearances… well normally his mum would merely laugh at him for tripping over his words, but Ohno. Ohno’s messages were so random that Sho had taken to call it Random Attack Monday.

Search engine
Whenever Ohno comes across something he doesn't know, he would simply ask his walking, talking search engine Sakurai Sho. Considering that man's wide range of knowledge, it is simply faster to ask Sho. Even if Sho doesn't know the answer and has to consult the Internet, given Ohno's slow typing speed, it’s still faster for Ohno to ask Sho.

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
Sho’s (or Satoshi’s) Secret Lover
They aren’t touchy feely like Ohno and a certain brat. But actually they aren’t the secretive either. The signs are all there for anyone who cared to watch. Sho calling Ohno ‘nii-san’ and commenting how Ohno would love the sweet red bean bread, Sho being able to sniff out Ohno’s scent, Sho knowing anything and everything about leader… The clues are all there, hiding in plain sight.

Thumb drive
Sho loves Satoshi’s fingers. And Satoshi knows that Sho loves his fingers. And Sho knows that Satoshi know that.

Sho always looks forward to their foreplay session. Where Ohno would tease him with fingers, trailing them all over his body, and oh that thumb! Ohno knows exactly how to use his thumb to drive Sho mad.

USB - Universal Serial Bus
Under Satoshi's Bed… lies the Yama pair lover's deep, dark secrets.

Everyone knows that Ohno prefers sleeping on his sofa instead of his bed. He'd provided a ton of reasons why, but only his lover knows *exactly* why. And he knows it way too well.

Even though it was Ohno's bed, Sho has probably spent more time on the bed than its rightful owner. Oh and beneath the bed, where all the dark secrets lie... sex toys of all imaginable shapes and sizes, for all the purposes you could probably imagine. Ohno had even rigged up some gear to allow him to easily tie his lover to his bed - they'd recently started to dabble and some elements of BDSM and they both loved it. Sho loved being manhandled and dominated over, while Ohno enjoyed exerting his power over his lover.

Virus Attack
Everyone knows that Sho is Arashi’s mother hen. But he practically transforms into a mother/nurse when his lover came down with a virus. He kicked up a HUGE fuss with his manager and demanded to be given as much time off as possible so he could take care of his lover. He wiped leader down with a cool towel every 5 minutes, took his temperature every hour, woke the man up to feed him his medicine… The only thing he couldn’t do though, was cook. So he made Arashi’s in-house cook Matsumoto Jun do it instead, and spoon-fed leader ever last drop of the porridge and soup lovingly made by Arashi’s youngest. Sho doubted Jun would have been so helpful if it wasn’t Ohno who was sick though. Everyone has a soft spot for leader… (though Sho was pleased to note that leader still remained exclusively his.)

Sho never has trouble finding a new wallpaper for his laptop. All he has to do is to look in his lover’s sketchbook and take a photo.

WWW - World Wide Web
Wild, Wild, Wet

Sex in the bath is one of Sho’s favourites. They have tried it standing up in the shower, with the shower head raining down on them and soap streaming down their bodies, they have tired it in the bathtub - both filled and unfilled ones… Sho’s favourite wild wet sex was when they filled the bath tub to the brim (with them inside already of course, Sho didn’t like wasting too much water), and Ohno was at the bottom while he rode on Ohno’s length. He was half floating in the water and Sho loved the sensation of water splashing all around him as he hammered himself on his lover’s length.
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Title: Goat cheese - And how Sakurai learned to love it
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Length: 365 words (one word for everyday of the year, hurrah!)
Summary: Sho didn't like goat cheese until...
A/N: I surprise even myself sometimes. This is probably the quickest ever that I finished a fic. In about 10 minutes? I guess when a good enough idea strikes... even tiredness can't prevent the plot bunnies from getting their way.

Ohno stood in front of the refrigerator. It was past midnight but he was feeling peckish. So there he stood, with the refrigerator door wide open, looking for something to eat. A square container caught his eye. Goat cheese. Soft, creamy goat cheese. His new favorite. It goes wonderfully with soft white bread, another of Ohno's favorite. His lover though, was unfortunately not as appreciative of the cheese.

"It stinks of goat!" Sho had complained, causing Ohno to chuckle.

"It's goat cheese after all." Ohno replied with a shrug.

And now Ohno stood in front of the fridge with its still open door - it was starting to beep in complain about being left open for too long - with the square tub of cheese open. Tantalizing, soft, white cheese. Without bothering to fetch a utensil, Ohno dug his finger into the cheese and scoped up a generous blob.

Hmm, the cheese was delicious! Ohno licked his finger clean before digging it right back into the cheese for more, and then repeating the whole process. Unknown to Ohno though, his lover had just got back from news zero filing and was now staring at Ohno licking his fingers in the most sexy, sensual and delicious way. A soft bang was heard as the front door slammed shut - it was the type that closes slowly by itself - and Sho is always too lazy to close it himself.

Ohno froze mid lick as he turned around to see an equally shocked Sho staring back at him. Ohno dug his finger into the tub again and smiled.

"Want some?"

He gently pushed his finger into Sho's mouth and fed him the cheese. Sho licked the cheese off Ohno's finger greedily.

"You know what? There's some smoked salmon in the fridge and it goes fantastic with this cheese, shall I make us some?"

A still dumbfounded Sho nodded slowly. As he watched Ohno prepare the sandwiches, Sho finally found his voice back.

"I think the cheese tastes better when you feed me though..."

Ohno laughed as he scooped up another blob of cheese with his finger and fed It to Sho. Sho decided that goat cheese didn't taste that bad after all.
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Title: Of Locks and Thieves
Author: [ profile] coolohoh
Length: One Shot, ~4.1k words
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Summary: What happens when Enomoto meets Kageyama? A fanfic in celebration of the Nazodi movie this year, and the Kagiheya SP next year.
Warning and Remarks: Spoilers/references to the Nazodi movie ahead! This fic is set long after the last episode of Kagiheya, but with a twist to the drama's ending...

Written for the Yamaficcon held at [ profile] murasakinoyume quite some time ago. Lazy me finally got round to posting the fic. :P

It wasn't often that Enomoto ventured out of his basement office, and it was even rarer for anyone to venture in for that matter. So Enomoto was presently surprised when he heard the sound of shoes clicking against the flooring of his basement hideout. The last time he's got a visitor was over half a year ago, when the enthusiastic young lawyer Aoto came to visit him during the new year season.

Team Enomoto. That was what Serizawa had called the three of them. It was an odd team, consisting of two lawyers and a locksmith. It by pure coincidence that the three of them met, but somehow they stuck around together for over two years, solving numerous locked room cases between the three of them. Well for the most part, it was Enomoto who did the solving, but Serizawa and Aoto often provided Enomoto with the inspiration to solve the puzzle (albeit unknowingly). But all good things must come to an end. The seemingly endless cases of locked room murders eventually ran dry, and Serizawa and Aoto were busy with meeting their corporate clients both in and out of Japan. The last time the solved a case together was in June last year.

Enomoto's trip down the memory lane was interrupted as his mysterious visitor appeared in front of him. Enomoto observed the visitor closely from top to bottom. The visitor had a very neat hair style. Nicely gel and parted to the side, revealing his forehead clearly. He wore a pair of gold rimmed specs, but the lenses were thin - the visitor was certainly did not have high myopia, if at all. His features were clearly defined, with a sharpish chin. He was dressed very smartly, in a suit, and complete with a handkerchief in his pocket and a bow tie on his neck. His boots were so well shone he could see the ceiling reflected on it. His skin was flawlessly white. Everything about the visitor spelled a neatness and preciseness that Enomoto couldn't help but approve of. If Enomoto really had to pick, the thick shoulderpads - indicative of sloping shoulders - would be the only flaw. The contrast between the two men couldn't have been any greater. Enomoto was dressed in a simple red sweater, striped red tie and grey pants. A pair of specs with thick black plastic rims sat atop his nose.

"Kageyama desu," the visitor introduced with a bow.

A bow with his right hand across his chest. The 'butler bow'. Enomoto should have guessed from the dressing, the bow tie in particular was a dead giveaway. He silently chilled himself for not making the connection earlier.

"What brings you here?" Enomoto asked with a frown.

"I am the butler of the Hosho family, and we would like to consult you on some security measures."

"My collegues on the first floor would be most pleased to assist you..."

"That's indeed the case, but I demand the services of none but the very best, and it is common knowledge that not only are you, Enomoto Kei, the best in the whole Tokyo Security, but most likely the whole of Japan."

"Is that so?" Enomoto feigned ignorance and continued working on his locks.

"As you may or may not know, the Hosho group has many heirlooms and treasures and we would like to ensure stays safe and sound, especially in view of the continuous cases of mysterious thefts in the past two years, including the one at the Tokyo Bank just last month..."

If Enomoto was shocked by Kageyama's words, he certainly didn't show it. Slowly putting down the lock he was working on, Enomoto replied "and so?"

"I, on behalf of the Hosho group, would like to invite you to our humble adobe to give us your advice on updating our security system." Kageyama replied smoothly.

Enomoto only raised an eyebrow in response. "I will be at the company lobby 2pm tomorrow to pick you up."

Enomoto didn't reply and merely continued to work on his locks, but Kageyama knew that Enomoto will show up.

Enomoto was already waiting at the lobby when Kageyama drove the Hosho group limo into the lobby at 2am sharp the next day. Kageyama narrowed his eyes as he studied the small man. He was also wearing a sweater, grey this time. A sling bag hang from his shoulders, and he was listening to music from his white earphones.

Enomoto watched as Kageyama opened the door and invited him into the car. It was a long time since he last sat in such a luxurious one. He remember the last time he was stuck in the car between Aoto and Serizawa. He missed her. The times when Aoto would just sit in his basement and watch him tinker with his locks, or attempt to unravel the mystery of the locked room cases. Pity that the cases have ran dry of late.

Kageyama studied Enomoto through the rear mirror. It certainly was weird seeing someone other than his ojou-sama sitting in the back of the limo. Indeed it was weird for him to be anywhere else other than shadowing his ojou-sama, making sure that she was safe and sound. But that job of shadowing the ojou-sama had been handed to the new butler-in-training for now, and the Master himself had entrusted Kageyama with the task of renewing the house security system, and Kageyama knew that he could not fail his Master. His thoughts wondered to the new butler and a smile broke out on Kageyama's face. A sincere but clumsy guy that Masaki is. He always had a bright smile on his face, but was so clumsy and air headed that Kageyama wondered if he got himself into trouble already. Kageyama wonder if he could even last a month on the job. Not that he was jealous of that man or anything, he was confident of his own skills and abilities. Plus, the Hosho Group is more than large enough to hire an army of butlers.

Enomoto kept his silence as the car drove into the Hosho family home. He looked around the mansion and took mental notes of the existing security features and areas that needs checking or improvements. For the most part, Enomoto could not spot any flaws with the security measures. Only perhaps a few improvements that could help here and there.

Enomoto had been to his fair share of luxurious homes before, but the Hosho family home certainly tops the cake. Even the toilet, Enomoto noted reluctantly, was larger than this meager apartment. It was almost 9 pm by the time Enomoto noticed. Kageyama had long disappeared to carry out his duties, leaving a junior staff to bring him around the house. He had taken more notes and photos of the house then he did in a whole year. And Enomoto hardly takes notes. Usually his memory was good enough, but not for this mansion.

Enomoto was taken aback when Kageyama approached him as he was leaving. "I am sorry for not being able to accompany you earlier." He said with a polite bow. "But may I invite you to join me for dinner? I'm afraid my young mistress has eaten already and wasn't in the most pleasant of moods, otherwise I would have invited you earlier."

Enomoto frowned. It was certainly a weird request from the butler. No. It would be weird for any butler to say that. Weren't butlers supposed to serve the household only? Yes he was a visitor, but hardly a guest. A visitor brought into the mansion for work related purposes. So why the hospitality? Curious, he nodded in agreement, determined to discover what the butler was up to.

They dined on a table outside the kitchen. A strange but delicious combination of omurice and steak, that Kageyama had been proud to declare as his art of work. The dining table fell silent after that, neither party speaking a word. In the end it was Kageyama who broke the silence.

"There is something I would like to show you."

He stood up abruptly and leave the dining area without a second word, leaving a slightly bewildered Enomoto to follow behind. It was a long walk, past many winding corridors and several flights of stairs. When they finally reached their destination, Kageyama stopped to disable a series of both physical and digital locks before letting them both through the door. In the center of the room was a pedestal blocked by infrared sensors, and in the middle of it all, sat the largest block of raw, uncut sapphire Enomoto ever saw.

"This is the siren's tear. It is the world's largest uncut sapphire." Kageyama declared, confirming Enomoto's guess.

"There have been tip-offs from various sources that the same phantom burglar who committed the string of bank burglaries is now targeting this Hosho family heirloom, and that is the reason why I have requested your help."

Enomoto nodded his head in understanding. He had long figured that the reason for consulting him had to be some precious treasure. Or several. And Enomoto highly suspected that it was the latter.

Enomoto toook his time studying the room dimension and security features, while Kageyama looked on.

Finally Enomoto asked "Are there backup generators in the mansion?" Kageyama smiled. "Of course there are. You wouldn't expect such a huge mansion to be without something as essential as a backup electricity generator would you?"

Enomoto smiled in return.

It was almost midnight when Enomoto was done with his inspection. He was deadbeat - both physically and mentally, that he was extremely tempted by Kageyama's offer of staying the night. In the end he refused however, citing the need to check things up on his computer. He did let Kageyama drive him home though.

It was almost 3am when Kageyama was finally finished for the day and got round to writing a report to his masters. Not the master, as in the head of the Hosho household. But his masters at Interpol. Enomoto had only come under the radar about six months ago, but he had been on the case ever since. The NPA (National Police Agency) has had their suspicions about Enomoto for quite some time, but Interpol Tokyo hadn't believe it was Enomoto behind the string of phantom burglary cases. Till 6 months ago that is. Kageyama himself couldn't be sure though. Six months of spy work and following, no doubt 'borrowing' (a euphemism of abusing) the powers of the Hosho family group at times, had bought him nothing. The man hardly went anywhere besides his house, the supermart below his apartment, and his basement office. He was even able to certify that Enomoto was alone in his basement office when the Tokyo Bank burglary occurred. Kageyama saw Enomoto there with his own eyes. He can't help but smile when he recalled the way Enomoto was completely focused on the locks, unaware of his presence a mere 15 meters away. The man had a mysterious aura about him, and Kageyama loved mysteries. It didn't help that he looks so small, and vulnerable, so wanting the kind of motherly protection that Kageyama was so eager to give. Oh and his long, slender fingers, twisting and twitching as he worked the locks... imagine if those fingers were doing something else...

"Get a grip of yourself Kageyama!" He chided himself and concentrated on his report once more.

It was past 4am already, time flies when you are having a good time they say. Kageyama noted wistfully that time flies when you are thinking of having a good time too. He'd better finish his report fast so he could catch a shut eye before another long day of work.

Enomoto was at work early the next morning. He had a lot of thinking to do. For one, he was now certain that the mysterious visitor he got on the night of the Tokyo Bank burglary was Kageyama. He had believed it to be so when Kageyama first (or rather, second) visited two days ago, but after yesterday's dinner he was dead certain. He couldn't explain or rationalize how he knew though. It was just instincts, but a gut instinct so strong that he was absolutely convinced must be the truth. So why did Kageyama invite him to the mansion then? Was it to test him? Or did he still believe that he was connected to the burglary somehow, perhaps the mastermind... and so purposely threw the siren's tear as a bait? He couldn't help but think back on the invitation to stay overnight, and the way Kageyama was constantly stealing looks at him though...

Enomoto dismissed those thoughts as he turned to the more serious problem at hand. He too, had received tip-offs that the Hosho mansion would be targeted next. He toyed at the idea of him and Kageyama having received the tip-off from the same source. He made a mental note to look that up later. He needed to concentrate if he was to prevent the phantom thief from succeeding again. It had been really frustrating for Enomoto. The cases have always ended the same way. He'd receive a tip-off from his source, nothing happens for a long time, he'll go and check out the security in the area, and a burglary happens within the next two to three days. Its as if the thief has been waiting for him to show up all along. Worst still, the thief never make a mistake. No clues, no alarms, no nothing. While the earlier crimes were conducted in places with lax security measure, the later cases occurred in high security banks, and even Enomoto himself could not forlorn how the burglary last month was carried out. Enomoto sighed in frustration. It was going to be a long day.

It was just after midnight when it happened. Kageyama had just finished for the day and was throughly exhausted. He barely had three hours of sleep last night after all. He had to calm a panicky Masaki down and assure him that the backup generator would be working soon. He tasked Masaki with checking on the young mistress while he rushed towards the room with the siren's tear. Did Enomoto really take the bait? But the blackout? He looked out the window and confirmed that they were not the only household affected. It was dark as far as his eyes could see. No streetlights, not even the signs of the shopping mall in the distance could see. Now it was certainly unusual for a blackout of this scale to occur. Not when there was been no warnings of earthquakes or typhoons or tsunamis. But with the power out, the digital locks are all unless... all that's left are the physical locks that would be open in the flick of a wrist for someone like Enomoto... why isn't the backup generator working yet? Kageyama wondered. Under normal circumstances it should have started up already. Of all times it can fail, it has to fail now? Was it sabotaged? Was Enomoto really the one behind all of this? He couldn't ignore the glaring coincidence that the man had only been invited to take a good look at the mansion's security system yesterday.

When he reached the room, the door was wide open and the jewel long gone. Kageyama cursed himself for being so careless. Just what was he doing last night? Letting the wolf into the pen? But he had been so certain that the NPA was wrong and Enomoto was innocent... He looked out of the window to the garden just in time to see the shadow flicker past. He was almost relieved to find that the shadow did not match that of Enomoto. Kageyama jumped out the window (he was on the first floor) and gave chase. Whoever the thief was, he was certainly very nimble. He climbed over the high fence and out into the back alley. Kageyama slowed down as he struggled to climb over the fence, before giving up and deciding to go by the gate. He cursed as he hurried down the alley where he last spotted the thief. He thought he'd lost of thief for good but he certainly was not expecting to see him.

There in the alleyway, as still and as passive as every, stood Enomoto. The thief stood in between them, panting and catching his breath as he considered the next move.

"So it was you all along huh? Kagura-san. I should have guessed." Enomoto spoke, calmly and firmly. "After all who else but the genius scientist would be brilliant enough to hack into the grid and cause a blackout in the whole Tokyo city?"

"I know what you are after. And I can assure you that no one in the Hosho household has done it. If you ever need help, you could come to us you know..." Enomoto continued.

Kagura laughed. "The Phantom Soros will always get what he wants. Without help."

"Oh maybe so for the Phantom Soros. But perhaps not for Phantom Soros the second." Enomoto replied.

Kagura's eyes widened. Kageyama looked just as confused.

"You seem to know a lot about me." Kagura said.

"Indeed I do. For one I know that Kageyama there," Enomoto tilted his head up slightly to indicate where Kageyama was standing, "has meet with the original Phantom Soros, in other words, your mother, and she has stolen and returned the siren's tear."

Kageyama seems to have regained his composure by then, for he stepped forward to shake hands with Kagura and said "Ah, Soros the second I see. I invited your mother to my house but I'd never imagine that she would have sent her son to visit me in her stead."

Kagura gave a bitter laugh.

"I would love to stay and chat, but I guess your friends would not welcome me." Kagura motioned to the two figures running in from afar.

He handed a package back to Kageyama before leaving with a wave, "Till next time, it's been an interesting night."

Kageyama and Enomoto watched the Kagura disappeared into the darkness. Once again, the siren's tear was safe in the possession of the Hosho family, but Kageyama felt none of the satisfaction as he did last time. He couldn't help but feel completely outsmarted by Soros... and Enomoto.

"What were you doing here anyway!" Enomoto was about to answer when a panting Masaki and friend appeared.

"Ah, Inspector Matsumoto." Kageyama smiled as he recognized the newcomer.

"I've been wondering who sent an idiot such as Masaki here." Kageyama turned and left for the mansion in a most dignified manner before anyone could protest.

The months that followed was nothing but boring. There were no more break in attempts at the Hosho family house, and Enomoto's visits to the mansion stopped as soon as the security system upgrading was completed. He did get to know the man a little bit better though, for one, he now knew that Enomoto was not the one responsible for the phantom thefts. He also came to realize just how smart the man was. After hearing about the cyber hacking incidence on the grid, he had immediately deduced that the thief would make use of the blackout to steal the targeted siren's tear, and from the layout of the mansion and the security systems in place, deduced that the thief would end up escaping by the back alley, and had simply waited there.

"I prefer to get the most done with the least effort," was all the man had to say after Kageyama lament how he'd chase the thief around the mansion for a full 10 minutes before he finally disappeared into the back alley.

Enomoto had not showed the slightest hint of being interested in Kageyama, and evaded all questions of a personal nature, before disappearing from his life completely after the security upgrades were done. He had even stopped picking up all phone calls from Kageyama. Kageyama wondered if he was barking up the wrong tree, and the man simply was not interested in other man, but he couldn't keep his brain from wondering to that mysterious man. He refused to believe he was attracted though. he's just another puzzle he has yet to solve, and puzzles attract him. Not the man, no no no, he was not attracted to Enomoto. At least that's what he's been trying to convince himself.

It was a rare day when Kageyama finally had some free time to himself. Masaki had, unlike his predictions, lasted over a month. However as the months passed by and no news of Phantom Soros surfaced, NPA finally decided to put the man out of his misery and put him on another case. Kageyama just hoped for his sake that he wasn't serving as a butler in another mansion. So things had gone back to before when Kageyama shouldered all the responsibilities. It was only because his young mistress had gone for a day trip with her NPA colleagues and made it absolutely clear that she was not to be followed that Kageyama had a break. He needed a break anyway.

On impulse, Kageyama decided to give Enomoto a visit. He's legs bought him there before he knew it anyway. Kageyama was puzzled when the lights in the basement were off. He turned it one and went in. Nothing. No Enomoto. No locks. No models. Empty. All the tools on the walls and the locks in the display shelves were gone.

"Why did Enomoto leave without saying a word to me!" Kageyama thought angrily.

He banged his head on the wall in frustration, before giving up and seating down in Enomoto's seat.

"How did he disappear without me knowing!" He scolded himself.

Three years on the job as a butler has certainly dulled his detective skills and senses. He cursed. He had stopped following Enomoto after the case ended but he hadn't stopped thinking about that man. Sighing, he headed upstairs as he made up his resolve to track Enomoto down.

Questioning the Tokyo Total Security staff was hardly of any help. Enomoto had resigned two weeks ago, and even moved out of his old address - as the landlady had informed him. Kageyama sighed as he slowly crossed the bridge. The sun was setting in the distance but Kageyama was in no mood to enjoy the scenery. His phone vibrated and he checked his watch. It was merely 5:30pm, way too early for his young mistress to be done with her outing. An unknown number. Alert on high, Kageyama received the call. His breath hitched as he recognized the voice coming from the other side.

"So I heard that you came to my old office." Kageyama nodded, before realizing that Enomoto wouldn't be able to see it. "My apologies for not picking up your calls in the past few months. I have been busy."


"As I'm sure you are aware, the shuffle in the NCB was quite troublesome don't you think?"

'NCB, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau... just how did Enomoto know???!' Kageyama thought.

"Don't you think so too? Sakurai Sho."

Kageyama's heart sank to his stomach and he staggered backwards. So the man knew all along and was playing him? He, a trusted and accomplished agents of interpol had just been played by a locksmith?

"Where are you?" Kageyama stammered.

"Winter is coming, and it gets terribly cold in Japan. I prefer warmer places. Somewhere to fish and maybe watch the merlions... would you like to come with me?"

"Yes of course!" Kageyama yelled into the phone before he could even process what was going on and immediately regretted that outburst of emotion.

The line went silent, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3... 5... Kageyama was about to give up and just hang and phone when Enomoto finally came back on the line.

"Sorry for the long wait. I thought you might have hang up already," Enomoto chuckled.

'I wanted to hang up a million times but I couldn't bring myself to do it' Kageyama thought in his head.

"Finish up what you have to by the end of the month, and come join me after you're done. Look up the local Interpol, they'll should know where I'm staying. The name is Ohno Satoshi by the way."

"Oh uhmm okay..." Kageyama stammered, still in shock.

He was still standing there 5 minutes later after Enomoto hang up the phone. Kageyama, no Sakurai Sho, took a deep breath and closed his eyes. A picture of Enomoto's, no Ohno's, smirk as he ended the phone call floated into his mind. Sho smiled. A new adventure is about to begin.
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Title: Adult Channel
Rating: R, slight elements of BDSM
Pairing: Yama
Length: One shot (~1100 words)
Disclaimer: This is a work of my imagination. I only own my dreams, nothing more.
Inspired by Ohno’s comments to Sho in Oretachi no song.
Words in italics are their thoughts.

It was a long time since they had last been to Hawaii. Since the time they brought a bunch of fans to Hawaii years ago. Sho was really glad to have the opportunity to visit Hawaii again, on their 15th year anniversary. There couldn’t have been a more fitting place to film the special PV for their 5x15 album. An album with a PV huh? Sho thought. That’ll be a first, but after 15 years in Arashi, they’ve had more than their fair share of firsts. Sho strolled back to his hotel room alone. He had just finished a round of drinking with some staff members and was ready to retire to bed. They still had an early day tomorrow after all.

Sho flipped through the TV channels as he lazed on the bed in his sleeping attire - t-shirt and boxers. All the channels were in English and didn’t particularly catch his interest… until… Sho’s eyes widened for a while before he broke into a smile. This one will do.

Showing on the TV:
A beautiful blonde girl was protesting weakly about not wanting to be strapped to the wall. She was all naked of course. And tan. Ah nice caramel brown, just like Satoshi… although Satoshi hasn’t been fishing much lately… *Smack* A paddle landed on the butt cheeks of the model and she let out a high pitch whine. Sho vaguely wondered if any of them would sound like this. *Arghsssss* The girl whined as her butt hole was intruded rudely by fingers, one, two, three, four… Sho wondered how having a whole fist shoved up his ass would feel like when… *buzz*

Eh? A blackout? Sho looked around and he was suddenly aware of someone standing by his room door. The lights came on again as Ohno slid the room card key back into the switch/holder. Since when did he enter my room? Ohno smirked as he switched off the TV. Oh shit! He saw! Sho could feel his face flushing red hot in embarrassment. Ohno looked down on Sho as he continued smirking. So this is how Enomoto would look like if he was in Nazodi huh? Sho remembered himself thinking. before he got rudely hauled up by leader.

“I see some things never change…” Ohno scoffed.

Sho vaguely remember Ohno pulling his hands to the back when he heard a click. What the…? Handcuffs? Since when did Ohno get handcuffs?

“Get up Sho, you’ve been a naughty naughty boy…” Ohno teased, shoving the news caster towards the table.

“Bend down!” Ohno commanded.

Sho complied without hesitation. By now he had gotten over his initial shock and was torn between feeling embarrassed and excited about the treatment that was to come. Ohno pulled off Sho’s boxers, and a clinging of metal on the floor indicated that leader had pulled off his own pants as well.

Ohno could barely contain his excitement as he looked at the beautiful sight in front of him. He always liked his prey to be obedient, and looking at the helpless Sho bent out presenting his butt oh so beautifully to him… his hands were trembling in excitement as he spread a generous amount of lube on his hand. Ahh…. Ohno frowned as he bent down to search in his jeans pocket with his still clean hand. How could he have forgotten about that? Finding the circular object, he wriggled his pants off his legs and proceeded to toss the jeans to the back. He’d have no need for the piece of cloth for now. He leaned in on Sho, his junior rubbing against the butt crack of Sho, eliciting a moan from the muscle man. Ohno reached forward and gently stroked Sho’s member, spreading lube all over the engorged penis. Once he was satisfied that it was sufficiently lubed, he pulled the cock ring gently down to the base of the length, smiling as he listened to the low moans escaping from the rapper’s mouth.

So much, so much more melodious compared to the high pitch whining of the model earlier.

Ohno paused to spread yet more lube on his hand as he started slipping his fingers into Sho’s butt hole. One finger… two… scissoring a little to stretch… three…

“I know you’ll like this” Ohno smirked as he jammed the 4th finger in, and pushed his fingers in all the way up to the knuckles.

“Arghhhhh Urghhhhhhhh!” Sho let up an undignified yelp as his hole was suddenly stretched a lot more than what he normally experience.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” he screamed again as Ohno inserted his entire hand in and slowly twisted it around.

Stars exploded in his face as he yelled for Satoshi. Then, abruptly, the pressure was gone. Before Sho could moan the loss of the tightness however, it was replaced by the familiar feeling of a thick length entering his hole. Ohno wasted no time as he began moving at a rapid pace as soon as he entered Sho. Ohno moaned in rhythm to his own movements, slamming down hard and fast into Sho. Ohno vaguely remembered removing the cock ring from Sho before he came, squirting his hot liquid into the depths of the rapper, which in turned cause the rapper to squirt his juices all over the carpeted flooring. Ohno collapsed on top of Sho, satisfied and still panting from his earlier exhaustions. Sho must have been listening to Ohno breathing down his neck for a good ten minutes before he finally nudged the man up.

“Ohno! Ojisan! You have not fallen asleep have you!”

“Hmm?” Ohno replied lazily, before finally deciding to get up.

His flaccid penis sliding easily out of Sho as he did so. Fancy falling asleep with someone’s length up your butt, Sho thought. Plus, his stomach was starting to hurt after getting banged on the table so much earlier.

Ohno cuddled up to Sho on the bed after they both cleaned up.

“Wait leader, aren’t you going back to your room?” Sho asked.

He knew he didn’t really mean it though. Leader was very warm, and comfy to hug.

“Hmm…” A sleepy Ohno drawled.

“Ne Sho-chan,” Ohno said.


“You could have just let me know if you wanted that you know, I’d be happy to oblige.” Ohno chuckled before nuzzling his face into Sho’s neck.

Sho felt his face turn red as he remembered how Ohno caught him watching the adult channel earlier. Again. But his lips cracked into a smile as he saw the ojisan sleeping peacefully by his side. He was glad Ohno caught him.

Ending note: Whoohoo! Thought of, and completed in one day. Yay me! Hope you enjoyed it :P
coolohoh: Biohazard (Default)
Title: Reaction
Description: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Or so goes Newton's third law of motion...
Length: 1130 words, One Shot
Prompt: No reaction
Pairing: Yama (Ohno/Sho)
Rating: G
A/N: Written for [ profile] rainbowfilling, for the prompt No reaction.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Fan-fiction. Don't own and don't pretend to own.

Sho was getting really frustrated... )

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