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Title: Burger
Length: 143 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Nino wants a burger.

Im hungry )
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Title: Punishment
Length: 91 words
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Jun misjudged Nino.

A/N: Wrote this in like... 3 minutes lol. Stole the drabble prompt from [ profile] negai3104. :P

I love you too Samii )

“I love you too Samii” Nino smirked as he raised the whip again.
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Title: Nino's Butt
Length: One Shot (896 words)
Rating: R-21
Pairing: OT5, Ohmiya, Sakuraiba, Sakumoto
Summary: Who can resist Nino's butt?

A/N: Hi all! Been a while since my last fic huh? Been long time since I wrote regularly and been even longer since my last smut. Oh wells... Hope you like this one! :P

How can anyone resist Nino's butt? )
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Title: The Legend of Shabu Shabu
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Length: One Shot (~1.8k words)
Rating: G
Pairing: General Arashi Friendship with a hint of Ohmiya
Summary: A long time ago, there lived a dragon called Shabu Shabu...

A/N: For the particular person who finds the sound of the words "shabu shabu" fascinating.

It’s a terrifying monster that shoots lightning out from it’s eyes! )



The 'Shabu Shabu' rock in Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang. No, it's not about the Legend of Shabu Shabu. Yes, it's in Chinese. No, I'm too lazy to squint my eyes to try and make out what it's talking about.

Special thanks to unsup and family for bringing me around and providing the prompt for this story.

Shabu shabu, in case you didn't know, is a Japanese hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables.
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Title: Bingo Taikai
Length: Drabble (~240 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: The New Years Bingo Taikai is an Ohno family tradition.

A/N: It's been a while since I've written anything! So thanks to [ profile] jheili and [ profile] octavialao for suggestions and help, because I've all but forgotten how to write fanfics!

Nino grumbled as... )
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Title: Club Roppongi
Length: One shot (3071 words)
Rating: R-rated
Pairing: Juntoshi, Ohba, Ohmiya, Yama, OT5
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: Arashi joins Club Roppongi.

A/N: This fic is inspired by [ profile] octavialao's drabble. Which was inspired by [ profile] neko_kirin3104's drabble. Which was inspired by Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.10.18 episode. Which I have NOT watched yet. #notenoughtime #needtocatchup. So... I was inspired by a show that I've yet to watch? And well, the length of my story VS theirs a great evidence of how long winded I am. I feel accomplished though, it's been a long time since I finished such a long story in a single day...

Welcome to Club Roppongi. )
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Title: People are people. You are yourself.
Length: One shot (~818 words)
Rating: G
Pairing: Yama
Beta: [ profile] jheili
Summary: People are people. You are yourself.

People are people. You are yourself. )
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Title: Ohmiya is back!
Length: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Ohmiya never disappeared. They merely moved.

A/N: Woots! It's been a while since I last wrote Ohmiya! But with all that Ohmiya in the Zero-G PV making, how could I resist? Just a short one though, so don't expect too much. :P

Of course, we were never gone )
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Title: The five times Ohno ended up in bed
Rating: NC-17
Length: One Shot, ~440 words
Pairing: Ohba, Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Yama
Summary: Ohno has a bad habit of sleeping on the sofa...

The first time. )
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Title: Tired
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: PG
Length: One shot, 574 words
Summary: Set in the share house universe. What happens when Sho returns from work one day really tired out? Read on to find out!

Sho fumbled in his pocket for the house keys as he reached the door of his apartment. Their apartment rather. Arashi’s share house. Sho was sweating in the hot summer heat and all he hoped for was to have a nice soak in the bath before collapsing on the bed. It was a tiring day, locations shots, meetings, and more meetings. Sho was dead tired and the hot weather didn’t do anything to help but instead sapped his strength away.

His hopes of having a shower faded however when he entered the apartment. Both their toilets were occupied. ‘Arghhhs! Why can’t those stupid boys bath earlier!’ Sho fumed. ‘It’s 1am already!!!’

Defeated, Sho retreated to his bed and turned on the air conditioning to high. He peeled off his clothes and lied down on the bed while waiting for the boys to get out of the shower…

The next thing Sho knew was Aiba banging on his room door.

“Wake up Sho-chan!” the chirpy Aiba called. “It’s breakfast time and we have Shiyagare filming to go for in an hour!”

Aiba was getting frustrated. It was unlike Sho to wake up so late, especially when they had work. Sho liked to be well prepared before work and he hate it when he wakes up with not enough time to spare. It was the third time Aiba had tried to wake Sho up already so he tried the door knob. Normally it was locked so he was surprised when the door swing open.

Sho was just stirring from his slumber when Aiba entered the room.

“Uwah!” Aiba shrieked as he laid his eyes on the stark naked Sho.

The shriek woke Sho up and sent the rest of the inhabitants running to see what the commotion was about.

“Mou…” Nino groaned. “Isn’t the air conditioning cold enough already?”

Ohno merely chuckled at the sight while Jun rolled his eyes.

“When will you learn not to undress when you sleep Sho?” Jun complained.

“And stop gaping you baka,” Jun continued as he smacked Aiba in the head. “Don’t you two see each other naked all the time?”

Sho’s face turned as red as a beetroot as he stammered, “Mou… I didn’t undress during my sleep. I stripped off and was waiting for you and Aiba to finish showering but I just fell asleep!”

“Excuses excuses!” Jun tutted, clicking his tongue in annoyance before walking off to pick which rings he should wear today.

“Look my clothes are all hanging neatly on the chair!” Sho protested, as the Ohmiya duo gave each other a mischievous look before heading to Ohno’s bedroom to do goodness know what.

“Aw its ok, I believe you Sho-chan!” Aiba chirped as he gave Sho a peck on the cheeks.

“But you stink, you really do need a bath!” Aiba complained.

“That’s cause you were in the shower for so long last night!” Sho exclaimed.

“Well you could have joined me in the bath…” Aiba pouted.

“Now why don’t you join me for a bath?” Sho said, raising his eyebrows.

The huge beam on Aiba’s face answered it all.

Jun shook his head as he watched the two pairs of lovebirds head off to their respective destination. He sighed as he made a mental note that he’ll have to bang on the bathroom door AND Ohno’s door in half an hour’s time otherwise they’ll never make it in time for work.
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Title: Give and Take
Pairing: Ohmiya
Length: One Shot, around 1.5k words
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Fiction, don't claim this to be anything more.
Notes: The story assumes a share house setting (though its not important), it’s a continuation of the previous Constipated story, as well as the Behind Closed Doors fic. (Well I kinda got what I wrote in the two a little mixed up so… it ended up as a continuation of the two :P)

It has been about two weeks since they last got together. And two weeks far too long for Nino. Not only did Ohno NOT sleep in the bed with him, he didn’t even sleep on the sofa. In fact, that old man has now regressed to sleeping on the cold, hard floor! No matter how leader tried to explain that he was more comfortable on the floor, it was still absolutely ridiculous for Nino. AND not only did Ohno break his promise of sleeping on the bed, he also ignored Nino. Okay maybe ignore wasn’t the right word to use… it was more like he was too preoccupied with the other members to have time with him, and boy was Nino jealous. And a jealous Nino is always up to no good.

So when Ohno invaded Nino's bedroom one night with an evil smug on his face, crafty Nino decided that he too, will give Ohno a little something.

With that in mind, he coyly agreed and complied with whatever Ohno had in mind, letting Ohno have his way with him (not that things went the other way normally though), right up till the point when Ohno showed him this dubious looking cream/lubricant thing he just purchased.

"What are you intending to do with that!?!?!" Nino shrieked as he grabbed the bottle from Ohno. "Special new formula? HUH? Guaranteed to…"

"Oi! You're not supposed to read it!" Ohno protested, snatching the bottle back.

"Not using it."

Ohno pouted.

"Nope, I'm not letting you try that THING on me." Nino refused, all his coy and shyness from earlier dissipated as fast as smoke in the wind.

"But it took me so long to buy it…" Ohno pouted as he went on about the troubles he went through to acquire said product.

"Well unless…" Nino pretended to consider very carefully.

"Unless?" Ohno perked up immediately, eyes wide and ready to agree to whatever Nino has to ask.

"You… let me give you something…" Nino whispered.

"What do you want?"

"I want… to give you an enema…" speaking softly, giving his best shy and imploring look… Nino was prayed that his wish will be fulfilled.

"Eh okay… if you want…" Ohno answered without so much as a hesitation.

'Damn!' Nino thought, 'I didn’t even need to act after all'

His thoughts were broken when Ohno asked "Who first?"

'Hmmm… I should punish him first then we have mind blowing sex, or should I let him prepare me first, then i watch him squirm and squeal… or…'

It was Ohno who broke the silence again. "Why don't we do it at the same time? You can give me the enema and I can…"

"Sure sure" Nino agreed whole heartedly. They'll prepare each other then have mind blowing sex. Sounds perfect.

So Nino went out to prepare the enema first. He had bought a new enema bag and a special tip just for the occasion, though he was sure Ohno would think of a million and one ways to use it on him in the future. Not that he would mind. No. In fact, if it DID trigger all sorts of naughty enema thoughts, he'd be really delighted. The previous enema had aroused him so much and Nino was really looking forward to getting his next but… silly Ohno was too 'preoccupied' for him. Nino's jealously increased as he thought of the past two weeks. He scoped and extra servings of the *special punishment item* into the enema bag before carefully wrapping the bag in a towel so that the secret would not be revealed.

When he returned to the room, Ohno was already done with his preparations. A thick absorbent blanket was already lined on the bed 'As if he could read my thoughts on the enema to come' Nino thought. Ohno motioned for Nino to lie down on the bed. WIth a practised hand, Ohno slipped the Nino's pants, exposing the delicate little hole.

Ohno leaned forward and whispered into Nino's ears "Relax baby, you're going to have a really good time tonight"

"You too" Nino replied with a smirk.

Ohno wasted no time as he put on his gloves and spread the lube on his fingers. He entered the slender hole and started scissoring around. Nino looked around in puzzlement as he felt something rubbery moving in and out instead of the familiar soft hands.

"Satoshi, why are you wearing gloves?" He asked.

"You'll see…" Ohno smirked, hands never stopping in his movements.

Then as suddenly as he intruded, he removed his hands and it was replaced by a butt plug. A vibrating butt plug, as Nino soon found out. Ohno continued teasing, one hand stroking Neen's length and the other moving the butt plug in and out, making his entrance stretch and close over and over.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Nino moaned in satisfaction as the vibrator hit his sweet spot.

Then the vibration and movements stopped without so much as a warning. Nino moaned in frustration.

"That should be enough… now don't you have a present for me…?" Ohno asked

That stopped Nino from moaning immediately. Laying there and getting done by Ohno was amazing, but he was not going to ruin something he's been planing of rate past week. Nino straightened himself and went over to prepare Ohno. Nino carefully applied the lubricant and inserted the tip into Ohno's waiting hole. Then he pumped the syringe three times, eliciting moans each time as the balloon of the enema tip inflated and filled up the hole.

"Unnnnn just what the fuck is that?" Ohno asked.

"A special enema tip that'll help you keep the liquid in" Nino replied with a smirk.

"Satoshi has been very bad lately. Satoshi has been ignoring Nino." Nino whined. "Satoshi has a bad boy and will be punished…"

With that Nino released the clip and watched as the ice water rushed down the tubing and into Ohno's bowels.

The rush of water was shocking for Ohno at first, since it was his first ever enema… but it was nothing like what was to come. As the ice cold water rushed into his large intestine, his stomach started to cramp really really bad.

"Ahhhhhh unnnnn stoppp stopppp!" Ohno cried, clutching his stomach as he tried to resist the torrent of water rushing in.

On the other hand however, the spiced lube had started to take effect and Nino was bent over, squirming and squealing at the burning sensation in his rear. They had tried flavoured lube before, and even lube with ginger extract but this… this was completely out of this world. Nino could feel his entire body starting to burn up. No wonder Ohno was wearing gloves earlier. Nino limped over to pause the flow for Ohno, while Ohno took the period of time to start the vibrator again.

"Ahhhhhh" Nino moaned as the vibration started.

The vibration seemed as if it was amplified by the burn. Nino finally managed to limp over to the setup and stopped the flow of water, while Ohno laid on the bed panting and wincing at the cramp. Nino collapsed onto Ohno soon after, pressing his face against the coldness of Ohno's stomach.

Possibly 10 minutes passed before either finally made a move. Ohno got up, sighing deeply before putting on his gloves once more. He retrieved the vibrator and took a wet cloth and wiped the spicy lube off, sticking his fingers wrapped in the cloth deep into Nino's rear. Nino was throughly enjoying the stimulation now, he clenched his butt hard as Ohno started massaging his prostate once more.

"Toshi! More…!" Nino moaned, and Ohno responded by removing his fingers and plugging a well lubed member into the hole.

In and out, Ohno started moving in a steady rhyme while Nino.. Nino was trying hard to reach somewhere/something. Ohno ignored his actions as he continued pounding… Nino seemed to have finally found what he was looking for - the enema tubing clip. With a soft click the clip came off and cold water sloshed once more into Ohno's belly. This time however, the cold water didn’t seem to affect Ohno as much, as he moved even faster and eliciting more moans from Nino. It wasn’t that the water was gone warm, or that the cramping sensation was any less bad, it was just that Ohno was too aroused to notice. He made sure to lean in close to Nino each time so that Nino could feel the coldness of Ohno's body - the complete opposite of the hot and sweaty Nino. Nino came first, spewing his load all over the bed, and Ohno came inside Nino shortly after.

As the two laid completely exhausted and panting on the bed, it was Ohno who broke the silence with a whine.

"Kazu… please! I can't hold it anymore!"

Nino deflated the balloon tip and pulled the enema tip out. The enema bag was completely empty now - even all the ice cubes had melted. Ohno rushed to the toilet and cursed as the cramps started once more.

"You are so going to pay for this Nino!"

Nino just laughed. He was totally looking forward to see what Ohno planned.
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Yay! The Ohmiya Wedding exchange has ended and the  giftings revealed, so I can post my fics now! Finished writing my OTHER fic the other day and was almost going to post it when I realised part of it was based off this story so... -.-'''

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Written by: [ profile] coolohoh
Length: Almost 2k words. One Shot
Pairings: General Arashi friendship. Wait, this is a Ohmiya exchange? Oh opps XD
Rating: NC-17 (and I thought I'd never write stuff like this)
Genre: Erm… friendship? More than friends friendship? :X
Materials Used: My brain power! My awesome awesome brain!
Summary: Share house. For real. As real as fiction can get anyway.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Go check out the dictionary if you are unsure what it means.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] cleotine in the Ohmiya Winter Wedding exchange over at[ profile] ohmiyawedding! Original Post here.

It was late at night one day when Nino was on his way home after his platinum data movie filming. Home. Their home. Not the pretty set of the Share House segment in HnA, no, that was fake and everyone knows it. They even started filming them walking to the set - afraid that any crazy fangirl will misunderstand. But no. This was the real thing, started before the HnA segment was conceived. It scared them all at first that the content writer for the variety show actually came up with such a segment, but their managers assured them it was pure coincidence that the segment start a month after they moved in together. Nino was pretty sure their manager had been dropping hints though… but the viewers seems to be loving it and as idols, their job is to please right?

The Arashi share house started when they were busy planning for their upcoming concert that was later to be know as 'AraFest'. Arashi is pretty much THE top JE band now, and although he didn’t want to sound arrogant, Nino was grateful for that. For all the opportunities they were given. They merely had to say the word and the agency will do their best to support them… like the policewomen outfit for Sho's birthday… well the agency DID make them cover up their legs, but the fishnet stockings they wore didn’t cover up their legs no matter how you look at it. They were free to do what they want like that. And this year, they had decided to do something really special for the fans, only that they didn’t know what. And so the discussions started, all the late night discussions at the Jimushou… Ohno and Sho had once ended up sleeping over in their resting room sofa one night after a very late discussion (Aiba and Jun had gone home earlier while Nino was at filming). Sho woke up with a terrible backache (although Ohno enjoyed the sleep) and had volunteered his home as their meeting place thereafter. Sho's house wasn’t nearly quite enough to fit five people though, and their managers decided to take action after an early morning visit to Sho's house and finding the members sleeping in various states on the sofa and floor. Needless to say everyone had a backache after that… (well except for Ohno, who was more than content with his comfortable 'bed' on the sofa. They asked Sho to go back to his room but he refused, saying that it was too lonely. Nino had Ohno as his pillow but didn't sleep well as he spent the night trying not to fall off the narrow sofa.)

So a week later, their managers surprised them by showing them into their new home. A huge apartment (by Tokyo standards) with 5 individual bedrooms, a kitchen, and a nice living room with a huge TV (for them to watch concert videos for inspiration) in front of a homely kotatsu. When asked about the cost, the managers would only say that it'll be deducted from their pay, and they left after warning them not to sleep on the floor again. (Nino had made his manager give him an hour long back rub the day after sleeping with Ohno.)

One by one they moved in. Ohno was the first, bringing with him his merger selection of clothes (eventually Nino had to 'raid' Ohno's apartment so that leader would stop wearing that same few shirts). Nino followed, just because Ohno was there (well didn’t didn’t have much to pack anyway, besides his games, which he got Ohno to help him move). Aiba moved in next, bringing with him a ton of food and snacks. Jun moved in with the help of his friends - they came with (literally) a truckload of J's belongings. Sho was the last to arrive, being busy with News Zero and Nazodi movie filming. Eventually he got Aiba to help him pack and move.

And so before they realised it, months had passed. Staying together turned out much better than all of them had expected. J had initially bulked at the idea of having zero personal space/time, but in practice they were all so busy that J had actually wished he was able to spend more time with the rest together.

It was 3am that night (or rather, morning) when Nino walked into the house and flipped on the lights. He walked to the fridge to grab a drink. It'll be beer tonight. He opened and can and took a long drink as he flopped down on the sofa comfortably. Noting happily that Ohno seems to have finally taken his advice of trying to sleep on the bed (instead of the sofa) for a month. That was until he glanced over at the dining area and did a double take. All the five chairs were lined up neatly and there was Ohno, peacefully asleep. As angry he was that Ohno was NOT taking his advice, he couldn’t help but smile at leader's adorable face. Of all the facial expressions that leader makes, Nino loves his sleeping face best. Nino sat down on the empty chair as he continued to stare at Ohno (Ohno was only sleeping on the last four chairs). He briefly considered kissing Ohno, but eventually settled on staring at the sleeping leader. Plus it was no fun kissing a sleeping Ohno. He settled for rubbing his cold can of beer on Ohno's forehead and cheeks instead. Nino was about to give up and get a ice of ice to slide down Ohno's shirt when Ohno finally woke up.

"Ohayo…" A disoriented Ohno mumbled as he sat up.

"What time is it anyway?" He asked, upon realising that the sky outside was still pitch black.

"Its time for you to wake up." Nino replied, and immediately attacked Ohno's lips.

Ohno was startled at first, but quickly regained composure and wrestled control over from Nino. Pushing Nino down on the chair, Ohno eagerly explored Nino's mouth with his tongue. Nino smirked when they finally broke the kiss apart.

"Strong as always ne leader? Why are you sleeping out here anyway?  Didn’t I tell you to sleep on the bed?"

"But its more comfortable here…" Ohno pouted.

"Carry me to bed." Nino demanded.

Ohno smiled as he wordlessly lifted Nino and carried him to his room. As Ohno gently laid Nino on the bed, he raised an eyebrow at the clothes that Nino was still wearing.

"Yes yes, don't look at me like that, I'm not wearing jeans to sleep…" Nino sat up as he started undressing on the bed.

"Pass me my…"

His pyjamas was handed to him before he even finished speaking. Ohno was always considerate like this. Nino looked up to see Ohno with a smug on his face and a naughty twinkle in his eyes. He pounced on Nino the moment the jeans were off. Nino clucked his tongue in disapproval.

"Didn't you say you don't like sleeping on beds? Get off!" Nino demanded half heartedly.

Ohno gave his best 'I'm so sad please grant me wish look' as he said, "But beds with Nino on them are comfortable!"

Ohno then proceeded to nestle his head into Nino's chest, earning him a smack and a groan from Nino.

"Can't you wait till I get undressed first?" Nino asked, pushing Ohno away from him as he untried to undress.

Ohno eyed him with attentive, smiling eyes.

"Stop it old man! You're so creepy when you look at me like this!"

"Fine!" Ohno turned away with a huff.

'You're so cute like this' Nino thought with a smile. He's lost track of how many times he'd purposely 'angered' Ohno just to see his cute angry expression. Sometimes Ohno would puff up his cheeks irritably and huff, other times he would knit his eyebrows and stare. Nino got dressed and quickly reached into his closet for a bottle and hid it in his PJs while Ohno was still looking away.

"Go turn off the lights for me" Nino ordered. Ohno pouted and turned off the lights before walking out the door, still hurt from Nino's 'rejection'.

"Oi! Where do you think you're going, old man!"

"To sleep?"

"You don't like my bed?" Nino swear he saw Ohno flashing a grin before he jumped onto Nino's bed.

"Oi don't do this! " Nino chided.

"You're going to pay if my mattress spoils" He mumbled.

"Hmmmmmm" Ohno replied, snuggling up to Nino.

Nino waited till Ohno was asleep before making his move, which was almost instantly. It was a good thing Ohno sleeps really fast, or Nino would have fallen asleep too and missed on a night of action. He pulled the bands of Ohno's boxers and slid a hand in to gently massage his length. Ohno woke up immediately, eyes wide open.


"Don't you like my massage?"

"Unnnnnn….." Ohno responded by clinging closer to Nino.

Nino gave up with the irritating boxers restricting his movement and pulled it off, allowing his hands more room to do even better things to Ohno's length.

"Ahhhhh Nino….! Enough! Pants… down!" Ohno growled as he fumbled about for Nino's pants, smirking as he found the familiar curve of the lube bottle Nino hid in his PJs earlier.

"So you are prepared eh?" Ohno opened the bottle of lube and poured a liberal amount on his hands and proceed to scissors Nino's opening.

"Ahhhh" Now is was Nino's turn to moan and groan. Ohno continued probing and scissoring, stretching and preparing Nino.

As he stuck his third digit in, Nino complained. "Just... get with it already!"

"Satoshi… Satoshi… Satoshi…." Nino moaned as Ohno lowered himself onto Nino.

The fullness was so very stimulating, and Satoshi always knew how to hit the right spots. Ohno moved faster and faster, fully enjoying every sensation of Nino's tight hole. Aware that Nino hadn't had as much attention as he had been getting, Ohno's hands moved to Nino's length, stroking fast in rhyme with his movements. The extra stimulation was too much for Nino to take, as he screamed his lover's name loudly before coming in Ohno's hand. At just about the same time, Ohno released his load inside Nino. Panting, Ohno collapsed on top of Nino, hugging the younger man as they both fell asleep.

They were still in the same position - half dressed and dirty - when Aiba walked into the room to wake up them for AnShi filming the next morning.

"Mou!" Aiba shut his eyes before hurriedly slamming the door.

'I'm so glad our rooms are sound proof!' Aiba shuddered as he thought of what he could have been hearing all night.

Sho and Jun stared wide-eyed as Ohno got out from the bedroom 30 minutes later. Nino's bedroom, to be exact. In the kitchen, Aiba giggled. It was J who finally broke the silence.

"So leader finally decided to sleep on the bed?"

"Yup! I have successfully cured Ohno of sleeping on chairs and sofas." Nino announced triumphantly.

"Hmmm… I like Nino's bed…" Ohno mumbled as he nuzzled his head against Nino's neck.

Sho looked away, red faced. J rolled his eyes. Aiba giggled.

"Breakfast time!" Aiba declared with a laugh.

And so began another day in their lives.
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Title: Share House - Constipated
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Length: One Shot
Summary: Nino is constipated, and Ohno cures it for him...
Disclaimer: Don't own Arashi. Fiction will be fiction.
An early happy birthday to [ profile] parfum3! I'd be lying if I said i wrote this for your brithday, but I hope you'd like it anyway XD. On a random sidenote, my mum has the same bday as you :P

It all started one day when Nino had been having too many hamburgers and too little veggies. The brat had woke up on his off day to a terrible stomachache. A really bad stomachache. And to make it worst, it was his off day and he had planed to spend the whole day gaming. Now he could barely walk. Ok it wasn’t THAT bad, but still… Nino winced as he tried to empty his load in the toilet unsuccessfully for the 3rd time. As hard as he tried to push, nothing would come out. He gave up and sat uncomfortably on the sofa, hoping that it'll go away eventually.

Sho didn’t notice. He had merely uttered a 'good morning' to Nino before rushing out of the house.

Aiba was busy making sure he didn’t burn their breakfast to have time to care about anything else.

Jun… J was bad enough at mornings himself to care about how others were feeling.

Ohno was humming to himself as he admired his fishing rods when Nino gingerly sat down on the sofa with a pained look on his face. Ohno frowned as he tried to figure out the source of Nino's discomfort. He observed Nino from the corner of his eyes as he pretended to look at his fishing rods. Unhappy? With what? Nothing that Ohno can think of. Bad sleep? Maybe... Back pain? Nino would demand a back rub if his back was hurting. Knee problem? Doesn’t seem like it… he's not rubbing his knees or anything. Schedule? Nope, Nino's off day today… Yesterday's schedule? As Ohno continued trying to think of possible reasons for Nino's discomfort/unhappiness, Aiba announced that breakfast was ready and Nino moved to the dining table. Ohno continued watching Nino during breakfast. Nino normally has a small appetite, but today, his appetite was exceptionally small. Nino headed back to his room after breakfast and a worried Ohno followed suit.

"Nino, are you alright?" Ohno asked

"Stomachache…" Nino whimpered.

"Did you eat the wrong food? Or did you skip meals again? Or…"

Nino shock his head.

"Constipated…" He answered softly, turning red with embarrassment.

Ohno just had to laugh at the beet red Nino.

"Its not funny Satoshi!" Nino protested weakly.

"Stomach hurts…" He whined.

"Serves you right for not eating your vegetables… just like a little kid!" Ohno couldn’t stop laughing.

"Fine I'll go to the pharmacy and get you something to help, wait for me ok?" Still laughing, Ohno went to fetch his wallet and headed off to the pharmacy.

Nino was curled up on his bed and whimpering in pain when Ohno came back. Nino gave a puzzled look as Ohno covered the bed with two towels.

"What are you doing?" Ohno didn't reply as he went to the toilet to prepare.

Nino heard the sound of running water, before Ohno eventually emerged with what Nino recognised as an enema bag.

"What…? But… but why?"

"Didn’t you say you were constipated?" Ohno said, as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Yeah but… I thought you'd buy me some laxatives…" Nino whined.

"This counts as a rectal laxative. Plus, I think you'll enjoy it." Ohno smirked as he hang the bag on the clothes hook and grabbed the lube from the drawer.

"Take it off." Ohno commanded, patting on Nino's bottom.

"Yes doctor" Nino compiled as he pull down his pants and underwear. The fluffy towel felt nice on his butt.

"Lie down on your left" Ohno instructed.

Nino obediently turned to lie on his side. Ohno lubed the nozzle of the enema bag before gently inserting it into Nino.

"Ready to start?"

Nino gave an obedient nod and Ohno proceeded to open the clamp. Nino gasped as the warm water flowed in. Anal sex was nothing new to him but it was his first time taking an enema and it felt really… different.

"Let me know if it hurts or anything."

Nino nodded once more, closing his eyes as he concentrated on the sensation of water rushing up his rear.

"Stop! Stop!" Nino winced as he felt his stomach cramp. Ohno stopped the flow and started massaging the younger member's stomach, coxing the cramp away.



"Shall we continue?" Nino nodded again and the flow was restarted.

Ohno continued to massage Nino with one hand, while the other moved over and started twisting and adjusting the nozzle.

"Satoshi?" Nino was going to ask what Ohno was trying to do when the water jet found its target and started hitting and massaging Nino's prostate.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Nino moaned as the warm water continued massaging his spot.

The stomachache was not only long forgotten, Nino was starting to get hard. The bag was empty all too soon however, and Ohno forced him to lie for a lonely 15 minutes before going to the toilet. Nino squirmed about impatiently as Ohno continued to massage his stomach. Holding the enema was not that uncomfortable after all, but his growing erection on the other hand…

When Nino was finally done with the toilet and flopped down on the bed, he was hot, horny, tired, and drenched in sweat.

"I never knew enemas were so exhausting" He protested.

"Hmm… but you enjoyed it" Ohno replied happily.

"I hope you're not too tired for a part 2"

"I'm never too tired for you Satoshi" With that he greedily pulled Ohno in for a kiss, hands moving fast to unbuckle Ohno's belt.

Ohno quickly dribbled lube down his length before pushing into Nino. He judged that the earlier stretch and stimulation from the enema was more then enough and he was right.

"Argh Satoshi quick move it!" Nino demanded, buckling his hips up as he tried to generate more friction.

"My my, impatient are we?" Ohno smirked.

"Fuck quick I've been waiting since the enema earlier fuck ahhhhhhh…." The rest of Nino's words were lost as Ohno started moving.

"Ahhh so hot Kazu! So hottttt" Sounds of pleasurable moans and skin slapping on skin filled the room.

As the two exhausted men lay side by side on the bed, Nino spoke up.

"Ne Satoshi…"


"I think I'm in love with enemas."

"What about me?" Ohno protested with a pout.

"I love you more than anything else!" He declared with a peak on Ohno's lips.

"Can you give me more enemas next time?"

"Sure" Ohno smirked. "Anything for my dear Kazu, just promise me you'll eat your veggies ok?"
coolohoh: Biohazard (Default)
Title: Share House - A new Shed!
Length: One Shot, around 3.8k words.
Rating: G
Summary: Arashi never fails to celebrate the birthday of their dear leader…
Disclaimer: There MAY be SOME facts in the story, but this is merely a work of fiction. Self beta-ed. Forgive me if there's any spelling or grammar mistakes.

November was a busy month. It was the start of their Popcorn concert, and concerts had always been deeply fulfilling and loads of fun, but it kept the members really busy as well. And this year, it meant even more for Ohno Satoshi. The main choreography for the concert. Ohno's first time ever being in charge of so many songs for the entire group. He always did his own dance, so it wasn’t a question of ability, but it had been ages since he last choreographed a dance for everyone. Choreography for 5 was really different dreaming up his own dance, and it had been one hell of a ride. LIke waking up at 8am to choreograph a song from pretty much just vague inspirations in his mind when he had to 'hand up' his work and teach the members the dance that very day at 1pm. Ohno was astonished in his own confidence at times. Maybe he just worked better under pressure. He was really glad to be in Arashi. To have members as understand as the four of them. They just laughed when he forgot the dance steps he came up with less then a week before and had to check on the video recordings… Ohno was sure J would have flared up long ago if it was someone else. It was great to have understanding members like that. Even when he didn’t have any inspiration and was merely skating around in the studio… the members merely teased him and asked him to be careful.

"We're not going to save you if you get blisters from those skates, are you sure they even fit you?" Nino had said, rolling his eyes non-stop.

"Who's skates were those anyway?" J had asked wearily.

When Ohno replied that they were just random skates lying on the studio floor, Sho looked at him wide eyed.

"And they fit you? You are going to get blisters from ill-fitting skates you know, and are you sure you won't get some fugal infection form wearing dirty skates?" Sho was worrying too much as always.

"It's alright, plus I'm wearing socks!" Ohno had replied, exasperated.

And he thought the members would be worried that they wouldn’t have enough time to learn the dance at the rate he was going. IF he could even come up with anything at all for that matter. Ohno was also glad that the members were so willing to try out all sorts of crazy ideas he came up with. Like tossing J in the air for Tokei… though that didn’t work out in the end. It gave him confidence as a choreographer, something he really needed.

Everything was fine now, the first 3 days of the concert had gone by splendidly and they'll soon be heading to Sapporo for the second of the five dome tour. Ohno hummed happily to himself as he rolled around on the sofa. They had several meetings and discussions after the first concert, to check if there's anything that needed changing or fine-tuning. Ohno was glad that was settled fast though. J had been very efficient, as always. Ohno stretched as he got up from bed (i.e., the sofa). He was greeted by Nino, who was already tucking into the Gyu Don (beef with rice) breakfast Aiba had made.

"Where's Aiba?" Ohno asked, looking around the house for signs of the energetic man.

He was surprised when he saw the pile of bowls by the sink. One, two, three bowls?

"Ah, the rest have already gone out." Nino replied when he saw Ohno looking at the dishes.

"Eh? Already?" It was 9:30am in the morning, not THAT early, but still, J was not know to be a morning person. "All three of them? Together?" Ohno probed again.

"Un" Nino nodded. "You know Aiba, he has to eat yakiniku after concerts… and you know Sakurai also like yakiniku so he went along… then Aibaka woke J up with his 'celebrations', and J insisted on going with them...." Nino stopped and smirked at the confused+irritated+sad look on Ohno's face, probably thinking how they could have left him out of their usual after concert yakiniku celebrations.

"In case Aiba buys the wrong type of meat home that sort of thing" Nino finished.

"Ah….! I thought they forgot about me…" Ohno mumbled.

"You baka! How could we forget about this sleepy head taking up the entire sofa! Aiba wants to eat at home this time. Plus, I'm still here too ain't I?"

"Yeah true" Ohno grinned.

"I'll set up my game consoles so we can play!" Nino grinned back, as he put his dishes in the sink. "Ah this…" Nino waved his hand over the mess in the sink, "Yoroshiku ne?" Nino winked as Ohno let out a groan. "Serves you right for waking up so late!" He chuckled as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom to bring down the games. He'd very much rather to leave them all in the living room, but Sho and Jun would have none of it. It would make the living room too messy, the two perfectionists had insisted.

Ohno went to join Nino with his games after washing the dishes.

Elsewhere in Tokyo…
Jun was in the market, shopping for the yakiniku ingredients. He was the one who insisted on buying the food, but now he was starting to regret his decision. Practically the whole market was staring at the top idol buying food in the wet market (the meat there is fresher than those in the supermarket). No matter how he tried to conceal his identity, he still always got recognised in an instant. He gave up and took off his sunglasses altogether. Luckily, for him, the older fans in the market were content with smiling and waving at him. No crazy fangirls busy snapping photos. Matsumoto gave a bright smile as he approached the stall he was looking for. Maybe he could turn this to his advantage.

He ended up leaving the market with a lot more food than he intended to buy. The stall holders had given him an extra large helping for meat for half the usual price. And the veggies? The kindly old women from the vegetables stall was so delighted to see him that she insisted on giving him the veggies for free. Being an idol has its perks sometimes. He checked his watch. It was still early… maybe he should give Sho a hand, he thought as he packed the meat neatly into the icebox.


Aiba was driving to the port to meet the captain. Not that leader who wanted to be called captain. The REAL captain. Of a REAL boat. That leader always goes fishing with. He had managed to contact the captain to ask if he could sell them some fish, or anything that Ohno likes… or something (althought he knew very well what Ohno likes). He still wasn't too sure why he actually called the captain, but he was surprised when the captain delightfully told Aiba he could come have some of his catch for their BBQ.

The captain was a happy and easy going man. No wonder leader liked him so much. He helped Aiba carry the huge ice box to the car. "Uwah, this is heavy! Just what is inside captain? Can I see?"

"Ah… there's a lot of ice, that's why its heavy." The captain explained.

Aiba eagerly lifted the lid and checked out the goodies the captain packed for them.

"Ah this, Ohno likes this fish a lot ne? And we caught some lobsters yesterday too, then ah some shellfish, Sakurai like this ne? Leader always says that…" The captain went on as he dug out the contents of the box and showed them to Aiba.

"Wah this is a lot, thank you very much!"

"Tell Ohno happy birthday for me" The captain smiled before sending Aiba off with a wave.

'We are going to have a great fest later!' Aiba thought happily. It was only then that he realised he hasn't paid the captain yet. Or more like, he didn't even offer to pay. 'Opps!' Aiba thought. He'll have to pay back the captian next time.


When Jun entered Ohno's house, Sho couldn’t say how relieved enough he was. They really should have came and fetch Ohno's art stuff earlier, but repainting and redecorating the shed had kept them busy enough. On top of all the concerts and rehearsals. He had tried coming to pack once, but that was a few weeks back so he didn’t dare do much - least Ohno should return to his house and find things misplaced. Sho regretted not checking carefully just how much art supplies Ohno had. He thought it was just everything in that cupboard, but he didn’t realise the entire storeroom was FILLED with random art stuff here and there… and Ohno's completed and half done works. He was really glad that their shared house had a huge shed.

Jun realised they were in deep shit the moment he saw the storeroom. "Change of plans! I'll call Aiba to come and help, and I'll bring both the meat and the fish back first. And get Ohno to help me prepare the fish while Nino comes and help with the moving!" Jun looked at his watch. 10am. He'll help out with the packing first and see how far they can go by noon. For once he was glad for Aiba's heavy breakfast. They were going to have a late lunch today.

Three men working together proved more efficient than they expected, but still, they had a huge part of the storeroom left to pack at noon. "Ah… I think I have to go back first with the food!" Matsumoto exclaimed. Good thing there was tons of ice in both cooler box.

"Tell them me and Aiba went to get the beer! And don't ask Nino to come, we'll finish up!"

"But there's still so much left! And beer? How can we explain that we took so long to get the food and still have not gotten the beer?"

"Ah… but we really didn’t get the beer! Say we took really long to find the captain or something… anything… I bet leader knows we are up to something already… And no don't get Nino to come, if Nino leaves Ohno will instantly start demanding for an answer! At least we packed all of Ohno's works in the car already. The art supplies are easier to pack. We have to worry about breaking them at least..." Sho replied, wiping the sweat of his brow.

"Ne… how are we going to get all these in the shed later?" Aiba asks.

"I don't know…" J shrugged. "We'll try and come up with something to distract leader…"


At the house…

Ohno stared wide-eyed as Nino and Jun struggled to get the huge icebox through the door.

"Can you stop standing there like an idiot and come and help!" Nino yelled.

"There's still more in the car!" J said as he and Nino put the icebox on the floor and started pushing it into the kitchen.

Ohno placed the smaller icebox and bags of veggie on the kitchen floor. All the while not taking his eyes off that huge white styrofoam cartoon.

"What's that?" Ohno asked.

"… fish…" Jun replied, after some hesitation. He was exhausted from carrying and pushing that huge box (and packing up at Ohno's place), plus, he wasn't exactly sure what was in the box himself. Aiba was the one who went to pick it up after all.

"Fish? For yakiniku?" Ohno asked, surprise and confused.

"From the captain."

"Eh? Why did he?"

"Ah… ano… Aiba ne? He wanted to see the port that you always go to fish, so since we have so much time after buying the groceries we drove over to the port, then the captain recognised us and gave us all that. Actually, after hearing that we were going to have yakiniku he just disappeared somewhere and came back with the whole box, so I don't really know what's inside as well…" Jun lied smoothly. He was surprised that he managed to make up such a story right there and then. Nino's lying skills must have rubbed off to him.

"Ah so… wait… where's Sho and Aiba?" Ohno asked, even more bewildered this time.

"They went to get beer." Ohno continued to stare at Jun. "There's a new supermarket that opened and they wanted to check it out…"

"Huh? New supermarket? Where?"

"Sensei! Are you going to prepare the fish or not! I'm hungry!" Nino cut in, saving Jun from making up  even more stories.

"Hai hai hai… let's prepare the food!" Jun announced, grateful for the change in topic. He started unpacking the meat to marinate them. Instead of yakiniku, they'll end up doing a barbecue ON TOP of the yakiniku… with the amount of meat and seafood they'd gotten. Ohno was soon engrossed with preparing the seafood, and helping J. He didn’t notice when Nino slipped out of the house.


Behind the kitchen, Aiba and Nino were trying to be as quiet as possible while unpacking Ohno's art supplies. They were trying their best to organise the all of Ohno's art works and tools, all the while keeping in mind that there's a lot more coming in Car No. 2. It was already 2pm when Sho finally arrived, after packing every single one of Ohno's art related item into his car, AND going to the supermarket to buy a cartoon of beer (not a newly opened one though). Aiba took the cartoon of beer from Sho. "Ano… choto… go help Nino, I'll say that the rest of us are starting the barbecue fire." Aiba said, motioning Sho towards the direction of the shed with his head. Aiba let out a huge sigh of relief as he placed cans of beer in the fridge. Half the plan was complete. Hopefully they'll be able to finish up smoothly.



Aiba had successfully started the fire, and the food was ready. All five members gathered in the front yard and the barbecue started. After a while, Nino complained something about needing a bath, and excused himself from the cooking. Of course, instead of the bathroom, Nino sneaked into the shed that was now piled up with several boxes of art supplies. He groaned. Just how the hell were they going to finish packing! Nino managed to unpack one box in 30 minutes… hopefully Ohno hasn't missed his presence too much. He was glad for the cool weather, otherwise, he'd be all sweaty and flustered and would REALLY be in need of a bath then. He hurried up to his room to change his clothes before joining the rest just as the food was ready.


"So, happily bathing while we were cooking for you huh?" J accused. Nino gave the rest a guilty look as he sat down. "I'm sorry." He replied half heartedly as the rest of the members laughed.

"Ah… its pretty chilly out here. Why don't we bring the food into the living room and eat?" Nino suggested. So they carried all the food indoors and settled by the huge coffee table in from of the TV. Nino promptly settled down beside Ohno on the main sofa.


The food was delicious. The seafood was extremely fresh, the meat was tender and juicy… Exclamations of 'Umai' fill the air. As Aiba was getting more beer from the fridge though, Nino turned around and started motioning to Aiba. Something about '3' and pointing to the front door.

"What's wrong, Nino?" Ohno turned around to look at the gesturing Nino.

"Ah… I was trying to tell Aiba that there's 3 more pieces of meat left and I'm asking him to cook it."

"Oh 3 pieces?" Ohno frowned.

"More than 3 actually. A lot more than 3. The granny gave me a lot! You guys want more? Me and Aiba will go cook!" Jun covered for Aiba smoothly.

He'd understood Nino's message.

"Hurry up, there's 3 more boxes to unpack!" Jun whispered into Aiba's ear as he dragged the taller man out.

And so they took turns like that for the rest of the barbecue. Two of them pretending to be doing the barbecue when in fact only one of them were cooking while the other was busying unpacking the last 3 boxes. Ohno had offered to help with the cooking, but Nino promptly objected by lying onto Ohno's lap, demanding to be fed like a baby. Ohno was surprised be complied anyway. It was a while since Nino last acted so childishly with him, and it felt kind of nostalgic. Onlooker Sho was throughly amused. As much as he found it unfair that Nino got the least physically exhausting work of the four, he had to admit that he just had a way with Ohno.

"Sho, why don't you help Masaki and J with the food, they are taking such a long time…!"

"Maybe the fire died out and Aiba's trying to restart it?" Ohno asked.

"Could be, go help him out Sho!" Nino smirked as he chased Sho out. That'll teach Sho for laughing at them. He'll keep Ohno all to himself.

"My my… Kazu is so naughty." Ohno chided.

"Hmm…" Nino got up from Ohno's lap and gave Ohno a kiss.

Ohno smiled and shifted to lie down on the sofa, hugging Nino from behind and resting his head on the crook of Nino's neck. The two of them just laid there together. No saying a single word, satisfied in each other's presence. Nino couldn’t be sure how long they spent like this, but when the other three finally returned with the food, it was already half past six.

"Yay its dinner time!" AIba happily announced, choosing to ignore the way Ohno and Nino were stuck together.

"Oh, so you guys finally cooked finish?" Nino asked, raising his eyebrows and looking at J for an indication while slowly sitting up on the sofa, still with Ohno stuck behind him. Ohno was now resting his arms on Nino's shoulders.

"Yeah yeah yeah… we finally finished cooking everything. Aiba insisted that we cook finish ALL the food so that we can have it for dinner." J replied, assuring Nino that the unpacking was finished.

"And supper!" Aiba chirped in, oblivious to the conversation that was going on between Nino and Jun.

"Hmm… since the five of us are finally here, I want to play a song… ne leader can you get it for me?" Nino asked, nudging the Ohno who was still stuck on him like a barnacle. It was amusing, normally he was the one stuck on Ohno like a barnacle, he'd never image that sometimes the roles would be switched too.

"Hmm… why me?" Ohno whined.

"Because you didn’t help with the cooking!"

"But that's because you didn’t let me…" Ohno pouted.

"Can you guys stop it already!" It was just too much for Sho to take. Especially after Nino had chased him out earlier like that…


Ohno made a sad face as he got off the sofa (and Nino) and started going up the stairs to their room.

"Ohno-san, where are you going?" Nino mocked when Ohno just reached the top of the stairs, amused.

"Didn’t you ask me to get your guitar? To play music?"

"Yes I did say I wanted to play something, but I didn’t say I wanted to play my guitar."

"Than what do you want?" Ohno frowned.

"I feel like playing the keyboard today."

Ohno's frown got even deeper.

Nino continued. "Yes keyboard. I think it's in the shed."

Ohno sighed, lamenting "You could have just told me from the beginning right?"


Ohno sauntered to the shed, wondering why Nino's keyboard would be kept there. It had been quite a while since he last entered the shed. He fumbled around for the light switch.

He was shocked. There, on the table, was the magnificent set of art pens that he had been admiring for the shop since several months ago. He looked around the room and realised that the shelves were filled with his drawings and other creations… and then his art supplies were lined up neatly in the shelves and in the glass cabinet. He was vaguely aware of the other members coming in, pulled party poppers, and sung him a birthday song as the confetti was falling. He was still in shock when Sho came back with the birthday cake. Sho stole a kiss on Ohno's red cheeks as he set down the cake on the table beside the birthday boy.

"Do you like the pens?" Sho asked, while the rest looked bewildered.

It took a while before Ohno could compose himself enough to ask "How did you know?"

"I followed you to the art shop one day and saw you looking at it!" Sho proudly declared.

"You mean, you stalked him."

"Sho looked embarrassed as Ohno looked at him with loving eyes.

'Chikushou! I lost to Sho!' Nino thought. But that thought was soon forgotten when Aiba loudly declared "Group hug!" and pulled them all together.

"Just long how long have you guys been hiding this away from me!" Ohno asked as he admired the room.

It wasn’t just the fact they all his art stuff was moved over, they also go new furniture for the shed - shelves, cabinets, tables, chairs… even the lighting was newly installed, and they had made sure it was 1) bright enough and 2) white all, so that he can work on his art properly. It seemed like every detail was taken into consideration.

"Well if you mean like the shed in its current state…" Nino frowned. "About five minutes? Or ten?"

"Yes I was the last to finish packing up." Sho nodded vigourously.

"Planing wise, I came up with it when it we moved into the house!" Sho declared, putting his arm across leader's shoulders, triumphant at his presumed victory over Nino.

Nino rolled his eyes while Aiba and Jun tried their best to hold back their laughter at the 'rivalry' between Sho and Nino. 'Victory is all mine!' Sho thought, as Ohno gave Sho a hug and rested his head oh Sho's shoulder with a blissful look on his face.

"Thank you so much Sho, for the pens… I really love it! You gave me… so much… inspiration." Ohno whispered into Sho's ear.

That night, as Nino and Sho were cleaning up the remains of the BBQ in the front yard (J and Aiba were cleaning the living room), it was Nino who started the conversation.

"So, it looks like we both lost."

"So it seems…" Sho sighed. "But I still think my gift is better."

"But I was the one who kept him company!"

"I could have done that just as well thank you very much!" Sho huffed.

Both man were convinced that they'd be able to get Ohno to spend the night in their rooms but…

Ohno was happily humming to himself in the shed. He could tell that the unpacking was done in the haste, and thinking back on the day's events he gathered that they only had time to bring all his stuff over today… he was really touched that the members cared so much about him. He had once lamented that all his art stuff were still in his apartment, but he didn’t expect that they had been planning this all along. No wonder they all ignored him when he asked for help with bringing his art supplies over. He looked proudly at the shelves. He'll have to rearrange the supplies later so that it'll be more convenient for him when he works, but for now its alright. He continued humming as he dug out his sketchbook and started sketching with the new pens. It's been a while since he had so much inspiration.

Elsewhere in the house, two men sighed. They were going to have to try harder next time.


Yay finished! Ahead of time omg! Hehehe! And yes, Nino and Sho love rivalry battle… that was won by Ohno! I hope the ending didn’t disappoint you, it just felt so right to me since… Ohno is Ohno.

For fellow yama lovers... check out the side story here. My first attempt at NC-17 fics so... :X
Ohmiya lover gomen ne? I didn't have time to write a Ohmiya version :P
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Ok... its been months since the rainbow exchange thing took place. It was the first ever exchange I took part in so I have no idea how it's supposed to go and all... but considering that the deadline was supposed to be July 1st AND that after emailing the person in-charge 9 days ago and receiving no reply... I'm guessing that the exchange just didn't work out... So since it's the only fic I have completed, I've decided to post it for everyone to read!

Title: Winter Wonders
Author: coolohoh
Pairing: Ohmiya, Junba, Sakumoto
Rating: G
Writing for: Cata/qeedivertido
Prompt used: AU. Sakumoto. They meet in the street. They become friends. Feeling appear, but one of them is already dating someone else. I don't know, make some drama, but a happy ending. I want them to bond about food first, idek. Actually, make a lot of drama (you are completely free to do what you want here as long as there's no m-preg or fantasy involved) but always a happy ending, please <3.
Summary: Sho is a sucessful lawyer in Fredman & Sakurai. A prim and proper man with a most successful carrer, Sho hasn't had much luck with his love life. All could change though, when he goes on a holiday in winter.
Note to recipient: I think I kinda went off topic a litte, but I really hope you'll enjoy the story!
Disclaimer: This story is as real as the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. As noted above this was originally rewritten for the Rainbow Exchange.

It was an unusual year. The weather was running amok - an exceeding hot summer and an incredibly cold winter. Maybe the gods were teaching mankind a lesson for disrupting the balance of nature. Or maybe it was due to global warming. Whatever the case, all Sakurai Sho knew was that he was stuck on the highway and that he'll never be able to stick to his meticulously planned holiday schedule. In fact he might not even make it to the next town, which means hell have to spend the night out freezing in his car. Maybe he'll just die there and no one will find out cos the terrible snowstorm was making travel almost impossible anyway. Maybe his car will die on him leaving him to freeze in the snow with no means of transportation. Maybe he'll make a mistake when driving and crash his car somewhere and just die anyway... Maybe...

'Stop it Sho! Stay focused! Focused!' he chided himself for drifting off an thinking about those negative thoughts.

But he really couldn't help it. The visibility was really bad and he couldn't help but think of all things that could possibly go wrong in what was supposed to be a perfect holiday. He had planned to travel to a quint little town and stay in the hot springs resort for a whole week. A quiet and relaxing way to pass the time... (well actually he's got a schedule chocked full with activities, but he really can't be relaxed if he was wasting his time doing nothing). It's been a while since he last had a break, he was really looking forward to the trip but now this! It was all the meteorologists fault! They predicted fine weather for the entire week but what's this??? Fine weather indeed pfft! He scoffed as he thought about the weather forecast for that day. Really, the meteorologists were the only ones who could always get away with saying the wrong stuff. And now they've ruined his perfect holiday!

After another hour of slowly inching forward along the road, the snowstorm finally starts to let up. Unfortunately for Sho, his car splattered and came to a stand still. Dam* you! He stomped angrily in his car. Thanks to the cold weather no less, he was now stuck cold and hungry in a foreign place with absolutely no idea how and where to get help. He checked his phone - no signal. Just great!

As the sky got darker, Sho wondered if he should get out of the car and find help. Just as he was preparing to get out of the car, he saw a car approaching in the distance coming in the opposite direction. Saved at last! He breathed a huge sigh of relief and got out of the car to wave for help.

Sho explained his predicament to the stranger and the charming guy with thick eyebrows chuckled and said: "I stay in a house just a few kilometers down the road, we've got a spare room so you can stay the night. "

"That would be great! You're really a life saver!" with that Sho hauled his luggage from his car boot to the car of the guy named Jun.

They chatted for a while in the car, Sakurai was most relieved to meet someone willing to help out, sparing him for a possible cold winter night on the road. Just as he was happily chatting about how he was looking forward to dining at the famous Italian restaurant, the car suddenly came to a standstill. Thinking that they had reached, Sho looked out of the car window excitedly. To his horror, all he could see were trees and more trees. And snow. Tons and tons of white white snow.

Panic rose in his heart as he asked Jun: "erm, where are we?"

"Ah, sorry for startling you! I forgot to mention that I am fetching my roommate home as well," Jun replied.

"Eh? Roommate?" Sakurai looked out of the car window and strained his eyes to see if he could spot any signs of life.

Sure enough, a speck of black that he dismissed as trees earlier was slowly moving towards them. As the black speck moved closer, he realised the speak was actually a guy hoisting a rod over his shoulders and dragging what seems like a huge sleigh behind him.

“He sure likes to take his own sweet time...” Jun cursed softly under his breath.

He strummed his fingers impatiently on the dashboard for a while before deciding to get out of the car altogether and help the newcomer in spacesuit like clothing haul his sleigh.

Curious, Sho followed suit and got out of the car to help.

“EH? FISH? YOU WENT FISHING IN THIS WEATHER? There was a bloody hell snowstorm just now!?!?!” Sho exclaimed, perplexed by the situation.

“Oh actually I was my fishing shack during the snowstorm so it was fine... And I was ice fishing, not fishing... Have you heard of ice fishing? Basically you drill hole on the ice with angulars and catch fish under the ice... ” With that Ohno started giving a detailed technical explanation of ice fishing.

"Ah sorry but... perhaps we can get into the car first?" Sakurai said, shivering in the cold.

“Ah, sumimasen, hajimemashite, Ohno Satoshi desu”

“Ah Sakurai Sho desu. Erm I was on my way to the town when I met a snowstorm and my car stalled and I met Jun and...”

“Ah souka...” Ohno interrupted Sho’s rapid fire recount of the days events with a non-chalant reply as he continued the task of securing his sleigh to the back of the car.

Feeling ignored, Sho sullenly went back to take his seat in the car.

“Don’t worry, he’s like this sometimes. Gets overly engrossed with what he’s doing and forgets everyone else you know...?” Jun explained.

The rest of the ride back to the house was in an awkward silence.

The house was a cozy looking cottage next to a forest. Upon entering the house, they were greeted by the sound of electronic music and the smashing of buttons. Suddenly, the music stopped, and a skinny looking boy with obnoxious yellow hair came flying down the stairs, gave a yelp of “Oh-chan” and flew into Ohno’s equally delighted embrace.

As a puzzled Sho looked on, a tall man came out of the kitchen with a pan in his hands.

“Eh Aiba, did you make mabo tofu again?” Jun asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah... I was hungry and... that’s the only thing I’ve not been banned from cooking right?” He pouted cutely as Jun approached.

As Jun introduced him to the rest of the housemates, Sho wouldn’t help but wonder ‘What is up with Ohno and Nino?’ He felt really awkward just watching the pair snuggle together. Sho was 30 years old, and still doesn’t have a girlfriend let alone a wife, BUT he is NOT gay. He desperately tried to reason with himself. ‘I’m a prim and proper lawyer. I am straight!’ He thought. Until he saw Jun shaking his hips most sexily while cooking pasta in the kitchen. After staring not so subtly at Jun for a while, Jun suddenly looked up and gave Sho a wink. Embarressed at being spotted, Sho turned and was going to escape from the kitchen when Jun stopped him.

“Say, do you like Italian a lot? How do you like your pasta?” Jun asked.

They chatted as Jun cooked. Turns out that while Sho doesn’t like Italian in particular, he was fond of trying a variety of foods and would embark on self planned gourmet tours whenever he was free. Or if he wasn’t free, he’d still try and squeeze out time to dine at restaurants nearer to his house or workplace.

Jun chuckled, “That sounds just like me when I was younger. I would go backpacking during my holidays in search of good but not too expensive food.”

As Jun put the finishing touches to his pastas, he yelled at the rest to come down. Instead of joining the meal however, Ohno disappeared out of the house. Just as Sho was about to ask, Ohno reappeared in the kitchen hauling a plump fish in his hands and promptly took over the spot Jun occupied earlier and began preparing his fish.

"Wah umaiiiiiiii!” Shooo exclaimed to the bemusement of the rest.

The pasta was the best he ever tasted, and the freshly caught fish that was made into sashimi and shabu shabu was heaven. Altogether, he felt like his holiday couldn’t have been better if not for the snowstorm. And his still stranded car...

“Ah! Can I borrow the phone? I need to get a mechanic to repair my car!” Sho asked.

His question was met with laughter from the rest. Finally, Nino spoke up.

“Ano, who are you going to call? Even if you call your regular car mechanics they aren’t going to come here. Even if they DO come, it’ll probably take a few days, provided they don’t get stuck in the weather...” Nino explained.

‘In other words, I’m trapped... or maybe...’ Sho thought miserably.

"Are there any mechanics around here?" Sho asked.

Laughing, Jun replied, “There is and you were just speaking with one.”

Sho’s face flushed red with embarrassment ‘But how I am supposed to know?’

But Jun seems to have heard his thoughts when he continued: “Have you really not heard of him? He’s a...”

“Mou ii yo! Don’t worry Sakurai-san, I’ll fix your car for you.” Nino repiled.

With that Nino dumped his dishes int he sink and left the dining room.

“Ah, Nino he’s like this, he doesn’t like to show off how smart he is.” Jun said as he watched Nino leave the house.

“Who is he actually?” Sho asked.

“Oh he’s the founder the SK Brothers, the game company. Have you heard of it?” Jun repiled.

Sho shook his head. Gaming was not his thing.

“He’s also a genius at mechanic and engineering stuff, well and programming too, been on a couple of magazine covers already.” Jun explained.

“Ah souka, I’m sorry I don’t know about it, I guess I’m always too engrossed with work and all," Sho said as a blush crept up his face.

“What’s your job anyway?” Jun enquired.

“Ah I used to study economics, but eventually I took up law and became a lawyer...” Sho replied.

“Ah a lawyer! Oh so are you the Sakurai in Fredman & Sakurai?” Jun raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

“Ah yes I am...” Sho was clearly still embarrassed from the faux pas he made earlier.

He spent the night with the other 4 chatting about random things and watching them play Kaibutsu Kart against each other. He couldn’t help but felt a ping of jealousy when he saw how obvious it was that Aiba and Jun were boyfriends. And of course Ohno’s and Nino’s outright show of affection for each other made him worst. ‘Wait, what am I thinking, I’m only been with them for half a day and I’ve also changed into a gay???’ But the more he thought, the worst his infatuation for Jun became. He did have a guy senior he liked a lot in high school, and he had never taken any interest to woman, but still... it was hard to accept that fact. Yet the truth was he had already fallen head over heels with Jun. The sexy hips, the mischievous winks, the meticulous attitude when he prepared the food... It didn’t help that despite Aiba being attached to Jun’s side, Jun was still constantly and purposely oozing sexyness to seduce him. ‘It’ll be all over in the morning when Nino fixes the car for me and I get to the town.’ So he thought.

Sakurai couldn’t have been more wrong in his life unfortunately, for when Nino got his car fixed and he finally drove to the small town, he got shock after shock.

The first shock was when he stepped into a harmless looking Chinese restaurant for lunch. The waiter was none other than Jun’s lover... or not. After inquiring, he realised that the resturant was ran by Aiba’s family, and he was indeed served by Aiba’s younger brother. ‘No wonder they looked so alike!’

After lunch, Sakurai visited the arts and handicraft center, hoping to get some gifts to thank his rescuers for last night. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, the first person he bumped into was none other then than ice fisherman. Who was all too pleased to overload him with all sorts of technical details about the art and handicraft pieces. He ended up spending the entire afternoon with Ohno, too polite to stop his enthusiastic rumble. He did get an armload of free souvenirs in return though. Ohno seems all too happy to let Sakurai have anything he fancied for free. Upon inquiring how Ohno makes a living if he keeps giving out freebies though, Ohno merely chuckled and replied with a mysterious “Saaa~”. Before he left the art center, Ohno shoved him a coupon. [1 free cocktail] - Bar Lapin - the coupon said. Sho made a mental note to himself to visit the place after dinner.

The long awaited dinner at Marvellous Italian Restaurant did not disappoint. The waiters were cheerful and friendly, and the appetizer was delicious. He was just thinking about how perfect the evening was when his first course arrived. Staring at him was a plate of rice and seafood.

“Your seafood risotto sir.” The waiter said with a flourish.

“Wait a minute, I ordered pasta, not this!” He was even more perplexed when a waiter arrived with a bottle of wine for him to taste when he was certain he didn’t order it. He was going to voice his complains once more when the waiter passed him a note.

“You already tried my pasta, you should try something else. You said you like clams right? Oh and enjoy the wine. -Jun”

Shocked beyond words, Sho thanked the waiters serving him as he tried to digest the information. So this Jun was the owner of the Italian restaurant, and he had absolutely no idea. So much so for considering himself as a gourmet.... and he was still happily talking about food with Jun last night. Just what an embarrassment he had been! Jun must have been thoroughly amused with him! There goes his hope of landing a boyfriend... Wait, Jun has a boyfriend already... he mentally slapped himself as he dug his spoon into the risotto.

The small town was quint with beautiful European styled buildings. After asking a few locals, Sho arrived at Bar Lapin. When he showed the bartender the coupon he received from Ohno however, the bartender frowned in confusion. “Erm... please wait a minute.” The bartender replied before disappearing into a backroom, leaving Sho standing stupidly at the door.

A few minutes passed before a booming loud “Ah Sho-kun!” was heard. From the back of the bar came Aiba, dressed smartly with a vest and bow tie, and a smile that could eclipse even the sun. “How did you know I work here?”

“Eh... the coupon...”

“Oh yes how forgetful of me! How did you get it? Did Nino give it to you this morning?”

“Ah no I got it from Ohno actually...”

“Ah souka” Breathy laughs escaping the bartender’s mouth.

“Yeah what about the coupon actually? Just now when I showed the other bartender he just frowned at me...”

“Well actually, there is no such coupon.”

“Eh really?!?!”

“Nino made it some time back because he was bored. As a practical joke or something. But I ended up treating him every time he comes anyway... that stingy bastard $#@$#@$...!” Aiba was laughing most delightfully, Sho really didn’t think he hated Nino, despite the fanciful name calling. A strang expression of affection perhaps?

“Don’t worry, drinks on me, now what would you like?”

It was the most bizarre but pleasant holidayI had, Sho thought as he flopped in his bed that night in the hotel. Meeting each of the housemates one by one in town was quite a... shocking experience. Well he didn’t get to see Jun though. Which wasn’t a bad thing since Sho felt that he would not be able to control himself if he meets Jun once again. Oh and Nino, he didn’t meet Nino after that brat fixed his car.

Sho left the hotel the next morning after breakfast to drive home. It was a short but eventful weekend trip that he’d be unlikely to forget in a long time.

He failed to notice that the hotel was under Kazunari Corporations.

A Year Later...
In the bustling office of Fredman & Sakurai...

“Sakurai-san, here’s the research report of Kazunari Corporations. The CEO is a young man by the name of Ninomiya Kazunari, he also owns a gaming company called SK Brothers," Sho's secretary informed him.

Hmm... somehow the name sounded familiar, but Sho couldn’t figure out where he heard it before. But it didn’t really matter to Sho. They were his client and that was what mattered more.

“Junko, what time are we meeting them again?” Sho asked.

“We’re meeting them in a private bungalow at 7pm tonight. I heard their CEO bought his personal chief over to cook for us! Gosh how rich he must be to have his own personal chief!” Junko gushed on whie Sho frowned at his new, overly enthusiastic assistant.

As Sho stepped into the bungalow, he was greeted by the sight of a young brat smirking at him. It all came back to him now, the yellow haired mechanic called Nino (ah, its short of Ninomiya, how come I didn’t think of the earlier!) who repair his car. The brat who kept winning at Kaibutsu Kart even though the rest where clearly ganging up on him. His hair was back to a normal black now, but he was 100% positive it was the same person.

“Ah Sakurai-san, you’re here at last. Maybe you’d like to tell the kitchen staff what you’d like to eat.” Nino instructed.

Sho was about to protest and say that he'll eat anything as long as it was delicious when Nino winked at him and looked in the direction of the kitchen.

Following the aroma of food, Sho arrived in the kitchen to see none other then Jun. Looking as sexy as ever as he swayed his body while cooking the pasta.

“Jun...” Sho whispered.

“I thought you’d never come,” Jun winked as he turned of the heat and placed the pasta on to the plate.

While Sho was still standing rooted to the ground, Jun made a move and gave Sho a peak on the lips. “I know you love me.”

“But... but... what about Aiba?” Sho asked.

“He doesn’t mind, as long as you don’t mind sharing that is...” Jun said as he gave Sho another kiss.

Sho was dumbfounded. He had tried his best to forget the holiday, to forget about Jun, but now here Jun was, literally giving him a marriage proposal. Or at least a proposal to start dating.

“Come on, don’t be so shy...” Jun cooed again.

A third kiss. This time Sho responded, parting his lips to let Jun in before wresting control into Jun’s. There and then, Sho knew this was what he wanted all along. What he should have been, and will forever be. All the time he trying to convince himself that he was straight were just lies, someone he could never be. It was love at first sight, but it just felt right with Jun. Like a wild animal caged up for too long, his instincts went wild at being release as he completely dominated Jun.

“Mou ii! I’ll go make instant noodles myself..!” Nino complained.

The new found couple hastily broke apart to discover a smirking Nino video taping them from the kitchen door.

“Oi Nino!!!!!!!!” Sho screamed, causing a panicked Junko to rush into the kitchen.

“Don’t worry, it’ll just be between the 5 of us ne?” He smirked again before leaving for the living room.

“Wait... what 5 of us?” Sho asked.

“Will you come and stay with me?” Jun whispered in Sho’s ear.

“Please, go out to the dining room and wait, I will serve dinner shortly.” Jun said while ushering Junko and Sho out of the kitchen.

Just before Sho left the kitchen, he turned to Jun and said “Hai, wakarimashita.” And then Sho winked.

~ The End! ~

A/N: Seems like there’s a lot of people winking at the end eh? :X I think I veered too far off the sakumoto in the middle but... sorry! I hope you enjoyed the story! I mixed in bits of their drama here and there... hope I wasn’t too long winded, the story ended up much longer then I originally intended. :X

New A/N: Although this is a one-shot I liked the story so much that I'm actually working on a sequel/series based off this story... Not sure how long that'll take to complete though :X
coolohoh: Biohazard (Default)
Title: Police and Thief
Pairing: Ohmiya
Written for the contest by [ profile] saigo_no_lady. Sorry this is really late! Was busy with my report and poster and… yeah excuses excuses. I know I’m a bad procrastinator ><
Prompt: Non-AU, Because Ohno never gives in to Nino's requests (for dinner, buying him drinks/things, etc.), Nino pranks him/tries to trick him into doing it.
Length: One-shot (Around 2.2k words)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: There are some bits of truth here and there, but pretty much everything else is a result of my imagination. You know, we all 'own' Arashi in our hearts and minds ;) so there XD
Authors notes: This is my very 1st fic that i've actually completed and posted! I hope it fits the prompt... hope you’ll enjoy it! XD

Nino has been very grumpy lately. Very, very grumpy indeed.

Nintendo Wii U is being released in two months and Arashi have NOT been chosen as the product image. That means no preview of the new console, no free testings (heck, in fact, they were PAID to test out the console + games), and more importantly, no free Wii U set. Its not that he can't afford to by a set on his own... rather, its that he wants it for FREE. And hassle FREE at that. Previously with the Wii not only did each of them receive a free set, they also got it ahead of the release. Something that every avid gamer would be proud of. Not only did he skipped the queues, he had gotten it a whole week ahead of everyone else! Nino's mood turn sour the moment he thought about the Wii U though. How could they kick Arashi out? Pfffft! Millions of fans worldwide watched their commercials the last time round... 'They don't want us? Its their loss then! Pfffft!'. No way he was going to join in the queue for the new console. In fact, he didn’t even feel like paying for the console… after how Nintendo abandoned them. But he DID want the new console. And he wanted it on the release day… His mood turned really sour the moment he thought of that.

And as if his irritation with Nintendo isn't enough, leader hasn’t been of much help either. His favorite 'soft toy' has been ignoring his calls, messages... just about everything. He had retaliated by ignoring leader - not touching and groping leader as he always used to. He was expecting leader to miss him, to ask him what's wrong, pay more attention to him etc etc... But NO! Leader didn’t miss him at all, and probably wouldn’t even have noticed the absence of skinship if not for that magazine interview. He would have gone right up and punch Ohno squarely in the face if not for J's menacing glare and Sakurai’s concerned look.

Revenge. That’s exactly what Nino wants right now. Revenge on leader for always turning down his lunch and dinner requests. Revenge for treating their skinship relationship so lightly. And most importantly, he has to think of a way to get his hands on the Wii U. On the release date. And for free. Nino’s devious minds started going into overdrive thinking of the possibilities.

The coming week would see the last of their beautiful world concert. And since it was reasonably close to Sho’s birthday, the four of them have decided to do something special for Sho’s birthday. It would be his 30th birthday and the 1st time they celebrate it in concerts after all.

"Why don’t we sing his solo? You know TABOO, we can find some policemen outfits and wear them and…" Aiba started rambling on and on in his excitement.

"Policemen? Maybe if it's girls it might be better…" Ohno drawled.

"Eh? Girls? You mean policewomen outfits? I. Will. NOT. Wear. It." Jun immediately declared.

"Ja J you can wear the normal policemen outfit and the rest of us shall wear mini skirts," Nino said.

And so it was decided. Both the outfits, and Nino’s devious plans.

The day before the concert:

They had all sneaked out after the dinner to go and record the video to be used at the opening of the TABOO song – similar to what Sho had for his solo, but this one being a lot less serious. Ohno’s part was the last to be film – Nino had seen that it would be this way. Only Nino and Ohno were left in the filming location, MatsuJun and Aiba had already gone back to their hotel rooms, just in case Sho discovers them missing and suspects something amiss. Just as they wrapped up the filming, the assistant came in and asked Ohno to go to the dressing room and try out the outfit. Somehow the outfit they had tried out last week had gone missing and he should try if the new outfit they got would fit.

Ohno had just finished trying on the outfit. It was really weird for the outfit to go missing like that. Who would steal a plastic, mini skirt, hideous looking outfit anyway? Ok maybe the fangirls would love it, but if there was some kind of fangirl invasion, their whole concert wardrobe would have gone missing… and they’ve been working with the staff for many years and they were very organized, very efficient. It was hard to image them screwing up things like this… either way they managed to get an identical replacement so that was fine…

Just as Ohno was happily mulling in his thoughts, he was startled by the slamming of the door. Ohno looked up to see the assistant nowhere in sight… (seems like he spaced out for some time again). Instead, standing in front of the door was a evil look, smirking Nino.

"Oh-chan~" Nino called out in his sing-song voice which was usually reserved for when he has something bad in mind.

Ohno started panicking and moving towards the door.

"Oh-chan~ where do you think you are going?" Nino sang as he tackled Ohno in flying swoop that landed both of them awkwardly on the sofa.

"Oi! Get off me!" Ohno squirmed around as he tried to get out of Nino’s death grip.

"Oh-chan, do you miss me?" Nino asked.


"Oh-chan~" Nino continued singing as he slowly slid off leader’s body and onto the floor.

He stopped when his hands reach Ohno’s mini skirt…

"Tell me, do you miss me?" Nino was getting impatient by now…

"Eh? Yes yes but…" Ohno hesitated.

Nino couldn’t take it anymore. He loosened the zip of the mini skirt and flipped it up.

"What are you doing!" Ohno gasped. "Nino please! We have a concert tomorrow!"

Nino ignored his protest and started pulling off Ohno’s briefs. Ohno pulled around just in time to see Nino pulling apart his asscheeks and pulling gently into his butthole.

"Nino please stop it," Ohno was getting desperate by now.

Despite all his nonchalance towards work, he deadly serious about concerts. In particular, he had put a lot of effort into the dance moves for his solo and there was no way he was going to screw that up because of a sore backside.

"Hmm, why should I stop? You been very naughty lately… ignoring my calls… not replying my messages…" *smack smack smack* with each phrase Nino gave a resounding whack on Ohno’s round butt cheeks.

"Please, please! I’ll do anything for you! You can fuck me the whole night some other day, just not the night before a concert!" Ohno was getting rather desperate by now, noted Nino with a smirk.

Just what he needed really.

Nino slowly laid down on top of Ohno once more and whispered in his ears.

"Ne, you know there’s a new game console coming up? You can always buy that for me… and I want it on the release day… and YOU have to buy it for me ok?" Ohno nodded slowly and responsed as if he was contemplating the offer.

But Nino would buy any of it.

"Ja, 7th of March I’ll be waiting for your present." With that Nino stood up, gave Ohno his trademark wink salute and was gone.

"Eh? For real?" Ohno stood up, still dazed by the encounter.

He changed out of the policemen outfit while pondering how he was going to get his hands on the new console on the release day… wait? What console did he even say it was? Damn that brat!

One month later…

Nino was grumpy. Again. He could have had the entire week off to his games if not for that stupid job right smack in the middle of the week. What’s worst, it starts really early in the morning. What’s even worst? He didn’t even know what job it was! It couldn’t be any of their regular programs, since they had recorded episodes well in advance in anticipation of the busy schedules of Ohno and Aiba with their individual dramas coming up… His manager had refused to tell him what’s coming up, and none of the members said anything either.

"Ohayo" Nino greeted his bandmates half heartedly as he stepped into the green room.

He usually wasn’t bad in the mornings, but after gaming till 4am everday for 5 days straight waking up at 6am didn’t go very well with him. His greeting was returned buzz of ‘Ohayo’ greetings… seems like he reached the latest today. Ohno’s gaze meet his and Ohno gave him a secretive, evil-yet-pleased smirk. Before Nino had time for his half fogged mind to process what’s going on, the staff came and shooed them off to change and do makeup.

When Nino stepped into the set, his eyes were still half closed and he was dreaming about his warm blanket – so nice and comfy and nothing could beat that, except maybe Oh-chan’s warm embrace…

"Nino, wakey wakey!" Nino looked up to see four concerned pair of eyes looking at him.

"Been playing till 4am again?" Jun gave Nino an unapproving ‘you did it again’ look.

"Nonono I didn’t" Nino growled… then his eyes suddenly widened at the sight of the item behind the rest of his teammates.

All his tiredness forgotten, Nino sprint up to the item and gave a triumphant shout.

"YATTA!"I Sitting quietly on the table, looking so pristine and enticing was the Wii U set.

Nino turned around to see the rest of Arashi giving him a really amused look.

He gave Ohno a questioning look, but leader merely looked away and said "Arashi no chikara wa sugoi na…"

Two weeks later…

Nino was sitting at home and brooding over when his Wii U set would arrive. He had shamelessly requested the Nintendo people for a free set and even hinted that it’ll be great if he could get to play the set again before it was released. Thankfully the Nintendo staffs were happy to fulfill his requests, and promised a free set for each member. In exchange, Arashi would mention the console on their TV talks at random; as they often did with the other products they did advertisements for. Their CMs had just started airing the day before, and that left Nino with hardly any mood to play any of his current games. He was just contemplating the idea of going out, yes, physically stepping out of the house, when the doorbell rang.

He was greeted with the sight of leader looking very nervous and holding and huge package.

As he let Ohno in his house, something seemed to click in his mind and he gasped "Wait! Is that my Wii U?"

By the time Ohno gave his sleepy, shy nod, Nino had already dashed across the distance from his front door to the coffee table where Ohno had placed the precious package and started ripping the wrapping paper open. His eyes were simply dancing in delight at the sight of his beloved game console. He rushed over and was about to hug Ohno in joy when his mind finally untangled itself from the sheer rush of euphoria.

"Wait, is THIS why my set took so long to get delivered?" Nino asked.

Ohno pouted and looked most offended.

"You wanted me to get it for you personally didn’t you? And for your information, the rest of us will only get our sets tomorrow when we meet for AnShi fliming…" Ohno informed him.

"And the CM?" Nino asked.

"Erm… I just got our manager to ask…" Ohno said as his voice trailed off.

"I thought they didn’t want us anymore…?" Ohno questioned.

"Eh?" Ohno was surprised this time. "Really? But when I talked to them over the phone they were…"

"Wait you actually called them and asked about the CM??!?!?!" Nino exclaimed.

"Erm yeah… you mean I can’t do that?" Ohno said as he cocked his head to the side.

"No nothing…" Nino sighed in content as he gave leader a bear hug.

"Thank you Samii," Nino said as he buried his face in the crook of Ohno’s neck.

He continued leaning on Ohno and eventually pushed the both of them down onto the sofa.

"Ano ne leader… you still owe me one night…" Nino smirked.

"But it's only 11am now…" Ohno protested.

"Doesn’t matter! You owe me a day and a night! Come get dressed…!" Nino said.


Nino got up and dragged Ohno into his bedroom and happily showed leader the outfit he’s been ‘safekeeping’ for the past weeks.

"What??? So you’re the one who stole my outfit? So you planned the whole thing from the start????" Ohno exclaimed.

Nino just gave a knowing smirk, "Now come get dressed, I missed our cop…"

"I will not!"

"Yes you will"

"No I wont! And you’re a thief!"

"I’m not! I’m only borrowing the outfit"

"Yeah right….!"

Soon the pair were lying in a tangle of limbs and trying to tackle/tickle each other into submission on the bedroom floor….

Hopefully you enjoyed the story... and the ending? I'll leave it up to your imagination what happens next ne? :P

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