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Just what... two more weeks or so till the year ends (and I can start using my Are You Happy? planner.)

The end of the year is a pretty great time to do a little reflection excersise.... And since I'm going on holiday from Sunday, and I've yet to pack anything... Thought I'd try to get my online posts all done today so yeah. Pardon my two posts in a row thing.

So... I'll pose a question in bold, then answer it for myself... Then you can answer the questions in bold in your comments as well. How does that sound? Questions will include both personal and Arashi related questions. I'm taking my questions and modifying them from this post, in case you're interested. (If you're a iOS/mac user, Day One is a superb journelling app, love it tons. Do give it a look!)

Are we ready?

Let's go!

Bokutachi no reflection )

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Welcome to 2016...!

At least, it's 2016 in Japan already. Will be 2016 here in Sg too, in less than an hour.

Yes yes. I'm spamming that same tessellation shape design that I took eons to make in illustrator everyone. (Yes, I even sent that same photo to my whatsapp convo with my colleague... And yes, unsup is in that convo... LOL)

Yeah, I do have a bunch of other things to talk about... but not in this post. This post shall purely be for the purpose of welcoming 2016.

That's all for now! :)

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