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Jan. 22nd, 2015 10:13 am
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Woke up to find the Nino's starring in a new drama. Interesting. Too lazy to read the article properly/translate it though... :P

Not a bad start to the year for Nino eh? First he did orient express and now he has another drama. Oh and he has that Haha to kurashieba movie too. Wow. It's gonna be a busy year for Nino eh? Drama and movie filming.

In contrast the other 4 has nothing lined up for them yet this year? Hmmm...
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Ahhh murder on orient express. I could not bring myself to read the book previously, but after watching half an episode yesterday, I finally did. It's a pretty short book, just 137 pages long on the pdf that I obtained.

I must say that the drama follows the book pretty closely, with some changes being made as to the length of the story and changing the whole thing into Japanese... Well watching it raw was really a bit of a stretch. I would have preferred my dramas with Chinese subs, but yyets seems to have closed down? I discovered yesterday, but it seems that I have to watch it online, and with a program (not even sure if the program runs on mac) so I shouldered on with the raws last night. Only got to just past the hour mark though, then I opted to head to bed. Reading the book now, it makes me want to rewatch the drama to see if I can pick up more of their conversation that I had missed. But it sure is interesting, the drama. Looking forward to seeing how the 2nd night of the drama goes.

Sakura. The new single. Now this is interesting. Arashi singing for Toma's drama. I wonder if this was often done by other JE artists? But well we know it's a first for Arashi. It's interesting to analyse what Johnny-san/JE is thinking/planning behind the move. Has Toma finally gotten, or earned enough reputation for JE to lend him Arashi's star power? I mean like Arashi's name earns big bucks for JE and it's not something that they would lend out lightly for sure. Not to demean Toma or anything! I'm really glad he's doing well. It's good to see that he's still able to do so well despite being undebuted. Like Kazama Shunsuke. I liked that kid when watching Hachi Jidai J, you know that junior show with Hiromi and all of Arashi minus Ohno? There were so many juniors from that time who were so active and probably really popular too, but have now quit JE because of various reasons. Many citing that JE rules were too restrictive, they were not given many chances etc. So it makes me glad to see that there are people who didn't get debut but are still able to flourish/make a living in JE. Like Kazama-kun? I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was still in JE when he guested on VSA quite some time ago. That's one cute guy. And looking at drama wiki now, he acted in four dramas last year. That's pretty good eh? It's good to know that it's just those few groups that can survive in JE IMO. Am I making any sense? JE can be a really tough place to be in, you only need to do a quick google search to find out about the lenghty periods of times when the kansai juniors were neglected to know how unfair it can be. Yet at the same time, it's not bad either. Juniors have their own TV shows, junior concerts, loads of chances and opportunities to grow. Debuted artists gets loads of support from the company, securing concert venues, holding concerts, publicity - and often riding on the sucess of older and more popular groups to pull the new groups up... You really can't say that JE treats them badly at all. Quite the contrary even. Like Arashi was given quite a lot of room to come up with ideas and such for their own concerts even in their rather early days, before they became the super, national idols that they are now...

Ah I'm starting to ramble so I'll stop here. Plus it's time for me to get off work so cya all next time!
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I bring you another news article translation! Pardon me if there are any mistakes! m(_ _)m

Ninomiya Kazunari, Anne and Mitani will take part in a drama [Murder on Orient Express] together

Mr Mitani Kouki wrote the script for the Fuji Television's 55th anniversary special program, [Murder on Orient Express]. It was revealed during the press conference on the 14th that Ninomiya Kazunari from the popular group Arashi, actress Anne, Tamaki Hiroshi, Sawamura Ikki, and Fujimoto Takahiro will be taking part in a work by Mitani for the first time.

The original work is a famous mystery novel by Agatha Christie published in 1934. The setting has been changed to the early Showa era in Japan, in a period where Showa Modan just blossomed, a murder occurred in an extravagant train, and the famous detective Suguro Takeru will solve the mystery.

Ninomiya, who will act as the victim's secretary 幕内平太 (Makuuchi Heita*). He is surprised by the offer to participate in Mitani's works for the first time, "I thought I would only be an audience of Mitani's works, I was surprised when I was called." Of Ninomiya's past acting performances, Mitani says "It is really good. That was sort of an audition already. (Ninomiya is) warped, I am looking forward to the strange feeling."

Anne will act as the wife of the diplomat 安藤伯爵 (Andou Hakujyaku*), which is played by Tamaki. She deeply feels that, "I knew Mitani-san from young through my family. I never imagined that when I grow up I would be able to act has one of the characters in his works." Sawamura will act as the army colonel 能登巌 (Noto Iwao*). In order to prepare for his role, he lost 5 kg in 3 months, and kept a mustache. On his first participation in Mitani's works, he says while trembling with fear, "The pressure is really great!".

Besides that, Matsushima Nanako will act as the private tutor 馬場舞子 (Baba Maiko*), Ikematsu Sousuke will act as the fountain pen seller 羽佐間才助 (Hazama Kan Saisuke*), Yagi Akiko will act as the church worker 呉田その子 (Kureta Sonoko*), Fuji Sumiko will act as the Madam Hatori*, Kusabue Mitsuko will act as Marquess Todoroki*, Aoki Sayaka will act as Marquess Todoroki's* maid, Kobayashi Takashi will act as the victim's butler, Sasano Takashi will act as the surgeon Suda*, Nishida Toshiyuki will act as the Orient Express train conductor, Nishida's boss will be acted by Takahashi Katsumi and so on and so forth. Also, Mansai Nomura has been picked for the role of the famous detective Suguro Takeru as previously reported.]

This drama will be aired over two consecutive nights in the coming spring. On the first night, the script will follow the original works closely, and on the second night, the drama will be an original work by Mitani showing the "Reverse" of the incident.

*I am not sure of how the names are actually supposed to be pronounced in the drama!

Link to the original article:

Also for those who are interested, the information about the original detective novel is available on wikipedia.
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Part 1 is over here!

Let's continue with part 2 now!
Of ADs and reality... )

And that was all for this week’s Nino-san! I hope you enjoyed it!

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So I had planned to do this earlier today. But a brunch turned shopping trip turned out being way longer than I initially anticipated. And I collapse dead (read: asleep) on the bed from 7pm till like… 9:45pm so...

Arghs I’m still almost a whole month behind in my Arashi TV shows watching, but its been too long since I did a review, and this episode of Nino-san seems really fun, so here I am!

Also we’ll… Let me throw in some advertisement!

I decided to go into subbing! And maybe… about a month after I just started in a group, I decided to strike it out on my own and make my own subbing community. You might have already heard of it/joined already but anyways… DNA! An eccentric little group set up by eccentric little me. Read and follow the membership post to join, thank you. I hate it when people miss out stuff… its faster for me to accept people than reject, but reject people I will. Well just be sure to follow all the instructions and you won’t have trouble getting in!

There has been a lot of new subbing groups recently so I’d try not to do reviews of stuff that’s already been subbed…. so enough of this talk, I bring you my first review of Nino-san!

Its BRATTY Nino-san time! )

Well that’ll have to go in part two I guess! 

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*throws confetti*

Whee! According to my own stats this would be my 30th Arashi bangumi review! *claps*
A quick glance at my picasa web albums shows that I have close to 6000 screenshots uploaded! Woots! This is… unbelievable! I really take that many screenshot? >< Wow!

Anyhow… after all those reviews of stuff that aired long ago… I finally bring you something recent! Last week's TSD Aiba and Nino cut! It’s a short one though, just 22 minutes of video. I know the show is a 2 hour SP, but I’m too lazy to review the whole episode :P Too bad kekeke…

Hmm I hope this Aiba cut won’t be too messy… I watched last’s week’s 3 hour SP TSD Aiba cut, and it was kinda… jumping all over the place at some parts. Well it IS Aiba cuts only after all ne? ><  A special double release today! Let’s go!

EDIT: Wow, looks like i went over board with the screen shots again? LJ forced me to split this into two posts!

Its animal time! )

The rest in Part 2!

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Sorry for the huge two month break ne? >< Work and laziness really got to me. I'd end up lying on the bed after work and dinner, use the phone a bit, and then sleep. A whole week passes by and I'd realise I didn’t use my lappy at all >< And I end up surfing LJ at work during my free time, where I unfortunately can't watch shows and do reviews... But I'm finally getting it finished now! Merely halfway through the show but still...

Nino grumbles at being made to wait 2 months )

Next part coming later today is out! :P

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