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A ninosan review on Nihongo Manabu:

Took me really long to do it... included in some vocab too. It's meant to be a really brief review, but it ended up longer than I initially planned to again. Because I'm just too darn long winded. It's not a play by play review like what I did previously, since this is for the Nihongo Manabu site. I focused more on the content of the show, things that might appeal to the general audience who don't know about Arashi. Still you should check it out though, the behind the scene stories of the various jobs are interesting!

Alright. Just two weeks till my Philippines trip. I don't have enough time! Arghs!
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Part 1 is over here!

Let's continue with part 2 now!
Of ADs and reality... )

And that was all for this week’s Nino-san! I hope you enjoyed it!

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So I had planned to do this earlier today. But a brunch turned shopping trip turned out being way longer than I initially anticipated. And I collapse dead (read: asleep) on the bed from 7pm till like… 9:45pm so...

Arghs I’m still almost a whole month behind in my Arashi TV shows watching, but its been too long since I did a review, and this episode of Nino-san seems really fun, so here I am!

Also we’ll… Let me throw in some advertisement!

I decided to go into subbing! And maybe… about a month after I just started in a group, I decided to strike it out on my own and make my own subbing community. You might have already heard of it/joined already but anyways… DNA! An eccentric little group set up by eccentric little me. Read and follow the membership post to join, thank you. I hate it when people miss out stuff… its faster for me to accept people than reject, but reject people I will. Well just be sure to follow all the instructions and you won’t have trouble getting in!

There has been a lot of new subbing groups recently so I’d try not to do reviews of stuff that’s already been subbed…. so enough of this talk, I bring you my first review of Nino-san!

Its BRATTY Nino-san time! )

Well that’ll have to go in part two I guess! 

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