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It's been a long week...

JLPT tmr and I have no doubt about how I'm going to fail N1. Cos I was too greedy and decided to skip N2... And cos real life has been taking too much of a toll on me and I've not been able to find the enegy to study.

I actually had some time on my hands this week since I took sick leave from work on Thurs and Fri... But well... I was sick. And just unable to concentrate on getting those Japanese grammar into my thick head. So yeah... All the time wasted. Still not really well now... But better... At least I'm able to function... I just felt like curling up in bed all day on thurs and fri... It's amazing how some food poisoning related contipation and bloatedness can make you feel so bad... I couldn't even sleep at night... Hence the reason why I raised the white flag and went to the doctor....


Power of the Paradise!

Nope, I didn't watch the whole Music Day show... But I did see Arashi's Power of the Paradise performance and boy do I love that song!

So cheerful, upbeat, hopefull... And unlike Akashi, this one is fast paced. I love fast paced songs. Is it... club or something? Music genres... *shrugs*

I've updated nihongo manabu with a post about the new single. Upcoming new single at least. Please check out the post! XD

As I was researching for the post... Arashi just... Amazes me. It's the 5th bloodly hell time Sho would be covering for the olmypics... And it's the 6th time Arashi is providing the NTV Olympics theme song. Just... blows your mind doesn't it?


That's all from me for now! 
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Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

As you probably already know, since Japan celebrates it on the western new year, this year is the Year of the Monkey.

(And yes, Ohno is born in the Year of the Monkey, 36 years ago...)

Nothing much to say... Except that I somehow managed to clobber together some posts for Nihongo Manabu. I made a quiz. A comprehension quiz. Though the questions are really elementary. Can't be helped with that kind of easy passage I wrote. Then again I did wanted it to be basic.

Have to tidy up the site a little, and put things in the right places (a new master post for quizzes/practice questions maybe?)... But that will have to wait till... tmr or something.

That's all for now. Do visit NM if you're free. Nights!
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Gosh! The weather is so hot. I’m melting. Seriously. I don’t feel like doing anything but stay under the shower of cold water all day…

30th of Aug.

Counting down till the day of the Apple keynote.

And well… elections in Singapore on the 11th of Sept too. But really all I care now is for my new comp. Hopefully in less than 3 weeks? 


And of course.


How could I forget? It’s MJ day today! Happy birthday MatsuJun! May you stay stoic forever! (?) XD 


Been a long time since I write fics… been trying but just not get inspiration. That and I’ve been busy with sprucing up NM. If you have enjoyed the site, do spread the word around, every little bit helps! ;)

Hopefully I’ll get in the mood to translate some tweets or articles soon… XD

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To edit and put in all the links for this post.

September is going to be a busy month.

Elections... which is well... meh. Because my vote has been decided long ago... So I'll just need to get to the voting center and draw my X

Then of course, there's the Apple keynote and buying of a new comp... which will leave be broke.

And then... I'll have to get my new iPhone too. Which will leave me next to penniless.

At least I've moved my office table already. Oh have I told you? I'm no longer sitting by the door. Kinda quieter... except when people mass print stuff, cos the printer is right beside. Like now. The printer is one noisy bitch. It's near to the pantry again too... so it can get noisy with discussions and stuff. At least my computer screen is only visible to a small handful of people. Which, would unfortunately, include my unsup. When she gets back that is. Still waiting on her reply before I proceed with more experiments. So I'm free for now, which explains why I can afford to spend an entire day doing affiliate links.

Still, I'm pretty happy with the move, no less because I got back my monster computer. Ok. I don't think this is the same comp as what I used before. but the same specs nonetheless. Only a 12 GB ram, but it's still 3x more than my lappy... and a 8 core processor. Yes, 8 cores. You read that right. 2.40 GHz each. Well to be fair, it's a work station. An old one but still a work station nonetheless. With a neat 21.5 inch wide screen to boot. That's big enough to fit two 100% sized word doc pages side by side. Cool eh? Who knew I'd get a new comp at work first lol. Oh wells. iMac coming up next month! Just hope that I'll get to use this comp for a long time to come.

Alright. Do check out Nihongo Manabu when you are free (Yes, I'm forever pimping the site). Plenty of new updates since I'm free now! That's all for now folks!
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It feels like it's been ages since I registered my own domain and moved NM over. In reality, it's only bee 6 days.

Not even a week.

Just 6 days...

Feels like an eternity has passed already.

Doing all the SEO stuff...

Relinking everything...

Adding all the plugins...

Writing new content...

Changing the theme and modifying the appearance...

Picking and adding widgets...

Making new categories, pages and menu items...

Adding new tags...

Signing up for various affiliate programs...

And in the middle of all that I managed to help my sis set up her online store too.

And in the middle of all that I was almost constantly cursing at my almost constantly hanging up laptop.


Well anyway... if anyone is still reading this. Do me a little favour and head over to:

And let me know if posts of that nature are helpful! Thanks!
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It was a busy few days off...

Meeting up with my friend, writing entries and fixing up the new Nihongo Manabu...

I didn't even have time to watch any Arashi show, or write any review for the site....

At least I did manage to get a lot of stuff done.

Signed up for a bunch of affiliate programs for the site - yes, I'm trying to monetise the site, since we all are poor people. But no, I can't and won't sell my Arashi translations... so I'm trying to use another avenue to do so. The site will always remain free to use... but perhaps if you're going to buy something from Amazon next time (like this bittersweet CD maybe?), or some Arashi CD/DVD from cdjapan etc... you could click on one of my links? :P I'd appreciate that loads. We do need money to pay for the site domain and hosting after all. (And contests on DNA costs $$$ to run too!)

Spent the better part of the afternoon today making a webstore with my sis for her drawings. She's selling her drawings online as A6 sized prints. Do check it out here! Yes, there's only three designs as of now... hopefully there'll be more coming up! ;)

Sometimes I really wish I could draw like my sis. I mean, just look at this!

Apart from that though... I've not been in a really good mood lately. I just keep cursing at my hanging, misbehaving laptop. And now my mouse isn't working properly too. Sigh. Need to get a new one, and send the current one for repair/replacement since it's still under warranty. Sigh. I'm kinda hesitant because with the current state of my laptop, I can't tell if it's my laptop or the mouse anymore. Either way... I'll have to get a new mouse tmr to use in the meantime. I'll need a new mouse when the iMac comes anyway. I can't freaking wait for it to come any longer... but alas, wait I must. Grrrrrrr. Planning to get the trackpad instead of the mouse for the iMac...

Sigh. *deep breath*

Just... 3 more weeks...

*deep breath*

Oh yes. I've not sorted out the photos from the Ph vacay. [ profile] aussiestorm thank you for the card and the book mark! That was just awesome! I took photos... but I'm too lazy to upload them now so... maybe next week :P Just love the fishing hook! XD
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It's done. is live!

I couldn't wait any longer. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of having a full day free at home, and used the time to move Nihongo Manabu to Sitegrounds. Now we have our own domain hurrah!!!

Already, I've added in furigana to my reading posts - something that I couldn't do when we were on

I'm exploring the plugins available, and I'll put in things like flashcards into the site soon!

Loads of exciting content coming up, so do check out the site!
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Where should I begin? There's so much stuff to do that I don't even know when to start.

I've not translated any tweets in a long time... I'd still like to translate them.

At there same time there's two and a half months of Arashi shows to watch... as well as bangumi reviews to write (for Nihongo Manabu)

There's stuff to sub too...

And then there's a webshop to make for my sis...

And then I need to prepare to move NM to our own domain... either now, or maybe when my new comp comes...

And that's not talking about the things to do at work. I've not even talked about proper work type of 'work' yet.

Oh, there's a ton of books to read too... and a ton of stuff that I need to write for NM. Yes. So many things I need to write for it...


Time to get writing...

It's always like that. When I have time, I want to binge post to my sites. Rather then schedule them. But when I don't have time... if I don't schedule the entries... there'll be no new posts forthcoming. Bleah. That's the thing about making a proper site that you want people to follow. Consistency is the key. Unlike LJ... or my other personal blogs. I do spam you guys when I'm free to post more. I just post. And post. And post when I'm free.

Sorry about that yeah.

Rights. Time to get writing!
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I guess I've been pretty productive tonight. Managed to write a few new pages for Nihongo Manabu... including an intro to japanese page. Decided to name the site Nihongo Manabu instead of Nihon Manabu... I think that'll show up better on the search engines too... and would be a more appropriate name for the site. I might change the url when we shift too... I really don't think I'll stay on for long. We'll see. For now... I have to write more content.

Been busy with the upcoming Australia family trip. Ah yes, I think I've not talked about it on LJ yet. I'll be in Aussie from the 6th till the 21st... and arghs... dad's sho-like detailedness in doing things just don't go well with me. And arghs... after so long we finally booked the hotel... the past whole week, every night... has just been bad. Even today too. Gah. Don't wanna elaborate more. But basically I was just busy. And like tonight when I'm not, I'm not even in the mood to watch any video, much less sub anything. So no, I'm afraid you wont see any update on DNA this week either.

I've got loads of plans for the Nihongo Manabu site... and there's loads of things I need to learn too. On both the tech side (things like SEO, using wordpress...), and the language side. I'll be writing lessons after all. Vocab lists are easy peasy. It's the lessons that's troublesome. Esp with that extra touch/idea that I have in mind. It'll take me a while to execute properly...

Gah... getting sleepy already. Guess I'll head to bed soon. Hope to have some update here soon... and see you on Nihongo Manabu perhaps? XD
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It's been a busy few weeks for me at work!

I've not had the time to check out LJ properly, or been in the mood to read (or write) any fics...

Finally had the afternoon to myself and decided to be hardworking, and start on the site that I've been wanting to make for a long time. It's 'open'! Nihon Manabu. I would have picked Nihon Go Manabu, but it's taken so... We now have our own domain! Yay! It's open at!

It's still a work in progress, pages are half completed, and we need to add in masterposts... and I need to write more content to act as the base for the site... but well... it's 'open'. Added in a bunch of vocab posts and that'll do for now.

Let's hope this attempt will be a successful one.

This also means that... in the future, all my vocab posts will go to Nihongo Manabu! Any other learning Japanese related stuff too! So please, do check out the site! I decided on a word press blog because it's so much more flexible than an LJ account. It's not going to be just Arashi related Japanese words anymore. I'll be posting more general stuff too. Like hiragana, katakana, how to write kanjis... etc. It's a long term project, and I plan on updating the site for years to come. So do follow the site! :)

On another note... I won! Club Roppongi won! The Arashi fanfic awards! Yay! It's a tie but who cares hahaha! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my fics. Nominated them in the first place. Thank you very much! I'm definitely still keeping the idea of turning Club Roppongi into a series in my head. But I'm not in the mood to write anything these days... so it's gonna take me forever. There's still Spy Arashi too... I know. Sigh. Why can't I write like others can? It takes me forever to write out anything! I keep getting writers block! Oh wells.

That's all for now! I've got a bunch of food p0rn pictures to share... hopefully I'll get round to it soon!

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