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Just looked at my posts tagged new year resolutions. Strange. I thought I did make a post last year but apparently not. That or it's not tagged.

Oh wells.


I think I finally have some resolutions.

- Write something everyday.
I've always wonder how people could do 30 day drabble challenges and stuff. How can you take any random prompt and turn it into something?

Well... So this year... I'd like to write more. And it can be anything. Just a random blog post, a diary entry in my private journal, or even my physical diary... Or an actual fanfic - The Chronicles, or other one shot and drabbles... Maybe I'll even take another look at Spy Arashi and see what I can do with it. Posts on Nihongo manabu count too. Like this news zero review I did yesterday. Going to do up a vocab post before I advertise it on arashi bangumi. Hopefully I can get that done tonight? Or maybe I should do up my CV and cover letter...

But anyway... Write a little something daily. If I do more drabbles, I'll hit 100 fics in no time...

- Reach an average of 100 daily views on Nihongo Manabu. It's currently still sitting at around 20-30+ views daily during normal times. Shall start doing and posting reviews on the site, hopefully that will help me attract more daily visitors.

- Divide my time between catching up with Arashi tv shows, learning web dev, and building up a new site.

I guess find a better job should be on the list too but yeah...


Jan. 16th, 2015 05:24 pm
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It's.... amusing to know how fast one of my new year's resolutions has already been fulfilled. Weibo. I think I've followed almost every major Arashi video/scans provider already, after spending some time on the site last night. All I did was search for a few weibo users whom I know to be Arashi sources (again, from the credits of another of my Arashi video source)... and from there Weibo did the rest by suggesting plenty of users for me to follow. Tada! All done. So all I need to do if I need any video source is to open up my weibo acct. Simple as that... On the other hand my hope of being active throughout the year on all the various social media platforms would be a bit harder to fulfil... well it's not too bad though... forces me to use my long forgotten Chinese a little... esp my hanyu pinyin. It's quite confusing I tell you. Sometimes I'm searching for a Japanese word, and I end up typing that Japanese pronunciation in hanyu pinyin before mentally face palming... other times I just can't recall the right hanyu pinyin for the word I have in mind. Yeah, I kinda suck at hanyu pinyin. In the time it takes for me to type like a 100 word essay, you would probably have starved to death.

I was reading bobblemon's end of the year meme a few weeks ago... I think that's a really good idea... gonna try and do that this year to see how many of my resolutions I've managed to keep...

But well, I was surprised to see that she had trouble with the kanji for N2. I assumed that she wouldn't, since she is living in Japan after all, and coming in contact with the language everyday. I'm just really glad to know Chinese. Even though it's so rusty now. All the more reason I should actually study Japanese right? And not just keep... bluffing my way through JLPT. Heck. I had a weiqi teacher (from China) last time, he passed JLPT w/o going for any Japanese lessons, and did better than the friend who asked him to sign up for the test. And he could read Japanese text w/o actually having learnt the language. I guess somehow he managed to pick up hiragana on his own or something...? But yeah... now I know how he did it. Passing JLPT with ease. Because I'm doing the exact same thing hahaha. You can say it's sort of like... abusing my knowledge of Chinese? Hahahaha!

Meh. A lot of my resolutions... like fanfic writing, updating lj etc... all depends on whether I'm busy in the lab. If I'm busy I won't have any time to sit around in the office and use the comp... and really, my LJ updates, fanfics, translations... Even reading all the ebooks... most of them are actually done during my work hours! Lol! I guess that's why I'm pretty satisfied with my work. Who wouldn't be when I have so much free time? Lol...

Okays... time to knock off! Till next time!
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I've never really found the opportunity to think of my new year's resolutions yet... though I've been keeping the issue on the back of my mind for some time now.

Here's some things I'll like to try and do this year.

1) Read a book a week/every two weeks.

So far so good, read Empire of the ants on the first week, and Murder on Orient Express yesterday. Doesn't matter if it's an ebook or a physical book, but I hope to read more this year...

2) Actually read the library books that I borrow. No returning of books unread. Try not to overborrow!

It's always like this. On the occasional visit to the library, I get to excited, checking out all the non-fiction books.... picking up all the science related titles and then borrow the maximum 6 books (or more during school holidays), and as soon as I get home, something more interesting like games and Arashi takes over, and many of the books ends up being returned unread at the end of 6 weeks. I'll try to avoid that this year and actually READ the stuff I borrow. So far so good. I actually finished the one of the books I borrowed last year before returning it last week... the other is due tomorrow, but I've actually read that book before - it's a collection of short stories by Jeffrey Archer - so I'm skiming through and re-reading those that I like. Read a little yesterday, and I'll finish up tonight and return the book tomorrow. Borrowed another two science non-fiction books recently... those two are gonna take me longer to read...

3) Be more active on social media, LJ etc... and be more consistent about it. I'll try to post something on instagram (and from there cross post to twitter, FB, tumblr...) once a week...

4) Use weibo! Been wanting to get into the Arashi weibo community for a while... at least friend those people who are always sharing Arashi goodies etc... this mission has to be completed this year! And also share random stuff on weibo while I'm updating instagram. So far I've uploaded a few pics... it's quite a sad account. I made it so long ago but it had less than 30 posts! Lol!

5) Study Japanese. At least once a week, actually practise/read all those Japanese guide books I've bought! Maybe try and read those story books too....

6) Write more fanfics, and try to finish spy arashi? Hmm I'll try. I wonder if I can hit 100 fanfics this year? That's another 40+ to go...

7) DNA wise... I'll try to have at least 1 project a month? 1 decent lengthed project.

8) Do a mixlr broadcast at least once a week.

9) Watch the Arashi shows as they come out. Ideally shows should be watched by the next week. Maximum two weeks later, unless due to vacations etc.

Ahh so many things to do when you really think about it. I'll like to improve my art too... learn programming... meddle with html...

I wonder if I can keep them. I'll try my best!

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