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so some updates... (not in chronological order)

1) nazodi movie SP... i watched the 2nd episode on channel U... a few weeks back? and boy it was hilarious... i absolutely loved how they linked all the small bits to the movie... was a fantastic movie promotion IMO

2) job interview/search... so i went for the 2nd interview like last week... and it seems pretty good... only 'negative' thing was they told me at the end that they had another candidate... ><


this morning i got an email form the HR asking for a soft copy of my ID...

that's... a good thing right?

I mean... why would they ask for the ID just to say 'sorry but we are not hiring you'?

no other info given, just asked for my ID, which i gave... crossing my fingers and hoping for the best...

3) i signed up for JLPT level N4 on tuesday. Cos my sis signed up for it... and i missed the online registration deadline... i was pondering to go down to register for it or not... when on Tuesday my boss asked me to go for this workshop in her place... and guess what? the location was just beside the JPLT registration place... so yup, no more hesitations... i just signed up for the test... 1st of Dec. now i just need to find some time to study. >< Paid $57 bucks for it so i'd better do well... (extra $2 for the hard copy consent form :(, next time i gotta register online)

4) still not started writing my fics yet... just got a lovely idea... but its kinda for ohmiya rather than the two yama stories i'm supposed to write... dang >< maybe i can tweak it around a little...? :P
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AKA Nazodi. Its translated as the after dinner mysteries in Sg... and boy i was so surprised when i saw kazamatsuri keibu on channel U erm... two nights ago? I was like OMG FK isnt the drama over already (they showed it on channel u, a Singapore tv channel a few months back)??? Then i watched the CM, with my heart bursting in excitement to realise that OMG they are showing the pre-movie SPs (ok, what are those called?) on Chnl U this Sun, 8:30pm! I was like OMGFK!!! 8:30pm on Sunday! that's got to be a good slot right??? way better than the 11pm sat that the drama was shown on at least. Means that the drama must have gathered a fairly good viewership rating... and indeed, sho has been appearing quite a bit on iweeky and all, esp after the movie promotion in singapore...

and yes...

i'm glad to report that i went to support sho today! watched the movie (in the cinema yes! 2nd arashi movie ever!) with my sis + her friend, same combi the went for nino's platinum data yup. the movie was soooo soooo hilarious omg. and the scenes that were shot in sg! there's quite a bunch of it! made me pleasantly surprised. i thought it'll just be some short scenes, stuffed randomly in the middle, to be forgotten once you left the cinema... but alas! (ok, bad spoilers ahead) the whole ending part was in Sg! Now surely you cant forget that!!! its no wonder that they came sg to promote the movie! quite a huge chunk of sg was shown! :) *ish pleased* we went into the cinema a little late, but not too late, since they were just introducing the hosho reiko part, like they always do at the start of the drama. but i was kinda concerned on how much we missed still... then when the nazodi song, wait, i mean meikyu love song, came on... i was like... wait, ending already? where did sg go to! wanted to check my watch to see how much of the movie is left, but my watch had no night + my phone was in my bag and its battery was dying, so yeah, i'd figured i'd just sit tight and enjoy the last of the movie... been so conditioned by the drama that meikyu love song = end of drama ya know? then came the whole sg chunk... quite a sizeable bit really, and made me so pleased. the whole movie was really really funny, and there were tons of laughter in the crowd. a really small crowd (small cinema too, since viewership is not high). they didnt have many show times to choose from either, but hey! at least its showing in sg right? ;)

They did a great job with the movie imo. They followed the style of the drama (ok, i've not watched that many movies so my comments may sound stupid), you know, the usual cutscenes for the interviewing of suspects etc... at the start there was loads of clear reminders of the drama. then later on things got more exciting and i stopped thinking that 'hey, xxx part is just like in the drama' and stuff, and started getting drawn into the story. Of course the usual kageyama trademarks were there, and gosh at the start kageyama's blatant insults towards reiko was hilarious. But overall, it was a great mix between a drama and a movie (am i making sense here?) and i enjoyed it loads. As with the drama, the logic is fine IMO, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Its not like sherlock holmes or something, so if you think you're in for a detective movie, think again. Oh and gosh, their english is just hilarious. Serious! i understand their japanese like 100x better than i can understand their english... honest...! but its no biggie i guess... i just wished the Eng subs remained when they were speaking English... instead of it changing to just japanese subs... i cant read japanese that fast ya know :X. It was chinese subbed too, but i was just listening and reading the eng subs. i'd say the subs are pretty good, though ii could almost understand the whole thing w/o the subs. i think. its kind of a simultaneous thing though, so i cant say exactly how i'd have fared w/o the subs... but i do feel pretty proud of myself for understanding most of the parts. Its like, the order of saying things would be reverse in the eng subs, and i understand their japanese + can anticipate the next line of the eng subs kind of thing?

ok... so much stuff to say but i cant get the words out all of a sudden. guess the lack of sleep is finally getting to me. reached to lab at 6:40am to harvest the cells for the xenograft study. tired... and i guess my adrenaline is running out...

sorry of the disorganized long rant! :P


Nov. 4th, 2012 12:53 am
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Happiness is being able to watch kageyama on my big TV screen! yesh! My mum wasnt watching smthing else which was great! and she even asked me to record it for her... though she was kinda watching at the same time as well... she keeps insisting that she's watched it before and this is a replay... though i seriously have no idea where she could have possibly watched it from... afaik it wasnt shown on any of the mio tv channels? And i dont think she caught me watching it on my comp before? Idk... but ah... so delighted XD

Now to work on my fic :P

Oh yes... the drama was english and chinese subbed after all. Weird they say it was only eng subbed on FB last time... oh wells whatever :P

Meh... i wish it was easier to xfer videos from my recorder to my comp... like if i could just use a usb to link it up then i'll happily upload the drama... the channel U logo aside, it comes with chinese and english subs... aint that good? But alas i have to 1st burn the video to a dvd... which takes irritably long plus the interface kinda sucks... oh wells. i'll see if i can record ALL the episodes 1st. Speaking of which i've still not DLed all the episodes of kagi heya... will probably go back n DL all the episodes of that later on or something, cos i REALLY love that drama... or maybe i'll just buy the dvd? Reprinted versions of the dramas are pretty cheap i think... saw saigo no yakusoku before for like 10 bucks and nazodi was a bit more expensive i think... ard 20 bucks or something? Forgot :X. But ah i hope they'll show Kagi heya! Loved that so very much! I hope that the Nazodi movie will make its way over to sg too... since they've shown the drama here in sg XD. I wonder if they'll be showing the SP of nazodi too? o.o I sure hope so!

Ah... so happy now, dont feel like writing the fic anymore lol. Latest i'll finish it by tmr... oh wait... today. Its past 12am already :P Oh wells :P
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Okays! It's Saturday again and I've got Cwkpq later on. Since maple sea had a patch on wedn, I gotta patch my maple client. Hope it goes smoothly... Got an hour left till Cwkpq... The good thing tho, is that due to members having exams, Cygnus run at 11:30 is cancelled! Yay! Nazodi here I come! Hope my mum won't watch smthing else during that time please!

Got an idea for a fic in celebration of arashi's 13th anniversary today... Got it done half way only though, I'll probably only end up finishing it really late at night or tmr :x. Sent my dad's comp for repair just now... Probably hafta fetch it back around wedn or thurs...

Man. The damn maple update is taking a freaking long time. Dling the manual patch and it says it'll take me an hour half. Crap! 61kb/sec that's really slow to dl! Ahhhh no please loa faster will ya! I got Cwkpq in an hour! T.T

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In celebration of Nazodi being shown on Singapore TV (Channel U, 11:30pm Saturdays) starting tomorrow… I had an urge to watch VSA and therefor I present to you...

Arashi (minus sho, with aiba as the epic fail host) VS Kageyama (the epic fail butler who is candle sho in disguise)


Video is a random one i found off tuduo, so its not the wonderful HQ from Hachi.A. Sadded :'(

Since our dear mc sho is missing...


N: I thought since S isn't around, J will be the MC… but how come its you standing there?

J to A: You're not fooling around are you?

A: I'm not!

With that aiba starts off the show :)


A: iya x3, really… *claps hands*


N: Aiba-san.. could it be that you've run out of stuff to say already?


Sho surprises his laughter XD

A: No no no! There's a lot of things to say really… I'm watching the drama… it’s a really good drama isn't it (to Sho)? What kind of drama is it like? Share with those who have not watched the drama please.

Of cos sho agrees and  starts his well rehearsed PR for the drama… only to get cut off half way by aiba haha


S to aiba: Are you retarded?

haha, aiba as the MC is really… hilarious XD


J to S: Me and Nino has been in the guest team before, and we both won… are you ok? (meaning can you win?)

N: In the guest team today, you won't end up as the supporter for cliff climb or the person giving out directions for pinball runner will you? You will be the main character won't you?

S: Everytime people have those victory celebrations, like 'I reached the top' etc, honestly for me, its hard for me to have a chance to say that.

A: Ok, so shall we call upon our plus 1 guest?

And then he looks at Sho expectantly… only to realise that sho is not in the arashi team today XD


And of cos he gets a scolding by the rest XD


Today's plus one guest is Koda Kumi (the singer of nazodi's opening song, Love me Back) and Kurosawa Kazuko!


can you guess what's today's 1st game? Hint: the green thing on the bottom right of the picture.


You got it! Rolling Coin Tower!

S: Shall we win this and get a head start?

Shiina Kippei (the police head guy in the drama): Let's win everything

S: Yes, let's do it

We'll see if Sho can keep his promise… heh XD


J is probably thinking "We'll see ne…"


Koda Kumi: Didn’t sleep properly a few days ago and my shoulder hurts, but since its live now (as in love concerts that sort of thing), i'll be fine with the adrenaline rush.

S: So for you variety = live?

KK: Yes XD

N: Its find, arashi team will win for sure, because i believe that Kippei-san will definitely make the tower fall!


Kippei: Nino! And i thought you were my friend!

N: He is unbelievably impatient! So if we attack, he'll likely lose his patience and cause the tower to collapse.

Apparent the last time Kippei n Nino worked together was in the drama in 2003. Of Kippei-san's impression of how Nino has changed..

Kippei: I can't believe that this is the same nino who was always reading manga on the set last time...

Nino was utterly embarrassed XD


With that, the game begins


Kitagawa starts off :)


Fifth round now...


J attacks hard!


Sho starts of the 6th round...


But the tower collapses!


Nino literally shot up like a rocket clapping in laughter :P


hehe sho's face XD


Arashi rejoices like never before :D


N: You know what's with this face? Cos just before the tower fell, this guy pressed on the tower..

I.e. Sho's mistake made the tower fall XD


I think he plonked the coin down on the tower way too hard, and the tower collapsed haha


A: Even if the tower wouldn’t have fallen, with that action the tower is sure to fall isn't it..? How many years have you been playing the game already?


The staff helpfully tells us he's been playing the game since April 2008 XD

S to A: Just now when the tower fell, your laughter the 'Wu hu hu hu' is has been echoing in my head since just now


Haha, serves you right for making the tower fall :P


Opps, the young mistress is unhappy...

Kitagawa: I though we could have done better… *pouts*


S: I'm sorry, but i thought we could have done better as well :P


Next up, pinball runner! Run sho run! XD


Eh wait a minute… sho's not running?


he's doing what he does best… talking!

Sho starts asking the runner loads of questions in hopes of avoiding THE question. But it still came anyway...

Nino: Eh, in the end wat is sho-san doing?

Sho: Me? Eh… Giving instructions?

A: We know that… but yellow and pink?

So they start strategising XD. Kippei-san will say the pink! Since the runner is female, there's be 3 pink balls!


Sho's finally in his element XD


The 1st pink went in! By coincidence more than cos of Kippei's instructions tho :P


Butler sho signals to kitagawa its her turn to speak with a gentle tap :)


the 2nd pink bounced off the rim of the basket!

Kitagawa is pretty lost at how to give instructions, and Sho takes over again XD


3rd pink hits the rim again! (and goes out)

In the end they couldn’t get any balls in the last 10 seconds, and the final score is 100 points!

Arashi: This time those giving instructions were really lousy.

N: 1st was the oldest member (i.e. Kippei). The 1st pink he kept saying 333, but the runner was standing at 4,5, the ball by accident hit a bar and got deflected, falling into the basket by luck, yet he still did a victory pose XD

Next up is arashi team!


Arashi decides to send the plus 1 guest to run! So no 20% off cargo penalty XD


J, Aiba and Koda Kumi giving directions!

They are aiming for 200 points, can they do it?


The 1st pink went in with some last minute instructions from J!


The 2nd pink got stuck for a while!


But eventually went in!


They end up with 120 points!

N: So we aren't using the ladies' penalty? (i.e. 3 pink balls)


Kurosawa-san: Since sho didn’t have any good performance either, its fine XD


Haha, everyone's out to get him today!


Koda Kumi joins them at half time as she sung and drama opening song :)

They chat about how they'll make a come back from 100 points down… but will they? (or should i say, can they?)

Next up, dual curling!


its Sho...


VS leader!

O: Sho is quite… brutal* when playing this game. He will not hesitate to send all your stones flying! But his own stones end up falling off as well. That's about all the image i have (of Sho playing this game) (*pardon my lack of vocab. what he means is that Sho uses excessive strength)

S: So you think you can win easily yeah? Ohno Satoshi. yesterday i was so excited that i'll be playing against arashi, today/now I'm so nervous that my chest is going to burst

Lol sho!

J: How's sho like on the set?

Kitagawa: He's a very relaxed person, he'll listen to music, light up candles and such


Yes. here, our Candaru Sho is born XD

S: Really, just like the members have said, i tried to be fashionable.

So it was all an act eh? XD


And it starts! Ohno makes the 1st move, his stone landed right smack in the middle! Sho's stone was a bit short however.


Sho's 2nd stone… i wonder what he was trying to do? It didn’t hit ohno's stone, and went too far!


Ohno's 2nd stone ended up in the 30 points zone


Sho sends out a fast one, no double trying to hit ohno's stones off...


Wait… where did the stones go? He hit his own stone off! Double suicide!


Sho probably thinking… : Opps! i did it again?


He sends another fast one out! at least this time it hits Ohno's stones

NewImageOnly that Ohno's stones ended up in the 30 points zone while his fell off… -.-'''


All of ohno's stones are in play…! Each has a double stone left now


One of Ohno's stone fell off the 10 point zone, but Sho's double stone didn’t stay in the 50 point region either...

NewImageVictorious Ohno!


Sho 70 points, leader 200 points… Ouch!

NewImageAll smiles… VS


Kippei: Just now during practice, Sho VS the whole team, all of his stones were left behind, so we thought that sho will do great… but what happened? Candle sho?


Kitagawa: Didn’t they give you advice at the start not to suicide?

S: Young mistress, right now, I'm not the verge of throwing up.

Kitagawa: But don't you always play this sho-kun?

S: Young mistress, it always ends up like this.

Next up is team battle.



S: We have a super brain in our team too. Actually Nomaguchi-san is a heavy watcher of VS arashi.

Nomaguchi: Because i've watched a lot (of VSA), let me say 1 sentence.

NewImage"Today's MDA is Sho-kun" Hahaha poor sho! You fate is already sealed!

NewImageJ makes the 1st move!


Nomaguchi hits J's stone and pushes it in

NewImageIn contrast to the 1st game… not a single stone has fallen off yet!

NewImageNewImageNino and J's stone fall off into the 10 and 30 points zone respectively

NewImageNazodi team won! (but Sho's not part of it)

NewImage2nd last game! Korokoro Viking!


The game starts!

NewImageNewImagethe 1st ball falls off!

NewImageAs did the 2nd ball!

NewImageWill the 3rd ball fall off too?

NewImageAnd it falls!

NewImageHere comes the golden ball!

NewImageIt fell into the hole this time...

NewImageFinally! They managed to score 30 points!

NewImageIt’s the last chance now…!

NewImageIt scored 20 x 2 = 40 points!

That gives a grand total of… 70 points!…..

Next is arashi team!

NewImageYoung mistress requests for 2 more holes to be opened up for the arashi team! (note that this is the 4th time this game has made its appearance, if its now they have negative points for arashi team, on top for a ton more holes :P)

J: On the other hand, this has made us even more determined to win

S: can you not say such cool stuff?!
Haha, sho is pissed!

NewImageAnd so it starts!

NewImageNewImageExtra holes in the orange region where the 50 point is!

NewImageNewImage20 points for the 1st ball!

NewImageAh! two balls in the green zone at once!

NewImagethe one of the left side fell through the gap!

NewImageThe remaining ball made a beeline for the bridge, and also scores 20 points!

NewImageGolden ball is here!

NewImageSadly it fell through the hole!

NewImageBut the next ball scores 50 points! Real quickly too

NewImageSho is amazed!

NewImageAnd another 20 points!

NewImageLast golden ball!

NewImagesadly, it fell through the hole once more.

So arashi team finishes with 110 points!

Last game is...

NewImageSho's favourite Kicking Sniper!

NewImageAll 3 from Nazodi team have soccer experience!

NewImageNewImageIf they cannot score 210 points or more, Arashi team would win w/o playing!

NewImageS: As as ex-arashi, it would be really sad if i don't get to see arashi play

(N: No, current, current {as in current member})

S: I want to see arashi play

A: And so…?

S: (I aim for) 300!

NewImageSho scores 20 points in the 1st round

NewImageKippei scors 20 in the 2nd round...

NewImageSho also kicks off 1 can to score 20..!

NewImage3rd round! 1st kicker kicks off 2 red cans!

NewImage2nd kicker leaves 1 can standing… but sho misses :X

NewImage4th round, 1st kicker hit 20 points, 2nd kicking leaves 1 can standing…

NewImageBut sho's ball (right side) was off! Last target!

NewImage1st kicker did a great job...

NewImageKippei san scored 20 points...

NewImageFinally! Sho manages to perfect it!

NewImageFinal score: 310 points!

Arashi needs 110 points to win!

A: But then we've had a lot of times when we scored less than a 100 points...

NewImageThe last battle is left to J, O, and Koda-san!

Ohno on how he feels about the battle: As long as there's no unexpected happening it'll be fine… but it often happens to arashi

Haha leader…! So is it expected, or unexpected?

NewImage1st kick went wide off! Leader hit the target, but only the top non-scoring can fell off.

NewImageJ to the rescue! 40 points!

NewImageKoda hits the target...

NewImageIt turned around and eventual 3 cans fall off. Leader's kick was a miss, as was J's… but that's 100 points already!

NewImageOhno scores on the 3rd target! And that ends the game!

NewImageNewImageArashi celebrates their win!
NewImageExcept for the 'ex-arashi' member XD

NewImageWhile everyone's in the rest area… the Ex-arashi member...

NewImageS: Today really, there wasn’t a single good performance from me. That was the 1st thing that made me feel really bad. The second thing was that, the arashi without me performed exceptionally well.

NewImageAnnouncer: So let's begin, who's the MDA today?

S: Me!

NewImageNewImageEnding bit...

Arashi: how was it, strong wasn’t it?

S: Yeah, the arashi where everyone performed to the best of their ability was terrific. Please invite me to VS Arashi again

Haha poor sho XD

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Yes yes yes! I know its been talked about on twitter and all that quite a while back, but catching the last 2 secs of the advert on TV just on was like... YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness! So after that i rushed to check the air time and found...

《推理要在晚餐后》/ 《謎解きはディナーのあとで》 The After Dinner Mysteries - 11月3日起,每逢星期六 11.30PM,U频道独家首播!
* 日语原音播出,附中文字幕,with English Subtitles

Hohoho... no dub at all - my mum was complaining about it... english subs... i guess channel U to too lazy to re-sub it in chinese or something? My mum was like: "Hasn’t this been aired before?" Me: " Nonono! It’s a new show, it only came out at the end of last year!" Yes, in Sg, that's called very recent. Considering that the million times they replay movies from literally over 10 years ago... Mum: "Seems like they like this kind of mystery shows a lot?" Me: "No, i think its just a recent trend" Mum: "How come now all the dramas are in Japanese, can't i switch it to chinese?" Me: "No... they didn’t dub it..." But of course i was delighted that they didn’t dub it... :P if its dubbed my mum will obviously watch it in chinese, which is absolutely hate! Dubbing just... destroys the show, especially for dramas or varieties when everyone is excited but the dub is monotonous. Spoils the whole show really... similarly with dramas... ESP dramas that you've already watched and know how its supposed to sound like.

But gosh shyt......... i just remembered.............. Sat night i have that guild cygnus boss run that I'm FINALLY able to attend. T.T

NOOO Why must things be like this!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

Maybe I'd bring my computer out to the living room or something...... that is IF my mum isnt watching other shows at that time T.T. We got some cable channels from taiwan and china and she's been watching a lot of china programs. Like. A LOT. I can't even think of watching VSA T.T

Sighz. Lets hope my mum will like nazodi... she watched The Boss and seems to like it... saw her watching quite a few times... oh well let's hope... at least with maple i can just move my computer to the living room... but if my mum's watching something else than its for me...

Meh. i was hoping it wouldn’t be aired so late... but ah well... a quick check and i realised the previous Jdrama (全開ガール) they aired was at the same timing... so i guess 11:30pm sat has been reserved for Jdramas than :) Which is a good thing no doubt... at least we can finally getting our Jdramas back! Enough with the Kdramas. Its just been way way way too much! Almost every single advert is of some kdrama they are showing... its just way too much and makes me loath k-stuff even more.

Hmm i wonder what they will bring in next? Lucky 7 or kagi heya maybe? Or even some old drama like maou would be nice XD *prays hard* XD

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