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Ok. I started translating this really long ago - a whole month ago. Finally got round to finish it. More like, I got sick of having this half completed work and decided to just finish it up. It might be a little rough around the edges as a result, for that I apologise. I just want to finish it up and be done with this. It's for Arashi's Sakura performances on Music station in Feb. I translated the whole article, including the Momo clover bits.

Here goes.

2015.02.27 弘中日記
2015.02.27 Hironaka Diary

The last Mstay in February, it was really extravagant...!

KISS and Momo iro clover Z's collaboration appeared for the first time! It's the first time KISS is collaborating with artists from Japan. Although they look completely different (lol), the 2 groups are really close. During the rehearsals, they practised one song with Paul-san playing the guitar, and Momo iro clover singing! During the actual recording, they danced the choreography too!

KISSの皆さんは本当にフレンドリーで、他のゲストの皆さんにも沢山話しかけていました♪AKB48の皆さんや、椎名林檎さんのことをしきりに「美しい!かわいい!」と褒めていたのが印象的です。笑 私は「君は14歳くらいかい?ティーンだよね?」と言われました。24歳と言ったら、驚かれました!笑
Everyone from KISS is really friendly, they spoke a lot to the other guests. ♪ They praised of AKB48 and Sheena Ringo-san, "Pretty! Cute!". lol. To me, they said "Are you around 14 years old? You're a teen right?" As a 24 year old, I was really shocked! lol

Arashi performed their latest song for the second week in a row. The week before last's performance actually used the concept of being outside a mansion for the background of the set. Last week, the door opened and the interior of the mansion was reviewed. Through these two weeks, they tried to reveal a linked world...! An intense dance with a cool melody, I think it fits with the mysterious atmosphere, what do you all think?

Sheena Ringo-san, Arashi's Matsumoto-san and Ohno-san, who went to watch the Grammy's Award Ceremony, were apparently sitting close to each other in the ceremony venue. Although they didn't get to talk, they were able to greet each other! They praised each other's formal wear!

The Mstay will be on the 13th of March! Sazan All Stars will be performing. ♪Please look forward to it!

PS: I prefer saying Mstay instead of Msute as the romanji ought to be, simply because it looks nicer in English. (To me at least. Msute invites more of a 'M-suite' feel.)

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Again! I'm here to translate the short Arashi related paragraph of Hironaka's Music Station blog. The bulk of that entry talks about Morning Musume'14, which is not surprising because it's the last time their leader will be performing on stage. Apparently it's been some time since that group appeared on Mstay too...

Anyway, here goes!


Arashi has performed the new song from their album for the first time on television. They performed on a set which used loads of LED lights as the backdrop! Did you realize that there are slightly different moves in Choreography-Master Ohno-san's dance? There are moves symbolizing the evolution of mankind in the choreography! From walking with the waist bent like an apeman, to walking on two legs, the choreography showed a whittled down progress of evolution. The members were perplexed at first too, but they found it interesting dancing to choreography they've never done before! That was what they said.

Zero G

Oct. 25th, 2014 12:24 pm
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Watched the music station performance last night. Love our boys, they were stellar. Ohno was cute, and he spoke so much hahaha!

I hate how they purposely blurred the dance part. Like it's blurred when they are moving fast? As far as I could tell, having watched 6 different videos from 4 different sources... it's the filming and not the source. And not my eyes either. Not the player, and not deinterlacing problems. Nah. Pretty sure it's on purpose. Meh...

But I love the projection effects! From the heart shape at the start, to the Digitalian triangles at the end... and the other effects in the starting and ending. Love it! Speaking of The Digitalian, I'll be going out to get my copy later! From the seller. Ahhh excited! It'll be a slack day today. I have nothing else to do beside going to get that LE album from the seller halfway across the island. And I'm not going to go all the way to the city just for the sake of that. Guess that means slack, shopping time. And $$$ spending time :X.

Oh wells. I'd sure enjoy the break.

Anyway... I just could not resist this.

How could I?

It was too hilarious! Ah and the look Nino was giving Ohno at the end.

Hahaha! Yay me for actually not being so lazy for once.

Sigh. Still have a bunch of posts to write/complete but... maybe tmr... >< *is lazy again*
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I've went to check out the Music Station official website to see if there's any news there about Arashi appearing on the 24th of Oct, but nope, they only have info for this week's program up.

But well... I discovered something else... and the randomness in me could not resist translating this random bit.

It's Hironaka Ayaka's blog for Music Station. She has an entry on her thoughts after filming the 26th of September Music Station special episode. I will only translate the front part because the rest are not Arashi related (and I'm lazy). I don't see a permanent link to the entry so here's a screenshot.

「マイガール ハワイアンバージョン」では、ハワイの海と美しい夕焼けをバックに歌ってくださいました!後ろにダイアモンドヘッドが映っていたのは皆さん気づかれましたか

This time's Mstay was a three hour special!
Going beyond the stage in the studio, the members of Arashi did a live relay broadcast from Hawaii! From across the oceans, they revealed their wonderful stage! It seems that the venue which they sang in is a chapel normally used for conducting wedding ceremonies! It's a romantic place right?♪
[My Girl Hawaiian Version] was sang with the beautiful Hawaii sea and sunset as the backdrop! Did anyone notice that the Diamond Head was captured in the background?

Notes: As you may have noticed, they like to call the program Mステ for short. Which would be Msute in romanji. But I prefer to call it Mstay because that's way it sounds in English, and Mstay looks nicer that Msute? Well just a personal preference thing.

Ahhh the Diamond Head. Nope I did not notice, more like, I didn't even know what's the Diamond Head till I was research about Hawaii and surfing for translating Abunai. Now I know! XD
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So Hawaii Blast Music Station is over! We all saw our boys in their wonderful, streamer fills, flipping glory right? Our boys have returned to Japan too. Of course we still have a ton more Hawaii related episodes to look forward to - Hawaii AnS?, Hawaii VSA?, Hawaii Abunai yakai? I heard Nino-san too? (Now we're just missing Aiba Manabu hahaha!)... You can say that... Hawaii Blast is over. No more new Hawaii episodes for our boys to create, what has been done is done and they won't be able to add on to their Hawaii Blast trip till the next time they get to return to their birthplace. Of course there's still many episodes waiting to be revealed, but that's it, no more new episodes, and no more new paparazzi photos of our boys in Hawaii! Everything that could be captured has been captured, just waiting to be shared.

But alas I'm getting side-tracked! Music Station yes! I'm sure many of you voted right? Right? I mean like, I took the time to make the guide and all... :P

Well you all would have watched the video already, but I have a bad memory and I can't remember the rankings and stuff just from watching the video, so I've made a list!

Here we go!

10. 2001/05/11 - Hanasanai, Koi wa Pretty, Kimi no tame ni Boku ga iru - 1427 votes
9. 2011/07/15 - Mada Minnu Sekai e - 1633 votes
8. 2008/06/20 - One Love - 1657 votes
7. 2002/11/01 - Pikanchi (Electric guitar Nino!) - 2157 votes
6. 2010/02/12 - Troublemaker (with CG Sho!) - 2439 votes
5. 2001/03/30 - Kimi no tame ni Boku ga iru (USJ!) - 2492 votes
4. 2008/08/15 - truth - 4126 votes
3. 1999/10/08 - A.RA.SHI (Transparent suits...!) - 4308 votes
2. 2005/08/05 - Lai-Lai-Lai - 4864 votes
1. 2013/11/29 - A.RA.SHI, P.A.R.A.D.O.X, My Girl, Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy, Kumori nochi, Kaisei, Lotus, FUNKY, Troublemaker (EX theatre, and revival of the transparent suits on Music Station) - 5671 votes

So! The EX theatre performance won the grand prize in the end! Darn! I was hoping it'll be the 1999 version hahaha! But either way, Arashi in the raincoat suits = love! They wore it on the 5x10 concert too and that was so hilarious XD I'm wondering if they are wearing like the exact same 5 suits or did they have to make new ones? I mean... it's been 14 years and can they still fit into the originals? Well this fat Mafia even has trouble fitting into her clothes from 14 months ago, let's just not talk about 14 years ok?

Hmm let's see... The top 10 spots garnered a total of 30774 votes! (Provided I keyed the numbers into the calculator right.) Amazing! Over 30k votes! And there's like what... over 90 performance that's not listed. Now that's a lot of votes!

Anyway, so I voted twice for the 1999 performance that ended up in thrid place (Yay for my office comp), and my sis voted for the EX-theatre performance because she thought everyone would vote for the 1999 performance already. Plus they sang so many songs in the EX-theatre AND they also wore the legendary suits.

Personally, I was surprised about the Lai-Lai-Lai. I don't particularly like that song, nor did I know about it's special music station history till the show explained. With the explanation though I could see why it gathered so many votes. So did what you voted for get on the list? Did anything in the list surprise you? Let's discuss! XD

Ahhhhhh even though our boys are back in Japan already, I'm looking forward loads to all their Hawaii Shows - that's what I call the shows filmed in Hawaii. And the NHK documentary too! Gosh a freaking documentary about them. If that doesn’t convince you of Arashi's legendary status, what else will? Hahaha! Definitely looking forward to all these shows! Gah I can't get enough of frailing over these shows and now I'm frailing with all of you girls! XD Yes, let's frail together minna!
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Edit: Voting has now closed! Let's look forward to Arashi's Live Perfmance on Music Station tomorrow! :) Results of the voting here!

EDIT: Voting ends TONIGHT! You can use another computer with a different IP address to vote again - if you have access to one that is. I managed to submit another vote on my work comp.

You may or may not have heard of it, but Music Station is holding an online poll to find out which Arashi music station appearance, out of their grand total of 104 appearances, that viewers want to see once more. By see, I'm assuming that they are going to replay the episode... I have no idea if it will be 'see Arashi re-enact that performance' but somehow I don't think so.

Well so this random fan here has decided to translate pretty much the ENTIRE poll. In a series of photographs below. Reading them will allow you to know how to vote. I've translated all the song titles and the little episode notes in red brackets even though it's not necessary. But I just felt like doing it you know? I only hope that I didn't make any mistake, especially with the song names because it's kinda late at night here and I'm a queen of typos. EDIT: Ok, I did make some typos!


Go to this site to vote

HUGE screenshots under cut! You are warned! )
That's all!

Well anyway, do share with us what you vote for and why! I'd like to hear everyone's favourite performance!

Ja... till next time! Peace out!

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