Jan. 18th, 2012 07:25 pm
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Finally watched GANTZ yesterday… both part 1 and part 2… the movie is quite good… loved the part 2 ending… it's a perfect ending for a movie with the title 'perfect answer', but if you were to think a bit more the ending isn't extremely satisfactory. What happens to all the aliens they'd been fighting? Since the 'new GANTZ' promises that no one will be brought to the room anymore, there'd be no one to fight the aliens… if GANTZ can somehow fend off the aliens w/o getting human help, why did it bother getting human help in the 1st place? o.o

And its not like GANTZ is really bad in the 1st place… those ppl would have been killed anyway… so GANTZ actually gave them a 2nd chance at life - although most of them end up dead once more as soon as they got the 2nd chance.

It's also a mystery how Kato's brother (ayumi was it?) got revived when he got killed by an alien… i though only those killed during missions from GANTZ can be revived… because otherwise it simple wouldn’t make sense when everyone from GANTZ's database was revived… loads of ppl die everyday… so wouldn’t the population of japan kind of double if it revives every single person that died within the past (idk how many) years…

heh… guess movies aren't really meant to be analyzed this way… but i just can't help but over think when watching movies… dramas aren't that bad since they come in small parts… but i can still end up spending a lot of time brooding over them… like i did with nazodi or even other dramas that i finished in one or 2 sittings. Partly the reason why i don't want to go to the movies… the other would be cause i get terrible headaches…

I did have fun watching the movie though… and the 1st movie wasn’t as scary as it should have been cause youku was being a terrible bi#$# and the movie was loading at snail's speed… so i'd like… watch for 30sec, wait for the video to load, and start all over again. So yeah… most of the action scenes were cut off so blah…

I spent the waiting time reading the GANTZ wiki though… so i wasn’t lost or anything. I loved the weapons and outfits in the movie… mainly cos the stuff glows copper blue - my favorite color (ever since i was really young, way before arashi was even formed). Black + Blue lights = cool. Wished the GANTZ suit glowed more often though… heh

hmm weapons… they used the sword… and the X-gun… the Y-gun appeared at the start of the 1st movie once… but that's all… most of the time they fought with swords - well a sword fight action scene is a lot more exciting than people aiming at each other with the X-guns after all. The 1st movie follows the manga rather closely… up till the result of the temple mission where there were quite a few survivors instead of only kurono left as was in the manga. The ending of the movie was totally different from the manga (actually i don't know the actual END of the manga, since i've only read stuff on the wiki, didn’t read the actual manga)… i guess it'll be hard to fit the massive alien vs human battle into the short movie… so they kind of simplified things a lot more in the movie.

The CG effects… were ok… nothing seemed out of place so yeah… things seems quite natural so they didn’t like over do things with the CG, something which i really don't mind.

hmm… wonder if the lucky 7 chinese subs are out already. Watched like a 15min clip of the most exciting part (i.e. topless boxing scene) on lj the other day… just couldn’t resist… i must say the fighting action was really good! Really makes my wish i could see MJ's butai… them sliding and swinging around… throwing punches and kicks at each other. Very cool…

ah… will vs be back tmr? oh well.. at least there'll be HnA tar… haha… ohno's on again… this time with who… and we'll get to see ohno sleeping yet again haha

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