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Shared this on tumblr, but thought I should share it on LJ here. Translated my myself and [ profile] nijininare as stated on the photo. :)

So no, as you can see, Jun is NOT suicidal/depressed/going blind/whatever. The whole entry (well, from the 3rd line or so onwards), is about the upcoming concert Japonism. So Jun was talking about him not having any idea what to do for the concert. Not about himself being sad/pissed at the Ohno incident/whatever.

I also picked out some of the kanji used and did a little vocabulary list here.
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Gosh! The weather is so hot. I’m melting. Seriously. I don’t feel like doing anything but stay under the shower of cold water all day…

30th of Aug.

Counting down till the day of the Apple keynote.

And well… elections in Singapore on the 11th of Sept too. But really all I care now is for my new comp. Hopefully in less than 3 weeks? 


And of course.


How could I forget? It’s MJ day today! Happy birthday MatsuJun! May you stay stoic forever! (?) XD 


Been a long time since I write fics… been trying but just not get inspiration. That and I’ve been busy with sprucing up NM. If you have enjoyed the site, do spread the word around, every little bit helps! ;)

Hopefully I’ll get in the mood to translate some tweets or articles soon… XD

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s a HUGE review coming up! 2.5 Hr SP AnShi! The HQ video itself is a whooping 2.5 GB large! Here’s wishing everyone a good year ahead… and here we go! Its AnShi time!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

On a side note, I’d like to recommend Tokio’s Ultraman dash to you guys as well. Just watched it and it was very entertaining :P


Party Tonight? )

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Happy birthday to big J!
You're 29 now! Enjoy the last of your twenties! Hehehe

For being the DoS bancho who's actually very sweet at heart, for your heart moving winks and sweet sweet smiles, for your enlightenment on the types of butt a girl can have (and imitation), for your stoic-ness and attention to detail, for making me laugh and making arashi arashi, thank you and happy birthday!

I came up with a short one shot to celebrate, and I'll finish it up n post it tmr... (tmr as in, after I sleep and wake up)

That's all for now...

Happy Birthday Dear Jun :)

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