Apr. 12th, 2015 11:33 pm
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Weekends. So... didn't watch any Arashi show in the end. Though I did get to read finish the entire Ansatsu Kyoushitsu manga. Well finish as in up to the latest chapter. It's at the climax now and I'm really looking forward to the next.

Did some poking around WB too and the only blast leak I can find is a crazy 60 gb. By the time it finishes downloading my own copy would have arrived lol. Oh wells. I don't even have that much space on my lappy. Bleah.

Loads of weibo users can switching to this site call 'ninja blog'... locked with usernames and passwords. I'll like to try that out too (made an account already) but I have no idea what to put in there so...

Made 3 wordpress accounts... 1 personal, two other 'projects'. Let's see how those projects work out. I'll let ya all know if they do work out ;)


For quite some time now, I've been trying to recall the blog I used in my sec school days. I used it pretty extensively... grumbling about school, confessing my love for chemistry, posting tons and tons of chemical structures that I created with ChemDraw. I couldn't recall the site anymore... but I did some googling work and finally found it today. 'Found' it. You can see this news article: http://www.moe.gov.sg/media/press/2005/pr20050909a.htm

My school won second place pfft. But I was part of the blog contributors who made it happen.... So I do am glad for that... but sadly... the site is long gone... and with it all my entries. I can barely remember what I wrote there, though I did remember that pretty much every entry was about chemistry. Esp the pharm chem option I was taking. Man. Those were the days. The days when I was still in love with chem. How did I end up in bio now? Pfft. Blame it on the JC days. *Sigh*.

Sad that I can't look at my old posts again. Would have loved to keep a copy for old times sake. Been recalling the stuff we learnt in sch and did in labs. It's sad. I barely remember a single shit from uni days when it was just a few years back... but I remember so much stuff from sec sch when it's been a decade or longer. Why so? Cos it goes like this I guess.

Lecture: Prof teaches about NCBI BLAST.
Me: What the heck. I freaking learnt that in SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Lecture: Basics of org chem... showing all the functional groups
Me: Scans through the list. Ahhhh I've read about them all in SECONDARY SCHOOL. Except for this one! ONE new item. Wow -.-''' *rolls eyes*

Lecture: Separation techniques - GC, HPLC, MS, NMR, UV VIS
Me: I learnt that in SECONDARY SCHOOL, JC (H2 and H3 chem?), and we're learning it again? And what, there's NOTHING NEW in these lecture notes? Are you kidding me?

Lab prac: Gel casting
Me: Zzzzz are you trying to bore me to death? We freaking did that in SECONDARY SCHOOL. All the time. So many times. Ok at least we get to use EtBr here.

Lab prac: Cell culture
Me: But... I was doing so much of it in my INTERNSHIP already.

I do remember some of the stuff that we did for the first time in uni... like SDS page and protein pull down assays... but so many things were repeats, or simple add ons to my sec sch knowledge that it's no wonder that I don't remember them at all. Boring, duplicated experiences. Gah.

I realised my 'first' blog is gone too. Myspace. I didn't migrate it. I hardly posted a thing there though so it's fine... Oh wells.
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A list of mangas I've read.

Mangas (in English):
Naruto Shippuden
Death Note
Shaman King
Rurouni Kenshin
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!
Shaman King: Remix Track
Full Metal Alchemist
D. Gray-Man

Mangas read halfway (in English)
Dragon ball (kinda gave up halfway. Not sure if I'll pick it up again)

Mangas (in Japanese):
Platinum Data
Sherlock Vol. 1 - A Study in Pink

Mangas in progress (in English):
Detective Conan
Fairy Tail
Hunter x Hunter
Shaman King 0
Shaman King Flowers
Fairy Tail Zero
Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage
One Piece

Manwa in progress (in English, I don't know Korean!):
Tower of God

Animes watched:
Shaman King
Watched Kenshin till episode 28 or something. Then didn't have the time to continue watching.
Also watched some episodes here and there of Detective Conan, Naruto and Bleach.

Goal: Read more manga, and in Japanese.

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