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Well so. I've been listening to the Taipei Chinese Version of Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi a lot lately, thanks to the mixlr radio broadcasts. So Ei Chen posted the lyrics on FB today, and I've decided to translate it into English! Well I did a google search later and realised that (obviously) other people have translated it already, but this is mine version, and while some parts are really similar, I think I did a better job with the back part of the lyrics. Oh wells. Enough of self praise, here we go!

Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi, Chinese Version
Warning: I am translating it from the Chinese lyrics that someone posted on LJ. I do not know if the Chinese lyrics are 'accurate', because Arashi themselves did not erm... pronounce every thing properly. I can't make out entire sentences of their singing so... but hey, they tried their best ne? ;)

Also, I'm translating line by line only, so between lines the sentence might not flow. If you find the meaning of some lines weird, that’s just the way it is in Chinese. Either the Chinese lyrics are wrong or the song writer wrote it erm.. strangely. (Venting your frustrations on yourself anyone? That was strange to me haha! The rest seems ok though.)

Overall, there are some parts that are quite similar to the Japanese lyrics, but there are some changes. :)


Zai gan jue dao yao yuan gu du de shi hou,
When you are feeling distant and lonely,

Zhi you ni zai xin li ♪♪
There's only you in my heart

Xiong zhong mai cang yi jiu de yuan qi
The frustration that I've buried for a long time in my chest

Jin qing fa xie gei zi ji
I'll vent it on myself to my heart's content. --> Honestly I think they meant to say I'll vent it for my own sake, but they sang 給自己, literally meaning 'give myself', instead of 为自己, which means 'for myself'

Zao bao yuan mei you ren pei zhe de shi hou
When complaining that there's no one to accompany me

Ni zou jin wo xin li ♬
You walked into my heart

Xiang kai zai lu bian de xiao hua yi duo
Like a little flower that blossomed by the side of the road

Wen rou de xiao zai feng li
Warmly smiling in the wind

Shi shui neng gou, neng gou wei shui ♪
Who can do it, do it for whom

Yuan yi fu chu quan hao bu zai hu
Willing to sacrifice without caring (about the consequence)

Zi you zui zhen de ai cai neng gou
Only the most true love can do it

Fu ping xin li suo you tong ku
Heal all the pain in your heart

Smile Again! 真的謝謝你!
Smile again, zhen de xie xie ni ♬
Smile again, I thank you really

Smile Again! 在哭泣聲裡!
Smile again, zai ku qi sheng li
Smile again, amid sounds of crying

Lai dao zhe ge shi jie, wo men hui bian de
Coming into this world, we will become

Mian dui kun nan yi ding geng jian qiang
Stronger when facing problems

Smile Again! 因為有你!
Smile again, yin wei you ni ♪
Smile again, because there's you

Smile Again! 所以更快樂!
Smile again, suo yi geng kuai le
Smile again, that's why we're happier

Sui ran mei shuo chu kou,
Although we did not say it out

chu ci yong you de
The first time we owned it

Fai zi nei xin shen chu de ai shi, ARASHI ♪ ♬
The love that comes from the bottom of our heart is Arashi!

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