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It's been a long week...

JLPT tmr and I have no doubt about how I'm going to fail N1. Cos I was too greedy and decided to skip N2... And cos real life has been taking too much of a toll on me and I've not been able to find the enegy to study.

I actually had some time on my hands this week since I took sick leave from work on Thurs and Fri... But well... I was sick. And just unable to concentrate on getting those Japanese grammar into my thick head. So yeah... All the time wasted. Still not really well now... But better... At least I'm able to function... I just felt like curling up in bed all day on thurs and fri... It's amazing how some food poisoning related contipation and bloatedness can make you feel so bad... I couldn't even sleep at night... Hence the reason why I raised the white flag and went to the doctor....


Power of the Paradise!

Nope, I didn't watch the whole Music Day show... But I did see Arashi's Power of the Paradise performance and boy do I love that song!

So cheerful, upbeat, hopefull... And unlike Akashi, this one is fast paced. I love fast paced songs. Is it... club or something? Music genres... *shrugs*

I've updated nihongo manabu with a post about the new single. Upcoming new single at least. Please check out the post! XD

As I was researching for the post... Arashi just... Amazes me. It's the 5th bloodly hell time Sho would be covering for the olmypics... And it's the 6th time Arashi is providing the NTV Olympics theme song. Just... blows your mind doesn't it?


That's all from me for now! 

Zero G

Oct. 25th, 2014 12:24 pm
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Watched the music station performance last night. Love our boys, they were stellar. Ohno was cute, and he spoke so much hahaha!

I hate how they purposely blurred the dance part. Like it's blurred when they are moving fast? As far as I could tell, having watched 6 different videos from 4 different sources... it's the filming and not the source. And not my eyes either. Not the player, and not deinterlacing problems. Nah. Pretty sure it's on purpose. Meh...

But I love the projection effects! From the heart shape at the start, to the Digitalian triangles at the end... and the other effects in the starting and ending. Love it! Speaking of The Digitalian, I'll be going out to get my copy later! From the seller. Ahhh excited! It'll be a slack day today. I have nothing else to do beside going to get that LE album from the seller halfway across the island. And I'm not going to go all the way to the city just for the sake of that. Guess that means slack, shopping time. And $$$ spending time :X.

Oh wells. I'd sure enjoy the break.

Anyway... I just could not resist this.

How could I?

It was too hilarious! Ah and the look Nino was giving Ohno at the end.

Hahaha! Yay me for actually not being so lazy for once.

Sigh. Still have a bunch of posts to write/complete but... maybe tmr... >< *is lazy again*
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Arashi appeared on music station just now! Nope, have not watched it yet... which is why I'm screaming in anguish and excitement right now... i wonder how long it'll take for a streaming version to appear ><

EDIT: oh wait, seems like it was just starting only? ok, at least i can listen in on keyhole...

Ok, so I'm bored. So bored that i replied to every single person who commented on my posts ><... In fact I'm even wondering if i should go make a review of another arashi show... Or maybe i should just update my blogspot blogS which have been abandoned for like a month cos of my FYP. I would just go and play maple BUT i don't want to do that till i send my poster for printing... which would be about tmr.

So I'm finally done with my poster design... barring any mistakes or changes that my mentor wants... and pending changes from my dad and my sis (like i asked them to give comments on the color scheme and stuff, the science and the actual content they don't understand ><)
well my sis is way better than art then i am (actually, my dad too), so i asked her to give some comments on my poster yesterday... i was telling her that i tried to make my poster as less wordy as possible... but she was like 'huh? u call this not wordy?' gah! It can't be helped that the intro, methods, objectives, and conclusions all HAVE to be in words right? tch! Already i've put like huge pictures and graphs to make things as pleasing as possible - while still retaining its 'scientific-ness'...

I decided to do things differently this time round... following in part my experience at SSEF when i was in junior college. I cut out whole portions of the report from the poster, and didn’t present a lot of the obtained data. I don't want my poster to be a case of too cramped, too much info, and too confusing... i felt that last time i didn’t win at the SSEF cos apart from that fact that I'm not THAT good a presenter (I'm not the very lively, talkative kind), there was also too much info in the poster/report. If I'd cut out the last part of the results entirely and focused on something else instead, the results could have been very different. Regrets regrets sighz... you live and you learn... what else can we do?

So yeah, i cut out the entire lab work part (which wasn’t much to begin with anyway) and only focused on the bioinformatics. I also didn’t attempt to squeeze results for everything for both genes in... either or, not both of them. No tables of long lists of numbers either - i changed it into a graph instead. BLAH that stupid graph took me SOOOO LONG to get done! The new office layout was really confusing for me - cos the last time i work extensively with excel was... like... 5 years ago or something... using the older version of excel. (plus i wasn’t on mac yet). Than direct copying and pasting the graph to powerpoint didn’t work. I was really really pissed with MSoffice then... like WTF on earth are you doing! The graph copies over alright, but it changes the freaking style and everything that I'd painstakenly arranged in excel! and i can't change the style back in powerpoint! Then after googling i found out that i could use the paste special thing or some sort, but it only worked in another ppt doc, not the one with my poster... in the end i took the nice looking copy pasted in the other ppt, saved it as a picture, than imported the picture to my poster. zzzzzzz! so troublesome! The resolution should turn out alright... i hope ><

ah my mentor wanted pictures of bleached corals too... i took like over 5 hours to search for copyright free etcetc images that i can safely use on my poster... finally found several on flickr (i don't use flickr so it too me a while to remember which site it was that had the creative commons license thing, at 1st i went to gettyimages but like nothing is free?) and picked two out of the lot. Next problem was that i didn’t know what species of corals they were... searched around for a bit but only managed to identify one of the two... gave up in the end ><

and than there was the stupid guide tree. oh gosh how many DAYS have i spend on the phylogenetic trees in total? i really lost count! From that time when writing the report to now the poster...! At the beginning i skimmed around for something that can open/plot dnd files... didn’t find anything that worked, so i skimped on the work by screencapping from the clustalw2 website. Than my mentor suggested that we put in bootstrap values... (that was like, a few days before the report was due). So i started google to find out what ARE bootstrap values... (very last minute, i know). Turns out that i had to use clustalx to generate those so... thankfully i downloaded that a while back. So it took me a while to tinker around with that program... and hohoho! It generates the raw files, but you have to use something else to open the raw files. BRAVO! After a lot of fail attempts (some required you to compile the program yourself, but somehow when i try to compile the files it just WONT WORK!, others were like powerpc programs or something which apple withdrew support for in Lion...) i finally got njplot to work. BUT that stupid program could only generate trees that were A4 sized. So things ended up being really cramped...! I ended up having to draw a sub tree for one of my genes zzzzzzz. And that's the big problem too... for my poster i needed the tree to be more like in a landscape kind of orientation (otherwise no space!) which the program can't get me. I ended up resizing the window and screencapping AGAIN. But that's bad because you end up with the tree on a white background. I want the background to be transparent.... -.-''' So i took a million years with photoshop and stuff, in the end i had to trace out the tree in photoshop and type out all the species names separately in powerpoint.... sighz.

So yeah... hopefully everything is alright with the poster now!

*looks at my subject... hmmm this post is more about my poster than musicstay lol!.... ah that's better now*

Ah.... just watched, or rather, listened to arashi's performance on music station... could barely see anything cos it was just too lag PLUS halfway thru it froze just completely froze up, never to move again... so i just listened in... they were wearing black outfits and reports from twitter say the dance is really cool. seems like the MS set background is really cool too... spotted ohno wearing a black wristband? that looks cool - as cool as a very pixelated image of oh-chan can get haha. ah! can't wait to get my hands on a nice HQ version of the performance! *looks around at the arashi comms and at [ profile] saobang2211* :P i really don't know what i'll do w/o all these ppl... i probably wont be an arashi fan if i can't get my hands on all these arashi goodness... i mean like, you could you love a group when u barely know anything about them? No videos, no nothing... <3 ya all!

ok, no more mood to continue writing about my darn poster after watching MS... i'll just go hide and a corner while i try and calm myself down..

EDIT: Streaming of love so sweet and facedown here
To the person who uploaded this: I love you!

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