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Title: The Arashi Effect
Length: Drabble series (491 words in total)
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Summary: The Arashi effect is pretty darn scary.
Disclaimer: This is just a work of my imagination. And I don't really think this counts as fanfiction? Either way... it started off comically but ended up more serious...

A/N: Inspired of course, by the time when I tried to buy a Waku Waku screening ticket (and failed), and the time I tried to pre-order BLAST DVD (and succeeded).

Arashi is here! )
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Title: Jun and the @#%?! Button
Length: Drabble Series (~1.4k words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Matsumiya, Sakumoto
Summary: Jun, and his button (mis)adventures.

Jun struggled with the buttons... )

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Title: Computers 101 Yama 101
Length: ~1.7k words, split into many short drabbles
Pairing: Yama (Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho)
Rating: Some drabbles are NC-17
Summary: A list of random computer related words, in the context of Yama pair.
A/N: Some words/acroymns are really just a horrid fit. Some mentions of BDSM. Written for the Love for Arashi competition by
[ profile] krystalkatz. The competition is still on-going, do check it out! :P
Disclaimer: Don't own Arashi. This is purely a work of fiction.

Sho would never forget the first time they forayed into bondage. It was a pure heat of the moment thing, or at least that’s what Sho would like to believe. Sho had been sitting in the greenroom doing research for NewsZeron on his laptop when Ohno came in. A really, really horny Ohno. Ohno had wasted no time in unzipping Sho’s pants and popping out his manhood, but unfortunately for Ohno, Sho it was Sunday and Sho had to finish the research before Zero the next day. Even more unfortunately for Sho though, his lover was having none of it, and finally in anger disconnected Sho’s iPhone charging cable - the brand new 2m lightning cable that Sho JUST bought for 3080 yen, and used it to tie Sho’s hands to the back of the chair. Then he proceeded to happily suck Sho off. The makeshift bondage was very effective - Sho immediately stopped struggling and resisting, though it was more because he didn’t want to spoil his brand new cable more than anything else. It wasn’t that the idol couldn’t afford to buy a new one, he just hated wastage. Sho’s anger at getting tied up soon disappeared as Satoshi’s tongue darted up and down his length. Ohno sucked and teased Sho and soon Sho was thrusting his hips up and moaning for Satoshi. By the time Sho came he no longer cared about whether he what work later, or the next day. He just wanted his lover in him, and fast. Ohno was only too happy to oblige.

Amazingly the cable didn’t spoil despite the abuse. Sho still made Ohno buy him a new one though.

CPU - Central Processing Unit
Couple Paired Underwear
It may not be obvious from the outside, but it couldn’t have been more obvious within Arashi. For one, the pair were ALWAYS wearing the exact same underwear. Not just the same colour, but completely IDENTICAL. At first, the thought it was a pure coincidence. But when the ‘miracle’ repeated itself day after day and week after week, regardless of where Ohno had been staying over at Sho’s place or vice versa, it became clear that instead of the popular couple keychains or bracelets or t-shirts that usual couples wore, these two had chosen to wear couple underwear.

DoS attack - Denial of Service attack
Denial of Satoshi attack
Whenever Sho has to leave Japan, or more accurately, his lover, for extended periods of time, he gets DoS attacks - Denial of Satoshi attacks. Everytime he eats something that Ohno would like he’d turn around automatically, only to realise that he’s lover wasn’t sitting there beside him, or anywhere near him for that matter. Every time his phone rings he’ll get a heartache - his ring tone is set to Ohno’s solo, Two. At night when he’s back in his hotel room and turns on his laptop to do some work, he’ll feel really, really lonely because he’s desktop background is a drawing by his beloved. When he’s lying down on the empty bed he’ll be even more upset, because the bed is too cold, and too big without his lover to share it with him.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Free Transport Procedure (Only works if you are Ohno Satoshi)
1) make sure Sakurai Sho is not busy
2) call Sakurai Sho
3) give him your current location
4) when car arrives, provide your destination address

GPU - Graphics Processing Unit
Graphics Producing Unit
Ohno's artworks are known far and wide, and Sho had done nothing but encourage his lover's hobby. He showered his lover with gifts of elegant Japanese paper notebooks, pens and pencils, and the works Ohno product never fails to impress him. He looks forward to seeing Ohno's second art exhibit, even though he has seen every single piece of art, and followed through the process from inception to completion. Sho is proud to say that he is Ohno's no. 1 fan.

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
Have To Make Love
There are certain HTML moments for the Yama pair. These are moments when both parties crave each other so much that neither could settle down or feel calm until love making takes place. These moments include, but are not limited to:
1) Whenever Sho is back after an overseas stint for NewsZero
2) Whenever Ohno is back after a 24 hour (or longer) fishing marathon
3) Whenever both have been apart for more than 1 week (be it for holiday or for work)
4) Whenever a major concert ends

Sho knows all the keys on Satoshi’s body. Every single inch, every single spot. He knows how to work his fingers around the older man to please and pleasure him. Likewise, Ohno know’s all the sensitive spots on Sho’s body. Sho likens the way Ohno moves his graceful, long and slender fingers over himself to the way his fingers fly over the keyboard when he’s rushing a piece for News Zero, only a lot more graceful and a ton more pleasurable.

Sho is always monitoring his lover. Be it at home, or during work. He is always ready to rescue or defend his lover, and he notices any slightest change in Ohno’s behaviour.

Ohno's definition: a place where you go to, so that you can take a boat out to fish.
Sho's definition: a place you go to in order to fetch your lover home after he's been out fishing for a day.

RAM - Random Access Memory
Random Attack Monday
Sho looks forward to Mondays, because he has News Zero. He loves his job as a news caster. It is challenging, but very exciting. He is glad for the opportunity to meet many interesting people, talk to them, interview them… he’s learnt a lot through his News Zero job.

Ohno loves Mondays. Despite the fact that his lover will not be around, he loves Mondays because that’s when he’ll get to see his favourite news caster in action. In fact, if not for said news caster, Ohno would not be watching the news at all. He prefers to watch his fishing programs.

There is one thing Sho does not like about Mondays though. Or it would be more like Tuesdays, because its always past midnight by the time he gets to check his phone after filming. That would be the slew of random messages he received from Ohno and his mum. From things like ‘that was interesting’ to criticisms of his presenting, or how he tripped over his words yet again, or even random comments on his appearances… well normally his mum would merely laugh at him for tripping over his words, but Ohno. Ohno’s messages were so random that Sho had taken to call it Random Attack Monday.

Search engine
Whenever Ohno comes across something he doesn't know, he would simply ask his walking, talking search engine Sakurai Sho. Considering that man's wide range of knowledge, it is simply faster to ask Sho. Even if Sho doesn't know the answer and has to consult the Internet, given Ohno's slow typing speed, it’s still faster for Ohno to ask Sho.

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
Sho’s (or Satoshi’s) Secret Lover
They aren’t touchy feely like Ohno and a certain brat. But actually they aren’t the secretive either. The signs are all there for anyone who cared to watch. Sho calling Ohno ‘nii-san’ and commenting how Ohno would love the sweet red bean bread, Sho being able to sniff out Ohno’s scent, Sho knowing anything and everything about leader… The clues are all there, hiding in plain sight.

Thumb drive
Sho loves Satoshi’s fingers. And Satoshi knows that Sho loves his fingers. And Sho knows that Satoshi know that.

Sho always looks forward to their foreplay session. Where Ohno would tease him with fingers, trailing them all over his body, and oh that thumb! Ohno knows exactly how to use his thumb to drive Sho mad.

USB - Universal Serial Bus
Under Satoshi's Bed… lies the Yama pair lover's deep, dark secrets.

Everyone knows that Ohno prefers sleeping on his sofa instead of his bed. He'd provided a ton of reasons why, but only his lover knows *exactly* why. And he knows it way too well.

Even though it was Ohno's bed, Sho has probably spent more time on the bed than its rightful owner. Oh and beneath the bed, where all the dark secrets lie... sex toys of all imaginable shapes and sizes, for all the purposes you could probably imagine. Ohno had even rigged up some gear to allow him to easily tie his lover to his bed - they'd recently started to dabble and some elements of BDSM and they both loved it. Sho loved being manhandled and dominated over, while Ohno enjoyed exerting his power over his lover.

Virus Attack
Everyone knows that Sho is Arashi’s mother hen. But he practically transforms into a mother/nurse when his lover came down with a virus. He kicked up a HUGE fuss with his manager and demanded to be given as much time off as possible so he could take care of his lover. He wiped leader down with a cool towel every 5 minutes, took his temperature every hour, woke the man up to feed him his medicine… The only thing he couldn’t do though, was cook. So he made Arashi’s in-house cook Matsumoto Jun do it instead, and spoon-fed leader ever last drop of the porridge and soup lovingly made by Arashi’s youngest. Sho doubted Jun would have been so helpful if it wasn’t Ohno who was sick though. Everyone has a soft spot for leader… (though Sho was pleased to note that leader still remained exclusively his.)

Sho never has trouble finding a new wallpaper for his laptop. All he has to do is to look in his lover’s sketchbook and take a photo.

WWW - World Wide Web
Wild, Wild, Wet

Sex in the bath is one of Sho’s favourites. They have tried it standing up in the shower, with the shower head raining down on them and soap streaming down their bodies, they have tired it in the bathtub - both filled and unfilled ones… Sho’s favourite wild wet sex was when they filled the bath tub to the brim (with them inside already of course, Sho didn’t like wasting too much water), and Ohno was at the bottom while he rode on Ohno’s length. He was half floating in the water and Sho loved the sensation of water splashing all around him as he hammered himself on his lover’s length.
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Title: Share House - Yama
Summary: What would happen if Arashi share a house? Here's some totally random, short episodes featuring our Yama pair.
Rating: G
Length: A series of bite sized short stories
    1. Prose literature, esp. short stories and novels, about imaginary events and people.
    2. Invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.
Taken from

"Satoshi-kun, want some fruits?"


With that slight nod of approval from leader, Sho tossed an apple at the surprised Ohno. With a soft *poink*, the apple landed on the floor.

"Eh?" Ohno looks up to see Sho happily munching into an apple. "I thought you were going to slice it for me or something…" Ohno mumbled unhappily.

"Oh come on, you know it took me half and hour to peel half an apple and I'm never going to do that again…" Sho said, clearly embarrassed.

"But at least you could cut it…" Ohno grumbled as he picked up the apple and headed to the kitchen to wash the fruit.


Sho was finally back at home, their home, after another long but fulfilling day as a Zero caster. As usual, he got a 'well done' message from Ohno even though he told the old man there's no need to send those messages since leader was always there to welcome him home anyway. "But I get 1000 free SMSes a month and I don't even use up half of it!" Had been the reply. Sho's face lit up as he remember the cute pout on Oh-chan's face. Leader always made his life interesting like this.

When he reached home today however, Ohno was not in his usual sofa spot to welcome Sho.

"Eh? Where's leader?" Sho headed into the corridor and quietly peaked into leader's room.

There was Ohno, pacing about the room with brows furrowed and reciting lines of his drama. Sho watched in amusement as Ohno acted out the roles of the other characters as well. Sho silently wondered what would happened if the both of them co-starred in a drama together. 'I wonder how leader will act out my role…'

Sho was staring for a good 15 minutes before he heard the toilet flush. Realising that someone else is awake, Sho hurriedly went back to his room before he gets caught.


Leader was getting stressed. It was natural considering his new drama was starting soon. Leader had always been anxious about dramas, especially before the filming officially starts. He'd be busy memorising the lines of the first episode (or whatever episodes that they've been given the lines for), trying to make out how his character is like, thinking about how to portray the character, trying out facial expressions, poses and actions in the mirror… Sho woke up in the middle of the night the previous day only to see leader still practising. Ohno was dedicated like that. Once he set his mind on something he'll plug right in. Deep. Sho couldn't help but worry though. They were getting old and no longer as energetic as they once were. If leader's already working so hard now, will he be able to take the harsh drama filming schedule that's going to start just next week?

"Ne Satoshi"

"Eh?" Leader barely looked up from his script.

"Don't stress yourself too much ne… if there's anything you need me to help just ask ok?"

"…" No reply. Sho wondered if Ohno heard him at all. He sighed and sat down next to leader and started reading his newspaper.

Five or ten minutes later…

"Ne Sho-chan"


"How do you read this kanji?"

Sho smiled to himself. Seems like Ohno did hear him after all.


Sho was glad he was sharing a house with the rest of Arashi. Even if Nino was an annoying brat at times and Jun was bad in the mornings… at least they got along well. And it saved him the trouble of cooking or buying takeaways. Most of the time it'll be Aiba making breakfast, and Jun making dinner. Jun would also make lunch too if he's at home, but most of the time they have work and lunch was taken outside. Today it seems like he's back to having takeaway for dinner however. Work was light today for Sho and he'd finish the magazine interview early and was back home by 4 and was all alone. Nino was away for movie filming - he probably won't be back home till 2 or 3am. J was busy with his stage play so he won't be coming back for dinner. Aiba has TSD (Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen) filming and said he'd be having dinner with the staff that day. And Ohno. Ohno had an off day but he was missing. Probably gone fishing again… Sho mused. He flopped onto the sofa and picked up the takeaway menus, wondering if he should call for delivery or book a seat in the new ramen place Aiba was talking about the other day. 'Mou… Its been less then a week since I last ordered from this shop… I'll go out and eat instead.'

Sho had just put down the phone when his mobile vibrated. It was a message from leader: "Don't go out for dinner, wait for me".

The message was accompanied by a photo of leader holding a huge fish and looking all triumphant. Sho smiled as he picked up the phone once more to cancel the reservation. He'd never get sick of eating Ohno's fishes.


Ohno was in good spirits that morning. His whole night of fishing hadn't been in vain - he'd caught two plump sea bass and was preparing them for breakfast for the members. It was still early when he finished preparing breakfast though. None of the members were awake. After pacing up and down the living room for a while, Ohno got bored and decided to wake the members up instead. He silently went up to the door to Sho's room. It was locked. Sho hated it when people stepped into his room in the morning and forbid them from entering. Not that Ohno cares anyway. He smirked as he opened Sho's door with the spare key and happily pounced onto Sho's bed.

Sho felt his bed shake violently for a while. But he was tired so he continued sleeping. After a while he started feeling uncomfortable though, and then he felt a heavy weight on his chest. He woke up in cold sweat only to realise that it was Ohno sleeping soundly on his chest. 'Wah that was scary, I thought it was a ghost or something… wait a minute…!'

"Ahhhhhh Ohno why are you in my room!!!" He screamed.

Sho looked around and was glad to see that he was still fully clothed. At least Ohno didn't see him stripped naked.

"Someone's been having extra fun during the night eh?" Nino smirked as he peaked into the room. "You really don't have to announce it to the whole world you know."

Sho's faced flushed red as he stumbled to get words out of his mouth. Thankfully, he was saved by Aiba who excitedly dragged Nino off to show him the luxurious breakfast the fisherman made.

Sho looked down at leader's peaceful face still perched on top of his chest and smile. Maybe he should sleep a little longer, it was a Sunday after all.


*Tok, tok, tok* Sho was irritated by the noise. He had a lot of research to do for News Zero but couldn’t concentrate properly. At times like this he really wondered why he agreed to Ohno's crazy idea of having all five of them stay together, just like in their variety show. At least they should have looked for an apartment with sound proofed walls. He went out of his room in search of the source.

*Tok, tok, tok…* Ohno was enjoying himself practising iron lifting (lifting golf balls) in his room when an angry Sho stormed in.

"Can you please stop it, I'm trying to concentrate on my work here."

"Ah… sorry!" replied Ohno, evidently shocked by Sho's sudden outburst.

Sho regretted his harsh tone the moment he saw leader dejected face, but he had his report to finish. 'Ah well, its not really my fault, I really need to finish this work… I'll make it up to leader next time.' Sho thought.

When Sho finally finished his report at 3am, that evening's incident had been completely forgotten. All he was thinking of was to change into his pyjamas and climb into bed for a good night's rest. Little did he expect that someone else was also waiting for him to finish his report.

"Ne Sho"

"Eh?" A startled Sho replied. He could barely make out the features of leader in the dark. "What are you doing in my room?"

"You're not angry with me for disturbing your work are you?"

"No, why would I be? Un… sorry for just now I was…" Sho's words were cut short as Ohno placed his finger on Sho's lips.

"I'm very lonely in my room, can I sleep with you tonight?" Ohno asked, surprising Sho with his request.

He knew Ohno liked snuggling up with people at night - evident by the number of times Ohno and Nino were found sleeping together in the morning… but… but… Sho's mind was flooded with thoughts. 'Am I just a cheap replacement for Nino? What's this supposed to mean…? What does he really feel about me? Wait what if I start stripping in the middle of the night and knock him off the bed? Or if he wakes up and find me all naked…'

Without waiting for a reply, Ohno squished himself into Sho's bed.

"Do you always do this to Nino?" Sho asked.

"Hmm…" Ohno happily snuggled himself between Sho and the bedroom wall. "Ne Sho-kun, why do you always lock your bedroom door at night?"

"Ah…" Sho felt his face flushing red and was glad it was too dark for Ohno to see.

"It's not as if we've not seen you naked before anyway…" Ohno replied.

"But still!" Sho protested.

It was embarrassing for Sho. Not only did he regularly stripped while he was asleep, he also grinds his teeth causing a 'handphone vibration' like sound, as the rest of the members would describe it. He'd tried using a mouthpiece while sleeping, but he ended up being told that he sounded like a scuba diver. They said it was alright, they didn’t mind the noise, but Sho was nonetheless embarrassed by his sleeping behaviour.

"Are you sure you want to sleep with me? I grind my teeth you know…" Sho asked

"It'ss ok," Ohno replied.

"Why don't you go sleep with Nino instead?" Sho tried again.

"Don't wanna… The only one time you didn't lock your bedroom and you are kicking me out?" Sho could make out Ohno's face pouting in the darkness.

"But I thought you…" Sho's voiced trailed off into the darkness.

"I love you too Sho." Ohno sighed as he continued. "Yes, I love that brat too, but its… its different… I've always… respected you… what you've done for all of us… I don't know how to explain it… but I respect you and I love you Sho."

"I love you too…" A dumbfounded Sho managed to reply.

As he watched over Ohno's sleeping face, he thought back on what Ohno have said. It was true that Ohmiya was the most touchy feely pair out of them all, proudly exhibiting their antics whether at home or at work, but Ohno had always made space for Sho in a different way that he does for the rest of the members. He thought back of all the times he and Ohno had spent together - be him teaching Ohno kanji, or Ohno teaching him fishing, or both of them making a mess in the kitchen together… their relationship with each other was unique and enjoyable. They both respected each other a lot and cared for each other. Leader was always standing silently behind him, supporting him, as he was quietly supporting leader from the sidelines. They don't mess around or display it as openly as Nino does with Ohno but it was still love nonetheless. Sho drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face. It was the best sleep he'd slept in years.

A/N: Arashi share house! Hmm the rest drabble ended up being a little weird, hope its okay... since I'm basically dumping all five on them in a house together, I'm just gonna mix up all the pairings - that's if i write more share house drabbles of course :P

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