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Shared this on tumblr, but thought I should share it on LJ here. Translated my myself and [ profile] nijininare as stated on the photo. :)

So no, as you can see, Jun is NOT suicidal/depressed/going blind/whatever. The whole entry (well, from the 3rd line or so onwards), is about the upcoming concert Japonism. So Jun was talking about him not having any idea what to do for the concert. Not about himself being sad/pissed at the Ohno incident/whatever.

I also picked out some of the kanji used and did a little vocabulary list here.
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Yay! The Digitalian! The whole jweb Arashi site has been updated with a new color theme for The Digitalian!

The Digitalian special site has been updated too. All the messages from the members are already up, and new content has been posted in the Topics segment too! Yes the Topics segment is now available in English as well, so do check it out! Again, you need to be using your mobile browser to access the site. Just your browser, not the Jweb app. The last I tried that thing wasn't working at all on the iOS. It just redirected me to open the webpage in Safari (I'm on the iPhone).

Anyway, there a new round table discussion in there (There are two parts!), as well as a report from the staff on the PV making.

The talks are hilarious! I had soo much fun reading it! Ohno certainly has grown a lot! He's finally doing something... leaderlike if you will.

Ja, that's all for now, was just excited about the jweb Topics and had to share it with ya all, peace out!
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Ok. Because it's been a whole day but the English translation of Ohno's Jweb The Digitalian message isn't out yet. I can't resist anymore. Maybe their translator isn't around cos it's a Sunday? But I thought those messages would have been written long ago. Maa maa... I love translating these short bits because it's 1) short 2) easy to understand 3) quick to complete. Let's see how my translation compares to theirs...

Here goes!

Hello~! It's Ohno~! Soo~ Arashi's new album [THE DIGITALIAN] is on sale~! This time too, it's filled with various types of songs! There are pretty adult like songs, so please look forward to it! Among them, the song [Zero-G], I did the choreography~! To see how it turned out, the PV of [Zero-G] and the making is in the limited, first press edition; please watch it there~! My solo is this song called [Imaging Crazy]. The members said that "It's Leader-like" *laughs*. Apart from that, it is also packed with various songsl please listen to it loads!!

That's all.
This was Ohno Satoshi.
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OK. I'm slow. I know, I know. I've paid for jweb for like half a month before I finally could differentiate which parts of the site is free and which parts aren't. Had to use another browser besides my stock Safari in iOS to test it out and make sure...

But well, I bring you some jweb news (some not that new though)!For people like me who have never explored jweb mobile before!

First thing first. It's a mobile only site. If you access it from your desktop/laptop, it'll show an error message asking you to access it from your phone. I'm sure there are ways to get around this... without even googling I can tell you that there are android emulators for the PC around and you could probably open the site using that. There's probably loads of mobile browsers emulators too. But if you have a phone, just pick that up instead? It's the most straightforward option. So, all the links that I shall here will only work on mobile.
That link will take you to the Arashi homepage. If the site is not in English, you can hit the menu button the top left hand corner. Under the support section (very last section), pick the very last option, that will take you to the language selection page. As you probably already know, the site is available in Japanese (of course!), English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

What's there to see right now then? First up, there's the video message. Just tap on the big 'Message videos currently available!!' button and hit Arashi up. The short version, just advertising their Dig Italian album, and a little about jweb. Well that's a week old now, posted originally on the 10th of Oct. But if you've not seen it yet, no harm taking a look. Just a short promo since we don't get to see the full, long video unless we are Family Club members. But hey, Arashi dressed up redder than Santa Claus, and Aiba making little mistakes and everyone laughing it off is adorable right? On the first day of airing the English subs weren't available, but it's up there now.

There's also "THE DIGITALIAN" Special release site. In a big button right near the top. You can't miss that right? There you can see the album info, such as the price and tracks, and the messages from the members. This morning there's only Jun's message, but Aiba's message appeared when I checked at noon, so I'm pretty sure messages for the other members will be up soon.

They have a melody section there too, but that's for jweb subscribers only. Basically, music box/melody versions of their songs (Zero G, GUTS, bittersweet and daremo shiranai). I still have not listened to them yet though... :X

Anyway. In Aiba's message, he promises that the album is not a filled with digital songs only. So that's good news for all those who aren't that fond of digitalised songs :).

There's also this additional "Topics" section that's only available on the Japanese version of the site, but it's empty right now, so I have no idea what will be inside. I *may* translate it if there's something interesting next time and it's still not around in the English version.

Right, that's all for now!
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Okay. Let's have some Arashi related things because I need a change of mood.

Got a few new lots from Arashimikuji. Including one from Nino. Yeah, I know there are official translations of everything on jweb. Their translations isn't perfect, neither is mine, I just want to be 'extra' and translate it ok?

Lot no. SS-00002 )

Lot no. SS-00006 )

Lot no. NK-00003 )

Lot no. OS-00004 )

Yay me

Oct. 2nd, 2014 12:26 am
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For signing up for jweb. Like just... take me $$ JE >< !

But well... I just need to eat once less fast food meal a month to make up for it. So yeah. Not a bad deal I guess?

Enjoy, Otohona... finally I'll get to read them! <3 And of course I can read stuff from the other JE groups too, if I am bored and all...

So I tried Arashimikuji today. Message no. MJ-00006.

Today might be a day for practicing...

Please challenge (practice) something that you are bad at!

Something might change!!

Matsumoto Jun

Anyway... the new album... the song titles sound really really cool. Zero-G? Gosh. It's like, the first time i feel excited just by hearing the song titles.

Ah, I am so excited about reading all their jweb entries now. That's all that I've been doing all night! Lol! Reading and hitting the screenshot buttons. XD
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Ok. So to take stock of my status in terms of Arashi shows...

I'm very, very, very behind. It's been a whole month since I last watched any of their regular shows. There's something I'm still working on currently... hopefully I can get that out of the way soon and then I can watch my Arashi shows...

Yes I'm being intentionally vague I know. So much so for me wanting to... join Arashi-league and stuff? In the end I don't really want to share publicly what project I intend to do... nor do I want to make any promises, before I'm bad at keeping to promises, and some times I just don't have the motivation to finish things up. And before you know it a new video that's way more important and enticing comes up, and you work on the new video... and so on and so forth. Like the Hawaii news clips. And that ultra short 59 second Hawaii VSA teaser.

Good news is next monday is a holiday. Bad news is idk if i'll be able to finish catching up to a whole month of shows during that long weekend. If my parents insist on going out again, which they always do, that's my whole day gone. Or days even. And when they ask me what the hell am I doing at home, sitting in front of my lappy and getting fat, I don't want to answer either. And all they see is that I'm watching videos. Which well, is the truth.

I'm also... about 3 months behind TSD. Or more. Arghs. So many of their old shows that I've not watched too. And I dont think i'll be more free any soon haha.

So many Hawaii Arashi goodness coming up. Arghs Novemberrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Hawaii VSA on the 6th, and NHK documentary on the 7th. A freaking documentary! DOCUMENTARY. Of an idol group. Called Arashi. If that doesn't convince you how immensely CRAZY those 5 boys are than, what will? There are tons of idol groups in Japan, how many has gotten their own documentary? I've not research, but I can bet you the number isn't high. And it's not like... a documentary of a group that's... not really active anymore - a former legend. Arashi is making new peaks year after year still. Seriously... Crazy. These guys are crazy! And they are probably wondering like why everyone is so crazy over the very normal things that they do. Like how they interact with each other. They've always said that it was just normal for them. Because that's how they really are. And yet their member ai is killing scores of fangirls worldwide. Myself too, I love their member interaction the most.

Normal takes on a new meaning with them too. Performing in heavy rain and treating the rain like it's nothing more than special effects for example. For hosting Kouhaku four times in a row. They were the hosts on their second appearance too.... kinda crazy if you'd ask me? Sure there are others who have hosted the show longer, but considering how prestigious the show is, I think having a chance to host at all is an honor enough. It's the first time a group is hosting too. 24-hour tv too, they were main personalities for the event 4 times, and that's twice more than the nearest runner ups, says the Japanese wiki. Granted, the main personality for that event is pretty much an all JE affair... but still. CD and DVD sales too. Topping the charts and with genuine sale numbers - no voting tickets or tickets to handshake events to artificially inflate the sale numbers - always amazes observers.

Crazy, crazy crazy!

Definitely looking forward to the DVD and all the upcoming shows in Nov. Their tour too... the Dig Italian. Hahahaha! Covers and song titles were revealed today. I must say, I like the RE cover more lol! But I ordered the LE already, and as tempting as it might be, I will not get both versions. Saving that $$$ for their DVDs and other goodies to come would be a much better idea. I think I'm totally in a crazy mood now. Like an animal going free after being caged for too long. I'm finally indulging myself in all these little things since now at least it is my own money I'm spending. Not a good idea to spend too much though. I do need to watch out. Though that applies more to my over indulgence on food than on idol related merchandise. Considering that I have never been a fan of any idol group before, and never bugged my parents for money to buy CDs or to watch concerts. I guess that's why I'm being so... free with my money now. First the Waku Waku goods, now the LE dig italian. What's next? Hahaha. I'll like to get the Hawaii Blast dvd... but DVDs are more expensive and.... idk. Hahaha. We'll see when the time comes. As for dig italian concert goods... idk. Blast had some novel stuff, like the playing cards. The mug was nice too, but as with JE stuff they are expensive and I just spent a lot of $$$ on the waku waku stuff so I decided against it. The stainless steel bottle, which I've been telling myself I should start using but have yet it, and which is staring at me right now from my desk, looking ever so white and innocent, was the culprit. How much was it again? 44 bucks? or 45. Something like that.

Well speaking the dig italian... i'm assuming it was in a jweb entry that chipmunk sho talked about the naming? Still not read that yet. I think i'm gonna subscribe to the mobile jweb so that I can read the entries. Gotta check out on the pricing, but I think it's pretty erm, worth it? I mean like, if I buy a magazine with our boys in it, it's not cheap either... and I was pretty tempted to subscribe to the digital version of non-non, or maybe buy the issues with out boys in the cover. I think i'll take up the jweb subscription. More like I will. My heart is already into it hahahaha. As long as the price isn't sky high. I don't think it's too expensive though. And considering all the Japanese novels that I've been buying but not reading... I think the jweb would be a more worth while investment since I would actually read the entires. Yes now that I can understand them. And each of them posted something for the Hawaii blast too! No better time to subscribe then now! Sure I read a translation yesterday, but now... I want to read the original. To understand the full 100% meaning that they have meant to transmit. Meanings that could be lost in translation just because of the differences in language. Alright. Enough typing here. Let me go check jweb out!

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