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It's been a long week...

JLPT tmr and I have no doubt about how I'm going to fail N1. Cos I was too greedy and decided to skip N2... And cos real life has been taking too much of a toll on me and I've not been able to find the enegy to study.

I actually had some time on my hands this week since I took sick leave from work on Thurs and Fri... But well... I was sick. And just unable to concentrate on getting those Japanese grammar into my thick head. So yeah... All the time wasted. Still not really well now... But better... At least I'm able to function... I just felt like curling up in bed all day on thurs and fri... It's amazing how some food poisoning related contipation and bloatedness can make you feel so bad... I couldn't even sleep at night... Hence the reason why I raised the white flag and went to the doctor....


Power of the Paradise!

Nope, I didn't watch the whole Music Day show... But I did see Arashi's Power of the Paradise performance and boy do I love that song!

So cheerful, upbeat, hopefull... And unlike Akashi, this one is fast paced. I love fast paced songs. Is it... club or something? Music genres... *shrugs*

I've updated nihongo manabu with a post about the new single. Upcoming new single at least. Please check out the post! XD

As I was researching for the post... Arashi just... Amazes me. It's the 5th bloodly hell time Sho would be covering for the olmypics... And it's the 6th time Arashi is providing the NTV Olympics theme song. Just... blows your mind doesn't it?


That's all from me for now! 

I'm alive

Apr. 3rd, 2016 10:35 am
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It's over and I feel like I'm alive again.

What's over?

The mad rush and the (self induced) stress and tension.

And probably my productive period of time at my current workplace as well.

There are still experiments to finish up but... Think I'm gonna slack for a while. There's some new experiments to be started on but really... I have no idea what's things going to be like. I'll ask unsup how important that unstarted experiment is. If it's high on the priority list, then I'll do it. If not, I'll wait and see and I strongly feel that nothing is going to happen if I don't do anything about it so...

Yeah. We'll see.

For now I need a break. I should start writing letter right away... Probably. But no I really need a break.

I just want to hide somewhere and read. And write. And watch Arashi.

In other news.

I signed up for JLPT. At last. Decided that... Since I'm going to kill myself, might as well be thorough about it and take N1... So yup. N1 it is. I'm really, really going to kill myself. Lol. At least... For now I think I'm a little, tiny bit more motivated to study than previously.

So yeah. I'll start catching up on Arashi shows again. I'll try to anyway.

So many things on my To Do List. Things that I paused because I just can't take it anymore. Couldn't keep up with the lab and the stress. Stress... Not from unsup. But the whole situation - my next move and so on. A few things have been settled now so... That takes the stress off quite a bit. Like a new RF is here. And she's not another of those helpless people who can't even use a pipette properly (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little) so that's good I guess. Only that my Chinese language skills do not extent to specialised scientific/bio terms so we might have some trouble in communication. God dammit. My English speaking skills will go down the drain again. I should have lunch more often with my other non-Chinese speaking colleagues huh. No more being anti-social and having lunch alone while reading on the Kindle...

Oh yes. The To Do List.

Nihongo Manabu.

I stopped for a whole month because I was just too tired. But then I had to pay for it. The site dropped right out of the Google ranks... Sigh. Have to work hard to build it out again...

Then there's all the other blogs too. My gaming blog. And my crafts blog. Looking at my pathetic attempts to draw.... Yes, I'm definitely better at '3D' stuff, like... Eraser carving for instance, than drawing. I'm good with my hands... Except when I'm holding a writing instrument. (My horrid handwriting comes to mind.) Yeah. Somehow...

And there's twitter, weibo, and instagram. I'll try and get active on those again too. Well maybe not twitter. But I'll try and post some random short sentences in Chinese or Japanese in weibo again. Just so that I'll have a wee bit of practice typing in those languages. Practising han yu pin yin for my mandarin in particular. Even though all I use are those few elementary words. But hey, still better than nothing!

I scored an R programming book from unsup. So that'll be where my immediate focus in terms of studying goes. Well, at work anyway. For now I don't feel like installing R or R studio whatever on dad's lappy. Also considering to just get my own damned new lappy already... It doesn't feel nice using a loan computer. I don't really want to install too much stuff but... Yeah... Already I've used up more than half of my dad's HD space. Like.... There was over 100 GB free when I started using this? Close to 200 maybe. Now there's only 48 GB free. LOL! This is bad... Lol. And I didn't even transfer things like my iTunes library over! And... What I really want to do is make another partition for Windows... Yeah. And dad needs his lappy back soon anyway. I should just go ahead and buy my own lappy already. Heck. I wanted to get it month ago but he was the one who said "Oh, just use mine? Mine is still working what...?"

Yeah. Time to return the lappy huh.

Of cos... My GRE practises will make a comeback in earnest. And I'll try to keep up with my JLPT studying. Cos yeah. I paid 70 bucks for the test already.

Speaking of 'puters.

On well. Unsup is moving away. And trying to sell off almost every single piece of furniture and whatever article she owns. And... Her hubby is a gamer and computer geek. And... They have a freaking razor chroma keyboard they are trying to sell. That freaking keyboard that I've been eyeing for what? More than a year now. Dammit. I don't actually need a keyboard since I'm using a lappy... Well unless I choose to buy a desktop instead of a lappy - sis will happily take the desky if I'm successful in going overseas. But well... Back to the keyboard. Recently I've been trying to draw on the walcom tablet. So this larger than A4 sized tablet is now between me and my lappy. And I can't rest my arms properly on the table because I keep pressing the buttons on the tablet. And even now as I'm typing, my arms are starting to ache. And I do what to explore more of the digital drawing/art option... Since I've already started now. Might as well kick off my plans to draw science/lab/bio related comic strips right? So yes. Keyboard! And a freaking razer flashing pretty rainbow colors. They are selling a mouse too though I don't care so much about the mouse. But the keyboard!

I think I'll just go ahead and get it already. Heck. Illogical, expensive, and I don't actually need such a good gaming keyboard but... Heck. I'm going to keep admiring this keyboard in the store anyway so...

Bad thing is that it's loud. Mechanical keys with loud clicks... Not too good if I wake up in the middle of the night and start typing furiously huh. If mum or dad wakes up to use the loo... I'll get busted cos of the keyboard. Lol.

Sis was like. Why do you need a rainbow keyboard? The mac one lights up already! But well...


The difference between gamers and non-gamers. Or hardware lovers. Since. I'm only a half gamer. Heck. I'd totally be a gamer if I don't get motion sickness. I'd really really love to try acclimatising myself to first person type of games. So that you know, I can actually play. Yeah. Just like... Need more time lol.


Never enough.

Like all the arty stuff I want to do too. And all the programming that I want to learn.

I ordered a 3Dsimo on kickstarter. It's a 3D doodler and more... They are getting towards the last stages of production and I can't wait to get mine and start playing with it. Really. It's gonna be fun I bet.

Too many things to do... Too many games to play.

But for now... I should go get to the laundry. Hahaha.
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If I had to pick a 'word of the week', it'll have to be happenings. It's been a week filled with happenings really. Wanted to blog about them much earlier, but never managed to find time till today. Well its been a tiring week for sure. For one, I've not even watched last week's AnS, Aiba manabu, and Nino-san... AND then this week's VSA is out already. Not to mention that I have like... two months of TSD to watch.

But wells... Weekends I was busy with subs. So was Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. Heck even this morning I spent some time translating before I left for work. But its FINALLY completed now. A surprise release, so I'll talk more about translating this episode when we finally release it. And believe me, I do have loads to talk about...

But the happenings! At work! First up on Monday... I reached the workplace to find that the canteen has suddenly closed down. So that means we have to go out for lunch everyday now. Though they did provide some gap stop measures like having a lunch bus come several days this week... but it'll be till Nov at least before a new vendor takes over the canteen, and there'll be no more lunch bus from next week onwards. Which sucks. Sure the building management's shuttle bus is now FOC, but still it’s a hassle to have to go out for lunch everyday.

Still on Monday... The boss - the big boss of the whole huge organisation, called for a meeting during lunch time. And I kinda pushed my luck with trying to finish my gas measurement before I head up for the meeting... and gosh it was a pretty eerie experience because I was the only one left in the lab. Yeah I was kinda late... There wasn't a single soul left in the labs... but hey I was far from being the last person to head to the meeting room. People were reaching there in droves after me XD. The meeting room wasn't really big... and it was totally PACKED to the brim because of the order for everyone to be present at the meeting. All the staff and all the students. The students - PhD students - actually made up the bulk of the crowd. Maybe two thirds? It was so much more roomy after they left and the boss spoke to the staff in private. Nothing that I'll like to say here about the meeting. Besides the fact that they announced a mid autumn festival celebration on the 4th of sept. They were supposed to send out emails, and I believe they have done so... BUT I'm not on the freaking mailing list. It was the same for the CNY celebrations last time! I had freaking no idea! And I went to have lunch when there was actually free food provided. Sheesh! I needa ask around to see who I'd have to bug to be put on the mailing list. Last time I wasn't even on the mailing list of the research staff. So all the stuff like equipment maintenance... I never got any of those! That was worst!

Well so that was Monday. No... not all for Monday. Well before the meeting actually... I was in a rush remember? I had to take samples form the fermenter too... and cos I was in the rush and that looong tubing was making it take from me to take the samples... I kinda just pushed the syringe down hard on the table... real hard and... WHOOSH! The tubing disconnected from the syringe and the sludge just shot out like a rocket. On my labcoat, safety googles... and then one big spat on the ceiling lights troololololol! No more rushing next time hahaha. And I'll hold the tubing in place while pushing the syringe hahaha. As I was advised to do before... :P hahahaha. Yeah, one thing that I'm glad for is the washing machine in the lab and all... they wash the labcoats regularly and make sure there's a decent supply, so you can change your labcoat anytime. And they just got in a new batch of shiny labcoats. Well not THAT new anymore - I've already sent three to the wash so far - but still, its very nice. To have such facilities. They do take care of such stuff pretty nicely here, you have to give them that.

And so that was Monday. Then Tuesday. I went to check on my fermenters as usual, and saw that... there was no gas production! The fermenters had all stopped running! At first I was like... what the heck??? They stopped the fermenters and didn't tell me??? But nope. It was a power trip. So we turned the power back on and tried a bit... and discovered that it seems like one of the reactors was causing problems. Which is bad. We are already at the last part of the experiment - an experiment that's been running for more than half a year! Sup called the engineer, and the guy came down after lunch. Sup went for national geographic talk though, so I had to stay with the engineer... I watched as he tried the stuff, unplugging here and there... and eventually just unpluging everything from the mains but... it still tripped! Which clearly means that the problem was NOT with our equipment. Long story short, we eventually found the culprit in another room that tripped the power as soon as it turns on. And gave off a weird smell too. So problem solved. Poor chap came down for pretty much nothing, and our fermenters had stopped running for close to a day.

I had thought that... I might be more free now that my parts have been more or less finished but... nope. I spent a lot of time running around the lab still. Helping my RFs with their work and such... today I actually did have some time in the evening, and I decided to check on my favourite authors and... lo and behold! Three new books from two authors! Two from Terry Brooks and one from... what's the guy who wrote the CHERUB series again? Well and so I ended up reading Lone Wolf. The latest book in the Cherub series. I love that series. It provides nice inspiration for my Spy Arashi fic. XD And well, I was reading till chapter 40 and contemplating to just read finish before I head home (it was past 6pm already then), or to head home already... when suddenly someone messages me on FB! It was a fellow Arashi fan whom I met on mixlr asking about my JLPT results. Speaking of mixlr... I've not broadcasted at all this week! Been too busy with the subs! But well we both took JLPT N3 this yeah, and I was like... what results? I've not gotten it in the mail yet. And she kindly reminded me about being able to check the results online, and that the password for logging in was in the sign up form. I've totally forgotten about it. And I totally don't know/care about the online results checking thing. For N4 I just waited till the results came in the mail hahaha! Well for a person like me, I'd definitely not remember stuff like the day the results is out for sure, even I had not completely ignored that online results checking. But well. The great thing about being someone who's so lazy like me was that.. I've been carrying around all that JLPT registration form with me FOREVER. Since the day I've signed up. Literally. It's just in a little plastic pocket file that I always carry around in my bag and I've never bothered taking it out. So there! I could check my results there and then in the office! And lo and behold. A for vocab and A for grammar. I passed of course. With a score of 160/180. I was like... 'is that score good?'. And went rummaging around that same plastic file again. And found my score slip from N4. Yes! That thing is also, still, in my folder. HAHHAA. From the start of the year! Anyway. So here's my results last time.
Language Knowledge (Vocab/Grammar) + Reading: 90/120
Listening: 60/60
Total: 150/180
Vocab: A
Grammar: A
Reading: A

And this time...
Language Knowledge (Vocab/Grammar): 46/60
Reading: 59/60
Listening: 55/60
Total: 160/180
Vocab: A
Grammar: A

So I was like... ahhhhh I actually did better this time than the last! Yeah, I do remember thinking last year that... 150/180 is an A? They kinda have lax rules for getting an A right? I mean like... 150/180 percentage wise is only 83.33%! Well this time round I scored an 89.89%. Slightly better. But no 90%! Bleah. For N4 and N5, the Lang knowledge and reading scores are lumped together, but its separated for the N3, N2 and N1. Looking at my scores this time... Well my vocab and grammar definitely improved. But my listening! No longer a full mark. Meh. But I did know during the test. There were some questions in listening that I didn’t fully comprehend. Meh. That sucks. Ahhhhhh! Well at least reading I did well... But as expected. It's still the vocab and grammar that I need to improve a lot on. Esp if I were to take N2 this Dec... *gasp* its reaching Sept soon already! And the sign ups will open really soon (or has it opened already?) so I have to make a decision fast on whether to take N2 this year or wait till the next. If I sign up it'll be when I go down and collect my cert. Its kinda troublesome. I have to go down after work to collect since you can't collect the cert on weekends!

Well. You can totally hate me now if you like. Cos really... I do feel like Akaiwa in Yowakutemou sometimes. Like in my secondary school days. When I aced all the science exams without studying. When all my friends will be frantically flipping through their notes and what not... and my friend tried to test me something and I was totally clueless. But clearly the stuff they studied was... irrelevant? cos 1) it didn’t come out in the exams and 2) I scored way higher than them. And looking at my JLPT results, I couldn't help but laugh. Laughing at those people I saw with thick stacks of notes and flipping through them before the JLPT exams. Like seriously notebooks, printed handouts, handwritten notes... And what was I doing? Nothing. I didn't even read all the grammar books I bought. What I found ridiculous was... quite a lot of China nationals were there, and they were the ones with all the thick notes. And I'm like, dude! Why do you even need those notes? Your Chinese must be a 10000000x better than mine, and even with my noob noob Chinese I can understand those stuff, are you sure you can't? Esp all the kanji. It's either simplified Chinese, or traditional Chinese, or a mutation of either. And hey we don't even need to write the kanji in JLPT. You just need to recognise them! Sure kanji is hard for non-Chinese/Japanese.... but hey? Girls from China? Aw come'on! You gotta be kidding me! Okays. I have no idea how well they did. They probably scored full marks or something. But the rest of the Singaporean Chinese... who clearly went for Japanese classes together, cos they were all gathering around and discussing their notes and stuff. And its like... after the exams they were gathering together and talking about how hard the paper was, and all the questions they couldn't do but were... very easy to me. And it's easy cos its simple kanji/Chinese. And I was like... don't you people know Chinese??? Like... hello! You couldn't guess the meaning from the words? Well you don't even need to guess the meaning, it’s the same as in Chinese!


Speaking of which. I think the parts that killed me were the kanji to hiragana parts? Idk... I don't really remember which parts the paper has now hahaha! Bleah. Slacker to the max. I don't even know the types of questions they come out with! Maybe I should buy/otherwise grab hold or a past year N2 paper and actually try it before sitting for the exam. I need to buck up a lot on listening though. Bleah. I should go download those Sho NewsZero clips and watch them. And actually read those grammar books. Instead of just having the books to decorate my table and collect dust or something. Meh. I always talk but take no action! :P

Well... I guess while it's true that I don't actually sit down with a text book and study... I do spend a lot of time coming into contact with Japanese. All the shows I watch, the reviews/translations I do... especially now with the translations. Each time there's an unknown word I'll check the dictionary. Even if I know the meaning of the word, I still check it out sometimes because it'll help me to find the right English word to translate to faster. Instead of my having to grope around for the right word to use. A suggestion from the dictionary makes things easier, especially if my brain is already half frozen up or something. Like in my secondary school days I guess. I never mugged for the exams, but I'm interested in science, so I read up a lot. Like by the time I was secondary 2 I finished reading the whole secondary upper sec chemistry syllabus already. So I guess it's like... I do still study, but in a different way, a different form.

But ahhhh... I'm delighted. Happy and relieved that I did manage to do well as expected. After all that talk and complains about translations by a certain other group... it would be pathetic if I didn't do well hahaha. Yeah. I'm competitive. I removed myself from the competition in JC and uni, cos I've had enough.... but deep down I still am competitive. I like to prove to myself, to others that I'm good. I may not be the best, but I'm good and I know what I'm capable of. And I do like it, being confident that way. Because I know I have the capabilities... And yup... its that competitiveness that makes me want to sub a certain video that mascot has been begging me to sub... And I'm hoping to finish subbing it before them. Even though they will never know that we 'won', and only about 400 people will get to enjoy it. And really since we just finished the other video today, I have less time to translate, plus I'm working. But meh. That's just how I am... let's see if I can do it faster this time round. Competition = motivation hahaha!


Jul. 1st, 2014 01:43 am
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So its been a while since I updated on LJ. Been meaning to, but I've been busy...

Well. Waku waku screening yesterday, I didn’t manage to get the tickets so yeah. Just the Friday before, my sis got into a car crash again while driving me back, cos the stupid driver beat the red lights and caused us to bang into him. He was driving at super fast speed the @$$hole refuse to admit his mistake, and sadly we have no camera in the car and no evidence. Sucks, sucks sucks. Just our bad luck.

Anyway, sis has gone off to Australia for her 1 month long vacation already, so the house will be quiet for the next four weeks.

And on to the stuff that I really want to talk about!


I've started my work as a translator/beta in Shitanuri. So far I've translated parts of two episodes of VSA, and beta-ed AnShi and Shabekur 007 with Jun as the guest --> this is up already. Also made a few mirrors... And there's tons of VSA coming up. Now I'm still beta-ing (though at some parts its more like, re-translating) the VSA that aired on the 29th of May. Hopefully it'll be done soon and we can post it. And then I've got to check 12/6 VSA - the other half that I didn’t translate anyway. And then translated last week's VSA. Its going slow. And at parts where I can't quite understand/catch what they are saying it can take me quite a while. All in all, things are going slowly. We need more translators! Good translators!

And gosh. JLPT is this Sunday. And. I. Have. Not. Studied. A. Single. Thing.
The books that I bought. Only went through like... the first few pages. Gosh. I'm wasting $ again! This sucks. I'd better do well for my N3 else I'm so going to regret this! The only 'studying' I've done is translating Arashi shows, if that even counts... bleah.

I'm enjoy doing the subs though. Its tiring and hard but at the same time its fun. Its nice when I tried to use some bombastic words to improve my English. Of course, the meaning must fit and everything :) And yeah I think I've become some sort of a grammar Nazi thanks to all the beta-ing. Yeah, thanks to my secondary school days, I'm can be quite a perfectionist and that part of me sure is showing up here. I would like to beta as many of their works as possible... because I don't like it when I spot some error (and pretty major errors with the meanings being completely changed) like... 5 minutes into the show and stuff. I realised that actually my Japanese is erm... pretty good. Good enough for variety shows anyway. Don't ask me to translate Sho's NewsZero. I will vomit blood and die a horrible death. Its been a while since I tried watching NewsZero though... but the last time I tried I only understood what... 50% of the entire show? And the 50% is the meaning of what they are saying, that includes all the help with the videos, pictures, and what not. For translation? I pretty much have to check out every word they say...

Hmm. The team... Let's just say that... I've seen some works they had earlier... some had pretty bad mistakes. But hopefully everyone's standard will improve with time ne?

Ja... I shall beta another bit more of VSA, and head to bed. Gotta go to work tmr, and by myself too. Had a slack day today cos I took MC to go to the doctors. The x-ray is fine - there are still holes in the bones but its much smaller than last time. With bone infection and all it'll take quite a while to heal, but bone has grown from the last time I visited the docs so pretty much everything ought to be alright. I sure hope so :)
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Hmm, so far so good?

Thanks in part to the Vesak day holiday today, I managed to do a AnShi review and thus far haven been keeping with my goal of making at least 1 review a month.

I kinda... skipped work on Monday. Was just... so tired. Needed some kind of a break. Well I had a doctors appointment in the morning... did a blood test and the results came back alright. The antibiotics regime did its work and the test results shows that the infection has cleared. The consultation ended pretty early though, roughly... 10:40am? But I didn’t feel like going to work that day so I just took MC. Also its really tiring to rush down to work from the hospital and all, which i was constantly doing after my consultation at NUH for the antibiotics... all in all I have a legitimate MC for not showing up for work, though that's one more day out of my 14 days of outpatient sick leave. Which isn't too bad actually, only used 2 days so far, though next Monday will be another day gone. Got no choice on that one. Appointment is at 11:30am with the ortho doc, hopefully everything goes well and I can walk without the crutches... and then physiotherapy at 2:30pm. Yeah I really hope I don't have to go for another op and what not. That would be so freaking troublesome. And my boss was just telling me the other day... they have sooo many DNA samples waiting for me to do qPCR with. Plus, they want to start a new experiment with the remaining... 1 month plus, and they are hoping the results could lead to a paper, and he definitely hinted that if I could help in that experiment, I'd be able to get some sort of name in the paper, or some sort of credit that'll count towards my next year's performance review. Of course its not a 100% thing that anything will get published, but hey, I'm more than willing to settle for a chance for getting something out of my stay with this group. The project is ending in end June and after which I'll be sent to another group already. I thought I could make some headway with the PCR stuff... hopefully I still can with the remaining time. Though that might not be fulfilled at all if I can't get back in the lab. And single crutch or not I can't do lab properly on my own still. Like... unless every single time I move around I take off and put my gloves back on... nah that's just ridiculous... I would be able to work properly. Not to mention that there's a ton of chairs and things to avoid. Not a very crutch friendly place really.

In other news... After the doc's appointment on Mon i went shopping some bit. Went to Kino and spent a ridiculous amt of time in there picking out books for my JLPT test. Decided that I had to study else I might not pass this time round. I smoked through N4 without studying a thing, but I guess N3 is not gonna be so easy. Its like... there's all those small little things that you don't take notice off that's hard. Like whether a particular word is spoken with the long sound or not, or which particle to use... sometimes the particles its like... the more you read the more everything seems correct. Well at least that's what happens to people with my level of Japanese... I'm pretty glad there's no writing though. That makes studying for it so much, much easier. Well I ended up buying three books, one with N1 and N2 vocab - 7000 words... well I didn’t want to have to buy a new book for the next test so I decided to just... go for the book with the most words and the higher level. The other two are like... practice books for all the questions - grammar, vocab, and what not. No listening practice though. I think I can do alright in listening with all the drama and variety I watch :P. 81 bucks in total. All Taiwanese publishers cos its way cheaper. And some bit of Chinese translation in case I really don't understand the Japanese wouldn’t hurt. Though its in Traditional Chinese... the main thing though, its that its way cheaper... >< yeah, price matters. Originally I only wanted to pick up the 60+bucks vocab book that my sis recommended. But I can't remember which book it was, and she completely forgot having ever recommended me a vocab book... so yeah... that's how I ended up with three books. Ok. Book bought. Now to read and study them. Hopefully it wont end up like last time when my sis bought some book for studying N4, and she barely read the book while I didn’t touch it at all. That's partly the reason why the books I bought this time are not solely for N3. One of the vocab books covers N1-5, while the other book with more practice questions is for N2 and N3.

Alrights... that's all for today! Shall open my books (yes, they are still nicely wrapped up in the Kino plastic bag) and head to bed.


Apr. 10th, 2014 11:35 pm
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Ok, so I decided that enough was enough, and I gritted my teeth and finished up the second half of my VSA review. For 6th march >< Sigh. It was only a week 'late' when I started the review but now when I finally finished it its been over a month since the air date gosh.

And I have not watched MMDA yet, nor last week's AnShi... and already TODAY's VSA is up for downloads. Goodness me...

My mum had a very unpleasant encounter with the condo manager today, and so i've been tasked with writing a formal letter of complaint since my English writing ability is the best in my family - my parents grew up learning and speaking Chinese as children. Anyway... don't feel like talking about it... my letter is not yet halfway done but I just had to post up my tv review first... shall finish the letter tomorrow. Ah and I need a bath too, so sticky... The stupid PICC line insertion site gets so itchy at times, and the hot weather in sg doesn’t help one bit... the dressing just got changed yesterday morning and now there's blood clot around the site again... maybe even more than before the dressing change yesterday... grrrr.

My stitches are scheduled to come off on Monday... i wonder if i'll be able to walk with the aircast boots. Without the crutches...

Ah a little bit of 'happy news'. The lab manager at work sent an email saying that the confocal microscope training was postponed from yesterday to next Thursday cos the trainer is sick. Which means that I'll be able to attend!!! YESSSSSS! I wanted to learn how to use that thing the moment I heard that we had a confocal microscope in the lab. Confocal would be even more useful for me as a biologist, as compared to TEM. Confocal is much more widely used in biology, in life sciences at least. Yeah, it'll definitely be useful to learn how to use the confocal microscope. I MUST attend next week's training session... who knows when the next one will be? ><

Hmm... TV reviews wise... I'd definitely love to do MMDA. But last week's AnS? It looks interesting but AnS takes me hell long to review... it’s a 90 min SP at that... Idk... depends on my mood i guess... At least so far so good, I'm doing like... 1 review per month at least. Yeah, I'll try to keep that up ;) Ganbarimasu!

Ah yes, before I forget, a few words I learnt from the 6th Mar VSA episode...

ポロリ - Fall

しつこい - 1: insistent; obstinate; persistent; tenacious;
2: too rich (taste, etc.); fatty; heavy; greasy

Definitions are taken from
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So i picked up my N4 cert at the Japanese cultural association yesterday... And of course with the voucher I signed up for N3 as well. And yes, I got back my 55 bucks for the N4 registration as well. All because the examiners phone rang. Thank you miss examiner, whoever you are... :P

Now all that's left is for me to go and buy my book and Kino... speaking of which.. damn! I should have followed my parents out earlier... they were going orchard road, and I could have just walked over to Kino myself while they did their shopping... darrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn why didn’t i think of that earlier??? Damnn damnn damnnnnnn! Arghs. Oh wells. I didn’t want to go out because I did a little bit of stretching this morning and the scab over my ankle erm... broke? And puss is coming out again. I'm on leave tmr for the doctor's appointment so... arghs.

Oh yes. A correction to my previous post. MMDA airs in april and not last week. Two weeks break... nachospaprika made a mistake and since I hadn't watched VSA then i didn’t know any better :P I watched it last night though, together with last week's AnShi. Somehow I mistakenly moved it to my ext HD even though I've not watched it yet. I even uploaded the mirror to mega but i didn’t watch that episode. Lol just what was I doing? Downloaded the full episode of J's nep league as well and i shall watch it in a while. Was trying to do up my half done VSA review but didn’t get very far.

Hmm work updates... my monster comp was taken away from me :( Sadded. But it can't be helped. My sup didn’t like it too since it was purchased with our group's budget, but we aren't doing any computation that needs that much processing power, but the guys from the other groups are. Previously one of them have borrowed my comp a few times to run his program already, but then more people wanted to use me comp. In the end they just found another comp for me to use. No more 30 sec shutdowns and instant excel file opens. Aw. I do understand it though. The stuff they are running... it took over 6 hours on that monster comp. On the mac the guy was using, it ran for 3 days non-stop, and was still not finished. Now if i was running that sort of programs, I'd want a workstation to run it on as well. I would hate having to wait 3 or 4 days for one calculation to finish, when there's a better tool available to run the experiment, and said tool was 'not being used'. That monster was definitely an overkill for my work needs. Of course I enjoyed how stuff loaded instantly and all, but I'd probably be able to make better use of the processing power if I had that monster at home. Like how I'd be playing a video, doing a blog entry, while having the previous entry being uploaded... my poor mac can barely handle that now... and if it’s a PC i can just open up maple and afk online - simply because my computer can take it. Right now my home computer... arghs its dying. It took over 10 minutes to start up word the other day, when my sis asked for help editing her project work. The monster certainly set me new goals in terms of dream computers though. A 6k workstation huh? I'd like to have that at home someday :P Someday... in the distant future... hahaha. By then workstations will be even more powerful that it'll make the monster I used look like a piece of cake huh? XD

But yes, the troublesome thing is that I have to reinstall all the apps i had. All those customization stuff. This time round I backed up all my downloads, so I don't have to re-dl each of them... BUT i forgot I should have exported some of my settings as well. Like the phrase files for phraseexpress... Now i'll have to key in all my phrases again. Or my hotkey settings for some other programs... gah. I'll try and back up all the stuff into dropbox the moment i finish setting things up this time round. The three time I'm changing comp in 3 months huh? The 'new' one i got isnt that bad. 4gb RAM i think, couldn’t find the ram thing under device manager, but the windows about system page says 4gb. 3.3giga hz processor, duad core... which isnt too bad really, but its so slow compared to the 8-core monster. Still specs wise it beats my old mac hands down. 2.4ghz duo core, no wonder its so slow ne? Esp with the 10 thousand apps I run in the foreground and background. That new comp gave me a headache though. I keyed in a wrong value when setting up outlook, and then outlook kept crashing every time i opened it. Had to dig in the user account settings to change it to make it work. Then i installed the phrase express add on for outlook, and after that my outlook couldn’t open again. Didn’t have time to restart my comp and see if it's fine after that... bleah. Hope it'll be fine. Worst still, Tuesday I'd be busy in the lab with DNA extractions, and extremely busy too if they really did add more reactors as Santosh said they would. Normally I do extractions on Mondays but I'm on leave tmr so... :P So i'll probably only get around to tinkering with my computer on Wednesday.

My sup... he was really nice about it. He asked me to speak to him before I leave and it make me really worried for a while. I was thinking 'just what did I do wrong?'. And he dragged me out of the office to talk too. Turns out that he just wanted to apologise about the computer, and didn’t want our boss who sits right beside me to hear about it. She was the one who asked that I change comps after all. He got me scared for a while though... :P

Work load wise... for now I'm really ok. Might be bad when I have to do DGGE next time, but now I'm quite free actually. I can do the preparations for DNA extraction much faster now... i can prepare the qPCR plates really fast too... took about an hour preparing everything from scratch, that's much faster than the 1.5hrs i took just one plate earlier. even nanodrop readings are taking me lesser time as well. Last Monday i finished the dna extractions AND all the nanodrop before what... 5:30pm? That's a far cry from the 6 or 6:30pm it took me previously, and those were without doing the nanodrops too. Plus Monday i had to add in two samples at the last minute as new stuff came in. Yup, I am really pleased with my performance last week haha. I like challenging myself like this, to do things faster, rearrange my work flow so that i can be more efficient. That's why i always check the time when doing my experiments, so that i'll know exactly how long i need to finish a particular job. That way I can plan my work better. Of cos it goes without saying that the quality of the results must not be affected. You're doing things fast but not haphazardly. I'm pleased to say that for the most part my qPCR results are within 0.5 cycles of each other... except for those where there were problems with the DNA extraction and the duplicates showed a huge difference. That I don't know why... I think its really the low efficiency from the kit though. The yield is really really low compared to another kit (but its too late in the project to change, just a mere 3 months left anyway). And the whole thing is automated so its really not my fault. (Sample prep is really, really simple. No way I can screw that up!)

Hmm I like running qPCR plates. I quite like the plate preparation process. Hmm here's how the plate looks like. Pulled from a random website that google showed me.
You run the thing in a machine that looks like this:
The machine is pretty big, and from my previous work place when i asked for a quote, its around 80k SGD, which is more than my whole year's salary.
Hmm here's another picture of the 96 well plate, that shows the pointy wells of the plate.

Well the plates that I work with, unlike the first picture, is completely white. Totally, absolutely white. The letter and numbers are there, but its just raised lettering of the white plastic, so it can be a bit difficult to see at times. So what you have to do is to take a marker and mark on the side of the plates. Like half way though the columns, and every two rows. That's the usual way, but it depends on your plate layout. If you have a particular layout you may want to mark your plate differently and accordingly. Its just to ensure that you don't load the wrong stuff into the wrong well - which can be quite a trouble considering that its just a sea of opaque whiteness. Its hard to even see if you've loaded stuff into a particular well or if its empty. So yup, you do need a certain degree of concentration while loading that stuff. Oh and the pipetting. You're dealing with really small volumes here. For the template I'm using just 2ul. That's 2 micro liters. Which is like... this small little drop that you can barely see if you're like 30cm away. Hmm... You know 1 ml? That's like... a few droplets of water? Or like 1/500 of a 500ml bottle of soda? One micro liter is 1/1000 of that. Imagine. So yup I'm putting that little wee bit of water (plus other stuff) into each well. If you're not careful half your sample ends up on the tip and doesn’t get into the well, and there goes your results. Oh and you do need decently steady hands too. You don't need to be a surgeon, but if you go around jabbing into the wrong well you're going to contaminate everything. I like leaving each little drop of water on the side of the wells, and spin it down later. Just so I can tell which well i've added the stuff to and which well i've not. Also makes it easier to load the stuff in IMO. But that's just my personal habit/pref.

Hmm... is this stuff interesting? Of are you bored out of your mind already? :P In anycase I'll be stopping here, got videos to watch! XD Till next time!
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So i went out karaoke-ing with my friend and my sis! That was like... the 2nd time i've been on karaoke ever... the last was in the last year of sec school, when i went with my friends on the last day of school cos i just didn’t feel like going home. I wasn’t close to those lot of friends and i didn’t know a single of those chinese songs they sang so i just sat by the side all lonesome and stuff. Ii didn’t even have to pay because they decided that it wasn’t fair making someone who didn’t sing a single song pay.

But anyway this time! Finally got to meet up with that friend! She's an arashi fan too, Nino's her fav... but she's been so busy she doesn’t even know breathless or calling... and probably hasn’t watched a single arashi thing in yearsssss. But yeah we sang a bunch of old old songs, like barbie girl by aqua and westlife songs... my sis is 5 years younger than me and its because of me that she knows all those oldies... and some like barbie girl is really old. i was only in lower primary when it came out. Of cos there were the more recent ones too, like wreaking ball - and i saw the video for the first time, in HD too. Many of the pv (or MTV?) for the old songs were in bad, bad quality, if there was even a PV at all. Many a times they just had some random video. There were loads for chinese songs, korean songs, and some japanese songs like those from akb. There were a few arashi song as well - hence the reason why my friend chose that karaoke. We sang like ARASHI - only to realise that 1) the PV was some ultra weird video, but at least it was shot in japan. 2) it was a proper karaoke version - no vocal at all (many of the songs have vocal) 3) despite it being their debut song, we cannot sing the whole thing. esp the sakurap.

We also sang like kansha kangeki, kitto diajoubu... not much choices there. But i was impressed that there was breathless, calling, and endless game. AND with the proper, actual, PV. So my friend watched the PV for the first time while me and my sis tried to sing along. Which was hard... i realised i was most familiar with breathless. Calling wasn't too bad too, but endless game? Gosh i barely know the lyrics. Even with the lyrics (in kanji) on screen it was impossible for me to sing most of it... ><

Yeah i know i know... i suck right? I listen and I listen but I don't purposely make an effort to remember the lyrics. I've been wanting to remember the lyrics though... but so far have not done so yet... I did try for Yes? No? quite a long time back when i just started learning japanese, or maybe before i started learning japanese. But that's it. The rest I'd remember if i know what they are talking about and i hear the song often enough. But its hard for parts that i don't understand at all (and it'll stay that way if i don't bother looking at the lyrics/translation, and mostly i don't) Wanting to go through the lyrics so that I can expand my vocab though.

The JLPT registration for July's test start tmr. Today actually, since its past 12mn. And it ends on the 4th of April... not a problem though since i need to go down and collect my cert by the end of this month, so i'll need to go down someday after work.

But at the karaoke I realised... the karaokes in Sg are pretty boring, normal stuff. Its not like the 'onekara' in japan that was featured in the recent AnShi where they get to see like the scores and stuff. Here its just a small room, a tv screen, a touch panel to select your songs, and two mics. And sofa of cos. But that's it. And considering the poor video quality of many songs... and the sound system was just normal too (and it was pretty soft too)... its like... let's just hang out at like... my house or something and i can find all the arashi PVs i have and play it... and then we could go youtube for the rest of the artists like bruno mars and what have you.

But it was fun to meet up again... its been what... a whole year? And we had a sushi marathon after the singing marathon. We headed over to sushi express right after karaoke and ate... and then my other friend came along like 2 or 3 hours later and we continued eating. LOL.

Ah and its Monday again tmr. And I'm two weeks behind in my Arashi tv watching again. Not watched two weeks worth of AnShi and Nino-san. And last week's VSA as well. But at least i wrote a review! Yay me! Of last last week's VSA with Kazama Shunsuke as the plus one guest. I first knew of this guy when he appeared on hachi jida J towards the end. He was a cute little guy then and left quite an impression. But seeing as to how he's not like in any group now I thought he just dropped out of JE or something. Then Nino mentioned him a few times on their shows... and then i googled and realised this guy is still in JE, though he isnt part of any act. He isnt even considered a solo guy like toma or something? Idk. But he's done a bunch of dramas and stuff... and its nice to know that JE didn’t like... drop him because he couldn’t make it into a singing group. Like... as long as you are willing to you can stay? IDK. I'm still very confused on how things work in JE hahaha.

Ah yes! Right on time! MarsEdit has finished uploading all the screenshots for part 2 of my review! Now to put in the tags an LJ cut and links and then I'd better head to bed. Got DNA extraction to do tmr and it'll be a really busy day!

301th Post!

Mar. 4th, 2014 11:38 pm
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Was curious to see how much I've posted so I went to check my profile earlier... and lo and behold, I was at exactly 300 posts!

Never knew I'd posted so much haha! And I've received close to 400 comments, and made over 3.5k comments myself. In the roughly 2.5 years that I've been on LJ. Hmm, not bad, not bad. Thank you everyone for all your love and support! m(_ _)m

Let's continue to share the Arashi love! :P

And I'm still struggling to do my Arashi reviews. Finally finished up the new yaer's AnShi SP, but since I went out on Sat and did the review on Sun, that means I'm a week behind in my TV show watching again. Not to mention that at the rate I'm going, I'll never be able to watch Aiba Manabu and Shitsuren chocolateir. And I really wanna watch Aiba manabu... >< And new shows come in week after week... ah...

Anyway. I wanted to share this yesterday, but by the time I finished up Aiba's part of the AnShi yesterday, I was too tired to even do the html links properly so... >< Finally got that fixed today though!

I got back my JLPT results yesterday! My mum whatsapped me a photo of the score slip during lunch time yesterday...! 150/180, and A in all three categories - vocab, grammar and reading. I got full marks for listening, which surprised me, cos there were a few questions that I wasn’t so sure of. Guess all that Arashi shows watching paid off lol. Well its only level N4 though. So nothing to be too excited about. But I was absolutely lazy and didn't study at all - beside watching loads and loads of Arashi shows, catching up on all the half a year worth of programs that I missed while waiting for my poor leg to heal. I did better than my sis, BUT the test was in the middle of her exam period and she had no time to study, or even watch Arashi shows... actually her vocab, grammar and reading part was higher than me by 3 marks, but she did poorly on her listening. I need to improve my grammar a lot more. It's my weak point, be it English or French - been trying to learn French on the duolingo app for fun, and it has indeed been fun. I'm going awfully slowly and re-doing a lot of the lessons though but its interesting to be able to learn another language. I do a bunch of lessons roughly once a week, or sometimes twice. Too bad there isn't a similar app for Japanese... that'll push me to improve my vocab/grammar at least once a week. So I'm hoping to be able to push myself to learn some Japanese at least once a week. To get ready for taking N3 in July.

Oh yes. It was quite epic. During the listening exam, someone's phone rang. My first thoughts were 'who's going to get disqualified?' Turns out that it was the exam proctor's phone. LOL. It didn't ring at a very important time though, cos I promptly forgot about the incident after that (I still scored full marks after all)... So I was really surprised when I received another letter yesterday in addition to my score report. Because of the phone ringing incident, they are gonna refund my exam fees! And they gave me a voucher so I can register for JLPT this July for free! Whoohoo! That's a whopping 55 bucks refund. Neat! Sadly my sis registered online whereas I went down last min and registered... (we were in different classrooms). Would have been nice if both of us got a refund haha. And since there's the voucher, I guess I'd better start studying for N3. And really, actually put in some hard work this time. N4 was easy, but not as easy as I'd have liked. There were quite a bunch of vocab and grammar questions that got me guessing... so I need to be better prepared for N3 this time.

I'll have to go down to the association to collect my cert and refund by the end of this month. Which is a little troublesome since they only open weekdays, though to 8pm - otherwise with work I'd never be able to make it.

Whee 55 bucks! I've been wanting to get a vocab book for a while now, and there's this book that I saw in Kino that my sis says is really, really good. But it’s a whooping 60++ bucks so neither of us felt inclined to spend that much money. But now I'm definitely gonna get that book with the $ 'saved' from the exam fees. Yippee!

Work has been good, and I'm starting to get busy now, with DNA extractions and qPCR to do. Still waiting for the guy in my group to teach me DGGE - denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis - i've never done it before. There's this wheel like thing that you have to use to make the gel and all... but yup, no more time for me to sit at my comp writing fanfics. Even at the comp i've got quotations to ask for, or results to analyse and all... its not an overwhelming amount of work - if it becomes too much to handle i can always ask for help - but its definitely enough to keep be really busy. I pretty much spend most of the day in the labs now. Mondays are particularly busy since I have to get all the DNA extractions done. And with 9 samples to be done in duplicates - for a total of 18 - its time consuming work. I have to run the automated DNA extraction machine thing thrice, since it only takes 8 samples at once... 27 mins per run BUT with the set up time and cleaning up, it probably takes me around 45 mins per run. Ah the setup and clean up time... it's what been causing me to run the DNA extraction till past the official working hours, even though I thought I had more than enough time to finish up before 6. But no... it was more like I ended up starting the last run at 6. >< Ah... gotta work on my efficiency for that...

Hmm that's about all for today... Was so tired I was ready to sleep halfway writing, but to split a single LJ entry into two parts (or slap on a work in progress label)... that's getting a little ridiculous isn't it? ><

Night nights all! Would love to do a review of last week's VSA cos it seems like arashi x JE plus one (that guy's name slipped my mind) would be epic, but that'll depend on how tired I am over the rest of the week ne... >
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So I’ve been pretty bored and un-motivated recently. Like last week’s VSA took me 3 days? or watch + review. And I started doing last week’s AnShi on Thursday afternoon and barely got past the 8minute mark. Stopped at night because we went out for dinner to celebrate my mum’s bday, then yesterday went out in the morning for facial at my mum’s friend’s house (my mum insisted that I go because we are attending a relative’s wedding dinner tmr)… and then went to the polyclinic to get my wound checked in the afternoon. It started bleeding after JLPT on Sun (more about that later). But I’ve been putting off a visit to the doctor since it didn’t look that bad, and hasn’t been bleeding much. But in the end my mum kinda forced me to go ><. Seems like it’s a bit infected and I got prescribed a week’s worth of antibiotics. The nurse removed the scab and took measurements and a photo of the hole. Its about 1cm by 0.5cm large, but thankfully not very deep. So now my leg is bandaged up again… sigh.

JLPT was on 1st Dec. My parents were supposed to run a 42km marathon that morning, but both ended up falling sick at the last moment and couldn’t go :( . So I benefitted in the end… my parents fetched me and my sis to the exam centre… we’d have to take a cab otherwise. Took level N4. And the only study I did was the N4/N3 practice questions listed on the official site. Opps. And watching a ton of Arashi related shows. Double opps. It was… IDK. Both easy and not easy. Some parts were really… its like… i’ve not even seen that word before… so I could only make intelligent guesses that I hope are right. It wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’d pass with flying colours. Listening too… the parts on which is the right phrase to use were harder than I expected…. :( The earlier parts of the listening was easy though… I’ve been watching a crap-ton of japanese shows after all...


Was going to see if my fav Arashi files comm had this week’s VSA up already and indeed it did. (And I’m still only 8mins done with last week’s AnShi, and there’s a new episode out already… and not yet watch last week’s Nino-san as well… and have not started at all on Aiba manabu). But along with that came a post of someone violating the comm rules and putting up  links to a file uploaded for the comm. And the upload was only barely 3 hours ago when the same uploaded chanced upon the hotlink. Sigh. It sucks to have stuff like this happening in the comms. When everyone is trying their best to share things with the fandom, but yet avoiding the long arms of the copyright police. Just why can’t people follow simple rules? 

Speaking of which… I’m curious on the situation with Mega. Not heard of anyone’s mega acct getting suspended, or files being removed yet… and hopefully there won’t be such things. Love that website so much, it’s the fastest file sharing site for me. Have gotten download speeds of over 2mbps (gotta thank the new fibre broadband for that as well). My external hard disk is gonna be full soon… downloaded like the whole series of 8 jida J from demy_arashi. On top of all the OSTs and everything else… So much so for the 40gb I freed up on my mac previously. Now with all that OSTs added in I’m left with like max 30gb of free space ><

9 more days till my next hospital visit. Been stuck at home for the most part… only been out shopping twice so far, and both to the same shopping centre since they provide free wheelchair rental. And not much shopping done either… apart from that its just been hospital/polyclinic visits. Oh and that facial which took my like 30mins to walk to my mum’s friend’s place… it’s a block just behind my house that’ll normally take max 5mins to reach… and visited my uncle’s house twice. Yeah. That’s all I’ve been for the past… 1.5 months? Stuck, stuck, stuck at home. I’ve been shopping a lot though… bought a couple of apps for my itoy, and paid up for a bunch of apps for my mac. Some useful, some looks really neat and cool and ‘omgiwantthat’ and yeah… >< bought, tried 1st time, still not had an instance that I’d called up the app to use. >< Opps. Not that ex, like all below $20…. but still. Hopefully they will be used in the future, like when I start work or something. Which was the excuse I gave myself to buy the app ><. That and that I’m stuck at home and so saving up the money I’d otherwise have spent to sweets and other junk food. (but then again I’m not working either…) Meh. it just sucks. Right… Maybe I should get back to watching my AnShi from last week… Before that… just two photos to share because I have nothing better to do.

2013 12 02 17 45 56That was how my wound looked on Monday… 

2013 12 06 15 45 49and yesterday at the polyclinic after it got bandaged.

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