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Day 8, and the second last day of the trip!

It's the last batch of holiday photos! )

Right. That’s all from me on my holiday trip! Ah there’s still a few photos and videos here and there to upload… next time! :P

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Here we go! Part 2! More snow and ice!


Click to see Snow. And Ice. )

And that’s all for day 7!!!

Day 8 up here!

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Yay! Day 7 of the trip! That’s almost the end already!! 

Snow, ice and more snow. )

Alright, that’s all for Part 1 now! Because the post has gotten too huge! Please see Part 2!

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Yay! Day 6!

Let’s see what we did! 

Photos. Loads of it! )

And that brings us to the end of Day 6! 

Day 7 here!

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We headed straight to the airport, nothing much interesting happened in Beijing. We’d called the young lad one (or was it two) days before to confirm our booking. 

Photos. There's always photos. )

That ends the events of Day 5! XD

Day 6 is up here!

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Yay! Day 4 of the vacation! It was Christmas eve!


So that was all for day 4. We took the train back to the hotel and packed up, because the next day we’ll be heading off to the airport right after a quick breakfast in the hotel! 

Day 5 here!

Click ^^^ if you enjoyed the lengthy post.

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So. I was spamming photos like mad on day 3. You’ll know why soon. 


And that was all for Day 3!!! 

Day 4 is now up here!

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So, day 2 of the holiday trip! Again, prepare for a barrage of photos!

Photos! )

Not much photos from Day 2 since it was mostly just boring shopping. Yes I hate clothes shopping…. TONS of photos on Day 3 though! I might even have to split it into two posts… hmmm… we’ll see lol! Day 3 now up! XD

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Yay! So I’ve finally gotten round to it! Posting photos of my vacation! Yay me!

Photo Spam. You have been warned. )

And that’s all for Day 1! Phew. Finally finished the post hahaha! XD That was a really long post eh? And this was just day one woah! Day 2 is now up here!

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GOSH it took me a freaking long time to type this journal. Why? COS my stupid mac hates it when i switch languages and sometimes just hang in the middle of nowhere when i switch languages… like just now when it HANGED TWICE.

I think i'll need to like… repair disk permissions or watever soon.

Yes… so… I'm off on a 3 day 2 night trip to bintan!

yes… tmr!

And when did i know about it?


I woke up at like 11+am and realised i have a bunch of messages on my phone… including one from my friend asking if I'm free to go on from the 6th to 8th. And i looked at the date of message received - 4th. Double check on my phone… yup, it was the 4th… o.o

like going on a holiday 2 days later? o.o

yup… so we checked like some air tickets and all… and then my friend went down to the travel agency… and then she booked a trip to bintan for 2 and tada! within like a few hours I'm suddenly going on holiday with her…

Just like Sho-kun she says… like feel like going on holiday and just go… Correction: SHE, not me :X i won't ever do this kind of thing alone :X

Thankfully, my parents didn’t get a heart attack and sponsored me with $400. The hotel bookings + ferry costs like $185… and my wallet was already empty after eating out with my other friend and going to the zoo… (darn zoo + bird park ticket costs $30!!! T.T my $.$ T.T!!!! I'm soooo broke now!!!)… broke my piggy bank and dug out $100… and then i bought some stuff earlier… and now i have about $290 for the trip. I hope its enough… :X yes I'm gonna be solo broke after this T.T my mum keeps asking me if i have savings… she says that since now I'm always staying at home and shd save up my pocket money.

but the sad truth is 50 bucks a week is… easily spent once i go out with friends or my sis. and its not like i go out very often… but each time i go out its like $20-30… and then there's the mrt/bus fares… my maple friend gets like 400 bucks a month… when i was schooling i get ard 60-70 a week… :X really not much $ left to save… i spend like $15-20 per week on transport already… not a lot left to spend on food…

bleah yes i know, i need to find work.

still… going on holiday tmr! still not done with my bag packing… we gonna meet at the train station at my house at 8am tmr… so i'll have to sleep early tonight.

meh…. what else did i want to say? ……

oh yes… this friend of mine… we met at Japanese lessons in my uni, and then i visited her in chong qing and we went to the shanghai world expo together. Its quite amazing… we only speak to each other briefly during classes and then I'm suddenly in china with her lol… and now going holiday with her again! haha…! she was excitedly telling me (in iMessage) about how there's quite a lot of places around sg where you can go for a quick weekend getaway… and then she said she can totally imagine her self spending the entire weekend on the islands. my reply: Fishing?. Her reply: Oh No, Ohno.

hahaha! hilarious :P yes, she's quite a fan of arashi too XD


i think i'll better finish up my packing…

till next time!

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