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Yup. Loads of posts. So far I've... made a post on Fishing MJ... And now I'm making my second post of the day here.

Next up will be an update on Storm Freaks, and a post on Nihongo Manabu.

It's a happy day.


I don't know...


I had a farewell lunch with a colleague. She's one of the few they hired to take care of all the equipments.

I didn't even know she was leaving till Wedn when a "Sorry you're leaving" card landed on my desk.

This person... She's the one who took over my seat by the office door and I got kicked to my current seat. And sorry indeed, it's really sad to know that's she's leaving. Nowhere as sad as unsup, but it made me once again think about whether it's worth staying. (But I'm really, really lazy to find a new job...)

She's a really cheerful person, and one of the few whom I actually talked to, and we talked quite a fair bit too. Had occasional lunches together. Talked about Pokemon Go... Like, she once whatsapped me at 8 in the morning about the pokemon go halloween event. Lol. It's really fun being with her.

And most importantly of all.

She knows her stuff.

She's in charge of loads of equipment, and she knows how to work with the equipment. Not saying that she knows all the equipment, but she has this familiarity with working with equipment. She's at ease with them. I guess that's what you can say about me with the equipment too. Or with technology and computers in general. Like I was watching her open up the particle size analyzer one day and the way she handled the instrument and screwdrivers and stuff. Well, it's like what I would have done. And that, I tell you, is practically impossible to find in my workplace. Like people don't really know what they are doing. They aren't comfortable with the equipment, they don't have that sort of confidence. And they've never worked with things like screwdrivers.

I, on the other hand, grew up helping my dad assemble IKEA furniture, and would dismantle everything possible (and put them back) in my pencil case during class. When people are like "I'm so proud of myself! I assembled the table from IKEA myself!" I'm like... Erm... That's what I've been doing since primary school? Ok not all by myself since I wasn't strong enough, and some big items you really could use a little help. But it's part and parcel of my life growing up. And as I'm typing on my iMac now, my table that my mac is sitting on is from IKEA. The chair I'm sitting on is from IKEA (only like a month old too!), and so is the floor to almost ceiling shelf right beside my table. And I had a part in assembling them all. (My dad was kind and helped with the chair, he doesn't have to anymore, I'm strong enough now.)


Like when I was doing Raman microscopy... They have a motor to rotate the focus knob, and apparently the clip/grip thing keeps coming lose. It needs a tiny allen key to tighten... So I asked the person in charge, the other girl in charge of all the equipment, for help. (Because I don't have a hex key, especially one of the size!) She came back with a set of keys, and tried one of them. And she was basically just turning, and turning, and trying to turn, but not quite getting it. So I volunteered to try. One turn. Opps. Wrong size. The hex key was too small, and the key got in, but was just a tad too small and was turning in the thread. The small sort of feeling you get when I use a cross screwdriver that was too small. Or I didn't press down hard enough and the screwdriver just slipped from the tracks. "You'll spoil the threads if you do that! And then you won't be able to screw or unscrew that anymore!" My dad would scold.

She would have been turning that thing forever if I didn't tell her that... (Exaggeration of course, but you get the idea)

Later on she found the right sized hex key and got her buddy - the person she's leaving - to help.


And you know what? That person who's leaving, she's barely been here for a year.

Not just her, so many people are leaving, or have left. New people, old colleagues. So many of them are leaving.

Why am I still here?

To collect my salary I guess.

This couple of weeks I've been busy though. But the good thing is that at least I'll get a message in the morning at around 10am telling me the work that needs doing. At least there's been some marginal improvements in communication.

Some good news: I've started looking at this course about word press that I signed up for long ago. We'll see if he teaches anything I don't already know. I'm going to look at some hosting plans though. See if they'll have black friday sales next friday. I'll go for unlimited hosting with unlimited domains this time. Gotta decide on my domain name for the next project...

So, so many things I wanna do. That has nothing to do with work at all.

Side note: Secret santa on SF! I got my secret santa gifts already! Yay me! I *might* make something myself, with my 3D pen, if I have the time... But well, I've hit the dollar value already so at least I'm good to go.

Oh! So many Are You Happy logos and stuff... I want to make something with my 3D pen, or do some eraser carvings...

But I gotta finish up the posts though! Cause my friend who did her undergrad and PhD in UK is finally done, and back in SG for good. And I'm meeting up with her tomorrow. Looking forward to the meeting loads. She's probably my closest friend. In terms of being able to relate to each other I guess. Well after that talk with the US friend I'm hard pressed to decide between the two but...

With this friend, she's a chemist. So yeah, she can understand my science geekiness, though she's not head over heels in science like I am. But so much we have in common... I got her two rilakkuma welcome back gifts - a mug and a folder. I hope she still likes rilakkuma. Lol.

Alrights. That's all for now... I guess?


Nov. 9th, 2016 02:49 am
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I've been social!

So a jc friend who's absconded to the US came back to SG on holiday. And it was pretty last minute... But I met up with her on Monday evening. Night. Midnight.

Just the two of us.

It really surprised me how much we had to talk about. I mean... The last time we talked so much was probably a decade ago when we were still in jc. And after her being aboard for so long and all... We've drifted apart.


I guess that was precisely the reason why we had so much to talk about. Because she broke out of the box, the cage that in this country's rules and boundaries. And because I'm a little bird so very trapped here, so very much wanting to break free but still lacking the courage and motivation to do so... (and no also lost and questioning her life direction). We just chatted and chatted. First we had tim sum. Then we switched to a Japanese café for mocha ice cream to talk more. And when they were closing up, I asked my friend if she knew of any bar or something to go to. Of course she checked out the bars nearby. She loves drinking after all. So I went to my first ever bar, feeling totally out of my league and definitely under dressed (because basically my whole wardrobe consists of T-shirts, shirts, and jean)... In this high end hotel... And then we ordered some drinks and chatted some more. Got some 16 year whiskey with chocolate bitters and it was nice. Pricey. But at least it was good alcohol. Like, no the diluted with tons of ice kind of drink. Felt like my stomach couldn't quite take it though. Well... My stomach has been screwed up recently so...

Yeah. We talked about a lot. I complained about my work. And then we complained about the sad state of things in sg. And then she talked about her work, her future plans... Her girlfriend... And I lamented about how I'll probably never meet someone as long as I stay in sg. Because the selection pool of people is just so small. Not that there isn't any. And I've not even tried yet... But right now I can't even be bothered to and I feel pretty happy doing random crap on my own so I'm good. Doesn't matter that I'm missing the fertility window blah blah blah because I'm sure I don't want to have kids. Not even to adopt. Not that I have anything against kids but I'm just not good with them. And I won't be any sort of parent so yeah. Still a kid who wants to play around...

It was a really great, refreshing talk. Like... When was the last time I had such a great intellectual discussion? Oh. When unsup was still working here....

Like even when I hang out with my other jc friends... Some of them are more conservative, or we just have different opinions and interests and like... They just don't feel what I've felt, and therefore they can't understand what I'm talking about. Like the doctor who just like stability and she's surrounded by many other Singaporean doctors anyway so she doesn't realise how it's even possible that I'm one of the very few and rare Singaporeans in my workplace. They benefitted from the government, I suffered. Naturally our viewpoints will differ. So it's lik... While I totally understand them when they're talking about their work and all the medical lingo and stuff (I pride myself in being fairly well read/knowledgeable), they are pretty clueless when I try to explain to them about my work... Like I have to wash things down a lot. Like... sometimes I feel like I can't even get my sentiments across... Which is funny because the other ex-classmate I just hanged out with did econs and law. You'd think that medical doctors and scientists would be more alike.

But I suspect... The main culprit is the different mindset and viewpoint that we have. Mind is the 'less conventional', by the Singaporean yardstick that is. Heck. I've never been one for rules and all that crap.

Why I am trapped in this stupid island?

Trapped trapped trapped.

People's mindset are just so....


Like I told a friend's friend that I was making a Japanese learning website. He was like, oh cool, why don't you advertise it in comics con or something?

I was like... HUH? Firstly, I'm not appealing to the comics lovers. I have a different market. Secondly, I'm not even targeting Singaporeans! It's a website dude. Www. World wide web! Global man. Global. It has never once crossed my mind to do some sort of physical advertisements. Google. SEO. I was learning about those. And right now? The top no. of visitors comes from USA, followed by Indonesia, then Philippines, then Singapore... And a whole boatload of other countries. Countries don't even matter really. I'm targetting Arashi lovers. Full stop. Wherever they may be. That's my target audience.

So anyway... I was talking to my friend about unsup and the sups after that and all... And when I reached home after calling an uber for the first time... because I hardly go anywhere till past midnight when the trains stop running - because I don't hang that many people to hang out with, and my doctor friends either have an early start or are post call... I checked my mail and realise that unsup is alive! I mean, I got an email from unsup. Work related stuff of course. And then I managed to catch her for a bit earlier and we chatted. Mostly I chatted. And just spammed her. Tsk. I wonder if she finds me irritating or something... Cos I type so much. Well I can imagine she's busy with her baby and other stuff too, hence the short replies. But yeah. I'm the type who types about 10000x more than I talk... So when it's via a screen the words comes typing out (almost) uninhibited. And also because well... There's hardly anyone I can talk to about work who'd understand. That's why I rant here I guess. Shouting out into the ether for everyone, anyone to hear. Maybe because having no response is better than getting the wrong response. Like when you're looking for encouragement, they try to gently dissuade you instead.

Still happy about having met up 1 on 1 with that friend. Like the last time she came back we only had a group gathering and the topic was on stuff like western movies and actors and actresses, all of which I don't watch/know.

I was asking unsup if she has some ideas for a new blog url/name... And she's like, how do you even keep track of all your blogs! Well. Only some of them. The important ones. The others are just there, in the back of my mind... Ignored, most of the time.

And well...


I like writing.

I like blogging.

I don't think it'll ever give me significant monetary returns to blog, but I can build up a following. Well, with a new topic and blogging style I think I'll build up a better following than NM anyway. I mean... I've met people on LINE over and over who knew thanked me for my work on SF, or were my fans, or really liked my fics. I actually have a following on LJ... Though you can say it'll be sad if I don't, considering how many communities I'm involved in and all.

But I'm pretty sure I can do that in other spaces too. I'm good at stuff like this. Like making a forum community vibrant and alive. I just have to find a way to capitalise on it. It's something that I really enjoy doing, and that I'm good at. If I can find a way to monetise it... I'm all set. Lol.

But yeah... I like doing blogs. Making LJ community. 'Meeting' new people online, gaining virtual fame. I just enjoy it. It's like... Kinda like a hobby maybe, but sometimes it's a hobby that has turned too serious and becomes a chore... Which is something that I do have knack of doing.

More importantly though... I'm bored I guess. Just bored. It takes so much to keep me entertained. My sis needed some help with her pysche stuff earlier and she had to program the questions for her pysche survey for the final year project and like... I got the problem broken down and understood and tried to explain it in a variety of different ways and yeah... It was just so clear to me but she couldn't see it. And I couldn't explain it better anymore so I just did my own stuff while she sat on my bed and huffed and puffed till she finally got it.

Like things that are obvious to me, common sense... Doesn't seem to be obvious or common sense to others. I even get bored at equipment trainings because they guys are so long winded and just by looking at the user interface I more or less got it already. I don't get why people ask those stupid questions that are so obvious, just as I don't get why my dad insists on questioning those sales person whom I can tell at a glance scarcely know about the product they are selling and it's better if I just read the box myself, and then getting almighty pissed when they can't answer his questions. Because geez, can't you tell they don't know shit? Just. Bored. I'm so fucking bored out of my mind half the time. That's why I'm always looking for something new to do or play... I should get deep into one thing instead but well... Idk. I need to find something that can really draw me in. Well, there's a lot actually. But not the things at work.


Yeah... That's why I do all these to keep myself entertained...So many, so many ideas...

So yeah. Two nice talks. Would love to meet up and talk more with that friend before she jets off to the world too far away again. (And yeah, although we're friends on fb and stuff, we just never chat online, lol...)

It's really late. I should sleep. But my sleep pattern has been messed up and I've been sleeping later than this for the last 4 days so yeah whatever.

Oh! Last thing. Gonna attend the talk by Prof. Helicobacter Drinker tmr. Excited! Should be really fun!
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Couldn't have been happier today. Or rather, yesterday since it's past midnight already. Met up with my long lost friend from sec school. Ok, not relaly lost, but it's been ages since we last met. Years. And this year is the 10th year of graduation from my sec school. How times flies. Sec school was really the best time of my life. Never regreted it. Studied to much, played so much, enjoyed myself throughly. And meeting up with an old pal was simply delightful. Talking about life now and then... and I never knew that she knew Arashi since sec sch. I was never into J-stuff till much much later on in uni...

We used to talk so much together in sec sch. We were CCA mates, and we would spend hours discussing on the phone. About weiqi at first, then about all sorts of random stuff. Her, and another junior of mine. The three of us... those were the times. Sometimes I wish I could stay in sec 4 forever lol. Those were fun days. Pulling all nighters all the time to finish projects and all. Fun times I tell ya. Never had I presented, and wrote so many reports in my life. Like... one presentation a week minimum kinda thing? We churned out power points like experts. I miss those days! The passion I had for science... that indeed is still here now. I was reading up all sorts of crap, all sorts of extra curricular stuff. JC syllabus. Uni standard materials. Pity that all that passion disappeared in JC and uni. It's returning again now. Sort of. But at the same time I'm channeling my energy towards random stuff like translations, subbing, and fic writing. It isn't all a 'complete waste of time' though. I think it's good to keep myself occupied. I think I'm the sort who can't really be satisfied with just whatever job too though. It's just... boring...

Ahhh! Enough for now I guess. I'm tired! I'll have to work hard tmr and fri to meet my subbing target... but who cares. I just had the time of my life.

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Finally, got round to making this post! Went out like… two weeks ago with my sis and her friends to celebrate her bday… and I snapped some photos! Her bday is on the 3rd of Jan, right after the new day, so the christmas decorations were still around! And there’s the Orchard road (premium shopping street in SG) pedestrian night too. It’s a trial that’s underway, where they close the road once a month on the first Saturday of the year to well, let you roam the streets. It was kinda… pathetic though IMO. There were some random performances here and there, a stage, with a very noisy MC. And is was pretty crowded with tourists and Singaporean alike… but the whole atmosphere was lacking. The street performers were still by the sidewalks, as they always were, because they are not license/authorised to perform in the middle of the road. It’s a once a month, 6 hour event, so they didn’t think of setting up stalls in the middle of the road. Some snack stalls and such would certainly give the whole place a more… carnival, festive atmosphere. Thankfully the Christmas lights were still up so we had something to see on this occasion. But otherwise? Kinda disappointing. There’s so much more that could have been done really. And considering how much SG depends on tourism to survive, the Singapore tourism board really should have done better. 

Okays. Without further ado, photos!

Click for photo spam! )
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Finding more random stuff to translate!

Because I still don’t feel like doing abunai. Hahaha.

I was going to translate the short video message on jweb mobile, because the English subs for the video wasn’t out when I checked the other day… but it’s out now so I guess there’s no need. Plus it’s really just the usual promotion stuff anyway. Though Aiba did make a cute mistake in the middle. Said that I can’t see the long, full video. You need a Japanese address to sign up for the JFC. Oh wells. JFC? Johnny’s Family Club. Suddenly realised it sounds like KFC. Ha!

There’s tons of scans on KnH for me to download and translate… but magazine interviews thens to be… pretty long… blah.

Oh wells. How about I spam you with a truckload of photos instead? Literally truckload of photos. You have been warned.

Photo SPAM )

Ah… I think I shall stop here for now. I’ll continue in a part 2 later/next time i guess… :X

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Finally. It’s here. The post that ya all have been waiting for the whole week. So Monday was holiday in lieu of National day, and I went to watch Conan movie with my sis… and then we found out that they are airing Kenshin movie in sg toooooo! And I’ve been super hyped up about the Kenshin movie even though I’ve not watched the 1st movie yet, thanks to all their promotions on VSA and AnS… But yup, I’ve downloaded the 1st movie to my comm already! That’s one more item to my To-Watch list, together with episode two of Sherlock (plus the manga to read too). Luckily I already watched last week’s AM and NS. Just got Thursday’s VSA to watch! And of course, LOVE DVD. I’m watching those today FOR SURE. Octavia’s gone to Manila to meet up with the other girls and attend the LOVE DVD screening there, so there’s no one to bug me about doing random videos today hahaha. Great! XD I’ll be watching to my heart’s content! XD

And oh about the Conan movie... I enjoyed myself tons even though that was the first Conan movie I watched! Yes, add that to my to-watch list as well. Finish up kenshin anime and watch conan anime and movies from start to finish. I was really glad too, I understood pretty much everything w/o having to read the subs. In fact, I spotted a few instances when the subs were wrong. Nothing major but, the sentence was spoken as a question, but the sub changed it into a statement of fact. Happened like twice I think...

What I’ve found amusing is that… as a two men team (well its either me and Mafia red, or me and Mafia J), we are working and releasing faster than the group made by the girl I clashed with last time. So much so for her and her translators. Even both of her translators working together last time, they could not finish an episode of AnS as fast as I could alone… tch! And I could have finished it faster if I didn’t go out… but well… I enjoyed myself on Monday loads! Ah yes your long awaited pictures… here they come!

Pictures, and more rumblings )

Hmm finally. Japanese words. Been wanting to post this for a while now. Remember my previous post where I talked about the word 零れ? Well. I was thinking about the one and only Arashi song that I made flashcards of the vocab on quiz let (more on that in a while), and I felt like shooting myself. It’s there. The very same word. In the lyrics, at the beginning. Pifft. And I have, obviously, forgotten that word. Well not really. I guessed the meaning when I heard it in AM but I wanted to be sure. But there and then I certainly didn’t remember that this word came from Fly.

Just gonna introduce two words for now...
石鹸 (せっけん, Sekken) - Soap

女々しい (しい, memeshi) - Effeminate.
Now this is a word that I can guess the Japanese meaning, but need to search up the definition of the translation to check that I guessed right.  Yes, my vocab is pretty sucky. So well, here’s the definition of effeminate: (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly.

Finally. Last thing of the post! Quizlet. I’ve been using it for some time, and I’ve decided to share some of the lists with you girls. Just two lists for now. Random Japanese words over here. And words from the song Fly, over here. Nope, there is no romanji in the cards. If you are trying to learn Japanese you really should start by learning Hiragana and Katagana anyway, and there’s a million sites to learn those (I’m sure a million youtube videos teaching them too) so there is no need for me to post that here.

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So i went out karaoke-ing with my friend and my sis! That was like... the 2nd time i've been on karaoke ever... the last was in the last year of sec school, when i went with my friends on the last day of school cos i just didn’t feel like going home. I wasn’t close to those lot of friends and i didn’t know a single of those chinese songs they sang so i just sat by the side all lonesome and stuff. Ii didn’t even have to pay because they decided that it wasn’t fair making someone who didn’t sing a single song pay.

But anyway this time! Finally got to meet up with that friend! She's an arashi fan too, Nino's her fav... but she's been so busy she doesn’t even know breathless or calling... and probably hasn’t watched a single arashi thing in yearsssss. But yeah we sang a bunch of old old songs, like barbie girl by aqua and westlife songs... my sis is 5 years younger than me and its because of me that she knows all those oldies... and some like barbie girl is really old. i was only in lower primary when it came out. Of cos there were the more recent ones too, like wreaking ball - and i saw the video for the first time, in HD too. Many of the pv (or MTV?) for the old songs were in bad, bad quality, if there was even a PV at all. Many a times they just had some random video. There were loads for chinese songs, korean songs, and some japanese songs like those from akb. There were a few arashi song as well - hence the reason why my friend chose that karaoke. We sang like ARASHI - only to realise that 1) the PV was some ultra weird video, but at least it was shot in japan. 2) it was a proper karaoke version - no vocal at all (many of the songs have vocal) 3) despite it being their debut song, we cannot sing the whole thing. esp the sakurap.

We also sang like kansha kangeki, kitto diajoubu... not much choices there. But i was impressed that there was breathless, calling, and endless game. AND with the proper, actual, PV. So my friend watched the PV for the first time while me and my sis tried to sing along. Which was hard... i realised i was most familiar with breathless. Calling wasn't too bad too, but endless game? Gosh i barely know the lyrics. Even with the lyrics (in kanji) on screen it was impossible for me to sing most of it... ><

Yeah i know i know... i suck right? I listen and I listen but I don't purposely make an effort to remember the lyrics. I've been wanting to remember the lyrics though... but so far have not done so yet... I did try for Yes? No? quite a long time back when i just started learning japanese, or maybe before i started learning japanese. But that's it. The rest I'd remember if i know what they are talking about and i hear the song often enough. But its hard for parts that i don't understand at all (and it'll stay that way if i don't bother looking at the lyrics/translation, and mostly i don't) Wanting to go through the lyrics so that I can expand my vocab though.

The JLPT registration for July's test start tmr. Today actually, since its past 12mn. And it ends on the 4th of April... not a problem though since i need to go down and collect my cert by the end of this month, so i'll need to go down someday after work.

But at the karaoke I realised... the karaokes in Sg are pretty boring, normal stuff. Its not like the 'onekara' in japan that was featured in the recent AnShi where they get to see like the scores and stuff. Here its just a small room, a tv screen, a touch panel to select your songs, and two mics. And sofa of cos. But that's it. And considering the poor video quality of many songs... and the sound system was just normal too (and it was pretty soft too)... its like... let's just hang out at like... my house or something and i can find all the arashi PVs i have and play it... and then we could go youtube for the rest of the artists like bruno mars and what have you.

But it was fun to meet up again... its been what... a whole year? And we had a sushi marathon after the singing marathon. We headed over to sushi express right after karaoke and ate... and then my other friend came along like 2 or 3 hours later and we continued eating. LOL.

Ah and its Monday again tmr. And I'm two weeks behind in my Arashi tv watching again. Not watched two weeks worth of AnShi and Nino-san. And last week's VSA as well. But at least i wrote a review! Yay me! Of last last week's VSA with Kazama Shunsuke as the plus one guest. I first knew of this guy when he appeared on hachi jida J towards the end. He was a cute little guy then and left quite an impression. But seeing as to how he's not like in any group now I thought he just dropped out of JE or something. Then Nino mentioned him a few times on their shows... and then i googled and realised this guy is still in JE, though he isnt part of any act. He isnt even considered a solo guy like toma or something? Idk. But he's done a bunch of dramas and stuff... and its nice to know that JE didn’t like... drop him because he couldn’t make it into a singing group. Like... as long as you are willing to you can stay? IDK. I'm still very confused on how things work in JE hahaha.

Ah yes! Right on time! MarsEdit has finished uploading all the screenshots for part 2 of my review! Now to put in the tags an LJ cut and links and then I'd better head to bed. Got DNA extraction to do tmr and it'll be a really busy day!

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