Dec. 28th, 2015 10:32 am
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Ok. Long post coming up...

Mainly just... Photo spam maybe?
A million photos )

That's all! Last day of holidays today. Sort of. Then I'll be back at work for 2.5 days... then a long weekend again (including my sis's bday this coming Sunday)

Going out for lunch with grandma!
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Been a very busy week. With loads of happenings.

Maybe I'll split this into a couple of posts just for organisations' sake. We'll see.

Anyway. About that last entry... Cheap French food...

Well. Not cheap at all. At least for my budget. Dinner for the four of us came up to over $260. That's enough to have 2 or 3 very good Japanese meals...

It's The French Stall (or just TFS) at little India...

But well. Dad finally fulfilled his wish of having a good French meal. Unfortunately, I'd say that French food doesn't really fit our palettes.

We ordered quite a lot...

Well, the cooking was good. The thing though. Is that when my family eats, we like tasting the ingredients. Like, the original taste of the ingredients. Especially the meat. So when the beef/lamb is prepared in a way to specially get rid of the original taste... (well, it's not just French cooking that it happens... *looks at all the Western lamb stews*) It's a waste.

The beef too... it's not very juicy. I think the ones we got from the wholesaler and cooked on our own is better. This one is probably due to the beef cuts the restaurant got. Taste like frozen beef.

The duck too... it doesn't taste like duck anymore. It's just like... another meat. With not much taste. Sure, the texture is good, and it seems more like beef than duck... but hey, that's the reason why beef exists right? Why make duck taste like something else. Not that I have anything against the texture... but the unique flavors of the duck! It's all gone... :(

I did enjoy the meal though. The rissotto (?) - rice with cream and truffle bits was good. I love truffle hahaha. Though dad doesn't really like that taste. I like it though. Love the ham. Well but that's not really prepared by the chef so...

Realised that I don't care much for French onion soup... but the Foie gras. Oh that was lovely. Soft, velvety, silky, pink in the middle and oh so good. I think that totally made the meal worth it. Hahaha.

Other little surprises. At least, they are suprises to me.

Mash brinjal (well, they'll probably say eggplant) under the duck. First time I've seen mash brinjal. Doesn't taste very nice though. I prefer mash potatoes. Brinjals are pretty mushy as they are already... making it into a mash... feels like there's not much point in it. Maybe if it's mixed with some other ingredients, it'll be nicer.
Thin, fried onion strips as beef garnish. Tastes good. Like onion rings. But in strips.

Desserts. The souffle was normal... but that spiked Baked Alaska was pretty good. Meringue on top, ice cream and mango sauce inside, and baked.

The one on the bottom right was my favourite though. Liquor (I think it's rum) on the plate, some kinda cake (with pretty course grains) in middle, and sour cream on top. When eaten with each of the ingredients in just the right proportions, it tastes like brie cheese. A nice combination. I guess this is what people mean when they say French cuisine is sophisticated. Still nowhere near Chinese food in terms of sophistication, complexity and variety though. Ok ok... China is so big, it's not a fair comparison... *shrugs*


Would I go back there again? No... too pricey. (Ok, dad paid. But still...)

If you were to treat me there, and only in that resturant? Sure, I have no objections as long as I'm not paying. I'll get the foie gras. It was excellent. That brie cheese like dessert too.

Service wise...

It depends on which waitress you got. One was really friendly, while the other was down right rude.

The rude one led us to our table, pissed us off before we even sat down, and we would have walked out if the friendier one wasn't the one who took our orders. Bad start to the dinner indeed.

Next time I'm gonna bring my parents to Saveur. A much more affordable French resturant. And they do good duck confits too. And mum's gonna love their desserts. And they have good mushroom soup. Most importantly... it's much cheaper. Less than 20 for a main course. The duck confit is $14.90 if I remember correctly. TFS prices are like high 20s to 40+ for a main course. They have a very misleading menu... it'll take XXX from $20 onwards... and on that same page that's only 1 dish that's at the price listed on top. The rest just says +$15 or some amount at the side. Meaning the top listed price PLUS XX amount. So you have to do the calculation yourself... and it fools you into thinking that a dish is very cheap... when it's not. Honestly. If I was there alone, I would have walked out after seeing the menu.

Alright. So that's all for this post... Till another post!

Food p0rn!

Apr. 30th, 2015 05:46 pm
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Really quick update before I throw my samples in the freezer and head home to enjoy my long weekend (Labour day holiday tmr)

Parents went out for dinner with their old classmate/friends last night, so I bought a bunch of food back for me and my sis's dinner. Sushi and desserts from a Japanese bakery! Yummy!



Apr. 24th, 2015 03:50 pm
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Whoohoo! It's been so long since I had some free time at work. Don't have much to do today so I was done even before lunch... next week will be busy as usual but well for today I had some nice free time to catch up on a little fic reading!

I was posting on Aibaka earlier... in the new food thread... and since I've uploaded the photos to photobucket I might as well post it here right?

Last night's dinner. Cooked by mum...

Noodles with smoked turkey leg. (Ready made turkey drumstick from Isetan)

The soup has been cooked wit the smoked turkey too and it just tastes gorgeous. I love it when mum makes soup from smoked meat. Like the time she bought a smoke duck and used the left over bones to make soup. That was just delicious!!!

Ahhh this is making me crave. And hungry... I want foooooooddddddd!


Apr. 6th, 2015 02:09 am
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Here goes another entry with a non descriptive/relevant title. 

I suck at LJ titles. Anyway. Photos!

I was supposed to post it during my mixlr broadcast but in the end I didn’t… So here I am posting this at 1:30 am. Because I don’t feel like going to bed yet. Cos I had a nap earlier! So I can’t sleep! And then tmr I’ll end up being sleepy at work… and the cycle goes on yay! But I usually get 4-6 hours of sleep on weekdays anyway so… 

Photos! )

Alright. That’s all for this entry! Till next time!

Food porn!

Mar. 28th, 2015 10:58 pm
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Some random photos of food. Ate out with my family a few times recently and this is the result…

Food! )

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Day 8, and the second last day of the trip!

It's the last batch of holiday photos! )

Right. That’s all from me on my holiday trip! Ah there’s still a few photos and videos here and there to upload… next time! :P

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Here we go! Part 2! More snow and ice!


Click to see Snow. And Ice. )

And that’s all for day 7!!!

Day 8 up here!

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Yay! Day 7 of the trip! That’s almost the end already!! 

Snow, ice and more snow. )

Alright, that’s all for Part 1 now! Because the post has gotten too huge! Please see Part 2!

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Yay! Day 6!

Let’s see what we did! 

Photos. Loads of it! )

And that brings us to the end of Day 6! 

Day 7 here!

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We headed straight to the airport, nothing much interesting happened in Beijing. We’d called the young lad one (or was it two) days before to confirm our booking. 

Photos. There's always photos. )

That ends the events of Day 5! XD

Day 6 is up here!

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Yay! Day 4 of the vacation! It was Christmas eve!


So that was all for day 4. We took the train back to the hotel and packed up, because the next day we’ll be heading off to the airport right after a quick breakfast in the hotel! 

Day 5 here!

Click ^^^ if you enjoyed the lengthy post.

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So. I was spamming photos like mad on day 3. You’ll know why soon. 


And that was all for Day 3!!! 

Day 4 is now up here!

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So, day 2 of the holiday trip! Again, prepare for a barrage of photos!

Photos! )

Not much photos from Day 2 since it was mostly just boring shopping. Yes I hate clothes shopping…. TONS of photos on Day 3 though! I might even have to split it into two posts… hmmm… we’ll see lol! Day 3 now up! XD

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Yay! So I’ve finally gotten round to it! Posting photos of my vacation! Yay me!

Photo Spam. You have been warned. )

And that’s all for Day 1! Phew. Finally finished the post hahaha! XD That was a really long post eh? And this was just day one woah! Day 2 is now up here!

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Went out last Sunday to the new shopping centre that opened at Jurong East…

Photo spam under cut! )

That’s all for today! Hopefully the vacation photos will come this weekend? :P XD

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Finally, got round to making this post! Went out like… two weeks ago with my sis and her friends to celebrate her bday… and I snapped some photos! Her bday is on the 3rd of Jan, right after the new day, so the christmas decorations were still around! And there’s the Orchard road (premium shopping street in SG) pedestrian night too. It’s a trial that’s underway, where they close the road once a month on the first Saturday of the year to well, let you roam the streets. It was kinda… pathetic though IMO. There were some random performances here and there, a stage, with a very noisy MC. And is was pretty crowded with tourists and Singaporean alike… but the whole atmosphere was lacking. The street performers were still by the sidewalks, as they always were, because they are not license/authorised to perform in the middle of the road. It’s a once a month, 6 hour event, so they didn’t think of setting up stalls in the middle of the road. Some snack stalls and such would certainly give the whole place a more… carnival, festive atmosphere. Thankfully the Christmas lights were still up so we had something to see on this occasion. But otherwise? Kinda disappointing. There’s so much more that could have been done really. And considering how much SG depends on tourism to survive, the Singapore tourism board really should have done better. 

Okays. Without further ado, photos!

Click for photo spam! )
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Finding more random stuff to translate!

Because I still don’t feel like doing abunai. Hahaha.

I was going to translate the short video message on jweb mobile, because the English subs for the video wasn’t out when I checked the other day… but it’s out now so I guess there’s no need. Plus it’s really just the usual promotion stuff anyway. Though Aiba did make a cute mistake in the middle. Said that I can’t see the long, full video. You need a Japanese address to sign up for the JFC. Oh wells. JFC? Johnny’s Family Club. Suddenly realised it sounds like KFC. Ha!

There’s tons of scans on KnH for me to download and translate… but magazine interviews thens to be… pretty long… blah.

Oh wells. How about I spam you with a truckload of photos instead? Literally truckload of photos. You have been warned.

Photo SPAM )

Ah… I think I shall stop here for now. I’ll continue in a part 2 later/next time i guess… :X

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Yay photos! Cos I was too lazy last weekend to open marsedit and make a post with photos… I kinda… refuse to do posts on LJ with photos unless I open marsedit. Its too troublesome to upload each photo individually to photo bucket or wherever, and then tinkering with the html code to make sure the photos don’t end up TOO big… whatever. I’m just a lazy person. You should know that by now.

A cut to prevent from photos from flooding your feed... XD )
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Finally. It’s here. The post that ya all have been waiting for the whole week. So Monday was holiday in lieu of National day, and I went to watch Conan movie with my sis… and then we found out that they are airing Kenshin movie in sg toooooo! And I’ve been super hyped up about the Kenshin movie even though I’ve not watched the 1st movie yet, thanks to all their promotions on VSA and AnS… But yup, I’ve downloaded the 1st movie to my comm already! That’s one more item to my To-Watch list, together with episode two of Sherlock (plus the manga to read too). Luckily I already watched last week’s AM and NS. Just got Thursday’s VSA to watch! And of course, LOVE DVD. I’m watching those today FOR SURE. Octavia’s gone to Manila to meet up with the other girls and attend the LOVE DVD screening there, so there’s no one to bug me about doing random videos today hahaha. Great! XD I’ll be watching to my heart’s content! XD

And oh about the Conan movie... I enjoyed myself tons even though that was the first Conan movie I watched! Yes, add that to my to-watch list as well. Finish up kenshin anime and watch conan anime and movies from start to finish. I was really glad too, I understood pretty much everything w/o having to read the subs. In fact, I spotted a few instances when the subs were wrong. Nothing major but, the sentence was spoken as a question, but the sub changed it into a statement of fact. Happened like twice I think...

What I’ve found amusing is that… as a two men team (well its either me and Mafia red, or me and Mafia J), we are working and releasing faster than the group made by the girl I clashed with last time. So much so for her and her translators. Even both of her translators working together last time, they could not finish an episode of AnS as fast as I could alone… tch! And I could have finished it faster if I didn’t go out… but well… I enjoyed myself on Monday loads! Ah yes your long awaited pictures… here they come!

Pictures, and more rumblings )

Hmm finally. Japanese words. Been wanting to post this for a while now. Remember my previous post where I talked about the word 零れ? Well. I was thinking about the one and only Arashi song that I made flashcards of the vocab on quiz let (more on that in a while), and I felt like shooting myself. It’s there. The very same word. In the lyrics, at the beginning. Pifft. And I have, obviously, forgotten that word. Well not really. I guessed the meaning when I heard it in AM but I wanted to be sure. But there and then I certainly didn’t remember that this word came from Fly.

Just gonna introduce two words for now...
石鹸 (せっけん, Sekken) - Soap

女々しい (しい, memeshi) - Effeminate.
Now this is a word that I can guess the Japanese meaning, but need to search up the definition of the translation to check that I guessed right.  Yes, my vocab is pretty sucky. So well, here’s the definition of effeminate: (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly.

Finally. Last thing of the post! Quizlet. I’ve been using it for some time, and I’ve decided to share some of the lists with you girls. Just two lists for now. Random Japanese words over here. And words from the song Fly, over here. Nope, there is no romanji in the cards. If you are trying to learn Japanese you really should start by learning Hiragana and Katagana anyway, and there’s a million sites to learn those (I’m sure a million youtube videos teaching them too) so there is no need for me to post that here.

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