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Title: Spy Arashi: Humble Beginnings
Chapter: 02. Ninomiya Kazunari
Rating: G
Pairing: General Arashi friendship
A/N: Hahaha, I couldn't wait till Friday to post this... so here goes! Chapter 2!

Master post here.

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Ninomiya was a typical geek. He could write codes and programs in C++, python, ruby, java, and was picking up SQL and javascript. He'd started designing his own programs when he was in secondary school, but recently he'd been getting bored of programming work and prefer to blow his time away slaying monsters and doing quests. Gaming was his sole hobby, he knew every single map, monster, and NPC in Dragon Quest, he could recite the names of each player in every team in Fifa World Cup… he had always been satisfied with his games till one day…

Nino had gotten sick of Dragon Quest, he had beaten the game 3 times in a row after gaming for 3 days non-stop. Well it wasn’t like he was forced to do it or anything, he simply wanted to beat his own ‘two days of non-stop gaming’ record. Only that this time round, he finally had gotten enough of his games. He’d woken up after approximately 16 hours of sleep (after his 3 day stint) hungry and disorientated. After fixing himself a quick meal of instant noodles, Nino had sat around in a frustrated daze, wondering what to do next. Three days of non-stop gaming seemed to have taken its toll… he couldn’t bring himself to find anything interesting to play. Final fantasy - he completed them a few times each already… he’d gotten sick of soccer last month… first person shooters didn’t really interest him… Nino tossed his video games one by one to the side… ‘These are all so boring! Gah, maybe I should take a break from gaming…’

Nino switched on his computer and surfed the net for something interesting to do…

"Ten things a geek should know" Nino raised an eyebrow as he read the article out loud. He actually did know most of the stuff listed, but there was something at the end that caught his eye. "How to crack a WiFi password? Wow! Sounds fun!" Nino exclaimed as he clicked on the adjoining links to read up more. The world of cracking security lured Nino in, and Nino found hacking much more exciting and interesting than his video games. He was excited when the wireless receiver he ordered on eBay that had capabilities to inject packets arrived. The ability to packet inject was crucial for cracking WiFi passwords, so Nino had shopped around eBay and bought what was regarded as the 'best WiFi dongle' for hacking into WiFi networks. His successful attempt at cracking all the WiFi networks in the range of his receiver made Nino thirst for more adventure.

Nino soon found himself building his own tools just as a homemade wireless router, but being a smart and quick learner with a solid background in programming, Nino soon found new, illegal grounds to venture into. He started off small, making hacks and bots for his video games (making him lose even more interest in the games, since effort was no longer need to PLAY the game). As he gained knowledge and confidence, Nino began writing more complicated hacks for online video games, and started selling them for real money. VIP hacks, as those were called, helped players bot, train, and level up, and were capable of evading the Game Masters and the game’s security systems. These VIP hacks commanded a high price, and Nino made a handsome sum from his effort.

Nino also begin hacking into websites and databases. At first, it was to find out more information about a particular MMORPG game so that he could find critical information needed for building his hacking bots, but later he started targeting random websites just for kicks. Nino hardly left signs of his intrusion, and even when he did, he merely hide the site's data from view and put up a random joke. He was not interested in doing any permanent damage and having the cops after him after all, he merely wanted to have some fun. When Nino came across someone claiming to be able to hack into a government database, Nino's curiosity was quipped.

Feeling particularly adventurous one day, Nino set about attempting to hack access into the public heath system online database. ‘Blah, that was too easy’ He’d forgotten that since that database was accessible to all the doctors, there are many users and hacking in through a compromised user account was simple enough. Over the course of the next few days, Nino continued to hack into various government databases, before leaving with hardly a trace. Glowing at his success, Ninomiya grew bolder and decided to challenge the Police Force and Army’s shared database. Unlike the other databases he hacked into previously, the Defense Department’s database contains much more sensitive information, and were protected by strong security systems, making hacking in harder, but even more thrilling.

It was 5am in the morning when Nino managed to hack into the system. He had been working since the previous morning, stopping only when he could no longer ignore the growls from his stomach. Thrilled at his success, Nino decided to call it a day. He really had no use of the data, downloading it into his computer would only make his crime even more serious, should he be caught. ‘Maybe I should destroy my computer or something… get rid of the evidence…’ While thinking about what to target next, he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Nino woke up when someone shoved him roughly off his bed. ‘What the hell is going on?’ He blinked, and tried to wipe the sleep off his eyes.

‘Your name is Ninomiya Kazunari?’

Nino looked up to see who the intruder was, wondering why someone else was in his house. He was certainly unprepared for what he saw. A fierce, burly man who introduced himself as a plain-clothes police officer was glaring at him, while several more were removing the belongings from his room. His laptops were already gone, and they were in the process of unplugging and shifting out his desktop. The hard disks and CDs/DVDs on his shelf were also missing…

"Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into, this can’t be true! It’s all a dream right… let me go back to sleep! This can’t be…."

"Would you please take a trip down to the police station with us? It would make our job easier if you do not resist."

A sense of dread and doom filled Nino as the police officer snapped a pair of handcuffs on him… ‘Why did this have to happen? Why did I have to fall down this path? What will become of me? I’m now a criminal… I’m a criminal, a criminal…’

The rest of the day went by as a whirl to Nino. He had been dumped in an interrogation room, fired question after question… he had answered the questions truthfully although hesitantly. He had asked for a lawyer but they refused to let him get one… which was weird, he thought there should be some sort of law that give criminals the right to hire lawyers before being forced to speak to the police. Or maybe he was wrong, he didn’t know much about the law and he didn’t quite care either. He just wished he could go back to the days of being the simple gamer he used to be, playing his favourite Dragon Quest. After an entire day of questioning, Nino was locked unceremoniously in a small cell. Nino looked around the small, dark cell where he was to spend the night. ‘Great, so now they’re gonna leave me all alone… at least can you tell me what will become of me?’

They seemed to have forgotten about him the next day. Apart from serving his meals, no one else came to disturb him. Nino waited. He waiting for something to happen, for someone to tell him what will happen next, for anything to happen at all…

Kimura was slumped in his chair, deep in thought. He had gone through the case notes a million times, ran through the facts over and over in his head… but still he could not make up his mind. Finally letting out a long sigh, he pressed the intercom button. "I will speak to the boy myself."

In the back of the car, Kimura’s thoughts once again drifted back to the peculiar case. The boy was undoubtedly a genius. At 19, he had managed to hacked into just about ALL the government databases in the country. He had heard tales of boys as young as 10 being expert hackers…. But those are really exceptional cases. Still, the young man had a lot of potential in him, plus thus far, all evidence show that the boy had really no ill intentions. No one paid him to do the job, he did not mess up the database… heck, he didn’t even keep any of the data… they couldn’t be sure if he even looked through the data in the sites. ‘Just what the heck did he go through all the effort of hacking in for? For kicks? What kind of person is the youth?’ Kimura was still deep in thoughts when the car reached their holding center.

Meanwhile earlier on in the holding center…

"Oi, you got a visitor, go get changed!" The guard blindfolded and handcuffed Nino before shoving him down the corridor. They weren’t taking any chances. After walking in seemingly infinite loops, Nino ended up in a windowless toilet cubicle. The guard indicated that to Nino that he should take a bath and change into the clothes laid out on the bench and removed the handcuffs. "Don’t even think of trying anything funny. You have 10 minutes, now be quick!"

Nino heaved a sigh of relief when the guard left him alone in the toilet, at least he won’t have someone watching him bathe. Not that he had total privacy though, he winced as he saw the guard staring at him through the translucent glass panel in the door. He quickly stripped himself and started scrubbing. He was quite glad that they finally let him out of his cell, even if its for 10 minutes… or to an even smaller place… plus he really needed the bath, he hadn’t had a bathe for three days already…

Kimura carefully scrutinized the skinny and pale boy in front of him. There was something about this boy that was intriguing to him… the way the boy carefully eyed himself and the surrounding showed a sense of cunningness and diligence… but at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel that he just was an innocent teen who'd wandered a bit too far off the right path.

They talked for a long time. A scared Ninomiya had been reluctant to say much, but he eventually loosened up in the assuring presence of the older man. Kimura learned a lot about Nino that day, how he was always pulling planks in school, till he eventually was expelled. How he lost his friends after getting expelled, and turned to indulge himself in games… his parents were busy with their business overseas and left Nino to the care of his grandparents. After his grandparents passed away, Nino lived all alone, and his parents were too busy to even care what their son was up to.

‘I think he’s just a lost teen, left behind by his parents and slipping through the safety nets of society… I think he can be saved, no, he should be saved. Plus, its just too much of a waste to let a genius go like this. If we don't hire him, who knows which other government or worst still a terrorist group would use him for?!’ Kimura mulled the idea in his head as he finished interviewing the scrawny little boy.

"Are you willing to work for the Agency?"

Nino was released from the holding center and joined the Agency that very day.

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As I was writing the 13th Anni share house fic and the I wanna f**k fic… scene (and easy to draw scenes) came into my mind and i felt like drawing something. Still not tried to do the share house drawing but i did try to draw some forks…. InInitially i wanted to draw it directly on my comp… but even with the inklet software, i could barely draw anything… I guess all i can do with that is to edit traces of pics my sis drew? I guess i need a lot more practice with that thing… PLUS my drawings are not good in the 1st place. So yeah, in the end i dug out my good old pencil and did things the old fashioned way. So here's my 1st attempt at fan/fic art!

PhotobucketI realised… i totally suck at drawing twisted stuff… :X Does the J fork and O fork look like they've been twisted to you? :X Ohno-fork is still… passable, but the J fork just look like its got a very fancy, beaded handle or something… :S Oh wells...

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Inspired by [ profile] mount_deer's fic. I'd never have came up with this fic if not for her XD

Title: I wanna f**k, I needa f**k
Rating: G
Pairing: None (general friendship)
Length: Aiba length (pants). No just kidding. It’s a one shot. With something like… 1.3k - 1.4k words. Go figure.

What starts with F and ends with a K? A fire truck. Wait that's two words. What four letter word starts with F and ends with a K? *shrugs*

My very first attempt at crack… Yoroshiku! m(_ _)m

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the 3rd Nov 2012 AnShi ahead, proceed at your own risk.

It all started after that AnShi filming.

"Ne Nino, do you think we can really bend forks with our mind power?" Ohno asked.

"Why of course, didn’t you see DaiGo aniki do it just now?" Nino replied off handedly.

"But I mean, for real!" Ohno insisted.

"For the last time Satopi, it was for real!" Nino replied, getting annoyed at Ohno's continuous bugging.

While everyone was busy teasing Ohno and his farts, that old man was still trying to figure out how the DaiGo has bent and broken the forks, much to his long suffering partner's annoyance.

"Hmm…" Ohno hummed as his eyes blanked out, a sign that he was deep in thought.

One week later, in the Arashi green room:

It was yet another day at work, this time, it was a magazine photo shoot for promoting their upcoming concert. J frowned as he stepped into the green room. Leader and Aiba were early today…. but that wasn’t the point… the point was that… they were sitting beside each other, in total violation of their usual sitting arrangement! And they seemed to be really preoccupied with something, with Aiba's 'Ho ho ho' trademark laughter appearing once in a while.

"Just what the hell are you guys doing!" J exclaimed, as he approached the pair and saw the ridiculous number of mishapen forks strewn all over the sofa.

"Bending forks! Can't you see J? We are trying to become mentalists!" Aiba cheerfully blabbered.

J rolled his eyes.

"Just which one of you started this great idea? Don't come crying to me if you hurt your hands!" J chided, eyes narrowing in displeasure as he saw the angry red blisters starting to form on Ohno's fingers.

"Uwah, this is tough! I should have stuck with the cross stitch…" Leader complained as he put down his latest twisted creation.

Jun rolled his eyes again.

"What a waste of perfectly fine tableware" He lamented as he plonked onto Aiba's usual seat.

Aiba didn't even notice his seat being taken up. Aiba did notice however, when Nino entered the room.

"Look Nino! Forks! Ridda and I will soon be pro-mentalists! Even better than Nino the retired magician!" AIba cried.

"You baka! I'm not a retired magician!" Nino barked, giving Aiba a quick smack.

"Wow that's a lot of forks! One WHOLE box of it?" Nino asked, impressed.

"Yeah did you know? They actually sell forks in boxes of 100s! I asked my brother and he directed me to a supplier and… " Aiba's enthusiastic recount was cut off my Nino as he started his dramatic speech.

"However, I'm afraid I have have to dash your hopes… because after one weekend of Super High Intensive Training I am pleased to say that I have mastered the art of controlling metal!" With that Nino flourished several forks out of his shirt pocket and showed them to Aiba.

"See all I have to do is to put the fork in my hand, sprinkle some fairy dust and LO AND BEHOLD!"

"WAH!" Aiba stared in awe as the fork bent by itself, without Nino doing anything to the fork at all.

Even J was starting to get interested as he demanded that Nino repeat the trick. Halfway through Nino's second trick though, J snatched the fork away from Nino.

"I don't believe you, there must be some trick with the fork!" Soon, a snatching contest ensued as Nino protested and tried to snatch his fork back.

"Ma ma… Stop fooling around like little kids…" Sho said with a most amused look on his face.

"Woah, when did you come in Sho? How come we didn’t see you?" Aiba asked.

"That's cos you were too engrossed in looking at Nino, Aiba. I came in when someone was bragging about some Super High Intensive Training shit…" Sho smirked.

It was rare to see Sho smirking.

"What's with that gleeful look Sho?" Nino asked.

Not only was a smirking Sho rare, it was also dangerous.

"It just so happens that I've been doing some S.H.I.T myself over the weekend too." With that, Sho took the fork from J and started rubbing it between his palms.

"Oi! What are you trying to do! That's not how you're supposed to do it!" Nino yelled in panic as he tried to stop Sho.

But he was too late. Sho opened in hands just in time to show the members the twisting fork.

"Chikusho…..!" Nino cursed under his breath as Sho proudly proclaimed that he was DaiGo the mentalist no. 2.

His eyes widened however as Sho said the following words: "… and in return of my earlier performance, as well as my role in keeping the peace within Arashi, I shall be keeping this fork as my payment as souvenir…"

"NO! You can take all the forks you want from Aiba, but you may not take this fork!" Nino shrieked as he hastily snatched the fork out of Sho's hand into the safety of his pocket.

"What's wrong Nino?" Sho teased. "Is there anything wrong with the fork? Or is it because it is a 30,000 yen fork?" Sho smirked again.

"Eh? 30,000 yen? That expensive? My 100 forks didn't even cost half that much!" Aiba exclaimed in disbelief.

"That's cos this is a special fork that uses memory metal and…" Sho started.


"But I'm not a magician, plus its all over google anyway…" Sho defended himself.

"Its ok Nino, I think we all already know." Jun said calmly, as he looked over at the nonchalant leader who was still busy working on the forks.

"I don't think Aiba knows though…" Said leader finally spoke up.

"Eh? Know about what? What memory, you mean we have to infuse our memories with the metal? Is that how  the trick works?" Aiba blabbered, to the laughter of the rest of the members.

"Ne Nino did you really spend 30,000 yen on the fork?" Aiba quipped.

"Ah no you baka… I borrowed it from my friend… Why would I spend so much money just to please you?" Nino sulked.

He was hoping to amaze his members with the trick, but never did he expect the trick to be ruined like this… and by SHO of all people.

"Anyway, what's Ohno doing?" Sho asked.

"He hasn't even looked once in our direction." At his mention, the four turned their attention to leader and watched as he put delicately tied different coloured ribbons to the forks.

Upon closer inspection, they realised that the forks were not just twisted in any random way. They were twisted to look like dancing human beings, and Ohno had even use twist ties to make hands and feet.

"WAHHHHHHHH Arashi fork dollss!!! KAWAII! LEADER SUGOI!" Aiba gushed.

"They can't stand though, I'll have to use stiffer wire next time… and glue…" Ohno frowned as he inspected his handy work
"Ah good… I was still wondering what's going to happen to the 100 forks Aiba bought!" J said.

"NO! I bought two boxes! 200 forks!" Aiba exclaimed.

"What? 200 forks?? Why did you buy so many forks for?" It was Sho's turn to be in shock.

"100 for me and 100 for leader to practice with… but than…" Aiba sighed as he though of his complete inability to bend the forks while Nino and Sho were able to do it effortlessly.

Yes even Sho of all people!

"Eh Aiba, if you don't mind I'll take all 200 forks…" Leader said.

3 days later…
"Mou leader! Why did you tell me to buy forks when you knew all along how the trick was done!" Aiba complained

Ohno gave Aiba a sheepish look.

"You knew it from the start didn't you! Why didn't you tell me leader!" Aiba groaned as he spoke.

"I dabbled in magic tricks even before Nino did remember? Of course I knew!" Ohno chuckled.

"So tell me! Why did you make me buy the forks!" Aiba complained.

"I just… thought they'll be great material for my art work…" Ohno admitted sheepishly.

"And you made me pay for the forks!!!!!!" Aiba protested.

"Don't worry, I'll be sure to give you a special Arashi doll set when I'm done!" With that he gave Aiba a peak on the lips, silencing all further protests from Aiba.

~The End!~

After reading[ profile] mount_deer's fic and watching last week's AnShi, I remembered my friends asking around in secondary school the question "What starts with an F and ends with a K?" and all… and since there was plenty of forks in that episode of AnShi… this fic was born! Hope you like my very first attempt at some crack XD

Ok, so I decided to draw... and this was what I came up with...

The pairings were totally spur of the moment kind of thing... so yeah :P Things just somehow turned out this way XD

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