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Wrote and posted my 100th fic. Just had to urge to write it. And that particular genre too. Non-con. The setting... The cast... The urge just... came.

The Chronicles is still on hiatus. I'll go back to looking at it tmr. Really in a bit of a bind there with the story...

Yeah. How to move it forward and all... I think a bit of time to let the story simmer in the back burner would be good...

There's more I want to talk about... But I'll make another FL-ed post...

Anyway... Fics.

AO3 tells me that I've written and posted 159898 words.

I'm a little surprised that my line friends have way lesser fics than me... Then again, they haven't been in the fandom as long..? But still I didn't start writing fics right away.... But well, more importantly, they write long chaptered fics. I do mostly one shots and drabbles. I'm definitely far from being the most prolific Arashi fic writer. Nah, not by a long shot. I think Krystal will have to take the cake for that. She's the absolute winner.

Oh wells. The number 100 just makes me happy. Even though it means absolutely nothing. Gives me a minor sense of accomplishment I guess... A point to boast about though really, honestly, it means nothing. It's not like I've even written that much, or that the stories were particularly outstanding? *shrugs*

That complicated feeling where you're kinda proud of yourself but also knowing that said accomplishment is nothing to be proud of...

That's all for now!


Dec. 13th, 2016 01:07 am
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Yup! So I did get around to writing and finishing Fantastic Classmates and Where to find them. Yay me. I was just looking through the fics on nutty arashi and the fics on my personal blog here... Seems like the only time I remember to cross post my fics back here is when I post a new creation to RNA. Lol.

For those who don't know... I have a fanfic community called [ profile] nutty_arashi. Since I kinda want people to join (it's open membership!) and visit the community, I post all my newest fics there. Only after 2 weeks (or more) will I transfer the fics to my personal blog here... Just erm... because I want to have my own fics here. The community is a venture between me, J and octavia, though in the past year or so I've been the only one writing/posting.

Didn't write many fics this year... Though I did take part (well, and helped a little with the organising) of the fishing mj fic exchange... So that forced me to write a fic.

With those two new fics.. My total fic count is now 86. Nice. Gonna hit the magic number 100 soon... Just 14 more fics to go! Someday I'll get there!

Sigh. Not feeling fantastic today. Sore throat is freaking back. And I'm still coughing. Gosh. I've never had a sore throat come back on me before once it progresses to the coughing stage. I think I worked myself too hard on the algorithmns last week or something. Not in the mood to try and understand anything atm. Sigh. Not in the mood to do my NM post too... And I'm still missing last week's post (well, it's half done...), this week's post, and next week's post. This is the reason why I don't like going on holidays. I'll have to schedule and write so many posts at once! Arghs. And now my tummy has decided to act up today as well. Not sure if it's cos I stayed up till too late last night and ending up starving myself or something. Not my fault. I can't sleep with all that coughing... At least I'm coughing lesser tonight...


Shall look for other happier and untaxing things to do. Finished making all my Xmas cards. All 12 of 'em. Including one that was already sent out (and receiver got it today whoohoo!), that makes a total of 13 Xmas cards this year! And to think that it's my first attempt making Xmas cards. *shrugs*

Moral of the story: You can always find receivers for free things. Like the little trinklets and other random stuff I've accumulated over the years and am going to giveaway for instance. *shrugs*

Also... The last of my taobao shipments have arrived today. Finally! All my plastic filaments are here. I went crazy with the buying. *shrugs* It's cheap... but now... how will I ever finish using them up? Where can I even keep them in my room?!?! Will my 3d pen die before I even finish 10% of the filaments I bought? Lol. Next investment = 3D printer? But I want the expensive ones that can print big models and have plate heating and dual extrusion and and and...

Oh wells.

I emptied out my bank account already so yeah.


Thou shall not shop again in 2 months.

Oh wells. I guess if I direct my energies to javascript and my new website instead of how fucked up everything in at work...

Opps. I said I'm not talking about fucked up sad stuff.

Hmm 14 more fics... We'll see... :P

Maybe someday I'll actually rewrite spy arashi AND finish it. Idk. Someday.
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Ok... So I had a bit of free time and decided to do my fanfic masterpost on gdocs.... and then I hit my first roadblock.

Here's the masterpost so far:



I initially wanted to just have different sheets for drabbles and one shots... since they are so many pairings...

And you can just sort the pairings using a filter. BUT.

I forgot, some of my fics have multiple pairings. How can I deal with it then? Anyone has any clues?

Besides making a ton of different sheets for each of the pairing. Not sure how user friendly that will end up being. Oh gosh esp on mobile.

Maybe I can't get rid of my masterpost on LJ after all.

And to think that I'd just figured out how to use 'query' too.


OR, is there any other tool besides gdocs that I can use?
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Arghs... I'm just editing my fanfic masterpost and... it's really really messy. The code and stuff. Somehow spoiler tags broke own it's own after I edited a totally different part of the post... I really need a better way to organise things. How should I do it then? Googledocs seems like a good choice... with it I can easily keep track of things like how many of each pairing I've written too...

Well it depends on whether I'm hardworking enough to update it though.

Confocal training in half an hour... been a busy week last week, and it's gonna be as busy this week.

So I have written well over 70 fics now... I guess it's gonna be hard to still reach my 100 fic target unless I get a flood of inspiration, but that's unlikely to happen with unsup returning soon. (which means I'll be even more busy soon) Also it doesn't help that my seating has been moved to well.. right behind her. So we can see what each other is doing with a turn of the head. I'm gonna enjoy the last few days unsup free as much as I can. lol.
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Just crossposted a fic I wrote long ago to my personal Lj... and updated my fanfic masterpost.

That just brought my fanfic count to 70! With two more fics that has yet to be ported over from RNA, and yet another two more unpublished... that's 74 fics! Yay gosh! After months of hiatus from writing...

I doubt I'll be able to meet my 100 fanfics by the end of the year goal... but I'm still amazed at myself for having written so many fics.

Pardon me.

I just love stats.

Even though numbers like this can be pretty meaningless.

I'd admit that not all of my fics are good (there are a few that left me really pleased with myself though)... they aren't oscar winning or nobel prize winning fics (or whatever prize). But I'm just glad that I managed to exercise my creative writing juices a little.

I wonder if I'll be able to write a few more fics before the year ends... we'll see! :)
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It's been a busy few weeks for me at work!

I've not had the time to check out LJ properly, or been in the mood to read (or write) any fics...

Finally had the afternoon to myself and decided to be hardworking, and start on the site that I've been wanting to make for a long time. It's 'open'! Nihon Manabu. I would have picked Nihon Go Manabu, but it's taken so... We now have our own domain! Yay! It's open at!

It's still a work in progress, pages are half completed, and we need to add in masterposts... and I need to write more content to act as the base for the site... but well... it's 'open'. Added in a bunch of vocab posts and that'll do for now.

Let's hope this attempt will be a successful one.

This also means that... in the future, all my vocab posts will go to Nihongo Manabu! Any other learning Japanese related stuff too! So please, do check out the site! I decided on a word press blog because it's so much more flexible than an LJ account. It's not going to be just Arashi related Japanese words anymore. I'll be posting more general stuff too. Like hiragana, katakana, how to write kanjis... etc. It's a long term project, and I plan on updating the site for years to come. So do follow the site! :)

On another note... I won! Club Roppongi won! The Arashi fanfic awards! Yay! It's a tie but who cares hahaha! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my fics. Nominated them in the first place. Thank you very much! I'm definitely still keeping the idea of turning Club Roppongi into a series in my head. But I'm not in the mood to write anything these days... so it's gonna take me forever. There's still Spy Arashi too... I know. Sigh. Why can't I write like others can? It takes me forever to write out anything! I keep getting writers block! Oh wells.

That's all for now! I've got a bunch of food p0rn pictures to share... hopefully I'll get round to it soon!


Feb. 25th, 2015 05:43 pm
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Ok. Old fics cross posted to my journal. Managed to write a fic too and I'll be able to post that shortly. Just need to write one more since I missed last week's writing. Yeah I wrote extras on some weeks... but I want to cover back rather then cover forwards... if that expression makes any sense at all. Don't want to think that 'it's ok not to write this week because I wrote extras last time'. Once I start having that mentality this plan to write a fic every week will fall apart!

It's a slightly longer fic this time... since the last few were all less than 1k words long. 63 fics actually completeld now, excluding my incomplete chaptered. Not too bad.

Oh! yes! The arashi fanfic awards! Thank you, whoever you are, who nominated my fics! I spotted four of my fics in the awards list! I was a little sad that sticky summers or when Arashi discovers LJ didn't get nominated, because those were big achievements personally to me in terms of smut. The craziest and sexist fic I'd wrote yet, and the first orgy. But woah club roppongi was nominated! Yayay!

Table for... was also nominated! Which made me really happy that this drabble series was well loved. Computers Yama 101 didn't get nominated though... even though it's also a drabble series and it won krystal's fic competition.

What surprised me though was that I got two nominations in the best Gen category. Ok, They never knew was a really sweet and touching general Arashi love... fic? It's not exactly a fic though. Well I do write quite a lot of general arashi friendship.. but kanji game getting nominated? Seriously? Eh? I mean, I'm really glad it was nominated, but really? That was my first ever fanfic. And I honestly thought that it wasn't so good. I mean, it was my first and I was inexperienced after all! Thank you! Whoever you are who nominated me!

I've read quite a number of the fics nominated... but still there's a lot that I've never come across before. I'd like to find the time to catch up with them all one day! For now though, LJ and the fandom is keeping me busy enough... ><

That's all for now, shall post my latest fic and HEAD HOME! Yay! 


Jan. 13th, 2015 02:20 pm
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It's been a week so I ported my latest fics over from RNA... and while editing the masterpost I decided to count and see how many of each pairing I've written. Yama wins hands down lol! And to think that i still claim that my OTP is Ohmiya hahahaha! I still have a one pairing that I'm completely missing - Aimiya. Even in RNA too, Octavia hasn't written any Aimiya either! And then of course, there are several pairings that I've only written as side pairings, so that's one thing I'd like to correct. That's a total of 53 completed fics, well 54 if you count Spy Arashi? Which is NOT finished though. But it's not too bad I reckon.

Towards the end of last week I got busy in the lab again. It's kinda like an all or nothing for me? Either I'm really really busy, or not at all? Well I'm supposed to be doing some lit searches today too. And I JUST got an email with more lab work to do... well not really. Because there's not enough samples to fill a qPCR plate, so I was told to wait for more samples. So I guess that makes me sort of free today? :P I did happily spend the morning translating that news article after all. Oh! And the photos! Finally posted them last night! Well it was last night! But there was an error with marsedit/LJ, and while the photos uploaded while I was asleep, the post itself didn't get posted till I woke up this morning and tried again. Hopefully the holiday photos will follow soon. I need to post the holiday photos soon really. To instagram, LJ, FB.... then I can delete them from my phone, because both my phone and iCloud is running out of space. It's like, almost 3 GB of photos. Over 1.5k of them maybe? Yeah. LOADS of photos. Right. That's it for now. For this post at least.

Lastly... my post holiday to-do list...

1) Watch kouhaku - done
2) Watch kouhaku related promotion shows, other shows from last year - in progress
3) Watch Arashi/Tokio shows from 1st Jan -  done
4) Watch Arashi 3rd Jan shows -  done
5) Send postcards and gifts to my friends - more or less done
6) Edit/write fanfics, post them - because I've neglected rna for so long!
7) Update RNA master posts
8) Correct the post formatting of octavia's fics
9) Read octavia's fics
10) Promote octavia's fics
11) Post photos of my 3rd jan outing
12) post about my holiday. Loads of photos... probably gonna be 1 entry for each day?
13) find something to translate - text
14) translate that something, and post to lj, because this lj has been neglected for so long
15) translate some arashi video, because dna has been neglected for months
16) membership applications - done!
17) Read Times Techland - done!
18) Catch up on LJ (my friend feed), I'm currently 36 PAGES behind. Ya know the url thing? At the back where it's like skip=? Yup, it's 360 now. 360 entries in my feed while I've been away. Grant I'm not interested in reading all of them, and some a repeats (because I friended them, and they posted in a comm etc), but still... that's a freaking hell lot of pages to go through!
19) clear my LJ inbox. Cleared about 50 earlier so it's down to 497 now... ya know when i came back from holidays, i have over 100 emails to clean up! ><

So basically, I'm only left with 1) Posting my holiday photos. 2) Translating something for dna, and 3) catching up wit my LJ feed... which has grown even longer since then because I have not been reading my friend feed. Sigh.

At least I'm only left with last week's Shiyagare, and Nino's drama to watch! Managed to watch Nino-san and Aiba Manabu last night while doing my mixlr broadcast. Hehehehe XD
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So i've FINALLY posted my first ever multi chap! And it is such a big deal for me because my multi chaps all never get finished, hence all I've posted are one shots. Even if its split into two parts because the story got too long it was still a one shot. But now I have a multi chaptered fic proper! Even though the length of each chapter varies greatly because of how the story flows and all... some chapters are too short, but because of how the story is structured I really have no choice but to keep it at that length. Well, the starting bit will be about each of the members... and I believe each member deserves their own chapter rather than having them share it with someone else, just because I couldn’t think of enough to write in their intro. That's not fair isn't it? :P Hopefully you wont find the story pace too slow because of that? Idk. Arghs I'm so unsure of myself hahaha. And part of that uncertainty lies in the fact that I'm still going back to edit some of my early chapters. And previous editing and a lame mistake on my part (I actually forgot the story line) meant that I have to further edit/add on to my story so that everything will fit. Will I actually like it the way I 'mistakenly' edit the fic, it fits together very nicely and all. Only that because of that blunder now I have more editing to make hahaha. It is necessary though! Before that the story will pretty full of loopholes and I didn’t like how I totally grossed over some rather significant events in the story.

But I'm moving the story fairly... slowly? Idk. I'm very detailed and I'm following the character's growth very closely so although I've written a lot of words, the story has not advanced much chronologically. Then again I've read books where one whole book of 400++ pages only advances the story by a day and you have to read the next book in the series for the next day. Nope, I'm not at that level yet hahaha. But this story... its been over 2 years in the making. I had the idea not long after I became an Arashi fan, right after I finished reading Alliance of the Storm by [ profile] yarukizero. That story will forever be my favourite Arashi fanfic! Even though new stories and new favourites come and go... Alliance of the Storm will have a special place in my heart... I love fantasy fics and even though I've not read harry potter then, I was totally drawn to that fic. You can say that because of that fic I got interested in harry potter? Hahaha. Finally read harry potter recently though. :) But yes, where was I? Alliance of the Storm got me started on writing fanfics! Spy Arashi was the first fic I wrote, even though it was certainly not the first fic that I posted. (No. 27th actually, no wait, 28th, since there's a contest fic that has been posted already, only that its not yet on my LJ and names have yet to be revealed) And guess what? Its still not finished yet! Hahaha.

In fact, the whole sega is far from being finished. I had started a new series, and then I realized that the story and this spy arashi could fit well together. The new series would take place roughly 15 years after this first story. Yeah. 15 years. Why? Because it's Arashi's 15th year anniversary now. So yeah, that's why I finally decided I'd better start posting the fic this year if I intend for the story to coincide with their 15th year anniversary, and I DO want that! So yup... that's two series intended for the fic. Then I realized that my first series seems to be... kind of... long. By the time it gets to the erm... 'turning point?' in the story, the story would have been long enough to be a series by itself... so I decided to split the series further into two parts. Well should I just say my planned series names? Here goes! Right now we are at Humble Beginnings, and the second story in the series will be The Birth of a Legend, whereas the third shall be The Return of the Legend. Spy Arashi was the erm.... placeholder name I came up with for my fic, but I could never come up with anything better, and so it stayed. Hmm I hope I didn’t spoil too much of the story here... well it won't seem like a spoiler now for sure... but when I get to say the end of series two... kekeke. No matter. Right now I'm not even finished with series 1 yet. Opps. And I have my JLPT to study for arghs.... and my Arashi shows to watch! Ohohoh dare mo shiranai on music station last night!

Ah yes. I've been listening in to radio broadcasts by arashi ohno on mixlr. Its great fun! She normally broadcasts on Friday nights, 9pm Singapore/Malaysia/China time (+8 GMT) or 10 pm Japan time. Its great fun listening in, and more importantly, live chatting with all the other Arashi fans. Its like, the first time I've live chatted with so many other Arashi fans from all over the world (well mostly Asia because of the broadcast time) and it makes me hyper every time! Makes me want to broadcast too haha! I'd like to do podcasts too. Though podcasts wont be as fun because its missing the live interaction feature... hmm. We'll see ne...? Oh there'll be a broadcast tonight by Mio Matsumoto, around 8pm Singapore time, or 9pm Japan time. Do tune in if you're free :P Hmm posting this really makes me want to try my hand at broadcasting hahaha. I just hope that I won't get all nervous once I start speaking hahaha. One thing I'm afraid about is the commitment. Like if I start paying for a mixlr subscription than I better make the most out of my subscription right? Hahaha. Meh. So many things that I wanna do. Not enough time!

Hmm... its been quite long since I've updated here right? A little on my real life status. On the 19th earlier this month I went for another x-ray and though the bone has not completely joined, my doctor was satisfied enough to allow me to walk. The infection's all clear too. So since last Tuesday I've been working really hard in the lab! I had like a HUGE backlog of over 200 samples to do qPCR for after all, and more samples were coming in every week. Now that I look at the date and think about it, I am quite impressed with myself too... after all in less than 2 weeks I did nanodrop and finished qPCR for nearly half of the samples! And that was including doing DNA extraction on Monday! It certainly feels like I've been back into the lab way longer hahaha. Oh yeah, guys... sigh. The lab bench I had cleared to do my molecular biology work was in a total mess when I was back. And the reagents used for a test too... strewn all over the floor with half used reagents in various cardboxes. I had to spend a good hour or more clearing up before I could even start! Now that I'm in the lab everyday though there's no chance for them to mess it up hahaha. Yeah, I'm like, the only girl in the group. And the only one trained in biology, or more specifically, in molecular biology too. I sent my sup the qPCR results... finally, after I finished a bunch of samples. And he was very impressed, even though I was not. I'd been having trouble with the recent few plates and quite a lot of values were wildly off, or there was no reading at all, and I had yet to repeat those samples. But then again, considering that its only been two weeks... indeed I'd been working really fast. I'd been doing like 3 plates a day for the whole of last week after all. That was I only have to prepare my reagents once for the day and I'd save about 1 hour of preparation time per plate that I do. Only bad thing is that if I make any mistake with my stock, all three plates gets destroy, as happened to me last Thursday :( Totally made me depressed and wreaked my momentum. Thankfully plates since then was fine so it was only the erm... daily reagent stock that I messed up with, and not the master stock that I prepared the day before that was messed up. Sorry am I confusing you here?

Its like this. There's a bunch of reagents that we use in qPCR, such as primers and probes, and those are obtained from various companies. We dilute the stock solutions of those that we obtained from the company into well... another stock solution. And with those self diluted stocks, it gets further diluted into the ones that we will directly use for our experiments. While doing the experiments, we will have to mix a bunch of reagents together, including those diluted twice primers and probes. I'd prepare three plates worth of reagents at once (well no. of plates depending on how many I'd do that day, once mixed the reagents can't be stored for long), so that kind of makes those tubes of mixed reagents another stock solution. Gosh am I mixing up the definition of stock solution here? Hahaha. So I had prepared both the first and second dilution stock, and I was worried that I'd messed up then cos that would mean A LOT of reagent wasted. Whereas if I'd mess up on the final mixing step it was only a day's worth of reagents (and experiments) that I'd screwed up. Still not a good thing of course. So now I'm even more cautious when preparing my reagents and I've taken additional steps - what the HR could classify as administrative prevention, to make sure I don't mess up my adding order. Basically what I do is to centrifuge my reagents right before I use it, two at a time (only two per mix), and I only take them out of the centrifuge right before use. So I know which tube has not been added - because its still in the centrifuge. Yeah, I need to do all sorts of things like this, because its very easy to lose track of which one you've added till in experiments. Gosh especially for 96 well plates. I have to be very focused and keep a clear count when adding, because many a times you can't tell if the reagent has been added into a particular well or not - well its hard for the white roche qPCR plates at least. So I hate it when people disturb me when I'm halfway though the plate. Too easy to lose track, too easy to mess up. And it’s a good 90mins of waiting before you get the results. All in all for each plate it takes me... 1 hour to prepare the reagents (including 15mins or more of holding tubes in my palm and trying to thaw them :X, so it'll take shorter if I have time to let them thaw earlier, but normally I start first thing in the morning, or right after lunch, and again, its not very good to let the reagents thaw for too long, they'll spoil!), 30+ mins to pipette the reagents into a plate, and 90 mins to run the plate. 3 hours of work wow. That's why all those errors recently are making me pissed. And I swear its not my fault, but rather the low concentration of the target DNA that's the problem. I'm still getting very nice duplicates for most of my wells. Most of them the standard deviation is like... 0.1 or 0.2... way below the 0.5 or 1 standard deviation unacceptable standard. Yeah my pipetting skills are good and I'm proud of it.

My sup has been saying that they'll like to have a manuscript out of the latest set of experiment they are doing, and he's got me involved in it so that he can recommend to the prof that my name be added to the manuscript. Gosh I am so very grateful to my sup. Like seriously... even having a chance to get my name on papers is great news to me. Don't forget that I've barely joined the group for half a year! (Of which roughly... two months I've been unable to do lab at that!) Do people get a chance to have a shot at a paper so soon after they've joined? I really have no idea, but I'm still glad nonetheless! I really hope the experiment goes well... and of cos that the prof will deem my contribution significant enough to get a name on the manuscript haha. It all boils down to how significant they view the qPCR data as I suppose...? Oh wells.

Hmm I guess that's enough from me for now! Till next time!

Ah yes... my fic... I'm aiming for a weekly release, so do stay tuned! XD

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