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It's a busy weekend this week! Yesterday was totally packed. Went for bowling with my colleagues - we were invited by the assistant director of my center. I found the invitation kinda dubious at first. It was so sudden and the invitation list looks suspicious. For one I'm not at all that close to the A.Prof but I got invited to the bowling + buffet lunch. I did help her out personally with some tasks, but that was like... last year or something, before she came assistant prof. I haven't done anything directly for her anymore and certainly the invite came as a real suprise. It totally seemed like there's some hidden agenda behind it but... well... we'll see hahaha. The event went by really enjoyably. No talk of work, and the prof was so relaxed... by her dressing she looks like any other mother in really casual, Singapore type of casual, wear. Like, slippers, shorts, and a t-shirt. With a kiddy bag slinged over her shoulder - she brought her daughter along. I didn't catch her daughter's age though. Maybe around 4 years old? Or younger. She looks really small and is really shy. I tried speaking to her but... I think I must have terrorised her. I'm not good with kids. Lol. Even babies.

Then in the evening... I went to unsup's place! Just like.... 5 of us from the workplace... and her other friend came over later. I'm not sure if there was supposed to be more people but they didn't show up because of the rain... or... something. I was like 15 mins late but still the first to show up. Thanks to the rain. Hahaha. I was totally drenched leaving the house. The roads in my condo were getting flooded and my socks were getting wet. And to think that in the morning it was literally scotching hot when walking to the bowling place. Gosh! Then it started to rain when I was heading home. Unsup had planned for a poolside bbq but. Yeah. Change of plans hahaha - cram into her apartment. Which was really neat and all. Partly cos they just moved it? But well, they have like 100x less stuff than we do. Even my desk looks like something just exploded here. I still can't understand why my room is so messy and I can take it. Lol. If my lab bench is even half as messy as this, I won't be able to take it! I'll clean up! LOLOLOL.

It's been a long time since I posted photos on LJ huh? Here's some rainy pics I took yesterday... before leaving for unsup's place.
And there was rain.... (View form my room)
Rain... (parts of my condo were flooded... some parts of the roads and walkway were flooded too!)
And more rain. Just look at that storm water!

I don't have a habit of taking photos at gatherings and stuff so... yeah. I realised only after the day ended that I didn't take a single photo at the events. *shrugs*

Anyway. It was my mum's bday yesterday. Sis went out. I went out. She spent the day with dad (no idea where they went too). We'll go out for a dinner tonight, I just heard from dad. Yeah... (the events were bad timing, I know.)

Anyway... I've got stuff to catch up with today. Gonna post my eraser stamp creations to my arts and crafts blog, gotta make a post for NM, gotta post for SF and gosh, I've not counted the points on my post in ages!

I'm trying to do something art related every week to post on uncraftables, and so far so good. I made an eraser stamp carving guide too, do check it out!

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